Death of Hollywood Actor Robin Williams, Chinese Reactions

Robin Williams.

Robin Williams.

The death of famous Hollywood actor Robin Williams, apparently by suicide, was a top trending topic and #hashtag# today on Chinese microblogging social network Sina Weibo…

From Sina Weibo:

谷大白话: Former lead actor of Dead Poets Society, Jumanji, Good Will Hunting, and other movies; Best Supporting Actor Oscar winner and Golden Globe Lifetime Award recipient; and famous comedy star Robin Williams was discovered on 2014 August 11 dead in his Tiburon, California home, at the age of 64. According to The Huffington Post, police believe he had committed suicide. The PDF police report→

Comments from Sina Weibo:


O Captain,my Captain!


A person went to see the doctor, saying he has clinical depression, that life is so harsh and cruel, that he feels so lonely in this dangerous world. The doctor says: The cure/treatment is very simple. The most famous clown happens to be in town. Go find him. He can make you happy. Tears fell from this person’s eyes: “Doctor, I am that clown.” A good joke, everyone laughed, endless applause, and then the curtain falls. — Watchmen [蜡烛]

[Note: The original English is: “Heard joke once: Man goes to doctor. Says he’s depressed. Says life seems harsh and cruel. Says he feels all alone in threatening world where what lies ahead is vague and uncertain. Doctor says, “Treatment is simple. Great clown Pagliacci is in town tonight. Go and see him. That should pick you up.” Man bursts into tears. Says “But Doctor… I am Pagliacci.” Good joke. Everybody laugh. Roll on snare drum. Curtains.”]


He encouraged so many people, but in the end could not encourage himself.


Oh,captain,my captain!


Too intelligent, the psychiatrist could no longer deceive [or convince] him.


Our generation should all have a work of Robin Williams in our hearts. That blue-eyed mechanical housekeeper, that captain that led people to cherish the present, that radio DJ with unlimited warmth, but in my heart he will always be that artist devoted to serious art looking down at the laughing audience, with a wrinkled expression of awkwardness.


A man with such benevolence suffering such a fate.


There will be yet another wave of people who don’t even know who he is running to go download high-resolution BD [Blue-ray Disk?].


I dare not believe it! [泪][蜡烛]

何处_春江_无月明: (responding to above)

Anyone still remember that movie Bicentennial Man? In the end, he had gotten the right to die as he left the world hand in hand with his loved one. This is just a choice. Rest in peace. [泪流满面]


[蜡烛] I watched his The Crazy Ones. Heartfelt praise [for him/his work]. [泪]


!! My god, so sudden/unexpected… I really liked his Dead Poets Society. [蜡烛]


Acted in so many comedies, but still could not live a happy life. [蜡烛]


“You don’t know about real loss, ’cause that only occurs when you’ve loved something more than you love yourself. ” Good Will Hunting[蜡烛]


[泪][泪][泪][泪] The first foreign actor I came to know, like a elderly old neighbor that I grew up with.


Maybe God wants to watch a movie?

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  • RaphaeI

    What’s with the unflattering, grotesque angle of the first picture? Is it meant to slander him and imply that he’s a Jew?

    • Joey

      Maybe it’s just a fucking picture?

      • YourSupremeCommander

        Or just a picture on a fucking website?

    • Alex Dương

      Looks like a normal picture to me.

    • MidniteOwl

      and i’m implying you’re a fucktard.

    • Kai

      What the…? I thought it was a pretty good photo of him. There’s even a sort of hazy, smiling from the afterlife sort of feel to it.

    • Mighty曹

      It’s a very befitting photo of him with his trademark impish grin.

    • I feel guilty for dignifying a troll, but I’ll go ahead and point out that there’s certainly more convenient source material to make him look Jewish.

  • Joey

    I’m surprised it seems most Chinese know him from Dead Poets Society.

    • Dr Sun

      why wouldn’t they it was a great movie

      • Joey

        True! Actually, I mainly know him from Good Will Hunting, Dead Poets Society, Good Morning Vietnam and Insomnia… No idea he was in Aladdin (dubbed Disney movies are the norm down here)

        • I can’t imagine the Genie being voiced by anyone other than Robin Williams. It feels like a crime against humanity just thinking about it.

          Do yourself a favor and watch Aladdin in English. :P

  • YourSupremeCommander

    A comedian who’s depressed & sad… ironic isn’t it?

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      Not really. I find a lot of comedians who are really good tend to either have crappy childhoods or coping with depression. Or both.

    • Foreign Devil

      I would venture that most comedians are depressed. Many of them die young.

