Naked Dancing By Cute 2-Year-Old Guangdong Boy

This video of a cute 2-year-old Guangdong Boy dancing naked was posted originally on Youku but it seems to have been removed. I probably cannot upload it to YouTube either. Many Chinese netizens say this guy is even more impressive than the 2-year-old Sichuan boy who smokes and swears.

From Mop:

Today’s children are truly too niu.

Comments from Mop:


This will be a wonderful memory for the child’s. It will be even more precious when one day the child becomes China’s Michael Jackson.


He has a lot of talent, we should call the Korean bangzi to take a look so they can cry! [The meaning is to show off this kid’s dancing skills to impress and humble the Koreans who think they can dance well. It is a silly joke.]


Hilarious! The little guy has a future! Haha!


Whoever posted this video is truly awful. Instead of teaching children good things, you’re teaching them these kind of things. Could it be that your conscience has been eaten by a dog? Despicable!


The darker side of society is thoroughly materialized on this child’s body.
I am truly worried for our future children.
It is really hard to imagine what the future of China will be like.


I have collapsed [with laughter].
Someone get a bottle of ice water, I need to calm/cool down~~~


Missing a few movements, but he still has pretty good rhythem~


Haha~~~hilarious, I showed everyone in the office, everyone laughed~~~


I am speechless, the person who taught this child is too shameless…


Whose child is this impressive!
May I ask how he was conceived!? What was eaten during pregnancy??


Clear rhythm, uninhibited movement.
The next generation’s dancing king has been born.


A child with a lot of potential. He can be trained, and proper guidance is very important.


The little bastard is too NB.


Downloaded, waiting to use it to create a stir when he grows up as an award for the paparazzi.


Very cute…
except don’t touch your mount after touching your little JJ


Dance if you want to dance,
but why without wearing clothes?
Is it just because he’s 2-years-old?

Do you think this is cute and innocent? Or is it bad influence?

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  • chairman mao

    first ya’ll capitalist pigs!

  • Peteryang

    wow second ya commie bastard!!!

  • VeerLeft

    hahahahaha!!!!! this is fucking weird!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 囧rz 囧rz 囧rz 囧rz 囧rz……

  • ROFL

    the new justin timberlake or should i say britney spears?

  • Celkian

    Were there a lot of negative comments in the original source? Doesn’t make any sense to me.

  • Kai

    LoL, some of those moves are cute, but some are kinda questionable!

  • fireworks

    can we have more earth shattering news… like corrupt officials or political scandals.

    • Kage Musha

      That’s not really earth shattering anymore these days :(

      THat kid learns young….we will see him in Idols 500 later on ^_^

      • Kai

        “That’s not really earth shattering anymore these days :(”

        LoL, zing! fireworks, Kage has a point there…

    • Peteryang

      I think the current china-french brawl should be what we are discussing.

      or the clinton visit.

      • Kai

        Somehow I don’t think the Clinton visit is high on this website’s priority list. Remember, chinaSMACK tends to avoid purely political topics. Also, some of you guys may think a naked dancing baby isn’t very important in the grand scheme of things, but chinaSMACK never professed to cover “important things,” just whatever they feel got a lot of play on China’s discussion forums. I can easily imagine a lot more people paying attention to a naked dancing baby than Hillary Clinton. I recommend Fool’s Mountain if you want coverage of more contentious political issues.

        • Peteryang

          the chinese relics DOES get a lot of play, probably the hotest thing right now.

          and it will get even better tomorrow, after they sold it everyone will wave their pants in front of Carrefour outlets, you just wait.

        • Celkian

          I don’t care about the Clinton visit but i would love to see a post about this “ran into a wall playing hide and seek” business. I thought this website was about whatever what was getting people buzzing. So it wouldn’t avoid politics, it just doesn’t focus on them. Right?

        • Kai

          @ Peteryang:

          Right, I didn’t mention the Chinese relics in my reply (only Clinton), and I think the latest post just covered the relics for you.

