Chinese Sanitation Worker Squats to Scrape Gum Off Ground

A Chinese female sanitation worker scraping gum off the floor of an airport in China.

The following was yesterday’s most popular microblog post on the Sina Weibo social network, reshared over 180k times with over 30k upvotes and 20k comments spanning over 1100 pages…

From Sina Weibo:

@人民日报 [The People’s Daily]: A Piece of Gum Made This Sanitation Auntie Squat for 15 Minutes – Several days ago, a Shandong passenger at the airport saw a touching scene: In order to clean up a piece of chewing gum on the ground, a 54-year-old sanitation worker auntie squat on the ground using a razor blade to scrape it off bit by bit for no less than 15 minutes. In less than a second, a piece of gum can be thrown onto the floor, and she has to squat down every day dozens of times every day to clean them up. From this day forward, I will not litter my trash, and by passing this on, I make this promise.

A Chinese female sanitation worker scraping gum off the floor of an airport in China.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Character should begin first with civil servants.


[din推撞] We should all respect public ethics/civic virtue!!


To respect others is to respect oneself.


Can you promise not to lie?


When I throw away my chewing gum in the trash, I always wrap it in a piece of napkin/tissue.


Denounce uncivilized behavior!


Civilization begins with you and me…


I hope everyone can maintain good sanitation and not litter as they please!


Good social civility begins with what is around us, begins right now!


It wasn’t me.


The punishment for uncivilized behavior is too light, we should first talk about establishing standards before talking about morality/ethics.


What was spit out was chewing gum but what was lost was character and civility! It starts with every individual, to make a civilized and harmonious society!


I’ve always thought it strange why there are people who throw away gum wherever they please. After chewing gum, you should use a piece of paper to wrap it up. Isn’t this like flushing after using the toilet, something that is necessary [obvious]?

柚子油油油: (responding to above)

Too many ignorant people.


Next time organize dedicated personnel to punish such evil people. Every time they litter chewed gum, they must scrape up 5 pieces of chewing gum and stick it in their asshole. Immediate effectiveness.


Touching? This is touching? This is an embarrassment of our countrymen’s characters!


Ding! I trust those who see this weibo post will no longer have this uncivilized behavior.


It takes The People’s Daily 15 minutes to write an editorial and just one minute to be criticized for it.


If you have to chew gum, don’t rush to throw away the wrapper, hang onto it to wrap up the gum after chewing it, and then throw it into the trash can.


When discarding chewing gum, remember to wrap it in paper before throwing it away. I remember I once bought a Japanese brand of chewing gum and and inside some small slips of paper were provided, specifically for wrapping [the chewed gum] before discarding. What more, one side was glossy and the other side was rough, the glossy side wrapping the gum making it easier to separate when recycling. They [Japanese people] put a lot of thought into this [which is to be admired].


I thought there would be people questioning if scraping off a piece of gum really needs 15 minutes, and whether or not she’s being lazy? What do you think?


If people didn’t litter, then the auntie would have no job.


Chinese people’s character truly need to be raised. In the future, we can copy Singapore, prohibit the sale of chewing gum, or use a real-name registration for sales, in order to regulate it/manage the problem!


Everyone, when throwing your trash, think of the sanitation workers. Once I had thrown a ball of paper into the middle of the road and then saw a sanitation worker ride a small electric moped into the constant flow of traffic just to pick it up. From that point on, I never littered ever again. If I litter, a sanitation worker might suffer an accident just to pick it up… Don’t do something bad just because the harm is small.


We should all consider what trouble our own actions bring to other people.

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • DavidisDawei

    Why is this a story on Chinasmack?
    Garbage on the ground in Tokyo might be a story, but in China?

    As a side note, I was at a National Park in the USA last month and a tour bus full of Chinese that stopped to view the sites. I watched the driver exit with the garbage from inside the bus and deposit it behind a bush. I walked over to him and said in Mandarin, “This is not China. Please put your garbage there.” and pointed to the garbage can (which he then moved).

    I wish I had my video camera handy because he walked within 2 meters of this garbage can, but decided to throw it behind a bush instead.

    • The Enlightened One

      Nice, did they all start calling you a wai guo ren too?

      I guess we are foreigners everywhere we go, even in our own country. I heard a Chinese couple in Canada say “Kan kan, duo wai guo ren shi fei chang qi guai de” (sorry no han zi on this computer).

      I looked at the guy and said “Zhe ge bu shi zhong guo, ni xian zai shi yi ge wai guo ren, hai you zai zhe li hen duo ren jue de ni ye shi fei chang qi guai de.” The guy looked at me like “WTF” and then said “bu hao yi si, wo cuo le.”

      For those that can’t read pinyin, “Look! Many foreigners are extremely weird.” – “This is not China. Right now, you are the foreigner and here many people feel that you are weird.” – “Oh I am embarrassed, I was wrong.”

      Chinese really need to quit calling people foreigners in their own country.

      • Kate

        Internet Hi Five! :)

      • Probotector

        “Chinese really need to quit calling people foreigners in their own country”.

        Yeah, but they’re brazenly racist so…

        • mr.wiener

          Racist? Set in their own unthinking ways perhaps.

    • Guang Xiang


      • DavidisDawei

        Hello Guang Xiang,
        Who is Vance?

        • Guang Xiang

          Sorry, thought you were someone I knew back at Tsinghua. Carry on!

          • DavidisDawei

            Nope Sorry, but I have been there
            …rode a bike around the campus and saw the pagodas near the lake, jumped up onto the various sculptures and played soccer on the fields near the apartments on campus.

    • “Why is this a story on Chinasmack?”

      “The following was yesterday’s most popular microblog post on the Sina
      Weibo social network, reshared over 180k times with over 30k upvotes and
      20k comments spanning over 1100 pages…”

      • DavidisDawei

        Ni Hao Fauna,
        Understood –
        Why do you think a story like this hit such a nerve with the Chinese netizens?

