Homosexual Chinese University Student with HIV Shares Story

A Chinese male homosexual with HIV in Qingdao.


From NetEase:

A Day in the Life of a Post-’90s Generation Male Homosexual with AIDS/HIV

In 1998 January, the World Health Organization made every December 1st World AIDS Day, to draw the world’s attention to AIDS. Research has shown that 7% of male university students have acknowledged having homosexual male experiences, with this proportion increasing the risk of university students becoming infected with HIV. Cases of university students with AIDS are increasing every year. AIDS is gradually eroding university campuses that were once seen as pure. Recently, this website’s reporter interviewed Zhao Li (pseudonym), a student at a university in Qingdao infected with AIDS/HIV [note: AIDS is often used interchangeably with HIV in Chinese]. He hopes his story can be a warning for others, so that more university students can avoid contracting HIV. Source: qingdaonews.com. Text/Sun Lulu. Photos: Zhang Liwei.

A Chinese male homosexual with HIV in Qingdao.

Zhao Li is a fourth year student at a university in Qingdao. He was born in 1992 and will graduate soon. He is a “model student” in the eyes of teachers and parents, a good example touted by parents. “From the moment I saw two lines on the testing strip, my life was over. All my plans and dreams could never be realized,” Zhao Li said forcing a smile. HIV, the moment it enters the body, it will quickly replicate, and what more, will be lifelong contagious, ultimately causing the human body’s immune system to thoroughly collapse, until death.


The Zhao Li in front of this reporter is shy and well-mannered. Upon meeting this reporter, he immediately extended his hand in greeting. Even though he still has half a year before graduating, he has already been recruited and signed an employment agreement. “What I fear most now is the health exam,” said Zhao Li, because the agreement has a provision that if he doesn’t pass the health exam, the employer has the right to terminate the contract.


Zhao Li is a male homosexual, and this [contracting HIV] isn’t unexpected. Homosexual sexual activity and especially those of “male homosexuals” are heavily represented among those with AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, with the demographic of men who have sex with other men also being important in the prevention against the spread of the AIDS epidemic. Zhao Li says he became aware of his sexual orientation in middle school. In his 20-some years, he has never liked a girl. After entering university when he had more access to outside information, he was even more certain that he was a homosexual, and even met his first boyfriend. Zhao Li has a cautious personality, so when he had sexual relations with other men, he always insisted on using condoms, just in case. Even so, he still contracted HIV. “I don’t understand, why it happened to me?” Zhao Li said.


Because he was a volunteer for the Qingdao homosexual community, Zhao Li found himself alone in the community office on March 15th. This is a place where people in their community often congregate in their spare time. At this time, he should’ve still been back in his hometown spending his winter vacation, but because of certain things that happened at home, he had returned to Qingdao early. Alone and bored in the office, he used a ready-made [HIV] detector, and pricked his fingertip, to test the blood for HIV, only for the results to very quickly be displayed: two lines. He was immediately dumbfounded.


Prior to that winter vacation, Zhao Li had taken the test once, and he was HIV negative. He thought hard trying to remember his sexual partners during this time, what they had done together, but could not be sure just who infected him with [HIV].


During this time, Zhao Li had gone through twists and turns in his relationships. After breaking up with his ex-boyfriend, he met a new boyfriend. So upon recalling, he had had sexual relations with four homosexuals during that time, one being his ex-boyfriend, one being his new boyfriend, and two one night stands he found through dating [hookup] apps. “We had all taken safety precautions, but…” After this happened [testing positive for HIV], Zhao Li still refused to accept the truth.

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The majority of those who have [HIV] find themselves unable to accept that they are HIV positive. Zhao Li was the same. What repeated in his mind was: “It’s over, it’s over, it’s over…” On the first night after Zhao Li had confirmed that he was infected with HIV, he chose to slit his wrist to commit suicide. “I just wanted everything to end. If I’m dead, then all the guilt, self-blame, suffering, as we ll as my responsibility would all disappear,” Zhao Li said.


But after watching the blood on his wrist flow for half an hour, he suddenly came to his senses, picked up the phone to call his friend, went to the hospital for emergency care, and saved his life. Zhao Li says in that half hour, all the rights and wrongs he had experienced in his 20-some years of life flashed before his eyes, like in the movies. “I ultimately couldn’t let go of my mother, couldn’t let go of my sister, because without me, they wouldn’t be able to go on either.”


Zhao Li grew up in an unhappy family. His father was a parasite [a burden who does not contribute], sometimes beating Zhao Li’s mother after coming home from drinking. Zhao Li’s sister is older than him by two years. She attended university in Beijing and remained there after graduation, with the family’s entire financial burden borne by her. “No matter what, I still have to hurry and make money to support my family. I can’t die yet,” Zhao Li says. As for his identity as a homosexual and condition as having HIV, he has never mentioned it to his family, as he has always been his family’s pride. “I don’t want to hurt them [his mother and sister].”


Most people in the initial stage of testing positive for HIV do not immediately take medication. They must regularly measure the CD4 cell count and viral load in their bodies, so doctors can consider both the test results and the patient’s health condition before choosing the optimal treatment method. Zhao Li’s CD4 cell count is over 600, and according to international standards, he’s not at the stage where he needs to take medication, but to lower the probability of infecting others, he choose to begin taking medication.


The moment one begins taking this medication, they must take it for the rest of their lives, and what more, they must take the drugs according to a very strict schedule. If they miss a time, then it will fail, and if they stop taking the medication, the consequences will be even worse. While taking the medication, the HIV virus is controlled by the drugs, and will be hidden in certain organs. If the drug’s effect stop, then the HIV virus will quickly bounce back. While taking the medication, due to every person’s body being different, the drugs will have certain negative side effects. Zhao Li has exercised regularly for year and his physical condition has always been quite good, so he says the side effects haven’t been obvious for him since starting the medication.


At present, the method of treatment most often chosen by HIV sufferers is the “cocktail therapy”. Treatment/regimens are divided into first line and second line. Every regimen requires the simultaneous use of three types of drugs, and based on each person’s body and their negative side effects to the drugs, patients can choose different drugs and regimens. This kind of treatment is primarily intended to lower the rates of AIDS onset and death, but are unable to completely eradicate the virus from the patient’s body. With current advancements in medicine, curing AIDS/HIV is still a difficult problem [remains elusive], but the life of the patient can be extended to a certain degree.

Comments from NetEase:

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xjjyedu [网易江苏省苏州市网友]:

Before winter vacation, he tested negative, but when he tested before winter vacation was even over, he was positive… and yet he isn’t certain just who it was that infected him… just how messed up [wanton, reckless] is this circle of people? And homosexuals still have the gall to demand others respect them? A bunch of people with AIDS/HIV!

jackbauer24hours [姿势帝]:

Just stick to non-sexual activity.
Now that your sword has poison [are infected], who will still play [have sex] with you?

11传说 [网易广东省深圳市罗湖区网友]:

You people just please stick to harming each other in your own circles. Don’t change your sexual orientation anymore only to come out and screw over others.

意大利国米迷 [网易江苏省南通市网友]:

This guy, with him changing boyfriends so easily, it’d be strange if he didn’t get infected.

mcsft是邮箱 [网易浙江省金华市网友]:

Every time I see news about homosexuals, it’s like looking at a pile of shit.

肉蒲男 [网易湖北省孝感市网友]:

China must quickly implement euthanasia, and impose relief on these people.

sennin2012 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

Why is it easy for gays to contract HIV? If you don’t sleep around, how would you get infected?

宁做镁锅狗不做瓷器人 [网易辽宁省沈阳市网友]:

I support male homosexuals [gays], oppose female homosexuals [lesbians]. If there are lesbians, please invite me to join…

走向民主自由 [网易河南省郑州市网友]:

Asshole destroyed, butt injured, your feminine cannot be cut off…

[Note: The original Chinese is a parody of a lyric from a Jay Chou song. This is the rough meaning.]

沉默男人O [网易福建省宁德市网友]:

Play less.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • If I May

    Really shitty comments from the locals… If these are representative of how the majority of mainlanders feel about gay people (and those with HIV in particular), then these nongs have just earned a few extra miles of contempt from me. Jerks.

    • ClausRasmussen

      I am surprised by the comments. I got the impression that Chinese people are pretty relaxed about homosexuals (as long its not their own kids) and that they are mainly viewed as eccentrics with little of the antagonism often found in the West

      • SuperLaowai

        Chinese guys are only happy to see gays when they think about the gender gap, the more gays the less competition for the remaining females, there are between 30 and 40 million more men (NGOs estimations) than women out here. That’s why Chinese men will look at you and especially your partner with anger when you are a foreigner dating a Chinese lady.

