Chinese Fishing Boat Captain Arrested By Japanese, Reactions

Chinese fishing boat captain arrested after collision with Japanese coast guard.

Chinese fishing boat captain arrested after collision with Japanese coast guard.

From NetEase:

Chinese fishing boat captain may be sentenced by Japan

Summary: September 7th, a Chinese fishing boat and Japanese Coast Guard patrol boats collided in the waters near Diaoyu Islands. On the 8th, the Japanese side took legal action against the Chinese fishing boat captain on grounds of obstructing official business. According to Japanese punishment regulations for obstruction of official business, the fishing boat captain Zhan Qixiong may be fined up to 500,000 yen or imprisoned up to 3 years. After Zhan Qixiong’s grandmother learned of the news, she had a heart attack, passing away on the afternoon of the 8th.

Diagram of the collision between a Chinese fishing boat and Japanese coast guard in Diaoyu waters.

Chinese fishing boat docked with Japanese coast guard in Okinawa.

Chinese fishing boat docked with Japanese coast guard in Okinawa.

Chinese fishing boat docked with Japanese coast guard in Okinawa.

There are over 23,000 comments right now on NetEase alone.

Comments from NetEase:


Isn’t it our territory? Being imprisoned three years by little Japan on our own territory? Why don’t our warships go out and arrest a few to imprison thirty years?


I think I might as well go buy a warship myself and go fuck little Japan.


I was in the military for 15 years, so as long as it is fighting little Japan, I don’t need [to be paid] one cent from the country and will even bring 500,000 with me back to the military, while donating my body. Just watch how I’m going to teach these little Japanese bastards a lesson.


Pro-Japanese children, where are you guys now? Boycott Japanese goods, curse those lowlifes who buy Japanese goods to an early death.


Capture that patrol boat’s captain and imprison him for 10,000 years!


I personally declare war on Japan. All of Japan’s assets in China, including their bullshit lives, will be subject to attacks within my power.


Japan has always been a country that refuses to abide by the law/know its place, it has never been honest before…


Our national humiliation can never be forgotten. As an ordinary common person, all I can do is be angry and boycott Japanese goods; if there is a war, as a reserve officer, I will not hesitate!


All you need to be a [Chinese] foreign minister is know how to say three things [this netizen is commenting that China’s foreign minister always says the same things but does nothing]; With regards to this incident, I am filled with regret. I am going to watch how this situation unfolds, and hope that similar things will not happen again.


Everyone is just complaining. That the Diaoyu Islands are not in reality under our country’s control is simply our country’s weakness and this is very complicated. Yet, our netizens really curse Japan endlessly to vent!!! So continue then, because this kind of incident will constantly happen in the future, and we will always have mood swings!!!


Chinese people are great. Looking back on history, Chinese people have killed many more Chinese people than Japanese people have. At the time, there were also more puppet soldiers [of the puppet government] than Japanese soldiers. Chinese people, yosh! Hahahaha…


Foreign ministry!!! You should be giving Japan a time limit to release [the fishing boat captain]!!!! Don’t protest!!!! What use is protesting???? You are the government! Not students!!!!!! Students protest!!! You as the government have military force!!!! A time limit for release!!! And compensation for our fishermen’s losses!!!! Otherwise! We will take the initiative to escalate the incident!!!! Warships attack! War!!!!


Everyone know this: In the short term, forget about the fishing crew being arrested, even if the fishing boat were attacked and sunk, China and Japan will not go to war, who would dare to! If there is war, think of all the property developers that would rebel/be up in arms! All the people living in luxury residences howling in protest! Ordinary common people, don’t get excited, you guys are all just like me, at most just letting out the things we want to say, and what more, you can’t say anything too extreme, otherwise just as the [fishing] boat captain enters Japan’s detention center/jail, you may be entering China’s detention center/jail.

Chinese fishing boat docked with Japanese coast guard in Okinawa.

English-language news reports from CCTV and NHK on YouTube:

Improving China-Japan relations. chinaSMACK personals.

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • FoB

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    planning to make porn with some jav stars too.

    • CAINE

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  • Nick

    lol of course this had to go racist lol

    • anon

      Wasn’t there some guy here who insists that you can’t use racist here? Because Japanese, like Chinese, isn’t a “race”?

      • Chunghwa (af home)

        I’ve studied genetics and inheritance whilst doing Biology; generally there are a number of theories, and they are disputed between scientists with differing views. From what I’m aware of, the most widely accepted “theory” would be to class “Mongoloid” as “race”, and “Han Chinese”, “Manchu”, “Mongol”, “Yamato Japanese” as “ethnicities”. “Chinese” and “Japanese” are not ethnicities, but nationalities, as neither the whole of China, nor Japan, is ethnically homogenous. But then again, it is disputable by scientists that the distinction between race and ethnicity is somewhat blurred, etc etc.

        • Positive Contact

          Chungwa nailed it — “Race” has always been a social construct based more on ethnicity and cultural background than physical characteristics, and there is plenty of historical anecdotes of racial hostility between groups that are, in the broader sense, not all that different (English and Irish, German Jews and German gentiles).

        • Larry

          “I study chink genetics” you chinese shrimps are so stupid,


          • pissed

            fuck you. u have offended the chinese ppl!

          • Samuel

            Lol Im chinese, but you know ppl like the *pissed guy* below only make others think that chinese i such over sensitive bastards. Lol and the guy above? Larry?!?<< lmao nuff said. =D

  • snater

    are these jingoist comments a representative sample from NetEase?

    • snater

      now that i’ve read some of the source myself it seems it is…
      If Fauna was going for shock at what people are posting why not include the one about giving them another taste of a nuclear bomb (paraphrased)?

      • anon

        Meh, don’t get too worked up. There are always some Chinese people suggesting that Japan should be nuclear bombed again whenever there is a negative issue with Japan. With certain topics, you simply get a lot of people mouthing off their prejudices. If there’s one thing to learn from this website, that would be it.

        Anyone know of a website similar or equivalent to chinaSMACK but for Japanese and Koreans? It shouldn’t be difficult to discover that each country has their fair share of haters.

        • Justin

          Yeah, I agree. I think people should learn to take the comments of people on message boards (read ALL Message Boards, especially this one) with a grain of salt. The people who post on message boards aren’t necessarily representative of a broad section of society, nor are they usually the best and brightest either.

          More often than not, especially given some of the less than intelligent foreigner comments on ChinaSMACK, posters are usually the dregs of society with an ax to grind who are the least informed, yet simultaneously the most opinionated. Usually these people have no other outlet to express their misguided ignorant opinions, so go to forums.

          I can’t count the number of times I have been on the Yahoo! news discussion forums and read some of the most racist, ignorant rants coming from Americans (especially if you read any story about immigration), who are supposedly the most open and tolerant society in the world and I wouldn’t judge all Americans based on the statements of some backwoods militia Minuteman hicks, nor would I judge all Chinese based on some of the jingoistic ultra-Nationalists who post rants against the Japanese.

          • Samuel

            If this were facebook, I likes =D

        • Chunghwa (af home)

 once occasionally gave insights into Korean netizen nationalism if I recall (but now that site ain’t no good anymore)… there were a few Japanese sites, but I’ve forgotten… it’s called “Gaijin -something”.

        • John Rabe

          In my observation, there is very little of this in Japan (and I am pretty sure there is quite a lot of it in Korea). I live in Japan and read/write Japanese, and I am not aware of any messageboards like NetEase that would be similar hotbeds of nationalism. The typical Japanese response to these incidents is exasperation. When confronted with comments like the ones translated by Fauna, Japanese tend to react with incomprehension.
          Of course there is nationalism and jingoism in Japan just like in any other place. But it tends to express itself differently. Right-wing groups are a noisy bunch of course but the average Japanese considers them as just as loony as the Chinese Internet mob.

          • anon

            It depends where you look. The most infamous of the Japanese would be 2ch.

          • John Rabe

            OK, I just took a look at the Japanese reactions on 2channeru. The majority says something like this: “If they continuously have to violate our waters, then let’s kick their asses. If they want war, fine.” There is a minority that is more measured and wants this matter settled peacefully, maybe through international arbitration. What is obvious is that noone has a clue about the history behind this dispute. They just assume that this is indisputably Japanese territory. So, bad enough, but I can’t find anything that sounds as crazy as the stuff that Fauna has translated. Which was my original point. I think both in the Chinese and the Japanese side people need to make a much bigger effort to understand the facts and history behind this dispute.

