Chinese Man Films Airport, Convicted of Leaking State Secrets

China's J20 stealth fighter.

China's J20 stealth fighter.

From Sohu & NetEase:

Man who filmed and uploaded video of military aircraft gets suspended sentence

Fuzhou news agency: Yongtai disabled person Huang X ignored the advice of passersby, filmed a video of military aircraft at Yixu Airport, and uploaded it onto the internet, not realizing that he had violated the law. At present, Yongtai County Court has sentenced him to 14 months imprisonment with a suspended sentence of 18 months for the crime of intentionally leaking state secrets.

China's J-20 stealth fighter.

2009 August, Huang X arrived at Cangshan district [in Fuzhou] in a disability mobility vehicle to visit his son working at Huangshan. As he passed by Yixu Airport, out of curiosity, he used the digital camera he had on him to film a video of the Yixu signage, airport facilities, and several military airplanes. As he was filming, a passerby reminded him, “You can’t film, you’ll be arrested”, but Huang X paid no heed and continued filming, the entire video lasting over one minute.

After returning to Yongtai, Huang X uploaded the video onto his personal public blog/website, and even wrote in the video introduction: “Went to Fuzhou Huanshan and passed by Yixu Military Airport, was very excited to see it closeup, because this is the first time I’ve seen airplanes, so I filmed it…” He also stated: “I’m not a spy!” Up until it was stopped by the relevant departments, this video had been viewed by netizens over 15,000 times.

This video was identified by the Air Force Fuzhou Command Confidential Committee as showing 3 classified items and 3 secret items, seriously damaging national defense and military security interests.

After hearing the case, Yontai County Court believes that defendant Huang X violated the regulations of the “Protection of State Secrets Law”, knowing that the Yixu Airport video he filmed involved state military secrets and still disseminated it to the public through the internet, a serious situation, his actions constituting the crime of intentional divulging of state secrets. In view of his voluntary guilty plea, display of regret, disability, the aforementioned sentenced was therefore rendered.

Comments from Sohu:

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移建中琴690748 [搜狐吉林省白山市网友]:

If an ordinary commoner can capture it on film, who knows what foreign special agencies could do. This clearly shows that we’re not doing a good enough job protecting our secrets, and are just dragging in an ordinary commoner as a show. Talk about deceiving ourselves/putting our heads in the sand.

独孤九剑20110317 [搜狐江苏省常州市网友]:

If its national secrets, then there should be relevant personnel around to seal off the area and institute special measures, why was it this easy for someone to film? If this person didn’t upload the video onto the internet, would you have been able to arrest him? What if it really was a foreign spy who was filming? It’s obvious that a lot of things in our country are truly full of loopholes and oversights.

耳聪目明367760 [搜狐河北省石家庄市网友]:

A regular pedestrian can use such a simple method to leak secrets… May I ask what our agencies responsible for protecting secrets are doing?

快乐的自由之鹰 [搜狐云南省昆明市网友]:

If even a disabled person can openly capture it on film, does it really have any worth as a secret? Could the spy satellites in the sky and the spies on the ground not also capture them on film? Simply picking on the weak, so wrong!

2008yf [搜狐山东省网友]:

If even pedestrians can capture 6 classified secret items, what secrets would you have left to talk about after a trained spy walked by?

a789205 [搜狐内蒙古自治区呼伦贝尔市网友]:

Secrets? What a joke.
The real secrets are that some leaders/government officials break laws and regulations, that some leaders/government officials collude with land developers to forcibly demolish the ordinary common people’s homes without regard for their lives and deaths.

桃园居士2012 [搜狐辽宁省辽阳市网友]:

If common ordinary people can see them, then this airport is doing too lousy of a job protecting its secrets. Recommend a strict investigation be carried out.

勤谨 [搜狐湖北省省直辖行政单位网友]:

Truly ridiculous, any ordinary pedestrian can capture national secrets on film as they please.

三红2011 [搜狐河北省保定市网友]:

If these secrets can be filmed, it shows that the relevant departments are failing in their duty. Is there any investigation of responsibility?

China's J20 fifth generation fighter.

Comments from NetEase:

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National secrets indeed must be protected.
If he had captured the LD drinking Maotai [a famous and expensive Chinese liquor], having sex with their secretaries, then he ought to be severely punished even more.

流氓小亨 [网易江西省九江市网友]:

I severely denounce this kind of secretly filming behavior. I deeply regret him being sentenced with the crime of leaking state secrets!

网易IANA网友: (responding to above)

He wasn’t secretly filming, right? He was doing it openly and candidly. What you [the government] have here isn’t even that advanced. The things other people [countries] show off in airplane exhibitions/shows are all several decades more advanced, and you consider it classified? Laughable!

不关闭评论了 [网易广东省深圳市网友]: (also responding to 流氓小亨]

This kind of behavior is extremely dangerous, it makes it very easy for hostile countries to discover our secrets.

内阁总理大臣李鸿章 [网易山东省济南市网友]: (responding to above)

Haha, [a video just] a little over a minute, and with so many people passing by that stretch of road, the American Imperialists don’t even send spies there to take a look… those American imperialists sure are stupid.


So hostile forces are relying on this photograph/film?
Are the satellites in the sky all used for filming the LD drinking Maotai?

内阁总理大臣李鸿章 [网易山东省济南市网友]:

The Philippines and Japan are taking photos of our ships and planes, how come you don’t arrest them?
You have the duty to defend the country and you end up bullying a disabled person, that’s real impressive, real admirable.


What a disabled person could capture on film has probably already been filmed dozens of times by foreign spies. Have the relevant people in charge dealt with that yet?


If this can be sentenced, then wouldn’t those who leak information about the “Three Public Expenses” [government officials using public money to private dining, private car, and travel abroad expenses] be sentenced to death?

China's J20 fifth generation fighter jet.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

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    Does this not mean Chinasmack too will be arrested

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      Now we all know the secrets hahahah

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    Wow, so harsh for taking some pictures. I better not go through with my plan for taking one for a joyride then.

  • G$

    Chinese ingenuity: Now they’ve learned how to copy, at least, the aesthetics of the chassis design of the F-22?

    • G$

      I should follow that up with, it’s not a complete knock-off as the Chinese so commonly do, the undercarriage looks different, not quite so streamlined by any means. (I’m working on memory here) But I would like to point out, is it just me or does it appear that this is not meant to be a manned fighter?

      • It’s actually a mashup of the F22 Raptor and Eurofighter. Both of which had their blueprints coincidentally stolen in a large packet of data that was traced to “foreign” (code for chinese) hackers several years before the prototype was unveiled.