  • Kai

    I’m still pretty stunned that he’s gone, in a way very different from when, I dunno, Heath Ledger or Michael Jackson passed. I guess I had no idea about his life struggles.

    Am I the only person who hasn’t watched Bicentennial Man? I only remmeber the posters kinda creeping me out. I remember him more for Mrs. Doubtfire and Mork and Mindy.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      I only remember when he played this awkward stalker.

      • Kai

        One Hour Photo?

        • YourSupremeCommander

          Yeah, the stalker photo guy. Never saw the ending, what happened?

          • Kai

            I never saw the movie. It looked too creepy as well.

          • Mighty曹

            Watch it!

          • mr.wiener

            That was what was interesting about it, he could do creepy as well.

          • David

            THAT one was creepy.

          • Mighty曹

            Great ending. Watch it!

        • Teacher in China

          Seconded – watch it!

        • Claude

          Have you seen the indie film Worlds greatest Dad? A film by Bobcat Goldthwait that deals with a teenage son and suicide. Robin Williamns plays the father. I won’t give anything away but it’s a good dark comedy if anyone is in to such that sort of film.

          Rest in peace funny genius.

          • Kai

            No, haven’t seen it, but will keep in mind to check out. Thanks for the recommendation.

      • David

        I just downloaded the first season of his t.v. show “The Crazy Ones” that he did with Sarah Michelle Gellar. When I get back from .Putuoshan Friday It will be a marathon. Looks like a good show.

    • ex-expat

      Good Will Hunting?

      • Kai

        He was great in that movie. His teardown of Will was legendary. I still remember him more for Doubtfire and Mork though, maybe cuz he was just a supporting actor in GWH, and for the longest time I couldn’t understand why Minnie Driver was so popular for a time after it.

        • SongYii

          Minnie Driver is kind of awful.

    • Dick Leigh

      What Dreams May Come is also rather good, and rather depressing as it concerns suicide. Not the most appropriate (or maybe the most appropriate?) movie of his to watch to memorialize him.

      • Teacher in China

        Yes! That was a great one, thanks for reminding me!

      • David

        First thing I thought of when I heard he had killed himself. In the movie he goes into the afterlife looking for his wife who committed suicide.

      • Kai

        I don’t think I ever saw that one. Reading the synopsis on Wikipedia, it sounds pretty depressing and, yeah, maybe not the movie of his to watch at the moment.

    • Teacher in China

      Yeah this one has hit me like a ton of bricks. I knew about his earlier struggles with addiction, but I didn’t realize clinical depression was in the mix as well. What a sad way for him to go out. He has literally been “that crazy, funny Robin Williams” for my whole life, since I was like 5 years old and first watched Mork and Mindy. What a fucking horrible horrible piece of shit depression is. If it were a person, I would want to beat it to death right now.

      • Rick in China

        I’m guessing a large part of the depression was based on having earned hundreds of millions, but being in debt — and at 63, after seemingly so much success, just saying fuck it – and put it to an end. As a huge fan of his work, I guess it just drives home how people who outwardly seem so happy and energetic have their own personal demons just like everyone, sometimes magnified due to fame & success..

        • SongYii

          I’ve heard comedians comment before (off the top of my head, Jim Carrey and Louis CK) that comedians are more afflicted by depression and inner struggle than other types of entertainers, that comedy is an outlet to turn pain into laughter.

          • Rick in China

            Some people say that – but it’s kind of nonsensical to make such a statement, in that it’s not an easy metric to measure and compare..

          • SongYii

            I don’t think its something that needs to be measured, its just comedians characterizing the inspiration for their work.

            Maybe you’re referring to the “more afflicted than others” part… I think thats just the typical self-congratulating attitude of entertainers.

    • Roger

      Dead poets society was a point he excelled imho. He always seemed to suit a professor/teacher typecasting.

    • slob

      Bicentennial man is pretty cool. Long, but still interesting.
      It is a shame he has gone and it just seems surreal that he is dead, I mean we always have those famous people on our lists that we sorta ‘wish’ didn’t need to be here (bieber, kardashians, etc.) but then fate decides on somebody we all love who is a role model and comic genius. The worst part is he passed during such a shitty time with all the wars and fighting going on. Almost seems as though the world is giving up.
      It’s funny that I can remember so many of his movies but have trouble remembering other actors’ movies. He made an impact on everybody and it’s a true shame he died to depression, which is a huge irony in itself, though people believe the happiest people are only that way in order to prevent others from feeling the pain they feel.

    • David

      It was a great book by Issac Asimov and an OK movie. More about what it means to be human.

