Chinese Student Rapes Woman in US, Parents Try To Bribe Victim

100 USD banknote next to 100 RMB banknote.

Tang Peng, accused of raping a woman in Iowa, United States.

From Sohu:

Chinese overseas student suspect in rape of female landlord, parents charged with trying to bribe victim

China News Service April 14th report, in Iowa state of the United States, 21-year-old Chinese overseas student Tang Peng (transliteration) has been accused of raping a female landlord 2 weeks ago on the pretense of wanting to rent an apartment. After being arrested, he did not admit guilt. After his parents rushed to America, they attempted to bribe the victim to change her testimony, and have also been prosecuted by the police.

[…] The other charge in this case has attracted attention. The Iowa police department’s charge that Tang Peng’s parents, 57-year-old Tang X [Tang Xuefan] and 49-year-old Li X [Li Qiao] (transliteration) rushed to Iowa after the incident occurred at the beginning of the month, where they had claimed they would find the woman who accused their son and “persuade” her to change her testimony to obtain some remuneration. A friend told the victim what Tang Peng’s parents had said, and the police arrested Tang’s parents after being informed.

100 USD banknote next to 100 RMB banknote.

Comments from Sohu:


Has to be the child of a government official or of the rich, used to running amok in China without consequences. Abroad, they won’t tolerate this kind of behavior.

未卜先知625609 [搜狐甘肃省平凉市网友]:

A family’s scum, human flesh search them, find out whether or not they’re also corrupt officials.

四裤全输760892 [搜狐广东省深圳市网友]:

Using China’s behavior of bribery in America…truly hilarious!!!

神机妙算105359 [搜狐辽宁省朝阳市网友]:

They think they’re in China, where they can settle things with money, with connections?! Hahaha!

面壁功深567907 [搜狐广西壮族自治区网友]:

They really thought it would be the same as in China, where as long as one has money one has power and anything can be done. Wrong. America’s laws are very sound, but as for China’s laws, sigh! Nothing can be said.

初入江湖209519 [搜狐山东省青岛市网友]:

Smiles, America’s legal system is truly too gei li! People like this truly deserve it!

闲着没事儿867922 [搜狐天津市网友]:

You think you’re in China, where committing crimes can be taken care of with money? In China, corrupt officials are everywhere, but America isn’t the same, you garbage.

狼吃小样 [搜狐河北省秦皇岛市网友]:

So embarrassing, Chinese thinking is not useful in America.

wwx468_NEW [搜狐北京市网友]:

These parents have gotten used to bribing in China.

微言微词946047 [搜狐山东省东营市网友]:

You think you’re still in a place where money and power is bigger than the law?

鲜明的亮亮 [搜狐湖南省衡阳市网友]:

This pair of reckless parents, thinking they’re still in China, where money along can settle things. The son too must be be influenced by their actions in order for him to do such a nation-shaming thing!

富三代他爷爷 [搜狐辽宁省大连市网友]:

Strange, a domestically time-tested tried and true method not working abroad, truly strange.

富三代他爷爷 [搜狐辽宁省大连市网友]: (responding to above)

Could it be, that outside China, it isn’t a harmonious society?

abc552005 [搜狐辽宁省大连市网友]:

What rich people in China can use money to take care of not working abroad shows that Chinese citizens’ moral character has already reached history’s lowest point. Reforms have caused China’s economy to rise, yet its morals have fallen, just who’s mistake is this? I trust history will show us the correct answer.

猴子上树 [搜狐北京市网友]:

Let him serve a prison sentence in America!

彧很快乐 [搜狐安徽省网友]:

If this were in China, it wouldn’t be a problem at all.

二线明星131502 [搜狐广东省梅州市网友]:

These kinds of parents are definitely part of the corruption in China, who should be severely dealt with. Has it been determined who this person’s parents are?

跑龙套289988 [搜狐内蒙古自治区兴安盟网友]:

Socialism with Chinese characteristics doesn’t work abroad.

随口成章594653 [搜狐四川省成都市网友]:

The tactics habitually used in China don’t work in America????

孤舟独桨365721 [搜狐河南省三门峡市网友]:

READ  CCTV Says Apocalypse is December 21st @ 3:14pm Beijing Time

This trick doesn’t work in the United States? In China, it totally and completely works.

搜狐手机网友 [搜狐网友]:

Serves him right! Must be severely punished! Even better if he isn’t allowed out to hurt others…

我爱你米高 [搜狐网友]:

It’s possible he has done this before in China and they also used the same way to solve the problem. His parents are afraid he’ll lose his little life in China, so they sent him abroad where there isn’t a death penalty.

搜狐手机网友 [搜狐网友]:

No matter what mistake he made, we should first protect our own compatriot. When Americans bully us, where did you all go? When they run amok in China, which one of you have stood forth for justice? What difference is this from helping the enemy and selling out your own country? As long as it is fighting the Americans, brother [referring to self] would be the first to enlist, the first to go forth. China cannot be insulted. Only knowing how to bully our own, let me see you go bully foreigners, dammit.

心领神会700197 [搜狐江苏省扬州市网友]: (responding to above)

Please, I beg you, stop being deceived by this kind of so-called nationalism! I truly wonder if water has entered your brain [mentally retarded]? This kind of human scum, should be locked up until he’s dead in America’s prisons. Let them come back, and let him continue to harm our female compatriots!?

玉堂金马778876 [搜狐吉林省长春市网友]: (also responding to 搜狐手机网友)

Congratulations on successfully demonstrating the bottom limit of intelligence…

临水照花人6638 [搜狐北京市网友]:

I truly think our country’s judicial authorities should pay careful attention to this case, see how these countries who flaunt their human rights, democracy, and legal systems will deal with this kind of thing, and learn from them, because this kind of thing happens too much in our country, and so many outcomes are unknown to the public.

网友8566523 [搜狐湖北省网友]:

According to Chinese law, as long as you wear a condom, it isn’t considered rape, it’s just a visit.

我爱你米高 [搜狐网友]:

Truly a loss of face for Chinese people.

梦笔生花716768 [搜狐辽宁省大连市网友]:

Begging the Americans, keep them, don’t send them back!

旁敲侧击758095 [搜狐黑龙江省大庆市网友]:

This is precisely the difference between America’s legal system and China’s legal system. In China, power trumps the law and money can do anything!
Those with money can even make ghosts do your bidding, hahaha.
This bastard’s father thinks [America] would be the same as in China, got his just deserts, eh?
From this it can be seen how sad it is to be in China, no wonder some people emigrate the moment they have money, too afraid of Party princelings and the children of the wealthy, who can’t be dealt with!

爆巭砯 [搜狐天津市网友]:

America being able to uphold justice, not being enticed by money, not surrendering to power, Chinese netiens are very happy! These rich people dare to do anything in China, with no consequences for whatever bad things they’ve done, and have gotten used to it, but in America, their methods no longer work.

搜狐新闻客户端网友 [搜狐网友]:

Young man, if you did this in China, money can guarantee nothing bad will happen to you. Haha.

guodongccc [搜狐网友]:

Child of the rich? Child of government officials?
Strongly demand his family background be human flesh searched out!
So good, America’s rule of law is fair! I don’t dare to imagine what it would be like in China!

cc7172 [搜狐网友]:

We can conclude this “beast’s” parents are deeply familiar with this domestic judicial method [of bribery] and wanted to use this method in America only to get themselves in trouble! They deserve it! This “animal’s” parents must be “the first who got rich”. If America repatriates this “beast” to China, who knows how long this “animal” will actually stay in a Chinese prison? It probably won’t be a life sentence. Because this is in China!!

搜狐手机网友 [搜狐网友]:

Some study abroad students relying on their families having money, not studying and wasting time abroad, first-rate garbage, doing this kind of thing, truly bringing disgrace to our country’s people.

搜狐手机网友 [搜狐网友]:

In China, forget rape, even with murder, you don’t need to fear as long as you have money.

A handfull of 100 RMB cashnotes.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Demonfox


    • Demonfox

      finally, my life is complete.

    • MK

      Can I convince you to change your claim to the sofa with some cash?

      • rollin wit 9’s

        its more of a nostalgic issue i think. He either wants to rape or has been raped on that sofa.

  • hanyucha

    A Chinese guy raping his American landlady? Is that even possible?

    “Hey man, what are you doing?”
    “I wan to eat your US tofu.”
    “What the hell does that mean?”
    “I want to park my stretch limousine in your garage!”
    “Oh, that’s what that itch in my vag is! Go park your QQ someplace else.”

    • anon

      In your rush to make a “Chinese men have small penises” joke, you mistakenly assume the “American” woman is white, or at least non-Asian.

      The woman advertised her apartment for rent on RenRen, in Chinese, and is therefore very likely to be ethnic Chinese as well.

      • pada

        Hanyucha didnt mean “Chinese men have small penises”. He only meant American women must have loose tits you can swim in. You should know why.

        • terroir

          You usually wait for the victim to die in order for you to make your point. Unless your pee is flammable, I’d say to hold off blaming the victim to make your unfortunate and wrong generalizations.

          You shouldn’t take the sign “怕打,加油”you tape to the monitor literally, you know.