          @ Celkian:

          Duo mao mao? Duo mi mi? Heh, yeah, I think that got interesting when the government invited netizens to participate and then even more interesting when the netizens proceeded to call it “bullshit.” We’ll just have to wait and see if it piques Fauna or the other contributor’s interests.

          Despite what Fauna writes in the About section, I don’t think there are any absolute hard and fast rules about what political subjects get avoided. I think its just a simplification of what general topics she doesn’t bother or care to translate.

          We also have to take into account that she/they don’t actually sit there all day translating. The hide and seek thing has been covered heavily by other websites already, and I suspect chinaSMACK often passes over something that already got a lot of play by other English China websites.

  • blooboo

    Here’s a new word for you: (pedophilia) OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Peteryang

    I just plus’ed myself oops…

    I fucking plus’ed myself lulz.

  • Peteryang

    ok I plus’ed all of you fuckers.

  • The John

    Who would put a video up like this? To be honest, I think a baby is fine. But, a 2 year old shouldnt be put up, becaue of the pervs out there. Seriously, who puts a video up like this?

    But, I think this is not something people should focus on.

    There are far much worse things going on…

    Point in case:

  • Oh wonderful.. I am amazed.
    AAWWWww.. what a dance.. am THRILLED!!
    I would love to raise this kid and make him THE NEXT BIG STAR!

    P.S how can I get his address?

  • The John

    This just in:

    The above was absolutely hilarious… But, Michael… Kill Randy Jackson, so American Idol will not exist anymore. I think, by doing so…. We can all forgive you…

  • krdr

    Too much TV. I’m not sure that this kid would show to his future wife this video. There’s some questionable elements. Video clip with naked kid performing sexually explicit moves is not consider “rightful” in some countries. That’s why this video couldn’t be posted on youtube. This kid watched too much TV, and he is cheered by elders to perform like that. On other side, in many cultures , it is quite normally to let young children to walk around naked.

    Although, this is very cute and funny. Let’s enjoy in that.

  • All the pedophiles around the world are rejoicing now.

    • Kai

      It is a sad day when the rest of the world cannot appreciate and find adorable humor in a naked toddler dancing around because we’re all too morally uptight over a fraction of a fraction of society that thinks a naked 2-year old is sexually stimulating.

  • ForeignDragon

    Truly sad. For parents to have alowed this shows the complete lack education and basic skill for raising a child. Reading all the favourable comments shows that China has a very long way to go, in order to become a civilised advanced society. The shameful thing is that they don’t realise this. I have lived in China for eight years.

  • The John


    Yo man, the problem is not people saying the dancing is immoral. I think the main problem is that their ARE pervs out there that will enjoy this. With that said, why would parents put up this vid on an OPEN forum. If you don’t find anything illogical about this… then maybe I am looking at things the wrong way. I dont think its about moral uptightness..

    • Kai

      Hey, naw, I’m not saying the problem some people have is with the dancing but exactly as you said, that they’re worried about perverts out there that will enjoy this in some sexual way.

      I grant everyone’s norms are different but I thought the vast majority of people in this world had no problems with parents sharing videos or pictures of naked babies doing something cute like dancing. The vast majority also knows there are perverts, but they’re of such a small deviant minority that it is a bit silly to condemn parents for sharing innocent videos of their kids or the people who find such videos cute in entirely non-sexual ways.

      The more uptightness I’m referring to is that condemnation, that proclivity to think naked baby automatically equates to pedophilia or contributing to pedophilia. Do you really think society as a whole should be collectively shamed for something so innocent just because a tiny percentage of society might be masturbating to it? Should we shame the wearing of shoes because some people have shoe fetishes? Should we berate people who laugh at poop jokes because some people at scat-lovers? Let’s be real, right? What do you think?

      • omg

        Why do I get the feeling some pedo is snickering at your comment while he downloads the vid…

        • Kai

          Dude, no offense, but I’m starting to think your preoccupation with pedophilia says more about you than society.

          • omg

            This is the first time I’ve mentioned pedophillia…you on the other hand have mentioned it several times. And you know I’m right that this vid is probably in someone collection already.

