Fresh Live Frog Sashimi in Japan, Chinese Netizen Reactions

A Japanese woman eating fresh raw frog sashimi (sushi) in Japan.

Fresh frog sashimi (sushi) in Japan.

From Sina Weibo:

@韩饭桶: Eating raw bullfrog sashimi in Japan, where the bullfrog look at its own body being eating bit by bit.

The video on YouTube:

Note: This is an old video from as early as 2012.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Eating is one thing, but killing something in an inhumane way is another thing. Euthanizing stray dogs is one thing, but stoning them for fun is another thing. Slaughtering a cow and eating meat is one thing, but slicing strips of meat off a live cow for hot pot is another thing. Don’t say those who eat meat have no right to criticize. Sorry, there is a fundamental difference between normal eating and perverse inhumane slaughter.


Don’t worry. The frog will remember the person who ate it. All living things will be reincarnated. It isn’t that there is no karma, it’s just that it hasn’t happened yet.


All I saw were parasites being eaten one by one.


Parasites are eating the diner’s internal organs. All grievances will result in retribution/karma.


First, the way Chinese people eat is way more cruel than this; second, the bullfrog was raised to be eaten anyway, and I remember there was an article that said that when amphibians are decapitated, their movements are like the involuntary reflexes of a knee than conscious struggle; third, this way of eating carries risks of [ingesting] parasites and what more, is aesthetically unpleasing; fourth, I don’t recommend eating like this, as it is quite disgusting.


Very few people in Japan eat [frog sashimi] like this, or at least none of my Japanese friends have seen anyone eat bullfrog like this. Why not talk about how there are people in China who eat bear gall and pangolins?


If you’re going to eat something raw, then eat something raw…but to also place the upper half of the bullfrog in the bowl I think is truly sick…


All wild frogs have parasites, and they can’t be killed without cooking in boiling water.


The only difference between eating raw and eating cooked is the process. Normally when making fish, the fish will flop around a bit but you’ll still cut down into it. When steaming seafood, you can even hear the animals in the pot moving around. So in reality, no one is much better than others.


Although it is very sick, I want to ask those who complain that this is wrong, don’t you people also enjoy eating cooked bullfrog? What’s the difference?

A Japanese woman eating fresh raw frog sashimi (sushi) in Japan.

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • JayJay

    Yuck… this is fucking cruel… how do you sleep at night…

    • UserID01

      Urgh, I agree. Although I’m an omnivore, I don’t like the idea that an animal is so cruelly dispatched before being prepared for food. Animals do not need to be tortured in order to be consumed. This is terrible.

      • JayJay

        Yeah, fuck this shit… what the fuck is wrong with people?? I understand now why people a vegetarian…

        • UserID01

          I went vegetarian one summer because 1) it was too damn hot to be cooking meat and my appetite for meat just goes away when it’s really hot anyhow and 2) the price of meat increased beyond reason. For the entire summer we went without meat, and it was just fine. There are a LOT of food options for vegetarians. If I lived alone, I’d likely have a lot less meat in the freezer. It’s just friendlier on my wallet.

          My cousin is vegan. That means no animal products whatsoever: no cheese, no milk, no eggs, not even honey. It’s a bit more difficult for her, but it IS doable. She’s a huge animal lover and an animal activist (but not obnoxious about it), and has sworn off any animal products at all.

          • vincent_t

            I used to only take full vegetarian food for lunch back before i came to China. It made me feel refresh for the rest of the day and feel healthier too. I have to take meat in dinner though, or else i would wake up in late night feeling hungry LOL

          • SonofSpermcube

            In China, pork is a vegetable.

    • Mark Wheeler

      Barbaric and primitive culture….things have not changed since ww2 it would seem. Just now it is frogs that are on the receiving end of cruelty…..

      • pent1um

        right. bashing the culture of a nation just because one restaurant serves a fucked up dish sounds very reasonable.

  • b duck

    why she dares to eat???
    besides disease, when i see frog in supermarkets, i always wanna run away!
    toad is my nightmare. though they look better than toad, still too similar!
    i tried fried snake once, it’s quite tasty.

    • UserID01

      I love the cooking/food channels on TV, but it always makes me anxious how they serve meats rare. Maybe beef, I can understand. But pork? Fish? Chicken? No thanks. It might be dry as hell when they’re cooked well done, but that’s what sauces are for. I don’t want to take the risk.

      I’ve never had snake before. I would like to try.

      • David

        I have had rattle snake before. I know it is a cliche, but it looks and tastes like chicken. Kind of ropey in texture but not bad. Maybe different snakes are different i don’t know.

      • Butsu

        Raw horse and chiken is pretty safe in Japan actually. But you need to know your stomach very well, might be a chance that while it’s not bad per se, your stomach won’t be able to handle it.

  • Alex Dương

    It’s interesting how this seems to periodically trend. Apparently, the video dates back to 2012, and it went viral in the U.S. last year.

    • mr.wiener

      Well spotted.

  • Claire


  • JabroniZamboni

    I’ve done live shrimp in Japan, and live octopus in Korea. They were both delicious. The octopus (small) was awkward to eat as the bloody thing was clinging to the banchan (side dishes) dish like mad, and grabbed my nose and face as I pried it in my mouth. Soju makes anything delicious i suppose.

