Male Students Write Love Letters Begging ‘Class Flower’ to Stay

29 male students write love letters begging the only female classmate to stay

From Sina Weibo:

#Deeply Moved, Then Rejected#

Class of Male Students Beg Only Female Classmate to Stay, She Was Deeply Moved and Then Rejected Them

The Wuhan University of Science and Technology’s 2012 Mining [major] class had a total of 30 students, amongst which 29 were male, with the only female being indisputably the “class flower” [the most beautiful female student in the class]. However, after the new semester began, the class flower applied to transfer out of the major. Despondent, the 29 male classmates collectively wrote love letters begging the class flower to stay: “You are like a princess to us, whom we will definitely cherish and take care of!” The class flower was deeply moved, but in consideration of her future prospects, still rejected them and transferred away. Alas, this is yet another “Deeply Moved, Then Rejected” tragedy, making countless netizens sad and depressed…

The “##Deeply Moved, Then Rejected#” topic had generated 566,257 discussions on the popular Chinese microblogging platform at time of translation.

From Huhan Morning Paper:

The Only Female Student in the Mining Class Intends to Transfer, 29 Male Classmates Collectively Write Love Letters Begging the Class Flower to Stay

Original Report (Intern Reporter Zhu Jiaqi, Correspondent Tan Yulian). The Wuhan University of Science and Technology College of Natural Resources and Environmental Engineering 2012 Mining [major] class had a total of 30 students, amongst which 29 were male, with the only female Wu Lin being indisputably the “class flower” [the most beautiful female student in the class]. However, not long after the new semester began, the class flower submitted an application to change her major to the school. Thus, the 29 male classmates became despondent, and collectively wrote love letters begging the class flower to stay.

The day before yesterday [March 20], Wu Lin received in one day 29 love letters from her male classmates. As the class flower, Wu Lin had always received special attention from male classmates. On this past March 7th Girls’ Day, all the male students in the class collectively sent her apples and their best wishes: “You are like a princess to us, whom we will definitely cherish and take care of!”

Mining class student Zhang Yan said, since hearing the news that the class flower wanted to leave, the male classmates in the class have become even more conscious of seizing the moment, and caring about her in every way.

Why would the greatly cherished and doted upon Wu Lin want to abandon these 29 die-hard fans? Wu Lin said, the Mining major is relatively hard for female students when it comes to looking for jobs, so taking a long-term view, she had to make this decision.

Looking at the love letters from her male classmates, Wu Lin was deeply moved, “Although we won’t be in the same class anymore in the future, I’ll still come back often to visit.”

Although the 29 love letters did not win back the class flower’s heart, the male students in the Mining class still sent her their best wishes, hoping that she would have a brand new start in her new class, “Do drop by often and visit the Mining class in the future, and if anyone bullies/mistreats you, just come find us.”

29 male students beg the only female classmate to stay with love letters.

Comments on Sina Weibo:


Don’t Understand, Feel Awesome (Although I don’t understand it, I still feel it’s awesome), Deeply Moved, Then Rejected (Deeply moved in the heart, but still rejected him/her, usually used for confessions of love), Tired, Feel Can’t Love (So tired and so exhausted that I feel I am not able to love anymore), Male Silence, Female Tears (Upon seeing something, guys will be silent, and girls will shed tears, usually used to describe articles).


A headline that cracked me up today.


We Wuhan guys are considerate, thoughtful, and warm. Unfortunately I have been drifting long-term in Lingnan [South of the Five Ranges, referring to Guangdong and Guangxi], and have now become half Cantonese.


A tragedy, a tragedy like our own——those who study at normal universities can’t be hurt sick!


That’s good enough already, our Mining Engineering [major] didn’t even recruit female students.


“You are like a princess to us, whom we will definitely cherish and take care of!” Evil, isn’t it?

[Note: The Chinese character 疼 (téng) can be 1) v. to cherish or love and 2) adj. painful. As a pun, the English translation of the sentence could be: “…it will definitely be painful!”]


God gave me the opportunity to be a class flower, but I did not cherish it. If God were to give me another chance, I would definitely say loudly: I choose the Mining major~” laughlaughlaugh

[Note: This comment echoes a classic line from Stephen Chow‘s A Chinese Odyssey films.]


