Drinking Deer Blood From Freshly Cut Antlers In Langshan

Drinking Fresh Deer Blood 5

WARNING: Some of the images below may be graphic.

From NetEase:

Yesterday evening, my friend Ouyang called me and said: tomorrow morning, our deer barn is sawing deer antlers. Bring your wife to Lian Village to drink deer blood. Enthused, I asked if a few of my friends could come. He laughed and said, you think we’re drinking tap water here? I wasn’t thwarted, and said that they only wanted to watch. Rather upset, he said, “If they come, how can you let them see you with blood over your mouth without offering them some? You really think we’re hunting bulls? Just you two.”

This morning, plans changed. Organized by a local website, my wife and some friends went to the countryside to visit veterans from the Second Sino-Japanese War. (Don’t forget that today is the 64th anniversary of victory in the China-Japan war!) Alone, I ventured into a small but famously beautiful village in Langshan–Lian Village. Ouyang Landscaping Ltd. is located here.

[Note: Langshan=崀山 is the name given to the mountain ranges around Shaoyang city, Hunan Province.]

drinking fresh deer blood in Langshan

Drinking Fresh Deer Blood in Langshan

The first thing I saw upon arrival was Mr. Ouyang holding a steel saw in his left hand, and a bottle of Shaoyang Rice Liquor, to mix with deer blood, in his right.

After some small talk, we surreptitiously entered the deer barn. First, he used a long metal rod to shoot a deer with an anesthesia-laced needle. Moments later, the deer collapsed to the ground. A few workers adroitly tied its four legs. Immediately, Ouyang started sawing deftly. The blade slowly sank into the antler, and my heart trembled like metal cutting glass.

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Drinking Fresh Deer Blood in Langshan
Drinking Fresh Deer Blood 5
Sawing Deer Antler

When the first antler came off, a guy beside me took it and started drinking from it.

As Ouyang sawed the second antler, he said to me, “You have the second one!”

Weakly, I said, “I’m afraid…I don’t want to drink. Just give me some processed antler blood later.”

“Afraid of what? Antler blood is the antler’s essence. It combines the earth and heaven’s spirits, it is sentient, a treasure among blood. It can nourish your chi and blood, protect your kidneys and sexual health, improve metabolism, promote longevity…most people don’t get a chance!”

“I don’t know how.”

“Raise your head, put your mouth at the cut, and drink. It’s like kissing.”

Antler Blood
Drinking Antler Blood
Drinking Antler Blood 2

As we talked, the second antler had already come off. Ouyang handed it to me, I shakily raised the warm antler to my mouth…

A warm, salty liquid flowed into my throat. The taste was weird, I almost threw up.

“Aiya, this is much harder than kissing my wife!” I shouted.

Everyone laughed out loud.

Exiting the barn, we followed Ouyang to a room next door, and watched him process the deer blood with familiarity. When he finished, he found a water bottle and filled it for me, sealing the rest.

The two antlers, one weighed 450g, 720 RMB, the other 394g, 630 RMB, were sold immediately.

Drinking Fresh Deer Blood in Langshan 4

While they chatted, curiosity led me back into the deer barn.

That deer previously displayed its antlers with pride and looked arrogantly at me. Now, it’s curled up in a corner. On its head, small bumps where its antlers used to be were callously bandaged with two pieces of white fabric.

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Lifeless eyes stared at me in despair.

My heart clenched, I staggered back a few paces, broke eye contact, and fled.



Very good for health


Too disgusting.


Cruel and disgusting


Does it cure erectile dysfunction?


Is it more effective than Viagra? I really want to know, hope brother will tell me


Poor deer!!


All because of traditional Chinese medicine…


How is this different from Japanese whaling?


Whales are wildlife, and decreasing in population. Deers are different. [in response to lihoushi]


Civilization is dead


Don’t pigs deserve your pity? Can’t stand you people. How is eating meat any less cruel

Written by Tingting

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  • Ming

    Cruel. PETA will definitely go screaming about this.

    But then again, “Don’t pigs deserve your pity? Can’t stand you people. How is eating meat any less cruel”, he has a good point. Most people eat meat and have no problem killing pigs and cows for food.

    • Teacher in China

      The immediate difference that comes to my mind is that the animals we eat for food are killed swiftly and humanely, this poor guy is just tortured basically.
      But I guess you could make the argument that the animals we eat for meat are tortured when they’re kept in close quarters with each other and force-fed…
      Still, this seems more cruel just because it seems unnecessary, whereas we’re killing animals for eating in order to get sustenance, not because of some magical belief that it’s going to fix our qi or whatever.

