Nurse in Hunan Tapes Sign to Newborn’s Face: ‘Lump of Shit’

A piece of paper written with dirty words is stuck on the baby's face.

A piece of paper written with dirty words is stuck on the baby's face.

From iFeng:

Hunan Newborn Baby Has Profanity Taped On by Nurse: Don’t Touch Me, I’m a Lump of Shit

Original Title: “Profanity” Unbelievably Taped on Newborn Baby’s Face

Giving birth to a baby is supposed to be a happy thing but Ms. Tang who had just given birth to a baby at the City Maternity and Child Care Center just couldn’t get happy about it.

On the night of June 7, at 12:35am, Ms. Tang gave birth to a baby boy at the City Maternity and Child Care Center, with both mother and baby safe and sound. The whole family was immersed in joy, and they named the baby Hao Hao.

On the afternoon of June 8, at about 4pm, Hao Hao started to cry constantly, and symptoms such as twitching, vomiting, and inability to control urination and defecation began to emerge. He was taken to the newborn ICU for treatment, and was diagnosed with intracranial hemorrhaging and subarachnoid hemorrhaging. According to Hao Hao’s father Mr. Zhou, these symptoms started to happen after a nurse had given the baby an injection. However, the nurse on duty then denied she had ever given the baby any injection, but the woman in the bed next to Ms. Tang’s bed testified: “I saw with my own eyes the nurse giving the baby an injection.”

That a situation like this happened, the baby’s family got very angry. Because the two parties couldn’t reach an agreement, one month later, this matter was still not settled. During the process of resolving this dispute, on the noon of July 4, Ms. Tang went to see Hao Hao, who was staying in the ward on the 8th floor of the City Maternity and Child Care Center, but what she saw greatly shocked her: A slip of paper was attached to Hao Hao’s face with two pieces of tape, on which it was written: “Don’t touch me, I’m a lump of shit”. She couldn’t accept her baby being humiliated like this and burst into tears.

After this incident happened, reporters of this article contacted the person in charge of the City Maternity and Child Care Center many times, but the hospital was unwilling to officially respond. Not until the afternoon of July 4 at 6pm did the vice-president of the hospital Huang Jianjun finally show up to accept a press interview. “After I discovered that the baby was twitching, I transferred the child to the Newborn ICU immediately. As for the newborn baby having an intracranial bleeding, it is related to birth trauma and complications.” Huang Jianjun said: ”After over 20 days of treatment, the baby has basically recovered, and we’ll cure the baby at all cost.”

As for the matter of the insulting paper taped on the baby’s face, according to Huang Jianjun’s explanation, it was two new nurses playing pranks on each other by sticking slips of paper on each other’s faces, while one of them was holding the baby, a slip of paper accidentally stuck on the baby’s face. “I’ve already ordered the two nurses to apologize to the baby’s family at the scene.” According to Huang Jianjun, the hospital hasn’t educated/trained new nurses enough, leading this incident to happen, and the hospital will definitely deal with this incident strictly.

Comments from iFeng:

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凤凰网新浪微博网友 爱装才会赢3433373000:

Sigh! Are these nurses still human beings? What kind of animals were they before they were human?! Ask their parents!

凤凰网新浪微博网友 走俩步:

Why didn’t it accidentally stick on the hospital president’s face?

凤凰网新浪微博网友 老襄阳:

They can play this kind of prank while working? The management is so poor!

凤凰网新浪微博网友 莺莺是云小名:

It was accidentally stuck [on the baby’s face], then couldn’t they have taken care to to remove it? It was even photographed, who would believe [it was an accident]?

凤凰网新浪微博网友 魔道妖女:

You were also babies, how come you haven’t learned how to respect others?! You giving a newborn life this kind of label makes me just want to swear

凤凰网新浪微博网友 这样不科学:

I’ve always thought hospitals and schools are just places where people exchange services for money, so everyone please stop insulting these two institutions of great money-making ability with talk of medical ethics and teaching ethics…

凤凰网新浪微博网友 遗忘_謀:

Fuck your sister, what playing pranks bullshit… They even have the face to say they weren’t taking work seriously and were joking around? Damn, why don’t you show us right now how you were joking around? Some of today’s doctors and nurses don’t even have the most basic of professional ethics so why bother keeping them alive?

凤凰网新浪微博网友 -来恩-:

Hope the hospital treat this problem seriously. If it was caused by the two nurses playing pranks on each other, then why wasn’t it discovered afterwards and the paper removed? This is discrimination, and we can’t help but doubt the professionalism of the hospital. Please deal with this properly. Right now, it affects not just one hospital, but the level/quality of medical care throughout all of China.

凤凰网新浪微博网友 不歪有正:

Today’s nurses are all like this.

凤凰网新浪微博网友 易某某的单行线:

Knife them both, damn.

凤凰网新浪微博网友 恭喜迩怀孕了:

This time it’s not temporary workers, but new nurses!!!

凤凰网新浪微博网友 想飞的_Fish:

This kind of excuse can only bring even stronger condemnation! Do you think we are all fools?

凤凰网新浪微博网友 QQ503122311:

Everybody already knows hospitals are corrupt places yet [nurses/doctors] are still called Angels in White. Fuck, they are Angels in Black.

凤凰网新浪微博网友 林恩同学:

This is playing a prank? Treating a life, an entire family’s hope, as a joke?

凤凰网新浪微博网友 囧小明丶D调:

The hospital is lying!

凤凰网新浪微博网友 法律小讲堂:

Would someone stick such a large piece of paper if they [the nurses were really] just sticking slips of paper on each others’ faces?

凤凰网新浪微博网友 冯丶山山丿小0笨–:

Are these motherfucking nurses nao can??

凤凰网新浪微博网友 衣裳的世界:

Playing pranks while working… what kind of working attitude is this… An excuse.

凤凰网新浪微博网友 _馨馨馨小莹:

An excuse.

凤凰网新浪微博网友 DentistKiKi:

As I said, low characters! Is there no one who will deal with this [prevent this kind of thing from happening]?!

How angry would you be if this was done to your baby and you were given this explanation?

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • Germandude

    “according to Huang Jianjun’s explanation, it was two new nurses playing pranks on each other by sticking slips of paper on each other’s faces, while one of them was holding the baby, a slip of paper accidentally stuck on the baby’s face.”

    Yes, sounds legit. I mean, who of you can deny that this is not what happened? 2 nurses sticking slips of paper on each other’s faces, 1 slip of paper accidently stuck to a baby’s face, just at the same moment a mobile phone’s camera went off to accidently take a picture and it was accidently uploaded online.


    2 nurses sticking slips of paper on each other’s faces, 1 slip of paper accidently stuck to a baby’s face and the nurses accidently put the baby back to bed without removing the paper and then, the parents took the picture.

    All this on a baby that “caused trouble” (read “extra work”) to the nurses that they didn’t like to go through.

    And the hospital management is ducking from any responsibility.

    How come none of the Chinese commenters, or me, seems surprised?