          • pada

            My dear 胎里儿,Have I ever blamed the victim only by my “American women must have loose tits” against somebody’s “Chinese have small penises”? The answer is surely a No. And even if I’ve done it, you shouldn’t have felt pissed since you absolutely have nothing to do with this category, with your proud cherry still intact with a double-layer hymen.

          • terroir

            “proud cherry still intact with a double-layer hymen”

            I know Chinese cuisine has a bad habit of emulating Western cuisine improperly, but that is the worst sounding sandwich I have ever heard offered at China KFC.

          • mr. wiener

            I think I’d probably pass on the “Tube chicken wrap” as well.

          • Nyancat

            ahahha pada you are so screwed if what John posted in his comment is true then it would be that the chinese guy was raping a chinese girl, so now let’s hear your well thought out comeback, remember if it is legit then it was the american judicial system protecting a chinese student from another chinese student, you xenophobic ass-wad.

          • pada

            Welcome back, from your typical redneck weekend. Guess your Chinese wife managed to be as shirtless as you and got a nice texas suntun where you make a mud rasslin’ that you think should be an Olympic sport. Just wonder if you use the back of your pick-up truck as a swimming pool, or you shot somebody on way back who dare to stare at you.
            You see I dont foulmouth you as an ass-wad which you always wipe with toilet paper with numbers on it, lol!

          • terroir

            “wipe with toilet paper with numbers on it”

            Barring monetary metaphors, toilet paper doesn’t have any writing on it. Wu Mao, do you always read what you wipe? Do you know how the inclusion of this will affect the entirety of the national face of China? Millions of feelings will be hurt!

            I demand to speak to your supervisor!Consider your career spouting personal attacks to be over! You’ll be lucky to find a lost laowai on a corner to help practice your English where you’re going!


          • Turner

            I lol on pada’s “redneck wipe ass with toilet paper with numbers on it” thats in fact a comedy gold and lol as well at Terrior’s inability to catch it.

          • terroir

            @Turned off
            Are you 怕打’s supervisor? Finally! I wanted to say that this wu mao isn’t very good. He simply parrots other words and completely ignores the content of the comment to the degree that his own words fully contradict the post he is responding to! It’s as though is only weapon is persistence in the absence of any rational thought as well as the flagrant use of the word “lol”….

            That does it. I want to speak to your department manager. Now.

          • mr. wiener

            I’m still confused as to whether Pada is talking through his arse or is in fact a genius. The numbered toilet paper could be alluding to The Monty Hall puzzle talked about in the previous Post “Vietnamese cop clings to front of bus trying to save his dong”.
            If you had toilet paper sequentially numbered from 1-3 would you be more likely to get shite on you hands if you changed numbers halfway through?
            That said Pada’s Chinglish is definitely the stuff of tee-shirts and might even sell better than the pithy musings of Terrior [unfortunately]
            Turning Schrodinger’s cat into a pun on prefering dead pussy to live pussy is the stuff of legends, but most folk would only buy the shirt from walmart with the fart joke on it.

          • notorious

            I still giggle at Pada’s “night pot” for a head line lmao

          • pada

            @Terrior (胎里儿) sweetheart,
            In a dog’s eyes, every human beings look the same while in Terrior’s green eyes, all look as Wumaos.
            Terrior doesnt need to open her big mouth and drop her forked tongue and say Ah, doctor already see easily she got a “Attention Whore Deficit Disorder”, a serious disorder that sweeps trough the teenages female community.
            But I dont believe she is that sick given her persistant efford to prove she has some reasons. I’d rather take her as a “sock puppet” and love to let Guardian explain it ( I know you hate it but I just love to see you hate and how you’d compare your gangland with commie China).
            Perhaps most of comments we read here are the paid works by Terrior mulit IPs, 7X24, who are all busy lickin’ each others or her own asses on daily basis.
            One thing is sure, I’ll post it again whenever she mentions wumao, to her dismay. lol! (BTW, a LOL means a real bad mockery of and contempt, if Terrior doesnt get the sidekick):

            —-“US Spy Operation that Manipulates Social Media–
            ‘Sock puppet’ software creates fake online identities to spread pro-American propaganda
            The US military is developing software that will let it secretly manipulate social media sites by using fake online personas to influence internet conversations and spread pro-American propaganda.
            A Californian corporation has been awarded a contract with United States Central Command (Centcom), which oversees US armed operations in the Middle East and Central Asia, to develop what is described as an “online persona management service” that will allow one US serviceman or woman to control up to 10 separate identities based all over the world.
            The project has been likened by web experts to China’s attempts to control and restrict free speech on the internet. Critics are likely to complain that it will allow the US military to create a false consensus in online conversations, crowd out unwelcome opinions and smother commentaries or reports that do not correspond with its own objectives.
            The discovery that the US military is developing false online personalities – known to users of social media as “sock puppets” – could also encourage other governments, private companies and non-government organisations to do the same.
            The Centcom contract stipulates that each fake online persona must have a convincing background, history and supporting details, and that up to 50 US-based controllers should be able to operate false identities from their workstations “without fear of being discovered by sophisticated adversaries”.


          • terroir

            I’m going to rudely change the subject.

            So, this Chinese student allegedly rapes a woman in the US, and the parents are arrested for trying to bribe the victim.

            Do you know? Here’s a link:

      • 骂人的是孙子

        that’s even more fucked up, it’s hard enough to be a female overseas Chinese student, she certainly didn’t need one of her own to rape her, fucking Chinese people need to stick together, which sadly never happens

    • the idiot dared to rape a white girl probably

      • mr. wiener

        Dare to hope one day you will make love to a white chick too….Then spend the next 20 years trying to get away from her!

      • Harland

        No, it was another Chinese. The apartment advertisement was in Chinese characters. Nice to see what you wish was true, though.

  • lonetrey

    The justice in this is just so…. satisfying. Hahahaha, trying to bribe them like in the other chinaSmack stories. Hope they get what they deserve.

  • mouse

    These Chinese netizens have way too rosy a picture of America. You can bribe your way out of trouble here easily, you just have to be big time. Either a billionaire, celebrity or athlete with the best legal teams money can buy. Being white helps too!
    Id be interested in knowing what the parents offered.

    • terroir

      Bribing parents [to rape victim]: Yes, you should totally take this money we’re giving you. Don’t think of as a bribe; think of it as “Indecent Proposal” after the fact and you’re the movie star Demi Moore who gets to be a high-class prostitute or “Pretty Woman” and you’re Julia Roberts’ prostitute with a heart of gold and totally not raped by some douchebag who doesn’t have the guts or social skills to hit up a bar and chat up a girl.

      Of course, we can’t forget this was a crime of violence in which you were violated: this is why we’re also throwing in a toaster.”

      • terroir

        “Also: the toaster was made in Japan. By robots.”

    • Adjutant

      You cannot bribe yourself out of trouble in the USA.

      In the USA, you lawyer the fuck up.

    • Xiongmao

      Yup, good idea, wrong approach. Spend the money on good lawyers as in people who can protract trials and appeals for years. That’s what the rich do in America since most prosecutors find the burden on their offices too great and will often opt for a plea bargain and a heavily reduced sentence. Exactly why a poor man might get 20 year for snatching a purse while a financial exec involved in billion dollar scams might get off with 5.

    • Interested

      mouse got it right. The money spent on lawyers is legal corruption. As long as you got large dough, you can get away. No rich persons ever convicted of murder in USA.

  • John

    I am a student from china. this Thursday i was rape by a Chinese student. he pretended to want to rent my apartment and he said he want to have a look. after he went in my apt he suddenly controlled me and tried to use the handcraft to me. I tried to say something but he used the towel to my mouth. he turned off my cellphone and raped me. Also he forced me to take some naked photos and threatened me that he had a knife. after that he walked me to school and run away. then i called the police. But he still kept in touch with me because he thought i performed well and he wanted to meet again. Then I lured him out and helped the police catches him. My concerns are
    1. whether he will be punished by American Government or just simply sent back to China?
    2. What kinds of compensation included in my case and how amount is appropriate?
    3. Do i need a lower to help me to sue him?
    4. we are from same university, does my university needs to compensate me?

    Thank you very much!

    Optional Information:
    State/Country relating to Question: Iowa

    Already Tried:
    I just called the police and helped polices to catch him. the police has no feedback so far.
    Submitted: 14 days and 3 hours ago.
    Category: Criminal Law
    Value: $58
    Status: CLOSED

    • anon

      Interesting find. Question 4 rubs me the wrong way unless she has a reason to believe the university somehow failed some duty they owed her.

    • pervertt

      “But he still kept in touch with me because he thought i performed well and he wanted to meet again.”

      Something lost in the translation there. And what exactly is a handcraft?

      • Castro

        handjob ?

        • terroir


          You have forever ruined rainy sunday afternoons, empty toilet paper cartons and ripped up magazines. As well, you are the last person from which I ever want to hear, “Do you need help gluing that into place?”

      • lonetrey

        Perhaps “handcraft” = Chinese martial arts or a hold he put on her?

      • Aldo

        Handcuffs ?

    • JeffG.