        • Alex Dương

          That’s why Chinese men will look at you and especially your partner with anger when you are a foreigner dating a Chinese lady.

          No, that’s just closemindedness and jealousy. Same reason why “miscegenation” was illegal in many U.S. states until 1967.

        • Gordon Gogodancer

          I think the gender gap is just another excuse for some people to be dickheads. The first time i heard young guys bitching about the gender gap being a reason for bitterness against foreigners or against Chinese girls who “take advantage of it”…i laughed at how pathetic that excuse was as gender gap had no consequence on young urban men like themselves. I’m sure it does have consequences on really poor people or peasants…but surely not on them, they were simply being pathetic pussies, that’s all. Insecurity makes Chinese men say the most annoying crap and i believe that’s why many foreigner don’t like hanging out with them too much, not just because they want to shag Chinese lasses all the time. It’s just that they don’t want to deal with this awkwardness.

      • Alex Dương

        What’s it like in Denmark? In the U.S., it was not until very recently (like two months ago) that same-sex marriage got a big push. Plus, attitudes vary across in the country in seemingly odd ways. Supposedly “liberal” California voted by a clear majority (with ~79% turnout) to ban same-sex marriage in 2008, but “conservative” Iowa’s Supreme Court legalized it in 2009.

        • ClausRasmussen

          In Denmark we’ve had “registered partnerships” since 1989. Registered partnership can best be described as legal marriage as it gives the couple the same status as a traditional marriage. It compares to a US same-sex marriage

          Then in 2012 full same-sex marriages was allowed too. The difference is that we have a state church in Denmark so now you have a right to be formally married in a church. Before that you could still have an informal church wedding but you needed the consent of the priest and you weren’t formally in a partnership until you registered at the city council

          Attitudes regarding homosexuality is a little difficult to gauge as it is wildly political uncorrect to speak out against gays and discrimination is almost unthinkable

      • Ken Morgan

        From what I’ve seen in Hong Kong the parents don’t care. What they do care about is grandchildren, therefore the married man with children but sneaks off to sleep with other men from my gay friends in HK is quite common.

      • grand

        chinese usually are relaxed about homosexuals, there is no hate crime against gay people thoughout history. they however fear AIDS/HIV and gays tend to be promiscuous and is a high-risk group for AIDS.

        • ClausRasmussen

          That is also my impression but then I don’t understand all the loathing in the Chinese comments?

          • grand

            a few comments are not representative, and i suspect it stems from the fear of HIV.

          • ClausRasmussen

            ChinaSMACK usually translate the most up voted comments in the discussion, but maybe you’re right about about AIDS being the issue here

          • Sum Ting Wong

            Internet comments are mostly trolling, you can’t take them seriously. Netease is especially famous for its trolling and hilarious comments.

          • David

            granted, but I did not see a lot of hilariousness in those comments.

          • Kai

            We’ve translated a lot of Chinese internet content involving the topic of homosexuality on cS over the years, and the upvoted comments on one often show pervading sentiments that seemingly contradict those of another.

            The key is to remember the usual statistical limitations on this sort of sampling. These comments ultimately represent only a subset of the whole, of the site/community it is from, of the moment of time, and even the flaws of the commenting system used by that site/community.

            We like to say: they don’t represent everything, but they do represent something. And there’s still plenty of significance in that alone.

            It’s only when we combine what we see here with what we see in other samples of netizen comments that we begin approaching a more comprehensive understanding of Chinese netizen sentiments about homosexuality (and in this case, also HIV/AIDS), including not just diversity and biases between potentially different online demographics but also how inconsistent or ad hoc people often are.

          • David

            It seemed a lot more than a few comments and a lot more than fear. I can not remember even one of the comments (which represent the most up-voted) being mildly sympathetic, they were all hostile and hateful. Also, they were not unambiguous, they said they hate gays.

        • Teacher in China

          “gays tend to be promiscuous”
          That’s a load of crap, and only one of several loads of crap this horrible horrible article perpetuates about HIV AIDS and homosexuals. Way to celebrate World AIDS day, whoever the writer is – congrats for helping to keep these poisonous myths going.

          With all the new hookup apps popular these days in China, everyone is more promiscuous than ever before, not just “the gays”.

          In closing, FUCK. I’m angry at this article.

          • grand

            but gays do take up a big share of new infections.


            maybe i’m wrong. maybe anal sex is more dangerous than conventional sex?

          • Jahar

            you get it by fluid transfer, so it’s less likely that a straight man can get it, considering there isn’t really fluid transferring from a female to a male, except in the case of small tears or whatnot in the skin of the penis.

          • Rick in China

            Unless there’s dry vaginal rape going on. Then there’s lots of tearing.

          • Jahar

            well, those fuckers deserve what they get for raping someone. I don’t have much sympathy for racists

          • Rick in China

            Right – I shouldn’t have used the word rape, actually, in many parts of Africa, they intentionally dry out their vags as part of a weird thinking that many guys have where wet women = skanky sluts and dry/tight = preferred, so the women actually use a variety of weird shit to go desert style for their men…and the men “mop up” before penetrating. This may also be a contributing factor to the spread of HIV via heterosexual relationships…


          • Jahar


          • Poodle Tooth

            Oh, you’re getting fluid in your pee hole. Not as much, but it’s happening.

          • Jahar

            I don’t have a pee hole.

          • Rick in China

            That’s true – you can potentially get infected through the peehole if fluid gets in past the opening – it made me think, so, assuming your dick isn’t bloodied, couldn’t a little tophat be designed for the peehole that blasted off when cumming – rather than covering the whole thing in latex? Hm… hm……. one way protection perhaps, but it’d be cute to strap on a top hat and see what sort of reaction occurs.

          • Kai

            LoL, the imagery of this is pretty amusing. That said, I’m pretty sure the reason the whole thing is wrapped is because you can get friction tears during intercourse and this minimizes direct skin-to-skin/fluid contact.

            Also, if it blasted off, inside her, that wouldn’t really address the other reason condoms are used for, as contraception.

          • Rick in China

            That said

            You should have stopped with the first sentence. The rest is straight up (from me) trolling amusement. Nobody seriously expected a cock-plug-peehole-tophat “condom”!

          • Kai

            Heh, well, you had something funny to share and I was a willing audience. No harm, no foul.

          • Gays represent a proportionally larger share of infections because it’s a much smaller pool. It spreads within the homosexual community much faster than within the much larger heterosexual community, all other things being equal.

          • Ken Morgan

            I don’t know about that. In the UK STDs are RIFE amongst older people the over 45s especially. Because they no longer care about pregnancy they all assume that they are clean and therefore they shag without protection all the time.

          • I can’t speak about the UK (I’m from the US), but among the gays and bisexuals I know, most care about using protection against STDs. The lack of pregnancy of course doesn’t generally enter into it at any age.

            In any case, this is the opinion of the medical community. The smaller the pool, the faster the contagion spreads throughout it.

          • Ken Morgan

            The weird thing is amongst gay men I know is that quite a lot of them don’t partake in penetrative sex anyway. There is a TV trope about the myths in the gay community. S a friend of mine in HK hates being a top and a bottom.

          • I appreciate your comment. Yes, sometimes guys (and sometimes girls) just wanna be with each other. Penetration isn’t necessary.

          • Ale Jandro

            Non protected sex is more dangerous than protected sex… and since they are not “scared” of having babies they don’t use condom…

        • UserID01

          I find it odd how people single out homosexuals as promiscuous deviants, but nothing is said about prostitutes and johns being a high-risk group for AIDS as well. It’s putting an unfair share of AIDS hype on one specific group of people.

      • Teacher in China

        Yeah, that’s been my experience too. Usually it just gets a kind of “that’s weird/gross” reaction, but not a really hostile one. Quite a few people even seem genuinely curious.

        Unfortunately, the more inroads that Christianity makes into the country, the more that attitude is bound to change.

      • sk8erry

        Yea Chinese people are relaxed about homosexuals. But NetEase can be one of the most aggressive online communities in China. Weibo can be much better.

    • MeiHouWang

      What is a “nong” ?? … new racist term that I haven’t heard yet? Seems ironic given your comment.

      • biggj

        From the Chinese word nongmin 农民, meaning “farmer”. Uneducated Chinese person, Chinese peasants, Chinese white trash.
        Example: “That stupid nong family is letting their kid pee in the subway trashcans. “

        • Alex Dương

          Chinese white trash.

          Made me laugh.

          • Dr Sun

            it really does not mean “a farmer” but as said the Chinese version of trailer park park trash, get the drift ?

          • Alex Dương

            For sure. I just think a comparison like Chinese redneck, Chinese yokel, or Chinese trailer trash wouldn’t have been as funny.