      • Hans

        “First, he used a long metal rod to shoot a deer with an anesthesia-laced needle” so basically, that deer would not feel any pain.

        Eventhough it felt any pain too, most of us won’t care anyway. We are on the top of food chain. If you want to blame something, blame the Creator who created this “poor” deer on the bottom of food chain.

        Commenting about the blood for qi or whatsoever. Hey, that deer would eventually be eaten for its meat. They just maximising every part of the deer.

        Last but not least, every different people have their own believe and you gotta respect that. Like for e.g. P.E.T.A believes that killing a fly is a serious offence and the person who done it need to be condemned no matter how high the position that man held. Well, I respect their believe and not mocking them for that.

        • Fike2308

          Hans….I’m with you 100%.

        • hellofriends

          whereas we’re killing animals for eating in order to get sustenance

          Sustenance? Are you kidding me? That tire you carry around your waist would be enough “sustenance” for an African village.

      • hellofriends

        The immediate difference that comes to my mind is that the animals we eat for food are killed swiftly and humanely

        Yeah because melting off chicken beaks to feed your obesity is so humane.

        Don’t kid yourself, whiteboy.

      • wrong dumbass, you better go to a search engine and search about chicken cruelty, cow cruelty, and pig cruelty, you would be SHOCKED at how big corporations make your meat that you eat, all the inhumane growing of cows, pigs, and chickens are just sick.

    • Annoying Troll

      With PETA it is not animal rights they have. It is loneliness

    • The difference being, this deer is being traumatized for the sake of some ridiculous superstitious nonsense, Meat eating is also cruel but at least food is an actual necessity.

  • Kai

    Without getting into philosophical debates about animals used for food or other purposes, I too find this distasteful. Cue the Nigerians eating prawns in District 9.

    I wonder when this post will get hit by the Facebook PETA crowd…

    • Teacher in China

      District 9 ruled! And you’re right Kai, it’s the same sort of belief isn’t it. Funny!

  • Charles

    Distasteful, but I guess we only find cruel things done to cute animals distasteful.

    • Victor

      I agree. People don’t give a shit about anything other than the animals anthropomorphized in some Disney movie or some other type of media outlet.

    • eT

      Removing deer antlers is a common practice everywhere in the world. It’s done for a variety of reasons from cultivating the bones to it’s blood and most commonly a farmer/herder would cut it down for safety reasons so the antlers won’t hurt the person. The antlers grow back over time so the process is repeated over and over.

      From your comment and general ignorance I suppose you’ve never actually been out of the city.

      • Master C

        If only Sharks fins, Rhinoceros horns and Tiger’s penis could grow back like Deer’s Antlers do. Maybe a fast regenerating and pain receptor free hybrid in the future could cater to growing demand.

  • james

    It’s different than killing an animal for food because the animal killed for food(pigs) are killed swiftly and painlessly. There is no need to do this to a live animal for some stupid superstitions. If you want to be healthier, get off your ass and exercise and eat right. Then you will be fine.

  • Cernunnos

    Plus side is there’s all sorts of nasty diseases you can get from deer, so the silly cunt’s not only doing nothing for his limp dick, he’s in with a fair chance of seriously damaging his health. Here’s hoping.

  • mechanized

    I think watching True Blood has been getting to me. I think I would actually try this.

    A bottle of Tru Blood 0+ thanks !

    or a serving of fresh antler blood will do also!

  • Fritz

    Aren’t those antlers going to fall off soon anyway?

  • Mike Fish

    The deer was tranquilized and the antlers will grow back. The antlers grow out as living tissue with skin on them and blood flowing through them. Once they’ve reached the max size for that year the “velvet” skin dies off. That’s when male deer rub their antlers on trees and bushes to scrape off the dead skin. After that it’s just bone. Then they use them to show off and fight until they fall off towards the end of winter. Then it starts all over again. It likely hurt the deer but he’s in a cage so it’s not like he needs them.

    • Charles

      I would think that antler growth is tied to a deer’s psychological well-being. I know, psychological well-being sounds stupid for an animal, but think about this deer’s ability to continue surviving in the wild without any antlers.

      • iamthemeow!

        Looking at the pics, it doesn’t seem to be a wild deer. Still, it sucks to have your antlers cut off. Kinda like having your manhood removed (except it grows back).

  • Mike Fish

    I wonder if Lime Disease tastes like Sprite…


    Morons, there are no nerve endings in antlers.