    I’m Chinese (not really) in the sense that I will eat anything at least once ( I’ve tried dog, snake, insects (maggots, scorpions, ants, grasshoppers, silk worms), dolphin, frog, starfish, gator, guinea pig.) I would try this.

    I couldn’t do “chicken sashimi”…raw chicken just scared me.

    I am having a kid in 2 weeks, and I am considering cooking the placenta.

    I’d rather eat this bullfrog, than most Chinese dishes swimming in grease/oil.

    Chinese netizens are over-reacting solely because we are talking about Japanese anything.

    Japanese cuisine is so much better than Chinese food. Healthier, and most of all, cleaner.

    • Alex Dương

      Chinese netizens are over-reacting solely because we are talking about Japanese anything.

      I don’t think that is true in this case. Look at Western reactions; do you see a difference?

      • JabroniZamboni

        Your point, while valid in another context, is completely invalid in this one. I am solely talking about this blog, and not the reactions of Western people.

        Western people’s reactions are most likely due to the fact that food is viewed as food. It is bought nicely packaged in a supermarket without any association to it being an actual living thing. Show an American how his hamburger met its demise, and they usually are equally as offended. The food culture is sterilized in so many ways by people who choose to ignore that it was once a living thing. It is hypocritical. Veal chops are delicious, yet people see a baby cow slaughtered and they go apeshit.

        The Chinese eat tons of vile shit. It is normal for them to see the butchering of an animal. The hygiene practices are almost non-existent. They also eat bullfrog.

        There is not much room for them to criticize the Japanese in this respect. This is due to the ridiculous animosity that they have towards anything Japanese. Throwing stones in glass houses et al.

        Have you ever been to a filthy Japanese restaurant? I’m still looking for a clean Chinese one.

        Once again, Chinese eat bullfrog too. It meets a knife as well.

        • Alex Dương

          I am solely talking about this blog, and not the reactions of Western people.

          You are aware that one of the beliefs of “this blog” is that “what is revealed ultimately shows that Chinese people and ‘foreigners’ are not so different after all”? If so, then a comparison to Western reactions is very relevant insofar as they are similar, if not identical.

          There is not much room for them to criticize the Japanese in this respect. This is due to the ridiculous animosity that they have towards
          anything Japanese. Throwing stones in glass houses et al.

          This is a rehash of your previous point, but it’s not tenable given that the Chinese are not the only ones to react this way. Westerners who have much less animosity towards the Japanese, if they have any animosity at all, reacted no differently.

          Put another way, your claim that the Chinese react this way because of anti-Japanese sentiment predicts that other non-Japanese would react differently. As I showed you, that isn’t necessarily the case. I agree with you that there is a level of hypocrisy here, but I’d say in this case the Chinese reactions are mostly due to an “ick” factor rather than this being from Japan, just as the Western reactions are mostly due to an “ick” factor.

        • mr.wiener

          But they don’t eat bullfrog alive…tastes pretty good actually.

        • 白色纯棉小裤裤

          Wrong. (Butchering animals and preparing the meat for meals) and (eating animals alive) are two different things.
          I have killed alot of animals in the kitchen, but eating the meat of an animal while its conscious and watching me? No thanks.

          • JabroniZamboni

            It isn’t really watching you, and is already dead. If you have truly killed live animals before (doubtful if you aren’t aware of this), you would know that the body still twitches well after death. It is no longer alive.


            Wrong? Nope.

            The bullfrog is DEAD. The twitching would be the same in a dead human. Please try again.

            As someone who is pretty well versed in cooking techniques, and butchering, your argument does not hold any weight,

            The bullfrog is dead (the squid here too), but fresh enough to do this. MYTH BUSTED.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            No, the frog is not brain dead. A brain dead frog only moves in respond to outside stimulus, in the video the frog blinks its eyes several times, it is obviously controled by the brain, not the nerve endings.

            And arguing whether the animal is “really dead” is pointless. Dead or not, it looks equally disgusting. It is human nature that most people will be disgusted eating their food while its moving on its own.

          • JabroniZamboni

            looks and tastes are 2 different things.

            I’m not saying that the people eating this deserve an award, but this is food. It will be eaten regardless of how much it blinks.

            We have sterilized the world beyond even our own comprehensions, however, we are animals that eat food.

            There are tons of things that I’ve eaten that look disgusting (i do live in china), once in awhile, they are delicious.

            “If I die, you can eat me”

            -Alive (movie 1993)

            *clubs baby seal*

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            I’m not against eating like this, its people’s right after all.
            But seeing things like this make normal people feel disgusted. If someone is not disgusted but rather enjoys seeing the upper half of the frog blinking its eyes in the dish, it is less likely that he/she is a decent person.

          • JabroniZamboni

            A child being run over by a van and 100 people walking by and doing nothing is worse.

            there is no such thing as normal.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            1. Its 18 people not 100.
            2. Yes its worse, that’s why it caused a national outrage rather than a few posts condemning the act.

          • JabroniZamboni

            I’m just being an ass.

            18, eleventeen, same shit, different pile.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            So what’s the point you are going to make? Because something bad happened in one country, all of its people should not condemn other bad behaviors with lesser severity?