    • WinterSmitten

      I haven’t seen it either but I guess it’s time to.

      It’s interesting how you mentioned Heath Ledger. I forgot where I read this, but there were people hoping he might play the Riddler. I guess they felt he could do a good job if it was written the right way. I only remember The Riddler from Batman and Robin (cartoon) so if he could be a little more serious he might have done a good job. Anyway was sad that I’ll never get to see that, if it ever was a possibility.

      He also named his daughter Princess Zelda. Man, he was awesome.

      • Kai

        I was never as blown away by Ledger’s Joker as many others were. No idea what he’d be like as a Riddler. Despite being a comic geek, I think my conception of Batman was more shaped by the Batman: The Animated Series (that became The Adventures of Batman and Robin) cartoon in the early 90s than the comic books.

        As for Williams naming his daughter Zelda, yeah, that’s cute for everyone who played Nintendo, though I never liked the name itself.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      Personally, Bicentennial Man was one of my favorites. I didn’t like Mrs. Doubtfire as much as Hook. Still need to see Good Will Hunting.

    • SongYii

      I saw it in the theatre. It is not a scary or creepy movie in the least, actually very emotional, but I can see why the poster might make you think so.

      You should check it out.

  • AbC

    Sad to see someone who created so much joy and laughter to the world to eventually loose his life to depression.

    Hope his death brings more recognition to this clinical illness which needs to be taken more seriously.

    (I am genuinely surprised that his death is discussed so widely in China. Also glad it’s mostly well wishers and respectful admiration for his life’s work)

    • DavidisDawei

      He was awesome, made it look easy, but I would not be surprised to discover the funniest people are usually the ones with the most demons and they learned at an early age to utilize humor to hide their pain.
      I guess he was tired of running and the grim reaper caught up to him.

      • Rick in China

        Divorces fucking his finances didn’t help.. he, of course, joked about it – saying it was “All your money” – but to shorten it they call it “Alimony”.

    • Mighty曹

      Dark irony.

    • Insomnicide

      Jesus Christ, that image.

      Now I just feel depressed even more.

  • DavidisDawei

    If you have not seen Good Morning Vietnam, it is a definite MUST See – that guy didn’t need a script, he was a machine, pumping out funny the same way these freestyle rappers improvise.

    I also remember him chastising the US Politicians, insinuating they should follow NASCAR’s lead and post all of their “sponsors” on their jackets so you’d know their affiliations.

    • Mighty曹

      One of my all time favorites.

      • DavidisDawei

        He was great.Unfortunately, I never saw him live.
        George Carlin and Bill Cosby are the two I have listened to for years, have listened to every published routine of theirs (I have found)…and seen them both live several times

  • Mighty曹

    Sad. Sad. Sad.
    Like losing an old friend. Not just from all those movies but also in person at the Giants (baseball) games. I remember going to the ball game and often seeing him cheering on the crowd.
    R.I.P. nanoo naoo.

  • Wodowsan

    So many think that wealth and fame is all they need to be happy. It seems that many that have it still end up overdosing or committing suicide. The lesson to us all I think.

    • mr.wiener

      In some ways I think, wealth and fame just make the depression worse. If you are poor, you can blame being poor. If you have it all, it just turns to ashes in your mouth.

      • Foreign Devil

        Well said. Yeah when you have everything society raised you to pursue. . and still don’t feel happy. . then you start thinking there is nothing on earth that could make you happy. So you either get into drugs and suicide to hide your pain or you get into spiritual life to further investigate the problem.

        • tomoe723

          Or just move on and don’t give a fuck about anything. Fuck spirituality, fuck the world, fuck everything. Who cares, everyone is just surviving the way they think they know how.

    • AbC

      I do agree that you can still be depressed even with endless wealth and fame. But according to reports, Robin Williams died almost broke… He lost most of his accumulated wealth through his two divorces and had put his house up for sale as well. In one of his recent interviews, he mentioned that he needed to do more stand-ups and TV shows just to make ends meet. Quite a stressful life to maintain the appearance of ‘having it all’.

      • Rick in China

        I think he sold a couple houses, just, one was _super_ expensive. He took his last TV role in The Crazy Ones (saw every episode..) to help combat the expenses, fuckin alimony, it’s way too rough in the US. I think China, you just cut half your current combined wealth in half, right? Something like that? In the US, divorce is like herpes – it never goes away. (unless the woman remarries, which rarely happens when you’re getting monthly income in the tens of thousands, pretty strong incentive to stay single)

      • Wodowsan

        Robin Williams estimated net worth is $50-$130 million. That is after him paying out $30 million for his divorces.

