Bride Wants To Take “Old Couple” Wedding Photos, Groom Storms Off

Chinese bride transforms herself into an old granny, asks her groom if he'll still love her when she's old, and wants him to look old for their wedding photos as well.


From NetEase:

Bride Dresses Up As Old Couple, Boyfriend “Flips Out”

On the 20th, in front of the Dongmen Old Street in Shenzhen, a groom-to-be awaited his bride-to-be to take wedding photos. To his surprise, the bride used make up to turn herself into a 70-year-old granny, asked her boyfriend if he would love her at 70 years old, and wanted to take the photos with him also done up as an elderly person. When the man asked his girlfriend to redo her makeup without success, he publicly shouted, turned, and walked away, leaving the woman crying bitterly in the street.



Chinese bride transforms herself into an old granny, asks her groom if he'll still love her when she's old, and wants him to look old for their wedding photos as well.




Comments from NetEase:

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A battle of crazies with glass hearts.

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If you aren’t affected/pretentious, you won’t die.

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Psycho, what men dislike the most are [women] like this.

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This world simply has that many mentally abnormal women.

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[She] Has nothing better to do.

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Only discovered after makeup? What about before?

国情与接轨 [网易浙江省杭州市手机网友]:

Intelligence still at 7 years old.


There doesn’t seem to be a big deal to take photos like this. I don’t know why the guy is like this.

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It’s easy to comment when it doesn’t involve you.

网易重庆市手机网友 [凌天夕日]:

Why doesn’t this girl wear funeral clothes then? To see if he loves her even when she’s dead!

把青春肆意挥霍 [网易日本手机网友]: (responding to above)

Your thinking is advanced, an upvote for you.

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This woman is simply affected/pretentious! If you take these kind of photos and put them up at your wedding reception, don’t you think it would be disgusting? Your family and friends would look at them and not even know whether to laugh or cry! They’ll hang above your bed every day and become a contraceptive! The poor guy, for encountering such a mentally abnormal woman…

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It’s not that the guy doesn’t love you, it’s that the guy thinks you’re being too deliberately unconventional and it’s embarrassing.

吓东 [网易福建省福州市手机网友]:

This guy seized a momentary opportunity.


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