          • Natural Order

            it is an example of the bistander effect

          • Alik Kaspr

            if you were someone.s food, would you prefer to be quickly killed at first (like throat cut or electrocuted) or be slowly eaten alive?

            If you really think it is just same things, i hope you won.t mind to be disemboweled alive and conscious, served on the plate with your own organs around you and sprayed with lemon juice and sauce (all while you are alive and conscious)?

            I would love eating you that way, so don.t worry that food like that won.t have a demand.

            If we meet, i will care about you to get the full experience of that all.

          • Alik Kaspr

            “If i die, you can eat me”

            no, darling, you advocate eating animals ALIVE, so you will be eaten BEFORE you die.

          • Alik Kaspr

            blinking is an indicator of live brain. That is why blinking test is done before butchering cows. To make sure they don.t fell anything. This frog blinks – so it is not only alive but conscious. Frogs feel pain.

      • guest

        I think there is some Japanese bashing going on here, there’s are dishes in China that serve live animals, even have events for it see video. But from the standard sample of comments there’s not much mention.

        I don’t think you can judge western reactions as most of the things like the link are mostly promoted by well with as organised animal rights groups, come thing not fully developed in China yet, who jump up and down at any thing where animals are harmed.

        • Alex Dương

          But from the standard sample of comments there’s not much mention.

          That is why I disagreed with JabroniZamboni’s remark. The translated comments are not overtly anti-Japanese.

          • guest

            I was really recurring to the point that the Chinese eat “live” food. Quite often the case is that when one of these videos is posted is an attempt to portray the country as cruel, backwards or disgusting.

          • Alex Dương

            Oh, I thought you meant that while you think there is some Japan bashing, the translated comments don’t really show it. I agree that there is often “an attempt to portray the country as cruel, backwards or disgusting” with this type of video, but again, for this instance, I disagree that the reactions from the Chinese are due to anti-Japanese sentiment. That is simply not there in the comments.

          • JabroniZamboni

            He said it better than I due to not being an alcoholic, but he hit the bullfrog on the head here.

          • Alex Dương

            Do you mind quoting which translated comments you think are anti-Japanese?

          • JabroniZamboni

            “I think there is some Japanese bashing going on here, there’s are dishes in China that serve live animals, even have events for it see video. But from the standard sample of comments there’s not much mention.”

            not my comment, but the sentiment I got.

            Mao Zedong on a pogo stick, relax man. Everything is China is anti-Japanese.

            “I was really recurring to the point that the Chinese eat “live” food. Quite often the case is that when one of these videos is posted is an attempt to portray the country as cruel, backwards or disgusting.”

            Once again, hit the bullfrog on the head.

            Posting a 2 year old video on the eve of the “Great victory” (epic lol) against Japan. Coincidence?

            Are you educated in china? That politics class did wonders for you.

          • JabroniZamboni

            none. I live in China. They all talk shit about anyone and everyone, without ever actually accomplishing anything other than bending over for an invading force.

            The true definition of butthurt. Not figuratively, literally.

            Did they teach you how you guys attacked Vietnam in 1979?? And then they took land from you and sent you home crying with your tail between you legs? Probably not.

            In Soviet China, education learn you.

          • Alex Dương


            Thanks for admitting that your original claim, quote, “Chinese netizens are over-reacting solely because we are talking about Japanese anything,” is merely a reflection of your frustrations as a Western expat in China and not an accurate representation of the translated comments.

            FYI, I was born and raised in the U.S. You’re kinda making yourself look stupid here, but I guess you can always cover your ass with “I’m an alcoholic lol.”

          • JabroniZamboni

            The American education system is not much better. Look stupid? Most likely, but you sir pee on your hands with your 2 finger grip.

          • Alex Dương

            O…K…I wasn’t aware that our neighbors up north pee any differently than we do. I also have no problems with Canada, so I won’t reciprocate your insult toward the Canadian education system.

          • JabroniZamboni

            I was talking about your small wang. The only way you could make a woman’s toes curl is if you forget to take off her pantyhose.

            This post was brought to you by Tsingtao. You dumb cunt.

            Have you been to China? Or lived there for an extended period of time?

          • Alex Dương

            So creative.

            You’re an adult, not a kid, and “I’m an alcoholic” isn’t a free pass for bad behavior. And if this isn’t obvious, let’s make it obvious: consider this a friendly warning.

          • JabroniZamboni

            If you want to ban me because I think you are a cunt, go ahead. Mao would be proud.


            Answer the question. Have you ever lived in China? Or are you one of those Chiggers in baggy pants in San Fran?

          • JabroniZamboni

            I was drunk and itching to colonize.

          • Alex Dương

            Sure you don’t mean liverize?

          • JabroniZamboni

            Nah, I keep a few kids from Henan in a cage for quick replacements.

          • Alik Kaspr

            Once i will be drunk near you and itching to eat you alive with lemon. I know you won.t mind, since you totally accept that we are animals and can eat prey alive. Animals sometimes do cannibalize, you piece of meat.

            be PREPARED, my juicy steak ;)

    • DavidisDawei

      Congrats, but Cooking the placenta???

