Chinese Mourning Mao Zedong’s Death in 1976

Chinese mourning Mao Zedong in September 1976.

From iFeng:

1976 September 9th Mao Zedong dies, grief throughout China

1976 September 9th, 10 minutes past the midnight, Mao Zedong departed from this world. September 18th, representatives from the capital and other regions of the country paid their last respects to Chairman Mao. Textile women in the capital, when faced with the remains of Chairman Mao, cried in deep grief.

Chinese mourning Mao Zedong in September 1976.

Students hearing the news that Mao had passed away weeped bitterly. (Photographed by Jiang Shaowu)

Chinese paying their respects to Chairman Mao Zedong.

1976 September 11th, representatives in the People’s Liberation Army paid their respects to the remains of Mao Zedong.

Representatives of Chinese ethnic minorities mourning the death of Mao Zedong.

September, 1976, ethnic minority representatives paid their respects to the remains of Mao Zedong, mourning the death of a leader.

Ethnic minority representatives mourning the death of Mao Zedong in 1976.

September, 1976, ethnic minority representatives attending Mao Zedong’s memorial service.

Chinese people gathered to mourn the passing of Mao Zedong.

1976 September 18th, millions of people in the capital attended the memorial service of Mao Zedong.

Chinese mourning Mao Zedong's death in September 1976.

September, 1976, people in the capital mourned with deep grief for the death of Mao Zedong.

Chinese mourning Mao Zedong's death in September 1976.

1976 September 17th, people from all circles started to pay their last respects to the remains of Mao Zedong.

Chinese mourning Mao Zedong's death in September 1976.

1976 September 18th, millions of people in the capital attending Mao Zedong’s memorial service.

Chinese mourning Mao Zedong's death in September 1976.

1976 September, ethnic minority representatives paid their respects to the remains of Mao Zedong, mourning Mao Zedong.

Chinese mourning Mao Zedong's death in September 1976.

1976 September 9th, Mao Anqing [Son of Mao Zedong] and Mao Xinyu [Grandson of Mao Zedong] set up a mourning hall for Chairman Mao.

Chinese mourning Mao Zedong's death in September 1976.

1976 September, people of Shaoshan [hometown of Mao Zedong] mourning the death of Mao Zedong.

Masses of Chinese people mourning the death of Mao Zedong in 1976.

1976 September 9th, people of Zhaotong mourning the death of great leader and mentor Mao Zedong.

Chinese people and mourning wreaths following Mao Zedong's death in September 1976.

1976 September 9th, people of Zhaotong mourning the death of great leader and mentor Mao Zedong.

Chinese soldiers mourning the death of former Chinese leader Mao Zedong.

September, 1976, troops in Heilongjiang participating in the mourning of the death of Mao Zedong as led by Her of the Battle of Zhenbaodao Island Leng Pengfei [front row, first on the right).

Chinese mourning Mao Zedong's death in September 1976.

1976 September 18th, in Harbin of Heilongjiang province, 500,000 people gathered in the People’s Stadium of Harbin, holding a memorial service for the death of great leader and mentor Chairman Mao Zedong. This is just one corner of the stadium.

Shanghainese people wearing black armbands in mourning following Mao Zedong's death in September 1976.

1976 September, a Shanghai theatre hung a banner mourning Mao Zedong, as city residents wearing black armbands filed in.

Shanghainese people wearing black armbands in mourning following Mao Zedong's death in September 1976.

1976 September, a fruit and vegetable market in Shanghai, where city residents wore black armbands in mourning of Mao Zedong’s death.

Tiananmen Square following the death of Mao Zedong in 1976.

1976 September, the solemn atmosphere of Tiananmen Square after Mao Zedong’s death.

Chinese students and teachers mourning the death of Mao Zedong.

1976 September, various Changsha primary and middle school teachers and students at a mourning hall to mourn Mao Zedong.

Chinese people in Shanghai wearing white clothes and black armbands in mourning of Mao Zedong's passing.

1976 September, soon after Mao Zedong’s death, at a Shanghai breakfast stall, city residents wearing white clothes and black armbands.

Chinese near Changsha organizing themselves to mourn Mao Zedong's death.

People around Changsha proactively organized a mourning group and came to Qingshuitang to mourn the death of Mao Zedong.

Hong Kong residents watching news of Mao Zedong's death at a television store.

1976 September, Hong Kong residents gathered at a shop watching news of Mao Zedong’s death on television.

Portraits of Mao Zedong in front of the Chinese embassy in Paris, France following the Chinese leader's death.

1976 September 9th, in Paris, France, 200 people gathered in front of the Chinese Embassy in France to mourn the death of Mao Zedong.

A Japanese girl cries in Tokyo while mourning Mao Zedong's death.

1976 September 10th, in Tokyo, Japan, a Japanese girl cried when mourning Mao Zedong.

Comments from iFeng:


Chairman Mao, people will always remember you!


Don’t cry, and you might be condemned as a counterrevolutionary.


In those times, millions died unnatural deaths…


Sad story! Cups!


Chairman Mao is forever with the workers, farmers and all laborers.


Recalling that crazy age.


The second picture, does that look like real crying?




Hahaha interesting.


After 40 years of slander from the authorities/officials, there are now waves upon waves of “Mao Zedong fever”. What does this tell us?


In his heart was the people!


So similar, that crazy time period!


The Major General [Mao’s grandson Mao Xinyu] was quite good looking when he was small.


What do you mean by digging these out?

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  • one9eightfour

    very little smog on those pictures

    • What was China’s GDP like back then?

    • staylost

      I wonder what the periodontal decay was like at that time. It is a huge problem here right now. I’m not just talking about bad breath, I’m talking about serious swelling and infection.

      Just getting on a city bus in China the smell of the heavy rotting mouth overwhelms you. But the diet at that time probably would have been healthier for teeth having much lower sugar content (and much lower nutritional content overall because of Maofat).

    • Mansu Musa

      You forgot to claim the sofa.

  • andywattbulb

    Mao killed 3 times more of his own people than Hitler did. I would cry too. 1st picture with the students: are they having a Mao-gasm?

    • 山炮 ShanPao

      comparing Mao to Hitler is a sign of sheer stupidity and ignorance that is reminiscent of a high schooler just starting to come to terms with politics and the world.

      “The norm by which any collective undertaking has to be judged is, it was argued, the number of deaths it causes. If that really were the case, the huge colonial genocides and massacres, the millions of deaths in the civil and world wars through which our West forged its might, should be enough to discredit, even in the eyes of ‘philosophers’ who extol their morality, the parliamentary regimes of Europe and America.” – Alain Badiou

      • B-real

        Shan Pao shut the fuck up. No pandering around this one. The Chinese are just as fucked for even still worshiping people like this. Ideology is one thing but his and others like his organization were grossly negligent all in the name to project a political agenda. The party and Mao as it stood then and as it stands now were and is the exact representation of what to fear about the populace of mainland China.

        • 山炮 ShanPao

          Oh dear B-Real… I am got tired of cleaning up after your shit so I took a break from ChinaSMACK and the millisecond I am back your festering troll dick has tried to penetrate another dead seagull. Once again you fail to fucking understand a base point. I was not defending Mao in any fucking way, I am just tired of fuck-knuckles who compare him to Hitler like its some fucking good comparison. Fact is, its fucking bullshit and any fucking one with a fucking foot in the door of any fucking university would fucking know throwing around shit like that is just fucking wank.

          “oh yeah Mao… that guy was worse than Hitler” (speaker feels clever and enlightened)

          FUCK OFF B-Real, ma se poes

          • mankouzanghua

            that comment gets the ManKouZangHua Award for Language. Fuckin’ well played sir!

          • BIGCAD

            Agreed, Hitler is a poor comparison, as he didn’t kill his own; we should look at Stalin and Mao emulator Brother Number One, other true world leaders striving for the elimination of their own people. Mao comes first in terms of mega-deaths but I think Pol Pot owns Mao in regards to percentage of population killed.

            Mao may not have pulled the trigger but his stupidity, shortsightedness and opportunistic backstabbing to paraphase one netizen resulted in millions dying unnatural deaths… much like Stalin and then Pol Pot who followed.

          • Rod

            “your festering troll dick has tried to penetrate another dead seagull”

            True poetry.

