Guo Meimei Arrested for Gambling, Lost 260 Million in Macau

Guo Meimei rubbing her temple, headache.

Guo Meimei rubbing her temple, headache.

This is currently the most discussed article of the week on popular Chinese web portal NetEase…

From NetEase:

Guo Meimei Arrested By Beijing Police for Sports Gambling, Rumors That She Owes 260 Million

The Mirror exclusive: According to a tip, Guo Meimei has been arrested by Beijing Police for sports gambling! Guo Meimei loves gambling and has previously shown off gambling large sums in Macau. As police have been cracking down on online World Cup gambling, Guo Meimei has been netted.

21st Century Business Herald:

According to to @Beijing Police, Guo Meimei has openly confessed to illegal gambling. At present, the case is still under ongoing investigation.

Previous related news:

Guo Meimei Owed 260 Million in Macau Gambling Debts, Found Patron to Clear Her Debt

Recently, a user on microblog account named “Reporting on Hong Kong” exposed on Sina Weibo that Guo Meimei, the mainland girl who enjoys showing off her wealth and owes 260 million in gambling debts, has gone to Macau to pay the money she owes. Her information was then immediately deleted from a debt collections website. According to investigations, it is because Guo Meimei had found a new patron [someone to rely on, a supporter] who paid nearly half of her debt off that she was able to temporarily escape get off the hook.

Afterward, Guo Meimei herself reshared this microblog post, but only left a sweat drop emoticon, without any other comment.

Known as “China’s Rich Show-Off Girl”, Guo Meimei years ago claimed to be a high-level official of the Chinese Red Cross Society, frequently flaunting online her over 2 million [RMB] sports car and luxury handbags, causing a tempest. Without delay, the Chinese Red Cross Society immediately clarified that they had no relation to Guo Meimei, but its public credibility was seriously damaged nonetheless, and its fundraising amounts steeply fell.

This atypical post-’90s generation young woman has in the past couple of years switched to another way of showing off her wealth, by often going to Macau and betting big, only to end up owing the huge sum of 260 million. Last month, her creditor posted her official document [passport] information on the Hou Kong debt collections website. One month later, Guo Meimei was photographed at a casino in Macau and her information was then deleted off the debt collections website. According to investigations, it is because Guo Meimei had found a new patron who paid off nearly half of her debt that she was given this temporary reprieve.

Insiders revealed that the just 23-year-old Guo Meimei had two years ago secretly went to a Hou Kong gambling hall. She at first came accompanying a rich mainlander but they deliberately separated to gamble. Each time she had lost all her money, she would borrow money hoping to recoup her losses, and this rich mainlander would always repay her debts. Who would have known she would lose more and more, accumulating 260 million in debt. It is unknown whether the two broke up or what, but the rich mainlander refused to continue paying for her losses, and the gambling hall waited two years without receiving money.

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It was not until the beginning of this month that the matter took a turn, with Guo Meimei going to Macau to repay her debt, and rumors that she had found a new patron to help her, first repaying half, and repaying the remaining in installments.

Comments from NetEase:

凨辰尐ai [网易广东省汕尾市手机网友]:

260 million, reminds me of our Qvod, anyone feel the same?

[Note: Qvod is a well-known Chinese online video service. Recently, it was fined 260 million by government authorities for copyright violations.]

网易广西百色市手机网友 ip:125.73.*.*

Innocent Qvod took a bullet for you paying off your debt. Give me back my Qvod… Oh yeah, didn’t someone say they were going to resign? Come out and give a statement [see below].

假装在约妞 [阿根廷球迷]:

This succubus has finally been punished!

网易湖北省武汉市手机网友 ip:113.57.*.*

Has the car come?

网易内蒙古呼和浩特市手机网友 ip:222.74.*.*

Where’d her sugar daddy go?

网易广东省深圳市手机网友 ip:123.65.*.*

Persisting in evil results in self-destruction.

风毒翩翩 [德国球迷]:

Don’t worry, the Red Cross Society won’t abandon you, [but] why did you have to have 17.2G!!!

[Note: 17.2G refers to a rumored 17.2 GB large sex video of Guo Meimei.]

忘尘之雨 [网易广东省中山市网友]:

2011 June, the Guo Meimei controversy exploded, where the Red Cross Society became a target for public criticism, and with Red Cross Society Deputy Director Zhao Baige swearing that if she is unable to turn around the Red Cross Society’s negative image within three years, she will resign. It is now already the middle of July. My friends, we cannot forget the grand promise great Zhao Baige made us just because of the excitement of the World Cup. Let us collectively demand: Director Zhao, please come out and honor your commitment!

网易广东省东莞市网友 ip:14.221.*.*

Done too many bad things, but don’t worry…someone will come give her money.

overwhlming [网易江苏省手机网友]:

“Hey, daddy [sugar-daddy], I accidentally lost a little bit of money gambling, and now they’ve come looking to collect.”
“How much did you lose?”
“Not a lot, 260 million.”
“I’ll transfer 300 million to you, and don’t gamble so much in the future. Oh yeah, come with one a business trip this weekend, my wife hasn’t been watching me so closely lately.”
“Okay, no problem, daddy loves me the most.”