    • Mighty曹

      The VP should’ve just admitted wrongdoing by the nurses instead of providing a half-assed lame excuse of ‘pranks’. But I guess his “we’ll cure the baby at all cost” is an admission of guilt.

      • mr.wiener

        They’re not playing pranks now. They’re playing the blame game. Who ever can blame the person of lowest importance with the lamest least believable excuse..wins!

        • markus peg

          It was the cleaner, he went to put that sign on the trash can in the corner of the room that contains poop, but he slipped over and lost it, turns out it went on the babies face. what were the odds of that.

        • The Enlightened One

          Yup, and I hate this game. It is insulting to the human race. I think even animals and plants are insulted that they share the same Earth as people that pull this crap.

        • Strangerland

          It’s the baby himself, when the nurses playing pranks he snatched one and put it on his face, so it’s the baby’s fault!
          Yayyy for victim-blaming logic!

      • people with position can never accept or admit that they made a mistake, because they have much to lose. Coming up with a half-assed lame excuse or better yet extort or manipulate or threaten or bribe etc to divert the problem is preferable, and this behaviour is present all over the world. if people were given power and they could use it to divert the incoming trouble, they’d be stupid not to do it. If they dont use their power to get themselves out of sticky situation, they are also stupid. I can only sigh….

        • Mighty曹

          I should clarify:

          Half-assed lame excuse = The authorities of the Defense Media Agency gave an absurd explanation, saying, “the men were suffering from painful shoulders and knees at that time, so they went to massage parlors.”

          7 year old excuse = “a slip of paper accidentally stuck on the baby’s face.”

        • they still don’t deserve that job if they can’t take it seriously.

      • The Enlightened One

        I agree. The whole concept if “FACE” is extremely flawed.

        Here’s my case:

        If he had accepted the fact and reported that two nurses held a grudge due to extra work and perhaps ill encounters with the parents… then people would be mad and get the nurses fired and he would lose less face. Still some for hiring idiot nurses.

        But instead… he decided to come up with some retarded excuse that not even a half dead goat would accept and in return totally insult the intelligence of anyone that isn’t a vegetable. Because of this, he loses more face, more respect and makes his hospital or whatever look like a place where moronic nurses throw papers around calling each other shit. Oh yes, that is much better!

        • Mighty曹

          He’s banging both of these nurses, aside from others, of course.

    • jmbb

      Because it’s China and they know better.

    • The note was written by a japanese dog.

  • Hey, that’s not very nice.
    Pretty funny, though.

    • Mighty曹

      I admit I laughed. Poor mother.

      • Yeah it really is awful. It’s just…I don’t know how to explain it…something about it is hilarious.

        • ohh booo. only the parents are allowed to call their kids a piece of shit at that stage.

          • Jimney Cricket

            and then later… their ESL teacher

        • xmarkwe

          Ah … when I read your comments I realize that most of the human race are hardhearted dimwitted individuals.

          This was a child that almost died and had still not had a chance to go home with its parents, who were probably worried sick, and you guys could still raise a schoolboy snigger.

          • Mighty曹

            Relax. Seeing that the baby is fine we found that humor is the best way to deal with such malicious act.

            * I hope you meant ‘snicker’ and not using the N word.

          • xmarkwe

            A smothered or half-suppressed laugh.
            Give such a laugh: “they snigger at him behind his back”.
            noun. snicker – titter – giggle – tehee – chuckleverb. snicker – giggle – titter – chuckle – tehee

          • Mighty曹

            Jeez, it was a joke to suggest it sounded like “a schoolboy’s nigger”. Don’t have to Google/cut/paste the definition.

          • xmarkwe

            Oh …(snigger).

          • Mighty曹

            Hehehe…(snigger) :D

          • So sensitive, xmarkwe.
            Anyway, the child survived (good!), and I did admit the awfulness of me laughing at the sign (relatively good!). Get your panties out of that wad they’re in. Everything will be ok.

  • bprichard

    Let me help you out with your metaphors, internet commenter guy:

    “. . . still called Angels in White. Fuck, they are Angels in Black.”

    Go with Devils (or demons!) in White. They’re still wearing white, so the “in black” part really isn’t doing it for me.

  • markus peg

    the paper accidentally went on the babies face? unlikely… what a bad excuse…
    the nurse gave an injection and then denied doing so? how suspicious and UN-trusting does that make everyone!

    In the UK when a nurse/doctor gives you an injection they always show you the labels first so you know exactly what it is the nurse is giving you. i trust my nurse but showing you helps reassure. I think they should practice the same thing in China. Its unacceptable to give an injection and then claim you didn’t.. that’s scary! who knows what she gave the baby..

  • nqk123

    a shitty excuse from a shitty hospital. it’s suck being poor/powerless

  • MonkeyMouth

    hm… a baby that couldnt control itself from urinating, etc? no wonder!!

    most surprising thing is that the baby is a boy…how dare they treat the Emperor like that!

    • At least they are some what cute…as they become toddlers, then they really turn into whiny pieces of turds.

  • Mighty曹

    There was a bad translation of the dates. Hao Hao was born on June 7th but twice in the story, ‘one month later’, July 4th has been translated as June 4th.

    “Why didn’t it accidentally stick on the hospital president’s face?” – 10 thumbs up!

    • Peter Barefoot

      I’ve had it corrected, thanks for pointing it out.

      • Mighty曹

        No, thank you for your work. It’s much appreciated!

  • 剑胆琴心

    Why didn’t it accidentally stick on the hospital president’s face?
    when we were in school, we did this too.
    i remeber when i was in high school, once the teacher asked a guy to stand up answer question, then guys behind him pour some water on his seat…then,so funny!!!
    also guys were so evil in high school.they always beat others for fun.everyday chose one guy, then the tallest one walked to him,cover his head by school suit first then others jumped on,not very hard or soft either.every guy got beat this way.only the tallest one not.and the more terrible one was,bunch of guys lift one then open his legs between a tree or door,then pushed him back and forward and one guy shaking the door…
    once a guy tied my shoes on the desk, till time for exercise between classes i noticed.
    always a lot of guys stood around my desk during break blahblah for happy those days.

    • MonkeyMouth

      your kindergarten..erm..i mean high school sounds barbaric!

      • 剑胆琴心

        no way!
        it’s the best high school of my province.full of smartest kids from all over the province.and always several go to the best universities every year.we are just different from those narrow and geeky and funny!

        • mr.wiener

          Hmm. maybe we have a different definition of fun. The way you described it gave me unpleasant flashbacks of my school days.
          I’ve never been tempted to go back for a reunion unless it’s to beat the shite out of the three bastards who used an electric cattle prod on me one time…ahhh happy days.

          • My high school experience was pretty tame. Well, I never got bullied. I was kind of popular…but not in a all-the-girls-wanted-me popular. More of a both-of-my-parents-were-well-liked-teachers way.

            Prior to high school, when I was in boy scouts, we duct taped one kid to a flag pole, about a foot off the ground, and went in for the meeting. It took about 10 minutes or so for the scout master to realize one of us was missing (and jog our memory).