      • Here’s your wu mao.

        Keep that in mind folks, if you, your family or your country has ever done anything wrong in their lives, it renders your ability to judge right and wrong completely null and void.

        Is it possible your great, great, great grandparents owned slaves? BOOM! You can’t judge (despite the generations between you and the crime or massive change in social standards and education).

        Is it possible that your great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandparents pushed Aboriginals off their land? BOOM! No morality for you!

        Did you great grandparents or grandparents fight in either World War? BOOM! They’re murderers and you have that blood on your hands as well.

        How dare anyone forget the “Western Guilt” that is passed down from generation to generation?!?

        Trying to pretend that colonialism from more than 150 years ago or a world war between democracy and fascism is even remotely comparable to totalitarian cruelty and slaughter is a sign of sheer stupidity and ignorance that is reminiscent of a high schooler just starting to come to terms with politics and the world.

        “Some quote I found that I’m using to make my point for me that can’t be impugned because it is a quote and therefore from a famous person and old, hence the impunity and pretension I use it with.” – Elijah (Dec. 22 2011)

        • 山炮 ShanPao

          What the fuck are you talking about? I am a South African WHITE who lives under BLACK persecution because people do think I am responsible for what some old racist cunt did before I was born. you think I don’t agree with what you just said?

          learn to read.

          • Let’s turn your question around and ask “What are the fuck are you talking about?”

            You vehemently disagree that Hitler and Mao should be compared than give us a quote that when condensed reads :

            “We judge things by how many died. Therefore all the killing done in the name of Western civilization renders any morality coming from Western civilization discredited and bankrupt.”

            If you were disagreeing based on historical accuracy, then I’d agree with you. But the quote used is either saying that because German is considered part of Western civilization and Nazi Germany was pretty shitty, then that means that Westerners can’t judge…… OR it says that because Western civilization has committed genocide or cruelty before, then that means that Westerners today have no right to judge.

            Either way you go with that quote, it says that people from a Western civilization do’t have the right to judge (either from the Nazi part or colonial part or whatever).

            Seeing as how I’ve proven I can read (and write! Gold star for me!!!) I’d ask that you prove you can understand your own quote or at least the ability to use quotes…

            As for the Apartheid thing, it’s amazing how the pendulum swings back and forth without either side realizing the pattern eh?

          • 山炮 ShanPao

            uhhh Elijah the quote just provides perspective. It says “IF” we were to apply the same rule to the west then we could compare any fuckface to Hitler and say its a good comparison. So no, you failed to read the point.

            Second of all, you know nothing about Apartheid. Firstly, it no longer exists. Secondly, it does not exist because the white man (yes the fucking white man) voted against its continuation bringing an end to its disgusting reign. Hence, Mandela was able to forgive the white man and the white man was able to forgive Mandela (yes… he ‘killed’ a lot of people too – can we use B-real and Andy Watt Bulbs comparison to Hitler – no we fucking cant… don’t be ridicules.) So basically your point about us both not realising the pendulum effect is ridicules – we did and we ended it together. What goes on now is excuse making by the ANC who blame the whites for everything whilst doing nothing about the thousands of starving and aids infected people in my country… it has nothing to do with black and white… it has everything to do with the privileged elite (who happen to be black.)

            Sorry FAUNA for diverging from China topic for bit but some people need a bit of educating on the wider picture before they can relate goings on in China to goings on elsewhere.

          • 1. Did I say Apartheid was still ongoing? No. I referenced it because it was based on racism towards blacks by the white “elite” and the way the pendulum has swung the other way. Now, as you say, racism towards the whites by the black “elite”. Simple enough…

            2. You didn’t explain the quote until AFTER Kong showed up, despite having a number of occasions to do so. Instead you decided to ask “what the fuck?” and get ManKouZangHua’s “Award For Language”… Perhaps if you used a quote in context or with an extrapolation, then there wouldn’t be an issue.

            3. Either way you cut it, the quote isn’t applicable. If it’s taken as truth, it still wouldn’t mean you couldn’t compare the two (as explained in my other comments). If it’s taken as false, then there’s absolutely no use for it in your original comment (as pointed in my comments).

            Pretty sure I’ve covered the bases… Do I get another gold star or what?

          • Michael

            So, a Mao apologist and a racist all at once. Quelle surprise…

          • 山炮 ShanPao

            1. Highlight one piece of text in which I denied anything Mao did or even for that matter mentioned anything Mao did? You missed the points.

            2. Highlight another piece of text where I said anything of a racist nature? I grew up amongst racism, it disgusts me. I cant see any racism here… please enlighten me.

        • Although, I’ll be ind and throw you a bone….

          Comparing Hitler and Mao, while similar, is not entirely correct. True, they both gave orders and spread “ideology” (hate hate hate, except me, love me) that resulted in the murders/deaths of countless millions.

          However, Hitler was fighting against what he perceived to be the enemies of the Aryan Nation (Jews, Gypsies, handicapped, etc.) and engaged in slaughter with fairly specific guidelines (kill all the Jews, Gypsies, handicapped, etc. leave the Aryans).

          Mao, on the other hand, gave orders that killed anyone and everyone without any targeting anyone or anything specific. On top of that, he slaughtered his own people that he swore up and down that he represented and strove to make a better world for.

          So the sad difference is that the biggest difference to Hitler and Mao is that Hitler loved the Aryan Nation, whereas Mao disdained and held the chinese nation in contempt beneath him.

          A true scholar would point out that Stalin is much more similar to Mao… Except Stalin “only” got 40,000,000 or so of his own countrymen and Mao got more than 60,000,000 of his own countrymen. They both beat out Hitler, Pol Pot, the Korean Kims and even Ghengis motherfucking Khan…

          *The More You Know*

          • 山炮 ShanPao

            So basically comparing Mao to Hitler is a dud root… just because the geezer killed some people doesnt mean he has anything to do with another geezer who killed someone ey?

            and so we’re back to my original post.

            Cheers and peace out.

          • Yes and no, obviously, each of us are a special and unique snowflake and all that crap, so there will always be distinctions, but I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that grouping Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao, the Korean Kims, Stalin etc. all in together is acceptable.


            Kind of like how Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer are both serial killers, except Ted liked the college girls to fuck and then kill, whereas Jeffrey enjoyed teenage boys to fuck, kill and then eat…… It’s those differences that makes us all so ‘special’.

            My point still remains, your quote is not only useless in this debate, but the content of it is ridiculous in the extreme.

            Which brings us back to my original post.

          • Kong

            The quote ShanPao used does not imply that Westerners have no right to claiming morality. I can see where you might have gotten that, but a careful reading will show a different meaning. The quote rather says that judging things by the mere number of deaths is NOT how it should be done, precisely because it does NOT differentiate between Hitler, Mao, Mugabe, Bush Jr., World Bank/IMF, etc. The quote says that people DO use the number of deaths all the time, but that it is NOT right because it only presents a distortion.

          • You’re absolutely right Kong, thank God someone pointed that out.

            It was a quote that was ill-used and not explained.

            In any case, thanks for the input.

          • anon

            Elijah, you still don’t understand the quote ShanPao used. Let me rephrase it for you:

            It was argued that any “collective undertaking” must be judged by the number of deaths it causes. If so, then the huge colonial genocides and massacres, the millions of deaths in the civil and world wars that the West caused to forge the West’s might (power) should be enough to discredit the parliamentary regimes of Europe and America, even in the eyes of the “philosophers” who enthusiastically praise the “morality” of European and American parliamentary regimes.

            The point is that there are logical problems or moral hazards in judging things by the number of deaths caused, which has become the norm. It’s saying that if we use that measure (number of deaths caused), and continue to accept its use as a norm, then it poses rhetorical problems for the West because the West can also be judged by the number of deaths it has caused. The quote is suggesting that we judge things by another measure.

            Your comments repeatedly demonstrate that you don’t understand that at all, so you complimenting and thanking Kong as if he pointed out something you either knew or were trying to argue is nothing but a mind-boggling desperate attempt to save face.

            I think ShanPao posted the quote in response to andywattbulb because andywattbulb premises his comment with the argument that Mao killed 3x more people than Hitler did. ShanPao is just commenting on the wisdom of judging things by the number of deaths caused.