    • Mike Fish

      Pusan Moron…

      According to this deer farm…

      “The antlers are also richly endowed with a dense network of nerves.”


      There are no nerves in the antler bone, but numerous very sensative nerves in the velvet skin. After the skin falls of deer wouldn’t feel much if the antler were cut off, but would certainly feel it in this case since the thick skin is still on, if not for the tranquilizer.

  • I love the comment from the guy who wants to know if it’s better than V14gra.

    If I was taking V14gra and still couldn’t get a bone on, I wouldn’t be blabbing about it.

  • oh yeah

    what I drink is not Antler blood, but loneliness.

    • Shanghairocks

      What you suck is not horse dick, but loneliness ..

  • Righteous American

    You don’t have to eat or drink EVERY SINGLE THING you get your hands on!

    • hellofriends

      and you don’t have to eat everything that is deep fried and fits into your mouth. we’ll see who lives longer.

    • Charles

      Is it possible that it has positive effects on your health? Wouldn’t rule it out.

  • Paola

    I don’t really understand how someone nowadays can be so enthusiast about this kind of customs to feel the need to bring family and friends to take part into this kind of ‘event’… Simply cruel.

  • lostinsz

    Disgusting cocksuckers. Now I know why I am 90% vegetarian. Chinese males trying to compensate for their very small ones. Little wonder Western males do so well in the PRC.

    • billy joel

      Maybe you should educate yourself on the matter before jumping on the lib bandwagon… or maybe you are a lib bandwagon…

      • lostinsz

        As a musician, Billy Joel was a total tosser….music for elevators. I am not particularly animal lib….why exploit everything with four legs…..many animals provide us with a sense of aesthetics/beauty on this earth.
        You, my friend, are a fuckwit.

        To western men in the PRC…who have talked to gfs and wives about past sexual experiences….chinese males are all done in 67 seconds, wham bam thank you mam…light a cigarette and talk about it on the mobile phone. No technique, non-existent penetration and are totally clueless about what women are looking for in the sack.

        • Mike Fish

          Stopping knocking them… at least they are quite fertile… maybe “potency” is the real name of the sperm game.

          • lostinsz

            Mr Fish. What is your exact point. This deer stuff is palaeolithic shamanism….and this is emaninating from China…the so-called rising Asian superpower.

          • hellofriends

            Whites have smaller dicks than the Japanese, who are known as being the smallest in Asia (while the North Chinese are the largest).

            Take that for what you will. White men are sexually incompetent, have small penises, low IQs, high rates of disease. That’s why they feel so proud of themselves when some ugly, brown dwarf from the Sino-Viet border is drawn to the blood money whites have stolen from blacks, Native Americans, Jews and South Americans.

        • Will

          As far as women in China go, it’s a well-known fact that white guys only ever get the dysfunctional, fugly losers with self-esteem problems, who themselves can only get the Chinese guys at the bottom of the barrel. Funnily enough, a lot of Western guys don’t realize that they’re the constant butt of jokes and ridicule in China for this reason.

          I guess you’re one of them pal.

          • Fike2308

            Will….how about some evidence?

            Most of the western guys I know who have Chinese gfs would disagree. These girls have usually studied/lived abroad, have good English skills, good socioeconomic status….I think you’re just jealous….how about posting a picture of YOU and YOUR GF?

            Also, do you think YOU could date a western woman?

            Show me the money!

          • Charles

            Hey. Get a life fike.

          • Fike2308

            I’m guesing that Charles is Chinese and doesn’t have any genuine points or arguments.

            He sees something that makes him uncomfortable (不舒服) and quickly insults the individual responsible.

            So typical.

            Are you going to tell me to “get a life” a 4th time and then a 5th time?

            I hope you have better things to do with YOUR time than follow people around on message boards and insult them at random.

            Good Luck.

        • Fike2308

          Billy Joel has some cool songs!!

        • poor thing

          you really are lost in sz

  • lostinsz

    In fact Billy Joel, you should be strapped to a surgical table, dissected with a sharp scapel….we might discover the DNA for retards.

    • billy joel

      not only that… but if you flip the DNA upside down you get the DNA for geniuses… so I infact have the key to the essense of intellectuality within me!

