‘So This Is How the Taiwanese See Us’, Chinese Reactions

Taiwanese woman on TV shows says: "In China, there is a place called mother's cunt..."
Taiwanese woman on TV shows says: "In China, there is a place called mother's cunt..."
“In China, there’s a place called ‘Mother’s Cunt’…”

At time of translation, this was the hottest Sina Weibo post over the past seven days, with 18,717 likes, 175,520 reshares, 79,384 comments, and an estimate of 219,947°C in terms of its popularity.

From Sina Weibo:

@八卦_我实在是太CJ了: Hahahaha, discovered a funny post. So this is how the Taiwanese see us!! http://t.cn/zRCI5pT I really feel really sorry for the IQ of Wan Wan [nickname for Taiwan and Taiwanese], and they were speaking so seriously/earnestly too!

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Taiwan TV show on Henan and Hebei.

“Henan and Hebei are the poorest cities in China. Considering their incomes, frozen jiaozi [dumplings] are very expensive.”

Taiwan TV show on mainlanders' snacks.

“Because mainlanders now are just […] if you want to eat a snack between meals, for them it would be a little luxury.”

Taiwan TV show on mainland moms.

“Taiwan’s new mothers go through a postpartum period [zuo yue zi] after delivery. It is a very important thing. But in mainland China, such a custom did not exist. But with cross-straits communications, Taiwanese TV programs blew up [became popular] in the mainland, and the practice of going through a postpartum period became popular among mothers on the other shore.”

Taiwan TV show on mainland men.

“They [mainland men] are relatively afraid of chasing [courting] us, probably because [we] dress in a way quite different from their local girls. [They] are sort of afraid they are unworthy [of us]. Right. But they all have infinite, well, wonderful fantasies about us.”

Taiwan TV show on tea eggs.

“And it seems like they don’t eat tea eggs [boiled egg with tea and soy sauce]. I kept looking to see if anyone sold tea eggs.”
“Speaking of tea eggs, they indeed can’t afford them. They can’t even afford tea eggs. Average incomes are very low. Even just eating instant noodles at the Shenzhen train station attracted 5-6 people looking on, all of them saying how fragrant this thing was.”

Taiwan TV show on mainlanders' lifelong wish.

“And they saved a lifetime’s worth of money and their lifelong wish is to come to Taiwan just once. So the mainlanders’ adoration for Ma Ying-jeou…”

Taiwan TV show on grass mud horse.

“In China, there is a place called gebi [Gobi desert], actually male gebi. Really. It’s a real place name. And then there is a group of alpacas. Because of the ecological crisis, they cannot survive. Their grass, called wo cao, was eaten up by hexie [river crabs].”

[Note: Long-term readers of chinaSMACK will be familiar with this story of Chinese internet memes that became popular with Chinese netizens 5 years ago on Chinese internet forums involving puns on common Chinese curse words. The male gebi desert is a pun on the Chinese equivalent for “mother’s cunt”, while wo cao means “fuck”. The alpacas are nicknamed cao ni ma or “grass mud horses” but are a pun for “fuck your mother”, and he xie or “river crab” is a pun for harmony or harmonization, as the government was actively promoting the slogan of a “harmonious society” at the time. One way to interpret the story is that Chinese netizens likened themselves to “grass mud horses” who lived in the “motherfucking” desert eating “fucks” and being plagued by “harmonization” (censors).]

Taiwan TV show on Taiwanese girls.

“Why do so many rich mainland businessmen like Taiwanese girls? Because in Southeast Asia, the place that where pretty girls are the prettiest and most is Taiwan. A demonstration of [our] soft power, right? How high, how great the quality [of Taiwanese girls] is! Right, and in terms of how we dress and the way we talk, if we enter China now, compared to them, we are really… So in the future even the wind blows under our feet when we walk [an expression that indicates how proud one is].”

Taiwan TV show on mainland girls.

