Cleaning Lady Carries College Students to Class on Her Back

A cleaning lady at a university in Wuhan rolled up her pants and carried several students to class on her back across a flooded area.

A cleaning lady at a university in Wuhan rolled up her pants and carried several students to class on her back across a flooded area.

From Southern Metropolis Daily:

“Cleaner Auntie” Carries College Students Into Class on Her Back in the Rain

8:57 pm on May 29th, “乐活武汉” posted a microblog post saying that earlier in the afternoon there was heavy rains in Wuhan and entrance to the No. 2 Building of the Wuhan Media and Communications College of Central China Normal University was flooded. Just as many students were rushing to get to class, a cleaning ayi [“auntie”, an older woman] rolled up her pants and braved the rain to carry multiple students on her back into the teaching building.

A photos of this scene was later posted to the internet, attracting the attention and heated discussion of numerous netizens. Within 3 hours, there were 1390 reposts/forwards and 451 comments. Many netizens commented that the cleaner lady has a kind heart” while even more asked, “Do they really need an ayi to carry them to class, are they really this delicate and self-important?”

And according to a report by Changjiang Times, the heavy rain caused a lot of inconvenience for students on campus. At about 2 pm, on the path from between the #2 and #7 teaching buildings of Wuhan Media and Communications College of Central China Normal University, the scene of the auntie carrying students on her back one by one taking them to class was eye-catching.

The woman who voluntarily carried students on her back to “cross the river” is 48-year-old Wu Xiuying, the cleaning lady for the #2 Teaching Building, who actually is very thin and weak physically. However, upon seeing many students whose outfits made it inconvenient for wade through the water that went as high as one’s calves, Auntie Wu immediately put down her cleaning work, took off her shoes and personally carried several students on her back into the teaching building for class.

Auntie Wu used all her strength to carry a total of 6 students before class began. Many male students who saw Auntie Wu also followed suit, rolling up their pants and joined the “carrying” team.

When asked why she was willing to carry those students, Wu Xiuying said, “I saw how inconvenient it was for what the students were wearing, so I thought of carrying them across. The students were quite reluctant/embarrassed about it and afraid of tiring me. I have a child too, so while I might be just an ordinary janitor, I am also their elder, and therefore I should take care of these students.”

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Freshman and Broadcast and Anchoring Arts major Yang Huirong who received Wu Xiuying’s help said, “It was really touching, and Auntie Wu is really so nice. The rain was really heavy and the water very dirty, and even though she’s getting on in years, she was still willing to carry us over. Being on her back felt felt like being carried by my mom as a child.”

A cleaning lady at a university in Wuhan rolled up her pants and carried several students to class on her back across a flooded area.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Is this considered a good thing? Are those college students still in day care?


Shouldn’t elders be taken care of too?


Faint…I personally feel those college students could’ve bought slippers and walked across by themselves…


Are these students handicapped?


College students or society’s parasites?


When it’s raining that hard, I usually just don’t go to class…


[These schoolgirls are] Born with the stuff to be mistresses.


If who she carried were kindergarten kids, we should praise this auntie for having a loving heart, but she carried [college students]…That just makes me want to yell at people.


My respects to this auntie!!!!!!!


If it was your mother, would you let her carry you across? You university students, you’re all adults now, right?


Are their legs shorter than the auntie’s? Are they shorter [height] than this auntie? Would this little water drown these college students? They’re adults! This auntie can walk across but they can’t? And they’re not even ashamed to let someone carry them. And they’re not even ashamed to report such news. What kind of education is this?


From this day forward, those girls (the so-called college students) who were carried on the back of this auntie have lost their qualification to be future teachers of the people!!!

[Note: “Normal” universities are for students who want to become teachers in the future.]


Good people are all around us.

What do you think? What has left a deeper impression upon you? The cleaning woman willing to help these students get to class by ferrying them over the flooding on her back? Or the students’ willingness to accept such help?

