What Is Written Here Is Not The Title, But Loneliness

From QQ:

New Internet Meme “Loneliness Group” Receives Popular Support

“What I am posting is not a post, but loneliness”, “what I am using is not a mobile phone, but loneliness”, “what brother is doing is not sleeping, but loneliness”. Starting from July, this kind of phrase began taking over various major BBS forums, and what more, those people who adore this phrase have also been named “Loneliness Group” [寂寞派, jìmò pài].

china-internet-meme-noodles-lonelinessWhere did the “loneliness” sentence come from? With regards to this, it is currently popularly rumored that at the beginning of July in Baidu Tieba there was a person who suddenly posted a photo of a man eating noodles with the accompanying text: “What brother is eating are not noodles, but loneliness!” Not long after, netizens copied this sentence, starting many various types of loneliness parody/mischief.

There are other names for the “Loneliness” netizens including “Loneliness Party” [寂寞党, jìmò dǎng] and “Loneliness Religion” [寂寞教, jìmò jiào].

Comments from Sina:


What brother is embarrassing is not a himself, but loneliness.


What brother is earning is not money, but loneliness.


What brother is inhaling is a cigarette, what he is exhaling is loneliness!


emoticons|E___6247ZHYXSIB|搞笑What I have falling in love with is not a woman, but loneliness.


What is falling outside the window is not rain, but loneliness.


What 300 million netizens watched was not a solar eclipse, but loneliness.


Loneliness, your mom wants you to go home to eat.


The lover of the prince is not a princess, but loneliness.


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What the casual forum depends on is not the moderator, but everyone’s loneliness.


What he is eating is not loneliness, but noodles!


China football: What you are playing is not football, but loneliness…


What I am working is not overtime, but loneliness.


What your mother gave birth to was not you, but loneliness!


What brother is is not bored, but loneliness!


What the above replies are are not farts, but loneliness.


What I speak are not words, but loneliness. What is filled in the sky is not air, but loneliness.  In the tears I quietly weep flows loneliness. Loneliness follows me, and I too cannot separate myself from loneliness.


What brother is spending is not money, but loneliness. What brother drinks is not alcohol, but loneliness…


What I am getting is not soy sauce, but loneliness.
What I am doing are not push ups, but loneliness.
Jia Junpeng, who calls you to go home to eat is not your mother, but loneliness.


What brother is laughing at is not you guys, but loneliness. emoticons|E___7338ZHWSSIB|鄙视


During this weekend I took some time to come browse, and everywhere I browse is still loneliness.emoticons|E___6293ZHTSSIB|嘿嘿

What is being announced is not a contest, but loneliness…

The best “loneliness” sentence in the comments below will win a new chinaSMACK t-shirt (coming soon!). You can use English or Chinese. Up to you. Please use your real email address with your comment or I cannot contact you if you win.

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  • The Grudge
  • Jim Mao

    This is not first, but loneliness

    • Jim Mao

      I wasn’t too slow, but temporarily lost in loneliness

  • Words Are Very Unnecesary

    What’s wrong? A little loneliness won’t make you pregnant!

  • china smacker

    What I want is not a T-shirt, but loneliness.

    No way! I still want the T-shirt!

  • Maxim

    What I have on my butt is not a hemorrhoid, but loneliness.

  • jinsic

    What you gave me wasn’t an std, but loneliness

  • Google Voice Smacker

    What I’m waiting for is not a Google Voice invitation, but crazy loneliness!

  • We are all lonely deep inside…*heart broken*

    • Rob

      What if deep inside is not a broken heart, but loneliness.

    • Snicker

      When I saw Hungry Girl’s blog, it wasn’t love…but loneliness…

  • oh yeah

    what this is is not “emo” but loneliness.

  • Haimer

    what is loneliness is not loneliness, but loneliness

  • Kyle

    I have just been masturbating because of loneliness

  • ChinaSMACK is not a website, but loneliness.

  • Ted

    When I try to access Facebook, what I see is not censorship, but loneliness

  • What brother in the the net bar is jerking off to is not trashy amateur porn, but loneliness.

