‘Like a Swallow’ by Olivia Ong

Olivia Ong 01

Olivia Ong 01

Song and Music Video:

Composer: Chen Jiaming
Lyrics: Chen Jiaming
Singer: Olivia Ong/Wang Liting

Lyrics (Original Chinese, Pinyin Romanization, and English Translation):

愿意合上眼 才能美梦无边
yuan4 yi4 he2 shang4 yan3 cai2 neng2 mei3 meng4 wu2 bian1
Only when you are willing to close your eyes can you have boundless sweet dreams

别让悔 熏乌了从前
bie2 rang4 hui3 xun1 wu1 le cong2 qian2
Don’t let your remorse soot the memories of the past

也许碎片 才能让回忆展颜
ye3 xu3 sui4 pian4 cai2 neng2 rang4 hui2 yi4 zhan3 yan2
Perhaps only the broken pieces of the porcelain flowers can let you reminisce

何妨瓷花 拼凑明天
he2 fang2 ci2 hua1 pin1 cou4 ming2 tian1
So why not let them piece together a tomorrow

谁带我寻获 幸福的模
shui2 dai4 wo3 xun2 huo4 xing4 fu2 de mo2
Who led me to find the mold of happiness

却自己 谜中困锁
que4 zi4 ji3 mi2 zhong1 kun4 suo3
but was then caught up in the mystery all by himself?

谁为我留下 缱绻的天涯
shui2 wei4 wo3 liu2 xia4 qian3 quan3 de tian1 ya4
Who left me with a world of lasting longing

信物 是抹晚霞
xin4 wu4 shi4 mo3 wan3 xia2
and the keepsake was the last glow of sunset


思念如燕 它飞舞舌尖
si1 nian4 ru2 yan4 ta1 fei1 wu3 she2 jian1
My longing is like a swallow that flutters on the tip of my tongue

若是真爱 配尝几分苦甜
ruo4 shi4 zhen1 ai4 pei4 chang2 ji3 fen1 ku3 tian2
If it were true love, how much bitterness and sweetness would I deserve to taste

意念婆娑 时间里推磨
yi4 nian4 po2 suo1 shi2 jian1 li3 tui1 mo4
Thoughts of you dance and whirl, linger and grind in a span of time

zhui1 sui2 dao4 he2 chu4 cai2 jie2 guo3
At what point would they end their chase after me?

燕如针线 在青空缝编
yan4 ru2 zhen1 xian4 zai4 qing1 kong1 feng2 bian1
The swallow is like a threaded needle, sewing and weaving in the blue sky

ji3 fu2 nv3 gong1 jiang1 yi3 lei4 zhui4 dian3
How many pieces of needlework will be decorated by my tears?

誓言斑驳 情雾只是经过
shi4 yan2 ban1 bo2 qing2 wu4 zhi3 shi4 jing1 guo4
The promises have been mottled, as the fog of love was just passing by

风雨中且让我 盈步 婀娜
feng1 yu3 zhong1 qie3 rang4 wo3 ying2 bu4 e1 nuo2
In the storm, I walk softly and gracefully



“Like a Swallow”, as the theme song of the popular Singaporean TV series The Little Nyonya:Olivia Ong’s “Like a Swallow” is available on Amazon, as well as the following albums:

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