“Miss Liu [a secretary], prepare a notice that every region needs to collect donations, but don’t set the target too high, just 600 million.”

There is also a “Guo Meimei Arrested for Sports Gambling” trending topic and hashtag on leading Chinese microblogging platform Sina Weibo. Currently the second most discussed article on NetEase for the day is titled “Guo Meimei Arrested in Beijing for Sports Gambling, Mother Flies Back to the Country from Japan Overnight“.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • SonofSpermcube

    How could this bitch possibly be worth it?

    • satuon

      She doesn’t need to be worth it that much to you, just to her sugar-daddy.

      • SonofSpermcube

        Yeah, that’s what I mean. What does the dude who dropped ~13 million on her see in her? What could she possibly offer? Is it just the notoriety? “I fucked Guo Meimei?” Is exclusivity enough? I mean I doubt she can offer a pleasant experience, relative to any of the dozens or hundreds of other whores you could get for that money.

        • James Clark

          I guess to people that rich, to whom money is nothing but a number, there must be a certain something in knowing that you have enough to satisfy even the most avaricious gold-digger. Like an expensive watch, it’s not the quality but the representation of wealth. A great quote from Frank underwood comes to mind, “Everything in life is about sex, except for sex, sex is about power”.

        • Nilerafter24

          I’ll call it the ‘Kim K effect’. There are certain men who view these notorious women as desirable. Much like any other fetish, they probably relish and obsess over the infamy of the subject. There could be another component to these women that keeps attracting deep-pocketed guys: a certain wit about them, confidence or mysteriousness e.g. Ms Wendi Deng of the Murdoch-Blair scandal.
          It’s a very odd phenomenon that reaches deep into the male psyche and touches areas regarding power, control and self-esteem. These women are trophies whose value is gained through all the men/notoriety/infamy they’ve had and gone through.This I guess, and as you suggested makes them exclusive and thus, men of means and power must own them at some point as some kind of validation of their power or masculinity.

          • donscarletti

            Good analysis.

          • Quinn68

            Astute observation. Though I wouldn’t touch Kim K even if you paid me.

        • satuon

          Well, 130 million might not be worth as much to him as to you. That’s why rich people don’t feel ripped off when dining in expensive restaurants. You’d never pay $10000 for a meal, but if you have a net worth of $1 billion, then why not?

          • SonofSpermcube

            They don’t expect something better than they could get for 100 bucks; or at least DIFFERENT?

          • satuon

            They have money, so they can afford to waste money.

    • Kai

      Yeah, I can’t imagine why either. Disgustingly rich people sometimes do things just because they can.

      • James Clark

        I heard a story once about a group of rich guys who rented the fastest boat in the caribbean. They could’ve bought the thing, but instead rented it and spent dozens of times the amount of money on rental costs as the purchase price. Art collections are a similar thing for many people, something to spend your money on, must run out of options pretty quick after your fifth house, tenth car, private plane, yacht, island etc. What do you get the man who has everything? A 20 million dollar whore.

        • You can become rich if you become stupid. Try it…The moment, you start to read books, gain knowledge, money goes away…Its not only in China, all over the world..Dummies have more money and while learned men sit at Libraries and at most StarBucks leeching off free Wiifii.

          I tried this strategy while dreaming to go to Thailand..just din’t do nothing, became involved in main stream society more, making fake facebook friends, immersing myself on video games and suddenly i had a good job when i applied few times compared to 100 resumes i used to send every week…

          Hard Work Doesn’t pay..Stupidity does…Try it…

          Im not kidding here..sounds crazy..but if you really want just money by losing your stupid…

          • Zen my Ass

            This is so true.

          • Foreign Devil

            So I think your saying that anybody can make good money by selling their soul. . like becoming a shill for some product you know is garbage and nobody needs, or selling your body, or getting involved in conning people. . etc. . that is why I have so much trouble respecting rich businessmen. .especially in China. Truly honest and principled rich people are hard to find.

          • Ken Morgan

            I think it is the same with businessmen across the world. Which is why so many of them when they grow old they go into charity work (or fake charity work in the case of Bill Gates), I think in a feeble attempt to clear their consciences and to clean their closets of skeletons.

          • MonkeyMouth

            thats why rich people tend to be pedophiliacs

          • SonofSpermcube

            Eh? How is the Gates foundation fake? Misguided, sure. Counterproductive in some cases.

          • Ken Morgan

            Fake charity is a UK term, most charities in the UK are fake in the sense that most are actually funded by the government or put minuscule amounts of money into what they propose to be solving. Bob Geldoff for example has numerous charities, his stated goal is to ‘raise awareness’ of his causes. IIRC out of 3.4 million several years ago only £4000 was used for the cause they propose to support. While making the employees exceptionally well off.

            Gate’s foundation made people poorer and some of the education policies which involved computers demanded that they buy computers from a certain vendor.

            Ergo it it slips into the classification of fake charity, its just a profit making company which seeks to disguise its profit making activities and seeks tax advantages by classifying itself as a charity.

          • David

            Absolutely ridiculous, your watching too many movies. Written by a person who has never tried to make a lot of money.

        • NeverMind

          Rich people are often lonely and when they find a good-looking gold-digger it’s not difficult to lose ones senses. As they say, money can’t buy you happiness.