“Because when Taiwanese girls get together, they talk about bags. But when mainland girls get together, they don’t talk about bags. Because they’ve never seen [those bags]! But they know renminbi [RMB]. After she’s been with you for a while, she will know how to take your money from you.”

Comments from Sina Weibo:

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@冬旅 @肖肖萱萱 @黑框眼镜要增白 Hurry and come see this. I’m already a little disheveled [stupefied] Laugh.Laugh.

老衲不进女厕: (responding to above)

The purpose of Leftist Maoists deliberately discrediting Taiwan is to make the common people [in the mainland] loathe Taiwan’s democracy. If [the mainland had] democracy, they would no longer have an opportunity to stand up anymore [recover power]: My weibo has the unedited, original video clips. Go see whether crappy Tianya [the internet forum where these screenshots were originally posted] edited them out of context, only to get eyeballs [attention], provoking the two shores [Taiwan and mainland] crappy marketing. Those who keep people in ignorance are leftist Maoists! If you think so, those who have come to this microblog can just upvote my comment. Leftist Maoists are playing with fire and will eventually be burnt. Laugh secretly.Laugh secretly.


Taiwan’s media is indeed very mentally-retarded. Even Taiwanese people themselves admit this. But many of these are from many years ago, and some are distorted [likely taken out of context]. For example, what that legislator said, her original words were not like that. I think, for mainlanders who are not familiar with Taiwan, they will be annoyed/feel offended. But for people who are familiar with Taiwan, they won’t be influenced/will think nothing of it at all.

三五十六: (responding to above)

You are right, because we have become accustomed to being annoyed/offended. Plus, I’ve seen all kinds of mentally retarded comments, let alone these. Wan Wan, not strange.


I have many Taiwanese friends, who are very good to me. When I go to Taiwan, they take me out, treat me to meals, and give me gifts. Why do they do this? Because I am good to them too. Interpersonal relationships is nothing but exchanging a sincere heart for another. “Taiwanese” is a collective noun which includes all kinds of people. There are mentally retarded people who curse mainlanders every day as well as friendly good friends. You don’t need to hate all the Taiwanese because of some people’s comments.


I followed [these screenshots] since [they] originally appeared in the Entertainment section of Tianya. Tianya Forum is really influential. I did not think Brother CJ would repost them to Weibo. Haha now they are even more influential. Even seeing them again I’m laughing to tears.


@BT最爱1 Lao gong[hubby], have we been too extravagant for eating frozen dumplings practically every day? Cry.Cry.Cry.


Oh right, I can’t even afford to eat tea eggs. I so admire Taiwanese girls…Ugh Dizzy. @这种现象很欠踹 @嬷嬷木木 @CrazyAllahy hahahahahaha

嬷嬷木木: (responding to above)

Tea eggs? I just heard about it for the first time of my life. Instant noodles, I saw a Taiwan local tyrant eating that.


A local tyrant eating tea eggs and instant noodles struts by.

SmileChen880: (responding to above)

Local tyrant, let’s be friends. I’m so hungry!


Tao Jingying‘s Weibo is almost scolded to death [overrun with criticism/abuse]! Video clips fresh from the oven, “Sina Videos”, “Phoenix Videos” (Weibo), and the videos prove that Wan Wan [Taiwanese] say we can’t afford tea eggs, have super low per average incomes, so low that we can’t afford tea eggs and instant noodles! That men feel so inferior they dare not pursue Taiwanese girls, that mainland girls marry to Taiwanese [people] only to get out of poverty, only for money, etc. The reshared Weibo pic series, hot post, and videos all have those [arguments]. So do all the posts I reshared.


When [you] Taiwanese sisters’ [girls] hair is long enough to reach the waist, I will definitely bring tea eggs, instant noodles, and frozen dumplings and come look for you. Pick the nose.