        There’s nothing new there except possibly seeing how poorly they copied and how the pilots can use them. That being said, the chinese military released a far more detailed and relevant video on the day the US Secretary of Defence Robert Gates was visiting china. Some say it was the military oshowing their power to the politburo, others say it was a message for the US.

        In any case, this is beyond ridiculous as always, but I love the irony of chinese people pointing fingers at spies everywhere except all the chinese spies.

        • Capt. WED

          not to refute what you are saying however the reason it looks like a Eurofighter is because of the canard configuration, which has been around for awhile. It’s usually that they stuck that on a stealth-fighter. I believe the idea behind this is the J-22 is like the stealthy, next-gen version J-111. As for it looking like F-22, it only looks like that from the front due to the engines. But for sure, it’s possible a majority of the technology is reversed engineered and/or stolen. Very likely some of the technology is stolen. You have the agree tho that it’s not without precedence that a country will steal military technology (see the 1950s, 1960s), they just may not call it that.

          Not refuting you tho. It is what is, China is spying. Other countries are spying also. As a Chinese person living in the west is the enemy.

          • Capt. WED

            LOL LOL LOL

            Im kidding. No Chinese person living in the west is not usually looked upon as the “enemy”. But definitely not as “native”. No hate. It’s just how the system works. Sometimes tho they want it to go this way, to make you feel or tell you that you are a foreigner, then other times (when they be trolling) they’re like no it’s not at all like that (the melting pot)!!! It’s like if you want to be BATMAN but you can’t fight me directly instead you have to fight me subliminally. You are NO BATMAN!

            It would not be surprising if someone with military clearance is scrutinized.

          • The Dude

            Tadd, the AK47 by any other name is not an AK47. Especially as it’s the most widely used semi-automatic rifle on the planet. It’s Russian design has made it incredibly adaptable to the rigors of war, in desert terrain, below freezing temperatures and wherever it has been used for ‘keeping the peace’.

            The British SA80 on the other hand, is a piece of shit. Always jamming, and if you drop it, the plastic fittings often crack. This is especially so in below freezing temperatures.

            All I’m saying Tadd, is if you are planning to buy a semi-automatic rifle, then you’re mode of shopping is only going to lead to disappointment.

            It’s something worth thinking about man.

        • devil! the J-20 has 3 items which this ignoramus photoed. which tell the americasn thast 1. it has supercruise
          2. it is more maneuverable than the F-22
          3. Its more UNSTABLE at MAch 2 speeds than the F22
          btw North koRea probably has more agents in CHina than the CIA does.
          stop stealing chinese pictures like you steal chinese girls!!!

          • Tadd

            Honest question here and I’m not meaning to offend anyone… I’m just generally curious…

            Why is it, whenever there’s a thread about guns, tanks or jets; people start throwing out acronyms, abbreviations and model numbers like they are some kind of seasoned, grizzled war-veteran?

            Okay, I got a bit personal at the end there, maybe it’s just me… but a gun is a gun, a plane is a plane.. we are all just regular guys and knowing the difference between an F-22, a J-20 or a KY-Jelly means diddily-squat.

            If I wanna know this kinda stuff, I’ll just head on over to wikipedia or something.

          • whichone

            Tadd, everyone on the internet is an expert on everything. Are you insinuating that we are insecure little douchebags, picking up acronyms from google searches to bolster our sense of self-importance? How dare you?!

          • Capt. WED

            That’s your problem okay, not ours. I’m sorry I should have said append WARNING Capt. WED IS NOT AN EXPERT to every post I make. How is this off topic? If you don’t want to read about it don’t fucking visit a post with a giant fucking F-22 looking fucking thing plastered on the front. Is it that hard? Is the Internet too strainfully for little taddy… owww… he should take a break and walk around outside in the woods and be one with nature or some shit…

            Mind you I’ve had a cursory interest in planes from an early age. Then interest kind of waned so I can’t claim to be an expert in aviation.

            Knowing some of the details on F-22, F-111, F-18, BVR, look down shoot down, input/output systems, block diagrams, PID controllers, magnus effect, drag coeff vs. AOA, modelling and simulation, computer algorithms, parametric surfaces, etc etc means diddily-squat to some people who have a cursory interest in these things (WOW holy shit we have a bad-ass over here !!!!!AMRITE!!!!!!)

          • Capt. WED

            but you are right. It’s just pointless to discuss them on chinasmack especially you are not an expert in the end should have just shut the fuck up. Chinasmack is not a place for any meaningful discussion beyond the usual… the usual crap on Chinasmack.

          • donscarletti


            A gun is a gun, a plane is a plane and you just want a car that can get you from point A to point B. Is that correct? Basically, it’s a guy thing, you wouldn’t understand.

            Also, where do you think this information is coming from if not Wikipedia? Why would people read Wikipedia if not for the chance to quote it on forums like this?

          • @Tad:

            Honestly speaking, I don’t know any of the technical specs for any of the three planes. What I do know is what they look like and whqt they’re called. Same way I know what a 75 Corvette Stingray and a Bugatti Veyron look like (pure badass and touched by God respectively) but I would only be able to quote some basic specs.

            As for how I remeber such things it’s a combination of reading the news, different interest articles, watching documentaries and following up when someone mentions something I don’t know and am curious about.

            The F-22 Raptor and the Eurofighter are iconic planes which are easily remembered and recognized as they are symbols of aviation might and ingenuity for their respective countries. Much like the F-14 Tomcat from Top Gun or the Harrier jumpjet which is capable of vertical take off.

            No need to listen to the derisive assholes above who feel threatened that someone asked a valid question. Anyone can be an armchair general nowadays, no experience needed.

        • Alan

          Both of which had their blueprints coincidentally stolen in a large packet of data that was traced to “foreign” (code for chinese) hackers several years before the prototype was unveiled.

          Any proof on this, or just more republican style china bashing and fear mongering?

          FYI, the Iranians and the Russians also regularly hack and steal information, as do the Israelis.

          • Somethin Somethin

            Mate everyone steals and everyone spies but most of them have the good sense of only getting caught once in a while.

    • Another Jon
      • Another Jon

        Too bad I can’t delete that link.. I wanted to go to just the photo. but click on the small photo and yous ee it is the exact same photo.

  • StupidAmerican

    Reminds me of getting up close to an SR-71 as a child. You could take pictures but the cockpit was covered with a cloth (in the case that the glass could produce a reflection of the equipment inside).

