Chinese Heroine Gang Raped By Japanese Soldiers Uses Super Move

Chinese woman surrounded by Imperial Japanese soldiers in a Chinese TV series set during the Second SIno-Japanese War (aka World War 2).

The following viral video has over 5 million views and 30k comments on popular Chinese portal iFeng…

From iFeng:

War Against Japanese TV Series Once Again Has Stupefying Plot, Anti-Japanese Resistance Goddess Uses Super Move/Special Power After Being Gang Raped by Japanese Devils

The video is a short clip from a Chinese TV series set during the Chinese resistance against Japanese invaders during World War II. The Chinese heroine is surrounded, subdued, and then gang raped by a number of Japanese soldiers. As she is being raped, she discovers a box of arrows nearby. She takes one, stabs the current rapist and then suddenly, she is taking down one Japanese soldier after another with a bow and arrow, killing all of the soldiers around her.

Chinese woman being gang-raped by Imperial Japanese soldiers in a Chinese TV series.

Comments from Tudou:


I’ve already stripped off my pants, and that’s what you show me?!


I counted a total of 18 or 19 people, whereas that box has less than 10 arrows, yet everyone gets shot, so where did the extra arrows come from? Or could that bow be the legendary unlimited arrows bow?!


Why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why… did none of you open fire?

njkkai :

It wasn’t this girl that was raped, but our intelligence raped by the director. I don’t watch any of the War of Resistance Against Japan movies and television shows they have today, because I don’t want to be gang raped by these rubbish directors.


Actually, what really happened was that the anti-Japanese war heroine first raped the Japs and then killed them, to boost our national glory!


If China could have a hundred women like this, taking back the Diaoyu Islands would just be a matter of time.


Theoretically, after the first time [being raped], it would be very difficult to walk around (unless it’s not her first?)


When it comes to stuff like this, usually the comments are more interesting than the actual video.


I just want to say one thing; That part of history is full of pain and misery, and definitely one that Chinese people must not forget. We should remember and always commemorate those national heroes who sacrificed themselves. This part of the history absolutely should not be exploited by the masses as entertainment. So, I look at these kinds of anti-Japanese resistance stories where the heroes have been made god-like with utter contempt.


Good show, support our domestic directors.. Actually these kind of shows match the intelligence of our nation’s people.


Good plan. She drained the enemies’ energy, and charged up her own energy. Excellent!


I think there are a couple reasons why the heroine delayed in using her super move/special power: 1. She was waiting for her cooldown timer. 2. She was building up her rage. 3. She had physiological needs. 4. CPU delays. 5. Typical gamer obsessive compulsive disorder – gamers all like to get beat up by small monsters first and then use a massive strike. 6. Waiting for spirit points to recharge.


Such shitty television plots could only be produced in this country.


These days, it’s all wuxia stories but simply set against the War of Resistance Against Japan backdrop.


Had her fun! So of course she has to kill them all to keep it a secret!

The video below with a million views on Youku also poked fun at some of the ridiculous plots in various low-budget Chinese films and television series involving the Chinese resistance against Japanese invaders during the second Sino-Japanese War:

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Some of the examples featured in the video above:

  1. Chinese soldier bringing down a Japanese fighter plane by throwing a grenade up into the air.
  2. Two female Chinese soldiers shoot at explosives placed on a mountain. Rocks thrown up by the explosion bring down a Japanese plane flying by. Right before the female sharpshooter pulls the trigger, she mutters, “Go to hell.”
  3. Chinese guy rivals Batman with equipment that seems to have time traveled back into the past.
  4. Chinese cool guy with leather jacket and distinctive hairdo reclines on an European couch acting cool right before using a cannon.
  5. Chinese martial artists fly around evading bullets a la Keanu Reeves in The Matrix, picks up a bunny, and rips Japanese soldiers apart with bare hands.

The Chinese heroine in a TV series uses bow and arrow to dispatch enemies.

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  • Your Sexy Cousin Rex

    Let me be the first to say LOL

  • goggy

    The comments are pretty hilarious

  • LOL epic scene

  • Carlito101

    I guess this show isn’t showing in Switzerland?

    • jcyin

      I live in Switzerland and yes, it is showing.

      • Hk

        Hanjian. Shameless. Quit Swiss and move the f**k back to China.

