Female Petitioner Locked Up in Abandoned Morgue for 3 Years

Chen Qingxia is paralyzed from the waist down.

The abandoned morgue where Chen Qingxia is kept.

From NetEase:

After Being Reeducated Through Labor, Female Petitioner Locked up in Abandoned Morgue for 3 Years

According to a Voice of China “Newsline” report, city residents of Heilongjiang Yichun City Dailing District have recently reported that a woman named Chen Qingxia was kept in an abandoned morgue by the relevant departments for petitioning [to higher government authorities for redress, lodging complaints] year after year, her personal freedom having been restricted for already 3 years. In 2007, Chen Qingxia’s son disappeared during the chaos when the local complaints office went to Beijing to stop them and to this day remains missing, while her husband is currently living in an mental hospital.

The front door of the abandoned morgue.

In front of a row of old flat houses in Yichun City Dailing District, a white van without a license plate is parked outside, the front of the car facing the words such as “I beg for mercy” taped to the building’s windows. A camera is installed to one side of the house’s door, the rear window is sealed with iron bars, and a pile of muck has buried the lower half of the window. This is Chen Qingxia’s current residence.

Chen Qingxia in her wheelchair.

Through this reporter’s investigation, Chen Qingxia is paralyzed from the waist down, tormented by illness, and unable to take care of herself. Chen Qingxia claims that her 18 months of reeducation through labor already ended several years ago. However, not long after she was released, she was placed here, where it is very difficult to leave. As this reporter was interviewing her, there were people outside the door 24 hours standing guard.

Chen Qingxia is in bed.

Chen Qingxia has told this reporter that in 2003 during the SARS epidemic, her husband suffering from “post-traumatic stress disorder” destroyed a fence blocking a road. After the police held him in custody, they sent him to a labor camp/correctional institution. Yichun Correctional Institution granted the order to carry out his reeducation outside the camp for “having post-traumatic stress disorder” and limited responsibility ability”, and sent him back to the Dailing Public Security Bureau. Two months later, Heilongjiang Province No. 3 Hospital issued him a diagnosis of “schizophrenia”. Chen Qingxia says when she saw her husband, he had multiple injuries on his body, and was even more mentally deranged than before, and it was then that she began to petition to complain, hoping to get an explanation for his husband. In 2007 when she had gone to Beijing to petition [the central government] and was brought back [forcibly by the local government], she was reeducated through labor for 18 months. And in 2010, she was sent to this room where she now lives.

Chen Qingxia's son.

During the interview, Chen Qingxia told this reporter that in 2007, she brought her son with her to Beijing to petition, and as she was being picked up [arrested/abducted/kidnapped] by people representing the Dailing Complaints Office, her 12-year-old son Song Jide went missing.

The barred window of Chen Qiangxia's room.

Except for Chen Qingxia’s older sister coming and going every day to prepare meals and deliver medicine, the arrival of any other person always draws the attention of the people in the van.

Comments from NetEase:

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实干兴邦0efcvb [网易广西桂林市网友]:

Whoever fucking says defend the Diaoyu Islands [aka Senkaku Islands] again, I’ll get rough with them!

实干兴邦0efcvb [网易广西桂林市网友]:

Brother [referring to the person himself] is jizz-shocked, furious!

依旧惘然 [网易江苏省南通市网友]:

Look at the piece of paper at the top-left corner of the door in the second picture, I’m speechless [It says: “The Party, my dear mother!”]. Who locked you into the morgue in the first place?

花开o [网易四川省乐山市五通桥区网友]:

“In a country reeking with sin, deceit and violent plunder are the law.” — Socrates

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Why not stand up and fight?

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Comments from Sohu:

新不了情53825326 [搜狐山东省网友]:

I advise our nationals to stop petitioning. Petitioning will only make you mentally insane [figuratively and literally in instances where petitioners are arrested and forcibly kept in mental hospitals], so just get a gasoline bomb and go settle things yourself.

天山来客41294916 [搜狐手机网友]:

Just what person in Heilongjiang Yichun City Dailing District did what thing that can’t be exposed? To be so afraid of someone petitioning to higher authorities that they would even be so cruel as to lock one up in an abandoned morgue for 3 years. So inhuman!! Is this still a society led by the Communist Party??? These people should be exposed and arrested during the current anti-corruption struggle [efforts], and lock them up in that morgue for 300,000 years!!!

最爱最爱47392664 [搜狐手机网友]:

Seeing this, I dare not imagine that our country is this dark.

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Now you know how dark our country is, you are like a lamb to the slaughter without power. This phenomenon is so common, but just how many officials are punished [for it]? “Fighting corruption” is just empty words, just to fool the ordinary common people. Those who agree with me, ding.

已注销 [搜狐福建省泉州市网友]:

The government leader who gave the order to imprison her in the morgue should be locked in the morgue as well for 30 years. Under this kind of government system, the common people better live with their tails between their legs. [The system of] Petitioning is only a pretense done for the outside world, and whoever believes in it is a dork. Those who support little lady [referring to the person herself], add me [into your contact list].

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Damn, seeing this is really upsetting. I bet her husband was beaten into becoming mentally ill by those dogs. Seeing his wife petitioning, they made things difficult for her everywhere, intercepting her, afraid their deeds will be exposed. If Bao Qingtian were still around, this case should be reopened and strictly investigated. Those who agree with what I say, ding.

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抓狂 Stand up, those who don’t want to be a slave! ~Build a new Great Wall with our flesh and blood! ~The Chinese nation has reached…&…&…

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So this is our country’s “humane” law enforcement…? Even crueler than Japanese people. Japanese people killed Chinese people, but China’s law enforcement officials make your life worse than death. I dare not to imagine, that our country is so dark… those who agree, add little sister’s [referring to the person herself] QQ and let’s talk…

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Since the Reform and Opening Up, darkness [corruption and injustice] has been incomparable. There must be retribution.

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