    Sensitive details regarding aircraft is usually take-off/landing requirements, performance/capabilities, ordinance, and electronic countermeasures.

    I’m interested as to what the six points are. Could probably go through 40-year-old declassified navy/AF documents and get an idea as to what they consider to be sensitive.

    • pete

      Typically the exhaust area of steath aircraft is considered secret (protection level 2 by USAF standards). Truth is…it’s no secret anymore. I think the government is just trying to make an example of this guy.
      Did 4 years in the USAF so i’m not bullshitting here.

  • Jeff

    I was once wondering around Xiamen and saw a little navy base near Gulangu. Got out my camera and started filing the ships. About a minute later a motorcade was approaching the gate of the base and of course I took some shots of that as well.

    Would you believe some go with more medals on him then I have ever seen on an officer jumps out of the car and did about 4 soldiers form the gate.

    Actually they were pretty nice to me and reminded me not to film near military bases.

    And NO they didn’t take my camera or beat me up.

    • SuperHappyCow

      i bet you’re chinese huh

    • Andao

      I distinctly remember that base in Xiamen. If it’s anything sensitive, why the hell do you build the base next to the most touristy area of the whole city?!

    • Dannisi

      I accidently walked on to navy base (on the top of a mountain overlooking Xiada). After 3 hours of waiting and without the Sd card from my camera we could leave. We only had to promise to ‘never do it again’. I doubt it would be the same if we were Chinese instead of laowai.

  • jesus

    This plane looks similar to US fighter jet F111?

    • pervertt

      There are a few minor differences. The F111 is not fighter to begin with. It might have an F designation but it is definitely a bomb truck. The F111 is bloody old, so old that it has been decommissioned from most airforces that were using it over the last 40 years. It has a humungous radar signature and is about as stealthy as a sumo wrestler dancing The Red Detachment of Women.

      The J-20 shown above is said to resemble the F22 Raptor, but there is speculation about its true role and capability. Some have suggested that its large size points to a strike role closer to the F111 than an air superiority fighter like the F22. So your comparison to the F111 is closer to the mark than most may think.

      • quill

        is this j-20 already in service? or is is still on development stage?

        • pervertt

          I honestly don’t know. I suspect the latter. Arse end of the J-20 does not look very stealthy, but this could be temporary until better engines come along.

    • donscarletti

      You mean that it is fat and enormous? I think it looks like a F-22, but it probably flies like a F-111.

  • Peye

    Lesson (hopefully)learned : Do not try to be smart ass .

  • Li Peng

    How dare you lousy foreigners to mock Chinese technology!! This jet was designed from scratch by the brilliant engineers at Chery Auto. Fuel consumption is low and it has a 1000 km warranty.

    • Alejandro

      And you’re SO proud of it while 70% of China STILL lives in poverty. I have more fun reading the comments made by chinese bloggers than the actual news. Yes we mock you, because China is excellent at making fake copies of… everything. And this is not only in China, a lot of people are being robbed and abused both economically and socially in every country and they curiously seem to turn extremely patriotic when their countries manufacture some “new” shitty weapon. Tell me… how long until you start to TRULY support murder, invasion, abuse and rape (war) ? you’re not so different than that those you claim to hate, the Japanese. We’ll shoot your kitchen paper fake F22 photoshopped jet fighters down with our BB guns. Go be proud of your family, of what you have EARNED in your life, and not of a system that has made sure to kill all the smart people you had. Stop believing -at least some of- all the lies they tell you. Open your eyes you piece of shit.

      • Ezreal

        You seriously believe what he says? 1000 km warranty? Obvious sarcasm. DUH. What an idiot.

  • Rob

    The new J20 stealth fighter? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Its almost an exact copy of the F22 Raptor, can’t the Chinese think of something for themselves and stop copying everyone else?

    • Joe

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      • TheBigWhite

        Sounds just like my chink wife, that is, before I started to beat the shit out of her. Now she’s rather well behaved.

        • coala banana

          joe’s story is sad, but so is yours:-(…its not up to me to criticize you….but some things crossed my mind:

          Its true that some women can indeed bring a men to the point where he can hit her/hit her back….BUT what crossed my mind (and i never ever beat a women in my life, except she wanted it during sex), when i was younger and a girl/women provoked me to the point that it crossed my mind that i should slap her was:

          when a women/girl/partner, can REALLY bring me to the point that i could become violent towards her, THEN ITS TIME FOR ME TO GO ! Period ! What kind of fucked up relation is that ? Being provoked, humiliated in public or at home…..! Same goes for women BTW !

          we can now argue about the root causes, and that each provocation could be a “cry for attention”…..maybe her background, and it might be, like it can be witnessed so often, that abused kids, often later on in life reproduce the chaos they grow up in….BUT, i for one don’t give a shit, cause i consider time and my own well being and feeling good, more valuable then to heal people which have weak personalities and characters. I am not a professional psychiatrist , and don’t intend to become one, but i would advise them to consult one !

          I dont criticize you, cause i don’t know you and i don’t know your wife, and i have seen women which really seem to look out for one or the other slap. As sad as it sounds, there are such women. They like to be kept in line and to be shown all the time their borders, maybe they even like to be dominated, and when a men misses to do so, then they try to provoke it out of him. Some even enjoy the sex even more after they have beat the shit out of each other.

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          I however don’t have such problems to make such “decisions” since i simply don’t stay long enough with them and give them the chance to show their true evil personality, except during sex….!

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        • Alan

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          from his photo i can say, he is not women’s type for love.

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        • Alan

          i love who loves me, i insult who insults me…and i love my future husband。。。

          Never said you did not.

          But you also have a foul mouth, you wouldn’t dare to speak that way in front of your future husband, would you?

    • Notorious

      You wife was imagining she was hitting your head when she broke the cleaver. Please stop me if I’m out of line but, if this story is true, you need to get away from her immediately or she might actually kill you one day. especially if you have any assets to inherit if you “accidentally” die. How old is this woman? I wonder if she used you for immigration purposes. I wonder, and I am curious if you did something once, that she can’t forgive? Or it is simply a matter of her being in love with someone else, and resenting you for it.

      • A GUY

        A lot of Chinese women are bat shit crazy. That’s part of the reason why I don’t go near them. (I know not all Chinese women are nuts, but in my limited experience 9 out of 10 seem to be. ) Run, Run fast. And if you assert physical dominance like the big white trash suggests, she will probably just poison your ass. Can’t wait till this happens to TheBigcraker. I suggest documenting her abuses so that you can keep the kids in the divorce and don’t have to fear for their safety.