  • Bugs Bunny

    i can not stop laughing…
    but plus: some chinese acient history sitcoms are the best in asia…
    to be frank seems all asian sitcoms are all a bit silly,at least some chinese sitcoms can gain some marks.
    汉武大帝,三国演义,大明宫祠,神探狄仁杰…no matter how many times, still the best level in asia…

  • Gay Azn Boi

    “Why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why… did none of you open fire?”

    Exactly what I was wondering!

    • Suicidal tendency

      How could they?! She took their ONLY bow!

  • Remember “Chengdu woman rapes man on public street”?

    Yep. She had a bow and arrow too.

    • donscarletti

      Remember? I’ve still got the tissues piled up under the desk!

  • If the comments are any indication, the reason why this video went viral is because all the Chinese viewers enjoyed it ironically – they know it’s schlock, and can enjoy it for the pure cheesiness of it.

    This is bad news for the party since the proper-gandalf of Anti-Japanese sentiment has now reached a saturation point. (it’s been a long time coming)
    This is bad news for all of these kids because their viewing choices are not going to improve.

    The one takeaway from this is that these “War of Resistance” films will not stop. They’ll never stop being filmed or aired.

    Something’s going to give in. Take your pick – rule of authority, or hipsters.

    • Rainer

      As long as Hollywood doesnt stop releasing war and holocaust kitsch every year, she still has a long way to go to match topless Sly “killing all of the soldiers around ” with a bow and arrow.

      • “she still has a long way to go to match topless Sly”

        Well… she did go pantless in this scene, but not for long. So no, Virginia Slims, you haven’t yet come a long way, baby.


    She got her pants up pretty fast!

  • Pant-down

    When did she pulls her pant up?

    • biangbiang

      Good question! I was wondering as well!!!

  • ejownz6

    Well, this is no different than any of Quentin Tarantino’s recent films.

    • Rick in China

      Minus the intentional irony. Yep, no different.

      Fuckin idiot.

      • ejownz6

        You must really like his films. Your attitude and language is consistent with them.

        • Yes, you’re a faggot

          Read my name

    • Pedantic dialog? Nerd fim references? Foot fetish?

    • slob

      Django was awesome. Comparing that to this shit is blasphemy.

    • mattsm84

      If you’re ready to mistake commentary for intent then yes its exactly the same. But if you watch, Inglorious Basterds for instance, with a critical eye you’d realize that you’re supposed to feel sleazy about wanting to watch Eli Roth graphically bludgeon an objectively brave and honorable German soldier with a baseball bat. That film is rather explicit about it.

      And it isn’t an accident that the second half of that movie centers around the premier of a Nazi propaganda film. Clips of that film within a film are shown periodically during the movie portraying the exact types of tropes (bloodless carnage) and stock characters (dehumanized foreign enemies) featured in the clip above, however the expected roles are reversed in that it is of a lone German soldier fighting off a horde of evil, porcine Americans. And when the camera pans over the audience of Nazi and French collaborators applauding and cheering its hard not to feel that Tarantino isn’t making a direct comparison, and more importantly an overt criticism, of his real life audience for wanting or expecting the same.

      In both cases Tarantino is giving the audience what it wants while judging them for wanting it in the first place. Its a lot like Funny Games in that way.

  • Germandude

    I love historical accuracy in Chinese Resistance War movies. Usually a handful of Chinese heroes manage to beat trillions of Japanese invaders by simply using “Rock-paper-scissors” and their bravery and love towards the country. All that, while the Japanese soldier is always a heartless machine that is super strict but doesn’t know shit about fighting.
    When checking history books, you can clearly see that history was a bit different.
    Nevertheless, it’s good to see that these shows are ridiculed by (some/most/many?) viewers for their borderline insanity. Propaganda at its finest. Oh yeah, and let’s beat up Japan.

    • narsfweasels

      “All that, while the Japanese soldier is always a heartless machine that is super strict but doesn’t know shit about fighting”

      Let’s be balanced here German soldiers in English/American war films in the immediate post-war period always portrayed the Nazis as psychotic borderline homosexuals.

      This here though is just more rabble-rousing.

      • Germandude

        And I am happy that it has changed over time due to research being more correct.