Taiwan’s [TV] shows consistently belittle, ridicule, and discriminate against the mainland. Everyone can go to my Weibo to see, there are most of the video clips involved in this incident, especially Tao Jingying‘s show, where they used our mainland women as a topic about XIN [xing, sex] to tucao [make fun, complain about]. After watching it, I wanted to rip off her mouth! Support positive energy! Let Taiwanese people know people have to take responsibility for what they say!


Programs from N years ago, what’s the point of dragging them out to discuss? And Taiwan has hundreds of TV programs, who actually watches these~? Taiwan just has many crappy celebrity TV hosts. Last time some celebrity TV host said in a live program that Fanfan‘s [Christine Fan] husband Blackie was involved in fake charity, didn’t Little S call in to argue with her? Not many people like these celebrity TV hosts. Who believes these comments? These are just celebrity TV hosts putting on one-man/woman shows [talking to themselves, making monologues]. I suggest we avoid being agitated into a conflict between the two peoples!

jinmine_8441: (responding to above)

Most [of those video clips] are from the past two years, and there’s even video clips from this year. These shows can continue to survive probably because they have their audiences. When in business, talk about business, the bosses are not in the business of charity. Taiwan has more than 100 TV stations and the screenshots are mostly of fairly well-known TV stations programs in Taiwan. There are already conflicts between the mainland and Taiwan, so I personally think it is reasonable to take them [these video clips and arguments] seriously [be aware of them].

Written by Rensi

A translator of trending Chinese Internet humor and Chinese pop music.

  • There is something about the Taiwanese accent that makes me cringe

    • December Rain

      Same for me. They need to get rid of the annoying “laaaa”s at the end of their sentences and any other whiny, longish sounds they end their sentences with, and the Taiwanese accent would actually sound pretty elegant, IMO.

      • don mario

        isn’t it chinese who do the la? taiwanese is more Ah. but i agree that annoys me… would rather they didn’t have it. dui aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

        • mr.wiener

          Annoying apparently to mainland ears, but quite charming to mine Taiwan Guoyue turns a “SH” sound into a “Si”.
          You should also be carefully to learn Chinese of a guy so you don’t end up sounding like a chick. I picked up the bad habit of saying “tao yen” when I meant “bu shi huan” and ending up sounding like a six foot two inch gay guy.

          • TheSOP

            Taiwanese ladies are much easier on the ears, I prefer it also.

          • don mario

            and eyes.

          • Riddler


          • don mario

            i like the sound of taiwanese minus the Ahhhs. beijinghua sounds like death. the guys are not that bad, just the guys in shops saying huan ying guang liiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnn they need to be slapped.

          • David

            lol I had that problem when I practiced Thai with my wife. It never occurred to her to remind me that certain honorifics you only use as a woman. : )

          • whuddyasack

            Just testing:

            “Wo haooo tao yen ni aahhhhh”

            Yeah, that does sound effeminate lol

      • whuddyasack

        Make that a third. I don’t mind Taiwanese Mandarin, though I think it tends to be a little sharper than Chinese Mandarin. Personally, I find the Mainland accent more elegant, especially when it is refined.

    • LOL! Taiwanese mandarin is awesome. I cringe when I hear Chinese Mandarin with their 兒化s… It’s like they have a dumpling stuck in their throat.

      • Insomnicide

        Taiwanese mandarin is awful.
        Dongbei mandarin is awful.
        Guangzhou mandarin is awful.

        Jiangnan region mandarin is the best.

    • Eurotrash

      It make all the guys sound gay, but I think the girls sound cute.

  • linette lee

    So funny. I laughed so hard when I saw that on Chinese internet. Trust me, most Taiwanese are not that ignorant.

    • are you a Taiwanese or a Hong Konger? I am always confused.

      • linette lee

        I’m a Amerikong. hahahahahha…..lol…

        • you are quite cute sometimes =)

        • TheSOP

          welcome to the flock, you made the right choice :P

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Meh this is about as accurate as North Korea depiction of America.

    • don mario

      exactly, its either done to stir up shit or for a joke..