          • anon

            Meh, the point isn’t to compare how stupid, prejudiced or hateful either country’s (or any country’s) netizens are. The fact is that every country has ignorant but vocal jackasses and I’ve seen both better and worse (or crazier) at different times from different people over different issues. As you said, there’s a lot of friction between the Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans, all for various historical reasons, and I agree it would do the world a favor if everyone tried just a bit harder.

          • @@

            the fact that you didn’t even know 2 chan, one of japan’s most popular net forums shows me that you don’t really know japs that well at all, only pretending to be.

            do you know what’s the difference between Chinese ultra-nationalism and jap unltra nationalism? the chinese one is where shit stupid idiots posting shit idiot comments on a shit idiot internet website. jap ultra nationalism is where history deniers embedded in legitimate government parties.

            do you know what the japs who support the Okinawa bases, what their reasons are? it’s not just North korea, according to them, the chinese are evil, they are responsible for the 2 nukes and everything bad that has happened and they want to invade japan anyday, are those the exasperation and incomprehension you are referring to?

          • John Rabe

            To @@: I have known 2ch for many years. I just don’t think that it matches the craziness of NetEase. Although, admittedly, it is similar in that it is an outlet for idiots talking shit.
            The history text books are a real problem but nationalism is just one reason for them. I don’t think the Chinese government is any different from the Japanese one though in writing its history books to suit its politics.
            I have never seen a Japanese claim that the American nuclear bombings are to blame on the Chinese. The primary purpose of the American bases in Japan is not to defend Japan. Rather, they exist so that the US can maintain their dominant stance in Asia. I assume you don’t like this but many people would agree that East Asia is safer with them than without. Japan just happens to be the place that hosts them.
            By the way, if you feel it’s OK to use the derogatory “Japs” can we call the Chinese “Chinks” then?

          • @@

            if you’ve had know 2 chan for that long and still don’t think it’s just as crazy as netease then i can tell you are clearly biased.

            and just to be clear, are you comparing the text book in japan that attempts to deny history to the Chinese ones that exaggerated history. so that’s like saying denying the holocaust is as bad as, say a film like indiana jones that makes fun of nazis. there’s a pretty big difference between nationalism and ultra-nationalism.

            maybe if you weren’t such a obvious weeaboo you could come to accept the flaws of japan, i saw the nut job Okinawan base supporters on some Journey Man Doco on youtube, go look for it if you care.

            you can call me a chink if you like, i mind it as much as my jap friends when i use the term jap in front of them. because the way i see it jap is short for JAPanese.

          • John Rabe

            Mr @@: Just take a look at the posting in this website about the atomic bombings of Japan. Check out the commentaries. They are absolutely horrible. I have never seen anything equivalent to that on 2ch. Have you?
            All I am saying is this: a remarkably large part part of the Chinese population tends to have nothing but irrational hatred for the Japanese, and there is no equivalent to that in Japan. With this much hatred on one side, I worry about the region I live in.
            You call me biased. Perhaps I am. Perhaps nobody can ever entirely avoid that. But it seems to me that if I deserve that word, then you deserve it ten times as much.

          • BrotherSomething

            I taught kids in a second tier Chinese city. If Japan came up in any way, you would usually have an anti-Japanese comment. In a lesson teaching love/hate (referring to school subjects), a student provided the sentence, “I very hate Japan people.” These kids’ parents weren’t even alive for what the Japanese did. Many of the kids just blindly hated Japan and it’s people. Yet, they didn’t know anything about what had happened within China during the 60s, 70s, and even in the late 80s.

            A Chinese-produced horror movie I saw on a bus started in a Japanese POW camp from WWII or the Sino-Japanese war. For background filler in several scenes they had Japanese soldiers repeatedly kicking down Chinese prisoners. The rest of the movie was set in present day and revolved around some criminals who had developed super-powers. Television I’ve seen rarely seems to portray the Japanese as anything but single-minded monsters.

            Unfortunately, the Japanese actions during the Sino-Japanese Wars aren’t separated from their country or nationality as those of the Nazis are from Germany.

            I haven’t lived in Japan, but I’ve read about Japanese racism and history-denying. It’s terrible that it takes a somewhat legitimate place in the political dialogue (much like Holocaust-denying in parts of the middle east).

            Ultra-nationalism is a scary and indefensible regardless of where it comes from. To compare Chinese racism and ultra-nationalism to an “Indiana Jones” movie is irresponsible and misses how damaging it can be.

          • Samuel

            Sadly, this is the difference between the socially enlightened and the brutes ranting on this page. The story is completely 1 sided, and doesn’t have much credibility to speak of.
            I mean wad do u expect the japanese to do?
            “O you hit our boats” , “Lets just let you go back ehh?”

        • Alex

          The japanese version of this site would be sankakucomplex, but I don’t think there is one for koreans.

          • Chunghwa

            Sankakucomplex is a great place for new phenomena in Japan, anime/film news, and porn, but not really a place where you can get translations of netizen discussions, afaik.

          • @@

            sankaku is just a shitty porn site in disguise.

        • Genive

 has this article up as well. While there is no comments by netizens like this one on their article, there is the official stance of the Japanese government, who claim the islands are theirs since the Treaty of San Francisco. China laid claim to it in the 70’s, so they say, once oil was found under the islands.

        • rrr

          as far as i know. china is the one burning japanese flags and destroying japanese businesses in china. Some of these Chinese people need to calm the fuck down and look at the story from another perspective.

  • NeverChineseFault

    chinese go mental as usual over small incident. chinese have declared war on just about every nation the last 10 years over stupid things. japan, france, america, south korea, india, russia, vietnam, phillipines. it’s all so childish and embarrassing behavior. it’s never chinese fault. automatically chinese assume a nation’s professional coast guard crew would ram a fishing boat. do you know anything about how professional crews act? whether you hate japanese or not, they are a nation of people who did not just act out beyond rules and orders. they would never ram a stupid fishing boat to be bullies. these “fishing boats” are harassing many nations now as china lies about its “we do not seek to be global power”. chinese illegal fishing is a problem all over the world. chinese do not have honor for rules in their own country so how could they have it when encountering other nations in waters away from coastal china? many chinese find cheating to be normal behavior and observe no rules regarding copyright and properties of others. they feel the entire ocean is theirs to fish. they are the ONLY nation that fishes illegally all over the world. no other nation goes to so many places and completely ignores the rules all other nations respect.

    • C&N

      says the defender of a nation that goes around the world killing whales in the name of ‘science’.

      why would a fishing boat take on three patrol boats? how can it even catch up to a patrol boat to ram it?

      think before you write mate.

      • Chunghwa (af home)

        I ding C&N’s comment. Patrol boats have state-of-the-art high-spped engines. Fishing trawlers don’t.

      • John Rabe

        C&N: I happen to also think that Japan should stop its whaling program but there is nothing illegal about it. It’s completely in line with IWC rules. And I do not find it hard to imagine that this “fisherman” intentionally rammed a patrol boat if I consider the hotheadedness some Chinese display on the Internet. What’s so hard to believe about that?
        I think rather than exploiting this incident to fan nationalism at home, the Beijing government should invite Tokyo and Taipei to settle this dispute through international arbitration. But that would mean risk losing the case which I am sure Beijing is not willing to do (and Tokyo neither). Sad.

        • anon

          It probably isn’t smart to judge whether or not the Chinese boat intentionally rammed the Japanese patrol boat based upon the presumed hotheadedness the Chinese boat must share with the hotheadedness of some Chinese people on the internet. That’s like the black guy must’ve done it because other black guys have. There’s a more factual and legitimate answer to that out there so such presumption isn’t necessary.

          As others have pointed out, I’d say the government is actually trying to be level-headed about this instead of fanning nationalism. It’s just that there’s always been a lot of widespread anti-Japanese prejudice in Chinese society. People are talking out of their asses, and there’s a lot of people in China. Goes with the territory.

          • John Rabe

            Anon, I did not make the judgment you imply. I just said to Hothead #1 in this thread, Mr C&N, that I do not find it hard to imagine that the fisherman rammed the patrol boat intentionally. This was in response to his post in which he claims that this cannot have happened. I do not know what really happened. I can equally imagine the Japanese patrol guys causing the collision. Probably a little of both happened.

        • C&N

          @John Rabe
          Look I think governments should be calm about it too. And you’re right maybe we’ll never get to the bottom of it. But I’m just commenting that the whole thing stinks. I don’t think that any fisherman is nationalistic enough (even Chinese ones) that they see three Japanese patrol boats and they go around ramming them. Come on! The guy relys on that boat for a living. I really doubt he’s going to damage just to make a point (to a few seagulls in an empty sea). People make a show when there’s an audience.