I’m reminded of how we have 30-some female students, and only two male students. Every time the school holds sporting competitions, our Foreign Languages Department [major, class, usually means “the English Department”] isn’t even able to form a team for it!


The Machinery [major] is even sadder. At the time, of 40 students in the class, 39 were male, but the main thing was, the class flower was also unbearably ugly.

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  • clb


    • billy

      Are you ‘sofa’ wankers still about?

  • Billy

    How pathetic – those boys should have took English as a major. Not that they would have got with any of their female classmates.

    • donscarletti

      A Chinese man who did that would be stupid or insane. In China, pretty female English students don’t put out for their classmates, they put out for guys who got their mining engineering degree 10 years ago and are now making big money.

      • mattsm84

        Actually this inspired me to look up what the average salary for engineers is here. An Engineer with 1 to 5 years makes between $1,000-$2,000 monthly, a senior engineer with 5 to 8 years makes between $2,500-$3,000 a month, and an managing engineer with 8 to 10 years of experience makes around $3,500-$4,000 a month. This seems like a good deal of money until you see that their foreign counterparts make double for doing the same job. (Source:

        Anyway hooking up with an older man is a good deal for her until he gets bored or his wife finds out. Still though, if the real estate market is one of the few places you can invest your money, might as well put stash away a cute girl that doesn’t know any better or two in one of your spare apartments.

        • donscarletti

          We pay about the same, but generally, the expectation is that while a completed project continues to make money, those involved in the project should receive more than 12 months salary a year. The highest I’ve heard is 46 months but is normally between 13 and 24, the extra months being paid before spring festival.

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  • Chang Liu

    sof… awww shit.

  • Red Scarf

    Is there a photo of said beauty?

    • Chang Liu

      err, don’t hold your breath. It is a mining class…

      • BiggJ

        Yeah that’s what I was thinking. lol

    • BiggJ

      Right here.

      • Chang Liu

        Impossibru man had a daughter?

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        You know what?…. I could do her!

        • BiggJ

          Her dad might get pisses….

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      • linette lee

        hahahhaa…you are crazy.

  • Kate

    Now its officially a sausage party….something chinese guys will have to get use to.

    • La Mano Gaucha

      Like these?

      • MrT

        Thats a mouthful even for Chinese lads!

        • eric

          Wow all there sausages they must have traded sausage for i phones

      • linette lee

        They look dry.

    • Archie

      Never mind, they are mining students. They’ll have no problems digging holes where they don’t exist already.

      • Paneraman

        29 future-to-be cave explorers

    • mr.wiener


    • slob

      And when they graduate and make a tonne of money they’ll find plenty of hot dog buns willing to take in their sausages.

  • La Mano Gaucha

    Absolutely pathetic. Just reading this story made my face beet red with embarrassment. It’s like the gross video of the guy smoking and eating a whole pack of cigarettes in just a few minutes. I probably got cancer just by looking at it. These guys need to grow up. Ugh!

  • ScottLoar

    A good story. Years ago a guy at a Chinese university bought ice cream for the entire female dormitory. The girls answered at night by leaving dorm lights on to form the outline of a heart

    • BiggJ

      Taxi ride to and from the ice cream shop…….20rmb
      Ice cream for dorm of girls…..1500 rmb
      Still a virgin with 2 big blue balls…….priceless……

      • ScottLoar

        No, his gallantry (you know the word?) can’t enter into your calculation. I’m sure your wife/best squeeze couldn’t accuse you of being overly romantic but, say, what’s the price of prostitutes down your way?

        • biggj

          It was a joke(you know the word?) can’t enter into your calculation. To be serious with you, I guess this guy did something somewhat cool. Less is more though. Buy alot of ice cream for 1 girl and make sure all the other girls see it and make them jealous. Then they will all try to make him like them because they will want that “special” treatment. Its a win win for half the price. And the girls will want this guy even more. If all the girls get the same thing, none of them feel special. That is what girls thrive on.

          • ScottLoar

            Biggy, you’re looking at this as how the guy could best get a fuck. You still don’t get it.

          • BiggJ

            Who said anything about getting a fuck? There is always a motive for doing thigns like this. Now it may not be to get laid. It could be he’s single and wants a girl friend and this is the way he goes about impressing ladies. No man in his right mind would do something like this out of the kindness of his heart, or he would have bought ice cream for boys and girls. And I bet he was a single guy right? Would you go buy 100 girls ice cream without wanting something in return?

