Hong Kong Luxury Stores See Worst “Golden Week” Ever


From Ladymax:

Hong Kong Fashion Retailers Hit Hard During National Holiday“Golden Week”, Pearl Stores Have More Employees Than Customers

On the second day of the October 1st “Golden Week” Hong Kong had lost the splendor of past years. The magnificent scenes of previous years had disappeared as tourists vanished from usually bustling areas like Mong Kok, Tsim Sha Tsui, Causway Bay, the Wan Chai District and other areas. According to reports from the Hong Kong media, business during this years holiday was barely equal to a normal weekend, and many business owners were claiming that it was the “worst Golden Week ever”. The long lines usually in front of luxury stores on Guangdong Avenue in Tsim Sha Tsui had disappeared, and more that 10 high-end pearl shops on Haipang Street were completely deserted. In some shops, there were more employees than shoppers.

An industry insider explained that the number of tourists traveling to Hong Kong during the national holiday had decreased, leading to local retailers incurring heavy losses. The reason being that these retailers had based their operations and service on the enormous needs of Mainland Chinese shoppers, especially luxury brands and pearl retailers. The Hong Kong Tourism Industry Commission pointed out that on the first day of Golden Week, there were about 260 Mainland Chinese tour groups visiting Hong Kong, a 12% decrease from last year.

On October 2nd, Yao Sirong, Vice-chairman of the Hong Kong Tourism Commission said that during this year’s “October 1st Holiday” Golden Week, we won’t see the “impossible hotel room” phenomenon. On the 1st, hotel occupancy rates were around 80%, and rates were forecast at up to 90%, but rates for the whole Golden Week will be less than the 90% of past years. Room rates have fallen 10-20% from last year. Yao Sirong said that previous strikes against merchandise smugglers have caused some tourists to go to other countries, such as Japan and Korea. In addition, Hong Kong doesn’t have any new attractions, leading to a reduction in Mainland Chinese tourists. Hong Kong is no longer the first choice for Mainland Chinese.

Hong Kong retail trade suffered a serious setback. Huang Weichang, Chairman and C.E.O. of the Luk Fook Group, pointed out that currently the retail trade had reached an all-time low, and estimated that usually low points usually last 2 to 3 years before recovering. About the travel frenzy induced by the National Holiday, he predicts that the stream of tourists will fall short of numbers from the same period last year. Recalling sales from previous holidays quickly jumping to 2 to 3 times that of normal days, he says it will be difficult for this year to see such spectacular sales figures as there were in years past. In order to respond to these new conditions in the retail market, he revealed that his corporation will release more moderately priced products catered to the masses.

One analyst pointed out that more and more Mainland Chinese consumers are discontent, which negatively influenced profits for the Hong Kong market. Companies that operate using the Euro wont see that kind of influence, because the exchange rate is sufficient to cover up the disadvantage. Other brands, such as Burberry, will suffer the fierce attack.

According to the newest quarterly financial reports from major luxury brands, the Hong Kong market has become a a headache market. Burberry expressed that indications of the market’s current slowdown haven’t taken a turn for the better. As a result, in May the corporation released a warning report. Hermes also claimed that the Hong Kong and Macau markets were still a “difficult environment”. As for the steep decline in independent travelers, the downward slide in fashion retail is obvious.

From QQ:

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Businesses Cold and Cheerless as Hong Kong experiences Worst “Golden Week” Ever.

On the last day of China’s National Day (“Golden Week”), the media has claimed it was the “worst Golden Week ever” for Hong Kong, especially for areas like Causway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui, and other areas where retail stores are concentrated. In comparison to past years where bustling crowds filled the city, during this years “Golden Week” it was obvious that tourists were sparse and shops were cold and cheerless.




Comments from QQ:

I would like to ask the people who travel to Japan, are you still Chinese? Do you have any respect? Can your conscious face the martyrs? Can your conscious face the elderly, women and children that were slaughtered by the Japanese devils? Up until now the Japanese devils still haven’t admitted their crimes against China。They are still hooting, always against China in every way. If you still have any intuition you should boycott Japanese goods. If you’re Chinese up vote this comment, lets make people who buy Japanese products see!