        • You didn’t go to a Catholic boarding school then with 2000 boys and run by Irish Christian Brothers then I take it? You missed out.

        • Germandude

          “it’s the best high school of my province.full of smartest kids from all over the province”

          How could anybody deny that…

  • Ray

    Must be some new scam to get the infant to stay in the hospital longer and rack up those hospital fees.

  • (.__.” }

    Terrible people, they should be punished for their actions. Even adults need to learn respect.

  • Cindy H

    This is a tangential issue but a few days ago my aunt from China claimed that Chinese doctors were considered more “black-hearted” than lawyers. This is because they prescribe unnecessary amounts of medicine/medication and jack the prices up exorbitantly.
    A university friend of my dad’s was a doctor who refused to bend the rules like everyone else in his ward because he actually cared about the poor. Consequently, his superiors gave him shit for not ‘maximising profit’ and demoted him to a vastly inferior role with much lower pay.
    The guy went crazy.

    • markus peg

      I agree 100% I’ve seen it with my own eyes. its a business rather than a hospital.

      • Archie

        I went in to see a chinese doctor last week. i complained a skin cancer i had cut out was growing back. he read the report, and said if they said it was 100% cut it, then it can’t grow back. I asked him why there was a growth on the scar, he laughed and told me to go and have an xray. an xray for skin cancer? mother fucker. i left and will fly home to see someone who gives a fuck.

        • markus peg

          Sorry about your situation. you have made me want to share two of my stories

          1) me
          I went to a hospital from something simpleand kept getting referred to different departments, i ended up having 2 xrays and checking my kidneys because they thought the xray showed something wrong… it turns out all i had was a damaged back muscle from picking up something heavy… [i was the one who worked out what i had and then they just agreed with me. so after all that money i spent i just answered all my own questions.


          Chinese doctors seem to give a patient more worries than needed. a friend of mine has a problem that can get worse if they are worried, the Chinese doctors added to that fear to get 1000s of RMB (each month the medicine that wasn’t needed cost 2000rmb) for 2 years, when my friend finally went to a doctor in the UK [free] the doctor said its stress that has caused it which started with being upset over the death of a pet. Suddenly after a week or so they forgot all about the problem and only then the problems went… So in a way the Chinese doctors were feeding their issue that they didn’t have to maximize profit.

          hospitals and doctors need to change the way they think. The faster the patient is cured the better. not the more money we make the better…

          • yip yip…but same goes with the docs and dentists here in the usa.

          • markus peg

            Doesn’t the USA want to change the system though?
            In the UK we have both [free] and private medical care (doctors/dentists)

          • Doesn’t affect the ethics of the individual. Obsma care is just another bone thrown to the health care industry…which is already a cash cow.

          • markus peg

            Pardon my ignorance but why are many Americans against the idea of Obama care? Wouldn’t that allow the rich to use private if they care about that and also allow the poor medical treatment they need but cannot afford?
            I don’t mind some of my TAX going towards those in need, who knows maybe one day i’ll be the one in “need”

          • Being forced to pay taxes for something that should be a choice is not favored by many(me:semi libertarian who used to be democratic.) People who don’t take care of themselves and chooses to eat fastfood and do or not do anything else that is detrimental to their health is not my responsibilty to fix and be forced to give handouts. Also, funneling money through the gov for healthcare is like piping more money for administrative services rather than real charity work. Aside from my splatter of reasons, based on the current insurance, pricing institution, it just doesn’t work efficiently nor does it do any good besides the idea of charity, humanity for the people by force and manipulation of businesses msking money. It would be long winded to explain but the reason people can’t afford healthcare is caused by the manipulation of the insurance comps plus the institution’s incentives to gain income.

          • Germandude

            Without the intention of attacking you personally, I have to say the following:

            Your explanation fails on so many levels and I am surprised about how many Americans still fall for this ignorant reasoning that is brainwashed into society by exactly those who benefit from the system.

            You wrote “Being forced to pay taxes for something that should be a choice is not favored by many…” and “…People who don’t take care of themselves and chooses to eat fastfood and do or not do anything else that is detrimental to their health is not my responsibilty”

            Health is only partly a choice. First of all, coming from a wealthy background, you have better choices on what to eat (healthier), because you can simply afford it. Poor families often don’t have that choice. I have been to the US and as stupid as it sounds, how do you want to cook for 3 kids for 10 bucks if you lack money? Not even mentioning feeding them healthy. I have seen the Mc Donald’s wednesday’s where the Hamburger costs 29 cents and the cheeseburger 39 cents on sundays. And I have also experienced the prices in the supermarkets which stunned me that the healthy food was considerably more expensive than the unhealthy packed food. I was almost thinking that it’s a campaign to promote living unhealthy.

            Anyways, healthcare. If you are rich, you will live healthier simply because you have access to better quality food. You minimize chances of some diseases but no way are you immune against other diseases, let’s say cancer. Now if a millionaire gets cancer, he will pay the best doctors and get access to any hospital he favors simply because his bank allows that. A poor person doesn’t have the choice, while living under the same risk of getting cancer. How on earth can you support such an unfair system? There are tons of stories about people that were pretty wealthy but went bankrupt because of health issues.

            I don’t know how Obamacare works, I don’t care about it. But I can assure you that just like Markus Peg here, I am more than happy that Germany runs a healthcare system that protects every individual. YES, it is expensive and yes, some people exploit it. The difference is that Europeans seem to focus on how many people that system helps while the US discussions constantly focus on the few people that exploit such a system.

            In Germany, you have a general, and pretty high standardized healthcare system, which of course costs billions and I don’t guarantee that it is partly inefficient. However, if I get cancer, I know that all I need to do is go to the hospital and I will get a pretty decent treatment and either get healed or treatment until it’s over. If I want sth special (like a famous doctor or a treatment based on Chinese Traditional Medicine), I’ve gotta pay extra. The rich do that, the poor don’t. However, no one is left behind.

            Just to leave this comment with a provocative statement:

            A society is measured by how it treats its weakest members.

          • Okay, see if you can see this from my point of view. Pre warn.. I have always done unwell in english and essay writing.

            I disagree with your health dictation.  

            “Poor people”:



            Health can be by choice as one would like.  I stated that fast food like McD doesn’t offer much nutritional value but just a seemingly tasty, cheap portion of preservative for dead bodies.  The stigma with the lower class being fat( see southerners), are due to their life styles and eating habits on top of not getting exercise and driving in their big tonka trucks.  That’s a pretty bad statement but let’s just say that to match your poor family of 3 example.


            There is a stereotype that poor people have a lot more kids, and that was partly because back then, you need more off springs for more survival rates such that they can help you farm to survive. The other trend is higher income people who choose not to have kids and they will pay for it.


            This idea… of free services is a  ponzi scheme of having a debt layer that only waits to be relieved with younger generations, and it keeps cycling but never ending.


            Now is not the case, but people are popping out more babies due to christian beliefs, their lack of sense that they should be financially stable to afford having kid that they can garner to be intelligent people. Sure I grew up in public schools and I didn’t have to pay for it, but in reality, everyone pays for it (One big problem is people tend to take things for granted, and saying such and such is good because its free like our health and education system).  