  • 404namenotfound

    Comfy sofa :)

    • Fu ZhiGao

      What a sad sorry metaphor for the generation gap between hard working parents and spoiled children who can’t 吃一点苦.

  • matt

    I wonder if the rain waters are full of carcinogens…

    • Brett Hunan


      • bjornt

        It is China.

    • dr_barefoot

      probably packed with fukushima radioactive nastyness

  • Jeff

    My Chinese college students are so lame and such dullards that they need help getting on the sofa. The product of being the son or daughter of rich parents.

    The students you see are the leaders of tomorrow’s China…

    Only the Ayi has common sense and a good upbringing…

    • elizabeth

      To be fair, the likes of those carried can be found in the young in many countries, especially developed ones where even a deserved scolding is considered as ‘abuse’. That is why I disagree with the western style of discipline sometimes. That is not to say I advocate indiscriminate child abuse.

      It is sign that education is lost on some of the young or that education has lost its edge.

      But yes, your comment is valid because this is about something that happened in China.

    • whichone

      Do your students become exciting and interesting fellows after taking your class? Or do they continue to be lame, dull offspring of the rich despite spending time with an upbeat and dynamic individual such as yourself?

      • Somethin Somethin

        a pebble dropped into a lake only raises the level of the water so much

  • Jeff

    PS I would do the Ayi.

    Ayi sex is actually pretty good! After sex the Ayi tends to clean your room and she NEVER complains about anything sexual.

    • D. Tective

      Ew. She may not, but you certainly will

    • Little Wolf

      Yeah….plus they can make you some sandwiches…….or a shrimp cocktail.

    • Chef Rocco

      Right, as a professional cleaner, the last and the most useless piece in your room that she would dump into trash container is you. Usually, the kind of garbage is called “medicine leftover” (药渣).

      • Chef Rocco

        Forget to mention that the medicine is Chinese herbs, Chinese women usually cook it over stove, drink the soup and dump the leftover to adjust irregular menstrual cycle.

  • lonetrey

    Oh wow, what a kind-hearted lady! She went to the effort of doing that much for them when she didn’t need to :O

    • Filabusta

      And they went through the selfish effort of accepting a shameful ride on an old lady’s back so they wouldn’t get their socks wet.

  • Foreign Devil

    I China, where money is God, the poor worship and bend over backwards to appease the rich.

    • linette

      Foreign Devil

      This ayi probably look at these young 21 22 yrs old girls like her own daughter. That’s what mothers do. They are very loving and protective.

      • eattot

        but not all mothers do,guess not most.
        at least my mother won’t do…

        • linette


          I am sure you mother loves you.

          ………The students were quite reluctant/embarrassed about it and afraid of tiring me. I have a child too, so while I might be just an ordinary janitor, I am also their elder, and therefore I should take care of these students.”

          She is a very kind loving ayi. Those young girls were embarrassed and reluctant. Probably didn’t know what to tell ayi. They now need to treat ayi many good breakfasts and lunches. ;)

          • Dr SUN

            A willing slave or servant is not a valid rationale for supporting indentured service or slavery, Linette.

            Come on are you really trying to say that these “princesses” cannot say no to her and walk through a puddle on their own ?.

          • linette

            Dr SUN

            no no no…I am not saying that. Remember when you were kid, you didn’t know when to say no because you were naive and immature…or maybe just too shy to say no. These young girls probably like 19 or 21 yrs, were embarrassed when the ayi offered to help. Apparently it wasn’t like a sense of entitlement or anything. Then the male students came over offering to carry the girls… everyone is doing the same thing.
            If they were my daughters I will explain to them they should’ve said no. Don’t be shy to say no. Just because everybody is doing it, don’t mean you have to follow.

        • linette

          Dr SUN

          and it wasn’t a puddle. It was a river. A river of yuk mud trash water…..aiK….