Be a rational patriot, spend your money reasonably. High costs and low income, fake goods and unsafe medicine… even if things [Chinese products] are this way, we should still avoid buying and using Japanese and Korean products. Except I can’t give up Phones with Japanese apps.


Compatriots, though the wound is healed, don’t forget the pain. No matter how good the Japanese products are, please don’t buy them. A strong person protects those around him. Whats more is that this is our homeland. Loving your country is loving yourself. Siblings, let us join forces and defeat Japanese Imperialism! Support Chinese products!


Didn’t we say we’d never forget our national humiliation? It might be ok on some other holiday, but how many martyrs used their blood to pay for our National Holiday? Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about 9/18, the Songhu Campaign, the Nanjing massacre and the Jinan tragedy???? If the people are celebrating National Day in this way, I strongly suggest canceling the National Day vacation. I earnestly request that people not forget history, don’t forget the national humiliation!!!! [national humiliation, refers to Japanese incursions into China in the 1930s and 40s, and more especially to Mukden railway incident of 18th September 1931 九一八事變|九一八事变 and subsequent Japanese annexation of Manchuria]


Don’t insult those that go to Japan. Look at our own products, the milk powder is poisonous, oil comes from the gutter, fake medicine is everywhere and many foods are expired. I really don’t dare to believe in the Heavenly Kingdom..

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People with money go to Japan. People without money insult Japan.


Chines People!!! We should educate ourselves to think morally. Hong Kong resists the mainland and our countrymen go to hostile Japan to shop!!! Our biggest enemy is the character of our own thought!!!


Congratulations to Hong Kong, for finally getting the peace and quiet they wanted!


I don’t think that Japan is that bad, and I don’t think China is that great. When you buy things you’re looking for the best deal, who cares where its was made. People who are using patriotism to sell things are hoodlums.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


This desolation, its what you [Hong Kong] wanted!


This is only the beginning.


Those so-called Hong Kongers got what they wanted. They don’t welcome mainland tourists, and Japan does. If you have money you can spend it anywhere.


All the people with money went to Qingdao to eat shrimp. Who has the time to go to Hong Kong?


Isn’t this what they [Hong Kong citizens] wanted? To live in peace? They didn’t want us mainlanders disturbing them. They are a financial metropolis and don’t need to rely on us. Thats exactly what they said.


I just want to say that I went to Hong Kong over the holiday and there really were less people than on a normal weekend.


If you kill yourself, you can’t blame others.


There was a Typhoon during those days…

  • Better have Ema take a look…

    • Michael Selden

      God dammit we’re doing our best over here

      • Vance

        Its a tough audience.

    • Michael Selden

      Ema looked, translation was on point.

    • Who is Ema?

  • “Companies that operate using the Euro wont see that kind of
    influence, because the exchange rate is sufficient to cover up the
    disadvantage. Other brands, such as Burberry, will suffer the fierce

    What currency does Burberry operate on?

    • Elizabeth B

      UK Pounds.

  • Zappa Frank

    is the beginning of a long decline or just one false step?

    anyway, like some chinese pointed out i find amusing that chinese during the this golden week and few days after the “70 years of victory against japan!” went en masse to Japan to spend their money because they do not trust chinese products.. is a strident contradiction with the display of national pride during the parade

    • mr.wiener

      The rant about Japan was entirely expected.

    • KenjiAd

      According to a Japanese news report, ~400,000 Chinese tourists visited Japan during National Day holidays and spent ~5 billion RMB, corresponding to ~0.1% of Japan’s GDP.

      The number of Chinese tourists to Japan is expected to reach 4 million this year. I’m hoping that this influx of Chinese people would bring back good impression of Japan and Japanese people.

      • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

        Doubt it. More likely it will just leave the impression to buy Japanese products.

        • KenjiAd

          I’m a Japanese guy living in China, so I probably have an unconscious bias favoring my original country (Japan) whatever that might be.

          With this disclaimer stated, however, I actually do believe that most Chinese people would be quite amazed, if not outright impressed, by what they experience in Japan. The difference between what they might have believed before going to Japan and what they actually see could be huge.