            You launched into a tirade rehashing the indignation we Westerners often have when confronted with with the defense that we can’t judge others for doing something because we’ve done the same before. But that was NOT what ShanPao was saying. You misunderstood and then flew off the handle writing paragraphs upon paragraphs arguing against something no one was arguing.

            ShanPao’s use of the quote was not “ill-used” nor did it need explaining. But if you felt it needed explaining, you probably should’ve asked ShanPao first instead of arguing with an imaginary opponent.

          • 山炮 ShanPao

            Elijah, Kong just spoke against the very point you were making. For my explanation, its very clearly posted in my last comment responding to the “what the fuck are you talking about?” remark.

            It seems you and B-Real are the only ones who could not grasp the quote for what its worth… simply an assertion that comparing someone by the numbers they killed is weak and holds no bearing. I was speaking in defence of the West, commenting that the achievements of Western Democracy would be flawed by the very stance andywattbulb took unto Hitler and Mao.

          • @Anon: Yes, I did understand the point Kong was making, but that wasn’t the way that Shan was making it out to be (despite him piping up after Kong did).

            Please go back to the original comment made and re-read it. There was no context to the quote except ShanPo throwing out ad hominem attacks about not comparing Hitler and Mao. Again it was an ill-used quote that wasn’t expanded upon except by Kong and I.

            Even IF we accept the quote as valid (which isn’t necessarily true for either interpretation) it still doesn’t comprehensively cover the full spectrum of the different histories and evolutions of the various civilizations.

            However, I also refuted the point the quote was making when I pointed out that grouping the various genocidal dictators is acceptable, because they are similar (as further referenced by the serial killer comment posted before Kong joined in).

            So in effect, I disagreed with and refuted both possible iterations of the quote used as well as the usage.

            But thanks for coming in with your absolute knowledge and justice… The internet NEEDS you. Fly! Fly to the next worthy cause! Godspeed!

          • 山炮 ShanPao

            Shit your pathetic. I didnt explain my quote as early as you had expected because it was not apparent how fucking retarded you were at that time. I couldn’t see how you misunderstood it… I thought it was very clear the first time I read it – that’s coming from someone who’s second language is English… it would also seem several others understood it clearly but you seem so sure of your own reading of it. Why would I initially think to explain something so fucking obvious? Your subsequent reaction to explanations given by me, anon and Kong show blatant face saving on your part and you should know better than to try and dig yourself out of a hole (you’ll end up in China.) To me and everyone else you look like a spider caught in the web you spun for yourself to feed on. You got caught out and your fucked. All you can do is sit there and deny your own stupidity until A. a bigger predator comes along and munches the fuck out of you or B. You starve to death in your lonely abyss of nothingness.

            Read it again… I am not arguing with you throughout the whole discussion. I am making an argument against andywattbulb’s comparison and that is all. As others have pointed out you are talking about something completely different. Still not quite sure how I have rubbed you up the wrong way but the consensus seems to be you cant fucking read.

            You didnt like my first quote… big deal. here is another:

            “No persons are more frequently wrong, than those who will not admit they are wrong.”
            Francois de la Rochefoucauld

            Cheers and peace out!

          • lol

            This is funny..shanpao didn’t feel like explaining himself because he thought you were intelligent, Elijah. I got his meaning from the first reading.

          • Feces Masticator

            Proposed solution:

            1. Take the number of local citizens that died during the time someone was in power.

            2. Divide that number by the number of years that person was in power. Now you have have a “average number of deaths per year”.

            3. Divide the “average number of deaths per year” by the population of the country. This gives you the average percentage of the population that died per year under a particular ruler.

            4. Compare heads of state.

            A previous quote that came up suggested that comparing people based on number of deaths was not a great way to do things, and illustrated that point by saying the West has killed many people in colonialism and wars. But we aren’t trying to compare geographic locales over many years to individual people. So whoever first posted that is a mega-retard.

          • 山炮 ShanPao

            yeah because applying formulae to something always makes perfect sense and brings us proof and durability.

            FUCKING HELL… what century are we in?

            BACK to FUCKING school…. cuntwank.

              5   ┏━━━━━━━┓    1
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            ┃老子手贱┃ ┗━━━┳━━━┛ ┃误入此处┃

          • This is silly. First of all, it’s meaningless to say “Mao killed 60 million people”. You’re counting everyone who died in famines. According to this logic, queen Victoria was responsible for killing god knows how many millions through the Irish potato famine. It is not the same as killing people directly by putting them in a concentration camp opr having them executed.

            Mao zedong came to power in a backward country which had neve had a democratically elected government. Some great disasters happened under his rule, which he can be blamed for, and some good things as well. Some of the ideals he upheld were progressive for the time and place.

            Hitler established a dictatorship in one of the world’s most advanced countries, which was already a liberal democracy. His ideals were all extremely regressive even by the time’s standards. He singled out specific minorities for extermination, which Mao certainly never did, and he was extremely aggressive towards all other countries in a way which Mao wasn’t.

            Hitler is by all means an entirely negative figure, while with Mao it is less certain.

          • moop

            jixiang you’re a turd. mao is certainly a valid target for such criticisms. he knowlingly sold rice to foreign countries while his people starved. his policies exaacerbated the famine. his assault on intellectuals led to many of the cultural problems today

      • Dan Danger

        Right, Mao was much worse than Hitler.

      • PBJAM

        Comparing Mao to Hitler is not stupid at all. I can compare the tastes of spagetti vs. ice cream. I might say they are both really good tastes, while others might say they like one and not the other, while even others might say they don’t like either. I understand you not agreeing with out they interpreted the comparison, but the comparison itself was not stupid. I must, however, agree with andywattbulb. Mao Zedong, though different in some ways, were very much alike.

        Examples of their differences include their countries (obviously), their political views, and their views of the people. Hitler grew up very differently than Mao. For example, Hitler was a Christian. This could have led to his hatred for Jews. I am a Christian, and I have nothing at all against Jews, but many Jewish people will argue that Christians distorted their religion by adding Jesus and the New Testament. Hitler most likely felt hostile towards them for this reason. He was also born a natural leader. It has been said that one of his elementary school teachers reported his love for power and being in charge or above his fellow classmates. Mao, on the other hand, most likely had a very different lifestyle (I don’t know a whole lot about his life before his leadership). They also had very different political beliefs. Many people believe Hitler was a communist, but he was, in fact, a socialist. Mao, being a communist, would have hated Hitler (and vise versa) because communism and socialism are rival ideas. When Hitler killed people, he killed out of his hatred for dark haired/skined people as well as Jews. Mao, on the other hand, killed anyone who showed any sign of disliking him. This, I believe, is why Mao killed so many more people than Hitler–his target was bigger.

        Though very different, the Hitler and Mao were also very similar. Both men, obviously, killed thousands of people, but Mao killed far more than Hitler. Even only during his Cultural Revolution, Mao doubled the number of deaths under Hitler. Do not misunderstand what I am saying here: all the deaths caused by Hitler were many and were all very sad and tragic, but nonetheless, Mao still killed more. Throughout his entire reign, Mao over tripled the deaths caused by Hitler. In short, both men were oppressive and ruthless rulers.

        I do not know as much about the propaganda of Hitler, if there was any, but I do know quite a bit about Mao’s propaganda. He told his people how great of a leader he was, even as he was killing off their family and friends. He taught them to go against everything China once stood for (ex: traditional family ways) and turn towards the rising communist party. He lied to his people and poluted their minds. I have recently talked with a former citizen of China who lived under Mao Zedong’s rule. He, after having lived in America for over 20 years now, is terrified to say anything bad about Mao Zedong out of fear of his words reaching China. When talking about the millions of deaths Mao caused, he said he had never heard of any such a thing caused by his “god” Mao. To this day, this poor man lives in fear of his dead leader. This is what Mao did to his people. In our society, we cannot imagine anything worse than being stripped of our money and our material goods. But what if you were stripped of your own mind, your own thoughts? What if you had to keep your mind prisoner because you were so afraid of what words might cause to come out of your mouth? This is what Communist Revolutionary Mao Zedong did to his people. Not only did he take their money and possessions, but he also stole their minds and their words, plunging them into the ultimate poverty.