      • JabroniZamboni

        I’m a bit of a foodie/cooking enthusiast. I’ve heard about this for a while, it is practiced in many cultures, and has been for many centuries. I sort of want to try it. I couldn’t eat another person’s placenta, but this is from me, why not?

        Some say it is healthy, and even delicious. Once in a lifetime thing. (i don’t want 2 kids, Mao says I can only have one)

        • DavidisDawei

          Make sure you take a video and then you can show it to your kid when they’re older…

          • JabroniZamboni

            A friend of mine had a kid last year. His wife told him to bury the placenta. We went to a park and threw it in a tree and watched the birds eat it. Shhhh…don’t tell her.

            It was hilarious. Birds really dig placenta.

    • chucky3176

      The responses seem subdued and reasonable to me. Granted that it would look silly and hypocritical if any Chinese go apeshit on what and how other people eat their foods, but I don’t see that here. Now, just imagine if it was the other way around, where Japanese see Chinese eating the frog like this. The comments would have been much harsher and much more racist.

      • JabroniZamboni

        I’m not living in a “would have, could have, maybe” kind of world. Relax guys, I’m just calling it as i see it; this hardly makes it gospel.

        • chucky3176

          It’s not a “would have” or “could have” nor a “maybe”.

          I’m a Korean, not Chinese. Japanese constantly make fun of Koreans online for supposedly drinking ttong-sul (shit liquor), which is not true. They also constantly upload Youtube videos about barbaric Koreans eating dogs.

          But Japanese don’t mention anything about their killing and eating of whales and dolphins. Now we have this disgusting display of cutting up an animal in half and serving both pieces on the platter while the half with the head looks at its other half getting eaten. So are you telling me Japanese are not so clean and innocent as they like to portray themselves to be?

          • JabroniZamboni

            I’ve eaten Bosintang and lived 2 years in your country. I work exclusively with Koreans in China. Your culture has practices that rival this.

            I ate live octopus in Korea. Is chewing on a living thing really better than this? In the wild, the frog would have met a fate like this eventually. Animals are food. Humans are animals. Animals eat other animals. Get over it.

            Don’t be a babo.

          • chucky3176

            Did you even bother to read my post? It looks like you haven’t, or you suffer from comprehension problems.

          • JabroniZamboni

            Naw. I’m slightly tipsy, and can see your obvious hatred of the Japanese. All of these cultures practice things of this sort. Have you ever seen how Koreans prepare stingray? ;)

            The bullfrog is no worse than what surgeons do to ajumas ()in Apgujeong dong (for non Koreans, plastic surgery neighborhood that is unreal. They hand out flyers like it was for pizza.)

            BTW, i still love Korean food and people. I just think you are wearing Japan hate goggles as per your reference to how offended the poo wine accusations make you feel.

            This is about food, not who the islands belong to.

          • chucky3176

            I disagree completely. Japanese don’t eat bull frog! Japanese never practice cruel torture of animals for food! How could you insult the great superior Yamato people like this?! Only the dirty filthy primitive Koreans and Chinese eat live things! Japanese are not primitive savages like them Asians!

            PS: You’re right about one thing. I hate Japan, and I can’t stand them. You’re right about that, so at least I’m being honest.

          • JabroniZamboni

            *slow clap*

            Where did I call Koreans primitive? Where did I say Japanese are superior? You could build an army of straw-men. ;)

            ” All of these cultures practice things of this sort.”

            – my post above yours.

            “Did you even bother to read my post? It looks like you haven’t, or you suffer from comprehension problems.”

            – your post above mine.

            *golf clap*

            Maintain your Kibun ;) Quit while you were never ahead.

          • Alex Dương

            I think in your quest to “defend” the Japanese, you’re acting an awful lot like the Chinese and Koreans you ostensibly criticizing. Namely, you’re painting them with extremely broad strokes, much as they do for the Japanese.

            Ultimately, it’s simple; you’re saying this isn’t a big deal and people are just being hypocrites. That’s a fair point. But if you want to be fair, then you should

            1. recognize that some of the translated comments agreed with you, and

            2. not claim that the ones that didn’t agree with you did so only because of anti-Japanese sentiment. We can find similar reactions outside of China in countries that are much less anti-Japanese.

          • JabroniZamboni

            You have some valid points. I’m not defending the Japanese at all, as they also do some reprehensible things (the lies, the lies and more lies….although this is prevalent in all Confucian based cultures..even though they are “Edo-Confucians )

            Living in China, I just get tired of the anti-everyone comments I hear on a daily basis (stupid Westerners, Koreans, Japanese, everyone but us.) The best part is half of the time they don’t even really know why other than they were told.

            That, and Chinese food (oil) killed my family. “Hello my name is Inigo Montoya, prepare to die.” (bonus points if you get the reference)

            As far as Western opinions, I answered you in a previous post. As a born and bred Canadian, I can tell you that many Westerners are equally as full of shit, unwilling to try anything new. The spirit of adventure is not strong with them, therefore they settle for “Tuesday meatloaf night”.

            There are s many delicious things to eat that Westerners say you should not.

            All 3 of these Asian countries share more than they want to admit with each other. If they stopped swinging their purses at each other, and worked together, they could rule the world.