          Most Chinese people have a rather dim or negative view of Japan and Japanese people. Paradoxically, precisely because of this, “real” Japan can’t be worse than that, you know? :-)

          • Balkan

            I’m not Chinese, but I surely was impressed by what I saw in Japan.

          • shit religion

            One step forward for Humanity.

          • jaded

            Well written post.

          • mike921

            Sure, every time you see a ‘Japanese Only’ sign in a shop window, you will be VERY impressed with the Jap ‘people’.

          • maximus

            i understand your feeling
            but you have to blame the stupid chinese government because they brain wash their own people

      • mike921

        Go and actually live in Japan, I guarantee, if you’re gaijin, you will not have a good impression of the Japanese people. Racist, xenophobic, bigoted slime.

  • Toasty

    “People with money go to Japan, people without money insult Japan”

    Spot on! Couldn’t have put it better myself.

  • WHAT?!

    Very well translated, written and informative piece. Great stuff!

  • WHAT?!

    Also, with regards to donating money, do you guys use the Wechat payment function? That would make things alot more convenient and simpler for many of us. Maybe you guys should look more into it..

  • narsfweasels

    Let’s not forget that the Mainland economy is slowing down as well.

    • KenjiAd

      Yes, I think that was the major reason for the slow down, not having anything to do with anti-HK feelings. People who travel abroad are generally more resistant to economic slow down.

      We run a restaurant business in one of the major cities in China. We are observing a significant decline of sales compared to last year’s, not just in our restaurants but also in other restaurants and retailers. We also have a business space for rent, but no one is renting. A year ago, it was difficult to imagine a business rental space in this area to remain unoccupied.

    • takasar1

      consumption isn’t. 10.8% yoy increase in retail sales certainly doesn’t imply economic implosion….

  • WghUk

    Comments about being “un-Chinese” for people who chose to shop in a non-Chinese country make me laugh! Idiots!

    • KamikaziPilot

      I think they’re just jealous their fellow countrymen and women have the means to buy superior products and travel outside of China so they accuse them of being traitors. These same people criticizing would probably do the same thing if they had the money.

  • Drone

    In a way, I’m glad that cS rarely translates full articles and comments these days. Most of those comments are just depressing. Chinese society is really something else.

    • KamikaziPilot

      I know this is a deflection argument but I go on comment boards for Yahoo in America and the comments there are just as bad. Full of ignorance, bigotry, racism, hatred and just plain stupidity. Letting everyone say whatever they want without consequence just shows how some people really think and it isn’t pretty.

      • Alex Dương

        IMO that’s not a deflection argument because you’re criticizing ignorance, bigotry, racism, hatred, etc. no matter where it comes from.

        • Drone

          Can I please have my brief reply to KP posted, or is it too inconvenient? I said, “Yahoo is worse, generally.” That was some eight hours ago.

          • Alex Dương

            No, it’s not too inconvenient. mr.wiener and I are just busy at times. You’re welcome to create an account so your posts don’t have to be manually approved each time, but up to you.

          • Drone

            Thanks. I’ll keep posting without an account, though. I hate working for The Man, if you know what I mean.

          • Alex Dương

            As I said, up to you. But if mr.wiener’s busy and I’m asleep or vice versa, don’t complain if your comment takes a while to get approved.

  • KamikaziPilot

    “People with money go to Japan. People without money insult Japan.”

    Haha, I guess Chinese people just can’t win. Nothing new here, just more of their insecurity on full display.

    • Alex Dương

      Eh, if they’re happy with what they buy, good for them.

      • KamikaziPilot

        Yeah but I’m saying that the poor people can’t afford to go to Japan or HK so they’re often stuck using inferior Chinese products, while those with money get accused by their fellow Chinese as being traitors and such. Either way they get insulted. Of course the best ones are those that go overseas to buy quality products they can’t get at home and just ignore those who are jealous of them and stop holding grudges that have nothing to do with them personally.

  • WFH

    and if you try really hard you can almost hear the melody of Die Fahne hoch playing in the background…ah, feels like home doesn’t it?

  • WFH

    the locals are joyously celebrating the closure of the next goldsmith and pharmacy store…

  • 42

    well hongkong got what they asked for, see how long democracy matters if stomachs cant be fed, and wallets are empty.