        • coala banana

          women are angry for a reason. It might not occur to most men, but they become violent when they either don’t get enough attention, are not satisfied sexually, or maybe have other plans which somehow you stay in the way with. Maybe many chinese women also have very high expectations when with foreigners. Many might think that ALL foreigners are rich, just to find out later that the poor sucker can’t afford to buy her the apartment she wants to have and that he hasn’t enough money or don’t like to support her whole family…who knows.

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          Chinese women are not more nuts then any other women on the planet. I for one, would never go into trouble selecting the good from the bad, cause you will never know how a person will change with the time. Like i said in an earlier post, life is suffering, so why suffer unnecessary ? I prefer to change them BEFORE they have the chance to go nuts…..

          • A GUY

            Ahh CB you almost got something right,

            It’s soo cute.

        • Alan

          A lot of Chinese women are bat shit crazy

          Agreed. It speaks volumes China has the highest female suicide rate in the world.

          There is definitely a lot of instability, and I have witnessed the insane jealousy that goes on between Chinese gals.

          Not all, but a lot are very insecure, jealous and backstabbing.

          • cc

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          • Notorious

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          • donscarletti

            Yeah, if the world was lead by women like Margaret Thatcher (Falklands War), Indira Gandhi (Indo-Pakistan War) and Victoria of the United Kingdom (start of the British Raj in India), Anne of Great Britain (War of Spanish Succession), Elizabeth I of England (Spanish Armada), Catherine II of Russia (Russio-Turkish War), Elizabeth of Russia (War of Austrian Succession), etc. there would be no war.

            Is it just me or do female leaders traditionally have a habit of getting into wars? Though to their credit, the women listed were all triumphant. Maybe women can win wars, but not stay out of them, this would fit with my experiences with women, especially with my two sisters and girlfriend.

          • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

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          • cc

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          • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

            Don’t get me wrong. It takes a special kind of someone to use a picture of a mutant axe wound as their avatar.

            I am impressed… and a little bit aroused.

          • Lydia

            Why’d you hate men so much Notorious?

            Women are worse and most are bitchy.

          • PeterScriabin

            @Notorious May 1 12:36 pm: I believe you mentioned you are a writer: have you ever read Consider Her Ways, a John Wyndham short story written in the 1950s? Rounds out your Utopia a bit.

            He was the first (AFAIK) modern to realize that men need women but that the reverse does not apply, and to present a coherent fiction depicting the result. Made a deep impression on me, as a child.

        • Notorious

          @Guy, where does your woman come from? I don’t know why but I thought you’d said at some point that she was Chinese. Or maybe from Asia somewhere, then? Why do you think these women are crazy? I don’t think any woman is crazier than the next. Heck, you make ANY woman mad enough and she’ll poison ya. lol.

          • cc

            Take a break from being so serious, sometimes it helps you if you can smile and laugh on the odd occasion

          • mr. wiener

            Even a vertical smile :)

          • A GUY

            It’s from personal experience, I didn’t say all, and I did caveat both when I made the post. I have known many Chinese girls and they almost always eventually display VERY eccentric behavior. Maybe I should have said that I find that Mainland women are often Eccentric to be PC, but if this guy is getting beat I need to not mince words he needs to get him and his kid out of there.

            Before you say it is racist its not, because ABC, Taiwanese, and Guangdong women in my experience aren’t the same in this respect, if anything it is cultural bias against the mainland, but me and mainland dudes get along fine so ehh. It’s none of your business who my wife is, but she is not Chinese and I have never dated a Chinese girl, but when I was single I accepted all kinds.

            But I agree with your last statement there are crazy women (and men) all over and poisoning is a females preferred weapon. Second is a knife.

          • eattot

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            of course, she can do every kinda things for him in bed for him…
            what a great deal….

          • coala banana

            “Before you say it is racist its not, because ABC, Taiwanese, and Guangdong women in my experience aren’t the same in this respect, if anything it is cultural bias against the mainland,”

            GuangDong women…lol….i had some nice ones, but i try to bypass the ones which speak with a men’s voice…fuck ! Some of them sound like some ladyboys from Thailand….has anyone else experienced that ?

          • A GUY

            Not Filipino either. Really none of your business.


            Maybe some of us don’t mind Ladyboys. Especially the Thai ones.

        • TheBigWhite

          Only faggots divorce so that option does not apply to me, my friend.

          Unlike a decadent asshole like yourself, I wouldn’t break up a family because some metrosexual moral values forbids me to be a man.

          Running from girls…

          • mr. wiener

            “Only faggots divorce”..?…I’ll assume you have legalized gay marrieges in your home country then.
            “metrosexual moral values”…? My father is one of the scariest people I know. At 78 years of age he is taller and stronger than me [I’m 187cm, 90kg and play rugby every weekend] and having handed the timber yard over to my brothers spends his retirement stacking timber all day even though he’s on chemo-therapy. He is a mean cranky old bastard with hands the size of shovels.He’d smack the shite out of me and my brothers when we were lazy or disrespectful.
            But he would scorn any man who would lift a hand to hit a woman.

          • TheBigWhite

            In principle yeah, don’t hit woman. Works great as a general guideline for civilized white people who can temper themself. Not so much when you’re living with a sadistic savage (chinese) to wife with absolutely no regard to consequences. When this impulse driven species gets to smell blood and see what they perceive as weakness (i.e. you’re not defending yourself), they’ll just escalate the violence to fortify dominance within the pack. This can go on for a long time, depending on how much beatings you’re prepared to take. Personally I drew the line when she started to wield knifes, that’s when I had to punch her. Had to do it a few more times whenever she’d attack me, then after that she got the message and it has been hunky dory ever since. I believe something in her chinese psychology has been satisfied – the need for hierarchy to be established or something primitive akin to that.

          • TheBigWhite

            Yes, only faggots divorce, at least they share the same decadent values, that is, a fuck fest of self indulgency with no respect to family or anything else for that matter. As long it gives pleasure it’s ok, if it gets tough it’s better to run. “Till death do us part” what is so hard to understand about this? Aren’t you a weakminded faggot if you break your vows?

          • coala banana

            i see “only fagots divorce” ! yeah, REAL man beat their women to teach her some discipline ! It really takes some balls to live like that, …i give you that. Sounds shitty to me, but hey, if that makes you happy ?!