    • Stefan Xu

      or the worlds depiction of Korea DPR

      • David

        Hmmm I think the worlds view of the DPRK is pretty accurate. Or do you know something that all the North Korean defectors we have seen interviewed don’t know? Don’t tell me you have been hanging around with Dennis Rodman? OK seriously, May I ask in what way you think the world has a distorted view of North Korea? Personally I have only met three people from NK; two in South Korea a few years ago and one in China recently.

        • Stefan Xu

          I know it’s bad but I think the world exaggerate it a little bit. For instance there are many things that have improved since the new leader took power such as fast food, more cars, supermarket, mobile phones. The western media doesn’t report that.

          • David

            Well, it is true that he has built a lot in his country (he is trying to build a sky lodge but European countries have refused to sell him the equipment per the U.N. embargo) but I was under the impression that almost all the improvements have only been for the elite. I have not read anything saying the life of the average person has improved at all.

          • don mario

            now if only they could apply the same principles when selling or buying things from china..

          • don mario

            link me up

          • Stefan Xu
          • don mario

            internet acess to foriegners on holiday? well that’s nothing of note.

            the other stuff is kind of hard to judge fairly, the north korean government go to great efforts to put on a showcase of bullshit to outsiders eyes. when you know that much you have to heavily question these. but it does appear to be making some progress now.

          • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

            I’d be more convinced if this all wasn’t just Pyongyang…the city where all foreigners are funneled into before taken on their meticulously planned tours…

            I’d be even more convinced if guards didn’t keep demanding to see cameras to delete photos that shouldn’t have been taken.

          • TJDubs

            That looks like too much capitalism for me to swallow. Shut the mall down, please.

          • Riddler

            Fast food is an improvement?

          • don mario

            its a step up from eating the family pooch.

          • TheSOP

            Yea, stupid Western media, not hanging on every words of the Dear Leader. Those Westerners with their biases, reporting about millions of starving North Koreans but dont have the honesty to admit Juche has made DPRK just a swell place! I mean have those racist Westerners even seen what a hell hole South Korea is compared to the wonderful North!?

        • mwanafa

          Don’t bother David, he’s a T.R.O.L.L!

          • Stefan Xu

            no i am not

          • mwanafa

            Police man: You are drunk.
            Driver: n.. n… no, i a, i am not.
            Police man: Oh come on, arrest the fucker, he’s drunk.

          • Stefan Xu

            I know that I have made some mistakes before but now I know that’s not tolerable.

          • mwanafa

            OK cool then, It’s comforting to hear that.

  • Perhaps because these Taiwanese met eattot?

  • ESL Ninja

    Taiwanese appear to be small-minded, bigoted idiots with very little cultural knowledge. Remind you of anyone?

    • You appear to have no clue about Taiwanese people.

    • don mario

      the things said in the article was purposely taken out of context..

    • Tova Rischi


  • trademind

    fuck taiwanese democracy but fuck china first!

    • David

      A bit of a confusing statement.

      • Cauffiel

        Yes, I fucked taiwanese democracy before I finished reading, and then I realized I should have fucked china first. so now I don’t know what to do.

        • David

          Either way you have had a busy night, time for a sandwich and some Gatorade..

    • hailexiao

      Don’t forget to fuck this though

      • TheSOP

        I like me some Chinese democracy.

  • markus peg

    Anyone have a Taiwanese GF? we with mainland GFs envy you….

    Quote ” After watching it, I wanted to rip off her mouth! Support positive energy!”
    Is ripping her mouth of positive energy?

  • TheSOP

    After living in Taiwan and seeing how Chinese culture and society can flourish in a democracy it is sad to return to Mainland and see the pathetic state of affairs that CCP rule has brought about. Taiwan might have these kind of useless TV shows with the hosts prattling on about frivolous subject but as a whole it is vastly more stimulating than dalu’s 24/7 anti Japanese war films mixed with CCTV propaganda.

    • Eurotrash

      I felt the same after visiting Taiwan.