        • Many reason. For example, many Chinese netizens know many Chinese have bad habit and do not consider the consequence of their action.

          This story is not the only important thing to Chinese people, but was is an important thing to many Chinese people. That is interesting.

          • mr.wiener

            Point taken. Chinasmack is China as it is, or how it sees itself, not as outsiders see it , either idolized or demonized.

        • Robert Rou

          Whether it’s faux ignorance or genuine ignorance, it’s all the same: THE EMPEROR WEARS NO CLOTHES.

  • Andy

    All those people commenting in chinese…hipocrites!! haha I agree with David

  • Kevin Yu

    “If people didn’t litter, then the auntie would have no job.”

    So thats how you can justify throwing trash on the street. Or this comment about throwing the paper on the street and the worker got it and the reason why he stopped doing that is that he fears the workers got in an accident. I mean, shouldnt the best reason be that the streets are clean and dont look like a mess?
    At least to me thats the reason why I throw trash in a trashcan.

    And even the first weibo post. “From this day onward”…
    I mean, it should be common sense that people need to clean up the trash of others. Why did the guy just realize it after he saw this worker clean up the gum? Do some chinese lack even common sense? (rethorical question kinda…)

    Also funny to read it while reading this other article here, where some comment was like “The cleaning lady will just come and clean the piss!”

    • Atlas

      The best rebuttal to “auntie would have no job” could be:

      -She’d have the same job, but it would be easier and the end result would always be cleaner.

      -She’d be useful elsewhere so now instead of having only clean streets (*after auntie cleaned everything), we’d have clean streets plus another service for the same money.

  • biggj

    So a woman cleaning gum off the ground is the most talked about thing on weibo?? How about when a company in china opens and lights off 1,000,000 firecrackers and leaves the shit right there?Who do you think cleans that up? No one seems to give a fuck about that. I have no idea why is so interesting to Chinese people. This was the most talked about thing weibo??? Ridiculous….

    • Kate

      Well the US is about to start a war with Syria and the only thing people seem to be focused on here was Miley Cyrus acting like skank at the MTV VMAs. People are weird.

      • markus peg

        Yes Kate for websites like MSN news…
        It depends where you are looking and what forums you go on…
        I agree with biggj with the fricking firecrackers tho. annoying noise and then a mess is left behind… sometimes it happens early morning in the community and isnt even for the opening of a company but a birthday or something like that… 5-6AM ffs…

      • mr.wiener

        bu-bu-but..Miley Cyrus twerking means the end of the world!!

        • biggj

          And this. This kid is like Paris Hilton. Just useless….the only reason anyone knows who is he is because of who is parents are. This is just a china only deal anyway…no one knows any of these people outside of china….him or his parents.

          • Klee

            Yes, but his trial is definitely the real top news the past two days. It was like a quick remote control click to change the channel from the Bo trial. This gum story goes to the top because one or two ham-fisted comments like “what was spit out was gum, what was lost was our soul…” get hyper-forwarded, then other people pile on trying to outdo their poignancy/ sarcasm. It’s a weibo thing. Besides, people on here complained about too many posts about this pink t shirt rapist, so gum-scraping made the cut.

          • mr.wiener

            On the up side the official who upset everyone by:

            A. Smiling at the scene of a hideous bus crash

            B. Being fat and wearing nice watches

            Has been done up on corruption charges.


        • linette lee

          That poor girl Miley she is desperate to climb back to stardom even dancing in her underwear. So sad. Those kid channels celebrities some have them don’t have normal life. They started acting and singing at age 6 or 8 working instead of playing. Not a normal childhood.

      • biggj

        Yeah, my mother is into that shit. Not Miley Cyrus or anything, but she like to read about what famous people are doing. I don’t give a shit what famous person did what. Some people think what some whore did at some award show is more important than war and chemical weapon attacks….ignorance is bliss.

      • The Enlightened One

        Yeah but the U.S. and China have more in common than they think. It’s just that the U.S. is way better at misdirection and hiding stuff. David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty dissapear!

        BTW – There was an article about that and it showed Will Smith and his family’s facial features while watching the performance. Hilarious stuff.

        • bprichard

          Sadly, that photo was not actually them responding to Miley Cyrus. They were responding to something else that I’m too disinterested to Google about.

      • Honestly, I’ve noticed more people are more focused on saying that everyone is too focused on Miley Cyrus to notice Syria.

      • POS

        Pretty much, have we just given up hope that our officials will listen to us or do we just not care anymore?

      • Probotector

        I remember when the Obama re-election story was posted here on CS, and that idiot liberal Brett was all like “Thank God Mitt ‘let’s bomb the whole world’ Romney wasn’t elected”. I wonder what he has to say now.

        • mr.wiener

          Fair to say a lot of people have changed their minds about Obama, Do you honestly think you’d be better under Romney? Much of a muchness perhaps.

          • DavidisDawei

            Who are those people who can afford to become a politician today? I don’t expect any of them to make a difference any more with the way the world is set up today.
            The Obuma had his chance and has been proven to be incompetent, over his head and off point on most topics.
            Once that is the case, stop wasting time and always make a change.
            Was Romney the answer? We’ll never know, but it was obvious Barrack was not; so giving him a 2nd term can only lead downhill. I voted for Ron Paul!

          • Robert Rou

            Uh…. Ron Paul never made it out of the primaries.

          • DavidisDawei

            Thanks – Yes, I remember.
            I voted for the lesser of two evils in the general election rather than not voting at all

          • Robert Rou

            Good for you. Also glad to know that you were able to visit a US national park once.

        • Yeah, what Wiener said. Hardly anyone is fooled by Obama anymore. However, having Romney wouldn’t have changed much. The only real difference is that Obama is capable of seeming a bit more normal of a human being.