          • Alex Dương

            As far as Western opinions, I answered you in a previous post. As a born and bred Canadian, I can tell you that many Westerners are equally
            as full of shit, unwilling to try anything new. The spirit of adventure is not strong with them, therefore they settle for “Tuesday meatloaf night”.

            Yes, as I said, if you want to criticize some of the netizens for being hypocrites, by all means, do so. That is completely valid, and some other Chinese netizens voiced opinions very similar to yours.

            I kept emphasizing “in this case” because while it is true that anti-Japanese sentiment is prevalent in China, it’s not clear to me that that is responsible for some of the reactions. We see the same reactions elsewhere, and it’s due to “ick” / hypocrisy rather than anti-Japanese sentiment. I’ll point out that none of the top translated comments is overtly anti-Japanese.

          • JabroniZamboni

            My head hurts. Nuke all of Asia. :p

          • JabroniZamboni

            “PS: You’re right about one thing. I hate Japan, and I can’t stand them. You’re right about that, so at least I’m being honest.”


          • mr.wiener


          • chucky3176

            And let me guess, Chinese love Japanese, and vice versa?

          • mr.wiener

            Never said they do. But “Hatred” is not a strong enough word for how the Koreans feel about the Japanese. I’ve seldom seen its like anywhere else.

          • Aja Aja

            That’s a pretty strong and bold statement considering that it was the Chinese who went on a violent riot in China against the Japanese recently. Japan just also issued a warning to Japanese travellers to lie low in China because of the danger of being attacked….

          • mr.wiener

            This is because I am pretty , strong and bold.

          • DavidisDawei


          • chucky3176

            Ask this girl and her supporters, the same question.


            Do you read Japanese? These are two of the bigger Japanese portals, riddled with anti Korean threads.



            The hate is mutual.

          • Set

            “PS: You’re right about one thing. I hate Japan, and I can’t stand them. You’re right about that, so at least I’m being honest.”


            It’s always a pain seeing Chucky on JCrush – but at least it’s clear that he’s honest in his hate, I’ve never seen him publicly admit it though. Crazy.

            For the record people, a recent article JCrush shows Japanese are somewhat supportive of Chinese eating habits (a couple of off comments). The article is regarding dog eating. They’re not all racists as Chucky would have y’all believe!!


            Shock and surprise!

          • mr.wiener

            I’ve seldom met a Korean who wasn’t honest about their hatred of Japan….I’m sure their are some though.

          • Jahar

            most of the ones i’ve asked dont try to hide it, or even sugar coat it.

          • Guest

            two things. one, you make it seem like only the Japanese are making these videos of “barbaric” Koreans eating dog meat. consumption of dog meat is condemned by the international community – mostly the West. so please refrain from adding your own personal biases against Japan and making it seem like the Japanese are “out to get” the Koreans. two, just like how you point out that Koreans drinking ttong-sul/wine made out of fecal matter from children, eating frog sashimi is VERY rare. VICE did a documentary (just like poop wine) about this topic. VICE is also very subjective. so please do not use this very small and isolated minority of people eating such meat a premise to bash the Japanese an an entire population.

            we get it. you hate Japanese people. it does not mean you cannot use your head a little more.

          • chucky3176

            I never said ttong-sul/poop wine was rare. I said it was a lie. The Japanese documentary may or may not have been intended to be used maliciously, but it was the Japanese netizens who ran with it. So don’t give me that innocence.

    • WinterSmitten

      The problem is not that it’s Japanese. It’s that the creature you’re eating is still blinking and staring at you eating it’s legs and torso. That’s some kind of sick troll shit. How many stories have you read where people enjoyed watching their friends be picked apart by giants, trolls, and other monsters. That’s how I saw that girl.

      How could you smile knowing that the animal in front of you is suffering. Fucking kill it, then stick it on the plate at least. I’m all for presentation, but put it out of it’s god damn misery. Respect that god damn thing you’re sticking into your mouth so that you can continue to live on.

    • Insomnicide

      “Chinese netizens are over-reacting solely because we are talking about Japanese anything.”

      Except no one here is over-reacting because they’re Japanese, the only comments that mention Japanese people are the ones defending Japanese people. Do you really feel the need to bash Chinese people even on an article that has nothing to do with flaws of Chinese people?

    • Jahar

      i did “seared” chicken in japan, which is just very lightly cooked on the outside and still raw and cold inside. it was fantastic.

  • DavidisDawei

    Best Comment above, IMO…
    If you’re going to eat something raw, then eat something raw…but to also place the upper half of the bullfrog in the bowl I think is truly sick…”

    • JabroniZamboni

      Ever seen bear paws? They taste disgusting. They only eat the paw. The rest of the bear gets chucked.

      Same with shark fin soup. Cut the fin, ditch the rest.

      At least the nips eat the whole thing.

      • AbC

        Where have you seen the rest of the bear and shark being ditched? It’s true that those parts are the most valuable and gets removed first. But I’m fairly certain a Chinese person who has bought a whole bear wouldn’t be discarding the rest of it when the paws are cut off.

        If there’s one thing the Chinese are good at, it’s eating anything that is remotely edible (no wastage). All the chicken feet, pork trotters, kidney, intestines, liver, neck, tendons etc from abattoirs end up in Chinese butcher stores.

