‘Loyalty to the Party’ Balloon Lands In Taiwan

A mainland ballon that drifted to Taiwan with a banner calling for loyalty to the Communist Party.

In what appears to be a reversal in history, a balloon with the messages “Loyalty to the Party…” drifted across the strait to Taiwan. Some older netizens recalled receiving similar balloons from Taiwan during the Cold War that contained propaganda along with food and other goodies, while others poked fun at the messages along with the balloon as a possible secret weapon.

From NetEase:

This airborne balloon hung with the [banner] written in simplified characters “Loyalty to the party, loyalty to the people…”, drifted and landed in Yanpu village in Pingtung County, it was a novel sight for residents.

According to Taiwan’s United Daily News, a big balloon manufactured by a Lantern production company in Hunan, drifted to Yanpu village in Bingdong County, the balloon was written with simplified characters: “Loyalty to the Party, Loyalty to the people,” the crowds curiously observed this balloon that flew thousands of kilometers to “defect” to Taiwan.

“Wow! Such a big balloon, even hung with simplified characters…”, yesterday morning at around 6am, a care-taker at Taishiqi Company discovered a large red balloon suspended on top of the factory building, the Xinwei Police Department after receiving the news, Department chief Lin Bofan asked in the local Bureau to send construction vehicles, and only after strenuous effort did they pull the balloon down.

On the balloon was the marking of a manufacturing company in Zhenjiang, Hunan, with the serial number as No. 52 Lantern balloon, under the balloon hung a red banner, with the big simplified characters “Loyalty to the Party, Loyalty to the people, Loyalty to one’s enterprise, and Loyalty to oneself,” that drifted with the balloon for thousands of kilometers, yet still remained intact.

Mainland manufacture [representative] Liang Jinhua after hearing about the balloon flying across the strait to Taiwan was not surprised, “this is not the first time it flew to Taiwan,” the company sells many balloons, most used during the holidays; I predict it was probably bought by a customer from Fujian, who didn’t properly secure [the balloon] causing it to float across the ocean.

Comments from NetEase:


When I was young, I often pick up propaganda leaflets and delicious candy from balloons that floated over from Taiwan.


According to latest reports, enemy Taiwan agents changed the message on the balloon to traditional characters and sent it [drifting] back to the mainland.


Those born in the 70’s all know that in the early 80’s in Shandong, [one] could find propaganda goods from Taiwan, like beef jerky, candy, even little scissors and things, it was finely crafted and delicate. At that time, our own manufactured daily items were old and ugly.


This society today, still thinking about loyalty to the Party, I’m only loyal to one person and that is myself.


I’m only loyal to my old lady. [wife]


Yesterday I saw a balloon that drifted from Taiwan, on it was written “very foolish, very naive“.


Always hanging this type of message is not good toward the unification of Taiwan.


Disgusting mainlanders is not enough; they have to float across the ocean to disgust people on the Treasure Island [Taiwan].


When I was young, our area frequently had helium balloons floating from Taiwan, containing many electronics, watches, propaganda leaflets, etc. Now it has changed to floating from the mainland to Taiwan.


In reality this is the advanced secret weapon to counter the patriot missile system.


I want to float myself over there!!! Haha!!!


Could it be an experimental weapon, or to test Taiwan’s missile defense system?


The important thing is that Taiwanese people are not curious about the balloon, but the words written on it, what is the point of loyalty to the Party? Loyalty should come from one’s heart!


In the 21st century today, two grown men are still playing children’s games. Real creative.

Above: Propaganda balloons from Taiwan during the Cold War

Loyalty to your wife. chinaSMACK personals.


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Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai


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