        • Jean Bruno Martin

          Cause owning a boat is a pain in the ass. Renting is much easier.

      • Mary Jane

        Old, ugly, weak men, buy a pretty, young woman’s affections!

    • MonkeyMouth

      ‘blood money’

    • norimix

      It must be some mighty heavenly poontang..

    • Markus P

      Some investments look better on paper. :D

  • satuon

    Isn’t gambling legal in Macau?

    • Kai

      It is. She was arrested for gambling online on illegal online gambling websites. The above article then reprints an older report about her previously losing 260 million from gambling legally at Macau, and that she had somehow found someone to settle that debt for her. Two separate things but both about Guo Meimei and gambling.

      • SonofSpermcube

        Gambling in person and losing a shit ton of money, that’s showing off. It’s stupid, and ostentatious, but you get an experience. Gambling online and losing hundreds of millions of RMB, that’s just sad.

        • Kai

          I don’t know how much she lost gambling online. The screenshots I’ve seen suggest her bets were only in the thousands. She supposedly lost 260 million gambling in person at Macau. There were past photos of her gambling with those baller high value chips and like gold bars or something.

          • Germandude

            Probably always betting on ’37’ and failing to understand why she keeps losing…

    • donscarletti

      She bet on the football on the mainland.

      Still, ever since the world cup finals started, the conversation in the elevator to our office is always about how much everyone won or lost on the game last night.


      The thing is, Chinese do really like to gamble and many if not most would gamble until their ruin if they were allowed. The government knows that arresting everyone who bets on majiang is impractical because the whole country would be in prison, so they just prosecute a few very public cases where people have obviously gone too far to try to make the others keep their heads down.

      • Ken Morgan

        Yep, my dad has experiences of the 70s and 80s in the UK, restaurants would make money lots of it, the owner would take all the earnings of a night and immediately go to the casino and more often than not lose it all.

      • Guest

        Majiang – do you mean mahjong? Mahjong is considered a social pastime, not under the gambling category.

        • SonofSpermcube

          That’s how you spell it in a REAL Romanization system.

        • donscarletti

          Sorry, I used the Hanyu Pinyin spelling rather than the English spelling by accident, force of habit when I’ve been using IMEs I’m afraid.

          I would disagree with you about category though. Conversations after mahjong tend to focus on winnings and losings rather than who played what tile when, meaning the gambling aspect is pretty important to the players, possibly moreso than the gameplay aspects. Of course you can play mahjong without playing for cash, it’s I just have never seen anyone do it.

      • SonofSpermcube

        My wife’s maternal grandparents are perpetually poor because any time they have money her grandfather gambles it away. We gave her grandma a few thousand kuai, and had to consider how to do it without grandpa knowing.

    • Foreign Devil

      seriously? That’s like asking if gambling is legal in Las Vegas.

  • MonkeyMouth

    hm…… this bitch wants to be paris hilton?
    reminds me of a joke… Q: How do you get into the Paris Hilton?
    A: Easy…a gentleman always enters from the front!

    And someone’s wish came true. Moop asked why this wasn’t on cS yet. You mustachioed cat…you got your wish.

    And… in a totally unrelated topic… i ‘rediscovered’ how underrated and awesome Robin Trower is. Check out his album ‘Bridge of Sighs”…whooooooaaa…….

  • Claude

    She’s going to have to sell her nude pics to Playboy Asia or some HK rag for a cool million(US) a’la Linsey Lohan, Shu Qi and Didn’t Vivain Hsu sell her pics, also?

    • I was in Macau few months back and this group of young guys and girls came and they bet in roulette like 300,000 HKD and I was betting 20 HKD lol and they lost more and won some and then they moved laughing without a care…to some other place..I was in shock…WT heck just happened…

      …Chinese have become incredibly rich…Second highest millionaires count after US in just 10 years….40 million is chump change for many Chinese girls and guys…

      Macau overtook Vegas and it made 38 Billion US dollars last year…

      Hollywood only made 12 Billion the same period…and vegas around 6 billion…Can we imagine that….The amount of money flowing in Macau is sickkk…more than Hollywood and Vegas combined….Its crazy…

      • donscarletti

        _Some_ Chinese have become incredibly rich. Considering that China’s economy is still half the size of America’s or the EU’s and it has 4 times as many people as the US and almost 3 times as many as the EU, you cannot say that they are a wealthy nation. It is simply that the wealth has become more concentrated. Mostly in the hands of those who held desirable real estate when the price exploded.

        Chinese on the whole are still extremely poor as far as income goes. It’s just they sometimes have decent savings since they don’t blow their meager income on cable TV, cars/fuel, shopping mall food outlets, bars and all the other stupid shit that the western working class impoverishes themselves over.

        • SonofSpermcube

          How much of that savings is from the value of their somewhat-privatized land or apartments, though?

      • Ken Morgan

        Its the wealth lasts 3 generations effect, Grand dad opens company, son/daughter works their balls off to build this company. Their son/daughter at 18 gets company expense account and everything handed to them on a plate. They thus do not know the value of money like people who work for it and thus spend their money like water. When they take over because everything is handed on a plate and they can pay for exams to be passed and don’t have any real business experience the company goes to hell quite quickly.

      • DavidisDawei

        yes, I get very different vibes in Vegas and Macau.

