Drinking Deer Blood From Freshly Cut Antlers In Langshan

Drinking Fresh Deer Blood 5

WARNING: Some of the images below may be graphic.

From NetEase:

Yesterday evening, my friend Ouyang called me and said: tomorrow morning, our deer barn is sawing deer antlers. Bring your wife to Lian Village to drink deer blood. Enthused, I asked if a few of my friends could come. He laughed and said, you think we’re drinking tap water here? I wasn’t thwarted, and said that they only wanted to watch. Rather upset, he said, “If they come, how can you let them see you with blood over your mouth without offering them some? You really think we’re hunting bulls? Just you two.”

This morning, plans changed. Organized by a local website, my wife and some friends went to the countryside to visit veterans from the Second Sino-Japanese War. (Don’t forget that today is the 64th anniversary of victory in the China-Japan war!) Alone, I ventured into a small but famously beautiful village in Langshan–Lian Village. Ouyang Landscaping Ltd. is located here.

[Note: Langshan=崀山 is the name given to the mountain ranges around Shaoyang city, Hunan Province.]

drinking fresh deer blood in Langshan

Drinking Fresh Deer Blood in Langshan

The first thing I saw upon arrival was Mr. Ouyang holding a steel saw in his left hand, and a bottle of Shaoyang Rice Liquor, to mix with deer blood, in his right.

After some small talk, we surreptitiously entered the deer barn. First, he used a long metal rod to shoot a deer with an anesthesia-laced needle. Moments later, the deer collapsed to the ground. A few workers adroitly tied its four legs. Immediately, Ouyang started sawing deftly. The blade slowly sank into the antler, and my heart trembled like metal cutting glass.

Drinking Fresh Deer Blood in Langshan
Drinking Fresh Deer Blood 5
Sawing Deer Antler

When the first antler came off, a guy beside me took it and started drinking from it.

As Ouyang sawed the second antler, he said to me, “You have the second one!”

Weakly, I said, “I’m afraid…I don’t want to drink. Just give me some processed antler blood later.”

“Afraid of what? Antler blood is the antler’s essence. It combines the earth and heaven’s spirits, it is sentient, a treasure among blood. It can nourish your chi and blood, protect your kidneys and sexual health, improve metabolism, promote longevity…most people don’t get a chance!”

“I don’t know how.”

“Raise your head, put your mouth at the cut, and drink. It’s like kissing.”

Antler Blood
Drinking Antler Blood
Drinking Antler Blood 2

As we talked, the second antler had already come off. Ouyang handed it to me, I shakily raised the warm antler to my mouth…

A warm, salty liquid flowed into my throat. The taste was weird, I almost threw up.

“Aiya, this is much harder than kissing my wife!” I shouted.

Everyone laughed out loud.

Exiting the barn, we followed Ouyang to a room next door, and watched him process the deer blood with familiarity. When he finished, he found a water bottle and filled it for me, sealing the rest.

The two antlers, one weighed 450g, 720 RMB, the other 394g, 630 RMB, were sold immediately.

Drinking Fresh Deer Blood in Langshan 4

While they chatted, curiosity led me back into the deer barn.

That deer previously displayed its antlers with pride and looked arrogantly at me. Now, it’s curled up in a corner. On its head, small bumps where its antlers used to be were callously bandaged with two pieces of white fabric.

Lifeless eyes stared at me in despair.

My heart clenched, I staggered back a few paces, broke eye contact, and fled.



Very good for health


Too disgusting.


Cruel and disgusting


Does it cure erectile dysfunction?


Is it more effective than Viagra? I really want to know, hope brother will tell me


Poor deer!!


All because of traditional Chinese medicine…


How is this different from Japanese whaling?


Whales are wildlife, and decreasing in population. Deers are different. [in response to lihoushi]


Civilization is dead


Don’t pigs deserve your pity? Can’t stand you people. How is eating meat any less cruel


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