Fresh Live Frog Sashimi in Japan, Chinese Netizen Reactions

A Japanese woman eating fresh raw frog sashimi (sushi) in Japan.

Fresh frog sashimi (sushi) in Japan.

From Sina Weibo:

@韩饭桶: Eating raw bullfrog sashimi in Japan, where the bullfrog look at its own body being eating bit by bit.

The video on YouTube:

Note: This is an old video from as early as 2012.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Eating is one thing, but killing something in an inhumane way is another thing. Euthanizing stray dogs is one thing, but stoning them for fun is another thing. Slaughtering a cow and eating meat is one thing, but slicing strips of meat off a live cow for hot pot is another thing. Don’t say those who eat meat have no right to criticize. Sorry, there is a fundamental difference between normal eating and perverse inhumane slaughter.


Don’t worry. The frog will remember the person who ate it. All living things will be reincarnated. It isn’t that there is no karma, it’s just that it hasn’t happened yet.


All I saw were parasites being eaten one by one.


Parasites are eating the diner’s internal organs. All grievances will result in retribution/karma.


First, the way Chinese people eat is way more cruel than this; second, the bullfrog was raised to be eaten anyway, and I remember there was an article that said that when amphibians are decapitated, their movements are like the involuntary reflexes of a knee than conscious struggle; third, this way of eating carries risks of [ingesting] parasites and what more, is aesthetically unpleasing; fourth, I don’t recommend eating like this, as it is quite disgusting.


Very few people in Japan eat [frog sashimi] like this, or at least none of my Japanese friends have seen anyone eat bullfrog like this. Why not talk about how there are people in China who eat bear gall and pangolins?


If you’re going to eat something raw, then eat something raw…but to also place the upper half of the bullfrog in the bowl I think is truly sick…


All wild frogs have parasites, and they can’t be killed without cooking in boiling water.


The only difference between eating raw and eating cooked is the process. Normally when making fish, the fish will flop around a bit but you’ll still cut down into it. When steaming seafood, you can even hear the animals in the pot moving around. So in reality, no one is much better than others.


Although it is very sick, I want to ask those who complain that this is wrong, don’t you people also enjoy eating cooked bullfrog? What’s the difference?

A Japanese woman eating fresh raw frog sashimi (sushi) in Japan.


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