Overseas Chinese Students Shot Dead at USC, Netizen Reactions

Los Angeles police sealing off the scene of a shooting where two overseas Chinese students were shot dead in their BMW.

Los Angeles police sealing off the scene of a shooting where two overseas Chinese students were shot dead in their BMW.

The most discussed news article on NetEase today, accumulating nearly 300 pages of comments by Chinese netizens (both within and outside of China) over the day…

From NetEase:

April 11th morning, a shooting occurred near the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, United States, where two Chinese overseas students were shot dead. According to reports, the two study-abroad students were a male and a female, attacked while in a BMW. The car has multiple bullet holes, the driver’s side glass window shattered. Police say this may have been a carjacking incident, that the gunman is a male, but have not yet disclosed the criminal suspect’s appearance or description.

[Note: See our earlier report including translated overseas Chinese students in America reactions]

People walking past the scene of a fatal shooting on Raymond Ave., in Los Angeles near USC.

April 11th local time, people walking past the area where two Chinese overseas student were shot dead.

USC student leaving flowers at the site where two study abroad Chinese students were shot dead.

USC student Wu Di (transliteration) leaving flowers for the Chinese overseas students who were shot dead.

USC students leaving flowers at the site where two study abroad Chinese students were shot dead.

USC students leaving flowers for the two Chinese overseas student victims.

Blood still remains on the door knob from a Chinese student looking for help after being shot.

Photo is of the scene of the incident, 2717 Raymond Ave near USC in Los Angeles where the door handle still has bloodstains from when the male student was crying for help. Source: Chinese News Service, photographer Mao JianJun.

Comments from NetEase:

eworm88 [网易上海市嘉定区网友]:

Sofa… highlight of the news, the BMW… Life is precious, so young, what a pity…

舞矛特派员 [网易乌干达网友]: (responding to above)

In America, a BMW is not as out of reach as it is in China.

网易广东省清远市网友: (responding to above)

But the family of a 20-year-old Chinese person able to go to America to drive a BMW has power that is indeed out of reach.

网易山东省济南市手机网友: (responding to above)

Let’s pray they were the children of government officials!

vansky163 [网易加拿大网友]: (responding to 舞矛特派员)

For overseas students, if their parents are just ordinary commoners, they couldn’t afford [a BMW] even if they’re working part-time and going to school part-time, nor would they buy one, because there are even cheaper cars to choose from.

网易美国网友: (responding to above)

[Above], it depends on how you define ordinary commoners then. You’re in Canada so you too should know that a BMW 3 series isn’t some exorbitantly expensive car. A 2012 new model is just over 30,000 USD, which converted to RMB is just around 200,000, and there are plenty of 200,000 RMB cars in China, very common. For many families in first or second tier cities in China, 200,000 for a car isn’t unaffordable. As such, why not let one’s own child buy a BMW? What more, you don’t know if this car is new or second-hand. Who knows, it might be second-hand, just over 10,000 dollars. Or maybe the owner bought it with a loan, and is still paying back the “mortgage”. Who knows, the student may even be leasing the car. A brand new BMW 3 series 30-month lease contract is only 300 dollars each month, plus full insurance coverage which is no more than 300, and I bet it only costs 600 dollars to have this BMW, which can be afforded with part-time work and part-time study… Of course, you say there are even cheaper options, this is true, but, you can’t deny another person’s right to buy a BMW just because there are even cheaper options… BMWs and Benzes in America really aren’t a big deal… both having become very common [attainable for the common masses].

caesarpiero [网易英国网友]: (responding to 舞矛特派员)

This is indeed true, in England my friend bought a second-hand BMW for 50,000 RMB. Actually, public transportation is not very developed abroad, and sometimes not having a car is like being crippled. Car here aren’t priced so ridiculously like they are in China, so why not buy one?

708878682 关注 关注TA的微博 708878682 [网易美国网友]:

As a representative of the victim’s friends at USC, with extreme grief and and extreme anger towards the media’s untruthful reports, I make the following clarifications with regards to the untruthful reports about the victim’s circumstances currently on the internet and by a media that ignores its professional ethics:

1. In the two years the two victims have been at USC, they have always lived frugally, every semester each renting apartments with other roommates, sharing bedrooms, to save on rent. What more, in order to save as much as possible on rent, the girl even chose to live in the relatively unsafe west side of campus.