            Reasons? A government support leaning pole (not a lot but there has been articles on people who take advantage of that).  For one, I am not looking down on the poor, but I am pointing out the wrongs that make it so. Making poor financial choices and choices in general is not something that people can just blame for their situation.   Succumbing to government assistance is harming a lot more people of middle class than helping the under waged, because government assistance, rent control etc only does harm. If you want to hear about that, you can ask later.



            This isn’t even specifically targeted at “poor” people.  You know you are really poor when you can’t afford a cellphone, go to walmart, buy crap that isnt food or doesn’t serve minimal living expense and a roof over your head.  Most poor lower class citizens in the US may look like they live poorly, but nowhere compared to other countries. They have their beat up cars, a family pet, lots of toys out in the lawn, a TV, and food and shelter. 


            Just because my explanation fails, doesn’t mean the idea isn’t relevant. If you take the time to think about why one has to be mandated for anything, then that means you have forgotten about personal liberties slowly dripping away for the “good” of the others…which in essence… see china.  I will explain at the end why it isn’t good.


            This is about individual responsibility and duty.  Universal healthcare, medicare, food stamps (I’ve been on food stamps.. the certain food you are allow to buy… is just as unhealthy.. the exploitation comes in when certain supermarkets…Asian ones for example.. lets people exploit that.. women with brand name handbags using food stamps to buy seafood == ineffective sys.), let’s go of any individual responsibility to fend for oneself and look to the more powerful to help you when it is a situation where you CAN do something about it.  This is a huge oversight of “Safety net” to garner people who will leech off other people.  


            Poor families DO have a choice, it’s called not having kids if you can’t afford to eat where you can get obese and can’t afford your own health care to save yourself.   Your example of typical poor is exactly where poor choices fall in.   I even calculated back 5 yrs ago that I can live on minimal wage if I actually took the time to choose and pick what I should buy for food.  I can eat all the junk I want if I went and exercised.  I can run, lift gallons of milk without ever having to go to a gym or purchase any exercise equipment.   Equating “healthy” fads to expensive is correct but healthy can only go so far as our crops and food has been so processed, modified, and lack in nutrients for the sake of size (another topic).  Yes places we have here that are Organic like Whole Foods means whole paychecks. But I can live healthily on small supermarkets by purchasing seasonal foods and meat that is on sale if I wanted that is it.  I don’t have to buy the candy or artificial drinks and I usually keep my diet of water and tea.  


            I’ll equate cheap burgers to ramen.  If I consistently ate that, I would put myself health distress and more medical bills. It makes more sense to feed on a little better on food than the “ I dont have to cook to feed the kids method”. It’s a choice of not thinking critically, carelessly about the children if having any and not just a simple case of Oh god, I spawned 3 children and I don’t know how to feed them even with food stamps etc.  Supermarkets, even Wal-Mart has vegetables and meat.. So it’s no longer about access.



            Let’s talk about me since you pointed out I came off wealthy:


            I grew up poor as my family just manages to eat and live because my parents never bought material crap growing up and if they did, it was kept at a minimal.  Our habits in food are 20lb bags of rice, meat and veggies from the local chinese market which are a lot cheaper than the usual giant supermarkets.  That’s how we managed. My parents worked subminimal wage jobs, for more than the typical 8 hr days, 6 days a week, and a family of 6 squeezed into a one bedroom apt with roaches.   That is how we got by until my father can gain a better job but still not any better. Then they had my sibling, big burden on the family as a whole. You know what the consequence of that? I as a child never really knew my parents, both of them worked 6 days a week but I had a strong bond with my grandparents. Anyway, enough of this about poor people making bad choices.  



            You can’t justify fair… on earth. If there was utopian everyone doesn’t get sick, have the same wealth, this idea will run smack against people’s nature for power and greed.  To me there will always be classes among people because that is the nature of people. To strive for a fair ground in life for everything is hardly possible and for a bigger society is even more so.   To help with affording health care is not to simply raise taxes for everyone to pay for it. That’s why I mentioned that the regulations and standing gov, health systems are messed up because it is structured for greed than helping the people. It’s precisely why people go bankrupt with major illnesses because the bill is so high.


            Also, there has got to be a point where you say survival of the fittest, it’s sad that people contracted illness naturally or artificially, however if everyone gets to live long lives, what do you suppose will happen to our job economy as is with older people still working and not retiring (coworkers who are well to do engineers, comes back from retirement, because their wives wants them to continue making the mula for material shit, or they want to be away from home because they cant stand their wive)?  More pensions where we are already in heavy debt?  

            Either way… I think we people are the bacteria of the earth reaping, destroying, consuming to our end. We don’t deserve to have anything fair if we don’t even stand for simple moral things because we are so corrupt as a whole with greed.


            Middle to upper middle class:

            (Not Hilton rich but your typical 100k-200kers) Some people gain wealth by working hard, and intelligently and that’s good.  Some people gain wealth, then make terrible choices, work excessively almost to addiction.  My previous manager, works 12 hr days, sometimes takes lunch, and eats really bad fastfood or microwave dinners when he does. He is not intelligent, he’s overweight, treats people under him like shit, and kissed ass to climb to where he was. Nonetheless, he rakes in oodles of money all for a new kitchen stove for his wife, renovation to his house, his lacoste shirts, this and that.  Ultimately destroying his health , but never producing much at work.  That’s the kind of people I see.


            By the way, now with the hospital pricing bids, you can travel to a good hospital for less than your local fee of treatment here.  Also, there’s cases of people that go to a foreign country for certain treatments because drugs aren’t regulated and expensive.  You can’t really say that you can’t pay for treatment anymore with the negotiations you can do at the hospital. 


            Personally, I don’t like how I will work hard for a wage and have half of it taken (like people I met in Belgium) if I am one of the group that isn’t in need of diabetes meds, or other artificially inflated medical expenses.  It’s a problem with our system, drug markets, corporations on various food production, process etc as a whole, NOT the “I am inhumane because I don’t want to be charitable.”


            Letting no one behind is a bad idea in the sense that the gov has to bring everyone else down to keep the people that can’t keep up. Life is not as precious as we egotistically believe (another reason why we spawn kids because of tradition…we want kids to take care of us-selfish, family line-purpose?-selfish…there’s too much people on earth.. so it’s not about human race continuum.. why not adopt all the unwanted kids of people who made bad choices and give them a chance to live?); we humans are talking meat on earth that is insignificant to the rest of the universe.  


            Just look at the education system we have here, “no child left behind”. You know how they do it? We lowered all standardized tests instead of making those kids repeat and learn what they actually need; everyone can go to college whether they are fit to even do algebra (rantings of an old teacher friend).  More gov. loans to students, loans are never good. More kids graduate…with degrees… Regardless of how they actually perform and this DOES affect our economy. Then standards of work requirement raises for those with experience but no degree are at a loss.  Ineffective hiring of teachers because they have degrees… but actually are terrible at their job (I know a few of them… she cheated off me in math, now a teacher, psycho jealous gf of a friend, now a public educ school psychologist).  There’s a whole sleuth of chain reaction that is negative.   blah.. our public education system is downhill.