        Last time I was in Macau, I was a spectator at one of the roullette tables. Most of the players were Russian and betting large amounts (IMO). A guy came to the table with a body guard carrying a briefcase. He bet it all on one spin, lost and left.

        In chatting with some of the folks at the table they shared what they do – oil/gas, real estate. Some of them were very young, kids of the tycoons maybe.

      • Markus P

        300,000 HKD in one roulette bet!?!? Crazy…
        I won a lot of money in Macau on the big wheel game and the next few days my GF was shopping non-stop… I was so sick of clothes shopping i went back in the Casino… Sadly, I then lost 400,000RMB.

        It took quite some time to hide the lost money and keep it a secret. Other than that, I really enjoyed Macau and the dancing on water show (not sure if that was the name or not) was one of the highlights of the trip.

    • Shu Qi <3

  • ex-expat

    She’ll be sucking dick for a long time to pay that back.

    • She’s is too smart for that…No one can get 260 million by sucking dick first and then how come she can pay it back by sucking later?

    • Ken Morgan

      BJs for 40 million US? its going to be anal at the very least!

  • ninxay

    How the flying f*ck can you lose 260 million yuan while gambling? That’s 40 million US dollars! Was she playing blackjack at a million bucks a round?

    Shit like this makes me wonder why the common Chinese people don’t stage an uprising and flush the Party down the drain.

    • Honibaz

      For the average Chinese person, fleeing from the government carries a greater private benefit than fighting the government.

    • She bet all her money thinking Spain would win the world cup again.

    • Ken Morgan

      Once you make over a certain amount, figures that sound huge to us are pocket change, though there is the mentality of watch the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves. If you had 3bn in the bank and you drop $100 or $1000 or $10000 or would you really be hurt? as it is less than 0.1% of their wealth Dropping £200 represents half a week’s pay and hurts me, but dropping a penny represents less than 0.1% of my wealth perhaps less so I don’t notice. In the UK 1p and 2p coins are used to throw at people as they are deemed so worthless even by the poor.

      • ninxay

        If it was her money, then I have no problem with it. It’s just that she suddenly went from struggling model to crazy-rich somebody and now she’s throwing money around like confetti.

        Since her family didn’t strike it rich and she herself didn’t land some big contracts or pull a Facebook, most likely she’s someone’s mistress. I have no problem with that either.

        What I do have a problem with is that some top Party member or PLA general could be bankrolling her extravagant gambling habits. It’s a goddamned joke to hear China having no money for proper healthcare for all its citizens or providing education for all children when huge sums disappear – and are used to pay off someone’s gambling debts.

      • Jean Bruno Martin

        That’s not true, every penny counts, that’s why some rich people lose everything and are back to rags in no time. Just because you have a lot of money doesn’t mean you should waste it and in fact most rich people don’t go showing off and spending like that.

        Plus no one likes to be ripped or pay the wrong price, no matter the amount.

    • It’s not about political ideology. You can flush the Party out overnight, have a multiparty democracy rule China, and still you’d have the yawning wealth gap, patronage politics, speculative investments gone boom and bust, high levels of fraud, mafia-led industries, etc. Much like in parts of Taiwan in the 1980s and 90s, or more accurately, China circa-1920s.

      • ninxay

        That’s true, but with multiparty democracy there’s a chance that more equitable politicians and civil society groups will come to the fore. There’s no hope of that with a single-party autocracy that’s only accountable to itself.

        Taiwan and South Korea have moved on from being ruled by military strongmen and patronage politics, for the most part. It’s not farfetched to see China in the same light once the Party is gone. The danger is it all sliding to a US-style plutocracy where business interests are the ones who really run the country, and the electoral process is just window dressing to legitimize corporate rule.

        • JabroniZamboni

          China is not ready for democracy. It would be like something out of Gangs of New York, with Tammany Hall style politics. Pay peanuts for votes and control them once again. Before freedom, there must be education; freedom without this would be nothing more than a facade, with nothing changing. It wasn’t done overnight in Taiwan or South Korea, and if you have ever spent more than 5 minutes in these places you would see that they are far from being what the true ideology of democracy entails.

  • Joey

    I’m just waiting for the sex tape. For that amount of money she has to be better than the average Chinese seastar.

  • FYIADragoon

    “atypical” my ass. And damn what a fool. She’s clearly not worth more than a million.

    • Kai

      Not that I want to put a value on a life but…

      …a million? Really?

      • FYIADragoon

        When you start selling out your body for money you make it possible to put a price tag on it. And yes, a million at best. She doesn’t match up against those other golddiggers as far as looks go.

        • SonofSpermcube

          Hell, *I* was targeted by a more attractive gold-digger than her, and I’m a goddamned English teacher.

        • Kai

          Hah, sorry, dude, I wasn’t being serious and was just trying to make the joke that I wouldn’t even value her at a million.

          • Markus P

            She is worth what ever someone is willing to pay…
            In this case that is well over a million…

          • FYIADragoon

            Oh, I thought the opposite. My bad haha.

      • SonofSpermcube

        I might bid a million for a lifetime of BJs.

    • give you $50 last offer, or I’ll walk away

  • Ken Morgan

    I didn’t mean her specifically I meant the Macau kids you see who go to Casinos and lose tons of money in a single hand and do this all night (remember Deng Xiao Ping’s son?).

