“In Coal Pile”: Chinese Miner’s Child Parody Of “In Spring”

A little Chinese boy sings a "Chinese coal miner's child" version of "In Spring"

The following viral video titled 《煤堆里》”In Coal Pile” featuring a little Chinese boy who sings a “Coal Miner’s Child version” of the popular Chinese song 《春天里》”In Spring” has accumulated over 3.7m views, 2700 comments over 93 pages, and 42k upvotes on Youku since it was uploaded 5 days ago:

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

《煤堆里》”In Coal Pile” (or “In Pile of Coal”) Lyrics & English Translation:

我现在过着 天真烂漫的生活
I am now living an innocent life
Everyday playing with my sister
No concerns, no worries
Nor scheming to cheat each other

But I know this time will not last
Because I am just an ordinary miner’s child
On the street, at the bottom of the slopes, in the middle of the schoolyard
Wildly hollering Wang Feng‘s ballad

If one day, happiness has left
Please leave me, here in this time.
If one day, dreams are gone
Please bury me, in this pile of coal

Reminded of that near-future life
Then I will have grown up a lot
Without true friends or true love
With many xiao san xiao si [“little third (party), little fourth (party)”, mistresses]

But we will still need to struggle for our survival
No matter how dangerous the coal mines remain
At night, in the tunnels, in the darkness
Suffering in the cold and damp coal pits

If one day, happiness has left
Please leave me, here in this time.
If one day, dreams are gone
Please bury me, in this pile of coal, pile of coal~~~~

“In Spring” was originally written by Chinese singer Wang Feng in 2009 but became popular on the internet in 2010 when a video of two topless but movingly emphatic men became viral. For your reference, here is that video:

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

《春天里》”In Spring” Lyrics & English Translations:

Still remember the spring of many years ago
Back then I had not yet cut my long hair
Without credit card, without her
Without a home that had hot water 24 hours a day

But at that time I was happy
Even though I only had an old wooden guitar
在街上,在桥下 在田野中
On the street, under the bridge, in the open country
Singing that unknown and uncared for ballad

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如果有一天 我老无所依
If one day, I’m old and have nothing to depend on
请把我留在 在那时光里
Please leave me, in that time
如果有一天 我悄然离去
If one day, I’ve quietly departed
请把我埋在 这春天里
Please bury me, in this spring day

Still remember those lonely spring days
Back then I had not yet grown a beard
没有情人节 没有礼物
Without Valentine’s Day, without presents
Without my cute little princess

But I felt everything wasn’t so messy
Even though I only had dreams of love
在清晨 在夜晚 在风中
In the morning, in the night, in the wind
Singing that unknown and uncared for ballad

如果有一天 我老无所依
If one day, I’m old and have nothing to depend on
请把我留在 在那时光里
Please leave me, in that time
如果有一天 我悄然离去
If one day, I’ve quietly departed
请把我埋在 这春天里
Please bury me, in this spring day

Gazing upon this blooming spring day
still warm like those days
I’ve cut my long hair and grown a beard
All my suffering has gone with the wind

But I still feel so sad
The years have left me even deeper in loss
In this sunny spring day
My tears flow uncontrollably

如果有一天 我老无所依
If one day, I’m old and have nothing to depend on
请把我留在 在那时光里
Please leave me, in that time
如果有一天 我悄然离去
If one day, I’ve quietly departed
请把我埋在 这春天里
Please bury me, in this spring day

如果有一天 我老无所依
If one day, I’m old and have nothing to depend on
请把我留在 在那时光里
Please leave me, in that time
如果有一天 我悄然离去
If one day, I’ve quietly departed
请把我埋在 这春天里 春天里
Please bury me, in this spring day, in this spring day

That video launched the careers of the two men, who called themselves “Xuri Yanggang” (旭日阳刚), and they’ve gone on to perform even on the annual CCTV Spring Festival Gala. However, the duo recently had to announce that they would no longer perform “In Spring”, as requested by Wang Feng. Their newer songs has not been as successful.

The “In Coal Pile” version that has recently become viral alludes to some modern Chinese social problems, but also pokes fun at Xuri Yangguang’s performance of “In Spring”, such as Wang Xu “wildly hollering” the chorus of the “In Spring” and their demeanor while singing.