            I wouldn’t say “running from girls”…..i do change them frequently,but not cause i fear them. I change cause i feel bored after the 3rd or 4th time fucking her. Already played with all her holes, maybe the next step should be to fall in love and marry her ? Based on what ? Cause she sucked my cock and let me fuck her ass ? Another point would be that i am not ready to share my money with ANYONE ! I am like the chinese: money is number one ! But thats all we have in common ! While chinese set family and close friends on as number 2 and 3, in my world 2 and 3 are also occupied with: money ! after that comes long time nothing, then all the sexual pleasures, then all the animals incl insects, then again long time nothing…then SOME family members and close friends….then again nothing, and at the end at the lower end men and women….

          • mr. wiener

            I think your wife has issues. Got a friend with a wife just like her. good thing he teaches Wing Chung, the amount of times he’s told me she’s come at him with a knife. The ironic thing is she is a nusre, so if she really wanted to kill him, she’d be able to get hold of the means to do it surrepticiously with no problems. She just has poor impulse control and a real bad temper.He told me if the sex wasn’t so damn good he’d have left her tears ago.
            Not all wives are the same, maybe the odd “love tap” works with your wife, maybe it wouldn’t work with most. Sounds like you have a few hate issues to work out yourself. Good luck with that.

          • Little Wolf

            “Til death do us part” was written centuries ago when people died of old age at around….40 and thus they were only stuck together maybe 20 years and has no place in modern society no matter how much of a hopeless romantic you want to be.

  • britishmaster

    f22 j20 PAK50 all look similar because its the generic shape of a stealth fighter…

    • pervertt

      Fully agree. Design briefs that call for high speed and low radar signature are likely to yield very similar physical shapes. The same reason why F-1 cars look so similar at the start of each racing season, despite being developed in utmost secrecy by their respective teams.

  • lonetrey

    Imbeciles. Arresting a man because your government was too incompetent to have proper security. That’s just pathetic show of how you guys work. Hah, the great Chinese.

  • Dat Ankle

    He had it coming, he knows its a military base and he still uploaded it the internet? He deserves the sentence for being that stupid, though I doubt he had the intention of leaking state secrets.. But maybe China should locate their military bases where people cant pass by and see it in such plan site.

  • Pebble

    The main picture to this story is of an F-22 – not the J-20

    That’s an American plane not a Chinese one – Dow!

    China always stealing!

    • pervertt

      Well spotted, Pebble. The photo at the top is indeed that of an F-22, which has different shaped intakes compared to the J-20. There are also no visible canards which are found on the J-20. Using the height of the service personel to provide some sort of scale, the plane at the top is clearly a smaller aircraft compared to the J-20 which is considerably larger.

      As for stealing, who really knows? The Americans won’t admit that they lost sensitive fighter technology, and the Chinese will insist they developed this aircraft from scratch. But one thing is certain – the Chinese plane will be cheaper!

  • Li Peng

    Give credit where it is due.. This is better than the planes they build in Africa.

    • MrT

      Not uncommon world wide is it?
      People learn the hard way, ignorance of the law is no defense.(so Ive been told…)
      Chinese like to moan when they feck up and think there hard done to.

      Regards it looking like what ever else or copied , so what? If it works it works!
      Makes me more sick people bleating about that.

    • mr. wiener

      They build planes in Africa?
      With the exception of some of the training jets the SA govt used to build I didn’t know there was any military planes of note built in feizou.

  • 愛女者


  • coala banana

    what i do not understand and please correct me if i am wrong, but who says that the pics in this article actually show images this men has made that day ? The first pic looks very clear and symetrical, shot professionally ! I somehow doubt the he made them… why all the fuzz about this shit, and suddenly some became experts on military aviation and accusing china to steal foreign technology, when its questionable that the pics used in the article are most likely not made by him that day ?

    China might copy more then any other country, and yes, they do it sometimes in very obvious ways. But so are developed countries spying, stealing and copying shit from each others too.

    Are we now surprised even that IS the case ?

    Check out the Beijing Auto Show, do you think BMW wasn’t surprised that their chinese join-venture partner Brilliance had the balls to show an exact clone of the BMW X1, secretly assembled together and presented at the show ?? I can tell you, the BMW were pissed !

    How about Mercedes and their chinese partner BYD with their electronic car ? BYD fucked up everything, somehow couldn’t meet the deadline and Daimler was forced to come up in 4 weeks time with a sample car by themselves to save BYDs face !

    Or lets take the Mitsubishi Grandis, chinese came up with an exact copy, it can be assumed that Mitsubishi is pissed about that !

    Chinese manufacturer Geely, copied a Bentley ! But not just a Bentley, NO! they chose the top model Mulsanne !

    Or lets look at the chinese manufacturer Hawtai, they had the balls to present their own SUV, with a Porsche Cayenne chassis and a Jaguar front grill…..

    this are just some examples, but lets be clear about some things:

    1. ALL countries are stealing , lying and cheating ! while it can be argued that no other countries does that so obvious like the chinese, which will present it on front of your eyes with a big smile on their lips, thinking about themselves how smart they are !

    2. Western countries and companies do the same. Most of them steal technology from the germans, the USA included. There are famous examples where the US gov. has stolen german technology with help of their “Echolon” base in Bavaria, spying on all relevant industries, collecting data and providing their own industry with the results of their spy work.

    3. what i can’t get is how dumb/naive some western companies are. I worked in join venture programs with chinese and have businesses run in china. It took me not more then a couple of weeks to understand whats up. When people will understand that this folks have one main goal in life : making money ! That fucking top priority here. And it doesn’t matter how that is accomplished ! What matters is that it must be achieved fast, with as less effort possible. All means are welcomed ! They consider that: smart !

    can we blame them for that ? I for one would claim that things/actions can just be considered smart, as long as you can get away with it, even they are executed in crazy irresponsible ways. But the fact that many INDEED can get away with it, then yes, they ARE smart !……at least in the short run…! Just time can and will tell, if it was really smart to do certain things, and in the long run, i found it somehow doubtful ! ….

    • Alan

      while it can be argued that no other countries does that so obvious like the chinese, which will present it on front of your eyes with a big smile on their lips, thinking about themselves how smart they are !

      That is the big difference.

      But when the occasionally smarter and just as devious as them foreigner calls them out on it, they get all mad and start ranting.

      They don’t seem to like it when we play by their rules!

  • pervertt

    Where’s Hongjian when you need him?

    He will probably say the Americunts ‘stole’ post-WW2 technological secrets as well – germ warfare from the Japanese like evil Dr Shiro Ishii of Unit 731 and rocket technology from the Germans like Werner von Braun. Talk of a pact with the devil.

    Any country that insists on native research to develop new technology when it can acquire the same technology through insidious mean is either naive or plain stupid.