          As for whaling, it’s exploiting a loophole. If it was taxes and an individual they’ll be put in jail.

          • Teacher in China

            There may have not been an immediate audience, but it’s not beyond possible that he had thought about the results of his actions (arrest and outcry) before he did them. Maybe he encounters these patrol boats so often and reached his breaking point?

            I know, I know. Conjecture and fantasy. Still, it doesn’t seem that unlikely.

          • moody

            Nationalistic fishermen ????? Wow, seriously ?
            It’s a known fact that a lot of Fishing boats in the yellow sea are not really fishing boats
            Spying on naval forces movements, teasing each other endlessly ………………

      • wu lmao

        You should probably think before you write, too. Smaller ships almost always give right-of-way to larger ones, since the larger ones are much harder to maneuver due to their size.

        These kinds of incidents never happen at high speed, and if they did, there would be significant damage to both of the ships. They usually happen at low speeds and close proximity where one of the people involved either refuses to give or is ignorant of what his responsibilities are.

        The fisherman in his trawler is almost certainly at fault here, and there’s no rational way at looking at it otherwise. The Japanese Coast Guard could be acting ultra-aggressively and going out of their way to kidnap a Chinese fisherman, but for what purpose? Do you think it would not be found out? There would be one purpose for that, only, and if these two countries are looking for wars, they don’t need to go out of their way to create them.

      • wu mao yen

        patrol boats are smaller, fishing boats are actually bigger. the term “fishing” does not means the fishermen are using bathtub size boats to catch fish. commericalized fishing nets hauls in at least 5 tons of fish.

    • voidness

      Chinese patrol boats are doing the same thing in South China Sea, declaring non fishing season in disputed waters, ramming wooden boats, hit an run, on small wooden boat with their military ship etc. It’s about time they get a dose of their own medicine, well done Japan !!

  • anon

    The last translated comment is probably the most intelligent of the bunch here.

  • Curious

    Curious, I wonder why Chinese media is reporting that the patrol vessel hit the fishing boat, but the international media is reporting that the fishing boat hit the patrol vessel? The cartoon-drawn picture of the ships describing the incident tell us nothing– anyone can “draw” a picture and say whatever they want. I have seen the actual videos and photos of the fishing boat purposely and intentionally swerving into the path of the patrol vessel hoping for a collision. It’s obvious the captain’s intention. I wish one day Chinese look at both sides of an issue before getting all emotional. Even my 12 year-old daughter is less emotional than this…

    • Duffy McPuffy

      Yeah it is interesting. He then lay out in front of the ship and pretended he had been injured whilst a crowd gathered.

      It ended with him getting 200 kuai for his suffering and another 20 kuai to repair his ship and he walked off home.

      Hang on…

    • PING

      Mrs. Curious, I understand why you got yourself so curious and confused, because this is different from the midnight Cop video you watched after your 12 years old daughter goes to bed. This is not some out control pickup truck rammed with highway patrol. This is a political incident between two countries intertwined with territorial dispute. Who crush whose boat is not important at all; your video and photo analysis served no purpose. The territorial dispute is the focal point.

      Please don’t call the media you watched as International Media. They cannot represent the whole world so please stop using world International. Instead you can call them Rich-Country-Screw –Poor-Country-Media. Oh didn’t they work hard together with bankers screwed you all.

      If I were you I would not worry about Chinese media or emotional Chinese. You should worry about when is next recession going to come? How are going to pay off your debt and mortgage. Do you have the money for your daughter to go to college? Does your daughter have to find a job in Indian call centre in the future?

      Mrs. Curious, no need to thank me, but, hey, you welcome.

      • Curious

        You don’t consider Indian news, Arabian news, American news, Mexican news, Brazilian news, Russian news, or South African news to be “international”

        Listen, the Chinese media is controlled by one central office. What they say, gets published. What they don’t allow, doesn’t get published. I am not naive like you are to believe otherwise.

        I’ve seen the videos (the ones mysteriously and for some unknown reason censored in China) and they clearly show the fishing vessel intentionally swerving into the path of the ship with the intention of getting rammed. Cunning, to be sure.

        Whatever the case, the location of the incident was north of the disputed islands, not in the disputed waters, and in Japanese waters.

        • fas

          Where is the video?

          The only video I have seen is the one supposedly taken by Japan but they never released, but they still claimed that the fishing boat rammed the patrol boat.

  • anon

    The NHK newscasters are on average better looking than the CCTV anchors. I’d say the Japanese are going to win this one on that alone.

    • Chunghwa (af home)

      send them all to Korea

      inb4 someone doesn’t get the quite-obvious joke

  • Jim Jones

    The plot thickens

    • Chunghwa (af home)


      DUN DUN

  • dim mak

    Entire incident is now being downplayed by Beijing. Good for them. Asian friendship is much more important than a bunch of rocks in the middle of nowhere.

  • C&N

    how can a small little fishing boat ram some patrol boats unless they didn’t purposely put themselves in its path? and why would it ram them?

    bloody whale munchers! waving their big red virginity flag around and claiming they own the world (like they did with korea and china).

    • Hao Chi Ma

      Maybe look at the videos showing what happened like I did.

    • CAINE



    • fireworks

      well, Japanese research ship ran a greenpeace activist boat a couple of months ago. Green peace activist were trying to stop the whaling. I don’t think it stopped the Japanese at all but probably raise the profile of the whaling issue to new heights.

  • J Money

    “Obstruction” hahahahahahahaha Chinese people have no idea what obstruction is.

  • song of the article,

    In the Navy
    -The Village People

    fuck yall


  • Red Setter

    Comrades how can our superior Chinese race withstand such humiliation. Don’t you see it’s all part of a grand conspiracy against us? First, it’s that mad policeman monkey in Manila, now we have the the nips kidnapping our innocent fishermen.

    I say its time to unleash our elite forces of Shanghai Metro Screamers followed by a wave of deadly Xuzhou Kindergarten Teachers. The final solution for dealing with such running dogs will be achieved by a battalion of our most Rabid Female Football Fans from the North…

  • Justin

    This will all blow over and everyone knows it. Despite all the harsh words, money talks and bullshit walks, which is exactly what this is. The Diaoyu islands have been a point of contention since time immemorial, but there is no way in hell that China is going to sacrifice it’s long term economic interests to appease a bunch of pissed off netizens. This is especially true given the fact that no one has to worry about what voters think because there are no elections.

    It’s the same reason why there’s not going to be war on the Korean peninsula any time soon. China has strong trade relations with all these nations and war is bad for business. Since China is the “World’s Factory” what do you think would happen to the world’s economy if that factory were to shut down suddenly due to a war? It’s just like in the Godfather, nobody wants to go to the mattresses.

    • anon

      Bingo, this is a pretty lame issue. A fisherman? Honestly, no one really fucking cares. It’s just an excuse to spout bullshit and beat some chests, par for the course on the internet. Just look at this website’s most popular posts. Always the same formula and results from every single nationality and race out there. Who was the guy that suggested humanity should just off itself? That Captain Wednesday guy?

      • Another Anon

        “A fisherman? Honestly, no one really fucking cares.”

        My initial (and present) thoughts after reading only the headline. Border transgressions happen all over the world. Every bloody day. *Yawn* Shout out when you’ve got a real issue.

        Which reminds me…I’ve got to hit up some other message boards…those fucking Danish are trying to steal our Arctic Island again…probably…..

        • Breaking News!

          Multiple anonymous sources vocally declare on blog post their lack of interest in said blog post.

  • LJ

    I love how nobody can ever share some islands…you just gotta go to war over some sparsely populated or unpopulated islands, they just gotta be owned 100% by one country or another. Sharing is not an option..

    – Total islands area: 7 square kilometers (2.7 sq mi)
    – Population: 0

    . IMHO both countries are equally infantile.

    • John

      Maybe, but Japan is due another thrashing just for good measure anyway. Been too long since the last bomb there. I say dust off a nuke and burn some Japs.

  • Yawn, typical non-issue stirred up as “national humiliation”. China is not going to war with Japan over some alc. sea captain, or over some uninhabited islands. Oil might do it, but none worth exploiting has actually been found yet, and if it is China and Japan will probably cut a deal ala Iran-Iraq post-war without even fighting.

    • LB

      Youre missing the point. This is not about ‘one fisherman’ this is about how chinas government has to back up it’s tough talk against the japanese to save its own face from the chinese people. It cant look weak or maybe people will rebel against it?


    honestly though, what has China done for the island when it was under Chinese control?