      • elizabeth

        I won’t. I’ll enrol them for swimming lessons if need be.

    • finger lickin’ goood

      @Foreign Devil

      The mentality of an evil, western capitalist revealed.

  • Brett Hunan

    The water is only up to their ankles…. Had to keep their converse ripoffs dry. The students couldnt take off their shoes? I think what the ayi did was a nice gesture but completely unnecessary.

    • whichone

      Not only do I find the student’s actions absurd, I think what the Ayi did is strange as well. Offering assistance to such obviously undeserving and trivial is not praise worthy. unless she charged them, in which case, kudos.

  • linette

    I would be so embarrassed to let an older lady carry me. I would just cut class and copy notes later from friends.

    • cardaver

      …or you could just take your shoes off, walk over, and then put your shoes back on

      • Andy

        I’d just cover my shoes with a couple of plastic grocery bags or something.

        Anyway, didn’t they know about the situation outside before going out? They could’ve worn something more appropriate. For example, in my home village we have rubber boots that go as high as the hips, very convenient for wading through swamps and small rivers.

  • Chris

    All that flooding from just rain???

    looks like the engineers who designed this university [assuming that they even had any engineers on the team] never figured out how to build gutters and drainage basins…

    • Yes, that’s actually not that bad.

      I think it was in 2007 in Wuahn, we had water up to my waist and I am over six foot tall.

    • whichone

      drainage basin?

    • kou bei dave

      I guess you’re new here

      welcome to china :)

    • Alan

      Hangzhou, often has roads impassable for cars, no decent storm drain system you see….in a place that during summer gets a lot of rain. Go figure?!

  • MrT

    Nearly as bad as carrying your girl friends hand bag.(yes you laowais)

    • Little Wolf

      not this laowai

    • Stu

      Sorry, MrT, that’s what real men do.

      • MrT

        not according my girl friend, she says just the saps carry hand bags to show whose the boss…

        • Brett Hunan

          I wouldnt carry a bag for a girl until after a few years… anyone who can put up with me for that long deserves it :P

      • elizabeth

        Sorry, real men cry, but not carry handbags. Luggage, school bags, grocery bags, garbage bags, baby’s tote bags, yes, but not handbags unless her hands are full.

    • syoung

      Carry a handbag and it makes you weak? You need to get in the gym for a while, they’re not that heavy.

    • ChinaPrat

      Forget about caryring handbags…. some Chinese men own them.

  • It strikes me as odd. Many youths of today, not just Chinese, but Western alike, pass by these “aunties” without even giving them a second look. They don’t even recognise that these people make their lives easier and quite literally, pick up after the lazy sods of today. And according to all the cleaning staff at the college I work at, students have never said thank-you to them or hello, good morning, or acknowledged them in any way.

    Yet, because these students were wearing frilly outfits in the rain, couldn’t even let water touch them (least they melt like the Wicked Witch of the East from Wizard of Oz), let an old woman ferry them across… pathetic. Couldn’t they be bothered to take off their expensive shoes and get their feet wet?

    Oh right. I forgot. they spent 50rmb on a pedicure and are afraid of water.

    I’m moved by the kindness of the woman, yet disgusted by these people who are going to be the “leaders” of tomorrow.

    • Zappa Frank

      usually “laowai” are more fair with those aunties than chinese people, expecially young. In our countries we always say hello, thanks, and so to people in their position… in china rich young people think of them as slaves..
      i’ll say it simple and clear.. something like that would never happen in US or EUROPE!.. it’s just unthinkable..

      • Ryo

        Errr… It did happen before. One of the thing the US was founded for was slavery. And another was genocide.

        • Zappa Frank

          yes, something like 100 or 200 years ago? i’m taliking about nowdays. do you think it’s something you can see in europe or us this miss respect?

        • Harland

          Way to miss the point. Geez, what are you thinking about all day? What’s the crap between your ears where everyone else has a brain?