        • MeiHouWang

          Thanks for the definition, hadn’t heard that before

          • mr.wiener

            Me neither, and my mother has been using that expression all her life. It would be interesting if the origin of that Aussie slang was Chinese… but why not?

        • Xia

          Is that the new version of “coolie”?

          • mistertibbs4u

            No, “coolie” is a term for an unskilled laborer, with dark skin… specifically dark skinned Indians denied access to jobs, but ironically ridiculed for their inability “to get a job”

            Nong is close to the meaning of white trash… a person who is unkempt in manner or behavior, having nothing to do with their ability to keep a job but only social graces.

            You can be respectable and still be a “coolie”.
            You can have a job and still be “white trash”.

            Also, there are a lot more hurtful terms than “nong” this is kind of calling someone “tu”… from the dirt, or simple farmer…

          • Poodle Tooth

            “Hick” or “yokel” is probably a better translation. Neither is racially or nationally specific, neither have connotations about one’s job per se.

          • mistertibbs4u

            I forgot about yokel… serves me for having stopped watching The Simpsons… “mah… I think I done broke my stank bone!”

    • Maybe so, but you must have chuckled when you read these two comments…

      “Every time I see news about homosexuals, it’s like looking at a pile of shit.”
      “China must quickly implement euthanasia, and impose relief on these people.”

    • Luke the Duke

      Given that your sample is 10 comments left on one website, I would hold off on making any wild generalisations about ‘mainlanders’ for now.

    • Why are you so intolerant and mean towards them/us? You claim to be tolerant and then go and show no respect. What example to do you lead?

  • 42

    This story teaches us, don’t be gay….

    • Claude

      Stop being a cunt. Like a gay person is hardwired to be gay, you will find it impossible to not be a cunt.

      • If I May

        I’m not sure yet if this “42” person is indeed a cunt or not, but the opening paragraph of the article does have a “don’t be gay” air to it.

        For example: “AIDS is gradually eroding university campuses that were once seen as pure.” That choice of words seems highly inappropriate, at least to me.

        Another one: “He hopes his story can be a warning for others, so that more university students can avoid contracting HIV.” Which warning? That gay folks should not have one night stands? If so, then the writer of this article should go back to school and relearn how to compose a proper essay or whatever.

        Nevertheless, I wager that such “warning” was not the intended one. Rather, this article seems designed to “warn” gay people to not engage in homosexual activity. If I’m correct, then that’s even more contemptible than the already disgusting local comments.

        • Teacher in China

          Don’t forget this little gem:

          “Research has shown that 7% of male university students have acknowledged having homosexual male experiences, with this proportion increasing the risk of university students becoming infected with HIV.”

          Yes, “the gays” are bringing in the HIV, which of course would never have been a problem at all if those damn gays hadn’t have brought it in. Give me a fucking break.

          • biggj


          • Kai

            Don’t be racist.

          • Free Man

            Or rather “Don’t be a specist”

          • Kai

            Heh, kinda depends if we can interbreed. Does anyone know if the evolved apes in the Planet of the Apes series could interbreed with humans?

          • Lei Feng’s Hat

            The Apes and the humans interbreeding?

            It’s a mad house! A mad house!

            As seen in biggj’s fine illustration…Astronaut Taylor giving Dr. Zira a peck on her ape cheek (before he rode off with Nova, only to crumble on the beach before the half-buried Statue of Liberty. Oops, spoiler alert.) is as close as any Ape/human interbreeding took place in all the original Planet Of The Apes movies.

          • Kai

            Aw. I never really watched the sequels so I don’t know if they ever had any future man + future evolved ape SHENANIGANS. Once you can interbreed, then I think it is no longer “specist”, because isn’t the definition of different species that they can’t interbreed? Shrug. Whatevers, thanks for the answer though.

            Still loved the original twist ending. Shit totally floored me.

          • biggj

            For sure. It could happen today. Problem is the aliens who manipulated the original ape to make humans won’t allow that to happen. It would devolve us and evolve the monkeys. So aliens made it so that if monkeys and humans did mate and were successful of conceiving, the humanzee would be infertile.

          • biggj

            Racist against talking monkeys? The joke was aids supposedly came from monkeys….and George Taylor here is kissing a monkey which could lead to other things lol. I never meant it to be against blacks or asians or whoever….just them fucking apes lol.

            [the first words ever spoken by a human to the apes]

            George Taylor: Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!

          • Kai

            Hah, yes, exactly the crux of my joke, that you’re being critical of man-ape interracial shenanigans, and thus “racist”. lol. I certainly wasn’t trying to suggest you were being racist against any human races.

      • Gordon Gogodancer

        I think his was commenting on the article’s view..not his own

  • yurah

    Why can’t people just stick to at most, one partner.

    • Ken Morgan

      Because evolution? Monogamy is a relatively modern societal and religious construct.

      Evolution says it isn’t actually natural ergo the tendency to cheat (both men and women). Take off your pants, look at your dick why does it have that shape? It has that shape because it is designed to scoop semen out of a woman of competing males. Similarly there is sperm competition where a significant % of sperm block the sperm of other males.

      Why would humans have evolved in such a way… unless we were all engaging in group sex and therefore needed a way to gain an edge in breeding our genes.

      • Guest

        That penis shape study was done awfully. They had a massive dildo scoop out the liquid from an artificial vagina (which are made to be tight). Even if the dildo were completely smooth, the effect would be the same. And have you noticed how the scoop of the penis is only at the top of it, and not below? But below is the only place you’ll need it!? The penis has its shape to put friction on the female g-spot and at the same time give pleasure to the man.

        Also, cheating is natural, and so is jealousy. Many birds famously cheat. That’s what we do as well. We try to stay promiscous, but sometimes, we cheat. We weren’t designed not to feel jealousy.

        • Guest

          Sorry, I meant chaste, not promiscuous.

        • Rick in China

          Even if it were smooth it would be the same? Huh?

          New Scientist magazine reports they found the coronal ridge of the penis, found where the glans, or head, meets the shaft, could scoop out more than 90% of the cornstarch mixture with just one thrust.

          A phallus with no coronal ridge only managed to remove 35%.

          They found the depth of thrusting was also important. A three-quarter thrust was found to clear out less than 40% of the viscous mixture.

          Not sure where you get your information, just imagine it? Or have some sort of source? Every source I’ve ever heard implies it’s for competitive reasons – much like many animals’ genitalia, evolved to reproduce better than competitors.

          • Guest

            That’s exactly the one study, from more than 10 years ago, done by Gordon Gallup. Basically, the man is incredibly biased in favor of his own theory (yes, this is his creation) that he himself tested. It also depends heavily on the motion with which you push the dildo in and pull it out. Your piece of text is from a 2003 BBC article. Doesn’t it ring a bit weird how it’s still a fringe theory, even after all that time?

            There also are no “killer sperm”. It’s a myth.

          • Guest

            Oh, and if the penis is shaped like that for the sexual pleasure of both partaking; then even a monogamous couple is more likely to have children, thus it can be competitive both monogamously and not.

          • Rick in China

            Show me something that backs up your claims, not just talk some shit. Otherwise: it’s just that, talking shit.

            Maybe you’re right – but I hardly take “guest” on Chinasmack’s word over a well reported and commonly taught theory.

          • Jahar

            Got the idea stirring pancake batter one day….

      • Kai



      • must touch brain

        Ok. Think i’ll be celibate now.

    • UserID01

      Did you stick with the very first person you’ve ever dated for the rest of your life? I’d wager that most humans didn’t find their lifelong partner in monogamy in their first crack at it. Took me four tries to find “the one” that I’ve decided I want to grow old and drop my dentures into the same cup with for the next 80 years. When you’re young, the entire point of dating is to get a deeper understanding of what you are and aren’t seeking in a lifelong partner, or even if being in a long-term committed monogamous relationship is part of your plan.

      • Alex Dương

        Maybe one at a time?

        • UserID01

          Well, unless shit gets REALLY kinky, it’s always one at a time.

          There’s a difference between being in short-term but monogamous relationships and being promiscuous in a non-committed way. From the sounds of this, it might have been a little bit of Column A and a little bit of Column B for this guy. He was in relationships where he may have been (presumably) monogamous, but in between those relationships, or when he had one night stands, he was… well… a single guy having sex. Like a lot of singles, both male and female, do.

          • Jahar

            he doesn’t literally mean at the same moment. It’s not unusual to have multiple sex partners in the same time period.

    • If I May

      Because human males have proportionally the biggest cocks in nature? I think that human females have the biggest fun bags too…

  • Amused

    Make your choices and accept your consequences. But don’t fucking cry about it later and expect sympathy from the world.