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  • wiseman

    Deep in the Langshan woods the three deer had trapped a man and were pondering their next plan when all of a sudden one of the deer knocked the man to the ground. As the unconscious man lay on the ground one of the deer starting to nimble on his ear and drink his blood while the other two watched. A questioned was asked, “Why do you nimble on his ear and drink his blood?”
    The noble deer responded, “So that my penis will grow and I will be endowed, and go forth and populate the woods with my offspring”. The other deer turned to his friend and said, “I just thought he was getting revenge for what they did to him last year by cutting off his antlers”.

  • Chen

    It’s interesting how every single discussion on this site ends in an argument about the looks of foreign men’s Chinese girlfriends. Most of you (Chinese and foreigners alike) seem to have huge problems.

    • Ming

      White man have inferior complexes. They are scared of China rise. So they talk about foreigners with Chinese gf. Ironic that they just did a study in Shanghai where foreigner are now less desirable thanks to the economic crisis.

      • Fike2308

        Why? Because Chinese girls only care about money?

        • Mike Fish

          DAMN!!!! Now dats da China-SMACK!!!

  • dudemeisdtwr

    chinks are so dumb.
    if you tell them that if they eat enough balloons they could fly they will eat them.

    i mean.. seems logical does it!!! after all balloons fly!!!!

    • bily joel

      westerners are so dumb.
      if you tell them theres an invisible dude called God waiting for you to go to heaven they will believe you.

      if you tell them you have to drink 8 cups of water a day they will believe you.

      if you tell them as long as you pick up your candy that fell on the ground within 3 seconds it will not be dirty.

      i mean… seems logical does it!!! after all god exists!!!

      • Fike2308

        1.) Billy…your name should have 2 L’s instead of 1.

        2.) Invisible dude called God…..um…are you saying that Chinese people never believed in “Sheng Di” or “Tai Ji” or “Wu Ji” or other concepts which are similar to the western concept of “God” ?

        3.) What’s wrong with drinking 8 cups of water a day? That sounds like a good idea to me.

      • Fike2308

        Chinese people have never believed in God?

        Here’s a little something for you to consider:

        Shangdi (上帝, pinyin: Shàngdì, Wade-Giles Shang Ti) is the Supreme God in the original religious system of the Han Chinese people (see traditional Chinese religion), a term used from the second millennium BC to the present day, as pronounced according to the modern Mandarin dialect. Literally the term means “Above Emperor” or “Above Sovereign”, which is taken to mean “Lord On High”, “Highest Lord”, “the God above”, “the Supreme God”, “Above “, or “Celestial Lord”. Another title of Shangdi is simply Di (帝). Shangdi is chiefly associated with Heaven. From the earliest times of Chinese history, and especially from the Zhou Dynasty (周朝, 1122 BC to 256 BC) onwards, another name, Tian (天), is also used to refer to the Supreme God of the Chinese people (see Heaven worship). Tian is a word with multiple meanings in the ancient Chinese language; it can either mean the physical sky or the presiding God of Heaven. When Tian is used in the latter sense, it has the same meaning as Shangdi. By the time of the Han dynasty, the influential Confucian scholar Zheng Xuan declared that “Shangdi is another name for Tian.” Shangdi is never represented with images or idols in Chinese tradition.


        • Fike2308

          I think this is an interesting article too:


          Saying “westerners are dumb” because they believe in God strikes me as a bit naive….couldn’t I turn the argument around and say, “chinese people are dumb” because they don’t believe in God now because the government tells them not to?

          I bet that if the CCP actively encouraged religion (like they used to with Falun Gong until it became really popular) many Chinese people would abandon their atheism and flock to the mosque or temple or church or wherever.

          • bily joel

            maybe you missed the part where my comment was a response to dudemeidstwr… and should have been taken just as seriously as his.

        • Charles

          again, get a life.

          • Fike2308

            Research is a BIG part of my life Charles.

            What do you do in your free time? Insult random people on-line?

          • Charles

            ohhhhhhh. sorry!

  • specter

    Well… drinking animal blood, pretty fucked, but hey, if that’s what you’re about then go for it. You wouldn’t catch me sucking on a bloody antler though.

  • Fike2308

    The Shujing (書經), the earliest of Chinese narratives (described above), represents Shangdi as a good god who punishes evil and rewards goodness. “Shangdi is not invariant [for he judges a person according to his actions]. On the good-doer He sends down blessings, and on the evil-doer He sends down miseries.”[2]
    The Shijing (詩經), the earliest of Chinese poetries, attributes speech to him in poem 241. Other significant portrayals include poems 245, 236, 300; as well as poems 192, 224, 235, 254, 255, 258, 274, 276, & 304.
    The Wujing (五經), and the official sacrificial rituals show people praying to Shangdi (i.e. Liji (禮記) 04:1:13; aka Liji Book 4, Section 1, verse 13).