          Laowai are indeed some of the most considerate towards the lower classes. Ever heard a Chinese thank someone for bringing a dish to the table? For most Westerners, it’s a reflex.

          • donscarletti

            For westerns its a reflex, because in the west, it’s the lower classes is most likely to rip one’s spine out when angry, the middle and upper classes are far more gentile.

          • Little Wolf

            Well….even the lower classes know that it’s a good idea to be polite to the people that handle your food.

          • elizabeth

            That’s the problem. For some it’s just that, a reflex, not from the heart.

          • Zappa Frank

            better a reflex than nothing at all like in china.. really, no one in europe or usa will ever accept to be carried on the back of a cleaning lady

          • Dawei

            Well, I think it is quite simple, new money tires the hardest to create distance itself from its past and demonstrate its new position. 20 years ago everyone was more or less the same, we have guys who previously picked through garbage who are now billionaires. Hence the mind numbing ostentatious of the new rich and the obsession everyone has with status and success.

            What strikes me the most is the almost complete girly uselessness of the piggy back girls, I am certain that 20 years ago their parents would walk to school in the pouring rain, suffering all kinds of hardships, there grandparents would have been chewing grass during the great leap forward!!

        • El Puma R.

          Same in South America. We’re taught to respect those people who make our lives easier every day. And not greeting them when you actually see them 4-5 times a day it’d be a clear sign that you’re a major douchebag.

        • syoung108

          That’s like saying China was founded on feudalism, slavery and an emperor who thought he was a god. This doesn’t mean China still holds these values as core principles. Having a 48 year-old woman carry a 20 year old in Converse hightops is the epitomy of skewed values, although it does say a lot about the character of older generations in China who don’t place ultimate value on money. These people instead place value on caring. Amazing.

      • Alan

        Poor education system, poor parenting, and an atheist society with worship of money at it’s core. Nothing else to say on this really!

    • Little Wolf

      You’re right, Woman. From running away screaming like they’re being chase by a swarm of angry hornets when a puppy sniffs their leg(and that’s just the boys) to needing an umbrella to walk under 10 feet of sunshine, it’s safe to say that Chinese college students are among the world’s biggest babies. (By “safe” I mean that anon will only type 3,000 words about our gross over-generalizations instead of the usual 5,000+ )

      I once carried an extremely drunk and fat college girl (slung over my shoulder) over a mile to her school gate and found a group of boys to deliver her to her dorm. My reward was a gallon of pink puke running down my back. Where’s my headline? Not even a fucking laowai ATTA-BOY badge :(

      I was lucky, I think, to have had a strong father who forced me to make adverse situations into challenges and just accept what’s been dealt. If we planned on going scuba-diving on Saturday and Saturday turned out to be stormy and rainy, we went anyway and had a good time despite not even being able to see our hands in front of our faces. I’m pretty sure these kind of things have helped me to be able to thrive in China when most people would have left a long time ago.

      Last year, on a very sunny morning, I drove my motorcycle to Huzhou to see a girlfriend. It was a pleasant 1 hour drive. When I headed home just before dark it had just started drizzling and in a flash had changed into a major downpour. I had a jacket but no rain gear and I had to keep my helmet facemask up to be able to see and every drop of rain felt like bee stings on my face. I wasn’t about to leave my motorcycle in the middle of nowhere and I was certain the storm would subside any minute so I just kept pressing forward. Remembering the time in my youth when my dad drove 2 hours with a busted ankle from a snap-back of the kickstarter on his Harley, I figured this would be a walk in the park. I finally arrived home after what had been a 1 hour drive that morning turned into more than 5 hours, soaked as if I fell into a river, shivering and exhausted. I took a hot shower and tried to wash away all the red dye that stained my chest from my cheap-ass T-shirt and went to bed realizing I had just experience one of the best nights of my life.

      • dim mak

        How is that a best night?