      Looks like either the weasel or his parents were fishing to see what the punishment would be after the fact. And searching for the appropriate compensation. I would bet it was the weasel. The “But he still kept in touch with me because he thought i performed well and he wanted to meet again.” sounds like something a sick rapist would say.

      • Patrick

        Not only that but they would have already explained to her (likely with the help of a translator) what arrest of the ugly asshole meant and what she would have to do if compensation was a concern. Yes, I’d have to say fishing, plus if she was here long enough to be renting out an apartment I’d assume her english would be better.

    • notorious

      if she wrote this, a very good lawyer could argue that the sex between them was consensual and the girl simply wanted compensation for it. This was not a good idea on her part if she did indeed, write it.

  • SuperHappyCow

    Yeah, srs.

    You can bribe if you’re stupid rich, and you can buy the right people.

    If you’re a rich average citizen, or not rich enough, then you’re hosed.

  • Roger

    Well it seems like majority of Chinese Citizen or at least netizen agree that China lack respect for law. As a whole, people recognize that with power and money, many people are getting away with crimes and are often above the law.

    My take on this is that, this happens partly because of cultural norm, and partly because of China lacks a history of case law. Though if more and more people speak up about this lack and the injustice they see perhaps there will be change? Though I do doubt it can get more visible than the current state.

  • terroir

    Logically speaking, the obvious next step would be for the Chinese government to step in and levy sanctions against the US. That way the US legal system can be bribed in order to persuade this family of “culturally persecuted” Chinese to be set free. And if that doesnt’ work, then unilaterally declare war as an entire nation of a billion upon the US to make up for this brazen loss of face.

    That is to say, if we are logically speaking.

    • anon

      What sort of logic are you alluding to?

      • terroir

        Rape family’s logic. Why, do you think I was trying to explain things from the victim’s sort of view? Then it’d be:

        OH NO
        [horrific indescribeable experience]
        That sonofabitch got arrested and won’t confess to his crimes?

        and then:
        What are you two doing here? I haven’t even been introduced to my boyfriends parents yet

        • anon

          That’s rather flimsy, terroir. There is about zero precedent or even normal logic in suggesting that’s the logic of the bribing family. Even the most law-flouting Chinese princelings and parents don’t think in those terms when confronted with the inability to solve problems with money in foreign countries.

          • terroir

            And yet, here we are.

            I’m going to continuing to stare at you until you acknowledge the enormity of the mastery of my hilarity.


    • A gawd-dang Mongolian

      No, this is the legal system. When you travel to another country, you are subject to their laws, it is out of your homeland’s hands. They can just as easily washe their hands of the individual saying “He was a bad egg anyway”.

    • pada

      More “logically speaking”, China goverrnment should first fly out the small penis raper back to China (damn you dare to think USA is Afghan?), before consulting S korea, Japan, or even Afghan what should be done next given their more professional handling from democratic experience with marines (am I allowed to say American marins?). But Chines taxpayers are not as willing and generous as Americans when coming to pay compensation for any kinda criminals you guys are so familiar with, not to mention to treat him as a national hero.

      • terroir

        You fool! We’re on the same side! You can’t be seen arguing with me – the laowai will see this as an act of weakness and brand all of us Chinese as the same! Can’t you see that I was talking about “cultural persecution”, setting up all of China to be a victim and the hands of the US hegemony and then like an idiot you have blown my cover!


        I demand to speak to your manager posthaste. After this, you’ll be lucky to be earning wumao for each apology you make to your ancestors as you’ll be sentenced to a mountaintop where everyday is 清明节!

        • pada

          Wooow, Wumao again, soooo boring, yawn…..
          You just cannot be as creative as I am, when screwing somebody. How about American WumaoS? Of course I am singing carol for them as they are wumaoing as freedom:

          • terroir

            It must be so free to not be constrained by such limited, earth-bound conventions as logic, sticking to the point, and being a decent human being. By gods, your creativity knows no bounds when changing the subject, making ad hominen attacks and creating a veil of ignorance to effectively shut down all purposeful channels of dialog.

            I demand to speak to your manager. This comment spambot is burgeoning to achieve sentience and destroy all of the logic node failsafes.

          • el negro pedro

            In defense of Pada, he’s using mainland logic. You can’t fault him for the thoughts he thinks. It’s like blaming the sun for being hot. Or the new richeeeee for flossin’ like their life depended on it.

            I’ve noticed that Ultra Nationalistic people, both in the U.S. and China, tend to be under educated, social isolated, or emotionally damaged. This is just a generalization and I am not alluding to anyone in particular.

            Once a Chinese man who had been so friendly during our lunch suddenly refused to talk or look me in the eye, all because I said “Like any other countries, China has it’s problems as well”. He insisted that China HAD NO PROBLEMS and I was not only wrong, but stupid.

          • mr. wiener

            You were not only wrong , but stupid as well. how any sane person cannot see that China has no problems except for the ones that foreigners have bought to China [AIDS, Bad music , loss of traditional values, ideas on dental hygeine ]is beyond me.
            Besides which all they other problems were caused by migrant workers.

          • terroir

            “It’s like blaming the sun for being hot. ”

            Yeah, but the sun is a star that emits light and energy because of a continuous nuclear fusion reaction of expanding and contracting envelops that burns hydrogen for a million more years until it burns out.

            Pada on the other hand is a wu mao who is emboldened by the aspect of “freedom of expression” to make personal attacks and change the subject upon his whimsy, believing that as a victim he has the right to ignore everyone else’s words and that with this ignorance he gets stronger with each “lol”.

            Getting into an argument with pada is like challenging him to a race in which he sinks to the bottom of the pool and just holds his breath while he makes faces up at the rest of us. Also: flipping the bird.

          • el negro pedro
      • mr. wiener

        You are talking about the case of the US marine who went amok in Afghanistan last month and all the soldier stationed in Korea and Japan who have been convicted of crimes I take it?
        As soldiers serving in foreign countries I think the US has an extradition agreement with these countries. If our dumb-arse rapist Tang Peng had been a Chinese Embassy guard, and so a Chinese serviceman serving on foreign soil rather than a Chinese citizen studying in the US I’m sure a similar extradition arrangement could be obtained if it doesn’t exist already.
        Additionally I doubt these servicement where treated like “heros” when they got back to the states.

    • Brett Hunan

      为提高两个国家的国际化和增进两国的友谊做出贡献 - of course!

      • Interested


  • Kim Jung ILL

    Unfortunately American, unlike China has law in place. What works in China may not work in US. If you are in China, good for you. Let the kid have a taste of being sodomized by black and white prisoners .

    • mouse

      I would, no joke, rather serve time in a Chinese prison than an American one. He’s probably gonna be spending his entire term in some type of protective 23 hour a day solitary confinement

      • Little Wolf

        Shiiiiaaat….you watch too many episodes of Prison Break and OZ.

        • notorious

          Actually his statements are not hyperbole. Go to the human right’s watch web site and read these horrible stories:

          Here are some sad prisoner stories of being raped:

          “I had no choice but to submit to being Inmate B’s prison wife. Out of fear for my life, I submitted to sucking his dick, being fucked in my ass, and performing other duties as a woman, such as making his bed. In all reality, I was his slave, as the Officials of the Arkansas Department of Corrections under the �color of law’ did absolutely nothing.
          � M.P, Arkansas, pro se federal civil rights complaint filed 8/2/96 ”
          Most of the prisoners who rape are spending from 5 to life. And are part of a gang. They pick a loner smaller weaker individual. And make that person into a homosexual then sell him to other inmates or gangs. Anywhere from a pack of cigarettes to 2 cartons . . . . No one cares about you or anyone else. If they show kindness or are trying to be helpful, it is only because they want something. And if there offering you protection you can guarantee that there going to seek sexual favors. . . . When an inmate comes in for the first time and doesnt know anyone. The clicks and gangs. Watch him like Wolves readying there attacks. They see if he spends time alone, who he eats with. Its like the Wild Kingdom. Then they start playing with him, checking the new guy out. (They call him fresh meat.)
          � J.G., Minnesota, 8/8/96
          I’ve been sentenced for a D.U.I. offense. My 3rd one. When I first came to prison, I had no idea what to expect. Certainly none of this. I’m a tall white male, who unfortunately has a small amount of feminine characteristics. And very shy. These characteristics have got me raped so many times I have no more feelings physically. I have been raped by up to 5 black men and two white men at a time. I’ve had knifes at my head and throat. I had fought and been beat so hard that I didn’t ever think I’d see straight again. One time when I refused to enter a cell, I was brutally attacked by staff and taken to segragation though I had only wanted to prevent the same and worse by not locking up with my cell mate. There is no supervision after lockdown. I was given a conduct report. I explained to the hearing officer what the issue was. He told me that off the record, He suggests I find a man I would/could willingly have sex with to prevent these things from happening. I’ve requested protective custody only to be denied. It is not available here. He also said there was no where to run to, and it would be best for me to accept things . . . . I probably have AIDS now. I have great difficulty raising food to my mouth from shaking after nightmares or thinking to hard on all this. . . . I’ve laid down without physical fight to be sodomized. To prevent so much damage in struggles, ripping and tearing. Though in not fighting, it caused my heart and spirit to be raped as well. Something I don’t know if I’ll ever forgive myself for.
          � A.H., Indiana, 8/30/96

          • mouse

            Forget even the stereotypical rape thing….even if that didn’t exist American prisons are notoriously violent and run internally by racially divided gangs. You have a really good chance of being permanently fucked up physically, or mentally (from long term solitary, or psych ward), if not outright just not surviving your term and being killed.