    But She’s a Singaporean pop star, who uses autotune hehe

  • Commander Jameson

    I live in Macau. I can tell you other people have ‘disappeared’ for less money. I guess 260,000,000 is so much they actually needed to try to get some back.

  • masonman

    Japan is a very different situation. They devalue their currency even more than America does, they deficit spend like CRAZY. Japan always has big crashes because they take Keynesianism to the next level.

  • a.w.

    Wait till she becomes old, see if that sugar daddy still wants her. youth and beauty doesn’t last forever

    • SonofSpermcube

      Well, she’s doing a pretty good job getting it while the getting’s good.
      She just needs to do it without going into millions of dollars in debt. A couple more scores like this, sock away a couple mil, party on the rest, and live on the interest when her looks fade…that’d be a good plan.

  • Foreign Devil

    Whoever is paying her tab. has got to be the biggest loser in China. Chinese guys desperate for love.

    • That’d be 95% of the rich male Chinese population.

    • Doge Wallace

      What about broke guys from the west who fly to China to meet women?

      • Foreign Devil

        Doge. .not sure how that compares. . . . If a guy can find a better girlfriend/wife in China than in his own home country, than I would say he is smart and gaming the system in his favor. Don’t kid yourself. . . almost everything young males do is partly to find a hot partner.

        • Doge Wallace

          Yeah, smart, gaming the system. Basically playing the dating game on easy mode. Same thing with money – makes it easier. And quite frankly, if these broke guys weren’t from the west but were from somewhere like the Philippines or Bolivia, it would be a different story. Ultimately, it’s the country of their passport that matters.

          So — basically, even broke guys from the west can be “big fish in a small pond” in China, because in their own home countries, their peers of the opposite sex won’t give them a second look. Still, in China, they are seen by the poorer women as rich and their ticket out of poverty. One’s desperate for love, the other’s desperate for a better life.

          So it’s the same thing, just on different levels. On one hand, you have rich Chinese guys paying to meet the hottest Chinese girls. On the other, you have broke western guys who meet cute girls in China that can move them to somewhere like the United States. In both cases, $$$ plays a big role.

          • Foreign Devil

            Most of the girls I’ve met in China did not want to leave China. I was not willing to stay there. One of the reasons our relationship did not go further. I had met other girls who did leave with a foreigner boyfriend. . only to be very bored/homesick and return to China a few years later.

            Most young people going to China to teach English are more than broke. they are in debt . . they earn money to pay back their tuitions. They are not at all losers in my opinion. In case you didn’t notice .. most graduates are broke these days.

            Are you an already married expat in living in China who is jealous of the young college grad foreigners living it up in China?

          • Doge Wallace

            “Are you an already married expat in living in China who is jealous of the young college grad foreigners living it up in China?”

            Far from it. I’m single, debt-free, with a decent amount of assets. I live in the same place I was born, the U.S., but travel regularly, although not necessarily to Asian countries.

            I just found it strange that you’d talk about Chinese guys being desperate for love by paying for it, when I see white expats do the same thing all over Asia. The worst I saw were in the Philippines and Thailand. Talk about desperate. Even the English teachers I met from countries like China and Korea talked about how they just wanted to fuck local girls, not about paying off debt. In fact, one 30+ American guy I know in Korea has a masters degree and chooses to still stay in Korea as a lowly-paid English teacher so he can continue to party and try to score with Korean girls. Unfortunately he’s one of the less successful ones, but every once in a while he gets a curious local to sleep with him.

            And no, I don’t go to China or other countries to pick up women. As I mentioned in my earlier response, western guys trying to pick up girls in Asian countries is like playing the dating game on easy mode. I see no pride in that. Additionally, unless I speak the language (or they speak English at a high level, which is rare), how could I possibly expect to have any deep or meaningful conversations with them?

            I prefer dating women who were at least raised and educated in English-speaking countries, like UK or US. I know they have a bad rep of being gold diggers, bitches, fat, etc… but there are plenty of good women available that are educated, have careers, and physically beautiful. One girl I know (though I admit I probably never will have a chance with) is an extremely sweet and beautiful 5’11” blonde model who just got her masters last month. She has a longtime boyfriend, however, and he’s not rich by any means, nor is he an “a-hole”. The real challenge is getting a girl like her, not some uneducated shop girl from Wuhan, which anyone with a US passport can do. That’s not a dig at Chinese women, but western men who have no game or standards and make other western men look bad.

            I suspect many of these men got friend-zoned one-too-many times and decided to label western women as bitches, and moved to Asia where they are doted upon and think they’re in the land of milk and honey and that they were right about western women. Of course, most of them never want to go back because they’d lose their status as the big fish in a small pond. Regarding girls you knew who went abroad and returned home after a few years – doesn’t surprise me. Maybe they realized the man they were with was never a real man to begin with.

            In fact, one of my “friends” got married last year to a girl he met in China. He’s 30, never had a girlfriend before, and after waiting about a year for her to get approval to arrive in the US, gets married almost immediately and within a few months they separated. Why? First of all, they can’t communicate. Secondly, she realized what kind of man he was once she saw him in his native environment: a very tiny fish in a very large ocean. She doesn’t want to move back to China, and he’s agreeing to stay married until she gets her permanent residency. No backbone whatsoever, and I don’t blame her for wanting to leave him.