        My best night was when I came home from two computerless weeks in South America, sat down with a huge jug of homebrewed alcohol, and won like 15 games of Starcraft in a row

        Fuck yeah

        • Little Wolf

          hmmm….maybe “best night” was not the right word. In my defense, I wanted to finish the comment quickly cuz I really needed to take a whizz.

          • mr. wiener

            Sounds like last Tuesday when I went trail blazing for a Hash House Harrier run in the back woods of NanGang. I found a cave full of bats, bumped into a hornets nest , nearly trod on a snake and found leeches on my legs when I got home. IT WAS AWESOME.

          • Little Wolf

            ok…ok…I get it. I fucked up…..but shit man…my teeth were floating.


    This is the reason why I despise chinkie byches with their inflated sense of entitlement…..

  • Castro

    What about the car wreck in Shenzhen, the man accused of multiple rape of underage girls, and what about the young girl who was set on fire ???
    yeah, I know this is not a news site….. but darn, those things need to be talked about ! yeah, I know talking about it is not going to bring those two young girls killed in the crash back to life, but it could be a step towards seeing to it that it does not happen again. (or at least reduce the frequency of occurrence)

    • Foreign Devil

      Also would be good to see the Chinese reaction on that Chinese student studying in Canada that got chopped up by a Canadian male porn star and his limbs mailed to the Prime Minister’s offices. (I suspect the Chinese student was gay, which is how he got lured in by the male porn actor).

      • Nyancat

        yeah he was, i posted a link a few comments down…my oh my

        • k

          I’m still waiting to see if the Zhang Ziyi sex scandel will make it to csmack….its been all over western news.

          • Dr SUN

            What sex scandal, come on posts the links, the x rated pics, why dont you.

      • Notorious

        we really need to see azn boy post here to know he’s okay. sad that both were good looking young men. i have no idea how the porn star could be so sick and evil.

        • dim mak

          I was wonder where he went ;_;

        • Foreign Devil

          I think Azn boy said he lived in Toronto not Montreal. This poor guy lived in Montreal, because he loved the French language and his dream was to “find love” in Canada. It’s all pretty sad when you think about it. He finally was living in a country where he could openly be gay and find love and instead he got lured into a horrible death trap.

  • Jay K.

    are you fucking serious…this is just weak… it’s rain, it’s water above ankle deep.

  • dim mak

    Should’ve charged a fee

  • Ryo

    Raise your hand if you clicked on the “Su Zizi” article hoping to see some nudie pics!

    • Stu

      [raises hand]

    • donscarletti

      I saw those pictures a while ago. No nudie stuff, but you’d be pretty jaded to not find anything in that post to be “hot”.

  • Nyancat
    • dim mak

      Yup, all over Canadian news

      I hope they find the lil fucker hiding in France or something, drag him back and make him some prison’s public fucktoy for the rest of his life

      • Nyancat

        He might actually enjoy that, they should really just execute him, i mean c’mon he can’t even be classified as human, what he did was just grotesque.

    • Rod

      That’s some weird shit. I’m surprised that China hasn’t used this to fuel the anti-foreigner propaganda. Maybe because the Chinese guy was gay. Who knows.

      • Small Bean

        It just reinforces the warnings of Chinese parents to their children: “If you don’t behave, the foreigner will come and take you away [to eat you]”.
        Obviously the homosexual was not “behaving” by chinese standards and well….foreigner+eaten=story complete

      • Nyancat

        my wife read the report on QQ but there was no mention of the Chinese student being gay, just that he was eaten by this freak.

        • Dr SUN

          What sex scandal, come on posts the links, the x rated pics, why dont you.

          Wait until this hits Weibo, end game for Laowai living in the first tiers like BJ and SH, open season on them.

          • Capt. WED

            right. remember that chinese psycho who cut another person’s head off on a bus? plenty of comments there saying chinese people animals, chinks, etc…

        • moop
          • Nyancat

            yeah the link i posted above already clearly states that he was gay, but obviously the little detail that they were in fact lovers was left out when reported by the Chinese media.