  • biggj

    Why was this guy not carrying around a bottle of gypsy tears??Best defense against aids.

    • Rick in China

      I heard the best cure is to burn a bunch of random grass and tubers beneath yourself while you lay up on a pile of sticks above. Some kinda herbal smoke cleanse.

      I find it interesting that buddy was like “no we always use condoms!” — obviously he hasn’t heard of the sneak-roll method of two-finger-pinching the shaft and after: ‘oops it fell off, I didn’t even notice’. I’d put money that this dude didn’t always fuck with condoms both directions, maybe he thinks it’s only important when he wears one and HIV only infects through the penis.

      • biggj

        And also you can catch hiv from oral sex too….less chance of it but still possible. Who knows what this guy was thinking really. If he got his STD info from china…who knows what he thinks.lol

  • Would you have sex with someone if they told you they were HIV+?
    What are the odds this guy uses a condom and says nothing to his sex partners?
    The article above states;
    “he’s not at the stage where he needs to take medication, but to lower the probability of infecting others, he choose to begin taking medication”

    • Balkan

      As far as I know, HIV is contracted mostly by having sex without condoms or by sharing needles (when it comes to drug addiction). Although the student claims he was using condoms all the time, there could have been a chance that he didn’t use it with his boyfriend or that a condom broke.

      I’m not sure there is a chance of contracting HIV if a condom doesn’t break.

      • mr.wiener

        At least he isn’t claiming he got it off a toilet seat.
        You can actually get HIV on a toilet seat…but most people agree it is more comfortable at home in bed.

        • David

          :::Rim shot::: (pun intended)

        • The worst case I ever heard is a teenage girl who was intentionally infected by her dentist.

          • Rick in China

            There was a case of a foreigner in Thailand, an old groddy one legged dude (no joke) who caught HIV in Thailand, and proceeded to intentionally spread it to as many prostitutes or other women he could. He infected (estimated) over 450 women…how fucked is that. Peg legged german fucking psycho piece of shit, is what he is, here:


            He literally cruised around looking for teenagers and offered them cash to rawdog with the straight up intention of giving them HIV. I hope he’s dead now.

      • Maybe he is engaging other infected people, but I would not be shocked if he was sleeping with people without telling them.
        If a woman I was attracted to said she had this disease, I would not have sex with her, even if I double bagged it and took every precaution out there.
        I don’t recall the %, but it is amazing how many carriers there are out there who don’t know (and probably don’t want to know)

    • Ale Jandro

      The story is fake from the very beginning. If you use condoms when you have sex how come you can get AIDS? the chances are really low.
      So since the guy did have 2 ONS is quite hard to get AIDS (1% if the guy was receiving and less than 1% if the guy was giving to an infected man). So hey, don’t have sex, don’t be gay, be a good student.
      And by the way, I am quite skeptical about those test…go to a hospital or take the test more times!

  • biggj

    No one give a shit about hiv/aids anymore…..ebola is what’s hot right now.

    • Kai

      Don’t be racist.

      • biggj

        Are you just fucking with me or what? lol That is not racist against anyone.

        • Jahar

          biggj, don’t be racist.

        • Rick in China

          The new advertisements for protecting against Ebola while maintaining an active sex life look something like this:


        • Kai

          LoL, I was banking on you reading this comment after the other one involving Planet of the Apes and immediately understanding that I was reusing/extending my joke, except this time referring to you putting down HIV over Ebola, which are both viruses (thus different “races” of viruses).

  • FYIADragoon

    Hate to say it, but the fact that he can’t ID who might have gave it to him is a bit telling about his sexual activity. Wanton promiscuity is by far not something limited to homosexuals, and its rather silly of society to perpetuate this myth, but this is seriously why it is important to not just use condoms (if he really did use them even…), but to engage in sexual relationships with individuals that you truly have a trusting relationship with so that you can both have confidence in your past sexual histories. Of course, I’m sure this advice will fall on deaf ears when it comes to the philandering ESL deadbeats of China………

    His future was already a bit doomed in this country though, as the emphasis on having children is so high and he’s not really able to comply for that.

  • biggj


    • Kai

      So they, like, gave copies of their own HIV virus to each other?

      Gotta collect them all!

      • biggj

        Not copies…when one guy with aids had sex with another guy with aids that creates super aids. If both guys don’t have aids and has sex….then both just get your regular household aids. This basic knowledge…you should know this stuff. lol

        • Jahar

          spontaneous generation. nailed it.

        • Kai


  • Small twon

    I don’t get it ,he did use protection.. how come he get infected ? I heard it’s not impossible but quite rare (some article describe it’s like winning the worst lottery)

    • Paul Schoe

      It is like becoming pregnant even when you are using condoms. Using condoms isn’t a 100% secure contraception, whether it is against sperm or virusses.

    • Guest

      i suspect he might had unsafe sex and were infected before his first test. it could take months for HIV to show up in tests. or that he got infected through other channels, like oral sex with a wound in his mouth.

    • Jahar

      You said it yourself. He won the worst lottery. If it’s 99.99% effective, then it’s gonna fail .01% of the time.

    • Rick in China

      You’re assuming that he’s telling the truth to make it appear more victim-like. It’s quite possible or even likely there was cock sucking and anal sex going on without fully wrapping up. Think about it: if he was like “yah I let some random dudes from a phone app cum in my ass” vs. “I ‘took precaution’ every single time! insisted!” — which garners sympathy, and which garners immediate dismissal? One leads to pity and one leads to insults. In this case, either way leads to insults, apparently.

      Regarding condom usage – unless it breaks – there shouldn’t be any infected fluid contact between the two. Basically things like Oral can only lead to HIV infection through open wounds — like bleeding gums or cuts in mouth or whatever, which I assume not many people have on a regular basis? I don’t know. The chances here are that he got it from unprotected sex, and his story is less air tight than even the cheapest ‘fake’ condoms seized on the coast..but the message is equally clear: be careful, be smart, and HIV will fuck up your life.

      • David

        Can you imagine if he had actually used one of those fake condoms and it was so porous that the virus got through? Talk about horrible luck.

        • Rick in China

          TBH I doubt the ‘fake condoms’ were porous. Likely just very cheaply manufactured, break easily, not a quality grade of lubricant, etc..something like that – or even just making up fake brand names to put on them. I think it’d be hard to make latex materials porous in a manufacturing process unless it was intended, and probably cost more to do that then to make a bunch of cheap shoddy condoms :P

  • biggj

    Got a question for everyone…….If you knew the person you were going to sleep with had the hiv…..and even if you used all the protection available…would you willingly sleep with them?

    I don’t think I would….the whole time having sex I would be thinking about getting hiv….I dont think I could do it….no matter how hot she was….

    • mr.wiener

      In the words of Billy Brag… “Safe sex doesn’t mean no sex. It just means use your imagination.”

    • Rick in China

      Of course not. Absolutely not. Why would anyone take that chance? The risk/reward proposition should be obvious enough to evaluate.

      Unless of course you had HIV already, then you’d be in heaven.

      (about to fuck) “I need to tell you something…….. I have HIV” > “Oh, AWESOME! Me too!” *throws out condoms*

    • UserID01

      I wouldn’t. Sorry if that somehow offends anyone at all, but I wouldn’t. This is a disease that has a well-documented history of being transmitted sexually, and I’m just not willing to take that risk. One, two, THREE condoms, doesn’t matter. I’m not going there.

  • Zappa Frank

    a doctor like Doctor Sun may correct me, but as far as I know HIV is a condition necessary but NOT sufficient to develop AIDS if treated. Now, the problem may be that this guy will not have access to appropriate treatment (how ironic, in a socialist country…) while in other country with a stronger welfare state HIV would be a condition like many, not something that makes you invalid or that condemn you to a not so far death. Another thing is the prejudice that evidently is present in China, where with HIV is legal to be discriminated. Just to say, the problem of this guy is to have HIV AND to live in China.

    • Xia

      “while in other country with a stronger welfare state HIV would be a condition like many”

      Is that true? Since years, AIDS has been a special case, not just another flu.

      But you really do see a lot more campaigns that tell people to use condoms in a stronger welfare state.

      • Zappa Frank

        of course there is prevention, because education is anyway the first things to do and because the costs for treatments are really high. But with a strong welfare state that can cover costs for treatments, with an education about what to do and how behave, how to live and so on (I mean healthy way, not that they give you restrictions on ur live), HIV becomes like many chronic diseases and can take really long time before becoming AIDS. Look at magic Johnson , still with HIV only after 25 years… Of course, like many chronic disease your life spawn may be reduced of some years, it is unlikely that you will reach 100 years, but is nothing like your life is ruined forever…

        • Xia

          But your sex life is ruined forever…

          • Zappa Frank

            yes is ruined (if you are an honest person), but with condom you still can do some… anyway sex life is just a part (important) of life

          • Rick in China

            But your sex life is ruined forever…

            Or not – and you rawdog everything left and right because yer no longer afraid of getting HIV and hate the world so let it burn LET IT BURN!