        • Robert Rou

          “idiot liberal”

          Mississippi – poorest state in the Union, also the most conservative politically.

          You could also check whom the highly educated voted for, but then again, it’d be a shame for facts to get in the way of any such discussion.

      • mr.wiener

        Pssst!……do you want to see something completely horrible?

        Warning, You may want to pour bleach on your eyeballs after viewing this:

        • biggj

          I’d do both those chicks. haha

          • linette lee

            They do look like brother and sister.

            I think Miley is not a bad singer. She can sing pretty good.
            Justin is a talented musician, but not really a good singer.

            Hey, Justin is your country man. He is a Canadian.

          • biggj

            That chicks name is Justin? haha My name is Justin too…so they are giving my name to girls….fuck sakes. hahaa

          • I’m also a Justin.
            I feel as if though we are one.

          • biggj

            So does this mean we are going steady?? haha

          • Is that what you want it to mean? <3

          • biggj

            This is going way too fast, I think we see other people. hah

          • linette lee

            You are American Justin? I like Justin. haha.. :)

          • biggj

            Hey, that’s my man bitch!! hahah

          • linette lee
          • biggj

            lol I would love to have this cat.

        • Refractions_of_Error

          Who are these specimens? Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee?

      • Refractions_of_Error

        A multi-faceted issue. The war has already started. In Lebanon, back in 1982, there were 16 countries having their war by proxy using local militias to their own ends. Syria, a country with 18 different sects of religion, not ‘religious’ sects mind you, is a repeat of Lebanon. This has little to do with Syria-it is a playground for bigger powers who are having their wars, to avoid blood back at home, experiment new weaponry. Where there is war, there is money. Local people? Collatoral. A population devastated. The Disunited Nations otherwise known as the UN is a defunct entity. With or without agreement, war is war and is the way of humans. Divorced from the light, now to the darkness we are engaged. But thanks for raising the issue in any case. Miley Cyrus? Is that someone’s name?

      • and Mr Heaney died:{


        When I landed in the republic of conscience

        it was so noiseless when the engines stopped

        I could hear a curlew high above the runway.

        At immigration, the clerk was an old man

        who produced a wallet from his homespun coat

        and showed me a photograph of my grandfather.

        The woman in customs asked me to declare

        the words of our traditional cures and charms

        to heal dumbness and avert the evil eye.

        No porters. No interpreter. No taxi.

        You carried your own burden and very soon

        your symptoms of creeping privilege disappeared.


        Fog is a dreaded omen there but lightning

        spells universal good and parents hangs

        waddled infants in trees during thunderstorms.

        Salt is their precious mineral. And seashells

        are held to the ear during births and funerals.

        The base of all inks and pigments is seawater.

        Their sacred symbol is a stylized boat.

        The sail is an ear, the mast a sloping pen,

        the hull a mouth-shape, the keel an open eye.

        At their inauguration, public leaders

        must swear to uphold unwritten law and weep

        to atone for their presumption to hold office –

        and to affirm their faith that all life sprang

        from salt in tears which the sky-god wept

        after he dreamt his solitude was endless.


        I came back from that frugal republic

        with my two arms the one length, the customs woman

        having insisted my allowance was myself.

        The old man rose and gazed into my face

        and said that was official recognition

        that I was now a dual citizen.

        He therefore desired me when I got home

        to consider myself a representative

        and to speak on their behalf in my own tongue.

        Their embassies, he said, were everywhere

        but operated independently

        and no ambassador would ever be relieved.
        RI.P. Mr Seamus Heaney.

    • The Enlightened One

      I was thinking the exact same thing. Big news here!

      Come on ChinaSMACK you knew you were gonna get this reaction, yet you posted it anyways.

      • biggj

        Here is why: “We report what is trending and popular with chinese people on the internet” …..That is what they will tell you.

        Well….chinese people talk about stupid shit….wait… I take that back…talking about stupid shit is fine…but for this to be the most talked about thing in china…..that’s just lame. Looks like chinese people want 1st world problems.

        • The Enlightened One

          Yes, that’s great. I have seen someone say that before.

          But this can’t be the only thing trending.

          And I am certain the editors know enough about foreigners to know what interests us and what makes us bored.

          You need to please the users of your site if you want them to come back and be interested. If they want a Chinese-to-English blog that nobody reads… then whatever they want.

          • biggj

            Maybe they are switching to a more family friendly chinasmack. Too much bad talk about Chinese people on here. I don’t know why there would be talk like that on here….a site that translates crazy Chinese news in English about Chinese people doing fucked up shit. Stories like this people spend too much time complaining about the story to actually say bad things about china and Chinese people.

          • linette lee

            Chinese people this….Chinese people that…Hey look…There is a CHINESE girl. Are you CHINESE?

            I am Chinese too all you white boys……….lol.

          • The Enlightened One

            Yes, you are “Chinese”. But that term is a little difficult to break down as well.

            But I view Hong Kong people very differently than mainlanders and for example Beijingers very differently than Shanghai people.

            Chinese is only a nationality and is obviously not a race or anything. When people say Chinese, I think they mainly mean “Han” people. In the back of my mind, I don’t think of Hong Kong people as Chinese.

            I remember I would talk to people from Hong Kong about stuff that annoys us about mainland China and it would be all the same stuff. And when I went to Hong Kong, it wasn’t like mainland China at all. So, no I don’t see you as Chinese really… even though China owns Hong Kong now… I still say NO!

          • Eidolon

            That’s a strange statement, because race is normally a bigger group than a nation. For example, the white race, by American standards, encompasses all people of European descent – ie about two thirds of the world in geographic terms. The same people who made that up also said that Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans were all of the Mongoloid race, which again is a bigger group than the individual countries in East Asia.

          • “For example, the white race, by American standards, encompasses all people of European descent – ie about two thirds of the world in geographic terms.”

            Uh, what? That would only be true if you counted the Middle East and Latin America as white. Most rightfully don’t..