        Both Mao Zedong and Hitler were killers and neither of them deserved the tears shed at the time of their deaths.

    • dawei

      Mao killed 3 times more of his own people than Hitler did. I would cry too. 1st picture with the students: are they having a Mao-gasm?

      Over twice as many people worldwide die of accidents every year than from violence, war, murder, and suicide combined.

      Those bastards.

      /Useless statistic is useless

      • Dat Ankle

        The topic they’re discussing are about the number of deaths by the dictator who ruled the country during his time. Bring up accidently death to compare who outkilled a greater deal is extreme dense of you. Pay attention to the conversation.

  • Handburglar

    Hmmm, looks quite familiar.


  • GodsHammer

    Who amongst us would have NOT worn a black armband in those days? WHo amongst us would not be at least pretending to mourn Kim Jong Il if we were Koreans in North Korea?
    You’re mourn if you’re smart.
    Cry all day and go to sleep giggling. ;)

    • Unless there’s a telescreen in your room and you’re afraid the Ministry of Love might be watching comrade.

      Actually, in all seriousness you’re absolutely right. Still pathetic how true Orwell wrote.

  • sean chapman

    Mao killed more people than Stalin or Hitler and cost China 50 years delay in becoming a modernized country. It’s amazing o me that most Chinese still idolize this guy.

    • Alan

      Explains a lot of the nationalism, eh, Sean?

      Why don’t they idolize say, Li Feng, but that would mean worshipping someone with compassion…mei banfa, go with the flow!

      • Luke H

        Alan, I like how you claim to understand the character of a guy who died more then a millennium ago (lol, how the fuck would you know anything about his compassion) and how you also enjoy generalizing over 1.36 billion people.

    • Zhuangzi

      It is amazing. It shows you how bloody good a propagandist he was. And I do mean bloody.

    • Xiongmao

      I don’t know if you’re in China “Sean” but I can guarantee you that most Chinese don’t idolize Mao. You’ll see people who never went to high school say many good things about the guy, but only because they never went past the semi-bull/semi-truth story the children still are fed in primary school. As soon as you go up to high school anything about Mao is toned down considerably and at university people are fairly free to say and discuss whatever they want about him, and it’s not good things mostly.

    • Again, Chinese people just don’t see it that way. The truth is that when Mao came to power the country was in tatters, and by the time he left there was a good basic infrastructure including things like railways and roads, and at least some industry had developed as well. Plus if he was only in power 30 years, how can he have caused a 50 year delay?

  • Anon

    Wow, Mao Xinyu has been a fat fuck for a long time.

    • dim mak

      Haha.. exactly what I was gonna say

    • Patrick

      It’s funny that he’s instantly recognizable.

    • DanO

      GOD, he’s been an oinker his entire life

      • mr. weiner

        And his dad Mao Anqing looks kind of….well did Mao marry his cousin or something?

        • Young Man

          He was mentally disabled- some people say he smacked on the head by Guomindang police when he lived in Shanghai. He did fight in the Soviet Army against the Nazis though- his brother was killed in the Korean War. Guess Mao didn’t give a shit about his kids.

          Ah, but ‘the people were the centre of his heart’ as the wumao would say.

          • I went to Shaoshan a few times, once I caught the bus out and was stared at really close range by what I thought was just the local village idiot (one of the many). Maybe he was related to Mao? Grandson perhaps? The idiot wasnt a fat little piggie though so maybe just one of Maos bastards.

    • At least they did not create the dynasty of Mao (like in North Korea).

  • Taargus

    forced fake mass-mourning for a murderer. i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again…asians are a weird breed.

    • Check out the Russians crying after Stalin popped his clogs. No, they’re “crying” (I mean, really, how many look convincing?) out of fear.

    • DRaY

      Asians are a weird breed???? Its human nature I would assume… Euro fags have done it as well, for centuries crying over their inbred leaders, or monarchy as some call them. Its easy to talk about how ignorant people are from the comfort of your own home, but if you were in the USSR or in Nazi Germany and were in a similar situation you would cry your ass off, because you would either be a complete puppet, or be afraid of the repercussions…..please stop your bullshit!!! Even Americans are becoming brainwashed …. but that’s another story for later……

      • mr. weiner

        Thank you for introducing me to the new sensation of agreeing with you 100%.

      • Marsvin

        “Even Americans”? They’re the new world leaders in deranged cult of personality now that ol’ Kim kicked the bucket ^^

      • cheong


        hear, hear, totally agree with you.

        Without Mao, The KMT would have ruled China
        Without Mao, China will not be what it is today.

        But of course, last but not least
        Without Premier Deng,
        China will not really, really really be what it is today.

        Quote: it does not matter, if it is a black cat or a white cat, as long as it catches the rat, then it is a good cat.

        A lot of China’ bashings & alot more “F” words, well irrespective of what,
        China will progress, in the course of it, many will be left behind & sacrificed.

        We all Chinese will be most willing to sacrifice for the sake of the motherland.
        In my case, it should be my ancestor motherland.

        To understand why, one needs to be a Chinese to understand.

        But maybe if one read & understand Chinese’ history that goes back to few thousand years ago. maybe, maybe then one will understand what we Chinese went through, thick & thin, in order to survive.

        And WE SURVIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Zhong Guo, wan sui wan sui wan wan sui.

  • sean chapman

    If the crying is real or not is not a big deal, I know it is out of ignorance or fear. What gets me pissed is these idiots saying that No Korea is a great country, what a joke their GNP is lower than Somalia, get real people. It is the 21st century and we still have dictators like this little turd running governments.

  • Collective Perception

    We will always remember the achievements of the Great Leap Forward

    • mr. weiner

      Good suggesting for song of the article:
      “Great leap forward”
      Billy Bragg

    • No

      you mean the one that caused the worst famine of all thimes? the one when millons of chinese people died? yeah, difficult to forget indeed

      • Collective Perception

        No – I agree 100%. My statement was my attempt to make fun of those who speak of Mao’s accomplishments.

        • Collective Perception

          Poor choice of words – should have said point out an event that is so tragic to China.

      • Kong

        The worst recorded famine of all times was in the late 19th century, affecting huge portions of Asia and Africa. There were two causes of these famines: 1) the failure of the monsoons between 1876 and 1879 and 2) the willful failure of the British Empire to take care of its colonies.

        You’re welcome. Come back any time you want your facts checked.

  • pervertt

    I’m glad someone has dug up these pictures. It is a timely reminder that that not too long ago, China also had a personality cult. Sooner or later, someone or some committee will order the removal of Mao’s portrait from the main entrance to the Forbidden City. And covering up that ghastly display of his embalmed corpse in Tiananmen. It is so last century.

    • No

      I will never understand how chinese people can worship such a dictator. I don’t know what you guys learnt at school but probably not the same story that we learnt. Your so dear Mao wanted to enslave the people by killing their ability to think, sending them to the countryside, burning all the books. He decided one day that every single “owner” of china were bad men ( even if the only property was a bread chop)and that all the poors were better and that they should be allowed to spitt on the “owners” in the street, to hurt them, to torture them, and the most impressive is that everybody did! why do you think old people spitt on the streets, have no culure, no manners?because mao praised farmers and was agains culture ( not that he loved farmers, just that as every dictator he knew that a pple without culture, with no capacity of analysis is just like cows, easy to manipulate. you just give them a bowl of rice and they think that you are their savior)also wanted everyone to cultivate the ground, so he could sell everything abroad and it ended up in the worst famine ever, millions of chinese people died of hunger. I will never understand how anybody could say anything positive about this guy. And your brain has been washed so clean that even the ones who suffered from the cultural revolution still think that mao is a good man!

      • Fang

        brain wash eduction + close society = worship the dictator
        this is very dangerous, sometimes it likes birth mark, many people got it for the whole life, still dont wake up!!
        At least in china the young generation is better than the old now!!

        • Marsvin

          It’s an improvement, but they’d be better still if they knew & could learn from their own history instead of pretending it didn’t happen.

      • dawei

        I don’t know what you guys learnt at school but probably not the same story that we learnt. Your so dear Mao wanted to enslave the people by killing their ability to think, sending them to the countryside, burning all the books.

