chinaSMACK Launches indoBOOM, Translating What’s Hot in Indonesia

Introducing indoBOOM

Introducing indoBOOM

Today, four years and exactly one month since I published my first translation on chinaSMACK, I am proud to announce the launch of our new “brother” site: indoBOOM.

When I started chinaSMACK, my purpose was to practice my English through my hobby of reading news and discussions on the Chinese internet. After so much time and practice, I really hope my English has become better!

However, I very soon had another purpose: To share with foreign friends who cannot understand Chinese some stories, pictures, and videos that ordinary Chinese netizens see and talk about. I have previously said this is a kind of “cultural voyeurism”, because I want to let my readers see what Chinese people think and say on Chinese websites, discussion forums, and social networks. What are Chinese people really paying attention to? What are their reactions and opinions in front of each other instead of in front of outsiders? About this issue? About that incident? About others? About themselves?

Over these years, I and many contributors including both Chinese and non-Chinese inside China and overseas have translated over 1500 posts, articles, and videos and tens of thousands of Chinese netizen comments into English. We have posted a lot of silly things that have made many Chinese netizens laugh and then many foreigners laugh too, but we have posted many serious things too. We have tried to only translate and show, without adding our own opinion, or hiding the opinions we do not like. Some people say we have published many “negative” things that make Chinese look bad. Other people say we do not publish enough negative things to show the truth of Chinese people. Regardless, we believe everything we share will only show that Chinese people are normal, because that is better than looking good or bad.

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We did not celebrate our 4 year anniversary on our website last month, exactly one month ago. It is not because we think the number “4” is unlucky. It is only because we have been too busy. All of us work on chinaSMACK and koreaBANG during our free time outside of our work or school. My personal hobby is now many people’s hobby, because we all believe this is an interesting way to share and learn about a country, a society, and a people. This includes our bloggers, our editors, and our poor developers and administrators.

One reason we were so busy is the new movie Shanghai Calling. In fact, on Tuesday evening, I watched it again at the Shanghai world premiere. Then I ate a lot of “foie gras puffs” at the after party, and met some of chinaSMACK’s readers and contest winners. Then, most importantly, I touched Daniel Henney! 帅哥!!!

Then I went home. 囧

If you are in China, I strongly recommend that you go watch Shanghai Calling when it opens in cinemas this Friday, August 10th. It is a very funny and adorable movie. I think most people will easily enjoy it.

Now you also know that we were busy preparing indoBOOM. Like chinaSMACK and our “sister” site koreaBANG, indoBOOM will report what is popular and trending on the internet for the world’s 4th most populous country. It is also the world’s largest Muslim country, and as many Chinese people know, sometimes they really do not like their Chinese minority! :(

The founding team for indoBOOM is Ted, Hal, and Steve, who have been reading chinaSMACK for a long time and decided several months ago that they want to share stories from their home country too, with the same style and quality that you have come to expect from chinaSMACK. They contacted us and we have worked hard together to make this a reality.

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indoBOOM will be updated daily, and the first five posts currently on indoBOOM include a variety of notable stories from the past month:

Fortunately for Edison Chen, he does not live in Indonesia!

To get the latest updates from indoBOOM, don’t forget to subscribe to the indoBOOM RSS feed, get email updates, like them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.

We also hope you will go visit them now and show them some chinaSMACK reader support!

Truly, the past four years have been a very interesting journey for me. I am very flattered and humbled that so many people read and enjoy our work. I have made new friends, and many of you have joined me, helped me, and also defended me. I am very thankful for this. Most importantly…

I touched Daniel Henney!

I am just kidding! Most importantly, we are all thankful for your continued support, and we hope you are already enjoying chinaSMACK’s fifth year. Thank you for your interest in China, in Chinese society, and our work.


Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Brett Hunan!!!!

    • Jack

      you guys should start putting Google ads on chinasmack and make some money and go full time if you get enough revenue from ads..everyone wins..we get good news and you could do what you love most

    • State-level news combined with Batman 1970s onomatopoeia… Maybe WestvirginiaWHAM!, DelawareDOOSH!, and finally CaliforniaKAPOOOW!

