“Kill Everyone in China” on Jimmy Kimmel, Chinese Reactions

Jimmy Kimmel Live Kids Table "Kill Everyone in China" segment.

Jimmy Kimmel Live Kids Table "Kill Everyone in China" segment.

From Phoenix Online:

ABC Website Deletes Video of a Program With “Kill Everyone in China” Remark

Original title: Tens of Thousands of People Petition on White House Website

According to foreign media reports, on October 16th, a “kill everyone in China” remark appeared during the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, a late-night talk show program of the American Broadcasting Company (ABC), and shocked American public opinion. For days, over 25K netizens petitioned on the White House website, demanding that the American Broadcasting Company cancel this program as well as apologize for the racist speech in the program.

On the 23rd local time, this program has already been pulled from the ABC website.

According to reports, in this program, the host Jimmy Kimmel invited 4 children of different skin colors to form a “Kid’s Table” where they discussed national affairs while eating candies to satirize “members of Congress acting like a bunch of kids”.

Jimmy Kimmel Live Kids Table "Kill Everyone in China" segment.

When Jimmy asked, “We owe China 13 trillion US dollars of debt; how shall we pay them back?” a 5-year-old boy’s response astonished people, saying “We should go around the world, and kill everyone in China,” to which Mr. Kimmel amusingly said, “Kill everyone in China? That’s an interesting idea.”

This insulting comment against China made on Jimmy’s program caused a huge controversy.

On the White House Website, the petition calling for the program to be cut has already over 25K signatures. The petition [author] claims to be very disturbed by this “’Kid’s Table’ show”, and claims “The program is totally unacceptable and it must be cut. […] this is the same rhetoric used in Nazi Germany against Jewish people. Please immediately cut the show and issue a formal apology.”

petition on the White House

Apart from the majority of ethnic Chinese petitioners, there are also apparently petitioners who are Westerners judging by their surnames. One petitioner wrote, “I was very disturbed towards by Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Kid’s Table’ show. […] The kids might not know anything better. However, Jimmy Kimmel and ABC’s management are all adults. ABC must issue a sincere apology.”

An overseas Chinese person commented after watching the video on YouTube, “My anger is not at the kids, but their parents, and the host, and ABC, for they are ruining the kids. My daughter is 4 years old. If she says something like: kill all the blacks, or kill all the Jews, I would definitely have a serious talk with her, because that is not tolerable speech.”

Some Asian-American bloggers also made criticisms over the show. “Bostonese”, an online journal that serves the overseas Chinese community in Boston, wrote, “To broadcast these racist and genocidal comments, Mr. Kimmel, this is not funny at all.”

Incidents “insulting/denigrating China” in foreign TV are common, with some television stations even doing so repeatedly. With regards to this, American China Express senior media figure Guan Liming said in an interview several days ago that American TV hosts know very little about China, so it’s not surprising to have this kind of thing happened, but it mustn’t be tolerant.” Sourced from CCTV.

Jimmy Kimmel Live Kids Table "Kill Everyone in China" segment.

Below is a translation of the poll and results on Phoenix Online claiming over 480k respondents at time of translation (screenshot).

1. How do you view the public airing of the 6-year-old child’s “kill everyone in China” remark by the American television station?
  • Angry, the anti-Chinese behavior/actions of the American media must be punished;
  • 32.11% 152,111 votes
  • Sad, America’s much flaunted freedom of the press has been tarnished by this incident;
  • 4.98% 23,582 votes
  • Contempt, using the mouth of children to express political leanings is very shameful;
  • 20.68% 97,942 votes
  • Guarded, America’s media and education are currently slipping towards extreme anti-Chinese sentiments;
  • 32.51% 153,995 votes
  • Indifferent, children’s words carry no harm, no need to make a big deal out of a minor issue.
  • 9.72% 46,019 votes
    2. Do you believe the “kill everyone in China” remark said by the 6-year-old child on the television program was by chance/random?
  • By chance, the complexity of the China-US debt problem is beyond a child’s understanding and it was probably an unconscious response by the child;
  • 9.28% 43,355 votes
  • By chance, a television segment that relies on the children’s speech to shock people will influence children to deliberately say shocking things;
  • 4.73% 22,078 votes
  • Inevitable, this is the negative consequences borne by the long-term dissemination of the notion of a Chinese threat/menace on public platforms at all levels of American society.
  • 61.18% 285,803 votes
  • Inevitable, American media’s excessive openness has caused serious violent thinking in children, to the extent of twisting people’s personalities.
  • 20.7% 96,691 votes
  • Hard to say
  • 4.11% 19,194 votes
    3. Do you believe American media should or shouldn’t apologize to Chinese people for airing such speech?
  • Should
  • 82.99% 392,442 votes
  • Shouldn’t
  • 10.11% 47,800 votes
  • Hard to say
  • 6.9% 32,640 votes
    4. What do you think is the reason for the frequent appearance of anti-Chinese and inhuman speech in American media?
  • An expansion of anti-Chinese influence in America.
  • 32.38% 154,221 votes
  • A collapse of America’s core system of values
  • 12.21% 58,138 votes
  • American media and education is in decline
  • 11.95% 56,908 votes
  • All of the above
  • 35.9% 170,981 votes
  • Hard to say
  • 7.56% 35,982 votes

    Comments from Phoenix Online :


    Americans are simply indulging in wishful thinking…China had experienced invasions by many countries, including you Americans, and have also suffered the genocidal invasion of the little Japanese devils, but look at the strength and prosperity of China now… China, the Chinese people will always protect you.


    Just how did these parents educate their children? A bunch of bandits after all!


    Not surprising, this is exactly the mentality of the American government.


    What’s in Sima Zhao‘s mind, everyone on the street knows [meaning that a person’s supposed hidden intention is so well known that it is not really hidden any more.] Americans from the bottom of their hearts want to kill all Chinese people.


    China is always about educating people how to repay their benefactors, but America is just the opposite, educating people on how to kill their benefactors!!! Must be full alert/vigilance.


    The Yankees desire to kill us won’t die!


    The early education of Americans… I smiled/laughed.


    Is this a joke? I think it’s what Americans really think.


    America’s true thoughts.


    So naïve. So [they think] deleting it is equal to it having never been said? Hehe.


    Those who are irresponsible are them, [those] who are always saying how education abroad is better. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.


    America’s school shooting cases come from children who talk and act like this.


    America, apologize!


    I truly hope the kid’s statements will wake up the Chinese government. Americans have been borrowing money without any intention of having to pay it back. It will make excuses to war with you and then renege on their debt afterwards! This is something even American kids know!


    Now that the ABC website has deleted it, I’m thinking shouldn’t all the various influential websites consider deleting it too?


    Give the American Indians back their territory. Pay back your debts to various countries of the world. Return justice to the world.


    It may be that many Americans truly do think this…


    This is national circumstances of the United States, a nation of violence.


    There is no harm in children’s words, but we should be on our guard, although there is no need to elevate this to the level of principles and policy [broaden, take too seriously].


    Written by Jamie

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