          • terroir

            Yes. These are records and findings of US jails where independent judicial boards, a free press and NGO’s are given access to prisons and prisoners. Whereas in China there are none. So who knows? Maybe within the confines of jail Chinese can finally be free from the oppression of a downward-power pyramid ranking and be seen as unique and important individuals. Maybe.

            As bad as US jails are, if you still think that you’d prefer to be in a Chinese jail then you should know:
            * there are no cheap cabs to whisk you around on a whimsy
            * no one in there wants to practice their English with you
            * if you die, your body parts have a monetary worth
            * (no joke here) you have to bribe someone to get your own meals

          • Little Wolf

            Hey, I never said prison rape never happens. But not on the level that Hollywood tries to portray. Or law enforcement that like to use for “scared straight” campaigns. The whole “don’t bend over for a bar of soap” is a giant cliche. First of all, there are plenty of gays in prison, they don’t have to rape. Gang rape is usually a punishment for a snitch, gambling debt, drug-related or some grudge from outside the prison. It’s far from automatic that this guy is going to plooked even once despite everybody’s wishful thinking.
            His lack of size and strength plus the rape conviction(if he is found guilty) won’t help him much though.

            Alot also depends on if he goes to state or federal prison and the level of security and the “caliber” of the of the inmates.

            mouse: Usually people are at their best behavior in county jail since most are going to court or awaiting sentencing so I would guess there is some abnormal circumstance at your local jail. On the other hand, county jail is the worst. Not much to do to pass the time, most prisoners are not career criminal types that know how to do time, plus the fact that they are pissed off about suddenly losing their freedom and alot of testosterone in a confined space makes a very unpleasant atmosphere. Johnny Rapist here is in solitary now and locked down 23 hours a day, like you said. But once he gets put in the system he will be among the general population.(unless he shanks somebody in the meantime)

          • mr. wiener

            He wouldn’t shank anyone, he’d just steal their underpants.

          • pada

            @ Terrior
            When others talking about living condition of proud and strong 0.7% of your population behind the bars, you began to smatter about “American free press and NGO’s access to prisons”.
            I guess you must be among those who will always sing the hymns aloud whenever being buttscrewed. But thanks a lot for flashing your true colour from under your long shabby coat.

          • Aldo

            Going by the circumstances of this Chinese rapist and his uber wealthy parents rushing in to try and bribe and shut the rape Victem up, I would chance to guess he has done this before in China……more than just on one occasion…..If you analyse this, the little sociopathic turd has probably repeatedly raped back home in China and gotten away with it because his rich, wealthy Mummy and Daddy swoop in to rescue their sick little shit from being dealt what he deserves from “justice” or the JOKE that passes for “justice” in China today with its corruption and the impunity that rich officials conduct themselves with.
            BUT reading the above accounts from US prisoners, tragic and sad as they are, a very big joke now unfolds ——– this spoilt, over-privileged demented rich boy, who has had his sociopathic, raping ass saved by his mummy and daddy is now about to get the living hell raped out of his spoilt ass — imagine this skinny, effeminate bitchy little Chinese boy in a prison environment such as the likes mentioned in the comment above!!?? — this little turd is in for some serious fucking — and the icing on the cake would be this– his corrupt, wealthy official Dad goes into the same pen and he gets made to be somebody’s bitch and gets fucked over (just like he and his cadres have been doing to the people they are supposed to be serving back in China!) and his spoilt, rich bitch, Gucci Bag Mamma goes to the ladies slammer and gets lesbo-raped by all the ethnicities that she has racially looked down upon from her over-privilege snobby life in China —
            Now there, for me, is Karma and Justice and Just Deserts all rolled up into one!!!

        • mouse

          Ive never watched either of those shows. I dont watch TV, I just know people who have been in jail/prison. State and federal prisons might not even be as bad as local county systems. Where I live there has been serious conditions at our county jail after a bunch of deaths and suicides. And this is mostly people who havent even faced trial yet or have short term sentences

      • JSakamoto

        Mouse I agree with you 100%, you’re right one the mark. Little Wolf, you’re a little naive in my opinion. I’ve actually watched a lot of those prison documentaries on TV and also read on the internet about prison conditions. I have an interest in alternate subcultures so that is why I watch. I would definitely serve my time in an average chinese prison vs and average US prison. There’s no doubt in my mind.

        Unless he gets sent to a minimum security lockup, which is doubtful for such a serious crime, even medium security facilities are rough. The racial component is also a huge thing. IN prison you need friends, or at least allies. If you’re by yourself in the general population it’s very likely you’ll be victimized, sexually or otherwise.

        • Little Wolf

          You’ve watched TV documentaries and read articles on the Internet?

          WOW! You must be an expert. Please share more of your wisdomly wisdom.
          Naive? I had to share that with my brother just now and he’s laughing his ass off.

          I’ll take a US prison over a Chinese anyday, if for no other reasons than the food and the weight pile.

          • notorious

            I know people who have been to jail and prison and it’s bad if not worse than what we know. But that depends on the prison. rape and violence is ridiculous in U.S. prisons but again, I think it depends on which prison and state you are in.

          • jeffli

            OK little wolfstein!
            what the rate of new aids cases in US prisons?

            either a white bald headed 200pound nazi or a 200pound Nigga with attitude is gonna do something inhumane to this kid. thats just while he’s waiting for his court hearing!

            Man the USA Prison system is F***ed up!
            the nazi whites, the niggaz, the hispanics, the russian mafia they are going to do something very very unkind to that boy.

            I hope it wasn’t entrapment.

          • Little Wolf

            Gee jeffwi, I been in China 10 years, why the fuck am I supposed to know the rate of AIDS in US prisons? I suppose I can look it up if I was interested. I would imagine alot of that rate is made up of IV drug users or (already)gay or both. I seriously doubt it is going sky-high from all the butt-rapin and tea-baggin going on. Ya think? huh? HUH!?
            But hey….if you have a vision that every prison has some 330 pound Trubba Bubba waiting to “initiate” the new convicts and split your ass wide enough for 12 monkeys on mopeds and it keeps you from whacking my grandmother on the head with a cue ball stuffed in a sock and running off with her purse, then have at it. Ok? HUH!

            MOST of that hardcore shit all the know-it-alls on this site think goes on, happens in the real shit-holes where they send the worst of the worst. If found guilty, this guy will be evaluated as to what level of prison is required for the danger he imposes. They’ll determine if he’s gang affiliated(I’m thinking….not) and other agenda. He’s not going to Pelican Bay or Angola or Folsom but most likely a mid-level prison that is just “gladiator school” enough to scare the shit out of him and teach him a lesson but probably/might avoid a butt rapin(unless he wants one)

            Especially if he walks in the place like Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor in “Stir Crazy”.

            “That’s right…we bad. And we don’t take no shit…”

          • JSakamoto

            Little Wolf, I never said or implied I was an expert but just stated my opinion. I’ve also read first hand accounts of prisoners going to prison for the first time. Not only murderers and rapist but petty thieves too. In prison the weak get victimized. Now there’s no guarantee that this guy will be victimized but there’s a high chance IMO. And like I said before the racial component is a big thing too.

            Personlly I think you’re very misinformed if you think a US prison is better to serve your time than a chinese one. I believe you can judge the civility of a society by observing it’s prisoners and also the conduct of it’s soldiers during wartime. By this measure the US is definitely less civilized than China.

          • Little Wolf

            Sakamoto: “In prison the weak get victimized”
            Really? No shit. Did you need to watch TV to learn that?

            Your second paragraph is too fucking stupid to reply, but I have to ask….have you ever been in a Chinese prison? Not the holding center where the foreigners that drove without a license or fighting with locals get held for a couple weeks. Or the ones they allow a film crew to have access for your incredibly informative TV documentaries. I’m talking about a real fucking hardcore joint where they send the real abominations of humanity.

            Yeah….I didn’t think so.

          • JSakamoto

            Have you ever been inside a US prison? How do you get your information about prison conditions? Probably the same way most people do. Even if you know a few people who’ve served time that’s not exactly a large sample.

            There’s no use arguing about this already but I really think you’re clueless about the dark side of american culture. HOpefully you never have to find out the hard way. My second paragraph made perfect sense but I guess you don’t think that critically.

          • Little Wolf

            Sakamoto: That “woosh” sound you’re hearing is the sound of my comments going right past your head. You’re too stupid to even begin to fathom the level of violence and darkness I’m familiar with.

            Come back and talk to me after you’ve been locked down and listen to the screams while black-hooded SORT teams rush in swinging into every cell with their shields, batons , blackjacks and a whole array of pain-dealing toys and you know they’ll be at your door pretty soon and there’s nowhere to hide. You can stop the beatings if you tell the COs who killed the Indian out in the handball court that is blocked just enough from the guard towers to be the place where all the bad things go down.(We called it the “House of Pain” and on another occasion I watched another Indian get his brain spattered by an Aryan Brotherhood boss swinging a 45lb. Olympic bar) Or who is dealing the heroin that managed to get smuggled in. But you know you’re not going to say a word so you sit and read a book waiting and knowing that it will be over with soon, just like all the other times. Tell me I’m naïve and misinformed after you could never leave your cell without wrapping yourself with muscle magazines, newspapers and anything else you can find as armor.