    • Andao

      it’s a she

  • What-a-joke

    This is typical of China – arrest people for taking pictures of crappy, copied military equipment that is sitting out in the open for everyone to see (and laught at).

    • quill

      unfortunately copy does not mean crappy, and what kind of aircraft that they are copied from exactly?
      what a joke you are

      • What-a-joke

        It’s 100% stolen technology from US stealth fighters, but this particular piece of shit is copied from the F-22 Raptor. Realistically it probably isn’t fully functional anyway and could be shot down by a US or UK plane from 25 years ago.
        I understand Chinese people have national pride in their military hardware but what I believe you fail to realize is just how far behind you are from the US and the UK.

        • Fuel>Fire (aka What-a-joke)

          True, an F-14 would blow this piece of crap out of the sky, and that plane was built in 1972.
          This is sort of like China’s “new” aircraft carrier – a retired rusty piece of crap from the Russians.

          [Note: Please do not use multiple identities.]

          • mr. wiener

            It’s not just the planes and avionics, it’s the whole package. AA missiles that work and are well maintained. Dedicated radar and anti radar AWACS. As well as experienced and well trained pilots. China might have the numbers and the planes, but in these other areas it is still catching up.

          • What-a-joke

            Chinese airforce = biting flies. Annoying but ultimately not very dangerous.

            I don’t want to sound mean or racist because I love my Chiense wife and her family, but if you guys had my knowledge and experience with aircraft you’d understand.

          • Capt. WED

            what-a-joke really like what? We’re all interested in hearing your stories.

            I think some of you guys spitefulness (probably wrong word more like disses) is overstated. I don’t think it would be a push-over against 1970’s technology (just like J-10 is not). It just doesn’t make any sense. As for the other crap stated I’m sure there are elites in the Chinese airforce that is a cut above the rest. Just just follows logically. Don’t underestimate your enemies. In a real war it’s all about out logistiking your opponent. In a fight the person with the most toys (even if they’re inferior) to play with (can keep on rebuilt it faster than the other guy) wins…

            BUt whatever, US has big/bigger penis for sure.

          • cc

            Don’t underestimate your enemies is very correct, I think if you go back in recent military history you will find quite a few so called super powers (and we all know who I mean) have had there arse whopped on quite a few occasions.

          • Fuel>Fire

            An F-14 would smoke that J-20, anyone that tells you any different either doesn’t know squat about fighter aircraft or is a member of the wu jioa club.

            Capt WED is a sarcastic idiot… must be British.

          • Capt. WED

            fuel>fire why do you say that? The J-20 would be a step up from the J-10 correct? Do you think the F-14 is more maneuverable than J-10? The F-14 was a great aircraft for it’s time, no doubt about it. But against modern fighters it would get shot down. How do you think the dog fight will go? For BVR sure it’s got AIM-54s. AIM-54s sounds really good on paper but has never proven it’self in combat. Plus it’s simply outdated technology (it’s older than AIM-120) so versus a J-20 given J-20’s head-on stealth capability this is not a fight the F-14 will win. It simply can’t see the J-20. That is assuming the damn thing actually works however why would it not? Since most of that stealth comes from the shape of the craft and rest of it comes from material science. Okay so maybe Maverick is flying that day and him and Iceman shoots down two J-20’s in a group of 4. That’s already fucking WIN WIN WIN! 1970’s tech defeating so called Fifth gen. fighters Hu Jin Tao is going #FML #FML. Then what happens after that? Let’s say Maverick and Icemen avoid getting their shit packed in by J-20’s BVR. Now they have 2 J-20s up close and personal… this is what happens (ran out of time sorry) next


            Long story short we just don’t really know it’s all speculations. However I will say going by the whole fighter generational thing we should just assume J-10 and J-20 ought to beat F-14 in a head-to-head scenario. If they fail then what is the point. Just pack up and go home.

          • Capt. WED

            seriously in a dog fight the J-20 will win simply because it’s more maneuverable. It’s canard-delta configuration makes it so. Plus can still maintain controlled flight with high AOA. In a dog fight both fighters maneuver to change their angular relationship, so with a high AOA this gives you super agility so you will be able to line your nose at your opponent’s rear at a faster rate. Even without high AOA the J-20 is still more maneuverable. with a trained pilot I do not doubt a more maneuverable aircraft will best the less maneuverable one.

          • Alan

            I read about the ex soviet carrier, believe it came from the Ukraine?

            Will give the russians/soviets this, for all the chinese backslapping about putting two men in space, they put an animal and a man (gagarin) in space long before.

            But all this chest beating fails to impress me, a country with a gdp lower than thailand and no world famous brands, isn’t one I’m overtly fearful of. Just my two yuan.

        • quill

          if it is 100% stolen technology from the US stealth how could it be easily shot down?? 100% technology means having exactly the same capabilities as the f22 raptor.
          do this plane already in service or this is just on the developing stage?

          everyone is fully aware that chinese military capabilities is still lagging behind. and to be honest i myself dont know about the capabilities of chinese armed forces as a whole.
          but my problem is with your logic that copy = crappy
          what is the definition of crappy here??

        • quill

          I read about the ex soviet carrier, believe it came from the Ukraine?

          Will give the russians/soviets this, for all the chinese backslapping about putting two men in space, they put an animal and a man (gagarin) in space long before.

          But all this chest beating fails to impress me, a country with a gdp lower than thailand and no world famous brands, isn’t one I’m overtly fearful of. Just my two yuan””

          and contrary to what you are saying now it is the US and westerner who make the big fuss out of the aircraft carrier china is actively acquiring technology everywhere, this aircraft carrier was never finished by the sovyet and is bought to examine about the technology but westerner are the one who make a big fuss out of it as if china is soon to send its navy and building military base everywhere

          and no china is the second largest gdp in the world and that is bigger that thailand

          • Alan

            Chinglish and utter rubbish.

            China is NOT the second largest gdp, and if we are having dick comparing contests the EU as a whole has a larger economy than China….try again!

            The royal navy can still project it’s power globally, can yours?

          • Alan


            Then why are many countries higher in that list there?

            To which kind of gdp are you referring?!

          • quill

            china is the second largest economy and that is the fact try again? try what??

            this is what i refer to

            then why there are not many countries higher here???