2. The two victims have been in America for already nearly two years, without buying a car. This semester, because it was needed for the coming graduation and job hunting, the male victime spent 10,000 USD at a used-car dealership to buy a second-hand 2003 BMW with 80,000 miles on it. The reason why this car is being mistaken as a new car is because the victim had not yet received his formal license plates, and is still using the dealership’s temporary advertisement license plates. The female victim has never bought a car.

3. The time the tragedy occurred was 1am in the morning of 2012 April 11th. At the time, the female victim had just finished her experiment in the school’s laboratory, and they were killed after the male drove her home.

As a representative of the all the friends of the victims, I hereby earnest request that all Chinese compatriots will boycott rumors and provide clarifications to those who don’t know the facts and have been misled by rumors.

They have passed away, don’t let untruthful rumors further hurt the victims and their loved ones.

九十把刀 [网易美国网友]:

南加州是华人富二代集聚的学校。不管怎么样,为死去的同胞默哀!”>USC is a school where the children of rich Chinese gather. Nevertheless, a moment of silence for a departed compatriot [fellow Chinese].

三权并力 [网易美国网友]: (responding to above)

USC was already a gathering place for Taiwanese people long ago, well-known as a school that sells diplomas for a high price.

lsfgz [网易广东省惠州市手机网友]:

Car-jacking? The car was riddled with bullets, how could it be a car-jacking?

仁义廉耻 [网易英国网友]: 2012-04-12 08:22:25 发表

Very upset with the news headlines! The first half of the titles are the death, and the second half is Chinese people’s ever-present competitive/envious mentality, as if human life in the news worker’s eyes are just tools to get attention. Why did the writer have to point out “BMW”? Could he not have just calmly written “died in a car”? Had to use “inside a BMW” to attract eyeballs, was the first half about young people passing away not enough to make people sad? In the face of tragedy, excessive publicizing will only make human vanity even uglier.

The shameful vanity of regarding what is an ordinary thing as a treasure can only be spurned before life.
R.I.P. for young lives!

金嗓子猴宝 [网易美国网友]:

Chinese study abroad students at USC are increasing, the school is afraid of the good and bad people mixing. 2009/10/03

带涛抢剑 [网易浙江省金华市网友]:

20 years old, in the most best part of their lives…


NetEase is quite fast, news we just saw 2 hours ago has already reached the front page… A rare opportunity to sit on the sofa [he was unsuccessful], those who ding me will become rich…
It’s said that there are more and more Chinese students in America, which isn’t necessarily a good thing, our reputation all ruined by those garbage, and American diplomas will no longer be worth much in the future… Lastly, I also want to express some condolences, the poor students…

tousuhuipubi [网易浙江省金华市网友]:

Children of the rich and powerful who make a scene in China go to American and are killed by black people. America’s black people love robbing Asians the most.

未来谁保佑 [网易河南省洛阳市网友]:

Only when China becomes strong and powerful will our countrymen have respect abroad. If one day China were to develop to how it was during the late-Qing Dynasty, Chinese people will be discriminated against no matter what country they’re in.


American police do not care about foreign student safety at all, the police do not attach importance to it whatsoever!

跑锋打法 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Hehe, BMW, back then in Seattle I saw a Mexican who washed dishes at a Chinese restaurant driving a Mercedes Benz. American imperialists are a people on wheels, where buying a car is like buying a bicycle in China, where 3 or 4 thousand USD is enough to buy a decent one. Two different worlds, can’t be compared…

我就是我的祖国 [网易加拿大网友]:

The United States is becoming more and more like Mexico. Everyone should come to Canada instead, even though you can’t find anyone here who speaks English.

patocp [网易美国网友]:

These days, the kids coming from the mainland, who are only undergraduate age, either buy BMWs or Benzes.
Is that necessary? Even though cars in America are cheap, its still not necessary. I think those kids who go work in supermarkets to help pay for a portion of their tuition are even more deserving of people’s admiration.