        • AbC

          Being worth a certain amount doesn’t mean not being under financial pressure. He mentioned in a TV interview that he had to do the TV series to make ends meet. Although what he means by that may be different from you and I, there was no doubt he was under financial strain as well.

          • Wodowsan

            No, you are right. Having 50 million is just not enough for some. I can more than understand now why he killed himself . Thank you for pointing out my inability to understand his financial woes.

            He was a man who could make several million per movie (three months work for actors.) More than most people will ever see after a lifetime of toil.

            You still believe he killed himself because he could not meet his desired standard of living? You really think that millions was not enough and his not having billions is why he killed himself?

          • AbC

            I’m not saying that at all. I just pointed out that it may have contributed to his depression (as being under pressure under any circumstance for a prolonged period causes tremendous stress). There’s even an article on Yahoo and various other sites that quoted an unnamed ‘close friend’ who stated that all Robbin Williams talked about before his death was ‘having serious money troubles’.
            I never pointed it out to be the sole factor of his death, but merely one of many sources of stress which led to his depression.
            Your inability to comprehend properly seems to come from jumping to conclusions or simply not reading properly.

          • Alex Dương

            Judge for yourself. He wasn’t wasteful, per se, but two divorces ain’t cheap.

          • Rick in China

            Oh, dude. You do realize that internet searchable *internet net worth* means shit, right? “Having 50 million”. You’re not a home owner, are you? You realize that when you have a *net worth*, it doesn’t mean you have that much in the bank, ready to spend right?

            His ‘estimated’ net worth ranged, but 50 was probably closer to right, some said higher…. however, that is counting all of the *income*. Not all of the *outcome*. It’s counting all of the *assets*. Not counting all of the *debt*. Celebrity net worth, often, does NOT have insight into actual costs or expenditures and estimates off of what people have coming in and what people have owned, and any other tidbits of information on massive expenditures etc. He had *assets*…yes. But he also owed a fuckton of money. He also had alimony, which after 19 years with his 2nd wife, was not CHEAP…maybe tens of thousands a MONTH? Damn, man. Get a grip. He was *in debt*. In his own interview, “on the verge of bankruptcy”…. i think his words were his financials were *no joke*. Just because you can live off of fuckin fang bian mian without any real debt or ownership doesn’t mean the world turns on people who have no vested interest that can take 50 mil and drive it to negative 20 in a short period of time due to bad luck, and bad decisions, and sometimes just being fucked by another human being. It’s almost offensive that you take this ladi-da attitude when someone who *obviously* was stricken by financial burden which *obviously* contributed (significantly?) to depression and as a result, suicide, leaving the world with one less amazing talent.

          • Wodowsan

            I have owned a home and have had two divorces myself. I do understand what assets are.

            My point which you are not understanding is that money does not create happiness. Whatever money he might owe he had more than enough in assets to sell a 50 million dollar home to live in a half million dollar home which is living extremely well in America.

            I have also worked in the film industry and I know the time actors put in to a film. Behind the camera a film takes up to two to three years from beginning to end. For actors, they come in, say their lines. They work at most three months and make millions if they are talent like Robin Williams. If he was dead broke he had the pull to make several million in just a few months that most of us could never dream of.

            His problems were much more than money, he is not the only star to self destruct that had wealth and fame. Johnny Carson (actually Williams made that joke on the tonight show about divorce) also had many divorces and also lost millions to our insane family court system. Carson did not kill himself. He died of old age. Carson was also the type that did not seek attention off the stage. He even said he loved vacationing in Europe because no one knew him there.

            I actually had a neighbor who was Robin William’s tennis coach. He told me Williams was always on stage, as if he washed down a bottle of uppers with ten cups of coffee. The man had issues. Issues they may have made him the talent he was, yet still issues, rich or poor.

            Too many people think the answer to happiness is more money and to be famous. Too many that do achieve that self destruct proving there is much more to life. Life is not what you have, but who you are as a person.

            This is not to take away from Robin Williams’ talent. He was extremely talented, He had what so many wish they could have, popularity, fame, respect, and money with all its trappings. Yet he was still depressed. Depressed enough to kill himself before his time like too many in his industry.

            Perhaps what we should learn from this tragedy is to be thankful for what we do have, think of those around us that we love and love us. We should not harp on what we others have and what we don’t have.

          • Alex Dương

            Whatever money he might owe he had more than enough in assets to sell a
            50 million dollar home to live in a half million dollar home which is
            living extremely well in America.