      • Ruaraidh

        Richardnorth you have a serious case of the ’tism. I’m kind of impressed that you seem to be working abroad, rather than sitting at home sperging over sonic the hedgehog.

        • If you know SAP, you’re in demand. If you’re alluding to me being Asperger’s syndrome / Autism, I have to disappoint… I don’t play computer games, I can’t remember Pi to umpteen decimal places, and I actually need lots of cues, prompts and cheatsheets to do my job. Oh yeah…beer of an evening and a shag at weekends… Sorry dude… Plus I’m ex-military so letting an ASD-guy on nukular (sic) submarines would be unthinkable… C Ya!

          • Ruaraidh

            Most autistic people don’t have any special abilities at maths. In fact autistic savants, whilst an enduring concept are incredibly rare, you’re far more likely to have abnormal maths skills as a non autistic.

            If you don’t mind me asking, because I’ve noticed you a lot recently, why make so many random posts if you’re not autistic?

          • If you wish to know the truth it may surprise you… I am on leave and I tend to get hooked on one “good” website. I work for a very big internet firm (not FB or Google, but a top 100) in a sales capacity. I see quality here. The London Olympics have also welded the five continents together better than I have seen before. Hope this helps. Randomness sometimes comes from my 1990s significant exposure to China.

    • Don’t mention this to Matt. The very word onomatopoeia broken down sounds like: “Oh no! Matt appear!”. Please don’t tell him. Thanks.

    • the ace of books

      I’d be happy to lend assitance with hungaryBUMM!

  • Nanny Hiccups


  • moop

    sweet. i was wondering the other day when we might get another site from you guys. way to go

  • Dan

    Fauna, I thought you were a westerner who is fluent in Chinese, not the other way round! Nice one.

  • linette

    是啊! 好長啊! 你的英語水平太棒了!

  • 印度杰


  • Yesway


    Am looking forward to reading the articles and hope it will bring me more joy than Koreabang. The rampant and overwhelming (way more than at China Smack) sexism of the stories there has quite turned me off.

    • Brett Hunan

      Dont get too excited. Indo is a Muslim country and a lot of the news stories that come out can be just as sexist as Korean news.

      • Nanny Hiccups

        thats what will make it interesting.

      • markx

        Indonesia is a pretty relaxed place…. IMHO the women here seem to be on a pretty equal footing with the men, if they aren’t actually running the marriage (cue my wife)…

        • Brett Hunan

          Hah, even in the most conservative of societies, women are the “man behind the curtain”.

          • linette

            No bRett. Men are the head of the household but women are the neck. The neck turns the head……

      • Yesway

        Yeah, it’s a Muslim country. However, that doesn’t automatically mean netizens in Indonesia rant angrily about every woman who eats noodles in the subway. Seriously, the minor things women do to make Korean men get into full women-hate mode still baffle me.

        • Brett Hunan

          Cant argue that.

        • Allan

          Its not a muslim country its a country with largest muslim population. Very big difference! People in indonesia have very high tolerancy towards religion. The country is not ruled by muslim law. Every religion in indonesia have same equal treatment under the law.

          Ps: I am indonesian

      • Rather overplayed, their sexism – probably strained. By 35 they’re all desperate for second wife. Us Westerners are not all Kenny Rogers and Neil Diamond, on (quite rightly) the ordinal #5 (rather than additional #5). This polygamy thing? No fricking way for me… Like a cross between Chinabounder and purgatory.

    • linette

      Sexism? What about Racism? They hate Chinese and Japanese. They can’t talk about anything without dragging Chinese and Japanese into it. hahaha….They always have the C and J on their minds. They are very strange. lol.

      C/J:People should stop buying green tea from this supermarket……
      K: yeah..the japanese and Chinese they make the worst green tea………..

      C/J: The weather is getting so cold lately.
      K: yeah..the Chinese people keep shooting seed clouds fxcking up the…..

      C/J: This girl wears too much make up.
      K: Tell the Japanese and Chinese coming to Korea to get plasty.


  • Dan

    You guys should also make MalaysiaSMACK and it would be a really “fun” read.