        I didn’t learn that. Where’d you go to school?

        why do you think old people spitt on the streets, have no culure, no manners? because mao praised farmers and was agains culture ( not that he loved farmers, just that as every dictator he knew that a pple without culture, with no capacity of analysis is just like cows, easy to manipulate.

        More likely that he was just anti-intellectual. He really did believe in peasant revolution, and valued peasant culture (or, lack of culture). He was the son of a peasant farmer from Hunan. I’d say he valued coarseness,he wasn’t merely using it as a control mechanism.

        also wanted everyone to cultivate the ground, so he could sell everything abroad and it ended up in the worst famine ever

        Actually, he wanted everyone to make steel, to spur an industrial revolution. He was told that this was possible using backyard furnaces. From wikipedia:

        Huge efforts on the part of peasants and other workers were made to produce steel out of scrap metal. To fuel the furnaces the local environment was denuded of trees and wood taken from the doors and furniture of peasants’ houses. Pots, pans, and other metal artifacts were requisitioned to supply the “scrap” for the furnaces so that the wildly optimistic production targets could be met. Many of the male agricultural workers were diverted from the harvest to help the iron production as were the workers at many factories, schools and even hospitals. Although the output consisted of low quality lumps of pig iron which was of negligible economic worth, Mao had a deep distrust of intellectuals and faith in the power of the mass mobilization of the peasants.

        Some other notable changes from the Great Leap:

        Besides these economic changes, the Party implemented major social changes in the countryside including the banishing of all religious and mystic institutions and ceremonies and replacing them with political meetings and propaganda sessions. Attempts were made to enhance rural education and the status of women (allowing them to initiate divorce if they desired) and ending foot-binding, child marriage and opium addiction.

        I think Mao really did want to modernize China, to raise up the peasant farmers; he just wasn’t capable. I don’t think that makes him history’s greatest monster. More a rather tragic fool.

        /he accidentally the whole China

  • The Dude

    The only Chinese leader I’d mourn the death of would be Dung Xiao Ping…

    No saint but at least China is where it is now because he essentially said ‘stuff Mao, and his political leanings, let’s get rich, or at least eat’!

    All the Chinese should bow down to that guy when they play with their iphones and eat well.

    He pretty much saved China… not that anyone Chinese gives a ***k. If you really read about his life he suffered badly so he could change things.

    I know there was that thing in the square in ’89… but in comparison to Mao’s millions, the only difference was the revolution was televised (in ’89).

    Dung Xiao Ping is the true father of modern China.

    • Dave in Macau

      Dung is not the true father of China, Dung is cow poo.

    • pervertt

      Well it depends on what period you consider China to be modern. Stretch the period back a few more decades, when the Qing dynasty was on its last legs. Many would regard Sun Yatsen, the trouble maker from Zhongshan who got rid of the dynastic rulers in Beijing, to be the true father of modern China. He is the only political leader who enjoys the respect of both sides of the Taiwan Straits.

      Many Chinese would refuse to bow to Deng, whether they use iPhones or not. For all his achievements, he will forever be tainted by the events of 4th June.

      • mankouzanghua

        what chinese have you been talking to

        • pervertt

          I presume you are referring to my comments on Deng. I haven’t personally spoken to other Chinese about him, but I’d dare say that you wouldn’t hear flattering remarks if you speak to any of the Beijing parents who lost children on 4 June. Or to anyone of the thousands who commemorate the occasion each year in HK.

          The idea that rising living standards in China are attributable to individual politicians is quite wrong. Living standards have only risen because of the sheer hard work of ordinary Chinese citizens. All that Deng did was to remove state barriers to individual enterprise that had been imposed by his predecessors. In any non-communist country, it would have been no big deal.

          • Young Man

            You don’t live in China do you? Most people under 30 here have never heard of the Tiananmen Square massacre- if they have they know little about it and don’t consider it to be especially important.

          • The Dude

            Definitely doesn’t live in China.

            As for in ‘any non-communist country it would be no big deal’, the point is you can’t remove barriers to economic growth that aren’t there already (ex. capitalist countries don’t have theses barrires)…

            Therefore you point kind of nullifies itself really.

            It was in a communist country is the point.

            Mr Dung, like him or not, risked death and execution on a daily basis to bring China to where it is now.

            It was impressive, if you understand it, and the history and the context. You don’t… and that’s OK.

          • pervertt

            Thankfully I don’t live in China. I might have, but for a quirk of history. But that is another matter and it does not disqualify me from making comment on Deng’s contribution to that country.

            I don’t deny that Deng was instrumental to opening up the country’s economic potential. And I accept that his achievement is remarkable considering the political context of the time. History will accord him this much.

            But the act of removing state barriers to individual enterprise does not in itself guarantee improved living standards for the populace. Look at post-Soviet Russia as an example. Living standards in China only rose because ordinary people took advantage of economic freedoms to improve their own lot. Thy worked hard, they saved and they invested. In many instances, they succeeded not because of the State, but in spite of the State.

            But back to Deng and the question of who is the true father of modern China. Your suggestion that ‘the thing in the square in 89’ can be overlooked or forgiven because it killed fewer people than Mao did is laughable if not morally suspect. Knowledge of the events on 4th June can be suppressed, but not forever. There will always be this irremovable stain whenever Deng’s contribution to modern China is discussed.

            No such stain will be associated with Dr Sun Yatsen. More than any other person, he was responsible for the overthrow of an imperial dynasty that had ruled China for nearly 300 years. And he did it without shooting ordinary people or starving them to death. Since his death 86 years ago, neither the KMT nor the CCP has questioned his role in modernising China. His contribution has stood the test of time, which cannot be said for all contemporary Chinese leaders.

          • The Dude

            The idea that living standards is attrutiblet to individual polititians is not wrong… it is fact. Millions died due to Maos policies…. and his attritubale polices. Can you deny this?

            If you deny this, you deny your statement that living standards are attrutable to individual polititians.

            Mao killed millions through his individual policies,,, if you deny this you are ignorant beyond belief. Try reading some history, as you lack of actual facts cannot allow for meaningful discussion.

            Your statement is quite ridiculous bearing that in mind.

            Hard work of Chinese citizens… yes. But heard work amounts to nothing under Mao.

          • The Dude

            ps. If you had a true understanding of China (which you don’t) you would understand that one dynasty was simply replaced for another… that dynasty called ‘communism’.

            Every Chinese knows this.

            No one cares your viewpoint as a westerner.

            Sun yat sen?

            No one in the mainland even calls him that. You read too much wikipedia. Try learning pu tong hua, not Cantonese.

            ps. Chinese do quantify buy numbers……. that you don’t shows you for what you are. Another westerner with no understanding for the Chinese viewpoint.

            Define in millions…. not thousands, and then you may understand… but not before.

          • pervertt

            Dude, if you read my comments carefully you would have noted that I said that RISING living standards canot be attributed to individual politicians. They can certainly stuff things up and lower living standards, but they can’t fill bellies and make people rich on their own.

            As for Sun Yatsen, I used this romanised version of his name (rather than the pinyin equivalent of Sun Yixian) because he is better known to English speakers under the former. I’m pretty sure there was no pinyin at the time that he was doing his revolutionary work and it is more than likely that he identified himself as ‘Sun Yatsen’ to the English speaking world.

            I don’t claim to be an expert on Chinese history. I will leave others to judge your grasp of Chinese history when you claim that Deng Xiaoping is the true father of modern China.

          • Just John

            No worries pervertt,

            The Dude is like any other kneejerk with his ad hominem. Suddenly turning it into a “Your a westerner, your opinion doesn’t count” because he does not agree with you automatically results in him loosing his argument. Why? Because he cannot persuade you with facts, so he must resort to fallacy.

            I give his trolling a 3/10, because at least he can use the ad hominem trolling technique, but fails to baffle with bullshit, since he cannot dazzle with brilliance. My suggestion, move on, because if he cannot make his point in an intelligent way, he is not worth debating with.

      • MBE

        Ah, most Chinese really didn’t and still don’t give a fuck about June 4th. It’s all about eating better, living better.