            Anyway, I think where it’s wrong is that people like to think they are doing good and not caring how different systems like Obamacare and universal health works. That’s why you are blindsided with affection instead of seeing the big picture of how we are killing ourselves by being brainwashed to be good samaritans, and helping others. Why do you think we as a society are having so many problems? You can do so much of those good societal tasks without having to mandate people to give money to a inefficient filter. Help people actually, by going to soup kitchens, donating money directly, and cut out the middle man. But don’t blindly say I am doing good by funneling money for someone else to do the work for me.

          • Germandude

            Thank you for your long reply. I read it all and appreciate the time you have put into that. Please let me directly
            state here that I am not agreeing with you but I honestly value your input. There are only 2 things I will go into detail though:

            1.“Succumbing to government assistance is harming a lot more people of middle class than helping the under
            waged, because government assistance, rent control etc only does harm.”

            Government assistance does not only do harm. This is so far off, it’s actually surprising that you came up with it. Government assistance is handled inefficient and could
            improve, I’ll give you that. However, if you have a look at how many people are born into poor families, or went into poverty without having done anything wrong, how do you want to justify that ripping off their chances of getting
            back on track is acceptable? Those people are in need of help and as far as I know, much more valuable towards a country if they can get back on foot. That’s applicable for any country, no matter if with or without a social welfare
            system in place. You create tax payers (hopefully).

            Additionally to that, the middle class (limited) and the upper class (significantly) benefit from the lower class simply because their wages are low. Cheap labor is needed to produce their luxury. How on earth can you justify that this system is fair? And this system is running for 1000s of years no matter if you call it Capitalism,
            Communism, Socialism or other. The people on top trample on the people on the bottom because they need them to guarantee their wealth. The real parasites can
            be found in the upper classes of developed countries.

            Also don’t forget that poor people are busy with surviving and are literally politically death. Ask Hitler and Stalin and Mao, who actually was the easiest to influence because they had “different” things to worry about. And were easier to control.

            2. “Poor families DO have a choice, it’s called not having kids if you can’t afford to eat where you can get obese and can’t afford your own health care to save yourself.”

            Yes. Everybody has a choice to have children or not. Have you considered that for most poor families, having
            kids actually means nothing else than a new shot on the “lottery of life”? I mean, parents are poor and their life is fucked up. A kid might get the chance to do better at school and reach a different level and in the long-run support the parents? And how come that wealthy couples have less children? They spend their time on hobbies and jobs to get even wealthier, while they are not shy on
            relying on the kids of the poor parents to do the dirty work and grant them their paycheck.

            Anyways, I think I know pretty well where the European system of healthcare for all and education for all (your example of lowering school standards is very good) is having issues. In Europe, rich kids still go to better schools and enjoy better healthcare. I have no issues
            with that as long as the standard is high enough so that society doesn’t judge on who is worth support or not, be that decision based on paychecks, skin color or which party you voted for.

          • Thanks for caring about this topic as well. I see that most people would just not question their own societal works..whether they agree or disagree with anything.

          • Here is a nice little link to demonstrate how regulations mess with the cost of healthcare but of course we people are adding to the ineffective ways.

            Theses comments are definitely clearer than what I can convey.

  • Alex

    Doesn’t matter, they were 临时工

  • Vera Soo

    Wow no CCTV at the babyward at all? What kind of hospital is that?

  • 外国人的祖国!

    It’s not good but I’m sure that it’s ten times worse in western countries. Foreigners should not be criticizing Chinese people all the time. Look in the mirror first.

    • markus peg

      If you said “North Korea” rather than “west” you would have a more compelling argument.

    • If you want to masquerade as a Chinese troll, you need to change up your grammar a bit. Also, use some strange words that technically make sense, but aren’t traditionally used in such manners.

      • 外国人的祖国!

        Wow. So if a person from China has pretty decent English, like I do, that automatically makes them an impostor? You guys are sickening. I bet that you could never even hold a job in your country.

        • mr.wiener

          If you are not masquerading as a Chinese troll than at least you are deflecting which is a disservice to the vast majority of Chinese people who do not indulge in this kind of stupid behaviour.

          • 外国人的祖国!

            Who are you to judge if I do a disservice to other Chinese? A person from some obscure country north of America? You say that it’s stupid what I say and that I “indulge” and that I “deflect”. Deflect what? By saying that things are often much worse in western countries? Indulge in what? Commenting? You can’t take some criticism and then accuse Chinese people of doing that? You make no sense. You assholes in China are full of contradictions. A bunch of hypocrites with no life outside of my country, passing judgment on everything China-related and often shitting not only on us but on each other. Dicksizing. And by the way, I would much rather have Kai be the moderator. You’re not very good and you are very unfair to anyone that does not agree with you and give you one of those dumb thumbs up things. Lame.

          • I guess Australia would be north of the US if the world were to flip upside down. Fascinating manner of thinking, troll. We know you’re one of the past trolls who got booted out, now you’re back with a half-assed attempt.

          • 外国人的祖国!

            What’s your fucking problem, man? Do I have to post my passport or my HK permit to prove that I’m from here? Go to hell!

          • Guest

            Why did your name just change from Malaysiangirl to 外国人的祖国? no one else on this page is called Malaysiangirl so it wasnt Disqus’ fault… not an error.

          • 外国人的祖国!

            I encountered this website less than a week ago, so whoever is that other person I have not even read anything by her as far as I know. You people have “issues”, as you guys say. So dumb. And then you people go around saying that Chinese people are this or that. One can’t even make a comment in this place without all kinds of accusations being hurled. Makes me want to vomit. Fuck it.

          • Less than a week ago? How did you know about Kai being a moderator?

          • 外国人的祖国!

            Because I read a bunch of old stuff before moving to new stuff. Is that OK?

          • But you’re so fed up with this world, and you made no comments on the older things? No, no, a real Chinese nationalist would have commented on all of that. What about all the stories of misbehaving foreigners? How could you resist??

          • 外国人的祖国!

            I’m not fed up with the world. I’m fed up with you and your kind. And since this place does not allow for debate and it’s only for dumping trash on Chinese people and then dicksizing each other to see who is most politically correct (hypocrites!) why would I bother to argue anything I say. All that’s going to happen is that I’ll be called a liar or a troll or a nationalist or whatever.

          • Well argue. You opened with a generalised and throw away line. About a topic that you know nothing about. That is hospitals in each and every western locale.

          • 外国人的祖国!

            I iz troll lolz

          • 外国人的祖国!

            Hey asshole, go fuck yourself. That “I iz troll lolz” is not the real deal. YOU are the troll!

          • You’re throwing insults at yourself now? You’re really bad at this trolling thing.

          • 外国人的祖国!

            Do you have a response to what I wrote above in Chinese? Of course not… and stop pretending that you’re me, or whoever the hell is doing that! Loser!