            What I find praise-worthy is when Asian men here in Los Angeles go out with beautiful white women (or any non-Asian). Makes lots of white men angry, but I always applaud it. Against all odds, they succeeded in doing the impossible. Not like a white guy with a Chinese girl – that’s just a cliche and deserving of a headshake.

          • Here’s an idea:

            Stop defining people by their race and nationality.

            Crazy, I know, but give it a try and you might wake up one day realizing you’re no longer a bitter, spiteful, insecure, miserable, racist hater.

            It’s funny how your contempt for Asian women and worshiping of non-Asian women perfectly mirrors self-hating Asian women’s contempt for Asian men and worshiping of non-Asian men.

          • Doge Wallace

            The only contempt I have is for sad western men who go around poorer countries to get women.

            China already has a huge gender imbalance, and guys from wealthier countries like the US going to China to sleep around with girls will add to the increasing social instability.

            When the day comes where the average Chinese person can visit the States as easily as they can visit China, and there are no negative stereotypes about Chinese masculinity, and we’re all truly on a level playing field, then I’ll cease to see race and nationality.

            …of course, we’re far from achieving that. Being white has its privileges, and first step towards creating a colorblind society is to acknowledge the privilege, and work towards eradicating it.

            Going to China to pick up girls because of a fetish you have and taking advantage of their situation doesn’t help.

          • BS. It’s obvious you think less of Chinese women and other women from poorer countries, or else you would not think it so shameful to be associating with them. You can’t fathom why a man would want to marry a women who just happens to be from a lower socioeconomic background, because all you see is their status, which is why you think it “praise-worthy” for an Asian-American male to go out with “beautiful white women”. What a sick mindset. You don’t see people as people; you see them as pawns in a chess match of racial status strategy.

            God have mercy on whatever poor woman ends up being your “racial trophy”. Let them have the foresight to realize that to you, they’re nothing more than a status symbol to avenge your bitterness at white men. And to think, you have the nerve to accuse others of having a “fetish”.

            And FYI, there are far, far, FAR more Chinese visiting the US than Americans visiting China. I can’t believe you would actually use this premise as the backbone of your argument.

            And newsflash: Negative stereotypes exist for everyone. The biggest blowhards on the planet are those who hypersensitively obsess over the negative stereotypes that affect them and blindly ignore the negative stereotypes that everyone else has to deal with. They all insist on casting themselves as exclusive victims because it absolves them of any form of self-responsibility. God forbid they man up and realize that everyone faces the same types of handicaps that they do.

            Food for thought for you: Vietnam already has a substantial gender imbalance, and guys from wealthier countries like China going to Vietnam to sleep around with girls will add to the increasing social instability.

            It’s funny how you don’t mention guys from privileged, wealthier countries like Japan and South Korea. If me pointing this out doesn’t make you realize your selective bias, nothing will. I can lead you to water but I cannot force you to acknowledge your reflection.

          • Doge Wallace

            1) I think less of couples that aren’t really on a deep connection, mutual respect and understanding. Why do you think so many westerners go to Asian countries to pick up women? Why is Asian porn so popular? Why do sites like “Creepy White Guys” exist? Are these really relationships, or a guy living his fetish with a local girl who can feel she’s moving up? If the socioeconomic background didn’t matter, you think for example, Chinese women would be doting all over men from Nepal? Please.

            2) Far more Chinese visiting, but can the AVERAGE Chinese person easily visit the States? No. Can the AVERAGE American easily visit China? Yes.

            3) Re: Vietnam. So you acknowledge increasing social instability from men in western countries going to China to sleep around with women? I don’t support that, either. Yes, privileged Chinese people can go to other countries and have their fun as well. However, western countries have an automatic PRIVILEGE of being free to go almost anywhere they like. Additionally, we’re on a site called ChinaSmack where most of the people commenting here are likely from or currently living in western countries.

          • 1a) Why do you assume that whether or not a relationship involves “deep connection, mutual respect, and understanding” depends on the races of the people involved?

            1b) At the same time you profess to “think less of couples that aren’t really on a deep connection, mutual respect and understanding”, you find it “praise-worthy” when Asian-American males go out with “beautiful white women”. Gee, I wonder if that’s because there’s a special deep connection, mutual respect, and understanding between Asian-American males and beautiful white women. Or maybe…you’re just a hypocrite.

            1c) Why is white porn so popular?

            1d) Why do sites like Stormfront exist? Why do sites like Occidentalism exist? Why do sites like WikiFur exist? If you want to see an example of a “Creepy White Guy”, go take a look at the currently fourth-most recent comment on japanCRUSH.
            Disclaimer: He’s not white. (Darn, there goes your selective bias again.) Image attached for your convenience.

            2) Americans require visas to visit China, and Chinese require visas to visit America. There is no asymmetry here. Chinese who are as wealthy as average Americans find no problem visiting the US (and to the extent that they do find problems, so do other non-Americans; this is not some unique burden imposed on Chinese or Asians). What is a fact is that there are millions of Chinese in America (are you not one of them?), and many of them buy houses; meanwhile, Westerners number only in the tens or potentially hundreds of thousands in China, and not one of them could ever dream of owning a home in the PRC.