        And I wonder actually, it seems Asian countries need a “benevolent dictator” to make major economic progress. South Korea had their Park (and South Korea was very poor very him, it was also not democratic until late 80s-early-90s). Taiwan had their Jiang Junior (Daddy Jiang was actually worse; couldn’t win wars, couldn’t do economies and couldn’t even leave people of Taiwan alone for speaking dialects); Singapore had their Lee (still a dynasty); Japan had their Meiji Emperor.

        • Alan

          Interesting points, Mahathir in Malaysia, is another…lots seemed to adore and idolize him.

          Asians need to be led, it’s sad, but true.

          • dawei

            Asians need to be led, it’s sad, but true.

            Everyone needs to be led. No need to bring race into this.

          • pervertt

            As dawei has said, all societies could do well with good leadership. Like countries in other parts of the world, good leaders in Asia are hard to come by and there’s no shortage of ruthless pricks who just want to be boss. What makes Asian countries different is that they are relative newcomers to political institutions that have made for robust democracies elsewhere. Institutions such as an educated middle class and an equitable means of redistributing wealth in society.

            The term ‘benevolent dictator’ is to me an oxymoron. You cannot have someone who genuinely cares about his fellow citizens and who ruthlessly stamps out dissent at the same time. Even those leaders who start out with the best of intentions eventually get corrupted by unchecked power. Then they do terrible things that upset all of the good work they may have carried out previously. I would say that both Mao and Deng are guilty as charged.

            I disagree with MBE when he says that most Chinese don’t give a fuck about June 4th. It is hard to give a fuck about something that cannot be openly discussed in China. But many Chinese are still very much concerned about the issues that gave rise to the 1989 protests – issues such as official corruption and gross inequities in wealth. These issues have been kept in check partly through double digit growth and rising living standards over the last 2 decades.

            This is why governing modern China is akin to riding a tiger. If the economy suffers a big slowdown, social unrest will bubble to the surface and the legitimacy of the ruling party will be challenged. If the economy continues to grow, an educated middle class will emerge, one that is not content with full bellies only and one that will demand open, accountable government. I don’t see any job openings for benevolent dictators if this happens.

        • dim mak

          Actually I believe it’s because Asians realize that developing countries need to remain stable and united, something democracies aren’t known for. That’s why many of the largest economies outside of the Western world are the countries you just mentioned.

    • Fang

      Deng is the true father of modern communist party in china, he save the party’s F*king ass!!!
      there is no any excuses for opening fire to the students!!
      besides this, i do respect him in some ways!!
      there is no Saint in this real world, a good system is 100 times better!!!!

      • dawei

        Deng is the true father of modern communist party in china, he save the party’s F*king ass!!!
        there is no any excuses for opening fire to the students!!

        We do not know if Deng ordered in the troops. Either way, if the protests had continued and spread, it is possible that he could not have saved the Party. It could have even lead to another revolution.

        I don’t morally support the crackdown in 89. But for better or for worse, it would have caused national instability. The Party does not like instability. It learned well from Mao’s ideological mistakes.

        besides this, i do respect him in some ways!!
        there is no Saint in this real world, a good system is 100 times better!!!!

        This is true.

    • typingfromwork

      True. Deng was a great man. What’s more remarkable was that he had navigated the political climate of the Mao years, got put in prison eventually, but came out stronger than ever.

      The guy was a masterful politicial and a bit of a visionary. If it was not for him, Chinese people would have worshipped some other dunce in the politburo, much like Khrushchev after Stalin.

      Very few people gives him the credit he deserves.

      • Kong

        To get rich is glorious!

        Every vision has and up and a down side.
        RIP 赵紫阳 and 胡耀邦
        RIShit 李鹏

  • ShanghaiSteve

    It’s really shocking to see Chinese people standing in line!

  • eddie9684

    well thanks to mao theres so many chinese overseas lol.

    tons escaped there.

    • pervertt

      Not just Mao. You can also thank the Imperial Japanese Army for starting a war in 1932. You can also thank warlords and a corrupt nationalist government for impoverishing an already impoverished nation. You can also thank the Qing emperors and empresses who were busy enjoying themselves in their Beijing palaces and saw no need to modernise China. Yes, thanks to all these people, we now have the Chinese diaspora.

      • The Dude

        You just said the Nationalist government under Sun yat sen was essentially fantastic (father of modern China .. your words, not mine).

        Now you say they were corrupt.

        So we should thank the Japanese army for raping the country should we?

        You read too many books, and sadly cannot seem to compile the information in order to give a conclusive result.

        Or at least… your result seems in direct contradiction to almost everyone’s conclusion, that has resided in China, or studied its history.

        Doesn’t it make you wonder?

        Your sort never does really.

        • Train of thought gets derailed when going under a bridge, encounters local wildlife.

          sssoooo… eddie9684 is right because pervertt is wrong? Contextual verity is so hard to keep track of!

      • The Dude

        pps. You should also know (although you don’t) that Dung Xiao Ping was never actually the Chairman of China.

        In which case, he cannot be directly held responsible for for what happened in 1989.

        There is no documented evidence that he gave the go-ahead for that.

        Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. But no one can prove it, one way or another, and certainly not you, with your scant understanding of Chinese history.

        • Fang

          this is not true, there is a memoir from Zhao zhi yang (former president), clearly describe Deng gave his order!!
          but in this book you can also understand Deng’s difficult position, he is the one fully supports the reform, but in the end the young Fengqing students didnt give him enough time to prove, already protest all over the country!!! so he has to clean up his own shit!!

      • pervertt

        By ‘corrupt nationalist government’ I was referring to the KMT under the leadership of Chiang Kaishek, not when it was initially founded by Sun Yatsen. Sun had pretty lofty ideals for his party, and was sadly let down by both Chiang and Mao who claimed inheritance of his mantle.

        • MBE

          Chiang Kaishek was really a piece of shit. He couldn’t accomplish anything and tortured tons of people both in the mainland and Taiwan. A real loser.

          He did have one good thing, and that is he had a good son, who actually understood how to lead and how to do economy. Without Chiang Junior, Taiwan wouldn’t have half of its material riches now.

  • kevinnolongerinpudong

    I find it somewhat annoying when Chinese (Mainlanders) make fun of North Korean political culture. They enjoy getting a few laughs, because they often don’t have the balls to make a joke about their own system. No one will be laughing when “beloved Chairman Jiang” finally kicks the bucket- except me, from a distance!

    • Chunghwa

      What? Jiang Zemin does not have a personality cult. You’re comparing apples with vibrating anal beads here.

  • Ding Dong Jung

    The crying photos are all so fake, so hypocrite. In their heart, they are so happy.

  • Dat Ankle

    The same as with the people in North Korea crying over Kim Jong il, cry or fear the consequence. In the words of one of the commenters, “In those times, millions died unnatural deaths…”.

  • dim mak

    One of the shittiest rulers China’s ever known.

    If they had skipped him and gone straight to Deng China would be a Godly, uncontested superpower right now.

    • Then ungrateful migrants could get the fuck out of Canada and stop sucking resources from those that deserve and need them eh?

      You can survive on nationalism right? No need for freedoms, democracy, a good environment, a stable economy and banking industry and all that other good stuff that china just seems to fail miserably at…

      I don’t know about you, but I just adore the idea of kowtowing to personality cults! Woo-hoo!!!

      • dim mak

        China has those things, minus environment. Democracy is a retardedly ineffective system of infighting that wouldn’t last 3 seconds against a determined, benevolent dictatorship. You guys can keep it.

        • Alan

          Democracy is a retardedly ineffective system of infighting that wouldn’t last 3 seconds against a determined, benevolent dictatorship. You guys can keep it.

          Unfortunately, you can’t keep state capitalism forever. 1 thing I agree with G wubya about. As people prosper and get rich, what then…?

          A crappy environment, second tier education and human rights or the right to expression, or to stand up for onesself?

          Yeah, Democracy is not perfect, but perhaps it can explain why western europe and north america, and australasia have such high gdp and living standards.

          Let’s face it where would you retire, New Zealand or China?

          Most Chinese I met, I know what their answer would be!

          • dim mak

            Fair enough, at least you can identify China as state capitalism instead of communism. We’ll keep the current system until the economy hits a plateau, then they’ll consider democracy. Probably won’t be anytime soon.

