Nurse in Hunan Tapes Sign to Newborn’s Face: ‘Lump of Shit’

A piece of paper written with dirty words is stuck on the baby's face.

A piece of paper written with dirty words is stuck on the baby's face.

From iFeng:

Hunan Newborn Baby Has Profanity Taped On by Nurse: Don’t Touch Me, I’m a Lump of Shit

Original Title: “Profanity” Unbelievably Taped on Newborn Baby’s Face

Giving birth to a baby is supposed to be a happy thing but Ms. Tang who had just given birth to a baby at the City Maternity and Child Care Center just couldn’t get happy about it.

On the night of June 7, at 12:35am, Ms. Tang gave birth to a baby boy at the City Maternity and Child Care Center, with both mother and baby safe and sound. The whole family was immersed in joy, and they named the baby Hao Hao.

On the afternoon of June 8, at about 4pm, Hao Hao started to cry constantly, and symptoms such as twitching, vomiting, and inability to control urination and defecation began to emerge. He was taken to the newborn ICU for treatment, and was diagnosed with intracranial hemorrhaging and subarachnoid hemorrhaging. According to Hao Hao’s father Mr. Zhou, these symptoms started to happen after a nurse had given the baby an injection. However, the nurse on duty then denied she had ever given the baby any injection, but the woman in the bed next to Ms. Tang’s bed testified: “I saw with my own eyes the nurse giving the baby an injection.”

That a situation like this happened, the baby’s family got very angry. Because the two parties couldn’t reach an agreement, one month later, this matter was still not settled. During the process of resolving this dispute, on the noon of July 4, Ms. Tang went to see Hao Hao, who was staying in the ward on the 8th floor of the City Maternity and Child Care Center, but what she saw greatly shocked her: A slip of paper was attached to Hao Hao’s face with two pieces of tape, on which it was written: “Don’t touch me, I’m a lump of shit”. She couldn’t accept her baby being humiliated like this and burst into tears.

After this incident happened, reporters of this article contacted the person in charge of the City Maternity and Child Care Center many times, but the hospital was unwilling to officially respond. Not until the afternoon of July 4 at 6pm did the vice-president of the hospital Huang Jianjun finally show up to accept a press interview. “After I discovered that the baby was twitching, I transferred the child to the Newborn ICU immediately. As for the newborn baby having an intracranial bleeding, it is related to birth trauma and complications.” Huang Jianjun said: ”After over 20 days of treatment, the baby has basically recovered, and we’ll cure the baby at all cost.”

As for the matter of the insulting paper taped on the baby’s face, according to Huang Jianjun’s explanation, it was two new nurses playing pranks on each other by sticking slips of paper on each other’s faces, while one of them was holding the baby, a slip of paper accidentally stuck on the baby’s face. “I’ve already ordered the two nurses to apologize to the baby’s family at the scene.” According to Huang Jianjun, the hospital hasn’t educated/trained new nurses enough, leading this incident to happen, and the hospital will definitely deal with this incident strictly.

Comments from iFeng:

凤凰网新浪微博网友 爱装才会赢3433373000:

Sigh! Are these nurses still human beings? What kind of animals were they before they were human?! Ask their parents!

凤凰网新浪微博网友 走俩步:

Why didn’t it accidentally stick on the hospital president’s face?

凤凰网新浪微博网友 老襄阳:

They can play this kind of prank while working? The management is so poor!

凤凰网新浪微博网友 莺莺是云小名:

It was accidentally stuck [on the baby’s face], then couldn’t they have taken care to to remove it? It was even photographed, who would believe [it was an accident]?

凤凰网新浪微博网友 魔道妖女:

You were also babies, how come you haven’t learned how to respect others?! You giving a newborn life this kind of label makes me just want to swear

凤凰网新浪微博网友 这样不科学:

I’ve always thought hospitals and schools are just places where people exchange services for money, so everyone please stop insulting these two institutions of great money-making ability with talk of medical ethics and teaching ethics…

凤凰网新浪微博网友 遗忘_謀:

Fuck your sister, what playing pranks bullshit… They even have the face to say they weren’t taking work seriously and were joking around? Damn, why don’t you show us right now how you were joking around? Some of today’s doctors and nurses don’t even have the most basic of professional ethics so why bother keeping them alive?

凤凰网新浪微博网友 -来恩-:

Hope the hospital treat this problem seriously. If it was caused by the two nurses playing pranks on each other, then why wasn’t it discovered afterwards and the paper removed? This is discrimination, and we can’t help but doubt the professionalism of the hospital. Please deal with this properly. Right now, it affects not just one hospital, but the level/quality of medical care throughout all of China.

凤凰网新浪微博网友 不歪有正:

Today’s nurses are all like this.

凤凰网新浪微博网友 易某某的单行线:

Knife them both, damn.

凤凰网新浪微博网友 恭喜迩怀孕了:

This time it’s not temporary workers, but new nurses!!!

凤凰网新浪微博网友 想飞的_Fish:

This kind of excuse can only bring even stronger condemnation! Do you think we are all fools?

凤凰网新浪微博网友 QQ503122311:

Everybody already knows hospitals are corrupt places yet [nurses/doctors] are still called Angels in White. Fuck, they are Angels in Black.

凤凰网新浪微博网友 林恩同学:

This is playing a prank? Treating a life, an entire family’s hope, as a joke?

凤凰网新浪微博网友 囧小明丶D调:

The hospital is lying!

凤凰网新浪微博网友 法律小讲堂:

Would someone stick such a large piece of paper if they [the nurses were really] just sticking slips of paper on each others’ faces?

凤凰网新浪微博网友 冯丶山山丿小0笨–:

Are these motherfucking nurses nao can??

凤凰网新浪微博网友 衣裳的世界:

Playing pranks while working… what kind of working attitude is this… An excuse.

凤凰网新浪微博网友 _馨馨馨小莹:

An excuse.

凤凰网新浪微博网友 DentistKiKi:

As I said, low characters! Is there no one who will deal with this [prevent this kind of thing from happening]?!

How angry would you be if this was done to your baby and you were given this explanation?


Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.


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