        • JabroniZamboni

          In terms of the shark, I’ve seen documentaries on this. They cut the fin and throw the shark back in. I’ll cite it later, as I am starting to be more than a bit shitfaced and work is approaching too damn fast.

          There was also an article I’ve seen about bear poachers getting caught smuggling the paws into China. I believe it was from Russia. They did keep the pelts, but …I don’t think Chinese would eat bear pelt. Citation tomorrow. I’ve got 3 swigs of this Old Fashioned left, and an impending headache tomorrow. TGIF…et tu Brute.

          • SongYii

            When they toss them back in without their dorsal fins, they can’t swim. The drown and sink to the bottom.

            I never, ever order it, and I avoid restaurants that have it on the menu at all.

          • JabroniZamboni

            tastes like shit anyway. Shark fin soup tastes like 3 week old cum. Mao Zedong’s mom told me, so it must be true.

          • Kever

            You need to get your stereotypes right. Those are non-Chinese poachers ditching stuff. A Chinese person would NEVER ditch a damn thing. That’s one positive aspect of Chinese culture that I can think of.

          • JabroniZamboni

            Russians do not eat bear paws. The demand is driven by the Chinese market.

          • Alex Dương

            There’s not necessarily a contradiction, though, if Russian poachers are addressing demand from the Chinese market.

          • JabroniZamboni

            No market, no poachers.

          • Alex Dương

            But aren’t you saying there’s a Chinese market?

          • JabroniZamboni

            I’ve never seen or eaten a bear paw outside of China.

            (I have, but in our country it is a cake shaped like a claw with molasses.)

            China drives the bear paw market, no one else eats them.

          • don mario

            but still the market for shark fins is newly rich chinese. the rest of the shark had no value, because they wanna buy shark fin soup, not shark meat soup. well i don’t know if this problem is still persisting but this was what it was about a few years ago.

          • Dr Sun

            so its the Russians that waste, not the Chinese, then ?

        • mr.wiener

          I heard bear meat is delicious, so I doubt it is ditched. Sharks…yeah they ditch the rest of them.

          • David

            Bear meat is delicious. But that is for bears killed for their meat. I think what JZ is referring to are poachers who as many bears as possible, cut of just the paws and leave the rest (because the paws are so valuable they want to be able to carry 100 paws instead of one bear carcass). Chinese do not buy the whole bear they just buy the paws. I have eaten bear meat as both steaks (pretty good but I really prefer buffalo) and jerky (fantastic) in the U.S. where the bear is hunted for its meat and fur.

          • mr.wiener

            I doubt there are enough bears in the wild in asia to poach. Most of them would probably be the poor animals kept in small cages and milked of their bile.

          • don mario

            i see a pattern.

          • Irvin

            In the caribbean, they make salt fish outta shark.

          • UserID01

            I’ve had shark in gumbo before. I found it to be remarkably like chicken. More like chicken than fish, since it’s not nearly as flaky or light as other fish textures. It’s tougher and meatier. Good stuff.

      • Dr Sun

        you mean like they eat the whole whale head to tail ?

    • Insomnicide

      They shouldn’t even eat it raw, as it’s already been said, bullfrogs carry around parasites.

      Eating the frog raw and with the still conscious frog in the bowl, that’s just plain disgusting. I don’t mind people eating undomesticated animals, but serving the food in this manner…it’s wrong.

      • bossel

        It’s not conscious, it’s dead. As you can see in the first gif the head is severed before the frog gets skinned.

        Just because the eyes are open doesn’t mean it’s still alive.

        & if the frogs were raised on a farm the probability of them having parasites is rather low.

        • Will

          Doesn’t mean to be offensive but, I watched the video, and if I’m not mistaken, the frog was still blinking its eye… x_x

  • Terrik

    What is it with Asian countries and eating things alive? Like the monkey brain thing in Guangdong…..what IS the point?

    • AbC

      People in China are easily fooled into believing ‘eating monkey brains make you smarter’, ‘eating turtles make you live longer’, ‘eating bull testicles increases your sex drive’ and etc. Maybe eating it alive increases the percentage of that ‘nutrient’ they’re seeking.
      But mostly, it’s just because they want to try something they haven’t tried before.

      • David

        I had monkey brains in the Philippines in the 80’s but they were not alive. In fact eating rare brains can be very unhealthy for you. You ever seen a healthy looking zombie? Seriously, I don’t know how close to human they have to be to pass on but can anybody say Prion Disease? Kuru is passed on by eating brains. There is no treatment and it is always fatal (luckily also rare).

  • chucky3176

    Look at the Japanese girl eating that live frog. If you look carefully, she has warts on her face. It looks like she had too many toads for breakfast.

    • rollin wit 9’s

      I dont’ even have the courage to scroll back up and see that sh!t moving again, i can’t do it.

    • donscarletti

      She probably sucked off a guy with genital warts.

  • The fact is, nature is inherently cruel. As humans, we can choose whether or not we want to be part of that nature. People argue whether something is “humane” or “natural”, and that’s because the two terms are in fact antithetical. To be humane is to be unnatural. To be natural is to be inhumane. Is eating live animals natural? Yes, but it is inhumane. Is concerning one’s self with the welfare of one’s food humane? Yes, but it is unnatural.

