Beijing Girl Dumps Boy: “A Man Without Money is Garbage”

In Beijing, a girl puts down her boyfriend saying, "a man without money is garbage."

In Beijing, a girl puts down her boyfriend saying, "a man without money is garbage." In Beijing, a girl puts down her boyfriend saying, "a man without money is garbage."

From Sina Weibo:

@大鹏看天下: Beijing, subway, a girl in red with a thick Beijing accent scolds her boyfriend as “useless”: “A man without money is garbage/trash! Not having money, just thinking about it is frightening! You’ll be nothing in the future, and you want me to marry you, forget it! I’m moving out tonight, bye bye~” Seeing her boyfriend’s silence, the girl angrily leaves leaving him behind. A nosy person secretly recorded the entire incident. After watching and listening, it is truly shameful.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


This is essentially a private conversation, so the person who recorded and uploaded it may be violating their privacy. The probability of the couple being human flesh searched is high, and if that happens, their peaceful life will have been intruded upon–


One is willing to beat [abuse], and the other is willing to be beaten [take abuse]! What is everyone concerned/worried about? [哈哈]


A little fake, the girl isn’t very natural, and the filming wasn’t concealed.


Judging by the the movements and expressions of the two, it was a planned skit.


Actually we all subconsciously know this point. In today’s world, we already use money to measure a person’s worth. Would you think a poor monk is more significant to associate oneself with than a nouveau riche?


I rather sympathize with him. In this era where money is supreme and we laugh at the poor but not prostitutes, what can young people do?


Isn’t this violating another person’s rights?! Objectively speaking, fights between lovers is normal… just a small domestic affair… and no matter how wrong someone is in what they say, it is their private business… I don’t think its necessary to let all of China’s people see it… Truly sweat!


If a man without money is garbage then I definitely am garbage too. However, I am more fortunate than the brother in video, because I’ve found a garbage can that is willing to accept me. [偷笑][爱你]


Many women are like this, it’s just that this girl showed it. Those women who are more skilled hide it. It can also be said that this man got lucky, getting to see clearly and split up. Men must remember when looking for a wife, don’t go after those who upon leaving school don’t care about a career and just want to start a family. Those are not looking for husbands, they’re looking for fathers.


The guy has already fucked that girl, so it’s not considered a loss, but this guy is too wimpy too. You’ve already fucked her so it should be you who is the assertive one.


You can immediately tell he isn’t a Beijinger. Us Beijing real men don’t go out with less than 3000-5000 RMB on us.


Although [she’s] very realistic/practical, [she’s] too frighteningly realistic/practical!


This girl is wise/prudent but for some reason this feels like it was intentionally filmed. They arrive at the station just as soon as she finishes.

Comments from Youku:


Publicity stunt!




Putting on a show, so TMD obvious.


All the guys hurling abuse at this girl are lousy poor cunts. A man without money is certainly garbage.

If you can’t even provide for your own woman, what are you if not garbage?


This accent sound a little like our capital [Beijing].

86463053: (responding to above)

Hey, don’t insult the accent of the capital’s people [Beijingers], it doesn’t sound like this, this is too unsophisticated.


…so fake…even the accent sounds fake…


Personal impression: Not a performance, nor does it look fake, but would those men with money even want this girl??


First, this woman does not have the capital’s accent. Second, this girl is indeed a SB.


The characters of Beijing’s waidiren are really poor/lousy.

queenanxy: (responding to above)

Seriously agree.


To the male comrade in the video, hello. I am a soldier. After watching this video, I truly feel sorrow for you. As a man, you can not have money, but you cannot not have dignity. I too am often ridiculed, but I never get discouraged. If I were you, I would say to this money worshiping girl: “I indeed don’t have money, but I have what money cannot buy, and that is dignity. Since you think me poor and have suggested breaking up, then let’s break up. I can endure poverty but I can’t endure humiliation. Goodbye, money worshiping girl!!!” Brother, if you’re man, then get back up and start again.


Men without money have are indeed garbage! Poor cunt wants a wife? This girl scolded him too lightly, garbage will always be garbage!

Elfenlied: (responding to above)

According to this logic, women are just commodities, where only the young and pretty are worthy of being purchased by men. Of course, since they’re commodities, the moment they are no longer fresh, they can be thrown away. So women better always remain PL [piao liang, pretty] and young then? Because according to your logic, if a woman isn’t PL then she is garbage, useless waste. When you get old, it’d be best if you just killed yourself, to spare us one large piece of garbage, and even one that makes shit.

NB阿里: (responding to above)

SB! Could you afford it? You’re just garbage, useless waste!

Elfenlied: (responding to above)

Ha, first take a look in the mirror and see if you’re worth such a high price.

Comments from Mop:


I admit I am garbage, but no matter how garbage I am I won’t find this kind of worse than garbage bitch.


If he had money, he wouldn’t want you anymore.


Represents the majority of China’s women.


Once he has money you’ll become the garbage [to be thrown out].


Women without money are also TM useless waste. This girl doesn’t give her boyfriend face [respect] and she expects the guy to provide for her?


Clearly a publicity stunt. Have you ever seen a female dog with normal brain and reproductive ability, that sees someone filming her and yet still continues barking [in front of the camera]?


Yet another money-worshiping girl.


Looks like I’m also of garbage level. Sigh, my right hand is still faithful to me.



What do you think? Is a man “garbage” if he does not have money? What about in the eyes of most women?

Garbage. Personals @ chinaSMACK.


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