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Comments from Youku:


This video can only become hot/popular!! 赞


Come here, child, I’ll bury you in a pile of coal.


So young, yet such life experience.


The lyrics are not bad, [but] the singing is a little poor.


Leaving my name before this becomes hot/popular.


[The kid] can appear on this year’s CCTV Spring Festival Gala now.


Who thought up the lyrics? So talented.


Good thing Wang Feng isn’t dead, otherwise he’d be forced to jump out of his grave.


Hearing this I feel a kind of pain in my chest, very depressing.


Voice damaged from the hollering [from singing that way]…


Is this parent hoping to have his kid run out of oxygen from singing~


The Hummers of coal mine bosses don’t burn 97 octane gas, they burn the blood of miners!

搞笑 [You] have prospects/potential. In the future you will have many xiao san, xiao si, xiao wu, xiao liu…


Then I will have grown up a lot, without true friends or true love, with many xiao san xiao si.
This child has already understood the true meaning of life!


Child, get ready to go on next year’s CCTV Spring Festival Gala!!!!!


搞笑 LMAO, I really miss my childhood years. 难过These lyrics are so funny. Haha. But every lyric is true! 搞笑


This little brother sings so hard his stomach is about to come out!


All of a sudden, my throat feels really dry, really painful.


Not only a xiao san but also a xiao si!


At first I thought it was a funny video…but in the end I felt really miserable…


You can tell this was done [written] by an adult. Such a little child shouldn’t be taught these things [the content of the lyrics]. The parents must’ve watched Xuri and are doing a publicity stunt by doing this. Uninteresting.

海鱼01: (responding to above)

What you said is very incisive. If an adult sang these things, we wouldn’t have much of an opinion, and may even be very moved. But teaching a child these things when they are small is not good for their psychological well-being. Even if this isn’t a publicity stunt, one still shouldn’t indoctrinate a child with too much of these sort of things.


One playing the guitar, one wearing a hat, is this making fun of that recent Wang Feng and Xuri-something-gang thing?


“…with many xiao san xiao si“, who TM taught him this?


Better than Xuri Yanggang, those two only know how to do covers [sing other people’s songs, not write their own].


Those of you criticizing should really be made to experience the environment working in a mine. Forget one year, you won’t even be able to stay a single day! The child is so innocent and child-like, very moving!

weizhiyu119: (responding to above)

I am a coal miner, and what you said is so right. Our society should really go understand the pain and hardships of miners. What mine hasn’t had people die, and moreover who is really willing to go die? Coal miner earn 2000 yuan per month, everyday working 9 hours inside the mine, tell me, is that a lot?


The person who had this little child sing this is truly disgusting!


I don’t think there is anything wrong with this, and in fact am a bit moved. That’s the child’s parents’ helplessness, their helplessness towards reality!

敢问丶苍天: (responding to above)

Well said. If the child’s father is a minor, who knows when he will…[die]… The child is singing what is in his father’s heart. Ding this ↑


The lyrics are so TM fake, you can tell they were written by his old man.

敢问丶苍天: (responding to above)

Forget giving your father 2000 [RMB] a month, even if we gave your father 10,000 a month, go and ask your father man if he would do this work [be a coal miner]. His old man wrote the lyrics, because his old man has the experience to write them. Your father doesn’t work there [in the mines], so you don’t have the qualifications to comment, understand?


Hope the little child doesn’t understand the meaning of the lyrics, and only thinks he’s just singing a song!


The lyrics are what’s in his father’s heart…this society is cruel…


I hope that as this child’s parent, you won’t transfer your dissatisfaction and disappointment with society onto your child. Childhood should be happy.


Did you guys see? He even mimics their [Xuri Yanggang’s] movements and mannerisms! 搞笑

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  • travismurphy

    heh pretty cute. catchy tune aswell

  • eattot

    good, do not know who wrote this song for this boy, most english songs are very shallow by the meaning, maybe just because of the language or culture.
    but after i started to make my own money, i began to understand my parents more and more.
    two days ago i went to a park with an old friend, some kongfu trainer tried to persuade him to take their class, my friend is a very funny man, he said, for most chinese, die early is also a good way why practice to prolong life? that man left soon. hmm, i love the way he talks so much!

    • Tommy

      I can’t understand what you are trying to say.