网易美国手机网友: (responding to above)

They were graduate students. Please, you’re in America, go look at the first-hand American reports, okay?

Work covering a meal is already good enough, but tuition? You’re dreaming. What more, foreign students can only work on campus.

slovic [网易比利时网友]:

If it isn’t blacks then it was Mexicans!


Amongst the 2500 [Reports said 1/3 of the students, or 2500 students, at USC are from China] people, just how many are the sons and daughters of Chinese government officials!?

网易加拿大手机网友: (responding to above)

Right now it’s night in China, wait a while and all the haters will be going to work and this place will become lively.


China raises people, who go abroad for study, or emigrate abroad. Those who come back, become sea turtle returnees, their social status 100x higher.


If they’re the children of government officials, they hurry and die. The more that dies, the better. If they’re ordinary commoners, then a moment of silence.

4388473ksks [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

It isn’t that irrational, China’s children of government officials and the rich are indeed obnoxious, and with so many Chinese people going abroad, most of them aren’t anything good, all going abroad after getting enough money. That’s why our countrymen aren’t very fond of you so-called foreign-nationality Chinese. And that air of superiority you guys give off is even more obnoxious.

干你妹妹 [网易黑龙江省哈尔滨市网友]:

Ding the above! Hahaha! So good that they died!!!! Oh yeah!~~~~ Oh yeah~~~~ Oh yeah~~~~ Let some more overseas students die, let some more Americna running dogs who emigrated to America die! This news is great news for everyone!


Well-killed! Must prevent these heartless rich corrupt government officials who live off of the people and cheat the people from continuing their family lines!

豁达天空的飞翔 [网易美国网友]:

Some people, who can’t get something themselves, who haven’t experienced something themselves, just talk shit. They were 20-year-old graduates, could you have done it? You think American graduate schools are easy to get into? You think they’re the same as China’s universities??? What do you guys know about this American school?
People who haven’t experienced anything, have never even exited the country’s borders are here criticizing others, truly laughable…
First time I’ve seen Chinese people cheer on other Chinese people’s deaths, how is this country supposed to become rich and powerful????

sunjian622 [网易江苏省南京市网友]:

Hehe, those who go abroad for graduate school are mostly those who had to spend money to go because they couldn’t get in [to a graduate school] domestically in China. The families I know of are all like this. Their university scores very average, then spending 200,000-1,000,000 RMB to go abroad, and after finishing their studies still having to come back, because you try to find work there but they don’t want you from the start, discriminating against you. Don’t think being abroad is so impressive, unless you have a father like Li Gang. Editor, if you delete this again, may your entire family die!!!!!!!

颜野池上 [网易湖北省武汉市网友]:

Garbage is garbage, thinking they don’t have to worry about anything because their fathers knows how to embezzle money, just wait until their fathers die, and I’ll see how cocky these garbage will be then!!! Good riddance!!

网易美国网友: (responding to above)

These are study abroad students! Doesn’t matter how they got out of the country, they’re going there to learn! They’re not criminals! They’re fucking just like us living a life they have the right to live! Don’t you know how to give the dead a little respect? Do you not have any humanity?!

独沉醉 [网易广东省广州市网友]: (responding to above)

I hate these goody-goodies who can’t distinguish right from wrong, have you guys never seen the cocky so-pleased-with-themselves faces of these study abroad students? Have you guys never thought about why people hate the rich? There is no loving without reason, but there is even less hating without reason.

为看评论而来 [网易上海市网友]:

They’re able to go abroad to student, who cares if they are the children of government officials or of the rich, if you can get out then get out. Those people cursing others, what’s the point? Isn’t it ultimately just envy, jealously, and hate…hating the fact that your own parents didn’t send you abroad! Some people should also stop pretending to noble. If your own family had the ability, would you not go abroad? What their parents do is none of anyone else’s business. If you have the ability, then send you own children abroad, you guys with your dark hearts.

gongchangyanwu [网易山西省晋城市网友]: (responding to above)

Fuck you little Shanghainese man, your wife is calling you home to wash the dishes!