  • Vance

    I’ve been perusing this site for about a year now. How many articles have I seen where the Hong Kong people are whining about there being alot of mainlanders shopping there. Well, it looks like they are getting what they said they wanted.

  • donscarletti

    Yep, all about snobbish Hong Kong people chasing mainland tourists away and race traitors shopping in Japan. Nothing about the Chinese economy turning to shit.

    • takasar1

      if you knew anything about the chinese economy (and economics in general), you would know why that wasn’t mentioned…..

  • Zack Snyder

    Are you kidding? The HK normal citizens are celebrating! The less locusts the better.

    • Fatfreddy

      Good for them. Lets see them celebrate when business dry up, you can’t afford your iPhone 9, and your hospitality businesses go bust. People in HK have forgotten that they prosper only from sponging off China. Their business, their goods, their labour, their money, their water, their food.

  • takasar1

    japan is nice, but its nothing special if you’ve already been to korea, eastern china, vietnam and parts of thailand. everything from architecture, to culture to food to landscape is awfully similar.

    • Balkan

      Really? I live in east China (Shanghai) and I have been to Japan, Korea and Thailand. They’re all amazing countries, but I don’t find the similar at all.

    • Claude

      OK, but you could see the sky and breath the air, am I right? Personally I see great difference between the cultures but I lived in them. It may be different when traveling.

    • nineteen85

      Japan and Korea awfully similar? Yes, more so than conservatives from either country would bother to admit. They’re practically brothers, just that one brother brutally shat on his sibling more than a half century ago. The elder also stole credit from his younger sibling for the creation of Zen.

      China similar to either of them? Preposterous, considering that China is more akin to being the father of these two loggerhead brothers.

      Thailand at least with regards to architecture, culture and food is markedly different from the aforementioned countries. You might have been staying in Chinatown.

      Landscape, well, blame Nature. Though I’m not sure how with China having everything from great plains to mountain ranges is comparable to mountainous Korea. But I suppose you could also say that landscape across Europe with the exception of flat, drowning Holland to be awfully similar.

      • Dark Night

        “China is more akin to being the father of these two loggerhead brothers.” WTF? If so, China was one shitty abusive father.

        • nineteen85

          Language, culture, traditions, holidays, filial piety, dressing, architecture and so on and on and on. Where do you think all this came from? How about ancient Korean musical instruments? Original in construction, not in idea. They wanted to copy how Chinese literati behaved. Japanese language? Dialects of Mandarin Chinese with Mandarin Chinese words.

          Children learn from their parents. Korea and Japan are the children here.

          You need to study some history kid. Don’t let that dark night cloud your mind forever!

  • Alex Dương

    People hate japanese people who, during a war, maybe killed around 300.000 chinese enemies, where Mr. Mao, did the same to 40.000.000 own fellow citizens

    I think you confused the high estimate of the number of deaths in Nanjing with the overall number of deaths during the war. If you think about it, 300,000 KIA in 8 years would mean that the Imperial Japanese Army wasn’t very good, which certainly was not true.

    Your 40 million figure refers to a high estimate of the number of deaths during the Great Leap Forward. Mao must bear a large amount of responsibility and blame for that, but those deaths arose from incompetence. Mao didn’t intend to kill 18+ million; the Imperial Japanese Army did intend to kill 18+ million Chinese soldiers and civilians.

    • Vance

      I had just read a Wikipedia article on this that used a 7.5 million figure for Chinese killed. Still, it is obscenely high and the same article stated that actual figures killed are very hard to calculate and there are a wide range of estimates. Your figure would not be surprising.

      • Alex Dương

        I share your point of view. Even with 7.5 million, “A friend” would have to be very callous to shrug his shoulders and say, “well, y’know, Mao was worse.”

  • FYIADragoon

    Honestly, I think the HKers with a brain probably are pleased. I know I could have done without all of the goddamn outside province people (read: villagers) in Shanghai during Golden Week. Pissing and shitting everywhere, ugh.

  • Alex Dương

    1. My family is Chinese. I’m American. Most of “my people” do not love Mao.

    2. When you say “his book,” you’re referring to Frank Dikotter. A case can be made that his quotes were taken out of context. Mao, for example, said, “If with a death toll of 50 million, you didn’t lose your jobs, I at least should lose mine; [whether I would lose my] head would be open to question.”