    The Mohist philosopher Mozi (墨子), of the Warring States, in the philosophical text ‘Mozi’, explicitly mentions Shangdi 26 times. For example, in paragraph 8, Book 7, Chapter 27 of “Will of Heaven,” Mozi writes: “I know Heaven loves men dearly not without reason. Heaven ordered the sun, the moon, and the stars to enlighten and guide them. Heaven ordained the four seasons, Spring, Autumn, Winter, and Summer, to regulate them. Heaven sent down snow, frost, rain, and dew to grow the five grains and flax and silk so that the people could use and enjoy them. Heaven established the hills and river, ravines and valleys, and arranged many things to minister to man’s good or bring him evil.”[3]

    Ma Rong (馬融), an East Han Dynasty (東漢朝) scholar, in one of his works[citation needed], claimed Shangdi (or more precisely 上帝太一神, pinyin: Shangdi Taiyishen) is the personification of “the Supreme Ultimate”, which is the Ultimate Origin and Ground of Being for all existence. See also Taiyi Shengshui. Another East Han Dynasty Confucian scholar, Zheng Xuan (鄭玄), in one of his works[citation needed], said: “Shangdi is the parent of all peoples.” In his annotations of the Shangshu (aka Shujing), Zheng says: “Everyone is a child of Heaven.”

    • Charles

      in conclusion, get a life

      • Fike2308

        I’ve got a life, thanks :)

        Besides, it only takes me about 10 seconds to go to wikipedia and cut and paste some information from there to here.

        Maybe you aren’t interested in facts but some of us are.



  • Relative Truth

    I like how he is smoking while cutting off the deer antler…

    You’d think if you want to do something this creative to get better “health” you would do the most obvious thing first; stop smoking.

    I guess ED is more frightening than cancer to that dude…


    It’s inconclusive, but there’s evidence that smoking is not exactly a good thing for your sperm count…

    Also, I mean, booze is not very healthy… certainly doesn’t help your sexual preformance in my own opinion… especially with the way Chinese drink. After a night out with some chinese I definately feel more likely to throw up than to do anything in bed.

    I’m just trying to make a contrast between drinking fresh deer blood (which I give points for creativity) and some of the more… obvious ways…

  • ??????????

    Humans are over populated so lets kill some and drink their blood. I want to saw off the penis of these ppl and feed it to animals.

  • Slappy

    China is over populated, let’s kill some and not drink the blood, just let them rot and be picked to the bone by the birds and rats.

    • hellofriends

      You filthy white vermin are the ones that are overpopulated. We should start smashing in the skulls of white babies.

    • Capn

      Slappy, nice troll! hellofriends fell so bad for that one…

  • Panda

    I don’t know about deer blood, but cooked pig’s blood is pretty good.

    There are much nastier and crueler things to animal that goes on in south Asia. lol.. PETA would have a heart attack.

    • the great yellow master race

      bloodwurst yeahhhhhh..

  • Kevin

    Reminds me about halal slaughter which is normal practice in most backward muslim countries. No wonder that something similar also happens in China

  • Rick in China

    Who has information on inner mongolian wolf hunts?

    When you track wolves for a long period of time until they grow so tired they slow from exhaustion, you shoot them in a non-vital place, and carve out their still-beating heart for a bite of the true wolf essence.

    That’s much more interesting than drinking antler blood from a caged deer, wait, maybe that’s why inner mongolians are so much more bad-ass than bitches in say, Hunan.

    • the great yellow master race

      mongolian wolf hunts

      When you track wolves for a long period of time until they grow so tired they slow from exhaustion, you shoot them in a non-vital place, and carve out their still-beating heart for a bite of the true wolf essence.—

      WHAHAHAHAHA.. what a idiotic insanity. what kind of shit are you doing into your tea? Mongols just use a gun/bow, follow wolf traces to find their homehole or wander-paths and wait with a gun until the pack is crossing the area. then bangbang and mother gets new snow-hat, you dumb loser! (anyway mongolian hunters know all their footpaths and actualy position anyway)

      • Rick in China

        1. My post contained much sarcasm.
        2. You clearly don’t know shit about Mongolians.
        3. This is a ritual for manhood, not a common routine for pelt/meat hunting, “you dumb loser”!.