    • utera

      Yea, its the sad thing, all the Chinese nationalists in china don’t realize the biggest thing holding them back is their own government. They dream of being on top yet they don’t realize they help to hold themselves back.

  • Cauffiel

    What a bunch of naocan.

  • mr.wiener

    More like a yokel from “Zummerzet” Eee ba gum, oi got a brrran new comboin harrrrvesterr.

  • mwanafa

    There is one thing that I don’t understand here, the average salary =/= to their average spending. e.g I know a 5000 Yuan/month salary man, living a 50K Yuan/month lifestyle.

    • David

      Must be a government official.

  • whuddyasack

    “Lao gong[hubby], have we been too extravagant for eating frozen dumplings practically every day? ”

    Nice comeback. :-)

  • whuddyasack

    “I have many Taiwanese friends, who are very good to me. When I go
    to Taiwan, they take me out, treat me to meals, and give me gifts. Why
    do they do this? Because I am good to them too. Interpersonal
    relationships is nothing but exchanging a sincere heart for another.”

    Very good concept.

  • Yes, I can attest to the fact that Taiwanese girls don’t pick their noses in public or squat down waiting for the bus…….lol!

  • hailexiao

    From a Chinese-American point of view, Northeastern Mandarin sounds like Shandong dialect as spoken by Appalachian rednecks.

  • hailexiao

    Chinese are very frugal except when it comes to showing off. Then the sky’s the limit. That’s why the country is filled with cheap blinged-out goods that fall apart almost the moment they’re made.

  • Kai

    I think the “la” is Hong Kong. The “hou” is Taiwan.

    • whuddyasack

      From what I’ve heard, Singaporean and Malaysian Chinese incorporate both of these.

    • Kade

      Taiwan uses la, lo, le, ne, ah, and oh as prefixes for different kinds of emphasis. These comes from prefixes used in Taiwanese Hokkien that the Taiwanese use to translate over to Mandarin Chinese. “Hou” is basically “Ma” (嗎) in Mandarin. It’s what you put at the end of your sentence when you are asking a question or want reaffirmation. To my knowledge, only older folks mix “hou” with Mandarin. The younger generation, especially in the north, use 嗎. You can view this video to see how each suffix is used in which way:

      http://www.youtube. com/watch?v=In6ppBmrKy8

  • David

    Fair enough but the world press is not a political party (well, not a coordinated one anyway). Unlike the press in China and NK they do not work for the government and do their best (usually) to present things the way they are. Different press organizations from CNN, The New York Times and the AP to Al-Jezeera (sp), Reuters, the BBC and Fox News have all done many stories on NK and have interviewed NK defectors. In addition, we have information from (yes) South Korean intelligence services but also intelligence services from around the world, that describe NK (also the U.N. human rights watch, the NGOs that work in NK delivering food and medicine etc…). I am not prepared to throw out the picture they all paint of this country and this regime because some anonymous person on CS says, “they ain’t so bad” an showing me pictures of party elite enjoying the fruits of their starving peoples labor without even giving me sources for his opinion. Call me cynical if you like.

  • TheSOP

    Well the second part of your little shpeal is honest at least.

    • Kai

      I think it was clear in this instance that his primary motivation was to mock your rhetoric and not deflection (“predictable shift to America”).

      By mocking your rhetoric, I think it is because you predictably shifted attention away from the bits of possible ignorance on Tawainese shows onto how things are worse in China. AKA, a form of deflection.

      I think it’s suffice to say that there is reason to question if these comments on Taiwanese shows were taken out of context and that there’s plenty of frivolity and ignorance in both nations’ media. Can’t we all agree on that? Or do we need to establish national superiority/inferiority in this?

      • TheSOP

        I didn’t find anything pertaining strictly to the article interesting enough to comment on, I felt it was better as a segway into contrasting two different Chinese media scenes (pretty superficially perhaps). But at least it still pertained to the media and not the rather random government shut down in the US.