          • ScottLoar

            As I said, you don’t know the word gallantry and done without calculation, “out of the kindness of his heart”. Say, have you ever done anything out of kindness? No? And despite your maneuverings the constant “motive for doing things like this” in your mind is to impress the ladies because he wants a girl friend, in other words “you’re looking at this as how the guy could best get a fuck.”

            You still don’t get it. You can’t.

          • BiggJ

            In your fairy tale world sure this guy was gallant and pure of heart. In the real world this guy is either 1. boosting how much money he has to all the woman or 2. A desperate attempt to get laid/find a girl friend.

            Tell you what, you go buy a dorm full of girls ice cream and try to explain to your wife you were being gallant, you were just trying to be a nice a guy….or tell anyone for that matter. And the first thing out of thier mouth would be “did you get laid?” haha don’t be so naive.

          • ScottLoar

            You still miss the point: It’s a Chinese social context (look at my comments to La Mano Gaucha), not your context or mine, but you continue to bull on.

          • maja

            I honestly can’t understand why you’re insisting so much on the cultural relativity here… if a SINGLE (meaning ONLY ONE) guy goes off his way so much it’s obvious to think he wants to improve his own social standing, maybe not get laid I think you’re right on this point, but if it was the “chinese group spirit” he would have asked his classmates to share the expense and the gratitude with him… like the mining major students.

          • maja

            ot there could be other reasons, like… he’s rich and/or handsome (I would say quite rich since he’s treating 100 ladies) and a swarm of female classmates is always around him, so he HAS to show he’s a “real uninterested gentleman”, still he will gain from his gesture. if nothing else he will make people think more about his situation, change (somehow) his social stance, etc. etc.

          • ScottLoar

            You can’t understand why I’m insisting on the cultural context (not cultural relativity which is entirely different: please learn the difference between “context” and “relativity”, which is not hard because these are two wholly different words)? Because the context defines interpretation.

            Look, you’re out of your depth here. Back off and think.

          • maja

            no, really. I don’t understand could you give me a diffrent hint?

          • maja

            *different. my fault, it’s quite late.

          • maja

            anyways, I was indeed talking about relativity as it seems you’re
            claiming that the commenters of this website and the chinese students (as a whole?) can’t mutually understand each other because of a different and uncomparable set of social values.
            or: why are you so adamant in trying to draw a line between people you actually don’t even know?

            as for my reasons, I understand you have a longtime experience as a foreigner living in a chinese context and well… I’m curious.

          • anon101

            scott. your an idiot….
            if he was just being nice to everyone, why not buy the other lads in his dorm ice cream as well? why buy ice cream for another dorm that just happens to be 100% women??? because he was after something, something female, maybe a girl friend, maybe many 1 night stands. what ever the reason, he didnt treat his own dorm guys to ice cream so that makes 1 point. 1 very big point.

          • ScottLoar

            Okay, I’ll answer. No, I never said “he was just being nice to everyone”; you said that.

            That he bought ice cream for the female dorm was no accident (just happens to be 100% women”); you accused me of assuming it just happened.

            Now that you finally understand he bought ice cream for every female in the dorm perhaps you can read my comments in full to everyone here and understand why he did so?

          • ScottLoar

            See my reply to “mattsm84”.

          • I don’t see how social context enters into it. If a guy in any country does this, it’s not out of gallantry. Maybe you’re just naieve.

      • Dr Sun

        I hope for that price he got to tap a few.

    • La Mano Gaucha

      That’s a cool, memorable story. On the other hand, twenty-nine adult members of the lonely hearts club trying to out-sap each other for one girl isn’t. They should learn the word “dignity”. Geez.

      • ScottLoar

        No, it’s not 29 guys tripping over themselves and each other for the attention of one female. Rather they understand the girl among them, studying mining, is unique and want her to know she is valued. Theirs is respect, not desire. You have fully misinterpreted their sentiment.

        • La Mano Gaucha

          Perhaps you’re right, but the few quotes in the article didn’t seem overly supportive of her decision to move on. In fact, toward the beginning of the piece, we find this: “Thus, the 29 male classmates became despondent, and collectively wrote love letters begging the class flower to stay.” To me, that sounds like nothing but selfishness coupled with immaturity. Maybe some of the students did offer true congratulations, support and best wishes, but the article didn’t really point clearly and strongly. Could it be that your interpretation is wrong? Maybe. Maybe not.