    It was just a remote uninhabited island until the Japanese actually developed it and built light houses.

    China is like a little boy who make claims to all the toys in the toy box because he once played with them and called dibs on it, but he treats the toys like trash and never put it away.

    China’s claim to these islands date back to the middle ages, and its not even a claim as much as just naming it in some travel journal, while Japan has a legitimate treaty signed by the Qing government in 1895 that gave Japan the island of Taiwan and all the islands that belong to Taiwan.

    So many Chinese people get all angry when the Japs make a claim to some remote island, does it affect their lives at all?
    But when officials embezzle hundreds of millions of tax dollars, when the city is turned upside down due to official incompetence, when state companies make a total ass of themselves globally, when The Man is causing housing and food prices to climb uncontrollably, when the rules are bent for party cadres and everybody who’s anybody is leaving the country… where is their furious sense of justice then?

    • anon

      Uh, the Chinese get all angry about those things too. This website is a great showcase of that. Where have you been?

    • C&N

      so what you’re saying is that squatters should own a house if they simply live there? in this case it was one bloody lighthouse in the middle of nowhere built to claim it as an island. as for ‘legitimate treaty’ you’re speaking of the same treaty that later led to the assassination of the korean empress. that treaty was nullified later after in the surrender treaty of japan after world war2. if you think such a thing is legitimate it’s the equivalent of a (unrepentant and unprosecuted) nazi germany claiming poland its own after world war2.

      your last points are absolute rubbish. corruption in china has nothing to do with sovereign rights over territory and practically, control over those seas are vital to national security.

      as for china’s progress, any half wit with any basic grasp of economics and current events would know that china is underpinning global growth. its track record for wealth creation has been astounding over the last 20yrs. sure there’s corruption changes take time. nobody’s happy about corruption but at least ordinary people’s lives are getting better and better.

      • John Rabe

        C&N, please explain why you think that China has a legitimate claim to those islands. You seem so very sure of this but I have not seen a truly convincing argument about this from anyone so I am intrigued to hear yours. Fact is, the islands in question were never occupied by Chinese but merely mentioned in certain reports and on and off *assumed* to be under Chinese sovereignty somehow. Is there more than that?
        Germany hypothetically laying claim to Poland (I assume you mean Silesia?) is not at all the same. From the end of WW2, the Diaoyu/Senkaku islands were under American administration and handed (back) to Japan in 1972. There is no parallel to this in German history. If the islands had been handed to China after WW2 and later Japan had yet again laid claim to them, then you might have a parallel to your hypothetical European scenario. But that is not what happened.
        By the way, post-war Germany has submitted to international arbitration in territorial disputes. E.g., there was a dispute with Denmark about where the maritime border between the two countries lies. The case was settled in an international court. Both Copenhagen and Bonn were prepared to accept whatever the court decided. I would like to see this level of maturity between China and Japan.

        • neville

          Maybe the analogy he wanted to imply was the Munich agreement? I know it had nothing to do with Poland, but I believe it was nullified at some point, too. In any case, it is at least a working analogy to some point. Just that the demarcation of the German/Czech border had been very clear both before 1938 and after 1945.

        • C&N

          Those islands had always been administered under Taiwan and had been used by Chinese fishermen since the 15th century. It wasn’t until the illegal occupation and the signing of the Treaty of Shimonoseki (1895) that Taiwan and that region was ceded to the Japanese. That treaty among others were deemed illegal and annulled after World War2 (all treaties between Japan and China before 1941 were made void) under the terms of the Japanese surrender.

          This is the same reason why Taiwan lays claim to the same region. The US never had legitimate claim to the region and when they tried bundling the region in the 1970s as part of the hand back of Okinawa it was protested by both the Chinese and Taiwan sides who claimed sovereignty

          • Breaking News!

            Individual bearing fictitious historical name begs opposing arguments readily available from link included in blog post. Individual identified with ampersand obliges.

          • John Rabe

            C&N: I think this case is nowhere near as crystal clear as you or even the Japanese side assume. From what I can find on Wikipedia and other sources, the islands were indeed “administered” from Taiwan for some centuries. But from what it sounds, this “administering” consisted of noting the existence of the islands and stating that they somehow are under Taiwanese/Chinese control. In other words, this “control” seems to have mostly consisted of a piece of paper. There was no physical presence on the territory in dispute or a permanent use established or any attempt to defend against use by someone else. You say that Chinese fished there for centuries. We can probably find evidence that fishermen from Okinawa at the very least also were fishing there for centuries. As the whole concept of nation states and international law did not exist at the time, nobody cared, one way or the other.
            The Chinese certainly didn’t seem to care until it was discovered that the area held gas reserves. Their attitude prior to this seems to have been indifference.
            The Japanese do not base their claim to the area on the treaty of Shimonoseki. Look it up yourself, Wikipedia for example. Their claim is based on de-facto control of the islands since 1895, prior to and independent of that treaty. Their view is that noone effectively used or controlled those islands before then. They were no-one’s land in other words.
            I do not know how an international court would look at this but to me it seems far from clear that either side has a totally convincing argument. I wish both sides would admit this and submit to international arbitration.

      • yaozaa

        China Stay out of Japan’s Internal Affairs

        • Chunghwa

          cool story bro


          • Samuel

            Moronic Japanese cursing my equally Idiotic Chinese brethren. Sighs~~

        • LB

          Japan shouldn’t drag China INTO it’s internal affairs. Japans star is falling, chinas is rising. FACT. Japanese people should by little Chinese flags to wave in joy when Chinese aircraft carrier docks in Tokyo.

          • CAINE

            CHINESE ARE FALLING…………:D

  • DB Cooper

    Too many people = not enough food sources = straying into other countries territory = not so good results.

    Better to stop making so many babies.

  • Nips Are Great

    There are of course a lot of predictable rants from the brainwashed masses. And of course these can attract the attention because of the ignorance and offensiveness.

    But thankfully there are some thoughtful Chinese who make comments like this:

    “Everyone know this: In the short term, forget about the fishing crew being arrested, even if the fishing boat were attacked and sunk, China and Japan will not go to war, who would dare to! If there is war, think of all the property developers that would rebel/be up in arms! All the people living in luxury residences howling in protest! Ordinary common people, don’t get excited, you guys are all just like me, at most just letting out the things we want to say, and what more, you can’t say anything too extreme, otherwise just as the [fishing] boat captain enters Japan’s detention center/jail, you may be entering China’s detention center/jail.”


    “Chinese people are great. Looking back on history, Chinese people have killed many more Chinese people than Japanese people have. At the time, there were also more puppet soldiers [of the puppet government] than Japanese soldiers. Chinese people, yosh! Hahahaha…”

  • Nips Are Great

    Check out the picture of Yang Jie Chi. I can almost hear him hooting like the monkey he is.

  • Octavian

    High time Japan gets back in the game. Personally I would like to see a repeat of Nanking. The Chinese are far too arrogant for their own good – a nice culling of the Chinaman is in order.

    • Nips Are Great

      Fix bayonets and forget about the ‘domes.

    • HaamSapTjai

      “Personally I would like to see a repeat of Nanking.”
      Dude… that’s messed up.

      • Harry

        People like octavian are reasons why I rarely even post or comment on web forums or message boards like this anymore.
        And I’m not talking about the pro-Japan side of this argument either….the pro-China side are equally to blame for the trolling, flaming and down-right uncalled for remarks

        I used to be more pro-China back in the day. I’m still supportive of China (to a degree) nowadays, but sometimes I run into too many Chinese posters who keep insisting that their ways are the best and I was even insulted by some of them for my more moderate postings.

      • Shan Yong

        Fcked up world yeah? Wonderin y world’s ending in 2012. Heres y^. =D

  • tod

    motherfucking chinese dogs..are always going into other peoples territory..I say kill all the chinese dogs..wipe them out from the face of this earth…than there will be less pollution and filth..I say japan should re-enact the nanking massacre and be-head chinese animals

    • anne

      As long as your prepared for another Hiroshima/Nagasaki. War with China will be a nuclear affair.

    • Blame Japan NOT Canada

      Looks like G W Bush has made another contribution to the human race.

    • omg

      you are a fucking bloody racist. i m so sure u will get it at last.u deserve this. fuck u!

      • CAINE

        fuck ur self OMG, or we gonna come and fuck ur whole race

    • CAINE

      Bro, I couldn’t agree with you more

  • TheTravellingMan

    The chinese drive their boats like they drive their cars and bikes: without looking….