            No, he was unable to sell his home. Even after reducing the ask price by 15%, he found no buyers. I get your point that money doesn’t buy happiness, but I think you’re misrepresenting his financial condition as well as how “easily” he could have earned a few million in a relatively short amount of time.

  • KamikaziPilot

    RIP, I wasn’t really familiar with his career or life but I knew he had some struggles. I only saw him in Good Morning Vietnam and his standup routine and he was hilarious.

    • SongYii

      Sit your ass down and check out some of his movies!

      • KamikaziPilot

        Maybe but after Good Morning Vietnam I don’t know how any of his other movies would be any funnier or better. I get this feeling if I do watch his other movies I’ll be disappointed, and I hate being disappointed after spending 2 hours watching a movie, I actually have pretty high standards when it comes to movies and I’m disappointed more often than not.

        • IsurvivedChina

          There are many that a worthy of a watch… Cadillac man, the Fisher King, Good Will Hunting, Dead Poets Society, oh the list goes on….

        • SongYii

          Maybe just try to relax and enjoy some movies that help define the culture from which they come.

  • tomoe723

    I still can’t bring myself to believe this. There must be some underlying Illuminati motive… or Hollywood’s really one fucked up place. He has a daughter, named Zelda. All those awards, and accomplishments. People think this guy to be an idol/god of comedy, and committed suicide? It just doesn’t make any sense.

    • So a guy committing suicide doesn’t make sense to you, but him being murdered by “the Illuminati” does…

      • Irvin

        Some people are just in denial, people said Michael Jackon was in good health when he die too, to me……….he looked a little pale.

      • SongYii

        That’s just what the Illuminati WANT you to think.

      • tomoe723

        A lot of celebrities have drug addiction and depression problems. If it was overdose, yah, I’ll prolly think it was that bad or hopeless. But asphyxiation? It takes lots of guts to hang one’s neck on a rope. If he had that much guts, I wonder why he didn’t think of just moving on…

        • If he had that much guts, I wonder why he didn’t think of just moving on…

          Well gee, maybe you should tell that to the thousands of people who hang themselves every year.

          A 2008 review of 56 countries based on World Health Organization mortality data found that hanging was the most common method in most of the countries, accounting for 53 percent of the male suicides and 39 percent of the female suicides. In England and Wales, hanging is the most commonly used method, and is particularly prevalent in the group of males aged 15–44, comprising almost half of the suicides in the group. It is the second most common method among women, behind poisoning. In 1981 hanging accounted for 23.5 percent of male suicides, and by 2001 the figure had risen to 44.2 percent. The proportion of hangings as suicides in 2005 among women aged 15–34 was 47.2 percent, having risen from 5.7 percent in 1968. In the United States it is the second most common method, behind firearms.

          • tomoe723

            Where’s the connection to depression and drug abuse in your findings? Why don’t you ask them yourself?

          • I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make with this comment. He had depression and committed suicide––by hanging––just like thousands of other people do every year. That’s reality. It doesn’t make sense, but mental illness isn’t supposed to make “sense”.

          • tomoe723

            My point is its more than just mere depression to commit suicide by asphyxiation. So where’s the connection to depression and drug abuse in your posted data? Let me know when you find real answers.

          • Are you asking me if there’s a connection between depression and drug abuse? I connected depression and drug abuse to suicide, and I think it’s fairly obvious that such connections do exist. I’m not sure what “real answers” you’d like me to provide; I don’t find this situation nearly as enigmatic as you evidently do. He suffered from depression and drug addiction and decided to solve his problems by killing himself. That is a frankly common sequence of events that has probably occurred multiple times today alone. Your phrase “mere depression” suggests you are greatly underestimating the gravity of the illness.

          • tomoe723

            Yeah sure anybody can make a connection about depression/drug abuse to suicide. Why state the obvious? What your missing is that most people who are into depression/drug abuse seldom use asphyxiation as a method of suicide. They usually don’t have the strength to do so. So what’s your point in your replies anyway? And pray tell, how did my phrase “mere depression” suggested that I underestimated the illness in my sentence? Sheeesh, lemme know when you’re done attacking me, okay.

          • Touchy, are we?

            What part of this:

            A 2008 review of 56 countries based on World Health Organization mortality data found that hanging was the most common method in most of the countries, accounting for 53% of male suicides and 39% of female suicides. In England and Wales, hanging is the most commonly used method, and is particularly prevalent in the group of males aged 15–44, comprising almost half of the suicides in the group. It is the second most common method among women, behind poisoning. In 1981 hanging accounted for 23.5% of male suicides, and by 2001 the figure had risen to 44.2%. The proportion of hangings as suicides in 2005 among women aged 15–34 was 47.2%, having risen from 5.7% in 1968. In the US, it is the second most common method, behind firearms.