          • ScottLoar

            “Selfishness coupled with immaturity” as you suppose or the guys expressing melancholy, and want that sole girl to stay as one of them? Read the situation in a Chinese context, which this is.

            It’s very typical to see four or five Chinese guys out together in the company of one girl. That’s their way, and it’s not because the guys can’t get a date on Saturday night or that they are giving each other moral support in the pursuit of that single girl.

            I know a girl (now a woman) who attended St. John’s in the US, and would leave notes of encouragement to others in the dorm during exam time. Such solicitous concern, such expression, is typical of highly sociable people like the Chinese but this simple act left her American classmates dumbfounded or questioning her motives.

            Again, interpret the action in a Chinese context.

          • La Mano Gaucha

            I did, but thanks for the advice anyway. I’ve only been in the PRC for a little over a decade and spend only about 90% of my time with locals, so what the heck do I know… Even my Chinese wife of nine years can’t help me in my ignorance.
            Anyway, I wish this young lady all the best in her new college, métier, and career.

          • ScottLoar

            At least you recognize your ignorance; there’s hope for you yet.

          • La Mano Gaucha

            Is that all you got? Pft!
            I never said that all they wanted was to get laid. What I alluded to was that these guys seemed (from the article) to be more concerned about their needs, rather than those of the girl. Saps.
            Anyway, you win. I’m way too ignorant for you, or at least too subtle, and frankly, I just don’t care. Have fun!

        • Hongwu Emperor

          Even so its quite interesting such demonstration of respect, considering many people nowadays are simply ‘utilitarian’ with
          everything on their life… =)

        • LuoyangLaowai

          You must be thinking of a class in some other country. This is a country where there are still virgins in their late 20’s because there just are not enough girls. Im SURE most of those guys were playing King of the Hill trying to get her attention.There is very Little Respect here. This is a country where it seems to be ” ME First” is the unofficial motto.

          • ScottLoar

            Your comment is silly.

    • mattsm84

      Eh…Not really. It’s just a slightly different kind of self described “nice guys.” Its the same kind of thing that makes some guys say “why do girls only go out with jerks when there are plenty of nice guys like me around.” It’s as if doing X or Y entitles them to something. Buying ice cream for a building full of girls is just a way of getting a date. Writing that stack of love letters is just a way to emotionally blackmail her into staying in the program. Good on her for rejecting them. Why stay in a place where they say they respect you, but don’t respect your ability to make you’re own choices? And now that she has made that choice, the internet blames her for rejecting them. Sure, they’ve put her on a pedestal, but they’ve also robbed her of a portion of her humanity. If this is indicative of “Chinese social context” then it speaks to how retrograde the gender dynamics are.

      Let me ask you a question. What if the gender roles were reversed in either case. What would you say if a girl bought a dorm full of guys ice cream? Or if a class full of girls tried to get the one boy in their class to stay on? You’d call her shameless. Yet when a guy does it, you go over the moon for it. So you can’t really say that its about the act itself because you can’t divorce it from the gender dynamics.

      • ScottLoar

        You as others here insist on interpreting as if you are one of the actors, coupled with a barely disguised disdain for Chinese, viz. “retrograde gender dynamics”, “writing that stack of love letters is just a way to emotionally blackmail her…”, “don’t respect your ability to make you’re [sic] own choices”. I maintain you all misinterpret the sentiment yet you continue to insist on that interpretation. I had explained:

        “Read the situation in a Chinese context, which this is; what the girl
        looks like is immaterial, that she’s the only female in their mining
        class merits their attention and respect which their letters testify.

        “It’s very typical to see four or five Chinese guys out together in
        the company of one girl. That’s their way, and it’s not because the guys
        can’t get a date on Saturday night or that they are giving each other
        moral support in the pursuit of that single girl.”

        Despite my explanation, despite my examples, despite the very evidence around you in China if you’d only see, you all insist this is only about getting a girl, and so I’m called naive, stupid, and living in a fairy tale, the Chinese guys are “saps”, losers who can’t find a cool or slicker way to bag a chick.

        You can’t read the situation beyond your own shallow experience, and so the mining class is stumbling over themselves to get the girl, and that poor loser of a boy is just dumb for buying all the girls ice cream when he could have better and more cheaply advertised himself. That is the truth you all advance because it very much suits your way of thinking, your way of acting.