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  • Brett Hunan

    First half of netizens are talking about BMWs and the second half startup “blacks or mexicans did it”. Then apparently the kida deaerved to die because their parentas are corrupt…. I dont get it

    • The reason many people talk about BMW is because it was a detail of the news that many people focus on. They think the BMW is evidence these students are the children of rich Chinese (fu er dai) or government officials (guan er dai) because they can afford a luxury car. If they are, many Chinese discriminate against them because they feel they are usually corrupt, so they do not feel sympathy if bad things happen to them. Other netizens argued about the BMW because they are trying to explain that the victims are not rich spoiled fu er dai or guan er dai and just normal good students so their death should not be celebrated and should be respected.

      Most of the comments is arguing about whether or not they are the children of the rich and powerful and if they deserve pity. Of course, all netizen discussion include some silly and strange comments.

      • They lived in a ‘gang infested’ area – seems that part was not in the Chinese news and maybe would have done something to quash the idea that they were rich.

        • That is one reason why the friend of the victims post a comment that many people upvote which is translated above. There are criticisms of the media reporting too.

        • Irvin

          I remember when my mom used to do business in a gang invested area, she used to go to the bank every month wearing only slippers, old clothes and carry the money in a old fish market bag.

          The old fishy smelling bag carry with it around $20,000 each month and hadn’t been rob once.

          My mom never went to university and even she got the sense to be wary of her environment. What were these students thinking driving a BMW in their neighborhood? How can UNIVERSITY students be so dumb?

          • fenqing

            obviously those mainlanders arent street smart, always thinking that USA is safe and free…

      • notorious

        indeed. the information about the 2003 bmw seems logical especially the price. I do not buy new cars because they are a waste. a buy used brands with cash for a cheap price, nice cars and moderate ones like my current hyundai. BMWs are silly and not terribly economical when it comes to servicing them.

        • Kim Jung ILL

          You cannot afford a BMW, that all I can say.

          • staylost

            And you can’t even say it right.

            BMWs are famous for their fussiness and needs for servicing. It is why their resell value isn’t as good as it could be. Throughout my life it has always been German cars for performance and Japanese cars for endurance.

            The real story here is that the kids weren’t smart enough to buy Japanese.

          • notorious

            you’re an idiot. I can guarantee you, the stuff chinese people think are of so much value are nothing to americans who see it all the time. I don’t give a crap if its a bmw , a mercedes, a lamborgini or some other bullshit. I just like my kia. Nuff said. and my next car is hyundai which looks better and is much cuter than all that other stuff. and at the end of the day i will still have more money than you.

          • notorious

            without giving away too much of my background here, i can tell you from professional experience that BMWs > Mercedes are a total nightmare when it comes to getting them serviced and paying for the parts. It’s just not worth it. You know the most purchased car in America is the Ford F150 (a freakin pick up truck) and the most trusted brand in America is Honda. Even the 2007 Saturn Vue which used a Honda engine was made, even now it still has more value than other Saturn Vues because Hondas Engines are considered to be a well built brand. A HONDA at any age will hold its value no matter what. Look at some american car dealer web sites and you will find that Honda, even the old ones hold their value even when they are ten years old, especially when they are in good condition. So if you want a car that will last, has a good engine, get a Honda Accord or a Honda Civic. And next, a Nissan. the newer Hyundais are just as good but at a great price.

            Ifyou want to look like an asshole with money, or some stupid vulgar classless noveau riche who needs a name brand car to look like you have money, get a BMW. If I wanted a luxury brand… really wanted one? Um, yeah I would get an Infiniti M or an Infiniti G oh it rides so lovely, I feel so SIGH comfortable in it. My problem with it is that when you drive it it has lane detection (if you veer out of your lane you get the signals), and so many gadgets on it, I don’t like a computer to control my car, but man did I love driving the Infiniti. I won’t buy one because I don’t trust computers to the degree that Infiniti uses.

          • Jack

            How do Toyotas compare with Hondas?

          • staylost

            Toyota’s a bit more upmarket than Honda, but other than that, quality-wise they are identical. Toyota actually owned the US market for the longest time, but Honda, being cheaper and cuter has that sort of “iPod” cool thing going for it and has always had a niche.