            …did you not understand?

            Where are you getting your idea that depressed people seldom use hanging as a method of suicide? The figures I posted seem to flatly contradict that, which is why I posted them in the first place. Can you cite any evidence to support your claim that hanging is a rare method of suicide for the depressed? Are you suggesting that most suicides by hanging are committed by people who aren’t depressed? Because aside from prisoners held in captivity, I can’t think of why anyone who isn’t depressed would want to commit suicide.

          • tomoe723

            I’m sorry but where in your quoted data does it state that the cause of suicide was depression/drug abuse? Your data only states the frequency of the means of suicide. Lots of people commit suicide for various reasons: suicide after murder, escape from financial problems, euthanasia, escape from social burden, etc etc. (clinical) depression and drug abuse are other reasons. It’s obvious you have little to no understanding about the concept of suicide. You just post copy-pasted data without zany a clue what’s it all about.

            Touchy? Nahh, you’re attempts are amusing but futile.

          • Half of all people who die by suicide may have major depressive disorder; having this or one of the other mood disorders such as bipolar disorder increases the risk of suicide 20-fold.

            Substance abuse is the second most common risk factor for suicide after major depression and bipolar disorder.

            Any more questions?

          • tomoe723

            Yeah keep trying… all just relative frequencies without any definite numbers to back up your claims. I wonder where you pull these out… up from your ass? Your arguments have become pointless… >_>

          • Chehil, Stan Kutcher, Sonia (2012). Suicide Risk Management A Manual for Health Professionals. (2nd ed.). Chicester: John Wiley & Sons. pp. 30–33. ISBN 978-1-119-95311-1.


            Perrotto, Jerome D. Levin, Joseph Culkin, Richard S. (2001). Introduction to chemical dependency counseling. Northvale, N.J.: Jason Aronson. pp. 150–152. ISBN 978-0-7657-0289-0.


            Is that good enough for you? Or are you still going to find something to bitch about?

          • tomoe723

            So you post a bunch of books as references? Gee whiz, where oh where is the correlation of suicide from depression/substance abuse to the method by asphyxiation… You really have no idea what you’re even posting.

          • I wonder where you pull these out… up from your ass? Your arguments have become pointless… >_>

            You accused me of pulling that information out of my ass, and I responded by posting the exact books they came from. Stop trying to deflect every single thing I say. There’s literally no winning with you, is there? I’ve posted numerous texts from credible authorities, and every single time, all you can do is deflect, deflect, deflect. Apparently tomoe723 is the only credible entity on the planet. Anything that disagrees with her is wrong.

            I’m stunned that you have the balls (yes, the balls) to deem yourself a higher authority than two books authored by five professionals in the field.

            Here’s a thought:

            Why don’t YOU post some information backing YOUR position instead of just bitching at me for being the responsible one?

            The correlation of suicide from depression/substance abuse to the method by asphyxiation is inherent in the fact that depression and substance abuse are the two most common causes for suicide and asphyxiation is one of the two most common methods of suicide. You keep trying to pretend that suicide by asphyxiation is some fringe offshoot of general suicide, but it’s not, as my cited sources authored by people MUCH more credentialed than you have explicitly pointed out.

          • tomoe723

            You don’t even know what you’re talking about. Inherent correlation? Oh dear… LOL! My stomach hurts… Hahaha…

            Maybe you should graduate first from a respectable university before you begin blabbering about your statistical nonsense. Nobody buys that inherent correlation shit. LOL!

            I tell you what, maybe you ought to visit any competent psychiatrist in your neighborhood, and ask them about depression and suicide and ask particularly on after-depression stages and methods of suicide. Also, have yourself checked while you’re at it. Cheers!

          • lol.

          • tomoe723

            Duhh, I never said the Illuminati killed Robin Williams, you’re the only one who implied that.

            I merely expressed that I can’t believe he willed himself to commit suicide and suggested possible forces that might push him to do it. Obviously, he killed himself (by asphyxiation)… where on earth did you read that the Illuminati killed him? Stop wriggling your way out of your mess, mr.-ignorant-on-statistical-studies. LMAO!

          • I can’t believe I’m being called ignorant by a girl claiming “the Illuminati” pushed Robin Williams to commit suicide. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so facepalm-inducingly sad.

            I have news for you:

            There is no fucking “Illuminati”. At best, there are attention-starved people who flaunt “Illuminati” nomenclature and/or symbols to draw attention to themselves.