        • Xia

          Rich country = strong welfare = you can afford treatment = you don’t die of just any shit.

          Now people still wonder why so many Chinese want to move to a Western country?

          • Zappa Frank

            people wonder why so many Chinese don’t give a fuck about having a better government.

          • Xia

            Because they know a “better government” does not equal money to afford a strong welfare.

          • Ale Jandro

            and why so? think about it

          • Xia

            Even the government needs to get that money somewhere, right? And where does the wealth come from? Taxpayers.

          • Ale Jandro

            Corruption, taxes and spending efficiency (paying to people to control the internet? What the duck?)

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            paying to people to control the internet

            Thats practiced by many other nations, e.g the US

          • Xia

            The corruption is in the people, that’s in the culture, not just the system. Oversight and control of a huge bureaucracy is always a problem, one look at India and one knows that this problem is inherent to its size. The current wasting (like paying people to control the internet) is peanuts in compare to the wealth that is needed to establish a social security system for 1,3 billion people. And tax in China is already pretty high for the high income people, much of it is poured into building the necessary infrastructure for industrialization. There is just a lack of sustainable investment that would guarantee to pay off in the long run.

          • Ale Jandro

            Taxes are not payed as it should be, in most European countries we have that system… I don’t think why Chinese shouldn’t.
            They are more people so they can get more money. Spain started his medical system long ago, when Spain was undeveloped or at the same level as China.

          • Xia

            China also has a medical system, but right now it does not work really well. More people goes both ways. It also makes a comprehensive medical service for everyone a hell lot more expensive. I don’t understand your logic behind “They are more people so they can get more money.” More people, but not nearly enough value creation in the global supply chain, only means that the job market is over-flooded and people get paid less. Just look at the average Chinese income today, it’s not exactly rosy.

        • 白色纯棉小裤裤

          If you know somebody have HIV, he/she is attractive to you and you can use condoms, would you fuck him/her?

      • Ale Jandro

        I am Spanish and treatment is covered… that means: you’re not going to die of AIDS…

    • Jahar

      Magic Johnson still doesn’t have AIDS(AFAIK), and he was diagnosed HIV positive somewhere around 1990

      • Ale Jandro

        HIV = Virus
        AIDS = Effects of the virus when it manifests itself in the human body.
        While HIV is killing the white cells the AIDS does not appear. But when the level of white cells (that gives you immunity and protect your from diseases) falls down drastically then you have AIDS.
        So Aids is the consequence of HIV.
        The pic explains much better what I am trying to say.

        • Jahar

          There’s no need to explain it to me.

          • Ale Jandro

            I’d love to explain to everyone! I’m glad that there’s no need to explain it to you :-)

  • Johan Viskar

    If you risk your own life to get infected with the AIDS, you also lose the right to spread it to others.
    Test everyone and put the infected on an island to protect our children! One or 2 generations later and we all will be safe.
    Sorry but it is common sense not to put it in the pooper

  • Chris

    china may be the last in the world to accept gay rights, not because they hate gays but because their entire society has no place for them. ironically they are no where near as zealous about their homophobia as some countries and they probably have the world’s largest population of gays too…

  • Irvin

    AIDS, it’s inevitable when you get acquainted with too many assholes.

  • Kai

    Just click the source link. Even if people can’t read Chinese, it isn’t too hard to figure out what the upvote counts are. Don’t be lazy! ;)

    But remember the caveats whenever we invoke representativeness. Surely the most upvoted comments are representative, but of what?

    Of all Chinese society? Of mainstream Chinese society? Of Chinese netizens? Of Chinese netizens on NetEase? Of Chinese netizens on NetEase who were online at the time and saw this article? Of Chinese netizens on NetEase who who were online at the time and this article and decided they had an opinion to express?

    Likewise, what kind of comments on cS would we consider “representative” of the cS community?

    • If I May

      Got it. Thanks, Kai.

      I said in another comment near this response that at the very least, the local comments represent the NetEase readership. A good chunk of it, anyway… That seems fair. Would you agree with that?

      • Kai

        Heh, I suppose people could argue what “good chunk” means, but let’s just say these comments had a lot of upvotes and, in my eyes, that reflects poorly on those who made them and those who upvoted them.

        Beyond what I’ve already alluded to, the reason I’m very hesitant to go ahead and say this represents NetEase’s readership is because I’m also keenly aware of NetEase commenters having espoused rather enlightened and non-prejudiced sentiments about homosexuality in other comments in other articles that also had plenty of upvotes. So I’m confronted with the question: which set of highly-upvoted comments is more representative of NetEase’s readership? Are the people responsible for both the same? If different, why did one group dominate in the comments of this article but not that one?

        Ultimately, I’m annoyed but not particularly surprised by the sentiments we see in many of these Chinese netizen comments. I try to remind myself that, quite frankly, homosexuality has always been reliably marginalized and maligned by the average common person in the world. Sure, there are different norms of public political correctness and that leads individuals to self-censor their speech, but there’s a reason why there are still gay pride parades and efforts to increase awareness of discrimination and foster greater tolerance. This sort of prejudice against homosexuals just isn’t really that uncommon, in China or elsewhere, and I want to focus on the prejudice itself rather than the identities of the prejudiced.

        So let’s euthanize these fuckers.

    • Jahar

      also, people who feel strongly tend to comment more. i’d say when aimed towards the gay community, the feelings of hate are much stronger and common than the feelings of love.

  • Kai

    I dunno, I think the jury’s a bit out on this one.

    I think there’s a lot of factors to what makes something pejorative and then possibly “racist”. For example, there’s a difference between a person denigrating another as a “nongmin” (an actual Chinese term) and shortening that word into “nongs”. Does the latter become a slur? Like shortening “Hispanic” to “spic”? Or “Chinese” to “chink”? “Negro” to “nigger” or “nig”?

    I’m not suggesting “nongmin” is comparable to racial identifiers, I’m trying to illustrate the similar mechanics of how pejorative intent morphed value-neutral words into slurs, especially in alphabetized/romanized languages. There’s a difference between us calling someone “nongmin” versus calling them “nongs”.

    What do you guys think?

    Oh, and while Chinese aren’t “racist” towards themselves, they’re pretty prejudiced and bigoted against other Chinese on a variety of other factors. There’s regionalism, classism, etc.

    • If I May

      “Nong” is obviously pejorative, but not racist. Therefore, I’m guilty of having used a pejorative term here. Actually, I use this word fairly often, and I don’t feel bad about it because it is accurate far more often than not. Anyhow, “nongmin” and “nong” hardly seem different — in the context that we’re talking about, they have essentially the same connotations.

      Regarding racism per se vs. prejudice and bigotry, you’re correct — the latter are ubiquitous, while the former is unknown (at least directly).

      • Kai

        Sorry, I need to clarify. I don’t think calling people who are like nongmin “nongmin” is racist. At most, it may be a little unfair to actual nongmin who don’t behave as they are stereotyped to behave.

        I do however think shortening “nongmin” into “nong/s” is a “slur-ification” of the word, which escalates the intensity of the pejorative intent (similar to “spic”). Overall, I don’t see much legitimate utility in going down that road. I

        For “nong/s” to become racist, I think there would be a few other factors necessary. For example, if it was used to by a non-Chinese person to insult another non-Chinese person by effectively calling them “Chinese”, similar to how you might accuse a non-Jew of being a “Jew”. There has to be some sort of mutual understanding that someone not of a race is being likened to another race because it is considered “bad”. Anyone following my train of thought here?

        Anyway, I also just realized my remark about Chinese not being racist “towards themselves” might not make sense without clarifying the context. You had said “the Chinese are not exactly known for being racist toward themselves”. I meant to say, no, of course a Chinese person isn’t racist to another Chinese person in the way we typically think of a white person being to a black person (for example). That isn’t to say Chinese aren’t prejudiced against “their own” (other Chinese), such as regionalism and classism. They also hold arguably “racist” views toward and about themselves “as a race”, many of which are sometimes negative.

        • mr.wiener

          “Nong” in Aussie and English slang may not have necessarily have come about from a Chinese root word. I remember many people were upset about the word “niggardly” as being racist when the root word was Scandinavian and not “Nigger”.

          • Kai

            “Niggardly” is one of those words that quickly reveal how well-read someone is.