        • narsfweasels


        • Nessquick

          I am 34, And I did not see any war movies in my life, ( just documents ) when your grandpa (probably) try to kill my grandpa. Shall I still hate you, my neighbour ? it was 60 years ago, It is in my memory hardly rotten :D:D . Heh, no, just May 8th we memorate the end of WW2. Some are bitching about judes and bla bla bla. Ok, My family was out of this. My grands never talked about anything during ww2. their was children that time and passed away peacefully in last years …

      • mattsm84

        The difference here would be that neither the US government nor the UK government use the Second World War to give them legitimacy. The narrative they push is that the People’s Army alone drove out the Japanese, while the Nationalists were more than willing to let the Japanese kill every Chinese they could find and the rest of the Allied Powers just sat on their hands. The idea that a hand full of Chinese heroes organized by the Communists defeated an invasion with nothing more than bravery, patriotism, and elan is implicit in that. Never mind that everything North of Shenyang was liberated by the Soviets. Forget that US provided the tools necessary to resist the Japanese while virtually destroying Japan’s ability to produce those same tools. We all know it was some lady with a bow and arrow or some villagers with homemade explosives.

        • narsfweasels

          “The difference here would be that neither the US government nor the UK
          government use the Second World War to give them legitimacy. The
          narrative they push is that the People’s Army alone drove out the

          Eh up, someone else is a scholar! Have you read “Never Forget National Humiliation”? Once you get past the bone-dry theoretical beginnings, it’s actually a fantastic insight.

          Also try “Fragile Superpower” by Shirk

      • Reginald

        Post war? that would be “The Dambusters” etc, there’s no Germans in it.

      • Dr Sun

        well they were

    • slob

      The anti-Japanese movies/TV shows here are a lot like Hot Shots except they’re made to look serious rather than just as spoof films. I have seen one movie that I thought had Hot Shots precision to detail and it was actually pretty funny. It just gets boring and retarded though flicking on the TV and seeing 3-4 of these shows on every day with the Chinese soldiers, women, children, even handicapped 90 year old men being able to wipe out entire Japanese forces by themselves with a pair of chopsticks.

      I haven’t actually met anyone here who watches these shows so I’m wondering what kind of brainless idiots support this shit.

    • Germany contributed greatly to the defense of China during the Japanese invasion. The best equipped Nationalists were trained and armed by Germany.

      …but of course the Republic of China is also a badguy in these communist shows, so you’ll never see that.

      • Hongwu Emperor

        This is true.
        Best ”legions” in the chinese army were german trained/equipped, and if Chiang had unified China at his hands, and could hire more instruction,etc the Japanese invasion would be a bigger FAIL than it what already was. =)

        (but chiang’s army is the badguy on those movies like you said,so…)

        • ButyouKnow

          BUT Chaing’s Government was extremely corrupted and unfavoured. Hence, even with kit from the Americans, they were ultimately, unable to beat the PRC as the PRC has the support of the Common people!

          P.S. It’s the Americans who trained and kitted out the ROC, not the Germans. The Germans at this time were allies with Japan.

          • Co-Prosperity Sphere

            The Nazis were allied with the KMT until around 1940, the Americans entered into the war in 1941 but the Nazis were allied with China before the war between Japan and America and trained the KMT troops. Both KMT and Nazis were fascist and Japan technically was not, but as the KMT lost so badly to Japan and the KMT were so brutal and despotic to the Chinese the Nazis thought it was unethical to support the KMT and the Japanese invasion showed that the Chinese were a weak race compared to the Japanese so, ideologically, the Nazis switched their support to Japan, although they only really did this when America entered the war and their was a real conflict of interest.

    • Hongwu Emperor

      I don’t consider that as outright propaganda, like those Maoist opera stuff. its just wuxia movie set up in ww2 ;) so it’ll obviously feature exagerated fight scenes and stuff

      And that stuff would surely happen, if Japan faced an unified china under Chiang, with army fully-trained by German, and its industrial complexes churning out thousands german-styled weaponry daily. Then the japanese army would have karabiner98k for lunch, and flammerwerfers at dinner. (to literally dine in hell).

  • Kate

    Some of those soldiers are pretty cute ^_^

    • Dear Kate,

      if you are interested, I have a newsletter that you can sign up for.