          • Huh?
            You’re not making any kind of sense.

          • linette lee

            don’t bother with him. He is getting a kick out of trolling you folks. ;)

          • My my kind is also your kind. We’re both foreigners. Just you kind of have this need for attention, and I have my dashing good looks.

          • linette lee

            “and I have my dashing good looks.”

            hahhaha… You want a trophy? :)

          • Mighty曹

            If you’re a Chinese Malaysian don’t get too defensive until you learn how the mainland Chinese treats you. Believe me, they don’t see you as Chinese.

          • Malaysian girl??? Fujian guy??? bu nan but niu???

          • Mighty曹

            Butt numbed, butt numbed.

          • Here’s 外国人的祖国 in a room full of foreigners.

          • lol chippp chipppchippp

          • If you haven’t seen The Room, you need to. It’s considered one of the worst, if not THE worst movie ever made. The director (also the main actor you see here) Tommy Wiseau is bizarre, to say the least, and tried to come back and claim that this was all a black comedy attempt…after everyone was laughing

          • ooooo no, def not torturing myself for it.

          • It’s comic gold

          • Mighty曹

            He adapts quickly!

          • Guest

            Write a message in perfect Chinese using complex words.
            even if you are a troll at least that way you would be a troll with skill. Or in fact a Chinese person

          • Good idea. I will let the wife read it right now. I like commas too.

          • There won’t be an answer, until maybe he finds something to copy and paste via Google.

          • 外国人的祖国!


          • markus peg

            Why are foreigners “nothing in China”? A lot of us have invested our money into projects to make China a better place for both Chinese and foreigners alike. I understand your hatred for some, but i find your views far too extreme to be acceptable. Do you not have even one foreign friend?
            Maybe you are more of a drain on the Chinese economy than foreigners.

          • linette lee

            親愛的混蛋:你不需要證明什麼. 你還有其它重要的事要做快去做吧! 這是 chinasmack. 為何這麼認真? 大家都喜歡來這裡抱怨一下. ;)

          • 外国人的祖国!

            Thank you, Linette. It’s just that so many of the people on this website are so nasty and totally two-faced. Not only do they really hate Chinese people deep down inside, but they also hate themselves and each other. Sickos. And then the moderator guy goes and says that I’m a disservice to Chinese people. Pft! It is he and many of the posters here who are a disservice not only to China but to their own countries. Gross bastards. I hope that the idiots that challenged me to write some ditty in “complex” Chinese learned their lesson for today. Shitheads.

          • linette lee

            I understand. I know what you mean. Chinese and non chinese it’s like a love hate relationship. Very intense.

          • mr.wiener

            Actually the stupid behaviour I was referring to was the posting of notes reading:”I am a lump of shit” on a babies face and the lack of reponsiblity or tact exhibited some hospitals in China.
            Why is deflecting bad? This would be because if you say “I’m sure it’s 10 times worse in Western countries” you are making excuses for it and doing nothing to change this. Govts like it when you accept your lot. they only fear people standing up together and saying “this is wrong”.
            As to my moderating? I just take out the garbage hon. So far I’ve only deleted some posts from a 2 people who were banned last week, one guy who told another guy to “go back to Africa”, and the person who was using your user name.[you’re welcome] I’ve never banned anyone and will try to stay away from that option if at all possible [micro-dicked liberal hypocrite that I am].

          • 外国人的祖国!

            Of course, after his extremely well-considered post, the moderator *had* to obliquely say that his penis is larger than mine. Low. And probably untrue. 17.8cm is not bad at all.

            Anyway, “Why couldn’t some foreigners die, instead of two of our nationals?” could, with a little imagination, be seen as a shitty joke, nothing more. You jerks do that shit all the time and nothing ever happens. Why can’t a Chinese person give some back to you? Answer: INSECURE HYPOCRITES.

          • mr.wiener

            ??? I said my dick is larger than yours??
            Could your please point that out in my post. I thought I was actually making a joke at my own expense , but you seem determined to take offense at everything.
            If your first post was a joke it was in very poor taste. Spouting racist crap then saying “I was only kidding makes you as bad as the “Insecure Hypocrites” you like to rail against.

          • Mighty曹

            May I ask if you’re Malaysian Chinese?

          • linette lee

            I think she is a chinese girl from malaysia. Easy on her. :)

          • 外国人的祖国!

            I’m a Fujian male living and working in Jiangsu.

          • linette lee

            oh. I see. You studied in USA probably.

          • Cthulhu

            Why stop for a second and tone down the “Asian rage”. We get that your some kind of Chinese and don’t like that there is a website whose entire existence is based on taking the piss out your “glorious motherland”. But just because you call people on here hypocrites doesn’t make them ones. Your first comment is a very generalized statement about the quality of hospitals in the west. Exactly what are you basing that on? North America and most of Europe are leaps and bounds more developed than China. Get over it. Maybe if your hospital officials didn’t pull the kind of shit this article is talking about your comment wouldn’t have illicited the negative reaction your so butt hurt about.
            If the “west” is so terrible why do so many of your country want to leave China to go there? And frankly, look at the articles in here. None of this shit happens in developed countries. Woman don’t plead for truck drivers not to finish them off. People don’t eat household pets at festivals because they’re too fucking ignorant to know any better. And they certainly don’t start claiming two guys who are trying to save dying dialects are spies.
            Also, it’s called a pissing contest not “dicksizing”.

            Go fuck yourself you fucking child.

          • 外国人的祖国!

            I prefer American English to British English. In the USA, they say “dicksizing”. Also, I’ve been to the USA many times and many hospitals there are fucked. They may be superior in terms of equipment, generally, but I saw more than once illegal immigrants being granted more services for little or no money than the actual Americans (many of who end up becoming poor just for seeking and receiving basic treatment). I’ve heard the same shit over and over again from the locals. I’ll ignore the rest because I can’t speak for others in my country. I only speak for myself. I don’t eat household pets and I don’t squash people on roads, although I wish that some day I could squash a self-righteous worm like you and get away with it.

          • No one here uses the term “dicksizing”. It’s more common to hear the term “pissing match”. I’ve never heard of the term “dicksizing” until you typed it up.

          • 外国人的祖国!

            So says the “foreign expert”.

          • What are you talking about? This is actually my home country. Son, you’re making less and less sense as you go. Give it up, you just weren’t cut out for trolling.

          • 外国人的祖国!

            Like I said, I’ve only been on this site for a few days. If you’re Chinese, then you are amongst the worst that our country offers. Shame on you. BTW, can you write something for me in perfect and “complex” Chinese for me? I’d love to read it.

          • 外国人的祖国!

            And on-topic… not just some crap you found through Google.

          • Hey, I’m not claiming to be a Jiangsu farmer or anything. Whatever it is you say you do there. Besides, if you are actually from China, shouldn’t you be getting some sleep now? It’s 2:16am over there.

          • 外国人的祖国!