            Anyway, I don’t see how your comment relates to his. He said that “Chinese” is a nationality and not a race, and that’s a fairly uncontroversial fact. What does race being bigger than nationality have to do with his comment?

          • Refractions_of_Error

            The 13th Tribe- by Koestler. An interesting read.


            Actually you are Chinese. You will always be Chinese. The only people who separate the Chinese by place of origin are other Chinese and the few foreigners who deal with Chinese people a lot. Probably 99% of Americans just think of you as either Asian or Chinese. I know there are differences among Chinese but really compared to the other races, they’re tiny differences. I always think those of Han ancestry that speak any Chinese dialect are Chinese, no matter where they came from.

          • MrT

            mixed with Genes from the British Armed Forces.

          • Refractions_of_Error

            ‘Chinese’ would be an ethnicity would it not? Nation state is another concept. The ethnic Chinese of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and, etc. These people are all Chinese but they are not Chinese nationals. Just like my friends in North America. Mostly from UK/European ethnic origins but not Europeans nor British nationals..

          • Robert Rou

            There is something strangely distasteful when the majority of the people on the site is from self-delusional charlatans using ChinaSmack as a platform to smear China and its people.

          • biggj

            I understand what you are saying. But think about this.

            I, a white guy, am going to make a website that translates crazy and popular Western news that makes westerner look kind of stupid/silly into mandarin for a mainly chinese audience. What kind of comments from the chinese people will you expect to find? Reasonable comments? Or just a flat out racist wad of shit? I think over 75% will be shit.It’s just how it is.

          • POS

            There are a few, they are called: Peoples Daily, Xinhua, Global Times, CCTV, and Sina news to name a few. Small fish sure but a buncha state sponsored racists without a doubt.

          • Robert Rou

            Like you have any clue what you’re talking about.

            For those that are doubtful, here’s an example: Xinhua has English translations for any English language reader to read. Feel free to read it a few days, a week, a month.

            I’d imagine you come from the like that want to defund PBS and trash on the BBC. Speaks more about you than me.

          • POS

            Chinese media is basically a state sponsored smear campaign, Like you have any clue what you’re talking about.

          • linette lee

            Fauna, I want a Canadapunch site. I want biggj’s face as the logo. XD….hahaha

          • biggj

            I want a site and have Linette’s face as the logo.haha

          • linette lee

            I can’t see that picture on this computer. It’s blocked so it must from some vulgar site.

            I will tell her to slap you around with her gift.


          • biggj

            What pic?? I just made that site up.haha .

            She could slap me around with those things all day, I can pretend not to like it. haha

          • POS

            I still fail to grasp how a bigot like you thinks you have a platform to lecture anyone?

          • Robert Rou

            If I am a bigot, then being a bigot against the likes of you is a badge of honor.

          • POS

            The thing is you are a racist, I am not. Your badge of honor look like a Maoist swastika.

    • Chael_Sonnen

      It’s not ridiculous. You’re not a mainland Chinese so you can’t get it. For them, that picture means something. To the rest of us, not so much.


      • The Enlightened One

        Hey Chael, how come you didn’t beat Silva?

        I am glad somebody did because I was tired of his show boating.

        You are right though, Chinesse see it and think it is interesting because they are learning the consquences of their actions for others. They are in a “Oh I see…” phase… while for foreigners it is boring because we already know and have known for a long time. We are in the “Yeah, I already know.. so what?” mind set.

      • biggj

        It is ridiculous. Out of all the things in this world and china to talk about…this is was number 1? There are rapes, murders, corruption, wars, pollution, floods, poison food, Bo Xilai…the list goes on and on. The story is not bad, it’s worth talking about….but the number 1 thing to talk about??? Hardly.

        • It was number 1 on Sina Weibo.

          There are rapes, murders, corruption, war, pollution, floods, poison food, Bo Xilai…the list goes on and on but you talk about a microblog post you think is ridiculous because it was number 1 on a microblog social network.

          • biggj

            Yeah but I’m borderline retarded and don’t know any better. I can’t even sting a proper sentence together. Just trying to fathom why it was number 1 that’s all. I’m just a ‘po boy asking questions that’s all.

            I wonder though if all the comments that were deleted from weibo from the Bo Xilai story were left there, if story might have been number 1?

            BO XILAI FOR PRESIDENT 2023!

    • Guang Xiang

      This just in: supposedly a boy, while being disciplined by his mom for staying out too late, nearly lost his entire penis when his mom was biting him.

    • KSC

      I will tell you why it is interesting. This employee can just ignore that bit ofgum or just do a cursory job of scraping the gum. The meticulous and sustained effort (15 min) was what interested the readers. The 1,000,000 firecracker bits? Heck no one cleans it up. Thats supposed to be part of the culture. Leaving a sea of red. Try looking for that kind of employee in the NY train station.

      • biggj

        So this is the most interesting thing that happened in china? And is the most talked about thing on weibo.

        And 15 mins to clean a piece of gum off a smooth surface with a razor blade? She is pretty efficient.

        And i think the point they are making is it takes 1 second to spit your gum on the ground and takes 15 mins for this poor woman to clean it up.

        • KSC

          Surely you understand the concept of Chinasmack. No this is not the most interesting thing happening in China. The administrator thinks this article might be interesting to foreigners. If it is not, just ignore it instead of trolling. And you miss the point, obviously she doesnt have the tools to remove it your way and hence the tedious 15 min to remove it is even more commendable isnt it? Whats the big deal in spraying a toxic chemical on it and a high tech scraper to remove it in 2 sec?

          • biggj

            This was the most talked about thing in china on weibo. That doesn’t seem odd to you?

          • No, why is it odd?

          • Robert Rou

            It’s not odd. Not one iota.

    • 1

      The hottest topics in China are always those very trivial and strange ones. As a Chinese, I have no idea why. The bigger issues are definitely left behind. I guess it’s a good thing that the CCP is glad about.