            Your comment is basically the equivalent of this:

            Duhh, I never said the reptilian humanoids killed Robin Williams. I merely suggested that reptilian humanoids might have pushed him to do it.

          • tomoe723

            Yeah keep telling yourself that, dumbass. You don’t even know what I mean by Illuminati. It’s just a secret society comprised of humans. Get that? HUMANS. Who ever said they’re made of reptilian humanoids. All this moronic shit you’re spouting makes you even crazier than I thought. I think you should really have your self check by a local psychiatrist. Just because you think they don’t exist doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Your arguments are really pointless.

          • The point is that both the Illuminati and lizard people are crazy nonsense spouted by moronic conspiracy theorists who need to see psychiatrists. Neither one is more “reasonable” than the other. They’re both fucking bullshit.

            It’s amazing you have the balls (once again…you must be a tranny) to push conspiracy theory nonsense after you had just lectured me about graduating from a respectable university (which I did, and I can assure you all of my professors would have sided with peer-reviewed research in professional field manuals over Illuminati conspiracy theories any day).

            If your arguments were merely pointless, that would be an improvement. Instead, they’re an affront to human intellect.

            Anyway, I don’t have any more time for this inane conversation. I should be studying accounting for a professional exam one week from now instead of debating the Illuminati with some chick with an anime avatar. Shame on me for indulging in this silliness for as long as I have.

            Incidentally, I just (as in, 10 seconds ago), found out I passed a section of my professional exam, so now I’m feeling ecstatic and not in the mood to argue anyway. So whatever. Cheers!

          • tomoe723

            You are unbelievably insane. You’re so quick to attack when you have no solid understanding on what the other person is even talking about. You group Illuminati with lizard people? How ridiculous and desperate can you get… You failed in your statistical nonsense, and you’re still trying to equate lizard people with the illuminati? Anything else you might want to add in your futile attacks? LMAO!

            You’re the one who read too much into it thinking you could spite or what… (i don’t know what your intentions are) Yeah, keep reassuring yourself with imaginary stuff nobody cares.

          • Sorry dear, I don’t have to prove myself to you. =)

        • ElectricTurtle

          Asphyxiation simply happens to be one of the most effective ways to commit suicide. It’s relatively quick and can be set up in such a way as to prevent one from losing their nerve and backing out. With an attempt at overdose, depending on the substance, there’s a greater chance that somebody would find the would-be self-destructor unconscious and find someway to mitigate/ameliorate the substance(s) well enough to revive them at some point. Asphyxiation is basically 100% effective, since people who can’t breathe die 100% of the time. Even self-inflicted gunshot wounds and falls from great heights are more survivable.

          • tomoe723

            Have you ever tried choking yourself to death? It may be 100% more effective but it’s also very gutsy. I don’t even consider substance abuse to be an attempt at suicide, it’s just being lazy. Gunshot is very instant, it takes some confidence to pull the trigger, but that’s all. Asphyxiation trumps it all. You still have to endure the suffocation that happens before dying, and I tell you, it’s not short and easy like gunshot, or lazy like overdose. It really takes a lot of guts to hang one’s self. Most people chicken out because the natural instinct to survive kicks in when they begin to suffocate. People who are depressed usually don’t do asphyxiation. They’re too depressed to do so. To hang one’s self is a conscious choice to end one’s life based on other factors that has concretely led them to that decision over time. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

          • People who are depressed usually don’t do asphyxiation. They’re too depressed to do so.

            Did you pull that out of your ass? Maybe you should cite some definite numbers to back up your claim. Otherwise, your argument is just pointless.

          • tomoe723

            Sorry dear, I don’t have to prove myself to you. =)

  • Dr Sun

    A great guy met him in 1999 in Albany NY, a true humanitarian, a socialist, and a great guy. A sad loss in a troubled world.

    • SongYii

      A socialist, huh?

      • IsurvivedChina

        I wondered about that comment as well…

        • Zappa Frank

          what’s wrong in being socialists?

          • IsurvivedChina

            Show me a true socialist and I will show you a capitalist in socialist clothing…

      • ElectricTurtle

        Well, virtually everybody these days is a socialist, it’s just a matter of to what degree. For that matter, Ludwig von Mises called the Mont Pelerin Society (perhaps one of the most staunchly anti-socialist groups of economists) ‘a bunch of socialists’ for even considering ‘progressive’ taxation.

        • SongYii

          I am not a fucking socialist.