          • If I May

            Yep. Incidentally, that’s a word that will become obsolete in due course due to its propensity to cause problems with plebs that don’t know any better. It’s already almost completely disused in normal discourse, actually. On rare occasions, I run into it through texts, but I don’t recall having ever used it or having heard someone else use it. Language… it’s very much a living thing.

          • Kai

            We can always try to preserve it (like we do pandas) by intentionally introducing it into our daily speech.

            Though I guess our conscious awareness that it will easily offend people who think it is “nigger” makes us guilty of trolling people.

          • If I May

            Don’t sweat it regarding those people… We should never be niggardly toward language. :-)

    • silent observer

      nong is racist….shit that means i cannot say it anymore :(

    • Jahar

      By “Chinese aren’t racist towards themselves,” you mean Han to Han, right? Because I’ve met tons of Chinese citizens who are racist towards Uighurs. They are Chinese too.

      • Kai

        See my subsequent conversation with If I May for clarification of what I was thinking about and what I was trying to say.

        I wouldn’t even say Han to Han because there are a lot of non-Han that aren’t that different looking from Han. Moreover, Han itself isn’t even a really a distinct ethnic group but more of an umbrella classification for people who can’t really identify their actual ethnic background. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Han_Chinese

        But yeah, definitely, if you’re a Chinese national of a distinct ethnic group or simply have an appearance that deviates from the norm, other Chinese can definitely be “racist” against you. Uigurs are perhaps the most obvious while many of the other ethnic groups are often quite indistinguishable from the diversity found within the Han themselves.

        Just in case, please see my edit to my comment. Hopefully you’ll understand what I was thinking about and thus understand what I meant with the “Chinese aren’t racist towards themselves” remark. Cheers.

    • Rick in China

      I don’t get your point – you’re talking about racism and relating “nongs” to racist terms – then saying you’re not trying to compare them..but you just did, and mentioned racism. There’s nothing racist about calling peasanty-type people nongs in China whatsoever, it’s classist absolutely..but nothing racist, and it’s a little bit deceptive to even wedge that whole track into the discussion.

      • Kai

        I was talking about how terms can be made pejorative and then possibly racist. When I was comparing “nong” and “spic”, I was not comparing them as both racist terms but as terms where the morphing or shortening of a term transforms it into a slur. I anticipated that some people might think I’m comparing them as both racist terms so I tried to make it clear that I’m only comparing them for how they are both words that were morphed or shortened to achieve pejorative intent.

        Are you following me? See the rest of my conversation with If I May. It should hopefully clarify further what I’m saying.

        It’s not racist for a Chinese person to denigrate another Chinese person as “nongmin”. That’s classist, yes. The question is whether or not a non-Chinese person calling people “nongs” may carry racial overtones. Another commenter seems to share my uncertainty that it can.

    • mistertibbs4u

      Actually, one-character terms are rarely as hurtful and don’t hold as much wait in Chinese conversation.

      Actually, you being so angry that you only uttered one Chinese character will make you lose face. Being calm in your insult against another Chinese person will make them feel much smaller and therefore is more hurtful.

      In the end, none of these terms are racist as they are heavily used (and created by) Chinese.

      Being a non-Chinese and calling someone a “xiao shi min” is much more hurtful and if you’re not Chinese can carry a sort of “racist” connotation.

      • Kai

        I’m not familiar with 农 “nong” being a slur among Chinese people. 土 is what I usually hear when someone wants to criticize someone for nongmin-ish behavior, or at least some behaviors while others results in other words, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of nong except as used by some expat commenters on cS.

        Now, China is a big place and there are different colloquialisms in different places, so feel free to tell me it’s a common Chinese colloquialism in some place in China. It just isn’t something I’ve run into, and overall, your first two paragraphs don’t strike me as a thing in China or Chinese.

        Regarding terms being racist, I clarified what I was trying to say in subsequent responses to If I May and one of them kinda touches upon the very thing you say in your last paragraph. Cheers.

        • If I May

          I have an old Chinese friend who has used the term “nong” around me a few times. He’s a writer and photographer, and makes a living as a teacher in a college. He’s from Sichuan and is in his late 40’s. His English consists of maybe fifteen words and he doesn’t know any other expats. He’s decently educated and bright, but comes from a farmer family. Anyhow, he was using this term since well before I even became aware of it. I have no idea if “nong” is common or even somewhat common in his circle/environment/town, though. I should ask him.

          • Kai

            Can you remember the various ways he might’ve used it in a sentence/phrase? I’d be interested in how he used it in context.

            I interact with a lot of local Chinese everyday and haven’t encountered someone denigrating others as 农 just by itself, so that’s why I’m hesitant to believe Chinese people commonly use such a term in such a way, but like I said, I might just not be around those who do. So for me, “nongmin”, plenty of times, but “nong”, never. I’ve only heard of cS commenters using it and only fairly recently.

          • If I May

            I remember him having used it four or five times around me over the past few years, but only one specific instance clearly — the first.

            Basically, I was bitching to him about how crummy nearly all of our neighbors were (and still are) — they are easily the worst I’ve experienced anywhere in the world, including China (and I’ve lived in several cities over here, rich, poor and in-between). His response was something like: “That’s because most of our neighbors now are nong ignoramuses. Nongmin!!” Something to that effect…

            (This city used to have rather decent people, albeit still essentially peasant class and somewhat rough, but since around 2008, the place has been flooded with the lowest of the low and all of the grotesque behavior that they brought with them, especially after 2010. It’s *really* bad. Not to mention the unimaginably chaotic “development” that has occurred since, the five-fold increase in suicidal/murderous traffic, enormous pollution, etc. I always chuckle when I hear people complaining about cities like Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Xi’an, et al. Those places are paradise in comparison. Anyhow, I won’t reveal the name of this city because I want to keep my identity reasonably private. I’m just about the only foreigner here, after all; in more than ten years in this city, on and off, I’ve run into only five or six, and none stayed for more than four months. This is hardcore China.)

            I don’t remember the precise words that my pal said when he used “nong” the other times — I’m sorry — but I do recall that the subject was essentially the same.

          • Kai

            Hah, you sound like a lot of Chinese urban locals who complain about their respective influx of waidiren. Did he say that in Chinese or English? I was hoping to get an idea of the approximate Chinese words and phrasing he used to see if I could recognize how he wielded the individual 农. For example, if he was speaking Chinese, what was the Chinese word he used for “ignoramuses”?

            As someone who knows what places like yours are like but personally lives in Shanghai, a place where it is considerably more comfortable for an expat/foreigner, I can only hold up a three-fingered salute and encourage you to stay strong, lol. Chinese netizens have this joke about different difficulty levels in life where, for example, being born in the US is easy mode while being born in China is insane mode or whatever. Your “hardcore” reminded me of that. Cheers.

      • If I May

        I just checked with my wife (she’s Chinese) in order to confirm if what you said was accurate. She agreed with all of it, even with the word “racist” inside quotation marks.

        Basically, “xiao shi min” (literally, “small city/town person”, with “small” modifying “person”, not “city/town”) can be used by a non-Chinese without having the racist connotation, but it all depends on the context.

        For example, if a more or less urban person (i.e. not a true nongmin) is behaving like an asshole to you for no good reason, then you can use “xiao shi min” without it implying some racial nonsense (unless the person being insulted is already such an insecure fool that he/she will *chose* to see it racially).

        On the other hand, if you use “xiao shi min” for no apparent reason (e.g. just to be a dick), then the phrase could fairly easily be misconstrued as being racially motivated.

        I learned something today… Cheers.

  • Roger Daily

    That is the risk people take when they go fudge-packing,

  • Saya Lee

    anybody ever thought about AIDS.HIV being a HOAX? I mean, even this gay chap is asking himself where he got it from? Stupid kid, get real and ignore Big Pharma propaganda, stop taking this poison and live again!

    • Teacher in China

      Not everything is a hoax, Saya. I’m all for healthy skepticism in life, but I think suggesting AIDS/HIV is a hoax is a step too far.

    • hess

      Why don’t you go sleep with someone with HIV without using a condom, then tell us if its hoax or not. Dumb fuck

    • biggj


    • Natural selection.

    • mr.wiener

      That hasn’t worked very well for anyone who tried it.

      • Saya Lee

        Actually, it has worked ONLY for the guys that have tried it, the ones that took ATZ have all died like flies.

        Montagnier, the scientist who “identified” HIV in the 1980s now says for a good immune system it is like the flu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcPfOOKcRyE

        You guys are ruthless bastards, killing people by your ignorance!

        • vincent_t

          Go get 1 and proof us wrong.

        • Zappa Frank

          I guess for you than would be like flu to have HIV? I agree on some points like I said before, HIV is a condition necessary but not sufficient for developing AIDS but to say is like flu… flu goes, HIV remain… besides strength of immune system is exactly what most HIV infected lack of.