            Is that dark enough for you? Because I’m going to tell you again. I would still take a US prison over a Chinese. And I never heard about any rapes during my whole ordeal. There were plenty of gays and guys plooking other guys available that rape was not necessary. It was the one kind of violence I never saw.

            But good luck with your little hobby being a prison buff and your documentaries so you can teach me more about the darkside of American culture.

            Stupid fuck.

          • JSakamoto

            Based on your comments you have some serious anger issues. The moment I stopped believing you is when you started with the name calling because I don’t agree with you. You’re experiences may be true but I doubt it. If you want to have a logical discussion we can but I refuse to engage in someone who if full of shit and trying to impress while sitting behind a keyboard. No need to write any more stories as I won’t be reading you comments or responding to you.

          • Little Wolf

            Oh c’mon sakamoto..I thought we were gonna be BFF besties :(

            Aren’t you the guy hiding behind your keyboard calling me naive and misinformed, and now…a liar? (with anger issues) At least I was polite enough to tell it like it is…but obviously I’ve destroyed your and alot of the other readers homoerotic fantasies of “tossing salads” and taking it in the ass by a big black daddy figure.
            Frankly, I could give a shit if you believe me and hope that people would be extremely surprised that I could ever be involved in that kind of life.

            BTW..telling somebody you’re just going to ignore them and skip over their comments is the first sign of defeat.

      • Xiongmao

        Can I opt for a Scandinavian one? Your own cell, excellent facilities, no murders and rapes and you can bring a TV, a computer and a gaming console with you. I’d take up WOW again and spend 2 years that way if I had to.

    • Gay Azn Boi

      Butt rape is no joke, dude.

      • mr. wiener

        True, but part of me would like to see the punishment fit the crime.

    • those blacks have a message for this guy

  • JSakamoto

    I just had to comment on this and say this is just very satisfying to read about. Most of all this shows the stupidity of the parents, not knowing anything about US culture. I hope the parents and the child (assuming he’s guilty) serve time in a US prison. Then they’ll get up close and personal with american culture and it won’t be pretty. There’s not many asians in Iowa and probably even less in the prisons there. Something to keep in mind before he gets sent away.

    • Come on, this is getting a bit sadistic. Although the rapist should be punished, I do not wish him any cruel or unusual punishment, and the fact that US prisons are so barbaric and that convicts have to fear being raped or even killed is horrible.
      I also hope the parents don’t get sent to prison too, I think seeing their child sent to prison should be enough. I couldn’t help feeling sorry for them if the whole family gets sent to prison. They probably didn’t even think it was illegal to try and offer the victim some money to hush the thing up, and really, who wouldn’t do that for their son when given the chance?

      • Brett Hunan

        Someones gotta be made an example of. This time its the kid and his parents and next time people will (hopefully) realize that the rest of the world doesnt work the same way as China…. at least not at such small scale.

      • [email protected]

        What crap that is : “who wouldn’t do that for their son when given the chance?” You know who? Probably all self-respecting, honest, hardworking, loving and moral parents who despite the love for their child would place his crimes against his victim before their affections for him because that is what we as socialized and civilized people are like.

        Your thinking is seriously Chinese and seems to show no understanding of western ideologies at all.
        We care about our family as do you, but apart from getting a good lawyer to try to save our kin from going to prison, come the crunch, we don’t try to bury the foul deeds under tons of cash and pretend that a rape didn’t occur, or use whatever guanxi we have or can find to help avoid facing justice.
        Usually this level of thinking is reserved for defense attorneys themselves, as that is their modus operandi, and largely we as a society look down upon such sleazy practices anyway (because it is not a necessary evil).
        Western Society as a whole actually does respect its legal systems and sympathize with its victims too much for all of that, and that is the big flaw in the Chinese principle of justice and fairness.
        Your comment seems to show more concern for the ‘poor mummy and daddy of little Johnny rapist’, like their going to prison would NOT be a good thing or that somehow they don’t deserve to be punished themselves for perverting the course of justice, and that is really messed up.
        The victim was a woman who was raped and then had the disgusting parents of her attacker try to buy her silence buy throwing Mao faces at her. Thus adding to her injuries and probably doing even more harm to her mental state.

        • How about you calm down, I said that the rapist should be punished. It’s funny you should say “Your thinking is seriously Chinese and seems to show no understanding of western ideologies at all”, since I am in fact a Westerner, as you can find out by clicking on my name and viewing my blog.

          I am not defending the boy’s parents, but they probably didn’t even know about the system for out of court settlements which exists in the US as far as I know (even though I am not American), and they were just doing what you would normally do in China, in other words try to settle the issue unofficially by offering the victim compensation. They perhaps refuse to believe their son is a rapist, or even if they do, they just want to save him anyway. I venture to bet that most American parents would do the same if they thought they could get away with it. It’s just that they realize that in their country it doesn’t work like that.

          • [email protected]

            You are not a Chinese and yet you think and reason just like one. How ironic.
            And you say the parents probably refused to believe their son was a rapist, and instead of getting him a good lawyer, feeling certain of his innocence and whatnot, they instead tried to suppress the victim’s testimony by attempting to bribe her. Kind of a bizarre way to do things if that was the case I think.
            And while I am calm, I still think your rationalizing and defending of the parents is absolute bullshit. They most certainly do deserve to go to jail.

          • They perhaps don’t trust the justice system enough to think a good lawyer will save their son. Consider that their experience is with the Chinese justice system.

            Anyway, if I reason like a Chinese, then I am proud of it. These Western moralizers are quite ridicolous, and Americans are well known for being the most moralistic of all.

          • anon

            Appalled, you’re being self-righteous racist prick again. Parents refuse to believe the worst of their kids all the fucking time everywhere. Likewise, parents everywhere (not all, but not remotely a foreign concept) tend to go out on a limb for their kids. These are not “Chinese” behaviors, just as there are Chinese parents who do think the worst of their kids, disowning them, and abandoning them to their own self-wrought fates. Stop taking cultural stereotypes and twisting them into black and white dichotomies.

            Anyone who has traveled the world or fucking gotten their ass out of their own ethnocentric anus knows that what jixiang said is all entirely reasonable and possible even among law-abiding defenders of all that is just Americans. This shit happens all over the world, of course to varying degrees, but you act as if his speculation about the boy’s parents are inconceivable when they are more likely true than not. Immigrant minorities in host countries often settle things among themselves according to their shared customs because they’re not familiar with the host country’s systems. It is still a subversion of the host country’s legal system, but its not some crazy unfathomable phenomenon (in fact, its quite academically documented). This has been true for modern day Asians and Islamic immigrants just as it had been true for yesteryear’s blacks and Irish/Polish/etc immigrants.

            Don’t forget, these are mainland Chinese parents who rushed over upon hearing their kid is arrested. They know the victim is also a mainland Chinese girl so they’re likely operating on the assumption that she’s familiar with and may be receptive to handling things as they are handled in China (however we may disagree with it, its their reality). They were wrong, she told the cops, and they’ll get what’s coming to them. However certain we are of the boy’s guilt and annoyed by the parents’ actions, its no excuse for us to act like racist pricks accusing those who would calmly evaluate why the parents did what they did (out of often blind and self-deluding parental love for their children?) of being “Chinese” as some sort of pejorative. I guarantee you there are more nationalities in this world that can identify with parental love for their children and even subverting justice to protect them than there are not. Why do you think so many great stories, legends, and myths feature such stories? Because its widely and innately understood. Parents have never been unbiased arbiters of justice. This is hardly “Chinese” thinking.

          • [email protected]

            Anon & Jixiang

            Say anything you want both of you. I still think Jixiang’s comments, and now yours too, Anon, are bollox. Also, I hardly went as far, when responding to Jixiang, as someone else who responded with strong cursing and insulting, but whatever if you wont also have words with him. But yeah, I disagreed and gave my own opinions, which I won’t take back. Try giving me yours, Anon, without using insults or dropping the word ‘anus’, if you can. It might lend some much needed respectability and credence to your viewpoint and at the very least you would sound slightly less gay.

      • notorious

        The parents will not stay in jail. They will be deported and permanently banned from the states which means they will not be able to support their son in court.

        • bomber

          nor visit him in prison.

      • staylost

        Sorry. I like that you value mercy, but your last sentence is pretty damning. Most American parents would not offer money to the victim to try and get their children out of such a thing. Many parents might cut off communication with the child, on the other hand.

        I hope the leaders here in China are successful with their plans to continue to build the authority of the law because with it every Chinese person will walk a bit prouder.

      • el negro pedro

        Fuck you Jixiang. FUCK YOU.

        You’d be singing a different fucking song if it were your sister/gf/wife that was raped.

        Or are you that guy who hides in the other room crying as his wife gets raped?

        Maybe I should fucking rape you.