        • BiggJ

          The letters to the girl in the mining class……Yes, I do kind of agree with on that, these guys probably just has respect for the girl that shared their class. And since she was the only girl it made it kind of special. I’m sure it was not about banging her, or anything like that. It’s nice to have a girl around to get a different point of view on things and adds something special to class full of boys. That’s all fine and dandy.

          You also say”It’s very typical to see four or five Chinese guys out together in the company of one girl”. This happens in most cultures. Maybe not some muslim places…. Have you seen white/black/hispanic people in the last 50 years? We do the same thing. The group is most cases are just friends hanging out and having fun. Actually when I go out I don’t like being a group without a girl.

          What I disagree with you on is this…….the ice cream story…and thinking that this guy was gallant or just being kind to girls for no reason. You talk like a chinese man would do this and it would a noble gesture. Yet if another culture did it, we would be trying to impress or get laid or what have you. I don’t think that guy was a loser for doing what he did….but this guy will have a hard time convincing people he did something like that without some alternative motive. When I hold the door open for a woman, I’m not trying to get anything from that. Or when I help a girl carry something heavy…cheering up a upset girl, I’m not trying to get laid or anything sexual at all. Though last time I bought a whole dorm full of horny collage girls ice cream……well that’s a different story. :)

          • ScottLoar

            Your explanation is reasonable and respected. I still think the ice cream was a gallant gesture (like something out of Cyrano De Bergerac), and that others insisting he did so to promote himself to find a girlfriend – and was foolish because there are better and cheaper ways – says more about them than this guy.

            I remember reading about one woman sentenced to a Russian gulag and purposely sent to a mens’ camp. The baddest in the camp, the one who first tried to rape her, became her strongest defender, and the whole camp came to respect this woman’s privacy, making a place for her where she lived alone and as untroubled as the men could manage under the circumstance. Some times, some places, some things can inspire our nobility and bring out the best in us. Those who cynically deny so have a cramped, blighted experience of life, or live in fears I cannot imagine.

          • mattsm84

            Cyrano is a fairly apt comparison, although not in the way you intend. Remember that the crux of the play is that Cyrano assumes both that he is too ugly to be loved, and that Roxanne is too shallow to really love him. Instead he decides to romance her by proxy through Christian. This however means that Cyrano must lie to the object of his affection. When his proxy dies, Cyrano’s own self loathing and his own low estimation of Roxanne prevents him from coming clean and she spends the next fifteen years in a convent while Cyrano holds onto his lie even on his death bed. He literally ruins her life. The comparison his appropriate because in both cases you’re lauding a set of behaviors that frankly chauvinistic at best, and immature and selfish at worst.

          • ScottLoar

            No, your assumption is dead wrong. I intended Cyrano’s gesture at the theater, opening act, when Cyrano reminds the actor he may not appear on stage so bad is his acting, and chases him from the stage. To make good the theater’s losses Cyrano throws a purse of gold coins to the owner, and a few lines later we discover that is the very last of Cyrano’s money. Later in that same scene a pretty girl vendor admiringly invites Cyrano to eat and drink what he will from her wares. Cyrano gallantly takes a single grape and a single swallow of water.

          • maja

            this pretty much sums my point of view on these specific matters, I would add the student who offered the ice creams may have had different alternative motives, whatever they may be, but doing that “out of gallantry” and then pretend it never happened, that’s somehow difficult to believe. also, I would add that improving one’s social stance is not necessarily a shallow objective, especially since in this case it seems so self-explainatory, but targetting one hundred girls at the same time speaks of what I would call… a difficult context.

            anyways, Scott, since you talked about personal life experiences would you mind sharing what you were thinking about? I’m definetely interested because I don’t have any experience of past-time nor of the so-called “rural” China.

          • ScottLoar

            Why not click my name as highlighted in red next to my posts? You can read as much as you want, my comments are there, all open to the public.

          • maja

            well, I just was asking a couple of lines, since you’re so taken I thought there was something specific you were thinking when you started this argument. if there’s nothing specific to be said, well… my fault for asking. I don’t really want to poke my nose into anyone’s own privacy, I’m just used to let things pass on if I’m not talking about some specific topic..