  • Yang

    Am I the only one that thinks that’s not a guy eating loneliness, but a girl eating loneliness?

    • Blob

      What?? You mean that’s not a girl???

  • The John

    Billy Jean is not my lover, she’s loneliness…

  • Antwerpren

    I was feeling loneliness until I saw a Billy Joel song quoted in full. Now I feel nauseousness.

  • haw flakes

    看有什么关系? 看也不会怀孕,看是寂寞。

  • Mercator

    It’s not an interest in China that brings me to Chinasmack, but loneliness.

  • Bereaver

    here is something for the trend.

    Of course its copyrighted by me. :p

    In a dream when it seems that your life is wrong
    and your place it seems that your life is prone
    to attract what you see and what it seems to be
    uncontrollable fate between love and the sea
    it rises with the tide
    it bares a great mark
    that the moon itself is pulling your life apart
    and you can’t escape because what you seem to see
    its nothing but fate playing your life’s melody.
    you can hear the tune but you can’t pluck the strings
    its like you can’t control the things that make you bleed
    making you think about what you hate the most
    sadness and loneliness embodied with no hope
    tragedy after tragedy with no way to cope
    lost inside myself because I just don’t know.

  • ashley schaffer bmw

    These are not party pants, but loneliness…

  • meilin

    Loneliness Group, your mother asks you to go home for dinner!

  • Capt. Absurdity

    FUCK YOU FAUNA AND YOUR LITTLE BITCH BABY CHINASMACK, but it’s just loneliness…I guess?

  • tikatiko

    I think the original image is inspired by Haruki Murakami short story “Year of spaghetti”

    You can read it here (the translation)


    The last sentence in that essay read “Can you imagine how astonished the Italians would be if they knew that
    what they were exporting in 1971 was really *loneliness*?”

  • hawflakes

    Taiwan is not independent — it is lonliness.

    • hawflakes

      I didn’t misspell it. It is loneliness.

  • Rawr

    It’s nice that this sound great in every language I know. :D

  • hostessLOT

    What Edison took were not photographs, but loneliness.

  • Staying up one extra hour so you can order McDonald’s breakfast menu delivery instead of ‘the usual’ Big Mac with 2x cheeseburger chaser seems like a good idea at the time, but when you wake up, you will realise that it’s actually loneliness.

  • what chinese want is not one triple member family but loneliness

    • Antwerpren

      too much pressure on one point:
      \ / grandparents
      \ / parents
      \/ one-child

  • fireworks

    Are these guys really lonely or they are really saying they are bored? If they are bored from the netcafe, maybe they should get more sunlight and experience the real world eh?

  • Josh

    What this girl is feeling is not an orgasm, but loneliness.

    • Josh

      …and more specifically:
      What sister’s clitoris feels is not stimulation, but loneliness.

  • June

    what a brother is posting is not loneliness, but shit.

  • Rick

    What the brother feels about 1.3 billion Chinese is not family, but loneliness.

  • Tommy

    This is not loneliness but an entire generation of spoiled fucking brats, GROW UP!!!!

  • Champ

    That isn’t an obese man crying to himself while masturbating absentmindedly to the history channel…

    But loneliness.

  • Icedew

    So is Akon’s song ‘Lonely’ going to be China’s new national anthem?

  • Shanghairocks

    What I dump every day is not shit, but loneliness :D

  • 小花



  • xiaohua



  • flz


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  • LOLZ

    The secret of the universe if not 42, but loneliness.

    Retarded emos should not be judged by bad hairdos, but loneliness.

  • Mercator

    It’s not wondering about who’s won this competition that’s brought me back to this thread, but loneliness.

  • A星


  • Philip

    So Who was the winner?

  • Fike2308

    These kids are just trying to be EMO.

  • Me!

    Not a picture. It is but loneliness.


  • tdy

    this is not china but loneliness..

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  • What i am looking forward is not success, but loneliness

    • Hanako

      What I am going to deliver tomorrow morning is not
      the newspaper, but loneliness.

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