        • the great yellow master race


        • the great yellow master race

          1: my post piss on your sarcasm
          2: yeasaaaaahhhh suuuuure. and you know a shit about Mongolia.
          3: mongolian ritual for manhood includes to cuts boys hair, to present him as own son to own clan on nadam festival/family-meeting, to let him ride his first horse/yak/camel alone and starting to educate him about the “nomad man-things”. you fantasy shitmaking dumb loser!

  • the great yellow master race

    whahahaha.. well. those camels drop their horns alway in a bloody way. futher it was a holy ceremony to take he holy fresh horns. only the chamane-tao-buddhist prists were supposed to drink their blood from fresh hors.. today we got communism, so who cares! Yellow master races do not care about discusting whining from oversea colonies and future slave markets around this doomed world.


  • ssd

    It seems they do this in Russia too.
    Recently I saw an episode of this documentary series about this english guy who’s going all around Russia to see how the country is like.

    In one of the episodes he comes to this deer farm where all the deer horns are cut off because apparently you can make a fortune with deer horns.

    He didn’t seem at all disgusted with seeing the deers’ horns being cut off. In fact he participated in herding the deer up for them :S

  • Lu

    Such archaic practices should be banned! That deer looked lovely!

    • the great yellow master race

      Yeaaah! ..and tasty!

  • Michael

    A much better natural source from heaven & earth is water & if taken with viagra can cure erectile dysfunction. Anyway, this even proven or just he say she say

  • The act is cruel. Is there any health benefits of deer blood?

    • it is said that the deer blood can make people much stronger and energetic.

  • Langshan’s fame and beauty are smirched by such guys.

  • jkbqwkeb

    They are sawing off the horns of the deer.
    It’s like cutting one’s toenails. Yes there’s blood but the deer can’t actually feel anything.

    • chinabizarre

      Is your mom a deer and told it for you?

  • chinabizarre

    it shows what is a chinese, the most bizarre people in the world, the existence of chineses show me that there is no God in world, just a kind of shitmaker.

  • bossman

    3 words: Deer Penis wine

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  • doesnotmatter

    I’m a westerner, of sorts. blood from deer antlers is rich with nutrients. new zealand, canada and australia harness deer antlers as well. there’s lots to be said about healing qualities of the substance. instead of being lazy and stating uneducated opinions look up what it’s used for. and by the way, there’s an unofficial practice of rejuvenating older people through human blood transfusion – from younger donors. for example in military hospitals of some european countries chances of successful operations requiring additional blood were better not only because of doctor skills but also because they used blood from 18-27 yr olds. I do sound like a count dracula here but I’m not sure if I could actually suck the blood out of an antler. must take some getting used to. just like sushi and medium rare steak. and I strongly disagree that an animal is being mistreated. it’s being well taken care of – not like those bears used for harnessing bile. also the deer is not killed like a cow or a pig. and as for vegetarians – it’s a completely separate subject. I believe it’s a personal choice but being a vegetarian does not make one better. Hitler was one a vegetarian if I’m not mistaken.

  • nana

    people are insane ill like to see deers chopping off humans ears and drinkin there blood. see how they feel for once =-=. people just dont have hearts sometimes

  • Joe

    Ugly and cruel. You got no hearts people.

  • onslaught

    The blood of the deer probably will go to a fat, greasy, smoking, unruly, unhealthy bastard. This is so cruel. Leave the deer alone and go exercise and eat less greasy food you bastards~!!

  • Isis

    This shit is so grossed what kind of people do these types of things

  • christine

    mother fucker.. demons

  • asian grandpa

    lol he’s talking about the health benefits and smoking a cig at the same time

  • Robyn

    OMFG You sidk demented motha fuckers!!!!!!! Get the fuck over yourselves! And the idiot who was covering this story and drank the blood too, you are twisted!!!!!!!!!!

  • The pain and horror this deer went through!
    These people should have their ears chopped off,they are such cowards!

    • Capn

      Then can we drink their blood?

      • jenn

        no, you can drink your own blood and then go fuck yourself.

  • LiLy Simone

    “Don’t pigs deserve your pity? Can’t stand you people. How is eating meat any less cruel?
    Exactly! You are right. It is cruel. That is why we are Vegetarians and vegans working on ending the factory farming, torture and slaughter.
    Can’t stand you people. You skin animals alive. You eat animals alive….so primitive, more than cruel…evil is an under statement.

  • Robert Hii

    this is disgusting and makes the Chinese people look like cavemen. You dont need animals for big penis.Look up ginseng.Add territris tribulus.Add L arginine. Guaranteed performance without cruelty to any animal.