    • Thunderkat211

      Wow, this must be one of the first articles that didnt say “Its all America’s fault.”

  • snater

    is there a website that translates our comments for Chinese netizens?

    • KeninChina

      That … is an amazing idea!

  • Blame Japan NOT Canada

    Fuck the Japs. It’s not a real country anyway :)

    • Alikese

      Fuck Canada. Syrup slurping, peameal bacon eating, igloo living, moose fuckers.


        FUCK YOU Canada is The Greatest Nation on Earth by Far our tolerance for others is unbreakable we look at everyone the same even ignorant fucks like you it is ok! YOU ARE MY BROTHA!

        • Chunghwa


          pick one.

          • poor little chinese shrimps, always getting picked on by those mean Japanese and yanks, and Canucks, poor poor little shrimps…

      • Blame Japan NOT Canada

        Actually I like the syrup and the bacon. It is very delicious.

  • jasonturtle

    its nbd really… why are chinese netizens so extreme

    • Harry

      Korean, Russian, Turkish and Armenian netizens are arguably worse and more obnoxious than Chinese or Japanese ones.

  • Ted

    Been here 2 years now, and this has become crystal clear: The Chinese have a victim mentality. Everybody always picks on poor China! The Chinese are always mad at some nation for their offensive behavior! Let’s see…. America, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, India, Russia, France etc.

    Is there anybody the Chinese can get along with?

    • Another Anon

      It’s China vs. The World dude! That’s their national narrative.

      • LB

        I lived in Japan for 9 years, and they have the BIGGEST victim mentality going (it was a lovely summers day when without warning, the people of Hiroshima became the worlds first victims of nuclear war, blah, blah, blah, now the people of the world agree this must never happen again).
        Conviniently forgetting all Japanese wartime atrocities, forgetting the entire second world war in fact!

    • Chef Rocco

      Ted, If reading ChinaSmack for two years makes you to come to a conclusion on Chinese’s psych, maybe also I can venture to question your reasoning capacity solely based on above comment.

      • Ted

        Dear Chef Rocco,
        Fuck you, too!

        • Chef Rocco

          Hmm, you look like raw and fresh lobster, if eaten alive with plenty of mustard, must be very delicious sashimi…

  • Zebadee

    Information regarding this incident is being updated all the time. As I understand it, the Chinese captain is not officially ‘under arrest,’ but is being ‘detained’ pending possible charges which, under Japanese law, could take a while. In so doing, this is only going to further the spat between the two countries.

    It has since become apparent that this incident never actually occurred at the disputed islands, but instead, just off the Japanese controlled and administered island of Kuba (north of the Senkaku Islands.)

    If this is true, then the Japanese coastguard has a right to stop, board, and inspect any vessel that ignores warnings to leave the area. So why did the Chinese fishing boat captain refuse to comply? If this were not a fishing boat, but a vessel that may (or could) be used for the transportation of drugs from China (or other countries) to Japan, then the Japanese coastguard acted appropriately.

    Could the fishing boat have been poaching, rather than making some nationalistic-driven desire to claim sovereignty over disputed territories/islands? After all, it wouldn’t be the first time a Chinese fishing boat was caught poaching in an area belonging to another country. In recent years, Chinese commercial fishing operations have risked venturing into territories they know are under dispute; inevitable perhaps now that it has a resource hungry economy to feed. And when backed by a powerful naval force (if only as a show of force,) China is daring to take greater risks. But these incidents are not necessarily nationalistic in intent.

    However, is China is setting something of a new precedent in these matters? Should we take it as a sign that China is getting bolder in its attempts to establish more of a ‘presence’ in disputed areas, even if its one necessarily driven by any expansionist desire?

    And lets not forget, these ‘disputed areas’ were not worth fighting over when China was developing. Things have changed now, of course.

    In spite of the accusations from the Chinese side that the Japanese are applying their own domestic laws to resolve this case, Japan is merely responding, legally, to an incursion into its territorial waters by a vessel that failed to identify itself.

    Such incidents are becoming all too common. It was only last month that a Chinese survey ship entered Japan’s territorial waters without permission. And earlier this year (April?), a Chinese military helicopter did the same.

    • Zebadee

      Correction: “even if its not necessarily driven by any expansionist desire?”

    • LB

      You make some really sensible and sound conclusions. But I would cation you from being a little too critical of Chinas actions. As a long term resident of Japan, allow me to offer the following perspective.
      The Japanese government elected last year has been highly criticised for ‘fawning’ to China by the media, people, and the center right. The Japanese also have a superiority complex about being asia’s most advanced nation, and see China as backwards and corrupt- a second world nation. Chinas rapid economic rise (at the same time that Japan is unable to extricate itself from 20 years of economic retraction) is making the Japanese chattering classes very insecure- they are really afraid that Japans baad behaviour re: china will be repaid ten fold upon them if China is strong. These fears are magnified when their ally, the USA, does ‘japan passing’ and Obama or Clinton spend more time visiting China than Japan. Japanese politicians had, until the last election, relied on the fact that they were friends with ‘the biggest bully in the yard’ (america) in order to make lots of quite viscious verbal attacks against China in the Japanese media. Now japanese people are having the added anxiety of realising that america (probably) wouldn’t support them if they provoke the Chinese into action.
      Japans national anxieties about China are being played out in a way that makes China act like it is the ‘big bad wolf waiting for a chance’, that Japanese politicians always pretended it was. Its Constuctivist Theory in International Relations in practice. Glenn Hook should write a book about it.

  • Zhihao

    This is all about politic. We did the same thing to Vietnamese boatmen and now Japanese does this to us. Just the big country tries to take control of territory, nothing new here.

  • Alikese

    I thought originally that this was about the Spratly Islands, now that I can see that it’s the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands I really don’t care about the whole story.

  • john digmeme

    I like this idea, like an Asian ‘St. Maarten/St. Martin’ but..

    I guess each govt. feels the country should own 100% for territorial sovereignty, mineral, economic and fishing rights in the area. China needs an avenue for its ships and submarines to the north pacific; Japan wants to block this avenue and at the same time maintain their whaling/dolphining/fishing territory.

  • Type Two

    Look at the size of that massive and immaculate Japanese patrol boat compared to the small dilapidated Chinese patrol/fishing boat. How can the third world compete with the developed one?

    • Another Anon

      How can the third world compete with the developed one?

      I thought China was a developed country????

      • Type Two

        Only on the surface.

        • fireworks

          ROFL, China is growing economically and politically everyday, tool.

          The juggernaut is coming. The USA will have to make room at the table for the big man of Asia.

          At the same time, India and Brazil will become more economically powerful in the next couple of decades as well. While Russia recedes in the sunset with its pissed up population on vodka and other hard liquor.

    • Harry

      The fishing boat is a civilian vessal of course. Also, most fishing trawlers are pretty small compared to naval vessals.

      Japan may be a developed country in comparison to China, but China’s military is nothing to laugh at. Do not forget that China’s military has gone through large scale modernization since 2000.

      In terms of economy, the Chinese economy has been growing at double-digit percentages. Japan on the otherhand is still feeling some effects from their mid-1990s recession.

    • Blame Japan NOT Canada

      We have the nukes and they haven’t.

      • Type Two

        But without the inclination or the resolve to use them what good are they?

      • Zhang Fei

        We have the nukes and they haven’t.

        Actually, they do, in an indirect way, courtesy of the US nuclear umbrella. This is why despite having deployed no nukes, Japan hasn’t succumbed to Chinese nuclear blackmail. As an American who thinks Asian boys should fight their own wars, I hope that nuclear umbrella is withdrawn soon, with a transition period so that all of China’s neighbors can develop their own nuclear armories to keep China’s ever acquisitive armies at bay.

        • Type Two

          An umbrella that is as much to contain Japan as it is to protect it.

          • Zhang Fei

            An umbrella that is as much to contain Japan as it is to protect it.

            Not really. The Japanese of today are not the Japanese before and during WWII, just as the subjects of the Qin kingdom at the collapse of the Qin dynasty were the not the war-like and hardy people who won Qin Shihuangdi the Northeast Asian empire we call China today, and the Italians at the end of the Western Roman Empire were not the Italians who won most of Western Europe, North Africa and the Middle East for the Empire. Without American protection, Japan would have become a province of either China or Russia. For cultural (and demographic) reasons, Japan – like Germany – is probably done as an aggressive, and perhaps even defensive – military power for the next hundred years.