        I’ve watched my share of Taiwanese TV when I was there, it had all kinds of crap. But even in its triviality it was more stimulating than the offerings of dalu TV, and the news shows were actually pretty lively at times. The impact on society of an open and independent media is tangible and relevant.

        • Kai

          I empathized with your original comment but I recognize how it can also be a form of deflection or changing of the subject to redirect attention onto a preferred target for discussion.

          I’ve watched a lot of crappy Chinese television programming, but I feel things are getting better. There’s still a glut of low-budget ahistorical WW2 serials, often in daytime or early morning TV, but a lot of prime-time fare is rather interesting in how they reflect the norms and social phenomena of modern China such as clashes between the values and behaviors between older and younger generations, the pressures of marriage and the challenges of infidelity. The acting can also be quite good. In contrast, I find a lot of Taiwanese serials extremely vapid and horribly acted. The best variety shows of each are a bit of a toss-up. News is hard to say. Mainland news suffers from instances where you wonder if the government is pushing a message, while Taiwanese news suffers from crutching on sensationalism much like Hong Kong’s news media.

          If it needs to be made doubly clear, the above are generalized impressions. There are exceptions to them all. As a principle, I prefer a free and independent media but I won’t deny it has its pitfalls as well.

          • TheSOP

            Yes you would think freedom of speech and media would create more open minded informed citizens but in all actuality it has enabled people to exercise their freedom of choice to construct narrow echo chambers of information. I see it all the time on Facebook, especially with the American conservative side of the spectrum but also some rather wacky leftists from my university days. Actually I think the government should support/fund public media, such as the BBC, NPR, VoA, etc to counter/supplement the corporate behemoths and give people more options outside of the privatized news channels. But Xinhua etal are hardly in the same realm as NPR… not even close. Chinese TV was painful to watch but I’ve definitely spent a fair amount of time watching CCTV’s various channels, which is a bit weird since I never watch cable news or much TV at all for that matter in the US.

          • Kai

            Yes you would think freedom of speech and media would create more open minded informed citizens but in all actuality it has enabled people to exercise their freedom of choice to construct narrow echo chambers of information.

            YES! A very popular narrative these days with the increasing personalization of content especially on the internet, where we’re increasingly accessing only the information we want to see and information providers are increasingly developing technologies to do so to maximize engagement and stickiness. There are a lot of really interesting and persuasive arguments for and against this trend.

            No, Xinhua is not in the same realm as something like NPR, but it does show how even government supported or funded media is hardly free from accusations of bias as well. NPR itself is denigrated amongst certain circles.

            It’s hard to say how worried we should be able these these things and how to combat them. Do we force people to consume a diversity of information/viewpoints? Or do we rely on reality bringing diverse information/viewpoints together reliably enough that few people actually develop completely distorted worldviews due to their own self-selected echo chamber(s)?

  • December Rain

    I notice that in Taiwanese dramas, the females tend to use “laaa” quite a bit. But in real life, it’s not used as much.

  • December Rain

    Me too, I love Northeastern Mandarin, it sounds so homely. Whereas Taiwanese Mandarin sounds sort of… I dunno, hipster to me.

    • hess

      taiwanese mandarin sounds like baby talk to me. fucking hate the lack of “sh” sounds

      • December Rain

        Yeah, I find that annoying too.

  • David

    Dear USA? Are you trying to be sarcastic? What the United States protects is their freedom of speech and their freedom of religious choice while they are in our country and MANY countries around the world protect the Chinese persecution of these people. I don’t have to agree with what they say or even understand their weird thinking, that is the whole point of freedom, you do not need another person’s (or the government’s) approval. We have plenty of lunatics in the US and we give the same protection that we give the less controversial groups (within specific boundaries). But we are talking about NK. Do I take everything defectors from there say as the literal truth? No. But I believe them more than I believe you. they lived there, they risked their lives and the lives of their families to struggle to get out and then they risk being killed by NK hit squads by going public with their stories. You have still given me no idea what special knowledge you posses, that the hundreds of people and organizations who do monitor the DPRK, do not. You have simply said that things can’t be that bad. Why can’t they? We have numerous examples from very recent history of people living under such conditions. Since you were not Nazi controlled Europe in the early 1040’s to witness it do you also say the holocaust did not happen? How about the killing fields in Cambodia in the early 70’s? The Genocides in Rwanda or Sudan or the gassing of civilians in Syria? Sorry, I am open minded enough to consider other evidence but you have not presented anything, let alone anything convincing.