    Mao bears most of the blame for the GLF, but it’s one thing to say that. It’s another thing to say that he deliberately set out to wipe 5% of China’s population. The GLF was a poorly thought out “get rick quick” scheme”; it wasn’t a methodically planned “let’s kill people” scheme.”

    3. As I said earlier, even with Dikotter’s death toll estimate, it still doesn’t justify what the Imperial Japanese Army did in WWII. Think about what you’re saying.

  • Red

    Few villains destroyed others‘ business 少数烂人毁了其他人的正常生意

  • jaja

    What i know is, chinese People hate each other. This is basicly becouse its more than maybe 56 diffrent minority in China that speak diffrent langause. When People talk about China, i always Wonder who a those chinese People Foreign hate and why chinese People hate every other. If you live in Shanghai, than you will look Down at People from other part of China. Chinese People dont have patriotisme like Japanese or korean, chinese People is very selfish. Once a mighty country and its only downfall was themself to blame for more than 400 year of shame. If you a white foreigne, than you will be like a god in China. Anyway if you a lonely,fat, ugly and wants a beautiful girl,than you will be like brad pitt in China. Chinese People love white People and basicly MR bean looking guy will get hot girl in China. I am today married to a very beautiful chinese women, she look like angelababy and i am not even kidding you. Okay, what i am trying to said is, i was a very lonely below average guy in norway. With my work i get a chance to work in China for 6 month, what really suprice me and make me little human again was that chinese Girls really like me. What i am trying to said is, dont travel to Thailand to get cheap hooker. Just travel to China get yourself a angelababy, she will love you and threat you like a god. She is the best that have happens to me, if i didn travel to China i will still be lonely and sad. I hope chinese People get themself together and working together, and i dont even think country in EU or America should fair China. How do you hate someone that love you and look at you like a god? For chinese People white People is a god, atleast With the ladies LOL

    • Vance

      Sounds like it really worked out for you. I am currently writing online to a girl from China who I would describe in a similar way. It is still an online thing who I haven’t met in person yet but it won’t be too much longer before I do. When I mention this, many warn me about Chinese girls being hard to handle. Any tips?

    • shit religion

      A god in China…………… ok dude.

  • Jackie Chun

    the reason mainlanders aren’t shopping is because they lost all their money in the stock market

  • Balkan

    I don’t want to sound mean, but that’s what they wanted, right? Less mainland Chinese tourists. There you go. However, ones has to be careful what (s)he wishes for.

  • Balkan

    “defeat Japanese Imperialism”? Seriously?

    • Ultramarine

      haha,where did u see it.Some anti-Japan war theme Chinese dramas may still mention it…well of course not use it for serious today,kind of amusing and maybe still a little anger in it.The relation between China and Japan never turn to more friendly,I think,mostly coz Japan never admit what they did in their offical words.

  • WFH

    ah…ok my bad…more juden than nazi…just another whitey with yellow fever…

    • Claude

      I’m in Canada. If I had a fever, I had a thing for expat woman. I had nothing in common with the locals but everything in common with expats. Get better soon.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    HA HA ! Shot yourself in the foot didn’t you jack off?

    • Alex Dương

      They may be happy, or they may feel like they’re working for the LeQuint Dickey Mining Company.

  • mike921

    Japan and China are polar opposites, in Japan the place is nice and the people suck,. in China, the people are nice and the place sucks…

  • KB

    That is what you get for being disrespectful to mainlanders as well as other Asian countries. With your so called transit visa and acting as if you are paradise in Asia. Nobody will come to HK everyone should boycott these arrogant HK

  • kathmanduhijack

    Well done china. if you’re looked down upon and dissed ,this is how you pay back.

  • TeLin特林

    “Siblings, let us join forces and defeat Japanese Imperialism! Support Chinese products!”

    Ah…so the regressive left,”marxists” as some call themselves, in America DO sound like Communists.

  • maximus

    well, HK people don’t like mainlanders and they don’t welcome them
    so? they got their wish granted, aren’t they????????????????