Chinese Heroine Gang Raped By Japanese Soldiers Uses Super Move

Chinese woman surrounded by Imperial Japanese soldiers in a Chinese TV series set during the Second SIno-Japanese War (aka World War 2).

Chinese woman surrounded by Imperial Japanese soldiers in a Chinese TV series set during the Second SIno-Japanese War (aka World War 2).

The following viral video has over 5 million views and 30k comments on popular Chinese portal iFeng…

From iFeng:

War Against Japanese TV Series Once Again Has Stupefying Plot, Anti-Japanese Resistance Goddess Uses Super Move/Special Power After Being Gang Raped by Japanese Devils

The video is a short clip from a Chinese TV series set during the Chinese resistance against Japanese invaders during World War II. The Chinese heroine is surrounded, subdued, and then gang raped by a number of Japanese soldiers. As she is being raped, she discovers a box of arrows nearby. She takes one, stabs the current rapist and then suddenly, she is taking down one Japanese soldier after another with a bow and arrow, killing all of the soldiers around her.

Chinese woman being gang-raped by Imperial Japanese soldiers in a Chinese TV series.

Comments from Tudou:


I’ve already stripped off my pants, and that’s what you show me?!


I counted a total of 18 or 19 people, whereas that box has less than 10 arrows, yet everyone gets shot, so where did the extra arrows come from? Or could that bow be the legendary unlimited arrows bow?!


Why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why… did none of you open fire?

njkkai :

It wasn’t this girl that was raped, but our intelligence raped by the director. I don’t watch any of the War of Resistance Against Japan movies and television shows they have today, because I don’t want to be gang raped by these rubbish directors.


Actually, what really happened was that the anti-Japanese war heroine first raped the Japs and then killed them, to boost our national glory!


If China could have a hundred women like this, taking back the Diaoyu Islands would just be a matter of time.


Theoretically, after the first time [being raped], it would be very difficult to walk around (unless it’s not her first?)


When it comes to stuff like this, usually the comments are more interesting than the actual video.


I just want to say one thing; That part of history is full of pain and misery, and definitely one that Chinese people must not forget. We should remember and always commemorate those national heroes who sacrificed themselves. This part of the history absolutely should not be exploited by the masses as entertainment. So, I look at these kinds of anti-Japanese resistance stories where the heroes have been made god-like with utter contempt.


Good show, support our domestic directors.. Actually these kind of shows match the intelligence of our nation’s people.


Good plan. She drained the enemies’ energy, and charged up her own energy. Excellent!


I think there are a couple reasons why the heroine delayed in using her super move/special power: 1. She was waiting for her cooldown timer. 2. She was building up her rage. 3. She had physiological needs. 4. CPU delays. 5. Typical gamer obsessive compulsive disorder – gamers all like to get beat up by small monsters first and then use a massive strike. 6. Waiting for spirit points to recharge.


Such shitty television plots could only be produced in this country.


These days, it’s all wuxia stories but simply set against the War of Resistance Against Japan backdrop.


Had her fun! So of course she has to kill them all to keep it a secret!

The video below with a million views on Youku also poked fun at some of the ridiculous plots in various low-budget Chinese films and television series involving the Chinese resistance against Japanese invaders during the second Sino-Japanese War:

Some of the examples featured in the video above:

  1. Chinese soldier bringing down a Japanese fighter plane by throwing a grenade up into the air.
  2. Two female Chinese soldiers shoot at explosives placed on a mountain. Rocks thrown up by the explosion bring down a Japanese plane flying by. Right before the female sharpshooter pulls the trigger, she mutters, “Go to hell.”
  3. Chinese guy rivals Batman with equipment that seems to have time traveled back into the past.
  4. Chinese cool guy with leather jacket and distinctive hairdo reclines on an European couch acting cool right before using a cannon.
  5. Chinese martial artists fly around evading bullets a la Keanu Reeves in The Matrix, picks up a bunny, and rips Japanese soldiers apart with bare hands.

The Chinese heroine in a TV series uses bow and arrow to dispatch enemies.


Written by Cecilia Miao


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