    • Zhao Xin

      Freedom is limited when it threatens the safety of others, and in the case of eastern lightning, 34 Chinese Christian leader was kidnapped and tortured in 2002 with more common members over the years. I suggest you do some googling(or baiduing?) before you make assumptions, prejudgement can be misleading.

      • David

        I was referring to falungong when I spoke of protecting their freedom of religion/speech (I thought that was clear because I said within boundaries). Obviously I do not condone a religion doing kidnapping and torture. .

  • 二奶头发

    I watched the the full documentary two months ago. I found it quite interesting. it does make you think.

    • utera

      You must be joking, people are allowed to film and go wherever they like in America, if you went there you could as well. North korea has no equivalent, all media is censored and conditions are covered up because they have everything to hide.

      • 二奶头发

        it reminds me of some of the conspiracy videos that are on youtube. it looks at america and it’s “obsessions”. obsessions with famous people, and material goods. there was one part where the talked about the oprah show where she gives away stuff (like clothing, makeup, household items) and how the audience cried out like it was a gift from god. like I said before it makes you think.

  • don mario

    lollll, beijingers. the pirates of the east!

  • TheSOP

    Yea falungong are lunatics, but people who kill them harvest and harvest their organs are super swell people. And DPRK aint that bad, millions of people starve to death all the time, just ask China circa 1960! Alls well! Hope you bugger off to DPRK and enjoy life there instead of in oppressive America, I mean actions speak louder than words right??? Its not like you are just an apologist for a dictatorial regime who types one thing on the internet and then does something completely different in real life!?

    • Zhao Xin

      Well if you believe in the “harvest organ” crap, ofc you are going to believe EVERYTHING a NK defector says,

      • TheSOP

        Yea I guess you have to be a sanlu drinker to believe NK is a great place and that the PRC doesn’t harvest organs from prisoners, I mean you can deny it even when the PRC admits it, are you just creating an alternate reality to suite your biased desires??


      • TheSOP

        Just keep reading Xinhua, I think anything else will shatter your bliss… ignorance is bliss after all.

  • TheSOP

    $3000 dollars a day on the internet? I think I’ve seen your web advertisements, usually with some link bait that includes a scantily clad housewife. Pays better than hauling water for the PRC government I suppose.

  • TheSOP

    Plenty of states are doing fine economically, couldn’t pay me to live in Texas, unless it was for NASA I suppose… that might be worth it. You can have Texas, just keep your damn flags out of my state.

  • TheSOP

    Thats because having drank Sanlu for your entire childhood you don’t have much brain left to damage?

  • David

    OK, then let me be clear (I am not sure why you think I am angry but I have not been during the entire exchange), The overwhelming majority of the information I have seen makes me believe that the lives of most people in NK have not gotten any better due to the assumption of the Third Kim to power in DPRK. Can we hope? Of course we can. I hoped for years while the first Kim was in power. I watched the transition to his son and saw exactly what I see now. This last transition looks the exact same.

  • Fibble_Squibble

    locals have left their mark in taiwan.

  • Washington Bullets

    Tea eggs are “meh” anyway.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Everyone is poor, malnourished, uneducated, and always hunting for food in burnt out husks of cities that may or may not be on fire.

    They melt snow for coffee and hunt songbirds to extinction as they are the only source of food.

    And there is a lot of in fighting. Not just gang fights, but full blown wars.