        • mr. wiener

          That sounds like a definite dinner date. Jixing I would insist that he at least pay for drinks, the tip and the taxi ride home.

          • el negro pedro

            and the fucking abortion.

          • notorious

            lol mr weiner you two oy!

  • pervertt

    Paying your way out of a sticky situation is a pretty common response many Chinese citizens have when they run into problems in other countries.

    “How much does he want?” was the reply that I got from a Chinese client when told that planning authorities had issues with her development proposal. But she was a quick learner. She soon figured out how things worked here and never again asked me to bribe an official.

  • Jess

    Outside of China, we just call this “settling out of court.”

    • moop

      nope, no such thing as a settlement in a criminal case. closest thing to that is a plea bargain, nice try though. settleing out of court is for civil lawsuits, which rape is not

      • Jess

        Who knew people could take things so literally? Hush money is a pretty universal practice. Oh, to be the playboy son of a senator…or perhaps an especially influential congressman…

        • moop

          one of the perks of having an independent and free media: bloodthirsty reporters who don’t care about a person’s social status, as long as the story will get them readers/listeners/viewers. you are trying to pretend that bribery is somehow just as common and rampant in the US as it is in China, that is your agenda in your posts. but who care’s about the actual victim though, this presents a forum for you to bash america, or the west, or the rich and powerful, whoever you happen to hate.

          • anon

            Whoa, reign in the double-standard there, fellow boob admirer.

            First, when was the last time Jess commented for you to develop an idea of what agenda she has?

            Second, have you ever been so defensive when someone bashed China or the Chinese?

          • moop

            actually i remember a lot of jess’s posts having an anti-american tinge to them. if i’ve remembered incorrectly and it was simply just a snide remark then my apologies to him/her.

            any china-bashing that is not based in reality, or just completely off-base or malicious are already met with disdain and rebuttals. take bjornt’s post for example, why heap on another post condeming his stupidity? you and others have already done it.

          • mr. wiener

            Having a slightly anti-American tinge is a sensible way to be, provided it is measured and not just stupidly knee jerk. It is also useful to remember that America for all it’s faults is still a better place than many countries that secretly want to emulate it [except for it’s public health care system, but let’s not get into that now].
            I like tits too, even when some people act like boobs.

          • anon

            Can link me to just one of her posts with an anti-American tinge?

            To be fair, and in accordance with your criteria, her comment was entirely based in reality and not malicious. At most, it was simply cynical. Hush money and bribery IS a universal practice, even in America. No one’s saying its worse than China, but its not a completely foreign concept to Americans, and it happens more often than you know.

          • Little Wolf

            moop: I think what anon meant was to link to just one of her posts with an anti-American tinge?

            Also, he was try to say, to be fair, and in accordance with your criteria, her comment was entirely based in reality and not malicious. At most, it was simply cynical. Hush money and bribery IS a universal practice, even in America. No one’s saying its worse than China, but its not a completely foreign concept to Americans, and it happens more often than you know.

            Your welcome.

          • anon

            Right, I left out a “you” in my question. Nothing wrong with my second paragraph though. You left out an -ing though.

          • anon

            Ugh, too many “though’s”. Need coffee…

          • Little Wolf

            OOOPS! Bear with me, I’m new at providing this public service.

    • Wang that!

      Yeah… they are going to get fucked over this… literally

    • Argh

      Even if the Chinese parents were able to somehow bribe the victims family the State of Iowa would never drop the charges. After a felony of this class has been committed the victim no longer has control of what happens to the aggressor. The state will prosecute no matter what. The reason for this is because 100 or so years ago people were able to bribe or threaten victims into dropping charges so we changed the laws accordingly.

      Secondly, since the rapist is not a US citizen this rape is a federal crime as well as a state crime, so even if the family were bribed into dropping charges, and the state dropped the charges (which would never happen) the federal government would prosecute.

  • eattot

    maybe that woman seduced him first, and this stupid boy got tricked.
    some women are truly evill.

    • A gawd-dang Mongolian

      If it is, then the police will be able to figure that out pretty quick if it was consensual.

    • moop

      yes, the chinese guy must be innocent!

      • terroir

        Yes. The truth has a way of not revealling itself without the use of bribes, deceit and blaming the accuser.

        If only we had more bribes. Because then we’d have more truth.

        • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

          I enjoy your posts.

          • SuperHappyCow

            i agree i wish all of the posts on this site were terrior’s : (

          • Brett Hunan

            terroir has a true fan following now. I guess all we need to do is get some “I ♡ terroir’s witty comments” tees and it’d be set. Also SHC you should be in charge of tweeting.

          • mr. wiener

            T-shirts bearing the motto:
            “All Americunts should be lined up and shot”.
            With a gun toting Asiatic lady dressed in a revealing SS type uniform might do better in international sales.

          • anon

            Sorry terroir, I’d buy a Hongjian t-shirt long before I’d buy a terroir t-shirt.

          • terroir

            Yeah, I can see why. All you need is to buy one of her T-shirts and anyone reading your ironically worn Hongjian slogan will instantly understand the same tired saying that she’ll be saying for the rest of her life.

            It’s like as though Steve Jobs had the word “kike” or “nigger” emblazzoned upon his chest, and if Apple was a hate factory with the slogan, “Don’t Think Differently”.

    • mr. wiener

      Maybe this, and maybe that. I think the point is you don’t go of to the US and try to bribe the [possible] victim of a violent crime. It will probably end badly, no maybe’s about that.

    • eattot

      women can seduce young guys in a very very subtle way…
      without any hint, i guess he dared not to do this in another country.

      • pervertt

        Come on, eattot. She couldn’t be that desperate to pick such a repulsive looking victim for seduction. Look at his photo.

      • [email protected]

        She said: “This is the bathroom”
        He heard: ~”This is where I wash my breasts in hot soapy water”~
        She said: This is the kitchen”
        He heard: ~”This is where I lightly dust my breasts in flour before placing them on a cooking tray”~
        She said: “This is the living room”
        He heard: ~”This is where my breasts relax and watch TV or a movie”~
        She said: “This is the bedroom”
        He heard: ~”Are you going to fuck me now or what?”~

        • mr. wiener

          That is just so wrong!….but I couldn’t stop laughing…oh jeez that hurts.

      • eattot

        maybe this woman has some dramatic inside fantasy.
        some people are like this, watch a lot of crime books and tv, dreaming one day ruin someone’s life…
        if this guy’s stupid parents did not wanna give money fast, just hire a lawyer, maybe much more helpful…stupid old idiots….

        • moop

          yes, clearly it is the victim’s fault. thank-you eattot for another pearl of wisdom

    • Nyancat

      Yes she must have seduced him, this guy could easily pass for Wang Leehom!

    • bjornt

      No American woman would want to seduce Chinese men.

      • mr. wiener

        Even if you were an American women, that would be a sweeping generalisation don’t you think?

        • bjornt

          Seek truth through facts! Ask any American woman!

          • anon


            Stop being a racist prick. You’re embarrassing the rest of us. We already know Chinese men are not high on the default desirability list of Western or American women, but your need to proclaim it to your dying breath reeks of penile insecurity that the rest of us prefer not to be associated with.

      • notorious

        American women do like asian men – just go to california its really frequent there. And I even dated an asian kid in high school while living on the west coast. So it happens. The problem is that asian men tend to be more reserved whereas american women want men who are more outgoing and ask them out.

        You can’t just stare at her from afar and hope by some miracle something happens. asian males have a terrible habit of doing that. unless they stare for some other reason. if you’re in the states and find some american girl and like her, ask her out. white women in particular want to get married. so if you have a good education, go for it. they have no problem with interracial dating.

    • GodsHammer

      Either way…then it’s evil Chinese woman using American justice system to financially rape Chinese dumbass!!!

    • coala banana

      yeah, I am sure she get real hot when she saw this skinny dumb looking guy with glasses and acne in the face. Maybe you are right..who knows,….time will tell….

      some women are evil ? never met an evil women, and i had hundreds…! Maybe they are, who knows, but when you kick them out fast enough after you are done with them, reduces their chances of showing their true evil nature……this i leave for the poor bastards who will marry them later on and have children with…..

      • hooots


        Yeah I don’t think this kid has ever been a client for seduction.
        I agree that kicking them out shortly after mating is a good idea. The lady friend that I shared space with for the evening and I had the following dialogue this morning:

        Her: “I’m hungry”
        Me: “I’m tired. Go get something if you want to.”
        Her: “If you don’t take me to a restaurant I’ll have your baby.”
        Me: “What the mother fucking shit?”


        • coala banana

          i have been through such crap many years ago. That happens when you stay long enough with the same girl, its unthankful. But the one who gave it to her and then treat her like crap, is unforgettable to her. Human nature, we always want to have what we can’t have.

          Women do have an evil nature i guess, but thats the fault of man, cause they don’t kick them out fast enough, before they turn evil.

          • hooots

            hahaha before they turn evil. true true. So now I’ll go hang out with my reasonablee german gal.

    • John

      Yes, so she asked him to use a knife, block her mouth, and take nude pics too? So sneaky!

      • mr. wiener

        Kinky and sneaky too. Who knows what lurks beneath that mask?