        • mattsm84

          Hey man. You don’t know anything about me or the way I act. So put the ad hominems away for second.

          I don’t have a special disdain or disgust for these guys. Western men do similar things, although on a smaller scale, all the time. The difference is that women are active enough participants in western societies to a point where we no longer lionize this type of behavior. Are you really going to sit here and tell me that Chinese culture isn’t patriarchal? This is just another example of that. It’s small, and it’s mostly benign, but its still a part of it.

          Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of Chinese men that would respect this woman’s choice, and would congratulate her for it. But these men clearly haven’t. Chinese culture is implicated in this because it labels her decision to move on, despite what these men have done, as a tragedy.

          Finally, how can you say that her physical appearance wasn’t at issue where she is wholly defined not as a student or as a person, but as a woman? How can you explain that rather obvious logical disconnect?

          Those questions are rhetorical. I know you’re just going to blame me for pointing them out in the first place. You’ll call me ignorant for not being able to see things from the Chinese prospective, but even then all you’re going to do is essentially say that this is the way that Chinese people have always done it so it must be right. If you do that, however, you should realize that you’re only making a reactionary argument from a position of pride rather than reason. I’m sorry if I and others have made you feel picked on. That is not our intention.

          • ScottLoar

            My argument is not ad hominem and neither is criticizing your
            explanation . Now you ask me to 1) deny Chinese culture is patriarchal and 2) defend the way Chinese people have always done so it must be right. Those are silly expectations you have of me so get back to the point your post obscures, which remains “What were these men doing?”

            I take their expressions for granted, that they didn’t want the only girl in a mining class to leave the group, that her presence was so unusual they felt moved to ask her not to go but remain one of them as a valued member of their group. Can you not understand that? Can you not even relate it to similar situation in your own life, where a person so unlike the others becomes regarded as the most precious member (here called “the class flower”) , is popularly defended, and if that person were to leave the group would ask them to please stay. Jesus, can’t you even imagine it? But you take this same situation in China and see it as “a tragedy” (your words), an expression of denying the woman’s choice, of selfishness, an example of male dominance, and then you still have the gall to protest “I don’t have a special disdain or disgust for these guys”. Your failure to empathize with the situation, your inability to understand their collective sentiment despite my repeated explanations, testifies to your misunderstanding of the cultural context and lack of introspection that would allow a different interpretation outside your experience and contrary to your view of these people. And that’s not ad hominem; look up the fallacy, please.

            I confess I didn’t expect such obstinate denials of my interpretation, I thought their sentiment almost self-evident to persons with experience of China, but some of you cannot get past your own way of thinking and acting to understand others’ actions, especially if those acting are Chinese and Chinese men in particular.

          • mattsm84

            Your argument here is that I, and others, can’t understand why these men did what they did because you assume–and I can only imagine what you’d be basing that assumption on–our life experiences are shallow. The problem isn’t with what is being said, its with who is saying it. You admitted as much when you stated that you couldn’t understand how people who have lived in China, and been exposed to Chinese culture, couldn’t see it your way, then blamed us and our inability to get past our own biases. That, genius, is an ad hominem. In fact, I would contend that our distance from Chinese culture allows us to view it more objectively. We aren’t a part of it, so we don’t feel the need to reflexively defend it when we think that its being attacked by outsiders, which is what you’re pretty clearly doing here.

            “Can you not even relate it to similar situation in your own life, where a person so unlike the others becomes regarded as the most precious member (here called “the class flower”) , is popularly defended, and if that person were to leave the group would ask them to please stay. Jesus, can’t you even imagine it?”

            What you’re saying here is that this person’s value tied to their otherness. In other words, they are part of the group because they can never really be part of the group. When that happens in the west it’s called tokenism. And it’s wrong when it happens there too. That’s why I said I had no “special” disdain, because its just as bad when westerners do it. How do you not see this whole thing as not being the least bit dehumanizing, by the way?

            “But you take this same situation in China and see it as “a tragedy” (your words)”

            Read the article at the top of the page again. “Tragedy” is the word the article uses, so it isn’t my word. More over, you don’t think that its even the least bit possible that you’re culture isn’t as great as you imagine it to be? I’m sorry, but you just come off as just so incredibly myopic on the subject.