      But I’m not interested in such things personally. I used to be an adventurer like these guys, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

    • Bugs Bunny

      i am sure if there are more and more asian preference white girls as you, our asian guys will feel so …..happy like in heaven…
      i do not see anyone could be called cute, sorry!

    • Anon

      She murders Jacky Cheung at 2:11.

    • ManofEarth

      cute thing liking rapists – lil sick kate ~I- karmas a bitch 2 lil bitch

      • Kate

        Those aren’t rapists, those are actors and the actors are cute. And, really WTF with your last quip? Just Weird.

        • ManofEarth

          reflect upon urself and thou shall be enlightened – u r as weird as this linette thing / joking and admiring a rape scene – sure is funny to u weirdos…

          • BiggJ

            Dude, you are the most fucked up person on here.

          • ManofEarth

            look whos typing – u r just one of the many retarded foreigners posting here – got it?

          • [email protected]

            ManofEarth is a troll, and trolls are not to be fed, nor acknowledged.

  • vincent

    That was interesting o.O

  • She is like that new Lara Croft I come to love, with the Aviatrix suit. Can not view the video for some reason.

  • One for all


  • A Lu

    “It wasn’t this girl that was raped, but our intelligence raped by the director. I don’t watch any of the War of Resistance Against Japan movies and television shows they have today, because I don’t want to be gang raped by these rubbish directors.”

    Wow, some actually intelligent comment. Not common, not common. Still waiting for a balanced and impartial chinese war-movie

  • narsfweasels

    This is just… sick, really. The worst kind of ultra-nationalistic exploitation.

    • mr.wiener

      Kinda like “G.I. Joe” , Except they believe it for real.
      Could someone explain to me why she is wearing leather pants, and when she leaps up into the air after she is being raped , her pants have been pulled and buttoned up?
      The new secret weapon: self raising leather pants that are flexible enough to do martial arts in.

      • narsfweasels

        Who are “they”?

        I never watched GI Joe, Ulysses 31, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors… oh yeah… )

        • mr.wiener

          “They” would be the great unwashed, the television audience this is intended for , who spill out onto the streets and overturn Japanese cars at the bidding of their master like pavlov’s dogs drooling on command.
          I honestly think the folks in power in China feel nothing but contempt for their people that they think they can manipulate them so easily. But it is contempt mixed with fear. Nobody wants to be in the ruling class at the end of a dynasty [die- nasty, geditt?]

          • narsfweasels

            The more and more research I do the more I come to the realisation that these kind of dramas are part of the nationalistic machine attempting to maintain the legitimacy of the Party. On one hand, the economy is a saving grace, but inequality is driving a wedge between people and Party. Then there’ the argument that the Party is the guardian of patriotism – which risks a blow-up if they actually act prudently rather than listen to the slavering masses when a flare-up occurs.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            Don’t call THAT westernized traitorous regime as a ‘dynasty’!!! they need the true mandate of heaven, bring back the emperor and other ancient stuff to call themselves that!

          • mr.wiener

            I stand corrected.
            Though I think Mao met all the criteria to be called an “Emperor”, maybe even a “God-Emperor”, westernized traitor though he was.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            Unfortunately that’s right, I bet he considered himself like an emperor… liking him or not he was the most powerful man in Asia at his time.

            The maximum he can get at is the ”overpowered dictator” or something like that, an Emperor never. but he considered himself one nevertheless =/

            Unless he truly managed to des-westernize [is that a term? lol] China, set up an bureaucracy inspired by the Song/Ming dynasty or the Han dynasty ranking system, or even the Zhou one.

            Enforce everything traditional [clothing,culture,customs,music,ideals,etc] and bring back the dynasty system. Envision the Cultural Revolution done on the complete opposite way. destroying the 4 ‘news’ [instead of 4 olds]. that would be interesting.

      • slob

        She’s like a mix between the girl from Hunger Games and Batman.

      • BiggJ

        What do you mean?? G.I. Joe…..REAL american hero…. :)

        • Hongwu Emperor

          I see what you did there :) nice

  • Bugs Bunny

    one anti-jap sitcom i like is 永不磨灭的番号。
    in this show guys curse a lot, all kinda dialects and all kinda dirty curse as normal way to make it normal and real.and also these jap leaders are all quite handsome,not as before all make jap ugly and last, they all dead,not as before we always win.
    i like this show, i even watched 3 times,sigh!even though i merely watch this kinda shows.