          • Saya Lee

            this not me saying it, it is the guy who found the f*cking thing.

            very revealing is the comment about making money, it is so obvious.

            watch the whole “House of Numbers” movie, do a little research and then we are talking again.

            this is like talking about religion, full of dogma whereas it should be dealt with with science.

          • Zappa Frank

            actually the dogma is yours since you are telling me to look for some videos and not for some scientific articles..

          • Saya Lee

            this makes me sick, people not doing their homework and putting others at risk.
            Have you never asked yourself why AIDS is not a single disease but rather a combination of multiple ones? So if somebody dies of pneumonia and also has lymphoma we categories them under AIDS death. For hundreds of years those people simple died on pneumonia. End of story. A real disease that has been around since humans have been sitting on trees.

            Anyway Zappa you have been conditioned that HIV causes AIDS for 30 years now, I understand it is challenging to question your believes but if new evidence/information comes to light should we stop asking questions? In your world we would still believe the sun rotates around the sun…sorry, but your comments as you can see in this article are killing or at least seriously hurting people and you do so without bad feelings, you might not have AIDS but you are seriously sick!

          • Zappa Frank

            again, you don’t grasp the point. if you do this kind of affirmation is your duty to produce evidences…I don’t think you have a clear idea about science. please link me a single scientific paper that confirm your position instead of bitching and showing how much you are unable to have even an elementary discussion.

          • Rick in China

            understand it is challenging to question your believes but if new evidence/information comes to light should we stop asking questions?

            I think that’s the point. NO EVIDENCE has come to light. Only aids-denier propaganda bullshit with no scientific backing. The only evidence is some bullshit spouted from your keyboard, and you wont find any love here. Your logic of how “AIDS” is classified is also completely wrong. Pneumonia+lymphoma=AIDS, HAHAHAHAHA, you sure are funny.

          • Saya Lee

            Hahaha, that is exactly what it is! If you can read – Idiot!


            1987 definition[edit]

            Candidiasis of bronchi, trachea, or lungs

            Candidiasis esophageal

            Coccidioidomycosis, disseminated or extrapulmonary

            Cryptococcosis, extrapulmonary

            Cryptosporidiosis, chronic intestinal for longer than 1 month

            Cytomegalovirus disease (other than liver, spleen or lymph nodes)

            Cytomegalovirus retinitis (with loss of vision)

            Encephalopathy (HIV-related)

            Herpes simplex: chronic ulcer(s) (for more than 1 month); or bronchitis, pneumonitis, or esophagitis

            Histoplasmosis, disseminated or extrapulmonary

            Isosporiasis, chronic intestinal (for more than 1 month)

            Kaposi’s sarcoma

            Lymphoma, Burkitt’s

            Lymphoma, immunoblastic (or equivalent term)

            Lymphoma, primary, of brain

            Mycobacterium avium complex or Mycobacterium kansasii, disseminated or extrapulmonary

            Mycobacterium, other species, disseminated or extrapulmonary

            Mycobacterium tuberculosis, any site (extrapulmonary)

            Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia (formerly Pneumocystis carinii)

            Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy

            Salmonella septicemia (recurrent)

            Toxoplasmosis of the brain

            Tuberculosis, disseminated

            Wasting syndrome due to HIV

            Added in 1993[edit]

            Cervical cancer (invasive)

            Mycobacterium tuberculosis, any site (pulmonary)

            Pneumonia (recurrent)

          • Rick in China

            That’s not what it is, apparently you can’t read your own link. Or you just take the bits out of context that supports your stupid argument, which is completely wrong:

            “According to the CDC definition, a patient has AIDS if he or she is infected with HIV and either:”

            Is that clear? “is infected with HIV AND EITHER

            Get it? You don’t have AIDS because: “So if somebody dies of pneumonia and also has lymphoma we categories them under AIDS death. For hundreds of years those people simple died on pneumonia. End of story.”

            Your entire argument is ridiculous, ignorant, and spreading falsehoods, I suggest you either read more of your own material or stop causing serious potential harm to people who read and believe your utter bullshit posing as fact.

          • moop

            it’s an auto-immune system disease, is it not? isn’t it logical that people would die of complications arising from the disease instead of the disease itself? let’s say an immune system so weak that a run-of-the-mill cold turns into pneumonia?

          • Ale Jandro

            People died of pneumonia and lymphoma for thousands of years but hey, suddenly the rate of people that suffer from those diseases had transmitted the disease in a specifically way, and they have an incubation period different from the disease (pneumonia)…wow, curious… and suspicious.
            Then you find out that there is a virus that they have and that the more quantity the more opportunistic diseases they get.
            But hey, there is not a correlation between them.

          • Teacher in China

            Are you really Saya Lee….?

          • Saya Lee

            no, my real name is Li Saya

          • Teacher in China

            Weird, your posts don’t sound like I remember you being. We’ve met before several times, back in BJ around 2008-2009.

          • Rick in China

            Oh, you wilfully ignorant poor soul you. Are you seriously suggesting anyone watch “House of Numbers”? You mean a a film that showcases a woman and her daughter talking about how bad the HIV drugs are and that they cause AIDs, then die before the film is released? Both of them? And that scientists interviewed in the film claim they were edited out of context to create answers that fit the narrative trying to be promoted by the guy who directed, filmed, starred in his one man show? Yay, lets promote propaganda to support a position that isn’t scientifically based whatsoever, because it makes us look like fucking tools – GREAT PLAN! Go get’em Saya!

          • Saya Lee

            I totally agree with you, the two groups dont waste any time getting into a good fight and getting dirty with eachother.

            We should encourage disagreement because if everyone agrees with one paradigm we would all still be sitting in caves, or at least you Rick in China would.

          • Rick in China

            Arguing is good. Realizing you’re wrong and admitting it – is better – especially when followed by shutting the fuck up..but I doubt that’ll happen in this case, it’s clear you’ve got your direction and refuse to bend, and that direction is laden with conspiracy theory rather than scientific fact.

          • biggj

            Where is all the money to be made from piss poor African people? Now if you said aids was made by a goverment to kill off blacks,gays and drug addicts….that’s way more belivable.

        • mr.wiener

          I’ll be sure to send you some winter melon tea if you get HIV.
          Now if you will excuse me I have to see if the check from Phyzer has cleared.

        • biggj

          So what happened to this woman?


          • Saya Lee

            “Maggiore’s death certificate states that the cause of death was disseminated herpes virus infection and bilateral pneumonia,”

            so what are you proving me here, that I am right? Yes she died of pneumonia, as have people for millions of years. Nothing more, and nothing less am I saying.

          • Ale Jandro

            Symptoms of someone that got AIDS…
            I am very tired of AIDS denialists… my mom saw a lot of people die in the 80’s when she was working in a hospital.
            At the beginning gay, then also drug addicts and then everyone… but hey, the died of pneumonia or a weird cancer! NEVER AIDS!
            I am a reasonable person and I can give you data about this topic but with all the due respect: go to hell with aids.

    • biggj

      See you don’t die from aids…..it just fucks your immune system. You die from like the cold or the flu or something like that. And one other thing…Let take america for example…lets say 1 millon people have hiv in america……lets say half can afford some treatment. So the other half with an apple a day….should keep the doctor away.

    • donscarletti

      I had a teacher who died from it.

      Pretty nasty way to go. He’d just be suddenly sick from the flu and be unable to recover for a month or something. Then after sort of getting better, he would get sick again a few weeks later. The duration of sickness incrementing each time.

      This was coupled with severe weight loss, the death of his boyfriend and the knowledge that he was going to be dead within a couple of years and it was incurable (and untreatable too in those days), meaning that it hit him pretty hard physically and emotionally. Personally, I’d much prefer cancer.

      It’s real, it’s nasty and it’s a threat.
      Problem is, with antibiotics we don’t take disease seriously any more, furthermore people identifying as “conservative” have been ignoring this disease for so long that nobody has the will to use the obvious measure of quarantine to prevent it, so we’ve let this completely non-contagious disease become an epidemic.

      HIV has three tricks. Firstly, it hides in its hosts’ DNA, meaning it is almost impossible to rid oneself of it. Secondly, it attacks its host’s immune system, meaning it can slowly take over despite its relative weakness. Thirdly, it politicises itself through its choice of targets, gays, drug users, Africans, so that those who would fight it do not see it as a threat and those who see it as a threat are unwilling to truly curtail the vectors of its spread.

      • Saya Lee

        …I guess the guy has been taking AZT! Yeah sure they all died, because it is cell poison. It even says it in the description of the drug.

        • donscarletti

          This was in 1990…

        • If I May

          And with that tragic story from 1990 courtesy of Don, this thread should end here, Saya.