        • mr. weiner

          “Benevolent dictatorship” . is like saying a virtueous whore, there ain’t no such thing bro.
          Democracy may be horsetrading, but at least it is a marketplace, communism isn’t much more than a cargo cult.
          Sounds like you didn’t learn much from the Canucks beyond putting cheese and gravy on your chips.

          • dim mak

            Yes there is bro. The CCP might be insecure and heavy handed at times, but what they do for China is a net gain. And China is only “communist” in the sense that it’s not democratic. The democracy I witnessed in Canada is just as ineffective and divisive as any other, we’re just lucky every party here is too meek to ever do anything significant.

            And it’s not gravy, it’s poutine.

          • You got 2 things right so far:

            1. It’s called poutine and it’s French Canadian

            2. The Canadian political parties are meek compared to totalitarian oligarchy which reasonable and sane people all agree is a good thing.

            Your mistakes include thinking that:

            a) china has a stable and secure banking sector (Trillion dollars in hidden debt)
            b) china has a stable and secure economy (housing bubble cometh)
            c) freedoms and democracy (you must have tasted the local BC Bud… that stuff is famous)
            d) things done in china are done for a “net gain”, for the people I assume you mean……… Where to begin on that one?

            Corrupt officials who push people of their land, sell it and pocket the money so they can take their family to another country = net gain?

            Corrupt policeman who are completely ineffective at even the most basic upkeep of the law and will let you literally murder someone as long as the “hongbao” is big enough (might even help you do it) = net gain?

            Endemic corruption of morals that has every pretty girl chasing a car, a house and a sugar daddy, that has every businessman cutting corners on safety wherever they can no matter who gets killed = net gain?

            Please dig the shit out of your ears… then eyes…. and finally your brain. Everything done in china is for 1 purpose and 1 purpose only: To Stay In Power. The only thing you could edit that edict with is (and try to get rich personally).

            Grow up. Be grateful that Canada isn’t a shithole like china is becoming more and more like each day with people scrabbling to get out any way that they can.

          • Alan

            Endemic corruption of morals that has every pretty girl chasing a car, a house and a sugar daddy

            Yeah right, Elijah, and HK girls aren’t materialistic at all are they?

            I have never had 1 HK girlfriend, and I wouldn’t want to…mainland girls are far less demanding, not all, but most.

          • mr. weiner

            Poutine it is. I stand corrected, tastes like gravy to me though brudda.
            I’m only concerned about where state sponsored capitalism can go from here. The last major state to use this system were the national socialist in Germany [I’m not trying to make any comparrison’s with Hitler. there has been quite enough of that in the flurry of love letters between Elijah and Shan pao]. So One company gets the pat on the head from the gov. to make something. This is further set in stone with guanxi and dynastic marriages. Innovation stalls and stagnates, long term it doesn’t look like a winner.
            I think the Yanks may just be able to work themselves out of this hole they’ve borrowed themselves into. They are annoying like that. China’s main draw card is it’s incredibly hard working and saving population. I’d hate to see them let down by a shoddy system that thinks net gain is finding fresh peasants to squeeze.

          • @Alan: You really feel the need to troll or is it involuntary on your part?

            Did I mention anything about Hong Kong girls or even Hong Kong in this entire article??? It’s you who insists on bringing it up every chance you can….

            Or is it that my wife was born in Hong Kong with parents from Japan and Taiwan?

            What exactly is the connection you’re making?

            Is there a connection or is just your ineptitude to follow a pretty straightforward conversation?

            Time to grow up.

          • mankouzanghua

            elijah, strangely for someone who runs a business you don’t seem to know what “net” means

            some of your bitching about corruption in china might actually resonate if it had anything to do with you caring about the lives and wellbeing of chinese people. instead it just comes off as disdain for all things mainland, including the people

            have you ever talked to a chinese person about your views? it doesn’t matter anyway. if they disagree with you it’s of course because they’re dumb, brainwashed, or wumao

      • Alan

        y and all that other good stuff that china just seems to fail miserably at…

        Written from HK, a PART of China.

        • hess

          That was developed by the Brits.

          • Alan

            True, but that is now a SAR of the PRC,and not a country as E arrogantly states on his blog.

          • Different language, different economy, different currency, different language, different culture, different flag, different passports, different visas, different government, different everything…. Who gives a shit if it says SAR after the name?

            If it wasn’t for the smart ones who fled Mao and the British, Hong Kong would be a podunk fishing village, now it’s one of the most impressively developed city-states in the world.

            Disagree if you like based on semantics, but reality speaks loud and clear on this one.

            Keep trolling every post I make though, it gives me a kick to see people impotently struggling against that reality.

          • Alan

            Disagree if you like based on semantics, but reality speaks loud and clear on this one.

            It seems you like being stubborn, that or defending your wife has gone to your head.


            The CIA is clear enough for me…

            Hong Kong became the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People’s Republic of China on 1 July 1997. In this agreement, China promised that, under its “one country, two systems” formula, China’s socialist economic system would not be imposed on Hong Kong and that Hong Kong would enjoy a high degree of autonomy in all matters except foreign and defense affairs for the next 50 years

            1, one, country…two systems, much like Macau. Or are all those re-unification moments not there in your la la land thinking. Different currency, so what, it’s still as much a part of China, as Macau is, I am not trolling you, merely getting you to accept facts, it was never China to begin with, and now it most definitely is.

            Up to you either way, but most of the information on the internet, and millions of HK citizens views, oppose yours…happy christmas anyhoo.

          • Alan

            Made a typo, it was only a crown colony, thus it was only really administered by the UK…HK always was China, and it is for keeps now.

          • Cool story bro, tell it again.

            Keep stalking, it’s classy.

          • Alan


            Here is your incorrect assertion. I am a Brit, and even I can’t agree.

            I will concede on Korn being a good choice of tune though!

          • *yawn* Keep crying about it bro.

            Recognizing Hong Kong as part of china is purely political…

            Speaking of which, the CIA operates under the US government which officially recognized Communist china as the “official china” back in the 70’s and was instrumental in getting them a seat on the UN Security Council (which has worked out soooooo great for the world since….). Keep in mind that they had to public toss Taiwan over side to do it….. A rapidly developing, friendly country with a building democracy….. And why? Commercial opportunity in the name of politics.

            So would I trust that same government’s politics to inform me about reality? Not completely.

            Politics informs the media, not reality….

            As for “Heartbreaker” by Korn, it is suitable because the situation is heart-breaking and the only way I can deal with it is with gallows-humour. That’s how bad it is.

            PS. Did you save a link to that article or just the whole personal blog? If you click my name, you’ll go to a whole new public site, just a tip for you.

          • Alan

            @ Elijah:

            I will deal with your comments as you saw fit to post. These are free boards, so even I have the right to dissect and offer my opinions, as a Canada, I am sure you believe in democracy and liberty right?

            *yawn* Keep crying about it bro.

            Crying about nothing, merely offering up evidence of a fact, you can cut and dice it all you like, but HK (and Macau), are not countries.

            H.K, despite having all the characteristics of a free country, and an internet domain name, I will give you that, is still clearly not a country, it is a autonomous region that is still ruled by China, the defence and foreign affairs especially. Or did the handover not happen in 1997, and we brits not leave on HMS Tamar and the PLA take over the garrison?

            Recognizing Hong Kong as part of china is purely political…

            So then what are your views on Taiwan? I’d agree more about Taiwan, but saying H.K. is a country and not part of China, is insane!

            Speaking of which, the CIA operates under the US government which officially recognized Communist china as the “official china” back in the 70′s and was instrumental in getting them a seat on the UN Security Council (which has worked out soooooo great for the world since….). Keep in mind that they had to public toss Taiwan over side to do it….. A rapidly developing, friendly country with a building democracy….. And why? Commercial opportunity in the name of politics.

            So would I trust that same government’s politics to inform me about reality? Not completely.

            Well would finding the Canadian data/viewpoint on HK’s status make you more comfortable then? The problem is on the internet, nothing offered up is ever good enough, so I will just go with reality. HK got handed over in 1997, that is undeniable fact, you call it a country, I call it a S.A.R of China…differing viewpoints, but to me it is no way an independent city state like say Singapore, a former british colony.

            Politics informs the media, not reality….

            So there isn’t an indy press….anywhere?