  • Jeff

    chinese. they can become rich but will always have the mentality of a pig farmer.

  • Charles

    If the parents were smart, they’d be spending their money buying the boy a long-term supply of vaseline to make his time in prison more comfortable.

  • The Kid

    Calling any of these rich spoiled peices of Chinese garbage a pig farmer is a serious insult to these local farmers here.

    Atleast the farmers work their tale off all day every day and are still humble, forget manors !

    • Jeff

      The Kid – please accept my apology to real working class Chinese

  • whichone

    According to Iowa city patch, the man “allegedly” confessed to the crime once he was in custody. Police also found handcuffs, viagra, and locking picking tools among other stuff in his apartment.

    He is held in county jail with a bail of $750,000.

    I had some doubts after reading the girl’s multiple questions about compensation from alleged rapist and the university, but from the police search it seems like this guy is probably guilty.

    Nothing about the parents in the news (at least nothing on google) but probably deserves some vacation time inside a jail house too.

  • John

    Poor kid, just think of all the abuse he will suffer in jail. But there is still hope, DSK got of the hook by hiring some real great lawyers. Probably this woman is just out for his money and his parents offered too low, what a tragedy.

  • SuperHappyCow

    god damn blacks ALWAYS RAPING OUR WOMEN


  • [email protected]

    Raped by Gollum. Oh the humanity. Poor lady :(

  • The Enlightened One

    Thanks Fauna, this was exactly the story I was talking about in the other post!

  • Mr. S.

    Fyi for Fauna – because he tied the girl up (i.e. took her hostage prior to sexually assaulting her) he is also being charged with kidnapping and faces mandatory life imprisonment though my bet is that his lawyer pleads him out on a lesser charge.


  • Nyancat

    For those of you who know Chinese check this out It affects those of us living in China. Fauna you should definitely translate this story, you would be doing a lot of us a service.

    • anon

      Why don’t you just summarize it if you already read it, think it affects those of you living in China, and would do you all a service?

      At a glance, it says China’s SFDA has issued a hold on medicine capsules because of excessive chromium levels. Do a lot of you guys pop Chinese pills regularly in China? Wei ge?

      • Nyancat

        i havent read it cause i cant read Chinese, I was hoping someone with a good grasp of Chinese would help with that, my wife was reading about this on QQ so it seemed kinda important, she says we have purchased medicines from some of the companies that use these unscrupulous suppliers but I dont know whether the batch we bought is affected. They usually prescribe a shitload of pills whenever you goto a hospital here so yea I would suppose that those of us living here do pop a lot of pills, I mean after tainted milk, recycled oil and who knows what else I think it would be prudent to exercise caution, don’t you agree?

        • anon

          Sorry, wasn’t trying to be mean or suggest you shouldn’t exercise caution, I just assumed you already read and knew what it was about based on how you worded your first comment. Shouldn’t your wife know what batches are affected?

          • Nyancat

            Hey no no I’m sorry if my comment makes u feel like that, I didnt mean anything by it, It’s my fault I should have been more concise in my comment. From what I gather that article has a video that shows the whole investigation by a journalist and some of it might make u wanna hurl. I just feel that it’s important that we know about this, I should really start learning Chinese and thanks for summarizing it. They didn’t mention that batches but they only mentioned the medicines in general as well as the manufacturers, I’m guessing this has been going on for a while so there is no telling exactly how deep this problem really is.
            I also got some info from my wife saying that in the report the safe levels of of Chromium were 2mg/kg or something like that but in most of the medicines the quantity of Cr were 50 times the safe limit.
            It’s ironic the medicines that are supposed to cure us from disease would end up being much worse than the disease. Again I apologize if you took my comment the wrong way, I really didn’t mean anything by it. :D

          • anon

            No worries, I’m not offended. In fact, I was worried you were.

            Anyway, here’s an English report: but it doesn’t say much.

  • The Enlightened One

    I think this story is necessary and very satisfying. Chinese MUST understand that their system is broken and when they try to pull this kind of crap in other western/developed countries it will NOT work.

    These parents and their son get exactly what they deserve. They could of sent him money to hire a prostitute with some kink then there wouldn’t have been a problem.

    There should be no mercy for any of them. Let them all experience the mental and physical trauma he has caused. I have zero sympathy for cowardly scum racists and he will learn so do most men in prison ;)

    • anon

      I hate to rain on the parade, but unfortunately, I think the bribe very well could’ve worked. There’s a very high probability the parents believed a bribe could be attempted BECAUSE the victim was also a mainland Chinese girl and they could possibly settle things privately. As much as we want to believe their arrogance compelled them, they may not have entertained the idea had the victim not been Chinese.

      Furthermore, think of it this way, had the girl accepted the bribe and recanted her testimony as the key witness in the case, the whole case could’ve tanked unless the state prosecution feels they have enough objective evidence to prove the crime even with the victim’s denial. Most state prosecutions wouldn’t bother.

      What we should celebrate here is that the friends told the girl what they had heard and the girl went ahead and told the police instead of entertaining the idea of taking a bribe. I haven’t found much details about the parents’ case, and I wonder if hearsay alone would be enough to convict the parents of intent to tamper with evidence through bribery.

      • mr. wiener

        Do we know that the victim was Chinese-American or ABC?
        As it was. the Iowan police already had the perp in custody and a shite-load of evidence. The non-cooperation of the victim might have been a hinderence ,but not a death blow to the state proceading with the trial.
        The parents will probably get off [it was a misunderstanding, poor choice of words, cultural faux pas etc] , but their clumsy attempt a bribery has ensured that the case has received a lot of attention and Tang Peng will definitely be going down on this [apologies for the poor choice of words at the end considering the facination some posters have had for the prevalence of gay rape in US jails]

        • anon

          The website Renren is often called the “Facebook” of mainland China. Therefore some Chinese students who spoke with Patch for this story speculated that both the victim and attackers are likely from mainland China, and that they connected through that service, rather than connecting through an anonymous listing service like Craigslist.

          Still speculation by other people but the information I’ve seen so far suggests she’s not Chinese-American or ABC.

          The only really pertinent evidence would be her rape-kit at the hospital after the crime (along with her testimony). Him having condoms, Viagra, and bras at his place? Doesn’t prove a thing. Him arriving with a fruit knife? Nothing really. He submitted a not-guilty plea and so far there isn’t much information about any confession he made to help us determine how bad it looks for him to renege on it. An uncooperative witness would discourage most state prosecutions from bothering. Too little incentive unless there was a really huge outroar by the community (and the odds of that for a mainlander Chinese girl is pretty slim in Iowa City, doesn’t have the racial dynamics to incite the majority).

          Agree that the big story here is the parents being charged with bribery.

      • notorious

        The parent’s case is a misdemeanor so it won’t result in any serious jail time. 3-6 months maximum which means they would probably be out in less than a month.

        • notorious

          …if they are convicted, that is. They could easily fight the charge on hearsay. The parents are not in deep trouble, the son is.

    • notorious

      sending him money for a prostitute is useless. For one, sex is abundant on american college campuses, doesn’t matter who you are so he could easily have sex for free. Rape is not about sexual gratification, it’s about power over the victim. He had time to buy viagra he could easily have paid for a prostitute on his own.

      • coala banana

        dont agree.

        “doesn’t matter who you are so he could easily have sex for free” ??

        are you sure ? some never get pussy for free…looking at his pic, he might be one of the candidates !

        I agree, that its about having power over a weaker person. But its also NOT about paying a prostitute. I doubt that a rapists desire can be fulfilled by the service of a prostitute all the time, sooner or later he might want the “real thing”. The fact that he has to pay for sex, makes him probably hate women even more….

        • notorious

          he’s not handsome but i’ve seen uglier dudes wth girlfriends. there’s this guy in town who works at one of the state offices. he has no arms (actually he has nubs), he wears a mullet with the long piece in the back so long it hangs to his butt, he’s skinny and whimpy looking. one day i was walking into a store and saw him making out with an average looking girl. after swallowing the vomit that almost came up, i was like wtf?

          • coala banana

            you are right, i was underestimating the “women factor” !:-) and just judged him…..

            on the other side, collecting panties, bras, having handcuffs, a big tube of vaseline and some viagra in the drawer sounds pretty lonely to me. Not unusual and not necessarily pervert, but lonely !

  • notorious

    they could have settled this case with money in america too, had they used the right “language”. if the young woman dropped her criminal accusation with the police and sought justice in the civil court. Then they could have handled it behind closed doors and money. But again, the DA would still have the right to pursue criminal charges if they believe he did rape her, she could simply refuse to testify against him, thus forcing them drop the case.

    The good news is that she continued her criminal case and this POS will not be out raping women. the next time he will try to kill to s ilence the victim. When he is done serving his term in jail he will be deported immediately. Also, he will be raped repeatedly in prison. REPEATEDLY. He will probably kill himself.

    Read these letters from prisoners in the U.S. telling their stories of how they are brutally raped and sometimes gang raped:

    • matt

      If she refused to testify in the criminal case, she’d have a hard time in civil court.