  • diverdude7

    “Good show, support our domestic directors.. Actually these kind of shows match the intelligence of our nation’s people.”

    kinda say’s it all…..

    • mr.wiener

      “It wasn’t this girl that was raped, but our intelligence raped by the director. I don’t watch any of the War of Resistance Against Japan movies and television shows they have today, because I don’t want to be gang raped by these rubbish directors.”

      For my money the best comment of the lot.

  • linette lee

    haha..that is funny. More like retarded.

    Some chinese tv drama I really can’t watch. It’s so low budget like they don’t care about the quality of the drama production. And the screen play is horrible.

    I usually prefer movie. They have better production.

  • linette lee

    ……………Why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why… did none of you open fire…………….

    lol…..this blogger is so funny.

  • linette lee

    I get it. This is a comedy drama. We supposed to watch this drama and laugh our ass off. That part where she jumps up and start shooting arrows killing 10 men with firearm was so funny. lol..hahaha.

    • ManofEarth

      sad lil girl… sry to the girls – sad lil something.. laugh on lil sad something… : I

  • Reila90

    This is the stupidest movie i ever see.

    • donscarletti

      Says you Oda San!

    • [email protected]


      Ever see Saw?

  • jcyin

    All you dumbasses commenting shit, you think all these dramas are funded by the government? Brainless plebs.

    These are all funded by private film studios. If nobody watched these then there would be jack shit profit to be made. But incidentally there is a huge market and huge demand for these shows, and thus huge profits. So stop with the verbal diarrhoea. A few thousand hipster wannabee comments doesn’t reflect the viewing preferences of hundreds of millions of viewers.

    Have you seen korean anti-jap war dramas? Every single one of them becomes a slow psychological slog where the main characters somehow defy all logic and physical possibility by being bullet proof and time stopping, going into a weepy tirade against his enemy/brother/comrade for twenty minutes with the enemy five meters away. Coming back from the dead or losing only a leg in the most fucked up fighting script. Such bullshit scenario yet for fuck sake they get the Oscars? Biased bullshit

    • mr.wiener

      “All you dumbasses commenting shit, you think all these dramas are funded by the government? Brainless plebs.”

      ’tis true they are not funded by the govt, but they are allowed to by the govt. Any subjects the govt of China isn’t fond of doesn’t get made into movies because they are not allowed to, Gottit?
      But what would I know? I’m just a brainless, plebian dum-arse, hipster wannabee spouting verbal diarrhoea.

      • vincent

        Don’t mess with jcyin he’s the great defender of everything Chinese but doing so from Switzerland, he wants his brothers and sisters in China to enjoy the shitty tv programs, sewage oil cuisine and pristine air while of course not partaking of it himself.
        I especially like his phrasing ‘viewing preferences’ as though there’s a huge choice of quality programming.

        • mr.wiener

          I wonder if he knows Hongjian?

          • Dr Sun

            whistling quietly to myself

      • [email protected]

        Good points Mr. Wiener.
        The stuff on Youtube that got Youtube banned in China – Now that stuff is a real eye-opener, but you sure won’t ever see that stuff made into Chinese feel-good ‘underdog beats bully’ Chinese propaganda-viewing-Saturday-night-television. That’s for sure. Oh, right, because it is the Chinese committing the atrocities, I see the difference now.

    • slob

      They’re probably not funded by the govt., but the govt. heavily supports this kind of bullshit which is really no different. All of the scripts for TV shows here must be reviewed thoroughly by govt. reps before they’re allowed to be shown and they probably even add their own edits to the scripts to add more support for their political agendas. The more these shows are allowed to be aired by the govt. the higher the demand will be to produce more of this slop because it’s just another method of reflecting attention off the central govt. by blaming the japs for all their problems.
      The USA does the same shit with post-WW2/vietnam movies/shows. It’s all just pure propaganda supported by the govts. to put more idiotic thoughts into the minds of the people. It has very little to do with the actual entertainment value.

      • mattsm84

        Because if there is one thing American TV shows and movies about Vietnam show, its that invading Vietnam was a great idea, a good time, and any other than a complete disaster.