            The royal navy can still project it’s power globally, can yours?

            can what??? you did not even read my post.
            your westerner make a big fuss about china getting an aircraft carrier, while the fact is it is not at all a big deal.
            your western media propaganda speaking utter rubbish just like what your are doing here.
            and this is 2 yuan for you stop begging on the street

          • Alan
          • quill

            the map does not lie you do.


            you were, are and will always be a bitch

          • Alan

            It is not lying, it is a fact. Qatar is the wealthiest place, or at least one of them.

            You present your map, I present mine.

            You are just like your typical mainlander, arguing over the dog you are biting on with another flea. I expect you believe the phillipines belongs to China, don’t you?

          • Alan

            Your map is nominal gdp, not the type of gdp I am talking about. Use wikipedia, learn facts, there are different types.

            China is still poorer, in terms of salaries and at an invidual level than Thailand, and will never be anywhere near Qatar or Switzerland in terms of standard of living.

            Facts, undisputable facts. Nominal gdp my arse…if you are going to fart, at least don’t do it in my direction!!!

          • quill

            another typical stupid argument by westerner first you say that china can not built its own weapon because the gdp is lower than thailand and now qatar is the richest place, so how manyy aircraft has been build in qatar so far? and is qatar the most advanced in military tech in middle east?not even close.
            no i dont believe phillippine belong to china but US believed that so they had their military station there.

            you show your gdp per capita i show my gdp nominal which is more often shown in the news than yours, china has 1 billion more people of course per capita value is lower but the nominal value alone shows that china is gigantic in size and that is why european countries come to china today for financial help, if you are going to fart at least brush your teeth first so people can distinguish between your fart and your breath

  • Vonskippy

    “seriously damaging national defense and military security interests.”


    Um…it was OUT IN THE OPEN, meaning western satellites have already imaged in in higher resolution then the man taking pictures from the edge of the airport.

    • Alan

      True, how far to go?

      Blocking foreigners from downloading google earth?

      I seem to recall a submarine base/tunnel was mapped on google earth…afaik nothing was done about it?!

  • Hello

    this is just a small setup….trying to show what they really have….secret/confidential sites will never be as open as that a man can film with his phone..come on guys!! dont be fooled

  • terroir

    “In view of his voluntary guilty plea, display of regret, disability, the aforementioned sentenced was therefore rendered.”

    This story has a happy ending because Tiny Tim stood up at the end and said, “God bless us, each and every one of us Chinese! In order for optimal harmony, may we only steal from outsiders and not each other!”

  • pirx

    Anything that is within clear view of the public can’t possibly be called a state secret.

    If there are state secrets on public display, some serious disciplinary action should be the order of the day.

  • Rob

    hay dick head! why are you quoting top gun? its just a movie and where are the J 20S The aircraft used for the fictional MiG-29s are Northrop F-5E (single seat) and F (two seat) Tiger IIs, which were used by TOPGUN as aggressor aircraft.
    Go back to your video game young fella!

  • Rob

    It will be cheaper and it will be as reliable as everything made in China! NOT. will probly be like Russian aircraft and just fall from the sky! if it gets up.

    • donscarletti

      You are 47 and write like a child. Pitiful.

      And what do you know about Russian aircraft? Surely you are old enough to remember what Mig-21 did to the USAF in over Vietnam.

      • Rob

        My brothers Mrs is Russian and she even says there aircraft are nothing but boat anchors. Don’t try and justify that you have an air force, you have an analcousre!

        • donscarletti

          What is an “analcousre”? Also, did your brother get his Russian mail order bride from the same agency as your Chinese one? Sounds like he had more luck.

  • Chris N.

    There’s a whole english language blog dedicated to Chinese military stuff.

  • andywattbulb

    That is not a plane, that is a angry looking alien.

  • Duke

    Most developed countries wouldn’t need to steal this tech anyway. I don’t see the big deal. China is still trying to make it’s first generation stealth fighter. America is on it’s fifth generation. Unless it’s a third world country I don’t think anyone would be interested in stealing tech from China and if its a third world country they don’t have the money to make it. I say again, what’s the big deal?

  • Rob

    48 mate, fuck you people are stupid!

  • Rob

    Holy shit its true! everyone here says you are a fuckwit and you just keep proving it. Why don’t you just shut the fuck up! Go stick you r head up your arse!

  • Rob

    mate everything I said was true and she stopped hitting me the night I ask for divorce! she has lied to the police here and even they are sick of her,

  • Rob


    • mr. wiener

      Just a tip Rob, try using the red “reply” thingy at the bottom right hand side of the box.
      Also:don’t drink and type.

      • Rob

        hahaha thx dude. not drinking, you sound like my wife! just kidding. If I had just 1 beer i was drunk to her!

      • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

        “Also:don’t drink and type.”

        I was thinking the same thing. No offense Rob, we have all done it but no need to hear your life story, marriage woes and tales of knife abuse.

        If anything, put a naked photo of your wife as your avatar and I will be able to finally take my eyes off CC’s cunning stunt.

        • coala banana

          ” we have all done it but no need to hear your life story, marriage woes and tales of knife abuse.

          If anything, put a naked photo of your wife as your avatar and I will be able to finally take my eyes off CC’s cunning stunt.”

          i for one would like to hear more of such stories, makes me feel better about myself that i made the right decisions in life :-))

          but lets not be too fast assuming that the wife looks nice,we don’t know that yet, but yes, in case she looks nice, then i too would like to see an uncensored picture of her….

  • Hongjian

    So, didnt understand this news. Was that guy arrested because he took pics of the J-20 in Chengdu? Because, if he was, hundred of other Chinese plane-spotters and military enthusiasts – and also those who are inofficially invited to take pictures of prototypes – should also be lined up and shot. Not.

    Unlucky guy. Perhabs he was shooting something really really fucking classified, because the J-20 is in any case NOT classified, as her debut was pretty much an entirely internet viral marketing campaign by private plane-spotters and tolerated by the military.

    A reasonably good article about this enthusiast-govt. relationship regarding military matters:

    bottom line: I doubt that this guy was beaten because he took pics of the J-20. Maybe he took pictures of some new secret project, that still wasnt “inofficially declassified” by the military leadership. Or maybe it was, but those guards were just retarded and didnt knew it, and hence carried out their duties…

    Anyway, I’m happy about any weapons that helps China to kill americunts and their western lackeys and asian puppets, like the japs. And the J-20 heavy air-superiority fighter will be happy to rape a few Japanese AWACS, Tankers and ASW patrol birds in the future, because their fighter planes like the shitty, rusting and overaged F-15J and the horrendously overpriced and underperforming F-2 (american downgraded monkey models for export) are already falling from the skies by themselves.