            Cultural changes are the reason why the following passages (from CH Brewitt Taylor’s translation of the Three Kingdoms novel) beginning with

            “Empires wax and wane;
            states cleave asunder and coalesce.”

            and ending with

            “All down the ages rings the note of change,
            For fate so rules it; none escapes its sway.
            The three kingdoms have vanished as a dream,
            The useless misery is ours to grieve. ”

            are so apt.

          • Type Two

            Without the American umbrella and with the instability of the region (n. Korea) Japan would most definitely have a far more superior and technologically advanced military than that of China’s.

      • Harry

        Nuclear missiles are pretty damn useless once you think about it.
        Look back into the Cold War when the US and the Soviets stockpiled nukes and ICBMs. They got to the point where they became too afraid to even test them on their own soil or in the middle of uninhabited ocean. Nuclear weapons are only good for scaring people. You use them, the other guy uses them against you.

        If the Chinese decided to nuke Japan, I certainly can’t see the the US or even China’s ally, Russia going along with that. Using nuclear weapons has way too much political costs, because of fears of apocalyptic exchange. That’s why they’re some the most unweildy weapons in history.

        • Zhang Fei

          Nuclear missiles are pretty damn useless once you think about it.
          Look back into the Cold War when the US and the Soviets stockpiled nukes and ICBMs. They got to the point where they became too afraid to even test them on their own soil or in the middle of uninhabited ocean. Nuclear weapons are only good for scaring people. You use them, the other guy uses them against you.

          If the Chinese decided to nuke Japan, I certainly can’t see the the US or even China’s ally, Russia going along with that. Using nuclear weapons has way too much political costs, because of fears of apocalyptic exchange. That’s why they’re some the most unweildy weapons in history.

          They’re not useless if you have nukes and your adversary doesn’t. And you’ll find out very quickly that they’re useful after you disarm, and your adversary threatens you with nuclear destruction unless you do exactly as they say. It’s only a Mexican standoff if both sides are armed. This is why countries in the Far East will have to acquire nukes if the US nuclear umbrella is withdrawn.

        • Zhang Fei

          Besides, if they’re useless, why does China have nukes? The old explanation – before they started expanding their nuclear force – was that they’re trying to deter an American or Russian first strike. Now that they’re flush with cash, they’re gradually expanding the nuclear force, with hundreds of warheads and associated delivery vehicles, perhaps so much so that they have a first strike capability against a nuclear neighbor with a small number of warheads.

          The subtext of China’s nuclear capability emerges every time China brings up a territorial dispute with a neighbor, which is why India is feverishly upgrading its nuclear force to cover every major Chinese city all the way to Harbin. The combination of Chinese nukes and Chinese territorial ambitions (i.e. China’s 2000-year history of expanding its territory in times of military strength) are why those of China’s neighbors that are non-nuclear (and non-comatose) tend to participate in American-led war games at every opportunity. It is the one tangible expression of the American commitment to a nuclear umbrella for the region. Even though Japan, South Korea and the Philippines are covered by mutual self defense treaties, it’s clear – from the Pinoy experience with the Chinese occupation of Mischief Reef – that even a formal treaty doesn’t cover all territorial disputes.

          Nukes are expensive to deploy and maintain. So why are they deployed at all? Because absent a nuclear umbrella like that provided by the US, a conventional military without nukes is useless against an adversary that has nukes, and merely serves to augment the post-victory equipment inventory of the military that has nukes.

          • Harry

            I said the nukes are mostly a power display. China’s nuclear weapons are not that useful when the US has more nuclear weapons and they are more advanced than China.

            You are right though, a country with less or no nuclear weapons will be at a disadvantage, but a country with nuclear weapons cannot use them without massive reprisal from other nations. I believe that is why Barry Goldwater’s campaign in 1964 took a huge loss against Lyndon B. Johnson because of this supposed willingness to use lower-yield nukes in Vietnam to clear out jungle. People thought he was too willing to use nuclear weapons.

            Nuclear weapons were certainly useful to the US in the case of World War II. Whoever could develop a nuke, whether it be the US, UK, USSR, Germans or Japanese would of had a huge advantage. But as the Cold War started and both the US and the Soviets stockpiled nuclear weapons, they became unweildy thanks to the M.A.D. theory.
            That is what I was saying

    • LB

      For the last 10 years China has aggressively developed its military to levels in excess of the USA. Stealth warships from the russians, and aircraft carriers. Take a look at India. Most people live in absolute poverty, but they have nuclear weapoms. They can even put a man in space. China is the same. Loius Vuitton handbags won’t save the Japanese population from Chinese SU-27’s, no matter how poor the average Chinese is.

      • CAINE

        LB get ur thinking straight,

        Chinese are cowards they will never go to WAR……they know they have military power but not courage, they are LIKE dogs who love to bark but never bite……

  • This one for Indonesia,
    This arresting issue similarly happen with Indonesia. Their Maritime officers arrested by Malaysian Police in Indonesia territory. I hate countries like Malaysia and Japan!!

  • Harry

    This page is starting to remind me of FreeRepublic and Democraticunderground…most the comments in here are based off of petty nationalism, both the pro-Chinese and pro-Japanese sides have a bloated entitlement mentality in which they believe their respective countries are justified in whatever they do, right or wrong.

  • abominus

    Japan are Americas puppets…America dropped two atomic bombs on japan in the second world war and and they still kiss Americas ass today! What a bunch of loosers
    The only reason japan is being smart is cause they know if anything happens America will come to there rescue!

    • Nips Are Great

      America won the war in the Pacific and the Chinese have yet to express any gratitude to Uncle Sam. In fact CCP history doesn’t even cover it.

      And my older Chinese buddies who watch the military melo-dramas laugh at how the CCP has re-written all the history.

      And the Japanese are hardly puppets.

      And one thing the Japan and its military know from experience is that the Chinese people are nothing but a bunch of fucking cowards.

      • @@

        i will only dignify your intelligence of a 12 year old comment with the following:

        ever heard of the AVG you shit kicker moron.

        • Nips Are Great

          So what are you saying?

          That the American mercenary flyboys out of Chong Qing were instrumental in winning the war?

          That you are happy to provide me the dignity any 12 year old deserves but then call me a name?

          That you are hung-over and a little grumpy and not thinking too clearly?

          That you are an unhappy person?

          • anon

            The AVG was a pet project of China’s Nationalists led by Chiang Kai-Shek, not the Communists. Is it any surprise that they may not be covered by CCP history? Even so, there are monuments in both Taiwan and mainland China dedicated to recognizing and expressing gratitude for their contributions in defending China during the Japanese invasion. Despite them taking down 115 to 297 enemy bogeys being paid 3x more as mercenaries than they would be in the actual American military, I’d hardly say they were “instrumental” in “winning the war”. What they did do that is not up for argument is that they provided a ton of morale for the Nationalist army defending China, something that the KMT and many Chinese have expressed ample gratitude for. I think there is sufficient historical evidence of the Chinese being much more than “a bunch of fucking cowards”.

            If you’re going to talk shit, expect others to talk shit back to you. Don’t be a baby.

        • Nips Are Great

          I’m sure @@ enjoyed your history lesson on the AVG. I suppose wikipedia is convenient.

          The Chinese Commies running away to Yen ‘An is more than ample evidence of them being a bunch of fucking cowards. You’re welcome to believe otherwise.

          • Breaking News!

            Wikipedia deemed convenient for history lesson by individual given a history lesson.

          • Peter

            When you are all but completely wiped out (as the CCP was) don’t you run to fight another day? Doesn’t that make sense?

          • Chunghwa

            @Peter: makes sense to me. They won the Civil War after all. “Nips Are Great” is just trying to play the expert on everything.

      • Bob

        I can hardly call it cowardly when you resist for 8 years waging a war against a modern and mechanized army with a navy and air force with an army of peasants still using crossbows and broadswords, zero industrial capacity, and 2 opposing armies and countless warlords waging civil wars.

        When the Americans entered the war in 1941, the Chinese armies have already made it impossible for the Japanese to advance further.

    • sean


      During gold rush in 1849 Americans took lot of slaves from africa and red indians to do manual work, They also took girls from china to work as prostitutes and that’s how your chinese community grew in USA and you fucking chinese jerks don’t even mind eating a persons shit if you can get money and chinese girls will sleep with anything or anyone that can give money. Fuck you assholes

      • Chunghwa


        poor effort, try a bit harder

    • Zhang Fei

      Japan are Americas puppets…America dropped two atomic bombs on japan in the second world war and and they still kiss Americas ass today! What a bunch of loosers
      The only reason japan is being smart is cause they know if anything happens America will come to there rescue!