            My take on the Toyota breaking problem is that it was a US gov’t smear job to get Americans back into American made cars. All cars have dangerous defects when they first come out, but somehow Toyota (though the rate of defect was extremely low) got in huge trouble for it. The US gov’t had motive, opportunity, and deniability and they whacked Toyota for everything they had. Probably got some lobbyist money from Detroit at the same time.

          • Somethin Somethin

            Hey Staylost, I’ve got this great movie for you to watch called “Loose Change” it really pulls a lot of things together like that Toyota thing you’re on about.

      • lonetrey

        Shit like that makes me so mad. Fools, all of them, those who think that a young man/woman from a rich family doesn’t deserve mourning just the same as people who are not from a rich family.

        In life, we may or may not be seen as equal. We certainly know that there is the saying that “Life is unfair.”

        But. In death, we are _all_ equal.

        • SuperHappyCow


          this sucks

  • pada

    It never matters to me whether on sofa or not, if I can have the honour to witness the crime-scene from California to NY gangland and laugh at another yank rambo hero about to join 2.2 million of his well educated buddies behind the bars.

  • Hongjian


    Damn right.

    • A GUY


      • A GUY

        Ohh shit i just asked Hongjian a real question.

        I await snarky remarks and hate speech.

      • donscarletti


        • mankouzanghua

          with hongjian as a wife, I fear it’s either “inflamed windpipes” or a waffen SS bayonet up the ass.

          • donscarletti

            As long as he is a Chinese man who thinks like a 19th century Prussian Hussur and stands up for himself without pissing her off then he will do just fine.

            Imagine loathsome Americunt nationalist demagogue Anne Coulter wearing a Hugo Boss SS Totenkopfverbände mess uniform, with a black leather miniskirt instead of breeches and even higher heels on the jackboots. If Hongjian could offer something similar, with a sexy German accent too, well, I wouldn’t make any disparaging comments.

    • Hongjian

      My friend asked me to behave more feminine, but I’ll still not imply any pornographic or sexist subtext in my hate-speech and quoted hate-speech against the little shanghainese men.

      • moop

        “My friend asked me to behave more feminine”

        and then you tucked your dick and balls back so you could appear to have a vagina?

        • A GUY

          So it is a sexual thing? or is it just go back home and clean the dishes pussy?

          • A GUY

            Ohh i’m retarded you answered it. It is just go back home and clean the dishes pussy. Thanks

      • if your friend asks you to be more feminine, does that mean you are actually female and you behave too boy-ish or what?

  • [email protected]

    And just a recap on the Chinese netizens comments

    “Here are some flowers out of respect for the dead and for your terrible loss. Oh yeah, and -( spits on flowers )- this is for being corrupt fucks with your BMWs and Benzes, embezzling and immigrating and lit up because you were students and shit. Fucking serves you right! But you have my deepest condolences for this tragic loss. What a terrible shame -(cough)- fucking traitors, yeah, burn in hell. Rest in Peace”

    • The Enlightened One

      LoL… sounds like a person with one of the following disorders:

      A) They are bi-polar
      B) They possessed by angry demons
      C) They are self-loathing emotionally repressed morons

      Yeah I picked C too, but who knows… could be all of the above.

    • Those are different feelings from different people, not the same people. Why do you combine them?

      • The Enlightened One

        I think he did it because it was amusing. And honestly, the comments clash like night and day with few shades of grey.

        Basically it went from….

        Glad they are dead… hurray! to Don’t be so mean, respect the dead!

        from comment to comment.

        Also, the emphasis on the car seems ridiculous. God forbid I drive a Porsche or people might think I deserve to die and run me off the road!

      • jin

        cause hes a douchbag, who can only give douchbag comments.

      • [email protected]

        Why does it matter? you posted comments depicting a varying scale of disgust/apathy/sympathy/bemusement and all I did was condense them all down into one unreal dialogue to see what extreme contrasts existed within those netizens reactions. Why are you questioning why I did this and not questioning the racist bile spewed forth by some of the others here?

        • anon

          You sound threatened with a guilty-conscience.

          I think she was just asking a honest question.