            I deal with pharmaceuticals and with the law regarding scheduled substances. What do you do for a living? It’s 2:18am as I type this. Are you now my father or something? Get a life. You lost, but you don’t even know it because you can’t read the flawless, if not exactly elegant post I left for you in Chinese. Fuck off. BTW, I know a lot of college guys in the US who use the term “dicksizing”. A lot. What are you, a 70 year old hillbilly?

          • Haha good try, but no, no guys in college used that term.

            You’re up at 2:18 because you are either in China and have no job, or you’re actually in a western country, attempting to pass yourself off as a Jiangsu farmer who lies about having a nondescript job with pharmaceuticals.

            Haha what did I lose?

          • 妈的你的母亲。

            That’s it. You’re an imbecile. I’m done.

          • No, no, you’re right. I was stupid for saying you’re probably a Jiangsu farmer. That’s an insult to the farmers.

          • Mighty曹

            Farmer Li’s latex alien is far more ‘real’.

          • Mighty曹

            I must say I’ve never heard of ‘dicksizing’ either. I thought it has something to do with ‘fitting’. As in ring sizing.

          • 外国人的祖国!


          • 外国人的祖国!



          • Mighty曹

            Thanks for the links. I have now learned a new slang. So you must’ve hung out with guys whose main concern was just ‘dicksizing’ among themselves. Here, my only fear is being ‘cockblocked’.

          • 外国人的祖国!

            It seems to be used by mostly younger people, but the slang goes back at least ten years, and contrary to what the cat guy said, it is used in the US by some of those people fairly often, especially in larger cities. It feels a bit strange to be explaining these things to people that come from such countries, to be honest. Makes me wonder what that guy was like in the classroom.

            Anyway, my point was that many people here “dicksize” in subtle and not-so-subtle ways about how politically correct they are, when in fact most lead a double life involving hatred toward the Chinese. That’s fact. I can’t prove it, obviously, but the shit that I read here makes that pretty self-evident, at least to me and to all the coworkers in the lab I work at. I showed them the site almost as soon as I stumbled upon it several days ago.

            For other people here, I’m terribly sorry that my English is usually pretty good, maybe even better than most of yours. It’s hard to believe that a “chink” can have some education and opinions, huh? Jerks…

          • Google search isn’t a source for common, popular slang from the United States. Here I am, smack in the middle of the United States, with the past 10 years, to this very day, being my 20’s (Happy 30th to me today) at which point not only did I travel throughout most of the United States and Asia, but also attended a state university. Never once heard anyone use “dicksizing” in the manner in which you use it. Methinks you heard this once on TV, and assume it’s the most common slang word ever. It’s not.

            To demonstrate how this is not helpful, here’s a google search for the word “tubular”…which hasn’t been very popular since what…the early 80’s? Amongst the Ninja Turtles? I even searched for it on Hong Kong’s Google just to demonstrate how any of us here in the US can make it look like we searched for something in China at 4 or 5am even though we’re big important nondescript pharmaceutical workers in Jiangsu.…0.0.0..1c.1.17.serp.jN6_YIQqMY0&bav=on.2,or.&bvm=bv.48705608,d.aWM&fp=ad00f9cea2fc2b1a&biw=1680&bih=945

            P.S.: Don’t call yourself a “chink”. Self-hatred is awful.
            P.S.S.: Don’t get so hung up on trying to prove that your slang word is common in the US. It’s hardly important at all.

          • Germandude

            Oh, whiskersthecat. I got that it’s your b’day today? I would say “congratulations to you” but you turned 30? That’s not a happy birthday, believe me. You will now need a walking stick and you will encounter problems pissing. You are now old because you are not in your 20s anymore, but hey, don’t worry, it now is easy to find some young girls helping you crossing the road. hehe

            Happy birthday man!

          • mr.wiener

            Many happy returns you young wipper snapper.

          • Thanks! Haha nah I have a feeling the 30’s will be even better than the 20’s. Well, maybe the early 30’s. I need to be careful I don’t break my hip falling in the bathroom or something.

          • Germandude

            Next month, I turn 31 and I will buy myself a T-shirt which says: “Hooray, I survived the vicious 30”

          • linette lee

            happy birthday! I hope you get what your heart desires. :)

          • Oh, then when do I get you from the airport?

          • Mighty曹

            Happy birthday, Whisk!

          • Thanks, man!
            You need to go to my photo site and add me on Facebook. I assume you have it

          • Mighty曹

            I’m not active at all but sure!

          • Mighty曹

            It’s always good to see someone being passionate in his/her beliefs. I’ve had encounters with various nationalities but they always admit the fault, weakness, or deficiency of their beloved country, which I find very admirable. It is the likes of Jin’Chin and White Panties, who always blame the West for every social disorder and natural disaster, make people laugh at and ridicule Chinese.

            You are more intelligent than those so-called ‘nationalists’ so you can make a difference here. I’m not lecturing you on how to conduct yourself but I’m confident you will find a positive way to do so. However, I will suggest to start with humility.

            I’ve never criticized nor made fun of anyone’s English skill here. On the contrary, I even praised White Panties for her English despite finding some flaws. You are far better than any of them but for you to claim that you’re ‘maybe even better than most of yours” is just arrogant.

            Think of what I said and make a difference.

          • You just might be with Gerhana’s display of affection to Fauna.

          • Mighty曹

            Haha… you made me go back and look.

          • linette lee

            oooh….you are a druggie. ;)

          • I think this is that b00 guy.
            He disappeared, then this guy shows up a little later.

          • guest

            You are losing face for China

          • Germandude

            You should chill. Either by smoking a joint or doing some morning meditation. I think it’s fair to say that most of the commenters here are in a love-hate relationship with China. Personally, I like the country and the traditional culture, most of the people. Then again, I hate the ignorance by many, the government, the pollution, the traffic. The list is incomplete, on both, the positive and the negative.

            Don’t worry, I am pretty sure that everybody posting here also knows about the good and bad issues of their home countries. This however is not germanySmack, englandBang or americaCrush.

            If you are surprised that people spill harsher words online, well, then welcome to the internet. If you can’t handle criticism and different opinions about China, grow a backbone and learn how to handle that. This is the 21st century and some people are still left that think shit like Chinese censorship or NSA spying is wrong.

          • Can’t remember my username

            Well you are providing a disservice to Chinese people, unless you think having an inferiority complex and launching an abuse filled rant of everyone ‘not Chinese’ is a true reflection of Chinese people?

          • Jimney Cricket

            Like wash your GF’s underwear?

          • I’m chinese and I’m here for fun, discussions, and smack. Don’t take too much offense to this if you know the nature of this site. Don’t like it? GTFO.

          • If I was Chinese I’d at least capitalise it….

          • Huh? cap what? what you tryin to say phyllis?

          • Mighty曹

            Finally, someone as me!

          • Haha are you sure you want to be a troll at times?

          • markus peg

            I just viewed your website, awesome cat pictures, really funny!

          • :) thanks. I just shamelessly regurgitate Reddit and others.

          • wha–

            what do you mean “you people”?

          • Mighty曹

            Good catch!