      The Japanese are probably somewhat grateful that Uncle Sam disarmed them, then stayed around to prevent them from being annexed by the Chinese or the Soviets. The Chinese, in particular, would probably have killed them to the last man, woman and child. Compare Uncle Sam’s treatment of post-surrender Japan to the mass killings carried out by the Japanese after the territories conquered by the Imperial Japanese Army had surrendered, and it is clear that Japan has much to be grateful for. Note that 38% of American troops who surrendered to the Japanese died* in captivity, whereas surrendered Japanese were treated well by their American hosts. In contrast, American POW’s in Nazi captivity had a 1% death rate. The lucky GI’s in Japanese captivity died from deliberate starvation or torture – the unlucky ones were vivisected or experimented upon using chemical or biological weapons.

      * This death rate is exceeded only by the death rate of GI’s in Chinese captivity – 2/3 of all GI’s held by the Chinese during the Korean War died in captivity.

      • Harry

        I think it might have something to do with similarities.
        German and American soldiers were both white (very little blacks fought on the front lines in WWII). The Americans and the Germans share some similiar European cultural values. There were even American GIs of German heritage, with German-sounding last names fighting in WWII.

        There are less in common between the Japanese and the Americans. The Japanese saw themselves as part of a proud Yamato race, and that the whites (particularly the Americans and the British) were foreign devils that needed to be purged from Asia and the Pacific

        • Zhang Fei

          I think it might have something to do with similarities.
          German and American soldiers were both white (very little blacks fought on the front lines in WWII). The Americans and the Germans share some similiar European cultural values. There were even American GIs of German heritage, with German-sounding last names fighting in WWII.

          Not really. The Germans summarily executed many of their European POW’s for being Slavic, Jewish, gypsy, etc, not to mention worked and gassed over ten million civilians to death. Very few non-whites among those civilians. Black American POW’s were also treated well. The reason? I suspect the Germans recognized that they were unlikely to be able to conquer North America, and POW killings would have made any future peace talks difficult, to say the least.

          The Japanese had a similar culture to most of their conquered subjects in East Asia. Didn’t stop them from massacring millions, in a combination of actions ordered from up high, as well as tens of thousands of individual actions that were carried out by small groups and left unpunished.

          And despite the dissimilarity in cultures, Japanese POW’s in American custody were treated well.

    • CAINE

      America will not come to rescue they will come to kick SHRIMPS asses,

  • Bert

    I wonder what would happen if the Chinese fishing boat hit a Taiwan coast guard vessel inside the waters of Taiwans territorial claim? Would the Taiwanese just let him go? I doubt it. He would be detained there too.
    The Japanese Coast Guard had the right to stop the ship. The fisherman just reacted with the knowledge that he will not get in any trouble back in China. In fact he knew he would get full support from a government that acts the same way as he did.

  • Bando

    I’m not quite sure why they gave the detained individual a blue towel to cover his head? Admission of guilt? I suppose if someone came charging into me because of what my grandfather might had done years ago, i’d lock them up too.

    But there isn’t much info on chinasmack to conclude upon.

    • John Rabe

      I believe this is a way of protecting the person’s dignity. It is presumed that detainees in general do not want their faces exposed to the media, and do not want be displayed in hand-cuffs. It is an attempt to save them embarrassment.

  • 黑人

    You most accept they are the BEST
    small but very intelligent

    J A P A N — I LOVE YOU

    • xav

      Coulnd’t agree more kokujin

  • Peter

    I have spoken to all kinds of people in China from sweet old ladies to young children and it never ceases to amaze me how deep and pervasive the hatred of Japan is in China. There is lots of “racism” in China, but generally Chinese people can be very welcoming and hospitable… except when it comes to talking about “little” Japanese; and this hatred is totally accepted as the right, appropriate attitude! I guess this is old news for everyone here. Wish it could change though.

    • Harry

      That seems to be a problem with East Asian people. In Asian, the Chinese and Japanese can’t seem to put aside their differences and their past, and there is deep seeded hatred among them. Even though I know many people in China who love Japanese anime, and I’ve noticed that many Japanese people take a huge interest in some of China’s history. (eg: The Three Kingdoms).
      In Western Europe, you rarely hear people curse each other out over WWII history between the British, Germans, French and the Dutch.

      In the US, it doesn’t work entirely that way, the Chinese students always seem to get along with the Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese kids. The Chinese here are really huge fans of Japanese anime and Japanese music and Korean dramas. And they probably get along because they share much more similarties to each other morso than the whites and blacks (In the US, Asians usually try to click together regardless of specific ethnicity) …but when it comes down to politics or WWII history, it gets pretty damn ugly between them.

      • Zhang Fei

        In Asian, the Chinese and Japanese can’t seem to put aside their differences and their past, and there is deep seeded hatred among them.

        There is no deep-seated hatred “between” them. It’s a one-way street. The Chinese hate the Japanese. The Japanese don’t hate the Chinese. There is a perception of increased threat from China, due to the increasing frequency of Chinese naval incursions into Japanese territorial waters, and well as news about China’s massive military build-up, but that’s not the same thing as hatred. A lot of Chinese hatred – of Japan and the West – is fueled by propaganda taught in Chinese schools masquerading as objective history. The Germans wiped out half of the world’s Jews in WWII via death camps and massacres, and Jews don’t hate the Germans a tenth as much as the Chinese hate the Japanese, or anywhere as much as the Chinese hate the West. It may be an ego thing – perhaps any country that that has defeated China in battle on its own soil and remains un-subjugated by Chinese troops must be hated by Chinese historians (and by extension, the schoolchildren who are tasked with reading their works) until the end of eternity.

        • Chunghwa

          well, how do you explain the Korean-bashing then? obviously warfare was not involved. I personally believe that in East Asia, we tend to let our nationalism run uncontrolled, and we are probably not as mature as our counterparts in Europe (frankly), which is why there are so many love-hate circlejerks between the CJK. Warfare may be one of the factors which may affect nationalism, but it isn’t the sole reason.

          • John Rabe

            Chungwa, I think you know very well that the Koreans have the exact same hang-ups about the Japanese as the Chinese do. I am so tired of meeting Koreans who, upon learning that I live in Japan, immediately start lecturing me on the evil Japanese. It is truly ludicrous. I live in Japan. I know the Japanese. So don’t lecture me on them. And they are just human beings like everyone else. Capable of the same good and evil as everyone else. This tendency among Koreand and Chinese to dehumanize the Japanese is really worrying because in future it may become the foundation of renewed conflict in East Asia.
            Any “Korean-bashing” that may be going on in Japan is insignificant compared to the wholesale hatred for Japan that you encounter in Korea. My impression is that there is a lot of interest in Korean pop culture here and a grudging respect for the Koreans’ recent economic and business success.

          • Harry

            The Japan and China-bashing from some Korean netizens is sometimes just plain ludicrous and Chunghwa is right. I rarely hear of anti-German protests in France or the Netherlands or German posters talk about how Slavs and Frenchmen are inferior.

            And John Rabe, the Koreans have quite a bit to thank Japan for on it’s recent business success. Weren’t alot of Korean businesses helped by the Japanese. And the idea of the chaebol? Wasn’t that influenced by the Japanese Keiretsu?

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  • Harry

    It would be much harder for Japan to invade mainland Asia, even after re-militarization for these reasons:
    1. Japan would have to rebuild it’s navy
    2. China and both North and South Korea have fully capable armies to counter a hypothetical Japanese invading force. This ain’t the 19th or early 20th century anymore where Japan had the advantage of having large metal battleships, troops armed with western rifles and armored vehicles and China and Korea didn’t have all of that.
    Right now, China and South Korea have modern weaponry and substantial navies.
    3. Even in a country as backwards as North Korea, there will be heavy resistance. If the US had a hard time with the DPRK, imagine the Japanese trying to fight them, and it will be even harder once NK gets China’s support
    4. The political and economic costs for Japan would be immense, since the United States and many European countries are heavily involve in commerce with the Chinese. The Chinese are now a larger trading partner to the US than the Japanese are. And the Chinese most of our foreign debt compared to other foreign countries. The US will not help Japan with this.

    • CAINE

      HARRT THE IDIOT has spoken its mind,

      Trust me America is there and will be there to help Japan, just wait and watch what HAPPEns to China……..