    • donscarletti

      F-2 isn’t a downgraded F-15, it’s an upgraded F-16 and it’s not exported, it’s built in Japan.

      The F-2, like the F-16 is just a small, cheap, single engine multirole fighter. It is not an air superiority fighter and nobody is seriously expecting it to win against a Su-27/J-11, though it could blow pretty much anything else out of the sky.

      • Hongjian

        The F-15J is a downgraded F-15C without the sophisticated electronic warfare systems, and the F-2 is a plain joke and overpriced garbage (over 100 million a piece – rivaling the F-35, not cheap at all!) that is both too heavy (low thrust to weight ratio, uses the standard single F110 engines but for, like, twice the weight), has cracking wings (due to weight and low wing-surface vs its intended payload) and is simply a F-16 turned into a half-asses anti-shipping platform (hell, who the fuck would think of this?!) designed to carry Harpoons and other anti-warship stuff, which is straining the F-16 platform to its limits. In a bad way.

        And the worst thing yet: The J/APG-1 AESA radar the japanese are so proud of, is garbage as well. It may be actively electronically steered (the first one to be introduced back then in the world), but it has a bad architecture that only allows it to have, like, 40km maximum range. And 40km isnt “Beyond Visual Range” at all! It’s just shit. Even the terribad Phazotron N001 Twisted-Cassegrain Pulse Doppler Radar on the first imported Su-27SK and basic version J-11, has a longer range of 105km at least.
        No wonder that back then in 2009, two Chinese PLAAF J-10A drove out a flight of three F-2’s over the Diaoyu Islands. The KJL-10/Type 1473 planar array pulse-doppler radars (120km range) on the J-10A’s repeadedly locked on the F-2’s while they couldnt even see from which direction they came from. Not to mention, the J-10A’s higher thrust-to-weight ratio and their high-agility design (delta canard) would also give them an edge in a dogfight… In the end, the Japanese F-2’s headed back to base and ceded the airspace for the Chinese J-10A’s – all that could go wrong, did go wrong for the Japanese, who sent fatty anti-shipping Falcons against China’s premiere air-superiority fighters at that time.

        And with the J-20, it wont be any different. All those people who claim it being not an air-superiority fighter and speaking about it being a stealth bomber, forget, that the J-20 is just about the size and lenght of one of the most maneuvreable heavy-fighters in the world: The Su-27 Flanker – or the J-11 in Chinese service:

        With it having a delta-canard configuration and a fuselage that is both big enough to carry large weapons and to act as lift-surface, it also has an outstanding maneuvrebility.
        All that it needs is only to have its intended WS-15 engines with RCS reducing features and supercruise ability, to get into front-line service, which is estimated in 2015.

        • pervertt

          The link you provided shows a good comparison between the J-20 and its closest rivals. The overhead plan view shows just how different the J-20 is from the F-22 that it is so often compared to. Front on, they look very similar, but from top, the 2 planes are doufu and cheese.

          Large size alone though has never been an advantage in an air superiority fighter. It might allow you to carry a bigger payload and fly further but it also makes you a bigger and more easily detectable target. Canards and vector thrusting are the aero equivalent of 4 wheel steering in a car – they are complicated things and can only do so much to improve the agility of a large aircraft. Everything else being equal, a smaller, lighter and more nimble fighter will usually out-perform a bigger and heavier one in a dogfight.

          • Capt. WED

            all those fighters are about the same size. Actually it depends on the design they’re going for. For these so called 5th gen. fighters they all have maneuverability. BTW high AOA and thrust vectoring are two different things. thrust vectors give you more control in departed flight but it’s not the same as high AOA. All these 5th gen all have high aerodynamic agility since that’s a prereq. for supermaneuverability. Plus the canard-delta thing will make it more maneuverable than one without it but at the expense of stealth.

            Still until the J-20 is actually finishes development we just won’t know and that’s a few years off.

            T-50/J-20 vs F-22, F-22 wins. The rest vs. F-35? Hmmm…

          • donscarletti

            Large size also leads to 1) higher speed 2) bigger radar. There is a reason why the Su-27/J-11/Su-30 is absolutely huge and the F-15 and F-22 are not much smaller. These big two engine jets can’t outturn a little F-16 in a dogfight, but can get a lock on, launch a missile and blow it out of the sky before turning becomes an issue.

          • Capt. WED

            well you may be right. F-16 has very good sustained turning rates.

            The thing is if f-16 can employ the fire missiles then turn away tactics so can other fighters.

          • Capt. WED

            Oh I read that wrong.

            It’s generally assumed the west has a technology advantage over russian aircrafts although with su-27 etc they are caught up. Look how many years it took for them to do that?

    • quill

      so is this j20 already in service or still in its developing stage?

  • typingfromwork

    Maybe they shouldn’t have put the aircraft in plain fucking view of everyone then.

    Anyway, real spies already know much more than some 1 minute fuzzy video can capture.

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  • AnonymousPh

    He Said He Was very Excited to see it Close-up,Cause its the FIRST TIME! for him to See Airplanes,Wew! a Disabled Person,Who had his FIRST TIME to See Military Jets. Pity,, I Pity that person. You Must be Responsible of Hiding your Secrets and Not Blaming it On A Disabled Person, Your Very IRRESPONSIBLE! yeah Sure your a Communist, You Dont Have The Heart to Forgive, And You Take Lives, Seeing This News Strucks My Heart. Youre’ Not Worth it. Laughable..You Consider this as CLASSIFIED?? Well You Have Been Copying From Other People[Countries]. YOu dont Have The Right to own it, You Always Copy,And You Always Will, Chinese COPYCATS! The Ones I Hate Very Much!

  • Another Jon

    Amazing… the first photo looks almost identical to a photo of the USAF F-22 Raptor..
    Looks like the U.S. doesn’t need to spy on this aircraft since it is a copy anyway. Maybe that is the secret lol!!

  • Mao’s Dong


    The Chinese have no qualms about hacking the Pentagon and Lockheed-Martin 50,000 times per diem, yet some ‘meh’ video of their 20-year-old stealth tech is a state secret! xD

  • jerryz51

    Some comments:

    “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!”: Charles Caleb Colton, nearly 200 years ago. Colton must have had the Chinese in mind! Imagine that. China & the PLA copying our F22 stealth designs? Who ever would have thunk that! So much for Chinese creativity.

    The US and Canada are a little crazy, too, about about releasing “sensitive” documents/pictures to the public. Just check the Patriot Acts I & II.

  • Mighty

    The plane in the main photo is that of a F-22 Raptor with the F-16 in the background. Yeah, I care!