            As for “Heartbreaker” by Korn, it is suitable because the situation is heart-breaking and the only way I can deal with it is with gallows-humour. That’s how bad it is.

            I was actually expressing my love for that song, because there seems to be so much repressed emotions and pain, it’s like the singer/writer hasn’t gotten over losing his love…I know dude, emotions again, but hey, it’s a great tune.

            PS. Did you save a link to that article or just the whole personal blog? If you click my name, you’ll go to a whole new public site, just a tip for you.

            I clicked your name, and for someone who has been in China for 5 and a half years of his life, I find it pretty sad all you can do is to type negative things about the place, whereas lots of foreigners enjoyed and continue to do so, their time in China.


      • MBE

        Wait, you don’t mean these 14-year-old unmarried white trash mothers who are sucking the welfare system?

  • moop

    pathetic. much hasnt changed. look at their reaction to the death of steve jobs and michael jackson. the chinese are still prone to hero worship. disgusting

    • typingfromwork

      Appletards and Jackson nerds the world over reacted in the same way, mate. Personally I think it went too far. So many people said Jobs invented the modern computer world, and all he did was steal a really good idea from Xerox PARC (man those guys were genuises), and then sue everyone else when they were equally “inspired”.

  • typingfromwork

    It’s hard to image that this happened not too long ago.

    Now Mao’s treated like some kind of patron saint. I remember bank notes used to have portraits of ordinary people on them. Now it’s just all Mao.

    Still, at least China got away from him and none of his descendants have any influence at all. He must be spinning in his grave at his useless, fat idiot of a grandson right now. Actually his mausoleum.

    • MBE

      Actually having his portrait on bank notes was because in some really remote parts of the country, some people are so uneducated and ignorant that they often confuse money and don’t realize the “picture” is money. But everyone recognizes Mao…

  • pervertt

    In all of the preceding comments, I find it surprising that nobody has mentioned the collective outpouring of grief among Chinese when they heard of the death of Premier Zhou Enlai in 1976. It seemed to me that there was a genuine sense of loss felt by many ordinary Chinese, quite unlike the theatrical mourning on show after Mao’s death. Zhou was one of very few leaders who commanded both affection and respect and who was able to reach out to citizens at a personal level. I cannot think of a single Chinese leader after Zhou who has exuded the same level of charisma.

    • mr. weiner

      The death of a redel [even one with the dubious credentials of Zhou Enlai {I’ll debate it later with you if you like}] has often been siezed apon as an opportunity for “spontaneous protest”. Just as with Hu Yaobang later. I wonder who amongst the present batch of party hi-ups will be worth of a Tienamin square free for all when they meet their makers, or has the current generation of Chinese ceased to care I wonder?

      • pervertt

        I’m no expert on Zhou, so I can’t vouch for his credentials. But I think most Chinese regarded him as someone with more human qualities than other Chinese leaders of his time.

        As for current members of the Politburo, who knows? None that I know of have Zhou’s charisma. They seem rather colourless men. And I suspect the current generation of Chinese citizens is either indifferent to politics or has a cynical view of the political leadership in the country.

    • The Dude

      Perhaps you should understand that in Chinese culture crying is a requisite. Fake or not, it is expected.

      Some families actually ‘pay’ for professional mourners to fake crying to give ‘face’.

      It’s common.

      You seriously need to learn Chinese culture. You’re way behind.

      Zhou en lai was weak. Mao at least had the stones.

      Please read your history before commenting. It’s most irritating.

      • dim mak

        Quite the opposite. Zhou is actually worthy of respect, Mao is just utter fail. Being headstrong in failure… is still failure.


    Yea, that 2nd pic is hilarious – like those dudes will go to sleep that night with that pic of Mao under their pillows….

  • Foreign Devil

    I think the grief in both cases is genuine. With a cult leader the people are reduced to taking the role of obedient chidren. . and when their paternal/god/father dies. . they all feel like lost children. . weeping and gnashing their teeth regardless of their physical age. Also the mass thought and hysteria catches easy. People always underestimate the power of group thought. . mostly because they are unaware of it influencing them and their opinions day to day.

  • Joe

    I really don’t understand what’s so great about Mao Zedong. I’m pretty sure others could have done better without causing the deaths of millions in the process. Also, he was a foreign puppet and tool of Jews. The Jews were the ones shipping opium into China on their ships. Decades later, it is Jewish communism that causes the deaths of millions. Today, no major city is complete without a Holocaust Museum. Those sneaky Jews!

    • Joe

      Here’s a lovely photo of the stupid peasant Mao with his handlers, being groomed for leadership.

    • Joe

      Jews, they really can be bad news!

      • mr. weiner

        Get back under your bridge trollboy.

        • Joe

          You mad mr. weiner? Or is that Mr. Weinstein? What crimes will you be committing today against the goyim?

          • mr. weiner

            I want you to consider for a moment that maybe all the things wrong in your life are not because of the jews ,but maybe because you are a stupid fat loser.
            Wise up get a life and a brand new rap and then maybe nice girls will like you, [or possibly that captain of the football team you have been thinking about…Ahh supressed homosexuality, the cause of so much anti-semitism]
            Happy Hanika [is that how you spell it?]

          • Alan

            Wait until your country, the USA, becomes an Islamic republic, you already have a muslim president…you’ll be begging to let the jews rule you!!

          • mr. weiner

            I’m an aussie Alan, we have a welsh chick in charge.

  • Bunny99

    Ever worked in a small Chinese company? Its possible to run into some petty control freaks in such places, if they had as much power as Mao had, I am sure they would kill millions who didn’t act friendly enough.
    If the boss can’t find any friends to spend Weekends with he can just force his staff to accompany him all Saturday night.

    Either the boss or some guy in the office always seems to appoint himself leader of the office community and organize “activities” for everyone. Activities such as playing mahjong, going to KTV, excursions, etc. Every Weekend will be taken up by these group activities (you might get Sunday off if you are lucky). If you don’t do the same as those around you (drink, smoke, etc) then you will be regarded with suspicion and later contempt. If you don’t go you will be ostracized, if you try to make other friends outside the group the group leader will make sure you never get chance to meet them. You will have no social life of your own choosing. If you don’t like spending all your free time with them and doing what they like to do then you have to find a new job.

    Bosses (including the self-appointed ones) still have too much power in China – there are no checks and balances on what is going on and society here seems to accept that such invasion of privacy is normal (although people are often complaining about this).

    Happy Wintermass

    • Alan

      Either the boss or some guy in the office always seems to appoint himself leader of the office community and organize “activities” for everyone. Activities such as playing mahjong, going to KTV, excursions, etc. Every Weekend will be taken up by these group activities (you might get Sunday off if you are lucky).

      I can agree with this. Things haven’t really changed that much since 1976, sometimes I still think it is just like East Germany.

      A brit mate who had a chinese gf, couldn’t believe she was required to attend a company sports meeting on a saturday, and why she couldn’t have the day off…when I explained to him the repercussions if she chose to spend the day with her lao wai nan peng you and not with her workmates (comrades), he quickly accepted it.

      To be fair we get micro managers in the west, but nothing as bad as, well….you got it!

  • moses

    Mao are more fatter than kim jung ill ,while Genghis Khan ,Hitler kill other people ,Mao kill it own people,Chinese was called ah chan by hong konger during his era before 1997 thanks to him.

  • Rod

    When Mao Died, why didn’t his son take over, like what’s happened in Korea?

    • mr. weiner

      Apparently Mao Anqing died on the russian front, and Mao’s grandson was still only a child [see:photo 11 th from the top, uncle Fester and blimp boy]Mao’s other son died in the Korean war.
      Besides this I don’t think the Chinese are into dynastic succession, I can’t think of a single leader whose spawn have also been groomed for the top job.

  • TJH

    Mao says: “Kill all the birds!” Chinese do it and slaughter the beautiful birds.
    Mao says: “Make lots of babies”: Chinese do it and overpopulate the country.
    Is there anything the Chinese won’t do if their Boss says to do it?
    Something is missing here; no balls or brains or ethics.

  • fx

    I think Mr Mao’d done more right than wrong ,and I also think they should remove his portrait from Tienanmen square

  • Chuanrrr Chaser

    11# So that’s how duckface started.

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