        • Reginald

          Apocalypse now – We were brothers – Hamburger Hill – Full metal jacket – Platoon, hardly “we won the war” propaganda.

          • Dr Sun

            That was never officially a war, you were not supposed to win it, just help the locals and your soldiers get really messed up over a very long period of time. In that you achieved your goals and the movies you mentioned reflect that.

          • mattsm84

            And all those movies are critical of the government for wanting to do so. Vietnam films are usually anti-war.

          • dude35

            Hence why they did not get any pentagon funding to them, while other pro-American war movies do get pentagon founding only if the govt get to review the script.

          • mattsm84

            Good thing the US isn’t the type country where in the government dictates what sort of stories the media should or shouldn’t be telling.

          • Kristy

            Really? You think it’s a coincidence that some news channels are conservative while others are liberal? All media is controlled by someone. Learn to think for yourself

          • mattsm84

            LOL! Is it because of the Illuminati? For real, do you know why some are liberal and some are conservative? Let me give you a hint, it’s got nothing to do Ted Turner, Rupert Murdoc, or the people on the board of directors at Comcast or Universal, or anybody else in some paranoid fantasy world you’ve constructed. Let me give you another hint: corporations exist as a means of generating wealth and capital. Figure it out yet?

            It’s because they’re all filling a market niche. Fox sticks to the editorial line that it puts out not because the company genuinely believes it–which is ridiculous on its face because its an abstract without believes or convictions–it does it because its good for its ratings. Higher ratings means that it can charge more for add revenue. The same is true for CNN, and MSNBC. And the Guardian and or the Times of London or the New York Times.

          • Dr Sun

            Really like the “Green Berets” ?

          • DavidisDawei

            Dr Sun,
            This movie was filmed while the country was still fighting. I wasn’t around then, but saw the same reactions during the Gulf War(s)…It would have been looked upon as very UN-American to criticize the war at that time.

            The Autopsy is when these critical examinations are created, but what the hell did we learn from them when we turn around and go into Iraq?

          • mattsm84

            Hence the word usually. By and large, most films about the Vietnam War, are anti-war, and most references to the conflict are negative ones. Hell, even the Rambo films are explicitly anti-US government.

          • You forgot CASUALTIES OF WAR FTW!!!

          • Oh yeah and RAMBO!!!…NOTHING IS OVER!!!

    • Dr Sun

      oh come on, time to wake up.

  • boogiebaby

    only sentiments otherwise lots of bullshits. i wanna hit my head on wall.

  • Mingtb

    It would be interesting to read an interview with the director and writer of this film.

    Are they sane?

  • grand

    “Good plan. She drained the enemies’ energy, and charged up her own energy. Excellent!” lol hilarious.

    • Dr Sun

      she stole their essence, then used it against them, poor fools.

  • OMG

    LOL I thought these Japanese soldiers should be Indians (India) since they’re having a ball gang raping women…WTF is wrong with that country?

  • 中国人

    It’s not rape when she enjoys it

    • mr.wiener

      I think what you are saying is statistically 9 out of 10 people quite enjoy gang rape.
      Don’t get up, I’ll punch myself in the face.

    • mattsm84

      The law would disagree with you here.

  • Hello Chinese people.

    I got a question. Do these kind of drama air not at late evening but at daytime?

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      I think it airs all the time. But then again they have so many dramas they all start to look the same.

  • BiggJ

    Seems legit.

    • YourSupremeCommander


  • DragonMoneyShot

    Good plan. She drained the enemies’ energy, and charged up her own energy. Excellent!

  • Another big fat lies by China to bully Japan.

    • ManofEarth

      nother retard bullshitting ppl online – congrats lil karze…

  • Chinese rapes Tibetans even today and they call it liberation.

    • ManofEarth

      u rape urselves by posting shit like this… go get a life… kind of…

    • biangbiang

      Check out this politician here

  • When Chinese does it is called liberation but when Japanese does it war.


      Just like one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. It depends a lot on your perspective.

  • frank

    I wonder if bringing up this horrible event in China’s history (that is, stirring up strong emotions among the masses) is a gearing up of sorts for war.

  • Cleo

    poor Buffy – I highly doubt that any of Japan’s rape victims were able to enter a fugue state where they were totally distracted by a fantasy state like this one.