          • ScottLoar

            “What you’re saying here is that this person’s value tied to their
            otherness. In other words, they are part of the group because they can
            never really be part of the group. When that happens in the west it’s
            called tokenism. And it’s wrong when it happens there too.”

            I’m sure you’re trying to say something here but I really don’t know what. And, “tied to their otherness”? English in my mother tongue but I confess I don’t know what that jumble of four words means. That’s not ad hominem; look up the fallacy and stop confusing it with criticism.

          • mattsm84

            Are you an idiot? How did you get through University without having heard of the constructive “other”? This is gender studies 101 stuff, kid. And, yes deflecting criticism by attacking the critic is what ad homenim means. That is exactly what you are doing, genius.

            On Cyrano, I saw it performed, which is how you should see a play, and if you don’t see a little self loathing in that character then you didn’t it.

            Ugh. I’m done with you. It’s like talking to a child.

          • edit

            *didn’t understand it

          • mattsm84

            bah, constitutive other.

        • La Mano Gaucha

          My disdain for Chinese men is far from disguised.

          • ScottLoar

            “My disdain for Chinese men is far from disguised”, and so you’ve failed to understand the lead story and my comments. That’s my point exactly.

    • linette lee

      how sweat. :)

      • Bugs Bunny


        may i know how old are you?

        you need to take care more of your skin, buy more toning lotion.i always buy several huge bottles.

        • BiggJ

          Still don’t seem to help. lol You still look like a cartoon rabbit.

        • linette lee

          whatever whitening and skin toner you are using is definitely not helping you. You might think about PS. ;)

  • vincent

    Snow White and the 29 Dwarfs :|

    • BiggJ

      hahaha. :)

    • mr.wiener

      Hi ho, hi ho! It’s off to class we go!

    • yea mate, all chinese girls are short like midgets, there is definitely something wrong with that race

      • mr.wiener

        yea mate, they’re not all tall thickheads like some are…yea mate…yea mate.

      • Germandude

        Ah, I see. It’s “retard-tuesday” again. Well then, welcome aboard.

  • Chinese expat girl in Greece: “I want to invite my birth father to my wedding. But which one of my mother’s 29 classmates is the one?”

    [beginning of “Mama Mia” musical with Chinese characteristics]

  • LuoyangLaowai

    Poor Girl. She was probably overwhelmed with all the attention she was getting. It kind of makes me think of being a foreigner in a small town in China. Everyone will just stare and talk about you. Probably almost all 29 boys tried to get her to date them. no wonder she changed classes.

    • ScottLoar

      She probably switched because the probability of working in remote and backward areas or mining offices brings little cheer. Shanghai Film Studio it is not.

  • Paneraman

    No picture? Then I don’t believe that girl is a class flower

    • ScottLoar

      One girl in a class of men is called the “class flower”, meaning the best of all of us by comparison, and you need a picture of beauty to warrant the name. Have you never heard a woman standing between two men described as “a rose between two thorns?” Or you think it can’t be said unless the woman is like a rose? Or named Rose? Or what?

  • Rick in China

    What a stupid story. It should be embarrassing to Chinese that this kind of story accurately represents the maturity level of so many local men in their early 20s, still acting like children especially when it comes to the opposite sex.

    • Alphy

      Maybe its me but, how is this embarrassing? I’ve seen plenty of college kids do some crazily stupid stuff in the States all in the name to impress some girls, this in comparison is quite mild and respectable.

  • Alphy

    Something about Engineering and Girls. It is not just in China, where I went in US I had only 3 girls in the entire Computer Engineering major, and 5 in Electrical Engineering among hundreds of guys. The public university had better ratio, but clearly as a society we somehow fail to engage female interest in engineering.

    My friend and lab partner for many classes was one of those girls, and she even said she felt like such a guy going to the college for an engineering degree. She really enjoyed the education and went on to get her masters but still it shows how ingrain that gender role is in our minds,

  • carmouflagger

    I was the only dude in my kindergarten class, or so I’ve been told.. can’t remember sh**

  • Jeff

    So who’s going to clean the classroom now that the girl left?

  • dale

    pathetic, pathetic pathetic, cant feel sorry for people who do nothing to change there circumstances. Stalkers in the making.

  • commander

    He should have made efforts to bring in an attractive, hansome guy in his class, rather than persuading her to stay with letters written together with his male classmates

  • Washington Bullets

    29 miners and they’re out of a mine.

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