    • mr. wiener

      MalaysiaSULK maybe.

    • I personally like Malaysia, but as we know down here, there is usually the ironic “malaysiaBOLEH” (Malaysia…Can!) mentioned, when something goes wrong in some way. A cursory glance suggests this domain is, indeed, up for sale.

      • linette

        I am actually curious about India. India has a huge population. They also have Bollywood which is big. But I don’t know too much about India. It’s like a mystery.

        • Full Indians (as opposed to Singaporean Indians) tend not to study Mandarin as an Asian language (as opposed to Caucasians who often enjoy Putonghua) and ALSO (this is interesting) most Indians genuinely find chopsticks very hard to use. Hope this helps!

        • IndiaINFECTION

          Yeah, the Indian one would be the one I’d most like to read. All of the East and Southeast Asian countries seem to have the same theme. If it’s not foreigners and their women, it’s the Japanese, Chinese, or Koreans being jerks. Sometimes all three. Sometimes…somehow…all four.

          India, on the other hand, is dirtier and smells worse than all East/Southeast Asian countries combined. I’d like to hear what they have to say about that somewhere other than that one ChinaSMACK article about the disgusting photos from India that somehow still gets several Indians here to tell us that they are indeed an Indian and can assure us that not all of India is like that.

      • Scott

        “I personally like Malaysia, but as we know down here…” Are you in Malaysia? I am now in Penang where I spend about half my time, the other half in Shanghai.

        • Most encounters with Malaysians are Malays and MCs working here – good bunch. I have no need to go to Johor any more. Kuantan, Tioman every year or two for some laid back chillaxation…

  • markus

    Does any of the China smack team have any plants to translate things from Japan?

    or even Hong Kong and Macau, its good to see the contrast of comments from the special administrative regions of China. (i know China smack has done some of Taiwan so why not more HK, Macau?)

    i will of course read indoboom however i have a stronger intrest in those above.

  • agapin ganus

    Fucking cool! I love Indonesia, they’re the best Muslims and come out with cool movies!

  • Dripping Third Leg

    If you are going to post your pic up there, I believe ChinaSmack would be more popular

  • Kim Jong-un

    Congratulations from the greatest democratic people’s republic of korea.

  • Nilerafter24

    Japan would be a nice addition.
    Maybe Hongkong and Thailand too.

  • MyanmarKABLAM

    • linette

      Whisker, you are so funny. What about HK or Taiwan.

      • HongKongGONG

        • Brett Hunan

          You guys are just stealing my thunder now… You should have posted this as a reply to my comment so I could get all of the glory!

          • RussiaBLAAARRGG

          • Brett Hunan

            okay I laughed at the NK hungry one…. proceed

        • linette

          Thank god it’s HongKongGONG and not Hongkonggone.

          • linette

            I have to go sleep now. You guys want to join me? hahaha..bye.

          • As a heterosexual my instinct is to join you. As a level-headed individual my instinct to pass-up the opportunity today, as I have a full agenda. Kind regards, Richard.

          • Do you have any candy, by chance? Hichew is great. Pulled out two of my fillings eating those things.

      • mr. wiener

        SingaporeLAH! ThailandCRAP!

        • linette


        • Far more appropriate – and if you don’t laugh I’ll be surprised: ThailandTWAT (I believe twat is a fine verb for hitting something or someone) SingaporeSPANK (I believe spank is a weaker form of hitting, commensurate with the small nature of this equatorial republic). Both having appropriately sexual connotations.

  • markx

    Fauna, this a wonderful thing you are doing … it is fascinating to see how people in different countries are reacting to events.

    I really think it is helping to educate all as to how much the same we really are!

    Keep going! You may be helping to change the world!

  • Harland

    “we believe everything we share will only show that Chinese people are normal”

    WTF Chinasmack only translates the most outrageous articles. Plus the boring-ass love songs and dumb jokes. I know people back in the States who read Chinasmack and have a totally distorted view of China. It’s hard work telling them that things just aren’t like that.

