‘The Outside World’ by Karen Mok

Karen Mok 01

Karen Mok 01

Song and Music Video:

Composer: Qi Qin/Chyi Chin
Lyrics: Qi Qin/Chyi Chin
Singer: Mo Wenwei/Karen Mok

Lyrics (Original Chinese, Pinyin Romanization, and English Translation):

zài hěn jiǔ hěn jiǔ yǐ qián
Long, long ago

你拥有我 我拥有你
nǐ yōng yǒu wǒ wǒ yōng yǒu nǐ
You had me, and I had you

zài hěn jiǔ hěn jiǔ yǐ qián
Long, long ago

你离开我 去远方翱翔
nǐ lí kāi wǒ qù yuǎn fāng áo xiáng
You left me, soaring far away

wài miàn de shì jiè hěn jīng cǎi
The outside world is so splendid

wài miàn de shì jiè hěn wú nài
The outside world is so hopeless

dāng nǐ jué dé wài miàn de shì jiè hěn jīng cǎi
When you feel that the world outside is so splendid

wǒ huì zài zhè lǐ zhōng xīn de zhù fú nǐ
I will be here wishing you well with all my heart

měi dāng xī yáng xī chén de shí hou
Whenever the sun sets in the west

wǒ zǒng shī zài zhè lǐ pàn wàng nǐ
I will always be here waiting for you

tiān kōng zhōng suī rán piāo zhe yǔ
Despite the rain drizzling in the sky

wǒ yī rán děng dài nǐ de guī qī
I will still wait for the day when you come back

The original version of ‘The Outside World’ by Qi Qin:

‘The Outside World’ by Qi Qin and Karen Mok:

Karen Mok 02

Karen Mok 03

Qi Qin 02

Qi Qin 01

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Written by Rensi

A translator of trending Chinese Internet humor and Chinese pop music.

  • Alex

    THIS IS…… crap

    • Muay Thai guy

      agreed, more news, less pop.

    • Amor

      Just because you don’t appreciate this song doesn’t mean it’s crap.
      And contrary to what you might think, not all the music that gets on the media is crappy. Well, a large majority of them is, at present. But every once in a while, good songs come out too. And this song, it’s actually a soulful ballad from the nineties, the golden era of Chinese pop music.

      If you say this is crap, you just don’t understand Chinese pop music. Also, may I ask you to name a few songs that you think are not so crappy?

  • goodjob

    sofa~good song and good translate

  • Alex

    I think the horse looks better than Karen Monkey-face…..

  • elizabeth

    Why is it that (many Asian) singers like to go ‘breathless’? Makes me feel suffocated whenever I hear such singing.

  • Charles

    Thanks for this… I have always loved this song!

  • El Puma R.

    yeah I didn’t even check it ’cause I know it’s crap. Back to Arctic Monkeys now. ‘Til next one.

  • dim mak

    These pop music threads are dumb and you should stop posting them

    • Brett Hunan

      Well, they arent necessarily interesting compared to the stories that steal our attention, but I think they are useful for foreigners just starting to learn about China. Westerners in general know nothing of Chinese pop-culture. Maybe some people can learn some basic Mandarin as well.

      • XiaoHei

        Dude, I hear you, but lyrics for songs can be usually found at other sites. Why would people want to visit ChinaSmack to learn lyrics of songs? If teaching Mandarin is the objective then it would be better to post Mandarin phrases or dialogues and their translations. Who in their right mind would communicate with people using pop song lyrics?

        As most people have stated here and in the past this category is just fluff and the admins would do better to post something else.

      • Alex

        Plus, only chinese music that gets on the media is crappy pop music. That’s it.

        Makes you believe that it’s the only kind of modern chinese music there is. But there’s more if you look hard.

  • Slob

    I wouldn’t mind if it was a popular song that I actually know of, but these random classic songs with the same drab tune depicting sadness, love, and all that bullsh*t, are really of no use to many of us. Please, if you insist on posting songs, post some that are well-known among foreigners that we might actually use in karaoke bars and whatnot. Jay Chou, Andy Lau, Beyond, Jolin etc. I know this woman is famous, but I have never ever heard this song before in my life.

  • Jchau

    Hey, I enjoy these posts…always looking to hear songs i haven’t heard before

  • Justin Thyme

    This site is really starting to suck. Who gives a shit about this limp dick pop song. Only 14 year old girls and gay guys, thats who.

    • Nick in Beijing

      Yes, agreed. Here we have the visa crackdown going on and no Chinese netizens reactions or anything like that to see up here.

  • Regina

    Some people are complaining, but this song (the original, not the remake) is actually quite good :/

  • Brett Hunan

    is just a test

  • DongDong

    Although I like C-pop from time to time, I agree those threads are kind of useless as they are.
    Giving information about the context, the story behind the lyrics, why they are beautiful (if they are), anecdotes about the song, the MV or the singer etc. would definitely give more added value to those threads.

  • jeffli

    This is BOLLOCKS!

    Its always fluffy soft moochy crappy music.
    I wanna see Marilon Manson or Rammstein slashing away or spitting fire out of their 12 inch guns.

    Are chinese musicians neutered or something?
    no drive
    no sweat
    Just the old “I luv you luv me cause she don’t Luv he” kind of BS.
    lah lah lah tah tah dah tah dah tiih tah di tah.
    I say “ppwppwpwpwpwpwppwppwpppwpwpwpwwwpwpwpwpwpwpwp!”
    I prefer listening to the ethnic minorities plucking a rubber band on an empty milk container signing about the Mongol hoards.

    No idea about Rock here, but then…… Oh bugger it!
    go away and have a nice day!

    • DongDong

      China does have a big rock, indie and metal scene, esp in Beijing. And they sound usually better than Rammstein, to my opinion. You probably didn’t look far away. Then don’t expect to see that on Chinasmack, the purpose of this website is to reflect news from mainstream medias. Chinese pop is part of it. Not the underground scene.

  • linette


    This is so pretty. I like traditional Chinese dance and ballet.

  • Cleo

    She looks like dadawa elongated; is this really a half Anglo hybrid? Chinese seem to have a high tolerance for hot ingenue types singing Lin Daiyu calibre neurotic songs which are essentially about don’t I look prettier and skinnier with a sad expression on my face and a lingerie looking dress on?

    Is Karen Mok really that type of girl? She should have done a remake of Is She Really Going Out With Him because I can’t believe she is really with some German guy.

  • Peter A. Tanner

    Thanks for posting the pinyin, Chinese and English. I love this song and want to sing it.