          • [email protected]

            Threatened with? or suffering from? I don’t think I am either. But it is a fairly reasonable observation. Sometimes I do feel guilty-ish after writing things. Especially some of my major rants from several months ago. But this comment was just purely facetiousness for the sake of being facetious. Nothing more. I don’t really care that much what this story is about, not to be dismissive, but people get murdered in Cali all the time.

          • anon

            Reasonable observation? That admission was unexpected and refreshingly self-aware and honest, Appalled. I think many people appreciate it.

        • But what you said is not a dialogue. It is presented as one statement in quotation mark. I ask because I do not understand what is difficult to understand that there are different perspective about this incident. Chinese netizens are not all the same with same feelings. This is why I translate multiple comments to show the different reactions and feelings of different Chinese netizens.

  • donscarletti

    Going to America and complaining about being shot is just like going to a brothel and complaining about the premarital sex. It’s part of the experience, like being sworn at by beggars, squeezing through fatties and having conversations with people unable to understand irony. Just enjoy the authenticity.

    • Feces Masticator


    • The Enlightened One

      Yeah, what a paradise… the American dream… is now to take a dirt nap in some dark alley.

      You are safer back in China corrupt officials lol…

    • Brett Hunan

      lol I don’t think I could have thought from this perspective in a million years

    • rollin wit 9’s

      Always an educational experience when boarding Mr. Scarletti’s train of thought.

    • Hongjian

      looks like ammurriikkka is really my kind of coutry, despite all the americunts…

  • andy

    A couple of years ago it happened 2 Chinese students were viscously murdered in their house in a quiet street. They were tied up tortured and beaten and stabbed, the attackers waited for them to return home. Even their cat was drowned in a bucket. Everyone was so shocked. Chinese parents became nervous about sending their children to “dangerous” UK.
    In the end it turned out they had been involved in some gambling scam watching football matches in UK and relaying goals to Mr Big in Asia over the telephone. it seems the matches were broadcast vis satellite with a delay and Mr Big could place last minute bets. Something went wrong so Mr Big decided they had to die. He paid a cook from a local Chinese restaurant to do the murdering. Mr Big was never caught. The cook is now in prison.

    • Spanky

      I do have to agree. This sounds more like a hit than a carjacking. Why shoot up a BMW?

      • Somethin Somethin

        Guy pulls up to you on a street while you’re stopped or lost, taps on your window with his gun, you decide you can speed off in time, he empties the clip into the car, possibly with three or four vatos/brothers/homies/trannies(I don’t know what they’re into) to help him out a little bit. They run like hell because well they just shot up a BMW they can’t steal now. You manage to crawl up to the nearest porch to ring the doorbell and die. I read the story but seeing as there weren’t any arrests, it’s all guess work.

  • Dan

    the comments by the Chinese Netcitizens are just messed up.

  • Nilerafter24

    Why do these people always assume it was blacks or mexicans ?? Yes, these minorities are more inclined to commit crime but really? Every violent crime is automatically linked to African Americans and Hispanics. Effect of media and stupid stereotypes. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was other East Asians who committed the murder.
    If anything this sounds like a hired hit. No stupid carjacker would riddle the car they’re trying to steal with bullets. Family in China must have upset some high people.
    And man, these idiots and their comments about “Good riddance, children of corrupt officials” blah blah.. These idiots need to get off the internet. They act like as if they wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to go and study abroad even if their parents were using money obtained through questionable means.
    These kind of chinese netizens are the biggest hypocrites.
    Awful tragedy. I pray for the families. No one deserves to die like that.

    • racist negro-whities murder again!!!! it was definitedly gang related, here is how it’ll turn out, if it was blacks or mexicns, chinese ignore it. if its an asian gang of viets or pinos or cambodians. vigilante attackes against those groups will show up in hong kong etc…. remember asians only have the guts to attack other asians

      • jin

        and where did you hear the asians only have the guts to attack other asians?

        • whenever chinese riot the police come and beat them up by whenever non-asians like nigerians do the same. no asian police in any country has the guts to confront them

          • jin

            and lets see, if the polica came and beat them up, how would the almighty westerners act? OMG racism! omg beating up! hate hate hate, america might want to start a war to *defend* these nigerians.

    • Because these people are like other people who always assume bad about Chinese people. Many people have prejudice, including Chinese.