    • anon

      I know people in the US and everywhere else who have totally distorted views of China, without chinaSMACK. As with everything, what chinaSMACK or their other sites do is show something, but all of that is subject to the viewer’s interperetation. Some people will see things in context while others will only see what they want to see. An observation of what becomes popular on the Chinese internet can reveal a lot about a society, but it depends on the viewer’s own inclination to actually think about what exactly they are seeing. Some people do, some people don’t.

    • Any expats expecting rapid competition from Westerners at the tail-end of the 2007 crisis, can be sure that many will hold back from dropping-in all of a sudden, with the crazy news bought to the forefront by chinaSMACK, and at the other end of the spectrum, highly dynamic and English-speaking colleagues out here who keep you on your toes all the time. Keep up the good work guys!

  • lonetrey

    Woot! You know, ever since I stumbled upon ChinaSmack and KoreaBang was created, I’ve been getting more and more interested in the Asian hemisphere. Keep up the great work, and I hope IndoBoom will be awesome as well!

  • ewirawan

    This is great! I am an Indonesian Chinese living in Chengdu (and an avid reader of ChinaSMACK)… and now I can catch up on news from my own country! Thanks! You guys are AWESOME!!!

    • hess

      You couldn’t just, you know. Read Indonesian news from an Indonesian website?

  • Sean

    Love you guys. We all want more!

  • mrnightcat

    Cheers to you Fauna as well as your other staff for three years of such a great website – I started reading in 2009 when I arrived in China and found it by chance. It’s great to see your place expanding further.

    Fauna, I’m also impressed by how you’ve constantly managed to keep a sense of mystery about you. Four years of running the website and we know you’re a Chinese girl in Shanghai with a phenomenal level of English – but that’s it, or at least that’s all I know. Keep that up, it works well.

  • Dat Ankle

    Chinasmack is a single loving mother who tries her best to provide for her two children Koreabang and Indoboom. Will lover find its way to her?

    • What?

      • mr. wiener

        …Back away slowly and don’t make eye contact.

      • Dat Ankle

        Its a love story waiting to happen. Youll see, youll all see soon.

  • kodi

    Drama! I don’t know why I keep coming back

    • i still think chinasmack is really working for the Chinese Communist Party but thats ok. these satellite sites are worth checking out

  • Rensi

    Yeah!!! Congratulations!!!

  • Andlxh

    I love to read ChinaSMACK.
    It always gives other point of view from hottest news in China.
    I will love to read indoBOOM too. I never though this blog writer will write something about Indonesia.

    just like Allan said, Indonesia is not a muslim country, it just most people choose Islam as their belief.
    I hope indoBOOM will as interesting as ChinaSMACK

    ps : I’m Indonesian

  • Matt


    To be perfectly honest, I would have preferred a site focusing on Japan or Vietnam, but Indonesia would definitely be my next choice, and I’m certainly in no position to complain, as I realize the incredible amount of work it takes to maintain sites like these. Kudos to all the translators on all three of these sites, not to mention adhering to the principle of sticking to whatever’s trending/hottest on the web, rather than targeting specific topics/issues to push some agenda or try to “frame” a country in a certain way (whether positively or negatively), which is pretty much what all other comparable sites do. Then again, they really aren’t any genuinely comparable sites. I still look forward to a Japan___ or a Vietnam___(BAHN?), but I’ll certainly happily appreciate the unparalleled offerings of these three sites in the interim. Just please, refrain from any urge to launch a CanadaEH!

  • Indonesian

    My lovely country is going to be published lol.cant wait for the “funny” news!

  • David

    Well, this website project is getting bigger! It would interesting to see how far it can go.

    • David

      should be “would be”.

  • the ace of books

    Dude, excellent, thanks, guys! I am not at all familiar with Indonesia, and this would give me a perfect opportunity to learn! Read the first few stories, enjoyed them, did a lot of wikisurfing as a result. Thanks, you guys, for giving me a chance to learn :D

    (I haven’t kept up on koreaBANG, and it looks like I really should, given how … excited … some people are getting in the comments. Oh well. weekends are for reading, right? :) )

    Finally, I’ve got to say, Fauna, you rock. Your English is excellent, and I commend you on it! Thumbs way the hell up!