Newlyweds Fight About Leftovers on Wedding Night, Wife Wants Divorce

Newlyweds Fight About Leftovers on Wedding Night, Wife Wants Divorce

One couple’s wedding day ended on a sour note when they fought over whether or not to take home leftovers from dinner. At around 10pm, police got a call from a 20-year-old bride saying she wanted a divorce, and that she wanted police to punish her new husband. When police arrived at the home, they were surprised to discover the couple had just finished their wedding feast. “I’ve seen a lot of couples fight and talk about divorce, but I’ve never seen a couple want a divorce on their wedding day,” an officer said. Netizens agreed that the couple should divorce, saying that if they fight once, they will fight again.

Source: Netease

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  • Amused

    Too much bai jiu?

    • Or not enough? ;)

      • mr.wiener

        Unreal expectations. Life is full of compromises, marriage is one of the biggest.

        • Tell that to my wife.

          • Jahar

            Oh they aren’t the ones that are supposed to compromise.

          • But I’m her wife too, is that a reality-ending paradox?

  • Ktrang

    what a joke, people nowadays view marriage so light that they wanted to divorce like its a mere game.

  • But which one of them wanted the leftovers?

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