  • DavidisDawei

    I know this is not on point, but does it annoy anyone else when you go to a McDonalds in China and table after table is covered with trays & garbage left behind?
    Is it so difficult to walk your garbage to the trash can as you’re leaving?

    • mr.wiener

      Apparently it is.

    • MrT

      yep i went in one at 4am one morning, place empty, but no where to sit, because every table was piled high with rubbish..
      All the staff standing around playing QQ on thier phones.
      Service sucks big balls here.

      • markus peg

        4am? i guess not only rubbish but hobos too.. using it like a hotel

        • MrT

          yea good place for a kip.

    • markus peg

      Sleeping people putting feet on the chairs while others have no where to sit annoys me more tho..

    • Atlas

      Happens all the time when I’m at my local McD. People leave trash everywhere. I always take my tray and another one to the trashcan when I leave. I sometimes get a xiexie from the cleaning staff, but having worked in similar restaurants when I was younger, I just have to say: 不客气, 我是外国人.

      I asked my Chinese friend why he did it and he told me that he won’t bring the trash to the trashcan because “it is part of the service the restaurant offers” and “people would look down on me if I did it because I’d lower myself by doing it”. Told him I used to clean up after people like him when I was younger. At least when I’m with him and his wife they help me pick up our trash now.

      • linette lee

        So you tell him in the civilized countries people clean up after themselves and not so dirty like that leaving garbage everywhere.

        • RobRoy’sProgeny

          Yeah, McDonalds in the U.S. is spotless ;)

      • moody

        And you ll notice that trash cans in other countries display a “Thank you ” Sign
        not here in China , because as your friend so rightly pointed out, The service of table cleaning is provided in China.
        Why ?
        probably because if you spent long enough time here, you know that it s better to hire somebody to perform a task than to rely on individual’s

    • The Enlightened One

      Yes, it does. And they all stare at me when I actually grab my tray and garbage and walk over to the bin and throw it out myself and put the tray back.

      Then I look around at all of them and I am like… “Yeah, watch and learn… watch and learn.”

      • linette lee

        hahha…..You should do that in slow motion in front of them while looking at them.. Like Matrix. T-h-r-o-w t-h-e g-a-r-b-a-g-e i-n t-h-e b-i-n.

        • The Enlightened One

          I don’t think that would work. They would probably laugh and say.. Ne ge wai guo ren de nao zi you wen ti, bie kan ta!

          And then I would be like… “Ni shuo shen me?”… And they would be “Ai ya, wo tian! Ni ting de dong ma?” And then I would smack them in the face and go to jail and get deported. You trying to get me into trouble? =P


        C’mon, a little self righteous aren’t you? If you want to dump your own trash fine but don’t you realize the Chinese actually think it’s the workers responsibility to clear the tables. If the worker oblige and don’t say otherwise, why blame the Chinese patrons for not emptying their trash? It’s not the same as littering on the streets.

        • The Enlightened One


          Have you been to a fast food place in China during lunch time. I don’t go often but when I do the places are packed and the workers don’t have enough time to clear off everyone’s trash. People are literally waiting to sit down.

          Would it kill the people who have finished their meals to put their own garbage away so that someone waiting can sit down and eat?

          It’s not self righteous, it’s thoughtful and considerate and the world (especially places like China) need more of it!

          But that’s why I don’t normally go to fast food places. You can’t really expect the cream of the crop to frequent those places lol.


            Yes, I have been and I’ve had to wait, but not long, turnover is fast. I usually just put the trash in the bin myself or push it to another table, and it’s perfectly normal there and no one gets upset about it. It’s not the same as in the West but really i just don’t see much wrong with it if that’s the custom there. Of course it would be better if people emptied their own trash but if the workers oblige by emptying it, patrons will think they don’t need to do it themselves. Do you also criticize patrons at restaurants who make the table a mess by spitting bones and food making it harder to clean up than the average Canadian restaurant?

          • The Enlightened One

            Well, better is better. I don’t get mad at them or upset. I just think it is more productive and considerate. It’s not a question of understanding the culture or society’s norms… or going out of my way to change China.

            But Chinese do watch foreigners for examples and I think sometimes I should make them.

          • Ray

            It isn’t a matter of being polite when putting the rubbish into the bin in McDonalds. When I went to a MD in HK and I tried to dump the trash, a worker just rushed towards me telling me to put the rubbish back on the table. If all the customer started cleaning up their own mess then the cleaner won’t have a job.

          • Karze

            In all the fast food joint customer have to dump their trash.

        • Guang Xiang

          Spot on. It’s just the culture prevalent here, it’s not like there’s a sign reminding people to please dispose of their own garbage. Whenever I dump my own trash, I get immediately intercepted by the workers to take care of it for me. And I have never waited more than 30 seconds on a table being cleared.

          There’s too much entitlement to think China should learn from one’s example for a relatively inconsequential behavior. Take tipping for example: If I come from a country that don’t tip, should I make a statement in the US by never tipping at the hotels? And suppose I do think tipping is a polite and considerate gesture that should be learned by every country. I wouldn’t make a big show of it tipping in places like Taiwan, and especially not Japan.

        • POS

          Its a small act of self responsibilty and consideration for others, but in the context it speaks volumes about the differences between mainland and the “West” and other developed Asian countries (I’ve seen plenty of people in Japan, Korea, Taiwan etc take their plates or trash to the proper place at Starbucks etc).


            You again! I thought we had a deal to pretend the other doesn’t exist. Or are you that senile you forgot? Your last response you sent me a self-portrait of yourself digging for boogers to eat. Pretty sad you were that bored of playing your World of Warcraft that you had to respond to me.

