Chiang Kai-Shek’s Chongqing Residence Being Demolished

Chiang Kai-shek's historic Chongqing residence being demolished.

Netease reported today that Chiang Kai-Shek’s historic 1935 residence in Chongqing is being remodeled, or perhaps more likely, completely destroyed.

Officials in charge of the project received pressure from citizens on Monday, after a photo of the demolished building with the phrase “Chiang Kai-Shek’s headquarters demolished” spread like wildfire across Sina Weibo. Officials were compelled to respond that it was simply, “protective demolition“.

They explained that the structure’s complete disrepair warranted a complete rebuilding rather than renovation. Officials also promised that the building would be rebuilt brick by brick using the original materials from the original structure.

Many worry about the credibility of the government’s statements. A reporter visiting the renovation site noted that the premises completely lacked any signage noting the building’s protected status. There were, rather, many workers hauling away bricks and pieces of wood.

As Chinese netizen “市井文人” noted, “I just hope nothing regrettable happens.

Despite being the home of the KMT’s leader, the building still has great historical significance in China. The 1935 building was also used as a temporary base for Chinese military operations against the Japanese after the government was forced to relocate in 1938.

Chiang Kai-shek's historic Chongqing residence being demolished.

Chiang Kai-shek's historic Chongqing residence being demolished.

Chiang Kai-shek's historic Chongqing residence being demolished.

Source: NetEase

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  • Technowolf

    Can’t demolish this sofa.Yeahh boiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!

  • The Dude

    It’ll probably be rebuilt into an ‘authentic’ Chang kai shek themed Walmart.

    • Stacy


    • xuedi

      hahaha, awesome! so true !!!

  • Foreign Devil

    sorry but land in urban china is too valuable for museum pieces. Profit must be made! Of course if it were one of Mao’s residences it would have been preserved.

  • Castro

    seriously, other than a few history nerds, who really gives a flying-coitus ?
    From what I can see it was an ugly, nondescript building from day one. Tear the fkr down and put up one of those capsule hotels to compete with the Hotel-7 next door !

    • mr. wiener

      goodbye to the house of peanut. While they’re at it the Taiwanese should demolish CKS Memorial Hall… wait on second thoughts leave it. The park around it is apparently a popular homosexual beat. I like the idea of Generalisimo “Cash My Cheque’s” statue having to listen to ilicit gay gruntings all night, every night.

      • Castro

        but it really was a cute story by the local overlord. I’ll paraphrase..
        “oh no, we are not really tearing it down, we are just tearing it down to rebuild it.”

        Right up there with the check is in the mail,, and,,, I promise not to cum in your mouth.

        • donscarletti

          Don’t ever drink milk while reading official statements in China.

  • Irvin

    Don’t get too attached to things, learn to let go. LOL

    • Ryo

      God damn, took me 5 minutes to remember what movie was that from. And I watched Iron Man 2 like 5 times already!

      • Young Man

        You watched Iron Man 2 five times?

        Iron Man 2?

        There’s, like, a whole world of movies out there- you could have watched The French Connection, The Parallax View, Barry Lyndon, Ghostbusters and Alien.

        But no- you spent your time watching Iron Man 2 FIVE FUCKING TIMES.

        Way to go, Hero.

        • fabulous

          I agree.

          You watched Iron Man 2 five times?

          Iron Man 2?

          There’s, like, a whole world of movies out there- you could have watched Cinema Paradiso, Chinatown, A Clockwork Orange, Lost in Translation and Taxi Driver.

          But no- you spent your time watching a movie that doesn’t show everyone else on this forum what a mature cinephile you are.

          Way to go, Hero.

  • FYIADragoon

    Its not like Chinese actually have a good grasp of their history to begin with.

  • kevinnolongerinpudong

    Good start. Now how many buildings in Chongqing are left? Tear them all down and rebuild that city to be somewhat less weird and generally shitty.

  • typingfromwork

    This is actually pretty sad. Every little shit dilapidated barn here in the UK gets some kind of protected status, because there’s no way that a rebuilding would have the same emotional significance as the original.

    But whatever. Real estate is fucking expensive in China and no one liked Chiang anyway. But I just know that someone, somewhere in 50 years is going to regret what they’ve done here today.

    • 童子蛋

      now now… don’t bring up any foreign law in front of Mainlanders
      i know you are right about protection status for histrionic property
      but those ignorant Mainlanders will just try burn your comment

  • 童子蛋

    This is sad…
    Part of a great history is not gone

  • notorious

    where is coala banana with his outrageous comments? Has the chinese government arrested him for his hate speech and sexualization degradation of Chinese women? and that white phosophorous HK girl is gone as well. Or were they finally banned?

    • mr. weiner

      The poster formerly known as “Coala Banana” has changed his name to “Banana man” ….I kinda miss him too. Willy Pete got warned a few times, but she was a bit squirrely anyhoo. I miss Frau Hongjian the most. Entertaining, informative and contentious.

  • You times have changed when the folks in Beijing have to quick spin about Chiang versus just saying “he is a yankee dog, to complain is to go against the party!”

  • Graeme

    A whole ‘collection’ of Chongqing buildings from the war years have been taken down and moved to Liziba Park, close to the General Joseph Stilwell House & Museum. It includes government buildings, Sichuan warlords residences and Utility building along the riverside. So it would not surprise me if this was a complete move of Chiang Kai Shek’s residence to this park.

  • mp

    It’s just Hu and the gang looking for Bo Xilai. Ever since Bo’s pal, Wang Lijun, split for Beijing, the Chongqing party boss has been hard to find. Rumor on the street has it that the Boys from Beijing are leaving “no stone unturned,” in their search for clues.

  • Mademyday

    build it brick by brick? com’on just perform a ‘monster move’ china has this technology….

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