  • Notorious

    they should have saw the auntie and instead rushed to carry her.

    • jeffli

      I agree there, fit young people should show a little respect for their elders!

  • Bruce

    if these situation-these college students are spoiled by the society-is going on,it seems that we can not see this generation’s future.

  • donscarletti

    Bright future today, “ants” tomorrow. I wonder if these schoolgirls will become cleaning ladies in a few years.

  • Ronald

    This brought tear to my eyes…
    I wonder if this was Mao’s dream, kind hearted, poor workers serving as carrying mules to well dressed students.
    Does anybody address a “good morning” or a simple “Hi” to this lovely Ayi on their way to class? I guess NO.

  • Jahar

    “Reminds me of that fat man I used to ride to work.” -MB

  • elizabeth

    I don’t doubt that. Maybe it’s a cultural thing. I see people getting carried a lot especially in Korean dramas, for instance. I won’t be surprised to see hunky foreign dudes carry their cute little sweet young things on their backs in Korea, just to humor them…on they way to getting what they want :D

    But I do find western culture to be more gracious outwardly.

    • Dat Ankle

      Youz got some serious thinking to do if you think tv dramas are an accurate portray of the country they hail from.

      • elizabeth

        Datz right boz, I thought seriously…

        I do not think dramas are an accurate portrayal but that they do give us a hint of the culture they hail from.

        I did some research and this is what I found:

        During the pyebaek, “…the groom often gives a piggy back ride to his mother and then his bride, symbolizing his acceptance of his obligations to both his mother and wife”.

        Ah, this one’s with a laowai:

        “They also caught dates and enjoyed another Korean tradition, the piggy back ride…”

        Now ankle, go practise your piggy backing with your Korean girlfriend if you intend to marry her.

        • elizabeth

          Oh, found :)

      • elizabeth

        My reply was lost somewhere in cyberspace.

        To cut the story shot,

        Here’s one laowai who actually did the piggybacking

        “They also caught dates and enjoyed another Korean tradition, the piggy back ride”.

        Dramas may not be an accurate portrayal but I do believe that they do give hints of the cultures that they hail from. Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese, American, British…etc, they all carry unique cultural content to a certain extent.

  • elizabeth

    @ Zappa Frank

  • XiaoHei

    Yo kind-hearted Ayi, let me carry some young ladies too please.

  • jeffli

    I’d hitch up with Ayi.
    She’s a strong lady!
    Xena (Mulan?) types are hot!

    She’s Chinas answer to Lucy Lawless!

    “c’mon! hit me!” “pow” “bok” “doof”
    “Yeah lets do it again!” Hulk Hogan – 1987

  • Dr SUN

    Spoiled brats, that cannot even take their shoes off and roll up their trousers.

    The “Chairman” must be rolling in his Tomb.

  • Thomas

    I guess the poor ayi was a little over-committed to her charges. But, yeah, Mao’s spinning in his grave!

  • mp

    Back in the day, in order to get to school we had to walk up hill in the snow, both ways. And if we complained about it, there was no fish head soup that evening.

  • glenn

    The last time i checked, rain boots are still sold in CHINA. So why are tghese genius students not buying it if they don’t like their feet to get wet?

  • glenn

    The last time i checked, rain boots are still sold in CHINA. So why are these genius students not buying it if they don’t like their feet to get wet?

  • Fman

    Both sides are retarded…. No winner here. She excepts her position of beast of burden and the students allow her to act as such and use her (they protest yet do, hollow words)…. Yes in China people truly are equal, there is not different classzes in their society…

  • El Puma R.

    Complete Gaynessssssssss

    I wonder what Joe Strummer would have to say about this if he was alive.