            Anyways I’m not saying what TEO is doing is bad or wrong, in fact it’s good, it’s just his smug attitude over something so petty I don’t like. People in China irritate the hell out of me too, but I just don’t find this particular situation that offensive to make a big deal out of it. It goes without saying China is different than the West and even other asian countries when it comes to manners.

          • The Enlightened One

            My “smug attitude”.

            Perhaps, but you certainly are as well. Hyprocrite.


            Okay, I may come across as smug sometimes as well I’ll admit.

            “Yeah, watch and learn… watch and learn.”

            But can’t you see how this can be interpreted as you thinking: I’m right, and the 99% of other patrons that don’t empty their own trash are wrong. You should follow me to be a better person. Never mind that the workers realize it’s their job to clean the tables and nobody raises a stink about it.

          • POS

            You don’t like Onizuka? I thought you were Japanese? Its not like I called you an asshole or anything—

            no WoW, downloading Saints Row III so you are in the ballpark.


            The only “Onizuka” I know of is Ellison Onizuka. I don’t watch cartoons. As I recall you kept calling me an insecure Asian guy (your default insult to asians) other insults. Right? And it all started with some comment about the Boston bombing, then you held a grudge forever. Remember? That WOW comment was supposed to be a joke. I didn’t know you actually played online games.

      • POS

        Know that exact feeling lol!


      Actually Chinese people think it’s like a full-service restaurant at McDonald’s/KFC, etc. They think it’s the workers job to clean the tables, and the workers don’t complain or say otherwise so I don’t see the problem. Yeah, it’s easy to walk to the rubbish can but since everyone leaves their trash on the tables and the workers clean it (although sometimes slowly) I don’t think they deserve to be chastized by a foreigner. This is one of those “when in Rome do as the Romans” cases. For me sometimes I leave my trash on the table, sometimes I throw it away myself, depends on my mood :)

      • chandlerpatrick

        They do think that it’s a full service restaurant. That’s fine, except when you go to a full service restaurant and a table of 10 assholes are sitting to the left of you, and another ten at the table to the right, drinking and smoking and swearing and spitting bones and shit on the floor, leaving a pile of empty beers strewn upon the floor and just being loud and obnoxious assholes in general… Yelling orders at the 20 year old fuyuan, (not an ounce of dignity is given to them)…. I always try to be civil and treat these workers with at least a modicum of respect, they don’t have easy lives, and if I can make their life a little easier/better by doing something as simple as tossing my own trash, or saying please and thank you to the person serving your food – I will.


          I’ll just say this is a gray area. How about talking extremely loud at restaurants? Is that also asshole behavior? Doesn’t seem like anyone gets really bothered by it. If you’re nice to the service workers, good for you, but unless someone’s being a total asshole to an employee, no need for the holier than thou attitude. As for me myself whenever I visit China and go to a restaurant I always say thank you for everything, even every cup of water they refill. It’s the same way I act back home, partly because I don’t want anyone messing with my food but mainly because I’m just a super duper, all-around nice guy :)

    • RobRoy’sProgeny

      Wait 5-10 sec and they will clean it up.

    • 二奶头发

      What annoys me is chinese McDonalds don’t have root beer but they have the root beer thing on the lid.

      • DavidisDawei

        Zhende ma? That is surprising – I never noticed.

        Many times (in China), we’ll stop at a market and bring our own drinks before going to a restaurant (because it is cheaper) – HaHa.

        The Root beer in those restaurants probably costs more than a bottle of Tsingdao.

        • 二奶头发

          I wonder what would happen if I drank a few bottles of beer with my meal the next time I’m at McDonalds. I see the signs for no smoking but never seen one for no beer allowed. Thanks for the idea.

    • Monkeekong

      it’s not that they “think” it’s a full service restaurant, it’s SUPPOSED TO BE a full service restaurant. It’s just different in China, I don’t see what the big deal is.

      • DavidisDawei

        What is your definition of “Full Service”?
        For me, that means you don’t order (and pay) at a counter.

        Instead the server comes to your table, takes your order, brings the food to your table and then clears the table when you’re finished. You pay at the end of the meal instead of at the time you order your food.

        Where it might get confusing is that in the USA, servers are tipped for their efforts, but in China people give me money back when I try to tip them.


        • Monkeekong

          yeah that’s what i meant. not full service but they’ve never experienced having to throw their own trash away at restaurants. i see it as a good thing, i don’t really trust them when it comes to throwing away trash XD

  • Fanduril

    OH my GOD, she actually did her job!

    • YourSupremeCommander

      OH my GOD, she has a mop in her hands!

      • moody

        Carefull now, she’s got a towel

        • Probotector

          History in the making

  • chandlerpatrick

    The complex where I live has garbage cans outside of each building. 3 cans, each labled differently. Kitchen waste, recycle, and other…. for some reason, these signs do not work, and everything just ends up as “other”… and when I say “other” I mean people just toss their garbage into any can – regardless of what it might be. The trash cans on the streets have the same problem, they are labled, but people just don’t give a fuck. Still, at least people are putting the garbage in one place and not just strewing it all over… (which most of them are)… Perhaps big fucking neon signs that flash and pay out RMB are needed in order to get people to put trash in the bin…

  • Opalivian

    A trash can is almost non-existent in China, seems like the ground is its destiny.

    I don’t know why this is “big” news but it’s still better than eyes being dug out from a child…

    • Kevin Yu

      What? I saw trash-cans almost everywhere I have been to. There are even more than here in Germany judging from my experience.

      • moldavidian

        I would agree… at least here in Qingdao, if you take a moment to look around, you can usually spot one nearby. If not, hold on to it until you find one but most people are too lazy and don’t care.

    • twelve ways

      That’s rubbish (no pun intended), there are loads. Thailand has very few though, yet it is one of the cleanest Asian countries I have been to…

    • Klee

      In most tier 1-2 cities there are enough garbage cans, they’re just underused.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    In other news, Chinese woman marries Chinese man and Chinese restaurants sell Chinese food.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Honestly, I’ve never understood why people spit their gum onto the ground.