          • Kai

            Sorry, I’m responding more to everyone whose minds are so twisted that they the first response they had was to mention or allude to pedophilia than you specifically (though you may belong to that group). Sorry about carelessly specifying you and thus making you feel uncomfortable about yourself.

            You may be right that this video is in someone’s collection already. I’m also probably right that many of you have twisted minds. We should go ban child yearbook photos while we’re at it, because some sicko out there has masturbated to a collection of them already. Happy?

      • The John

        Aight hommie,

        You got a point. I don’t 100% completely agree with you. But, I can appreciate both sides. I think the people that can enjoy the innocence are great. It is good to appreciate kids in such a pure way. On the flip side, I think the other group just want the kid to be safe and away from predators. I mean, if the video doesn’t exist, no one can get off on it. Then again, to counter that you said that people have fetishes for everything. So, no one is really safe. I guess at the end of the day, the video itself is not bad. Its the people that I am worried about. However, such a worry is probably irrational, because the pervs are in a really small minority…

        • Kai

          Cool. I just think its a little extreme to automatically think of pedophiles when one sees a video of a toddler dancing. Are we THAT paranoid as a society? Don’t you think it’s kinda puritanical? Holy schnap! My ankle was exposed!

          • colin

            DEAR “KAI”,
            When and if you have a Child,you will understand why this is NOT OK.
            As for comparing your exposed ANKLE to Genitals,you must have an interesting anatomy – unless of course you approve of the ancient Chinese habit of men “getting off” on young Girls bound feet.

  • VeerLeft

    The problem is that the people here are raising there kid in a fucked up way. How is it that he is grabbing his GENITALS and doing exaggerated hip thrusts?? This is a LEARNED behaviour. Likely he will be a 10 year old DUCK at this rate.

    Whether there is some freak of a sicko somewhere who got his wank on is a totally different and irrelevant topic.

  • fireworks

    @Kai LOL

    I am not against this article, some people like it. If they wanna watch articles like that, turn on the TV for Sesame Street or teletubies.

    There are better stories out there than this. But others might not agree with…

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  • colin

    This must be a PAEDOPHILES DELIGHT.

  • tom2

    I couldn’t watch for more than a few seconds – for all that think it’s cute – especially the ones that have kids, you are sick. First it is smoking a cigarette that gets a laugh, and now it is naked dancing that is accepted as giggle worthy. The more attention they get, then the more these types of clips will keep coming. Was it the parent who did the video, or a family friend? Normally abuse is a close family friend or relative. A naked kid dancing around the house may be part of family life, which is once or twice until M&D say get some cloths on. But getting a child to dance naked in the street, video it, and then upload it to the world is not family life – and is not innocent, but a loss of innocence.

  • derby

    Well said Tom2, well said! The question still remains as to who accually filmed this dancing baby and with what intentions.. Mom, Dad, family friend.. some local neighbor?.. kinda creepy if you ask me.

  • I just feel bad for the poor kid when he turns 18/21 and his parents haul this video out at his birthday.

    that could be the reason it is being recorded

  • Kai

    You guys are amazing. It is as if the notion of “naked baby photos” has been completely erased from popular consciousness. You know, there was a time where you’d hear of parents showing friends and guests naked baby photos of their children and of those grown up children feeling kinda embarrassed by it, but no one thought ill of it all.

  • smickno

    In Victorian times, in Europe and North America, images of naked babies were normal. To send a Christmas card of a cherub showing off the family jevels was so normal, so cliche, so harmless and cute to them. This included paintings and real photos. Many famous photographers at the time took naked baby portraits or pictures of nude kids posing as angels or cherubs. We shouldn’t always judge others through our warped view of the world.

  • nolly

    The John is a perv

  • Kitty

    This is sooooooooooooo lame. Michael Jackson is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better then this stupide bad-dancing 2year old. Put some clothes on that stupide kid and take him to dancing lessones.

  • sean

    wow, an upcoming japanese adult movie star. Your father and mother should be proud of this

  • Steinmensch

    Oh yes, post this and let all pedophiles wank off to this video…. Great idea. :)

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