    Chinese people are weak and corrupted from top to bottom (though those one at the bottom are by far better people than those ones at the top) … but this article isn’t about that

    it is about…. gaynesssssssssssssssss mostly represented by the chinese male community. And those who appear to be more manly, are stupidly racist and proud of it… and they say they’d love to go to war against Japan or the US… yeah right… I see you’ve got some pretty fine soldier prototypes here , watch out you might have to carry them to the boat.

  • El Puma R.

    Complete Gayness!!!

    I wonder what Joe Strummer would have to say about this if he was alive.

    Chinese people are weak and corrupted from top to bottom (though those one at the bottom are by far better people than those ones at the top) … but this article isn’t about that

    it is about…. gaynesssssssssssssssss mostly represented by the chinese male community. And those who appear to be more manly, are stupidly racist and proud of it… and they say they’d love to go to war against Japan or the US… yeah right… I see you’ve got some pretty fine soldier prototypes here , watch out you might have to carry them to the boat.

    • Boris

      What would Joe say?
      ‘One day it’s fine and next it’s black,
      So if you want me off your back.’

  • ralphrepo

    I guess this generation of Long Marchers isn’t as tough as those that came before, LOL…

  • [email protected]

    What a shame. Lowering herself to this state of now being a beast of burden to coddled and worthless youths, and thinking it her place to be so. Students believing their inflated sense of entitlement warrants their being carried because they are young and better than this woman. Despite the embarrassed reactions of whomever, these youths still let this woman carry them. All quite disgusting.

  • Gary

    When I see people worrying that China will be the next global superpower, I think of stories like this and just laugh.

  • 平凡人

    The students could have removed their shoes and rolled up their pants. They are already spoilt.

    • But then my feet would be wet.

      I’d just say screw it and not go in the water. Or do something too clever like tying yoga blocks or something to my feet to make me taller

  • Garbo

    Can’t they take off their shoes? I had to cross a small river that had gotten bigger due to snow melting during the summer. I took off my shoes but every time I did my local friend got angry at me. He wanted to carry me across. He had taken our bags across already. After the second attempt at me taking off my shoes and putting my toes in the water, he bounded across the river and put me on his bag. We both almost fell in laughing the whole time and finally fell on the river bank on the other side. Needless to say I treated him to the best dinner I could, we were in a very remote area. When we got back a bought gifts for his wife and adorable child. I could have done it myself but he wouldn’t hear of it.

  • Lee

    it pains a little bit to see such a news, what happen to those college girls today?

  • Dat Ankle

    Seriously? They cant wad across water that low but they can hop on an old ladies back to take them across the buildings? Will they ask the lunch lady to cut up their foods next?

  • Steve

    Couldn’t they just take off their shoes and walk? what a bunch of retards. Retards with zero/ or twisted sense of self respect. Just from an Australian perspective, no grown adult, rich or otherwise, would ever want to have an old lady carry them over a puddle. For so many very ( I would have thought) obvious reasons.

  • Michael

    Dry humping ayi’s back looks very educational for the people of china.

  • Cleo

    Why would you LET her do this?

    I don’t see what was so inappropriate with those long pants that warranted being carried by someone else.

  • ChinaMan

    I will slap my kid if they climb onto an elderly women just to avoid getting themselves dirty.

  • fairytale

    good woman, narrow minded students. how classic? the college or government should reward her with money equivalenting 5 years of her salary. at least knowing about such a woman in this degraded filthy society is good , psychologically.

  • sa

    While I do commend that old lady (she must have thought of them as her own children), I’m sure all these college students could have walked on their own.

  • Mike Lovett

    This is so stupid, it’s laughable! My god! You can see it’s flooded at the entrance of the school! OF COURSE she will assist the young student! I did this very same thing for my girlfriend in the center of Guangzhou one day when it was flooding. I carried her for a block or so until there was an area where she could walk and not ruin her shoes. This woman didn’t carry her for the entire trip to school. BE REAL.