    Both sides have valid logical basis. But I choose to be in the “humane” camp. Why? Because it elevates the value of life. If you insist on inflicting unnecessary pain to non-human animals because it is “natural”, then you are demoting your own status from civilized humanity to simply being part of nature, which means your own life is fair game to the same standards (“Oh, he was murdered? Well, that happens all the time in nature, you know.”)

    If you value human life over non-human animal life, then you ought to value humanity over nature. This means abiding by the laws of humanity rather than the laws of nature. The “Golden Rule” is not natural, but we follow it anyway because of our humanity.

    • David

      True. Nature is painful. Most animals are still alive when the predator begins feeding on them in nature. However, even though I have eaten many things in my life, other than swallowing a few goldfish, they were all dead when I ate them.

    • mountain scott

      No plans of ever being vegan but this is definitely share-worthy. Thanks for the insight.

  • Edward Kay

    Sometimes I wonder which part of anyones religion encourages such things. Is there a difference between “dead raw meat” over “still alive raw meat”. Still, the agony must be less when compared to monkey’s brain meal.

    • mr.wiener

      Not really. Brains don’t have nerve endings. You can do some brain ops under a local anesthetic.

      • Edward Kay

        If not the brain, the scalp then or the skull. We always assume there’s no pain simply since we can’t understand their language. Before I die, I’m gonna cannibalise someone for the world to see.

        • mr.wiener

          Been done.

    • Irvin

      I guess you don’t see the difference between tortured to dead and the needle then.

  • Stacy

    Japanese or Chinese, who gives a fuck? Cruelty is cruelty.

    • tsk

      I know right? Doesn’t matter what country you’re from. We’re all cruel.

  • rollin wit 9’s

    Those GIFSs were enough, I don’t dare and am in no way watching that video.

    But as Chow Yun Fat said in ‘The Corruptor’
    “If you wanna be a Chinese, you gotta eat da nasty stuff” ( i know shes JPN but it still fits lol)
    quote of the article btw.

  • vincent_t

    I think i m adventurous when come to food, but really, eating the frog while it is alive and staring at me over the whole meal? I would hv trauma afterwards.

  • I’m actually OK with this upon the 3rd viewing

  • Misiooo

    Sick fuck.

    • tsk


  • lonetrey / Dan


    Also, cute girl, but I can’t even look at her now ._.

    • vincent_t

      I still could, except I doubt i would kiss her..

      • Hanfeizi

        If you kiss the frog, it becomes a prince… what happens if you devour it?

        • Irvin

          It turns to shit.

    • mr.wiener

      To my eyes she is exceptionally plain. all she has going for her is a willingness to try new things….and put wiggling pieces of meat in her mouth.

  • bujiebuke

    This reminds me of the hot pot buffet I went to in Shenzhen. Every received a ticket for a complimentary live bullfrog, which was skinned and decapitated live, right in front of you. Pretty much lost my appetite right then and there.

  • 500,000,000 years of history

    That be one nasty bitch.

  • Germandude

    The greatness of a society and its moral progress can be judged by the way it treats its animals. ~Mahatma Gandhi.

    What else is there to say?

    • SongYii

      And by the way it gang rapes its tourists.

      • David

        forget the tourists, the local population of women even more so, they report it less.

    • JayJay

      Didn’t Gandhi himself sleep with under age girls??

      • Alex Dương

        Yes. Gandhi was not a saint, far from it, but that’s a separate issue from his accomplishments.

      • Irvin

        What is right will remain right, no matter who said it.

        If Hitler said one plus one equals to two, he is still right.

  • FYIADragoon

    I assume this is a dish eaten by less civilized citizens of Japan. Because I know most Chinese look at me with an odd look when I say I’ve eaten dog before. I believe most Japanese would look at this dish with the same expression.

  • Gordon Gogodancer

    I heard that the frog isn’t actually alive while being eaten and that it’s actually the nerves reacting. True?

  • SongYii

    Mmmm… no thanks.

  • mr.wiener

    Really? I guess it might be down to what they are eating. Thanks for the feedback though.

  • LuoyangLaowai

    I don’t care much for the prevention of cruelty to Animals. But I do feel bad seeing that frog still alive and moving while its being eaten all sliced and diced up. Oh well, I’m glad I’m not a frog in Japan.

  • Butsu

    Looks like the restaurant that was featured on Japanase Vice with two guys who go around and eat weird food. Anyway, don’t they have similar dishes all over asia? Be it octopus or fishes or something else. I’m fairly sure that the people who eat this are in a minority. It’s not a common dish that’s for sure. Probably can say the same for other countries with similar dishes as well.

  • bossel

    Since there seem to be a lot of people who didn’t look at the gifs, once more:
    The frog is not eaten alive.

    As can be seen in the first gif the head is severed before anything else is done. In the second gif when the frog gets skinned the head is already gone.
    Head gone, life gone. Just because it seems to be looking into the camera (or even winking) doesn’t make it alive.

    Any movements after removing the head are probably simply automatic muscle contractions.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    You know what they say… you are what you eat… and this broad looks just like a ______ .

    • Chucky3176

      toad. There, I said it for you.

  • Kai

    LoL, never expected someone to share advice on the intricacies of bear meat seasonality.