          So, everyone but me…. ;)

  • B*tches, Leave

    Reading the news was like getting hit by a pro boxer … still shocked, while I’m writing this I feel dizzy … and just to think that the generation who saw and appreciated his “magic” will have it rought, because the entertainment industry is changing from legendary talented movie actors and singers like Robin Williams to, well, wont tell names, but let’s just say that the entertainment industry right now goes downhill … the only “key” value they have right now is sex …

    • SongYii

      Don’t be too surprised. It was publicly known for decades he had mental problems and drug addictions. Its hard to live with bad circuitry in your brain, even if you’re amazingly talented and nice to everybody.

  • b duck

    i think nobody would not like his films and him.
    he always smiles kindly.
    i almost watched all his films, made me so happy!

  • unplanned_life

    RIP. He brought a lot of happiness to me, and I am happy to see that the fellow American brought a lot of happiness to people here in China.

  • moop

    in his final act he saved us from having to witness Ms. Doubtfire 2, God Bless this man

    • mr.wiener

      He did some stinkers, no denying it.. though many people liked Mrs. Doubtfire.

      • I think moop meant that Mrs. Doubtfire 2 would have been a great disappointment to fans of the original. Could be wrong, though.

        • moop

          what i meant was Ms Doubtfire 2 was going to be a shitty movie. i hated his stand up comedy, more so his style than the content. never thought he was funny as a comedian. as an actor he was in some decent movies. all in all, i’m glad he’s dead…. too soon?

          • Only jokes can be “too soon”. “I’m glad he’s dead” isn’t really a joke, so you’re all clear. 👍

          • moop


          • Commander Jameson

            Na-noose, na-noose.

          • David

            Why would you possibly say you are glad he is dead? Especially after saying you did not like any of his comedy or movies If that is supposed to be some type of dark humor you have missed the mark by a mile.

      • SongYii

        Mrs. Doubtfire was great as a comeback story. A lot of people just don’t like the silliness of it. I saw it as a kid in the theater, thought it was great. Saw it again as an adult, found many jokes had been over my head. Ha.

  • Teacher in China

    Just listened to this 2010 interview with quite a bit of frank discussion on his addiction problems – very interesting and funny and sad.

  • SongYii

    You know, when I first came to China and became a teacher and witnessed in my first week of classes what a dismal, solemn place of anti-learning the Chinese university classroom is, I decided that first weekend after classes I would Dead Poet’s Society the hell out of them for the remainder of the semester.

    Any of you can guess with great accuracy how that turned out.

    But fun to see so many references to that very film in the comments.

    RIP, RW

    • Rosemon Calvin Pilot

      …Howd it turn out lol

      • SongYii

        IT DIDN’T :-D

    • Hanfeizi

      I tried that approach as well… and it drove me out of the teaching profession. So I feel your pain. ;)

    • DavidisDawei

      Are you familiar with Emil Kaminski (Monkeetime)?
      He made a video of (at least) one of his classes when he reached his tipping point…

      • SongYii

        No, feel free to link.

      • SongYii

        Watched part of the video… that guy is a crap foreigner. I have my fair share of catatonic classes, students who could not give the slightest fuck, and I’ve made fun of them on the fly, even shouted at them, but he planned it out, wrote captions to denigrate them, broadcasted it on youtube, just to humiliate them. What a fucking piece of shit foreigner… China is lucky to get rid of him.

        • DavidisDawei

          Emil does have an edge to him, but perhaps that just wasn’t his calling.
          I imagine many people who come to China get overwhelmed and depart after a year (or less).

  • IsurvivedChina

    THE FISHER KING, Easily one the greatest!

  • Kedafu

    Song of the Article

    No where to run

    – Martha and the Vandellas

    from Good Morning Vietnam


  • Clarence Cooper

    I met Robin Williams many years ago while
    working as an extra on the set of Good Morning Vietnam. We were filming
    at Bangkok International Airport and there were often long waits between
    takes. While the ‘stars’ relaxed in their air-conditioned
    trailers (probably eating lobster and drinking champagne), the rest of
    us sat around outside in the stinking humidity in our US Army uniforms,
    enjoying hamburgers and Coca Cola. And you know what? Most of the time
    Robin Williams sat outside with us, the extras. He talked to us and
    asked where we were from and what we were doing in Thailand. He made
    jokes about everything and everyone. He ate hamburgers and drank Coca
    Cola with us. He was a cool genuine guy . . . Unbelievably sad news !!

  • Xio Gen

    Funny how the Chinese remember him more for Dead Poets Society and Bicentennial Man than his comedies like Mrs Doubtfire.

  • Rick in China

    I’ve watched literally everything from Williams available.. and many comedians. :D

  • angry laowai

    im surprised that so many chinese actually knew who he was!