      Most DAs (and every DA in the district were I interned) would not drop the case if the victim refused to testify. There’s usually a “no drop” policy because DAs feel that sexual abuse victims are often threatened by the accused and the DA wants the accused to know that the case will go forward anyway. It’s harder to make the case with out the victim testifying, but there are evidentiary tools to get the victim’s statements into the record.

  • NewsMAN!

    Police said the woman posted her apartment on a subleasing website and Tang contacted her to make an appointment to view on March 29.

    After arriving at the apartment, Tang asked to see the bedroom, but then, it is alleged, grabbed the woman’s hands and tried to handcuff her. He forced her at knifepoint to turn off her cellphone and put a towel in her mouth, police said.

    Tang then sexually assaulted the woman, police said, threatening her when she refused to do what he wanted.

    Police said Tang also forced the woman to pose for nude photographs and said he would post them online if she went to the police.

    Tang was arrested the next day when the woman arranged to meet him at her apartment, where police were waiting.

    Tang told them he was there to see a friend. Asked for the friend’s name, he gave the alleged victim’s last name, police said.

    According to the newspaper report, police found handcuffs and a key, more than 10 pairs of women’s underwear, four bras, two bra straps, a knife, condoms and Viagra pills at Tang’s apartment.

    • notorious

      ay, viagra will give you a four hour erection. poor thing was probably in need of some relief. so disgusting.

    • coala banana

      guess, he is in deep trouble right now…eattot suggested that the poor boy was probably seduced by this evil women ???

      Women should learn some self defense !

      and man should attend some “coal banana evening seminars” how to bring women to the point to do all kind of nasty ass pervert thing without using violence.

      Just kidding, and looking at the attackers pic, its hard to imagine him as a playboy. Collecting women’s underwear’s and probably wear them while masturbating for hours in from of a mirror under the influence of an overdose of viagra ??? That are very poor basics and don’t leave much room for a successful sexual interaction with females. Probably he watched too many porn, and thought that this shit works like this in real life too ?? (well it does sometimes, but not for him…)

      notorious , i don’t think it was a relief thing, just to have an orgasm. he can have that while masturbating at home while watching porn. The thing he did has more to do with executing power, and since he can’t do that in a “normal” way without the use of violence, he had to use violence to execute that sort of power he always wished to have over women. Maybe he was denied and his feelings hurt in the past, so he thought that now is payback time and someone has to pay for it….however, I don’t think that while in jail in the US he will be denied by other prisoners. Not sure if they like chinese boys in jail, but i guess he will pick up one or the other soap from the floor in the shower….

  • arinna

    Well to be honest, you CAN bribe your way out from anything anywhere if you are REALLY powerful and rich.

  • caessura


  • Chris Hansen

    Reminds me of one the episodes of “To catch a Predator”, where they catch an Asian guy (think he was Japanese). Chris Hansen did his usual Jedi mind trick “sit down, there’s a chair, sit down” … “what are you doing here?” and that Asian guy explained that he cannot find a girlfriend. Nobody wants him and he got depressed and went for online dating … regardless the age difference.
    Got jailed for good :)

  • Skrillex

    That guy? No wonder he resorted to rape; he would never be able to get an American gir. I’m pretty sure his type of looks is why Chinese men are ranked ugliest in the world.

    • Sunshine

      Nothing suggested that he wanted an American girl, Skrillex.

    • Rod

      Dude, Skrillex on ChinaSMACK? Can I have your autograph?

  • Jonathan

    Shameless parent n kid alike. Power n money corrupt. Let him and parent face the wrath of the law.

  • roflstomp

    All of them will be prosecuted and face jail time, and then the victim will win money in a large civil suit. Easy. Fucking Chinese scum.

  • [email protected]

    To be honest, America is has corrupted but its more subtle. They should of talked to a politician or judge, even to a police officer first instead of the victim (Or her parents). That’s just how America works.

    This said, I hope he burns in the seven hells and his folks are sent home with a hefty fine and banned from America. Rapists should be neutered.

    • notorious

      I’m sorry but the parents would have been in even more trouble if they had gone to a police officer or a judge. You can’t just talk to a random police officer to make it go away. Police officers absolutely hate rapists. The only corrupt police officers are the ones in urban neighborhoods shaking down drug dealers. They take cash to look the other way. Otherwise when it comes to victim crimes they are going to throw the book at you and even beat your ass if they can get away with it. A judge would never EVER take a bribe in a victim crime.

  • Hu Doh Wah (translated)

    Honestly, being a white male American, I cannot see why the women would not take they money. She was probably lying anyway, I bet the guy offered his dick and she took it.

    • Brett Hunan

      Honestly, Americans can look bad enough on their own. Don’t need any more help from you.

    • moop

      are you a spoof?

  • A-Dog

    A huge loss of face for the Chinese government, in more than one respect, especially if it turns out that the parents are anyone of importance. Watch out if you are currently living in China. An eye for an eye. The next ten accusations of any kind that are made against Americans will be prosecuted beyond the full extent of the law.

    • A-Dog

      And hey, can we anoint them “Honey Badger Parents”? We already have the esteemed Tiger moms and Wolf dads. This seems to be a new breed.

  • andywattbulb

    I’m sorry Sir, your Mao Zedongs don’t work her.

  • Diana

    First time rapist isn’t so calculating. Calling a landlord and then raping her… I bet he’s a serial rapist. He definitely raped other women in China. Obviously his parents taught him that such acts are ok.

    • notorious

      diana, i b elieve he is a serial rapist in america too. he had lots of raper equipment like rope, viagra, knife, and was very well prepared. i cannot even believe they act like that. so many of the chinese students in my town going to college are nice.

  • David

    Just so you have some idea. In America bribery can get you 37 and 46 months in federal prison. :)


    Chinks are butt ugly ain’t they? lol

    • pervertt

      Trolling is more fun if you use a Rapala.

  • Dynasty

    To the translator:

    You translated a comment as “This bastard’s father thinks [America] would be the same as in China, got his just desserts, eh?”

    The correct spelling should be ‘just deserts’.

  • coala banana

    all that BS about rape in prison…..i doubt its a gay/homosexual thing at all…..they don’t fuck you cause they are gay, they fuck you just to see that special look on your face !!!

    • [email protected]

      sounds very much like you speak from experience CB

  • John

    Chinese in China have watched too many hollywood movies and thinks American uphold justices. Americans killed more than 500 Vietnamese in My Lai and they walked free. White killed blacks and they get lighter sentences.

    American justicce systems more racist than anything else, as it only uphold justice when a white person is wronged.

    Can’t wait for Chinese to come to American and shot death like these two graduate students. Then maybe Chinese will stop being so dumb

    • staylost

      Dear “China Daily” editor,

      Thanks! Do you have any of your own thoughts to share?


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  • Eh!!!

    The parents are: Xuefan Tang (father) and Li Qiao (mother). There are photos of them in this article:

  • quill

    if he was a white guy she would be happy to have more

  • s.pockets

    The funny part is, the parents that went there to bribe the victim though it would work. It would, but only in China.

  • joe

    I live in Iowa City, where this rape happened. What the article doesn’t mention is that the girl he raped wasn’t a landlord, but a fellow overseas-Chinese student who wished to sublet her apartment to him.
    More details:
    “Tang threatened the woman with a knife, and then shot a series of nude photos of her, claiming that the photos would be published on the Internet if she called the police”
    “During a search conducted at Tang’s apartment the day after the reported assault, police found handcuffs, women’s underwear, condoms, Viagra pills, and a knife”

  • Foreign Devil

    Agree with the China netizens. . it is a sweet justice indeed to see his parents attempt to pay off so their rotten son can go free thrown back into their faces. Did they forget that they are not in the Heavenly Kingdom anymore??

  • Bunny99

    Often rape is not called rape in my part of China. If a boy gets a girl drunk and then “conquers” her while she is unconscious, or turns on her in the office after work – the girl will not tell anyone. Most of the girls seem to not want to admit even to themselves that they have been raped. So, as long as the boy acts friendly after – they will not make a fuss. They will make themselves believe that he was a good boy and that they have not lost to anyone. After the rape, they will keep in touch by QQ or phone. I have had friends who went from anger at being abused, to change the memories in their mind to make everything ok – self-deception – nothing bad happened, making excuses for the rapist. But the problem is, the rapist goes free and can keep on doing it again and again. Of course, these worms often take photos and this helps the girls to self-deceive even more; it is better to play along, and tell herself that she is friends with the rapist, rather than to admit the real situation of blackmail and abuse.

    Unless this changes – the nightlife here will continue to be a rapists paradise. It is likely that the boy in this story thought the girl would not tell anyone – but he made a mistake, she seems to have lost the ability to self-deceive.

    I admire her – I hope she gets justice.

    • The Enlightened One

      This would a well informative post that makes a lot of sense. I have heard similar stories where girls in China said “Well, he said he loves me and wants to marry me so it okay…” They don’t want everyone to think they have been tainted and rather touched by a desperate kind of love… it is sickening and harmful to society.

      They should honestly teach these things in school and how to deal with them. If the men of China care about the “Flowers of China” and their purity.

  • Little Wolf

    I’m taking the liberty of dubbing “Date Rape” by Sublime as the song for thread and The Suburbs “Where Boys Run Free” as 1st runner-up.