    You said you had it straight-up. Did you at least season it? I had kangaroo meat in Australia and the flavor ultimately turned me off as well. I tried my best with the salt and pepper but remain pretty sure it wasn’t just all in my mind. I love kangaroos. Pretty much wanted my tastebuds to as well. ;)

    • UserID01

      Since it was an entirely new experience, I wanted to try it in its purest form. Just cook it WITHOUT seasoning. Huge mistake. I doused it in A1 steak sauce afterwards and it was merely tolerable after that. I think if I had done a proper job of seasoning it, maybe letting it marinate overnight or something, it would have been better.

      Kangaroo meat, I want to try. And ostrich. I hear ostrich tastes a bit like beef.

      • Kai

        Hah, yeah, I can imagine how big of a mistake that was, though I’m not a fan of A1 sauce in general. I can’t really imagine what bear meat is like but I’m down to try it at least once in my life.

        Kangaroo meat is super-lean so they generally cook it pretty rare to avoid it becoming too tough, and that means a lot of bloody juices which might be even less visually pleasant. It was okay for me since I generally like my beef rare anyway but the gamey flavor was unpleasant. I’ve had ostrich before too and I’m going to go on the record as it not being like beef. I’d put it around kangaroo meat or slightly less gamey than kangaroo meat (at least in the instances I’ve had them). Fun stuff though.

      • David

        Ostrich is good. When I first went to eat it I thought it would be like big chicken but no, it is red meat. The flavor was OK, nothing special but apparently it is very lean so healthy. My brothers friend started an ostrich farm in Mississippi about 20 years ago (weird because nobody was thinking about exotic meats back than). Apparently it takes many years for them to grow (like 8-10) before they are ready fro the slaughtered. The guy was complaining about how much he had to invest and keep tied up in it while getting no return. Of course now, 10 years later, he is doing great.

  • Amused

    Looks tasty.

  • Karze

    Endangered wild Ass is brutally tortured while still alive in by rich businessman.

    • Irvin

      “Tibet is home to scores of rare and endangered species, including black-necked cranes, Tibetan antelope, Tibetan wild ass, yaks and snow cocks.”

      What happens when a snow cock meets a wild ass?

  • Karze
  • Markus P

    I want to cry…

    • tsk

      Me too. Because people act like they’re innocent and have nothing to do with it.

  • Irvin

    When did anyone said he’s not from HK and not a man?

  • He Who Be Free


  • He Who Be Free

    Not nice. I was once offered lobster that was still moving. I excused myself from the table and caught a taxi home.

  • Cameron

    While the vast majority of us continue to eat meat twice a day etc , the vast majority of which has spent it’s life in industrial farms – in cages with scarcely space to turn around, never seeing the light of day. . . . . just so we can save a few dollars and eat meat meat twice a day every day . . . . we can not be taking the moral high road.

  • Xio Gen

    First of all, this isn’t actually a traditional Japanese food or whatever. This is just tourist crap to show off the chef’s skill.
    The first hit the nail on the head. Whenever I see these videos of ikizukuri there are always people who say it’s natural and okay. The difference is that normally it’s supposed to be DEAD.
    This chef also did a shit job. I saw a similar Osakan dish prepared for Bizarre Foods and though it was fresh enough for the heart to be beating (amphibians and reptiles are like that), the frog was clearly dead. The upper body is just for show.

  • 민영

    disgusting. that ugly woman should be punched in the face

    • tsk

      And so should you. Don’t act so innocent. Everyone who eats animals is part of this.

  • diverdude7

    dat beyotch be hungry ! dammm… rare that i wouldn’t wanna kiss a girl, but she just got herself nominated !

  • wookai

    OH HOW SICK! These japanese have no idea how barbaric it is to eat live frog. I mean, why oh why cant they understand that it is live monkey brain they should eat. Just like here in China…

  • Stefan

    Barbaric Japanese…

  • Mike Chang

    Equivalent to eating Amaebi…

  • Amused

    Daaaaamn, where are they getting their frogs? I’m feeling cheated. All the ones I ever ate were much smaller. Dude at my local restaurant has been selling me bunk goods for years :(

  • Mike Chang

    Girl looks like a damn frog…

  • Michael

    Go read JapanCrush. You’ll understand why.

  • Dan

    I have seen this some time ago. But, still, it is rather disgusting. What baffles me is the live/dead argument Japanese and Chinese have about this. Asking “what’s the difference?” is utterly ridiculous. Well, one is alive, has all (unless numbed) of its receptive capacities at hand, and is thus able to suffer I’d imagine far more excruciatingly. Furthermore, the odd obsession with eating live food seems indicative of a psychological disorder, because you are in essence feeling and watching another thing suffer AS you eat it.

  • jd

    that video was scarier than saw

  • don mario

    sick sick sick sick. i would never kiss that girls mouth EVA.

  • David

    Wow, sorry you had a bad experience. Yes, the place I got the bear specifically identified it as late autumn bear (it was November when I bought it). For the steaks I used the same marinade I use for deer (which is also strong in a different way). The jerky was not identified as being from a special period of time so I will assume it does not matter. It was also prepared with a marinade (not mine, the stores). However, I will say I still prefer Bison meat (American Buffalo), tastes even beefier than beef. : )

  • chucky3176