            3) No, silly, I was mocking your logic. The point is that the real privilege is WEALTH. Money is what bequeaths power, not race. There are millions of powerless, low-income white nobodies whose lives are basically considered worthless by the general public. Whether they be homeless veterans sleeping on the streets of Los Angeles or the millions of malnourished, struggling citizens of Eastern Europe (whose lives have been far harder than yours––assuming you’re an Asian-American––will ever be), they endure the struggle that you idealistically transpose on East Asians, as you insist on mythologizing them as a form of “noble savages” despite the fact that greater East Asia has already aggregated enough wealth to host four of the world’s wealthiest countries. But hey, don’t let that infringe on your victim complex.

            And now for the creepy white guy (who isn’t white):

  • “Even if the pussy was great, and sparks shout out the woman’s ass, and cannons blasted and mountains crumbled and the seas roared, no pussy is worth a hundred and fifty million dollars. No pussy. I’d like to meet some pussy like that… put the shit on layaway” – Eddie Murphy

  • Stefan

    Isn’t she hot? :)

    • Yes!

      Yeah she’s hot hot, but not worth 260mil rmb though.

      • SonofSpermcube

        She’s not 260 RMB hot. Look at some of the other pics, with less makeup she’s completely unremarkable. You might not give her a second look on the subway.

  • DavidisDawei

    China has the Gao Kao which funnels millions into their slave class every year. That is what I call it.
    Those who fail the exam, go to work in that slave class.

    I know many College graduates who start out making 3000RMB/month (less than $500US). I know some folks in Shenzhen that are in their 30’s making only 5-6000RMB per month.

    Even if incomes rise, they have a long way to go before many of those jobs leave China. People mention Vietnam and Africa. The Chinese are very involved in Africa because they plan to turn that into their “china”.

    I have read that they are beginning to look towards that day and shift their economy towards creating a middle class that can start to consume as the US did for so many years after WWII. This would reduce their dependence on exports and increase the standard of living inside China.

    I hope that the Chinese will begin to care about their environment; proper disposal, clean water, clean air, clean food. If they did that, it would be a much better place to live full time.

    • Teacher in China

      It’s worse than that dude. There was a publication of official figures of average incomes in China I read on BBC a while back. Average urban wage in 2013 = 29547/year = 2,462/month (that’s RMB, obviously).

      The average wage for people considered to be in the “low income” bracket in 2013 was 11,434/year = 952/month, whereas “middle income” was 24,518/year = 2043/month, and “high income” was 56,389 = 4699/month. Remember that these are averages, and I believe they are official government figures, so take them with a grain of salt I guess.

      • ninxay

        30k yuan a year isn’t so bad given the low cost of living in most cities outside the first tier, but that’s nowhere near enough for the big cities. Throw in crazy real-estate prices and it gets worse.

        But then again, most of the world looks only at the Bentley-driving set who can send their kids to Harrow and Harvard… like that guy from Chongqing :)

  • Japan is doing very well on a per-capita basis. If China were to plateau at the same per-capita level as Japan, its economy would be utterly massive.

    A nation of 127 million the size of California could never inherit the earth. A nation of 1.3 billion the size of the USA could.

    Above all, there is a difference between per-capita living standards and aggregate national power. Those are two different metrics and cannot be conflated. The people of Luxembourg are rich but the government of Luxembourg is not powerful. The people of Russia are poor but the government of Russia is powerful.

    • Claude

      I wish them the best. I have know desire to see the people of China living in a state of squalor. My point is that there are so many major hurdles that the nation is going to hit in the future that could ultimately drag the nation down.
      You’re an accountant so maybe you have taken an economics course?

      Economic development typically follows an S-curve. When a developing country picks itself up and begins growth is starts slow, then picks up and in the case of China wild levels but then slows again. Most likely when a economic bubble burst like Japan with it’s real estate bubble. You know China the same because It shares so many of the indicators with bubble Japan.

      Now, compound that major issue with environmental degradation and it’s demographic problems. Also , the International water shortage. China is a nation with 20% of the worlds population and 7% of the world water shortage and much of it is been poisoned. OK, now lets compound that with a cancer and healthcare crises that going to cross paths with it’s aging and demographic decline. Who’s going to pay for the required healthcare for the old and cancerous? Did I mention the scandalous poisonous food incidents or the disparity between rich and poor leading to political and social instability? Image those who have already left behind when the economic bubble burst. Riots!

      The writing is on the wall hence the amount of people illegally moving money overseas in the form of cash and purchasing property. Why wouldn’t there be an exodus? China’s toxic who wants to live like that if you didn’t have to? Holding on the the burgeoning “massive” middle-class will be a issue. The rich have already bought massive amounts of property overseas. Canada has recently closed it’s investor program to the Chinese because it was overwhelmed but before it a Chinese person would buy a house in Vancouver for and you were in. Couldn’t afford a home in Vancouver? Go elsewhere like Vancouver island where property was cheaper and they were in. Now take into account how many nations have investment programs around the world.

      I love Shanghai. I think it’s one of the most exiting places in the world right now. I feel like I’m witnessing history when I’m there and I could easily spend 3 to 6 months there so don’t mistake me for a China basher.