          Your “research” is so deeply flawed, and in so many ways, that I’m surprised anyone even bothered to respond to you after your second or third post.

          It’s one thing to discuss issues regarding certain modern vaccines, or even fluoridated water — some of those problems are real — but to assert that HIV/AIDS is a hoax, and to base such an assertion on such an asinine interpretation of facts is not only sad, but dangerous. This is especially true in view that you probably try to convince everyone around you that you’re correct and one or more people infected with HIV might fall for your nonsense and end up having shorter lives. That’s not cool, so please drop it.

    • Jahar

      I’m pretty sure all disease is a hoax. I’ve never seen one. maybe they are making it all up.

    • UserID01

      Please elect to remove yourself from the gene pool and flee from the very idea of procreating in the future with anyone, ever.

  • Kai

    Right, remember I said “I’m not suggesting ‘nongmin’ is comparable to racial identifiers” earlier. I was just trying to clarify my earlier remarks, for the record, and not necessarily “to (or at) you”. Cheers.

    • biggj

      It’s just the way they are implied. Anything can be a racial slur…..i’ll make a word…zipclap….means nothing to no one at the moment….Now if I point at say a black guy an say” Look at that dirty fucking zipclap going to get his walfare check” And once that word gets more popular…it’s get worse and worse until we have a word on par with nigger or cracker or chink.

      • Rick in China

        I’m going to carry the torch on that one. Fuckin zipclaps all over the place slangin’ coke, I tell ya.

        • mistertibbs4u


          Unfortunately, you’d need the united discontent of a majority of white people to get that ball rolling.

          Coincidentally, due to racial conditions in the United States during the Bush administration, terms for whites like “tall folks”, “marvins (as in milk toast)”, Geicos (from the car insurance caveman commercials), caveman, ofays and pollys (any woman whose interested in white guys… because she wants a cracker) have all followed your zipclap analogy.

          You do however have a chance to follow the term “Monday” which was born out of frustration of native African dudes taking all the chicks at the Chinese clubs.

          “Ah, here comes a Monday”
          “Monday? You mean that black guy?”
          “Yeah… everybody hates Mondays”

          Good luck!

      • Kai

        Yep, exactly right, anything can be made a pejorative slur.

  • Kai

    People have made similar suggestions over the years, but we’ve been uncomfortable with that sort of editorializing of the content. It makes every piece of translation an issue of “presenting balance” when it is perhaps more important to expect readers to be intelligent enough to gradually recognize that they have to form their opinions on multiple sources and instances rather than the comments to a single article from a single Chinese website.

    In some ways, we may be overly idealistic about this, but it’s a sort of balance we’ve struck and are wary of arbitrarily changing. I (we) understand the good intentions though. Overall, perhaps like everywhere else, mainland people’s world views are simultaneously worse than we hoped and better than we feared. Meh, right?

    Heh, yeah, my last remark was for shits and giggles.

    • ClausRasmussen

      >> It makes every piece of translation an issue of “presenting balance”

      Don’t go down that road. It is fine as it is

  • waihang

    Say hello to the Cultural Marxism, it’s “cool” to be gay!

  • mistertibbs4u

    I agree.

    Calling someone nigger in the US could get your BMW stolen…

    or worse.

  • Saya Lee

    Fuck those pills, if you guys still want to be a slave of big pharma and believe their lies, go ahead n die!

    For all the others, happy screwing without rubber, fuck those AIDS-fanatics!

    • Rick in China

      happy screwing without rubber

      Seems you’re on the train to be one of the ones who will ‘go ahead n die’. Just hope you don’t take down a bunch of unsuspecting people along with you in your b-line for the grave.

      • If I May

        Leave her alone. She might be nuts, but she obviously enjoys her money shots. That should count for something.

    • Zappa Frank

      yeah yeah ok, it has to be a complot… probably has been driven out by the pluto-judaic-massonic association (TM) or maybe by the hidden world’s king that rules from Agharti… anyway I’m pretty sure that also the chemtrails are involved.. but you should not displace such truth here, it may endanger your life, those are powerful enemies… and people unreasonably refuse to be enlightened

  • Wodowsan

    I could never understand how any true blooded Heterosexual male could be hostile towards homosexual males. If anything they should celebrate homosexuality. For every homosexual male there is, less competition for heterosexual males. Female homosexual I can understand opposing. Although I do support female bi-sexuality.

  • Poodle Tooth

    I wish there were a one-character epithet for doughy Audi-driving Chinese guys.

  • Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you. BUT (including myself, Rich who sinned in sexual lusts) you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God.
    -1 Corinthians 6:9-11, Paul’s letter to Corinth in which chapter 13 is read at many weddings

    And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment, so Christ was offered once to bear the sins of many. To those who eagerly wait for Him He will appear a second time, apart from sin, for salvation.
    -Hebrews 9:27-28

  • Saya Lee

    Guys who ask questions:


    A Nobel prize winner asking the same questions as I do. Go and argue with him.

    AIDS is a BIG BIG Pharma LIE

    • Zappa Frank

      they will kill you, hide as soon as you can… the smoking god has already send his minions on your track… I’m warning you, go to the hidden place where there the ‘independent researchers’ that work for free (they leant how to do photosynthesis and don’t need to eat anymore) only for the sake of humanity are debunking all the traps of BIG BIG Pharma, we don’t need medicines, sickness are all invention, we may finally back to the paleolitic age, were people lived free from pharma industry, cereal industry, meat industry, automobile industry, tobacco industry, anti-tobacco industry, cancer industry (invented as well) and were able to die at 20 years old, but merry

      • Rick in China

        My God Man!

      • Saya Lee

        Zappa, you are so full of shit. Go and answer the arguments brought out and not simply try to discredit people who do not share your insane views of the world. Nothing is black and white, the truth is somewhere in the middle, but those people have some good points


        • Zappa Frank

          so you are picky with you conspiracy theories, some are good and some are not.. why? I’m just try to protect you anyway, because if BIG PHARMA inc. is so powerful to invent a fake disease for sure is also enough to kill someone who try to enlighten the mental weak fellows that believe aids does exist.
          protect yourself poor fool that don’t believe in the immense power of the god of agarthi… you are obviously indoctrinate to not see above your short nose..

          by the way, posting videos and not any discussion nor any articles is just like you mean “I have no idea of what I’m talking about, but just look this video maybe related with something I wanted to say..”.. again, pray the smoking god, that maybe would cure you dandruff and will turn it in precious cheese.

    • Teacher in China

      You should probably just give up on this now, Saya. No one here believes this. You’re not going to change any minds.

    • Ale Jandro


      no more to say!
      And sorry but here nobody believes in AIDS denialism!

  • wnsk

    must have been one of those defective condoms we read about a couple of articles ago…

  • Ron

    Dude, don’t worry. As long as you take the medication religiously and don’t stop. U can live a full life. Just remain your cautious self. Most people with hiv infection can live up to 70-80 years old. Usually they die of other complications such as cancer or diseases associated with metabolic syndrome. AIDS itself is uncommon unless you get infected with new strain or you stop medications allowing them to become resistant faster.

  • gregblandino

    What this article should have been…

    If you are at risk for HIV, get on PrEP: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pre-exposure_prophylaxis

    If you think you’ve been exposed to HIV, get on a PEP ASAP: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post-exposure_prophylaxis

    If you’ve got HIV, never fear, you can live a long fulfilling life with a viral load of 0 with a highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Management_of_HIV/AIDS

    PrEP, PEP, or HAART.

    If you’re deliberatlely spreading shame, ignorance, misinformation and/or concern trolling, go fuck yourself! You’re a terrible human being.

    If you’re actually concerned about HIV/AIDS, fight to get these highly effective medicines into the hands of everyone who needs them. With proper treatment, HIV becomes a chronic condition, and will never progress to AIDS.

  • Kai

    Hah, cheers. Maybe it was 傻农 sha nong or 笨农 ben nong? I can imagine a Chinese person saying that, but off the top of my head, it’s still predominantly 农民 nongmin, 土鳖 tubie, 乡下人 xiangxiaren, etc. Hope you have a good weekend, I’m off to a wedding soon. Peace.

  • demure guy

    while I do respect homosexuals and their preferences in partners, sleeping around is again unacceptable.
    and before you condemn me of discrimination, sleeping around, for both males and females, is greatly frowned upon in general because of the 1. kind of emotional impact these activity brings to the people involved as well as to the society and 2, because of the diseases that might be passed on.

    I don’t agree with comments above but again, he had engaged in this activity with multiple partners knowing the risks involved (fyi: condoms aren’t 100% foolproof) so i won’t say he is innocent