    A worldwide implementation of Singapore’s laws on littering
    would be nice, in my opinion.

    • Marcus Black

      If they don’t this lady and many like her will most likely loose their job. There is always another side to such issue. Imagine how many people would loose their job if nobody littered and all was clean.

      • Zappa Frank

        i’m pretty sure economy doesn’t work in this way or we would still luddites as well

      • Rich

        Oh my, that is just wrong. So we do bad things so others have jobs??? So should we destroy property so more people have jobs cleaning it up? Oh, that will cost someone money, you say. Well, so does it cost money for the airport to hire an ayi just to clean up gum while hiring others to do more work…will help the economy, etc. Do you think the airport likes having their floors gummed up with…well..gum? The ayi will have an even better job if we stop making them have to clean up our garbage. They could instead focus on their hire to beautify the place, greet people, etc. If we use an excuse that it creates jobs so we can be lazy, then we are just going backwards. Sorry.

      • lonetrey / Dan

        I understand that the cleaning sector of the job market involved a large number of jobs… but why make jobs for something that can be fixed with legislation?

        I guess it makes sense to like having more jobs, especially with the job market today. An unemployed person like me really likes the idea of having those extra jobs that I might use to sustain myself while looking for a way to develop a career.

        Nonetheless, something about the idea of being able to fix a problem and not doing so because you want to keep those jobs for people bothers me a little. Something along the lines of “two wrongs don’t make a right”?I can’t really put my finger on it at the moment… Perhaps I’ll get back to you on this.

      • Klee

        Really? So, I’ll go ahead and assume that you don’t throw litter on the floor of your home, does that magically make it dust and dirt free? .

      • Monkeekong

        i loosed my job once, it was way too tight.


      Spitting mucus is fine if you have allergies or a cold. I spit all the time due to my allergies. I try to spit in the grass or on the edge of the sidewalk and not in the middle of the sidewalk. But yeah, spitting gum is bad, since it takes the gum a long time to decompose and can stick to people’s shoes. It just like littering really.

      • Atlas

        “Spitting mucus is fine if you have allergies or a cold. I spit all the time due to my allergies. ”

        Let’s play a game of “guess the nationality”. Shall we?


          Well, go for it. You got three guesses then you’re out.

          • Monkeekong

            irish, italian, or somalian?


            Three strikes you’re out. Actually I’m a 300 lbs Jamaican woman who’s looking for a Chinese husband.

        • Mighty曹

          Singaporean! Those filthy bastards!

      • Cauffiel

        I always try to spit in the grass/bushes or into garbage cans. Not, incidentally, on the bus, subway, restaurant floor…. but I do spit on cars that piss me off when I’m biking.


          Yeah, I don’t spit indoors and I only spit when I have mucus, not just for the hell of it. I hate those people that spit like “aaaaarrrrrrrrggg ssspppuuu” like they’re making a big spectacle of it. Maybe instead of spitting you should carry a pipe you can wack the cars with, lol. Nah then they might try to run you off the road.

    • DavidisDawei

      What would those be Dan?

    • krak

      it’s a very easy answer, because they don’t give a shit about anyone else having to deal with it.

  • Miley

    China is horrible. Absolutely the worst. I love Japan.

    • The Enlightened One

      You got that all from a lady cleaning up gum?

      Or just decided now was a good time to express your random unrelated generalized opinion?

      • mr.wiener

        Just so long as she doesn’t start twerking.

        • moldavidian

          God deliver us from gum, Miley and twerking!

    • Cauffiel

      Japan’s got the clap.

  • RobRoy’sProgeny

    China is such a clean country, despite it’s reputation. Just today I saw someone blatantly litter. And here in the U.S. there’s no one to pick it up.

  • twelve ways

    After she cleaned up the gum she took a shit on the pavement, let her grandson piss on a bus and spat chicken bones and nutshells all over the fucking place whilst hocking up big brownish green phlegm balls with wild abandon.

    The Chinese circle of life.

  • Wayne

    Its the heirarchy of needs. No one thinks about helping improve society when something like buying a house, car, and sending one single child to school is such a huge burden. When you can barely afford three square meals a day and make 2000RMB a month, are your thoughts going to be anything remotely close about civic duty? Hell no. Most of Chinese problems are related to over-population and related extreme social pressure.

    • Klee

      Sorry, but this falls into the category of “Maslow overreach”. The overwhelming majority of people in airports and fast-food restaurants are middle to upper-middle class. Their lives are no picnic, but these are people not worrying about where their next square meal is coming from or their next 3000 square meals for that matter. I don’t really have an opinion about table trash, but I don’t buy the ” Tian Tian’s Montessori Superstar Genius Talent Academy school fees are so high, and houses in Tongzhou are now 35,000 a sq. meter. How can I be expected to keep used gum in my mouth the whole way to a garbage can?”

  • Mighty曹

    This is trending because a city employed sanitation worker is actually performing her duty?

    • Do you think that is the reason?

      • Mighty曹

        Of course not. Sarcasm aside, I do wonder why a big fuss is made over something that’s pure common sense. If one litters (or spit out chewing gum) it has to be picked up or cleaned up by someone. This should’ve been taught at home by parents and in class at school. I’m just taken aback that adults are so shocked and saddened to see a person spending 15 minutes to clean someone’s thoughtlessness.

  • Karze

    Civic sense is very important to keep the environment clean. Everybody should pitch in civilized society.

  • peye

    There is a product called WD40 . Comes in a spray can. Spray some on the gum and off it comes. WD40 very useful for many things.

    • Klee

      WD40 is the stuff! The can with the wand is like a secret weapon. I remember colleagues being in awe saying…”Your windows open all the way now? How did you DO that?”