  • Probotector

    Is she giving the finger?

  • The real crime is how easy whatever billionaire she’s humping earns his money if he can give it up that easily for a low class floozy.

    • SonofSpermcube


      • lol yeah, it’s quite difficult to write a sentence like that.

        • SonofSpermcube

          How about “acquires?” That’s nice and not-explicitly-judgemental. It encompasses all situations.

          • I’m personally OK with the words “pillaged” and “looted”.

  • David

    I have just read the dumbest comments. This article was about one narcissistic bimbo getting her sugar daddy to pay off her gambling debts but it quickly turned into ‘hate the rich people’. Everything from “you have to sell your soul and be a dick to be rich”, to “rich people tend to be pedophiles.” These are incredibly ignorant comments obviously by people who have never made a penny in their life and are jealous of those of us who worked hard and made money. Contrary to what you see in the movies most successful business men I have worked with over the year are smart, hardworking and honest. They don’t break the law, bribe congressmen or plot world domination. Before retiring to become a history teacher I ran my own financial services brokerage for almost 20 years. I am not Bill gates but I am successful enough where I can do work I like now, I can support charities and charitable causes when I like and eventually when my wife and I don’t want to work anymore we can travel the world having fun and not staying in hostels (unless we want to). I personally know scores of successful business men. If you think it is easy to make millions of dollars it is because you have never done it. Of course there are crooks in the world but in most western countries (in the real world not cartoons or movies) you get caught, arrested and sent to prison for the things they make movies about; so very very few successful businessmen are willing to risk everything they have worked their life for. I know it is ‘cool’ to talk about how much you hate the rich today but it is nothing but sour grapes. The rich do most of the charity giving in the world. They are responsible for most of the hiring of employees in the world. So you can go ahead and flame me now but it won’t mean anything to me until you show me you have contributed more to society (like paying scholarships for poor kids to go to college) than just ‘blaming the rich white guy’ on a CS forum. Yes, it struck a nerve.

    • ninxay

      Capitalist prick.

      • David

        Typical socialist response. If that is the best you can come up with you should go back to the pub and spend your public assistance on getting drunk instead of looking for ways to improve yourself and contribute to society..

        • ninxay

          Capitalism has been very efficient at stripping the world bare and perpetuating unequal power structures. I love the sense of entitlement that some rich people have: “I’ve made my money and now I get to tell you what to do, which is to work for me and make me even more money.”

          Under capitalism, the rich get richer, the poor tread water to say afloat or sink into oblivion.

          Just as we don’t need revolutionary political vanguards, we don’t need capitalists acting as economic vanguards either.

          • David

            OK, I will answer you seriously although you started with a simple insult. You are blaming Capitalism for human nature. You act like people were never dicks or exploited others before the 18th century. Capitalism is not to blame for people being jerks. There are rich jerks and poor jerks and jerks who are middle class. I know because I was born lower class, worked my way up to middle class and then bettered myself more. There is no nobility in poverty. BTW under Capitalism the poor have a chance to better themselves, under other systems they do not.

    • RagnarDanneskjold

      In China, many of the wealthy people obtained their wealth from being in the CCP or through government connections. There are more and more self-made wealthy, but when the average person thinks of the rich, they are thinking of corruption. The Chinese actually respect and pursue material wealth much more than Westerners.

      • David

        And nobody is defending corruption or the narcissistic children of corrupt government officials.

  • jd

    It is human nature to be greedy, the us fast food industry lobbyed the government into lowering the price of corn well below market value, therefore making fast food cheaper than healthy alternatives. At least not everyone in China is obese and unhealthy. Same with the oil, tobacco and firearm industry, no point pointing fingers at this girl.

  • daisy

    As an old Chinese adage saying that what people do ,the god is watching. Guomeimei is too extravgant to get a peace life.If you can buy less precious bags,costly cars and don’t show off your famous brand of clothes , shoes, we may miss you , and you can miss the social public opinion, but you like show off, so what you will face is what you deserve to get.Remember you are a Chinese, the money you spend is all from Chinese , so it is not your right that you can spend your money so freely, You should be condemned not only one time, As some people below said that ,may be you should read some books ,so you will know how stupid you are now.

  • Is she a working girl?

    • Dongguan Sugardaddy

      Pure slut and addict. Typical Chinese girl frankly. They are all addicted to food, then other vices.

    • mr.wiener

      Check “related posts” above.

  • Doreen Sophia

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  • Boris

    Oh, so this is Gao Meimei, I just know as her as the fake Redcross girl. She should be taken out of the gene pool.

  • Cr

    Wow, rich and stupid…. But I have to say many of the Americans who win the lottery act stupid. So Chinese are not the only ones who are rich and stupid.

  • Peter Pottinger

    This is something like 20 million US? I’m having trouble understanding, even if say you have billions of dollars how could you spend 20 MILLION on a hooker?

  • Pan Era Man

    hahaha! So she’s like Wendy Murdoch

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  • Dr Sun

    What a expensive piece of pussy she is , hope the silly fat rich guys that use it think its worth the long term cost.

  • Obama

    I paid for half her debt.

  • GangnamStyle2Disqus

    Not good.