  • Cleo

    Don’t spend any money on Japanese tourism. Their shopkeepers are fraudulently overcharging your credit cards anyway. Other foreigners who are not forced to use the special cards know to use cards to bypass the dishonest store clerks. Don’t buy anything that will profit Japan or Germany (including Switzerland and Austria.) I’m definitely going to adhere to this happy rule for eternity. Don’t enrich them. Let them die stupid and uncomprehending of true Chinese culture. They have autism. All of them.

    • dim mak

      This is just embarrassing, I hope you’re not actually Chinese

    • John Rabe

      Cleo, I believe you live in a parallel universe. In 12 years of living in Japan, I have found the Japanese to be some of the most honest and trustworthy people in the world. Stories among foreigners who had their lost wallets and belongings returned untouched under the most unlikely circumstances are legion. Happened to myself on three occasions.
      I have never seen a shopkeeper overcharge me in Japan. It is possible that it happens but it is not typical.
      By the way, what in the world do the Germans have to do with any of this?

    • Larry

      That’s a good idea, just buy chinese stuff, but you better save your money because you are going to have to buy it over and over, because the poor little chinese can’t seem to make a product that last more then a week. Poor, poor little chinese shrimps, so abused… Get a life you loosers….


  • Cleo

    They’re going to drug him and gangrape him until we force them to set him free. The Japanese do that, after all.

    • MSfisherwife

      Well, my fisher husband will be back some day.

    • Kguy

      This reminds me last year, when illegally fishing Chinese ship crew, illegally fishing off of the South Korean coast, murdered an unarmed South Korean coast guard with a shovel rammed into the guy’s head. The South Korean coast guard was trying to board the Chinese ship after a high speed chase. Each day, there are over 500 Chinese illegal fishing boats fishing off of the Korean coast, taking advantage of the divide between North and South Korea. The Chinese think all of Yellow Sea, and all of the sea around Korea, Japan, Asia are all Chinese territories. They do not respect other countries. Now can you imagine if South Korean fishing boats illegally fishing off of China, murders a Chinese coast guard? What would be the reaction in China? I can just imagine…

    • CAINE

      did Japanese gangpared u????? ha ha ha coz u seems u know lot about them

  • Zhang Fei

    From the Seattle Times:

    The collision occurred during a seasonal surge of Chinese fishing around the islands, where Japanese coast-guard officials say they see 270 Chinese fishing boats a day. The Chinese ship ignored warnings to leave the area and refused to stop for an inspection, the officials said.

    Japanese officials say Zhan could be released soon if he confesses to obstructing public officials performing their duties and pays a fine. If not, he likely will have to stand trial.

    270 Chinese boats a day in Japanese waters. If the Japanese don’t start arresting these folks and confiscating their boats, these are going to become Chinese waters real soon. It wouldn’t surprise me if some faction of the Chinese government recruited these fishermen to stage incursions into Japanese waters to provide a pretext for a Chinese invasion of the Senkakus after the fishermen are inevitably detained. Depending on the Japanese reaction, it might be little more than a large scale re-enactment of what happened with Mischief Reef and the Philippines.

    • Kguy

      The Japanese are lucky. The infestation of Chinese fish thieving boats are much worse in Korean waters than Japan’s. The fishing in Korean waters are stripped clean of life by Chinese drag nets. Korea has been suffering like this for over twenty years, and it gets worse. And recently Chinese government declared the entire Yellow Sea as China’s back yard.

      • Koreansentry

        Korean marine petrol should beef up their surveillance and arrest these illegal fishing boats.

    • x

      that and this:
      checkout the maps and what do you see? I wonder what the regular Chinese guy thinks.. or if he has even seen these maps from his own country’s web site?

  • Spanky

    Just what the US needs. Now the US is going to have to get involved again in another war to prevent China’s ass from getting kicked like in WWII. As an American in China, what thank you do I get? A four year old screaming at me “Kill all foreigners.” I’m not kidding.

    • Chunghwa

      >China’s ass getting kicked
      >Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution

      doesn’t fit together to me :(

    • Type Two

      I suppose that’s better than a 40 year old screaming it.

  • manusan

    Without arabian golf oil controled by US administration, China economic activities stop in less than 7 days.

    no need to argue more.

  • Concerned Citizen

    There are many other similar incidences involving Japanese Multi-National Corporations operating in China where their Chinese employees are suppressed and tortured right in front of our own eyes!

    One such company is Mizuno Corporation of Japan which has a factory (上海美津浓工厂 located in 上海青浦) and a sales & marketing office (中国美津浓体育用品有限公司 located in 上海南京西路恒隆大厦).

    Let us all be united and stand firm in support of our Chinese people who are struggling against Japanese suppression and torture.

    Let us all Boycott Japanese Products! Let us all Boycott Mizuno.
    联合抵制日本货! 联合抵制日本美津浓产品!

    Let us teach the Japanese operating businesses in China that “We Are Their Masters”.

    • dim mak

      Or just crack down on workplace abuse

      But, you know, warmongering is also good

    • what the fuck,

      I went down to the factory, and there was one one protesting,

      干吗!! comrade concerned citizen?


      no 50c 4 U!

      • Concerned Citizen

        Let us be reminded of the Nanjing Massacre and the denial of any involvement by Japan.

        You are right to say Japanese are liars (骗子). Japan maintained its innocence over Nanjing Massacre by distorting those real hard facts of history.

        Employees working for Mizuno in China (中国美津浓) are too timid to fight back against abuses by their powerful Japanese employer.

        Let us all STAND TALL and be REAL CHINESE. There is NO PLACE FOR JAPANESE TRAITORS (汉奸) among us in China.

        • no, am calling you a 骗子 and myself.

          If I really did go to that factory, am very confident that nobody would be there.

          I know the Japanese hurt the “national” feelings of the 人民 along time ago. But not all Japanese have denied the massacre. More than a few prime ministers, scholars, veterans and tourists have apologized.

          Am sure, the 工人 at Mizuno had a pay increase, when Mother Wen, told them too, after the Foxxcon incidents.

          You are standing tall, 2nd place in the global economy,

          and there is no place on 地球(earth) for 爱国人(nationalists)


        • Concerned Citizen

          Thank you to all my dear fellow countrymen and to those who have taken heed of my call for Boycott of Japanese Products and Boycott of Mizuno Japan Products.

          The call for Boycott Japan and Boycott Japanese Products can now be heard from every nooks and corners of the country, in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as well.

          Outpouring of patriotic feeling and love for our motherland among our fellow countrymen clearly shows that our people are always united and always stand in solidarity in support of our Governemnt when sovereignty of our motherland is threatened.

          Let me repeat, there is No Place For Japanese Traitors in this country. It is time again for us to flush out these Japanese traitors among us. Let us all teach the Japanese and Japan that “We Are Their Masters”.

          China is a powerful country now, for its economic and military mights.

          Thank you once again to all my fellow countrymen for supporting my call for boycott Japan and boycott Japanese Products. Your support, no matter big or small, counts.

          Let us all stand tall and tell Japan that our Chinese people is a powerful force no one can ignore globally.

          • Samuel

            I feel like crying when I read comments like these,
            They just reflect the myopia of the ppl of china… ==
            Sure there are bad japanese but common which race doesn’t?
            By trying to rally ur Chinese comrades?, ur only going to increase the tension among Asian countries, plz spare a thought for Japanese and Chinese ppl alike.
            Same for all the other random boycotts u guys instigate.

            P.S im Chinese and Im not projap or prochinese, imma juz prohuman =/. And I wish more of the ppl of the world culd b as such. ._.

        • Hao Chi Ma

          Japan does not deny the Nanjing massacre, they just consider it to be 80 year-old history and wonder when China will do the same as Poland did with Germany and realize that Nazi Germany of the 1930’s is not Germany of the 2000’s. Why can the world get on with their lives regarding what Germany did, and most countries can get over what Imperial Japan of the 1930’s did? When you drive a car, you look forward, not staring into the rear-view mirror. That’s how accidents occur.

    • CAINE

      Concerned (Idiot) Citizen

      I’d say BOYCOTT ALL CHINESE PRODUcTS and see what China can do……….

      • Concerned Citizen

        A poor brainless creature struggling to walk on its two legs. What a pity!

  • Poor little chinese peoples, so sad, they are so abused, by those v

  • Don’t you have some toys to make??

    • waittilthecrash

      If Japan really wanted to, it could remilitarize and China would think twice before spewing shit.

    • Don’t you have some putz to pull? Go play with your toy and STFU.

  • Rele the African

    Stupid useless chinkies chinese. …those rats thinks they are a world power just because they breed like rats