  • POS

    I remember seeing a group of Asian tourists eating snacks and throwing the wrappers and whatnot on the ground…. at the Royal Palace in Bangkok. Manner of dress and coarse Mandarin only confirmed what all generalizations inclined one to believe; they were mainlanders. In East Asia at least there is no “ugly American” like there is in Europe, we simply cannot compete with the mainland Chinese.

    • Cauffiel

      Money don’t buy class.

  • SonofSpermcube

    Some good citizen did his part to ensure that she has job security.

    Now I’m off to break some windows.

  • Jin&Tonic

    Its her job..get over it! Even if it had taken her 24 hours to clean it up then that’s what she is paid to do.

  • Probotector

    A person actually doing their job… who’d have thunk it?!

  • Stranger in a Strange Land

    Most people in the West are brought up with a sense that a moral God is watching us, evaluating our actions. I believe that we carry this idea throughout life, even when we question or consciously doubt God’s existence. For most of us, it prevents us from doing harm to others *even when nobody is watching.*
    In much of Asia, where the concept of God is not indoctrinated into youth from an early and, I believe, critical age, the only direction or disincentive to do harm to others is from a sense of other people watching and evaluating them — shame. So, when nobody is watching, there is no longer any reason for a someone from a country, such as China, to control his or her behavior.

    • Monkeekong

      only Jesus can save us now

      • Stranger in a Strange Land

        The Chinese really missed the boat on religion. God, real or not, gave us in the West a sense of humanity, allowed us to challenge those who put them themselves above others, fostered equality, and gave us a moral compass to a greater extent than you see in these Asian nations, where concern is only for self and one’s family, there’s no consideration for one’s neighbors, and corrupt leadership exists at every level.

        • Monkeekong

          I’ll be blunt,
          1) It’s not “God” or religion that caused all those things you said.
          2) Religion has actually been more harmful than good throughout all of civilization. ie. the dark ages
          3) What makes you think there isn’t religion in China? and can you give me a single concrete reason why China is the way it is wholly because the lack of religion (i’ll assume you mean Christianity)?
          4) Never has religion ever caused anyone from doing something bad. On the contrary, it’s always been an excuse for doing bad things. (you can think of your own examples).
          5) Religion isn’t a premise for morality.
          6) Even if all those things you said were true, religion is still just imaginary and fake. And there is never any good reason to believe in something that isn’t real.

          • Stranger in a Strange Land

            I wouldn’t expect someone like you to understand. It would be like me trying to understand why saving one’s face is more important to a Chinese person than literally any other principle, person, or thing.

          • Monkeekong

            someone like me? what is someone like me like? there you go, perfect example of a self-righteous religious person judging other people based on what imaginary being (or lack thereof) they believe in. i can feel the judgementalness seething out of you.

    • Atlas

      God is a lie.

      Still, I like to think I’m a good person because it’s the right thing to do, not because of “shame”.

  • Cv

    Chinese are the dirtest people on the earth, no lie through their trash everywhere. I think chinese do this on promise to this lady and find it funny, the trash can be right in front of them and still through their shit on the ground, why clean up?… its to much effort for them to through away anything. plus in USA some people have this same job clean gum off floors.

    • linette lee

      But the Chinese are very anal about not stepping into their home with shoes on. Absolutely no street shoes allowed inside their home. The floor must be clean. Only their own home they will keep it clean.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      You ever been to India? Yeah exactly, now STFU.

      • Cv

        Ohhh, Chinese fighter… Yes i have why not you live there? will fit right in, yes i have its not that bad…. But the people are very poor…india is cleaner than mainland china in the long run they do have respect for there shit. You have to earn it in india so keep it nice and great. So do your reserve my little chinese empty head.

        • YourSupremeCommander

          How did your post get past the grammar police? Looks like back to school for you, Chinese vegetable.

      • Cauffiel

        India people are nicer than Chinese, but the entire country is mind numbingly filthy. Much worse than China.

  • Monkeekong

    The reason Chinese people litter indiscriminately is complicated but basically it boils down to not having this etiquette taught to them as they are being raised through childhood. This, I believe, is caused in part by the wars in the near past which caused a lot of strife in China and in the struggle to survive people become extremely selfish and competitive. There was no regard for the greater good of society in that kind of environment and everything was just about yourself and your family. This selfish attitude still permeates throughout Chinese society today as it takes several generations to get rid of it and inculcate a culture of taking care of the environment for everyone’s benefit. Changing this “culture” needs to be learned, and then passed down. It will take time.

    • It could take time, or people could be fined 2500rmb for littering or 15 days in a re-education camp… That’d probably make a dent in littering behavior.

      Sneaking on/off the Shanghai metro now goes on your credit record so you can’t get loans. If only they could catch more people…

      • Monkeekong

        Ultimately, the people at the top needs to learn about the importance of this issue, too, and take the enforcement of the littering laws seriously.

        • YourSupremeCommander

          People at the top have much bigger fish to catch and too many millions of bribes to worry about, you seriously think they give a rats ass about some gum some people spit onto the ground? You are a nice kid, unfortunately too NAIVE for your own good.

          • Monkeekong

            It’s about littering not “some gum some people spit onto the ground.” I know those government officials are too busy making money and chasing tail all day to care about anything else. So what? How does that make me “naive?” lol. you don’t even know me.

  • Refractions_of_Error

    Business Plan:

    Re-package all that gum and do this:

    I am NOT serious. Please, don’t even….

  • Next up: the “auntie” who unplugs a feces ridden toilet and the sympathy that ensues….

  • What the Chinese construe as sympathy and compassion is often merely masked condescension…..

    • Monkeekong

      great generalization

  • Eileithyia

    Gum should be ban. or stick gum on ground, under tables, chairs should have 1 year sentence.

  • Irvin

    Fucking morons don’t know to use gasoline or strong solutions, only razor blades.

  • mustbeajoke

    so u think yr president whom you dislike will clean it up?
    sorry its yr friends mother who will do it!