          • Your troll comments are too…hokey. I’m really trying to help you out, here. ChinaSMACK went about a week or two without a universally hated troll, which made the place feel gutted. I want you to succeed so we can all go back to normal.

          • Mighty曹

            For some odd reason the nationalists always think all the foreigners are in China butt raping them.

          • Well, we were…; )

          • Mighty曹

            She reminds me of ‘White Panties’. I wonder what happened to her. Must have failed the Gaokao exam and jumped off a building.

          • Jimney Cricket

            Australia actually is at the top of the world. You can’t argue with GMT.

          • markus peg

            True that some are hypocrites, but that’s true with all nationalities, every country has some hypocrites. It doesn’t mean we are all the same. It isn’t as simple as China and wai guo. China has good and bad people and in China some foreigners are good and some are bad. You mustn’t lump us all in the same basket. Foreigners also must not lump all Chinese into the same basket, if one person does something it does not mean everyone does it.

          • Can’t remember my username

            Let me type this slowly for you. The story/topic is about a Chinese baby, Chinese nurses, Chinese parents and a Chinese hospital, not about “worse in western countries” and not about the following:

            “You guys are sickening.”
            “could never even hold a job in your country.”
            “You assholes in China”
            “A bunch of hypocrites”
            “no life outside of my country”
            “shitting not only on us but on each other. ”

            From your two posts it is obvious you are a troll and have absolutely no insight to the topic and your argument consists of ad hominem and ‘you too’.

            Anyhow I’m watching test match cricket. Do you realise a number 11 batsman has just broken all records and England are now 7-2? I realise that may appear off topic, but it’s more relevent to the topic than the drivel you have so far posted.

        • No, it’s just that everything you say is so outlandish and stereotypical of every other troll that came before you. The desperate, flailing “you can’t hold a job” in your country attempt at an insult, for example. To be successful at this, you need to think outside the box a bit…you need to flesh out your pretend character a bit more. Give them a history, a life, more mannerisms. Really build it up before you even consider using these ancient troll weapons of yesteryear. Being unique is very important to success when it comes to being a true troll.

          • I like where you are going with this. We need a better back story….. Lets start with a humble upbringing in western Xinjiang after grand parents were sent there for supporting the nationalists? Maybe a goat farm? And they had Uigher neighbours that were really nice?

        • Hmmm – because we read and post here we must only live in China? You are not Chinese. But you are a fool!

    • Jimney Cricket

      How are you sure that it’s 10 times worse in western countries? Maybe you should stop smoking some school principal penis and go travel… oh but I forgot we don’t let just anyone into our country.

  • Hmm handling sick delicate baby while pranking on one another. My guess is one nurse was attempting to smear the other nurse with baby poop. Nonetheless unprofessional, obviously these are NOT nurses but random gals making a living.

  • malaysiangurl

    So much time to play and no time to work?? Makes u wonder where the nurses’ pledge lies!!!!

    • Mighty曹

      The baby’s mother should be allowed to stick a similar note on the nurse’s face for one full day.

    • Gossiping and making out with other doctors.

      • Mighty曹

        Hm… Japanese AV’s.

        • Scrubs, greys anatomy.. but really, sources from coworker’s wife who is a maternity nurse, and another nurse I’ve met.

          • Mighty曹

            I know it happens all the time. As a matter of fact, a family friend who is a doctor divorced his wife for his nurse. :(

            I think Jap AV was more fun to say.

          • The 8bit pixels !!!

          • Mighty曹

            The electronic blur !~!

  • Tony

    The text of the note should be tattooed on the faces of the nurse and the administrator. If they utter one sound of complaint, harvest their organs and put whatever is left through a wood chipper.

    • xmarkwe

      Yep. Anyone who could could target an innocent suffering newborn to settle a score or for any other reason should definitely be put through the wood-chipper. Not much good harvesting those organs – they are not human.

      The vice president should probably go through the same chipper for protecting such idiocy and being a d***head and expecting people to believe his feeble story.

  • joe blow

    hello my little hip and informed foreigners!

  • Monkeekong

    Knife them both, damn

  • lonetrey / Dan

    I’d like to go over there and “accidentally” slap the nurses while playing pranks/pattycakes with a friend.

  • shaldan

    The nurses in the ICU I used to volunteer in were just as childish at times. As were probably the nurses in the ICU that my kid spent the first few days of his life (both outside China).

    Maybe they need to focus less on treating critically ill patients (like the kid in the article) and more on not having fun at work.

  • bruwnshugga

    here’s your proof that human empathy is long gone

  • it will be your time next

    i would smash any nurse who treated my new born like so and any management who did not immediately fire those responsible

  • it will be your time next


  • Dr Sun

    that photo is a piece of photosop’d crap

  • Mark

    The good old face saving lie. It doesn’t make any sense, no one believes it, and yet almost no one will confront anyone about it. You go, China!

    • Jimney Cricket

      Hey…you just don’t understand the complexities of Chinese culture

  • soul

    I am simply too appalled at all of the social problems that run through every single part of the mainland society!! Just so many problems and disgusting behaviours. Then excuses save the day to preserve face. I still don’t know how the hell I managed to live there for a few years. I had to live a bit of an insulated life. The morals and standards are just so poor amongst so many people. Honestly, animals behave better than that!!

  • Kindergarten teacher who doesn’t give a fuck about your kid = Hospital nurse who doesn’t give a fuck about your kid. Keep trusting your schools and hospitals. Same here in the west.. though china has way more people so I guess it’s worse by the amount of it and, talking from my experience, Chinese and their lack of sympathy towards everything.

    my good friend fell over and they charged him 800 RMB for 3 stitches. And they wouldn’t move until my friend, who was walking on one leg, went to the ATM, came back and paid… in cash. They said if we wanted the wheelchair we had to pay.

    I know a few laowai who have had it way worse than that. One girl went back home to the US ’cause it was cheaper for her to get the treatment… and much safer, obviously.
    when I had my pneumonia in 2008 I didn’t even dare to go to a chinese hospital. fortunately a German doctor from the Audi factory in Changchun charged me only 100 kuai for seeing me (twice) and giving me the medicine. Talking about foreign teacher discount!

    I must say having a friend in a Chinese hospital can always save you a few bucks… or a shit note on a baby’s face

  • Harry

    Chinese people have no honor. I married a Chinese woman and took her to Australia. As soon as she got her visa she divorced me. Prior to that she was always talking about how important marriage and family was. I totally adored her. She told me: “Everything was an act I am really a cold hearted woman” I have come to see that Chinese people will tell any lie just to get ahead in life. They are the most selfish, cold hearted people in the world.

  • Minions!!!!

    Although this is old, have to comment regarding injections and the intracranial bleed and subarachnoid haemorrhage, it can happen in newborns due to lack of vitamin K injections which can have devastating results. VitK is generally given at birth but can be delayed and strongly suggest that they give it. Saw a very devastating case a while ago where they baby did and had the bleed and was transferred to NICU. So does bleeds happen? Yes.

    Regarding the photo, no comment