Police Crackdown on the Sale of Drivers License Points

Police Crackdown on the Sale of Drivers License Points

Police Crackdown on the Sale of Drivers License Points

According to Chinese law, if a driver exceeds more than 12 points on their record within one year, they either have to take the drivers test again, or wait until the next year when the number of points automatically returns to 0. Hu Qiang had 18 points last year, but was still on the road because only 9 of them were charged to him. The other 9 went to a professional scapegoat, allowing him to keep his license without re-taking the test. Police are beginning to crack down on the practice of buying and selling points, but say it is hard to pinpoint the culprits due to lack of evidence.

Source: Tencent

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  • Vance

    How does that work? IN the state of Ohio, there is a similar 12 point system, but I do not know how one could deflect points to someone else unless, in an accident you could hire the other person you hit to take the fall, but since that has insurance cost implications as well as a traffic ticket, it would be cheaper just to pay the traffic ticket. Of course if you lost 12 points in a year it might be different. Their system must be set up differently.

    • Jahar

      It seems being a bad driver is allowed, under the current system.

  • David M

    It is because in China you can “Accept responsibility” even if you were not at the scene. After I got my license I was approached to sell my points. I thought it was crazy. I too am used to the American system where the police and sometimes courts assign blame and points that are non transferable. Crackdown is a stupid term, just change the law to not allow it.

    • Foreign Devil

      I think that system in China was created precisely so those who are too rich or too much connected to government could find a way out out of being punished.