China Abandons 2018 World Cup Bid, Chinese Netizen Reactions

Chinese football team jogging.

Chinese football team jogging.

From Mop:

China abandons 2018 World Cup bid, many torn!

The South Africa World Cup final four have already been determined, and with the end of the party nearing, what I want to say is: The World Cup, when can this most influential of human events come to China? As the world’s most populous nation, as the country that just hosted the Olympics, as the China that is currently experiencing a revival, there is no reason to not let the World Cup come to China. But the regret is that the bunch of eunuchs that is China’s State General Administration of Sports lacks even the courage to make a bid, and this truly pains many people.

After holding the 2010 World Expo, what is there next for the people to look forward to, and it will probably be a long time before there is some big event to look forward to. And it must be said that this is is a kind of mental/spiritual suffering for the people.

Aside from mental/spiritual suffering, the economic benefits of the World Cup are also clear. According to the International Monetary Fund estimates, South Africa’s 2010 economic growth may reach nearly 3%. Amongst this, the World Cup itself will account for 05% of this economic growth. Though South Africa has invested 4.3 billion USD to host the World Cup, the economic return South Africa is expected to receive can reach 13 billion USD. Since we attach so much importance to GDP growth, why are we voluntarily giving up such a rare GDP growth opportunity?

The World Cup’s influence has already been proven to exceed the Olympics, whether it is in the size of the audience, broadcasting fees, scale of the sponsors, ticket prices, the sale of merchandise, they all far surpass the Olympics several times.

Even more interesting are some of the details. I always get the feeling that the Olympics have been politicized, inviting this president and those politicians, and they don’t necessarily do the honor of coming. But look at the World Cup, where all the biggest names gather, coming on their own without invitation. Football-loving Clinton came, Chancellor Merkel also came, and all the world’s famous movie stars and music stars all came, coming because of football, coming because they love football. How come I didn’t see Mick Jagger, Paris Hilton, Leonardo DiCaprio, or John Travolta at the Beijing Olympics?

As for bidding for the World Cup, we cut off ourselves before others cut us off, not even trying to bid once, but already believing we can’t do it so might as well not bid. I really cannot figure out what kind of bullshit logic this is, must success be guaranteed before one makes a bid? If you don’t try, how can you know where your shortcomings are? And when you know where your shortcomings are, won’t you be able to use that experience for the next bid? Moreover, have you ever heard of a World Cup where the host country succeeded the first time they bid? Wasn’t the iron clad 2006 South Africa World Cup stolen away to Germany?! There is nothing that cannot be won, only what is not bid for. Many years later when our grandchildren ask us, “How come China doesn’t hold the World Cup,” how are we supposed to respond?

One generation after another passes away, and we are still indifferent?

Every time I think of this, it is really painful!

Comments from Mop:


[We] can’t even make it to the 2014 Brazil World Cup and you’re thinking about 2018? How about thinking about 2012 first?


Because the great Heavenly Kingdom [nickname for China] is fully aware of 2012.


This probably has nothing to do with the State General Administration of Sports. As for what I think, I think it is because those large construction companies feel that China presently has enough stadiums/arenas to use for the World Cup, and if we held it, we wouldn’t need to build new stadiums/arenas, so they wouldn’t be able to earn any money.


Think abut it, if the host country can’t make a single goal in the three games of the first round, how glorious that history would be, forever in the annals of history.


If the bid is successful,

South Africa will be laughing…the worst host is not us, there is China.

Do you want to break South Africa’s record?


We do not have a national football…LZ remembers wrong~


LZ has a problem with his head, think of how many common people were cheated from just one Olympics.


How can the lou zhu see South Africa only making one goal and losing three consecutive matches and not be content but want to create a Guinness record for the first host nation to lose all three matches without a single goal?


It must be said, how much investment is needed to hold such a huge event?
Let’s put aside those embezzling scum [corrupt government officials] and just focus on the problem for the people. So much money, how big would the [financial] toll on the people be?
Let’s talk about this after the government repays the debt it owes on the World Expo and Olympics!


If there is a profit, it is the country’s, but if there is a loss, it is the taxpayers’.
So, it would be best if China does not do these lousy things that waste resources.


If [China] were to bid,
where would the money come from?
It would be us again [the taxpayers].
Only those with mental problems like to keep throwing money away.


GDP does not account for everything. If China were to hold this kind of major event, it would just be hurting its own common people only and the ordinary common people would not get any benefit themselves. Moreover, you believe South Africa will really make that much money? Even if they make money, it would all be in the hands of South Africa’s white people. Also, the true winner of the World Cup is actually FIFA. I even think FIFA has been infected by the Chinese Football Association.


LZ, do you have a brain? Suffering? Do you know how much Beijingers suffered when Beijing held the Olympics, how much Shanghainese are suffering with Shanghai holding the World Expo? [And you want to hold] the World Cup? China can’t even get out of the first round, and you want to hold the World Cup? We’d just be embarrassing ourselves!


It is better if we don’t bid! One shouldn’t insist on wearing such a large hat when one doesn’t have such a large head. One Olympics has already caused an earthquake, a flood, and a drought! Don’t want it [World Cup], it is better not to want want it!


Written by Fauna

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