      I gotta hand it to you Cleo, you’re vocabulary is impressive. I had to google “fugue state” to know what it meant. That said, I still think you have a few screws loose.

  • Alphy

    I doubt people in big cities like Shanghai really watches these shows. Though there are enough Japanese hate spreading around that perhaps lead to all these productions. Especially now that they have limit the amount of ancient drama, seems like Anti-Japanese shows are the only other type of drama out there. That speaks volume on the low creativity the Chinese film environment have gotten.

    None of these shows follow historical reference, the only thing they care about is blow things up and stroke Chinese ego. The thing is if they actually portray a TV show of WWII based on historical facts, there will be probably stoning of director.

    • DavidisDawei

      It looks like something they’d force upon you when traveling on a bus, boat or plane in China

      • Kristy

        Idk what kind of bus, boat, or plane you ride, but they have never shown tv series due to the length. Only movies

    • Hongwu Emperor

      No, show the Sihang warehouse defense like it truly happened, or the ambush at pingxinguan.
      both historical stuff, chinese badassery included.

      Or some footage about the chinese guerillas basically ripping the heart out of the japanese Mayan-style.

      You don’t need to ‘go fictional’ to ‘be awesome’. besides, that movie was more ‘wuxia’ styled, and wuxia heroes are usually that overpowered (they can fly,kick the butt of an entire army,etc etc)

  • carmouflagger

    “Good plan. She drained the enemies’ energy…” Hahaha damn right!

  • Chinese TV is boring as shit.


    Why are all Chinese movies set in the past or present? I’ve never even heard of one set in a futuristic landscape or a different world like American movies (Star Wars, Avatar). I guess this requires creativity and original thought. I’d like to see a Chinese movie set in the far future or alien world for once and not these war movies or ones set in Dynasty periods.

    • TheEqlaowaizer

      Because its ILLEGAL to make movies like that, time travel is also banned. LOL


        I knew it was frowned upon by the government (don’t want to corrupt the minds) but are you sure it’s actually illegal? Ah well all the same, don’t want to run afoul of the government in China. The CCP really laid a fart on the faces of the Chinese people by restricting those movies.

    • Dr Sun

      How many remakes of “1984” could you watch ?

  • Bolo

    Migrant worker fap flick, what else can it be?

  • Dr Sun

    One has to wonder how the Japanese armed forces ever managed to establish a beach head in China, the local fisherman’s kindergarten daughter could have sunk the entire Imperial fleet with just her pencil.

  • tawhaki

    Anyone else realise how this is only slightly more ridiculous than Tarantino’s latest movies?

    • mattsm84

      Yeah, somebody already made that idiotic assertion.

    • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

      Tarantino’s latest movies are purpously ridiculous. These are not.

  • ScottLoar

    Such “Resistance” films are neither propaganda or slices of reality, but fictive films that pander to popular sentiment, in this case the popular need for redeeming heroes and revenge against the Japanese.

  • Ryo

    I wonder if there are these kinds of shows/movies in Japan (roles reversed of course).

  • I’ve always despised the way mythological kung-fu intrudes into Chinese ‘historical’ dramas, and I wonder how many people actually think these ridiculous moves are possible. In the west we have a mythological martial-art too – the sword and sorcery of Arthur, Merlin, Robin Hood, Beowulf – and we are happy to suspend disbelief and let it fly in mythological dramas, but how crap would it be if, for example, Band of Brothers had the American soldiers casting fireball spells and so on.

    • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

      It would work….as comedy!

  • rollin wit 9’s

    First I’d like to say @2:27 That was some (十面埋伏) House of Flying Daggers Takeshi Kaneshiro next level sh!t.
    And to think i was feeling somewhat sorry, but when she pulled off the super move i bust out laughing. still giggling now lol oh boy

  • ManofEarth

    retards posting all over this place … nothing new from the west ; )

    • mattsm84

      Yes, the west is bad. Please enjoy living in your poorly constructed apartment and making $6k a year,

      • ManofEarth

        as typed western retrards all over this place ; )

        • mr.wiener

          Wot’s a retrard?

        • oh shit, we have a smart guy here!

    • Leys Scalon

      I may be mistaken but aren’t you currently using some “shit” called “internet” that was created in the west?

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