      • eattot

        i’m sorry, maybe i switch topic too fast when talking. or maybe i have some problems too. i remeber once it’s my turn to speak something on class stage, after i finished, no one could understand what i was talking, no laghter no applause…they all looked at me quietly. really freaked me out!
        so when i was watching Napoleon Dynamite, i almost laughed to death, then i think it’s just black humor.

    • Irvin

      Most english songs OF RECENT are shallow. There are alot of oldies that got some very beautiful lyrics, especially from the 80’s.

      It’s the 90’s that really sucked.

      • Jumpy

        Some of songs I find meaningful;

        American Pie
        Bohemian Rhapsody
        My Way (thank god, it is not sung in Chinese KTVs too often)

        • Irvin

          Actually some of Green day’s songs got good lyrics and pretty meaningful as well, like Holiday and boulevard of broken dreams.

          I still find the most poetic songs from the 80’s and early 90’s. Then things just goes down hill from there.

          • jay K.

            Apparently “my lovely lady humps”


            “aint no holla back girl”

            just doesnt take us boldly anymore

      • FYIADragoon

        It’s not showing any signs of changing though. The content of the songs either stays consistent with previous stupidity or just grows even more stupid. It’s because we’re recruiting people with either no meaningful experience or no education, and none of the people seem to have the more poetic mindset required.

    • “most english songs listened to in China are very shallow by the meaning”

      There fixed that for you. There are tons of great, very meaningful English songs, just they never make it here.

      • Joe

        Let’s not forget the profundity of Lao Shu Ai Da Mi

  • Irvin

    At least he can afford a cam and computer to upload his terrible performance.

  • krdr

    F*ck! Half of my family are or were miner. Grandpa, father, his brothers,… it struck me like coal in the head (and heart, too). Every time my father hears for mining accident, he cries. No matter where it happens.

    • Irvin

      That’s some heavy shit, sorry dude. My family exploit miners for a living, and now I’m rock bottom broke, karma catches up it seems.

      • krdr

        You shouldn’t be broke, whatever your family did. Thanks for appreciation.

  • Sunshine

    如果有一天 我老无所依
    If one day, I’m old and undependable

    I think the meaning of 老无所依 is more “old and without anyone/thing to depend on” than “old and undependable” as the latter would mean “I am old and therefore not to be depended on”.

    • 水溶C100


      I think 老无所养 is also a way of saying “I’ve grown old and now have no one to take care of me”.

      [Note from Fauna: Thank you both for your correction & suggestion!]

  • donscarletti

    I heard those two at the spring festival. They were pretty ordinary. I think that song sounds best when sung by someone who has a life that is barely worth continuing. If someone’s just been invited to sing at the spring festival gala, they are hardly in that position.

    I love that song though, trying to learn it well enough for KTV.

    Trying to translate less literally…
    If there is one day, at my life’s ebb tide
    Just go your own way, don’t stay by my side.
    If there is one day, one day that I die.
    Let my body lay, beneath the spring sky.

  • Alikese

    That was good. I like that the boy was acting naturally, lots of times when Chinese kids sing songs it seems so over-rehearsed, and robotic.

    And I’m sure that the dad wrote it, but that doesn’t really bother me. I don’t want to listen to some six year old’s song about pokemon cards and the first grade.

    • Foreign Devil

      THe 2nd video with the two workmen. Really good tune. .I’d like to learn it. . anyone know the chords? I could impress lots of Chinese friends this way hehe!

  • Never understand people’s obsession with watching some loud screaming kid destroy a perfectly good song…

    Second video with the half naked guys was great though, should learn that song I think… need to get a guitar again.

  • anon

    Some of the Chinese netizens who commented about this video are just plain retarded, like 最爱——黄家驹. No shit they were probably written by his father. Mind-blowing revelation there.

    The lyrics were hilarious but I’m pretty sure having a xiao san is very atypical for your average coal miner, much less a xiao si as well. I think that’s just thrown in for fun. The kid sings pretty well, at least for someone as tone-deaf as I am. His words aren’t very clear but he at least his singing sounds like the original song.

  • 灰色斑马

    I hope the child does understand the meaning of the lyrics. I wish everyone would. Yes of course an adult wrote it. And a great idea to have a kid sing it. The lyrics are not disgusting they are sad. The disgusting thing is the hopeless situation they describe. Get angry about that rather than a reference to 小三and 小四。

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