      • Dconn.

        I hope you people realize that there are Asian gangs too. I have never been to California, but in Chicago the “Royals” are a huge Asian gang.And they are not “quiet” or “passive” little chinese people.

        • notorious

          yeah there are seriously dangerous and scary chinese and asian gangs in California. Oh yeah, California is where all the cute and hip asian boys live. They have a lot of girls chasing them out there. but they don’t like “off the boat” Chinese I hear.

          • SuperHappyCow

            i love fob girls

            something must be wrong with me : (

    • Capt. WED

      How come whenever I read comments on American websites there’s always comments going black & mexican did it. Or “nigger nigger nigger”? Why do you people do this???


      • A GUY

        I actually read the smut article you posted. It made me sick.

        Are you trying to insult White Americans here or do you agree with this?

  • andy

    see link related to my post above.

    Black society – China leads the world in this.

    • Capt. WED

      and your point is???

      Chink chink chinks!!!

  • Adjutant

    Never mind the BMW. USC is an expensive private university for California residents as it is. Can’t imagine how much more expensive it is for students from abroad.

    • mopedchi

      USC is private. Foreign students and locals pay the same tuition rate, which is currently ~US$21k per semester (2 semesters/academic year).

      I have 2 graduate degrees from USC; 4 years and never been shot at. Lived in US for 27 years, only been shot at twice: once at UCLA and once in Las Vegas. Never saw shooter or gun… only heard gunshots and shattering glass next to me.

      • Foreign Devil

        Only got shot at twice? is that supposed to make me feel better about USA gun crimes?? Lucky they missed twice or you would not be here to talk about it.

      • notorious

        vegas is terrible. i lived there and watching the news was scary. and they have crips and bloods which is surprising because you never hear about that on tv. i thought vegas was casinos and hotels , had no idea they had the same problem as every other big city until i moved there… moved out.

      • anon

        I have to ask: Why were you being shot at? Or did you just happen to be near those being shot at?

  • Capt. WED

    FUCK I HATE AMERICANS. Worst fucking racists on planet earth.

    HAVE YOU been following the NEWS recently?

    Hispanic on Black crimes.

    Black on White crimes.


    “nigger nigger nigger” in your comments.

    Fuck you.

    • A gawd-dang Mongolian

      You are on a website where any person of any nationality can let out their inner racist with no backlash. Kinda like you are now.

      • Capt. WED

        Always do this shoot the messenger when pointing out how hypocritical everything is. No I’m not being racist, I’m simply making a point.

        Doesn’t really matter because you can’t say nothing to me.

        • A gawd-dang Mongolian

          I’m new here, and I can tell from a precursor glance that you are prejudice. I can do whatever I want.

          • Capt. WED

            LOL. Then fucking noob then faggot.

            I don’t give a fuck what you faggots think about me; never have and never will.

            You are mad because I said the “N****” word? Do you know what site you are on? Like I said, go fucking noob in the corner faggot.

          • Capt. WED

            You serious? Everyone has some innner racist in them. When you deny it that’s just bullshit because it flies in the face of reality.

            Go fucking noob you fucking fag.

          • Capt. WED



          • Capt. WED

            I’LL SLOW CLAP when we see you ASS MURDERED on CHINASMACK. I hope you do the same for me. That’s all you deserve. Getting KILLED!!!

            That’s the ultimate trip faggot.

          • Brett Hunan

            Dont drink and blog.

            ~Uncle Brett

          • terroir


            Well, it’s clear that with the use of the tired cliche of the “slow clap” montage that this racist enjoys fine 80’s era cheese with his wine.

          • anon

            Hey, new guy, just a heads up, Capt. WED isn’t really prejudiced, he’s just a few fries short of a Happy Meal and is regularly prone to outbursts like this episode. He occasionally tries to reason with someone but is more likely to just flood the comments with a bunch of profanity directed at everyone and anyone, including the site itself (though he alternates with professing love for Fauna).

            Most of us who have been here awhile likely suspect mental issues but he’s generally harmless and in the brief moments of lucidity, quite earnest and well-meaning.

            Stick around for a bit and you’ll notice there are a few personalities and personas here. It’s like high school.

      • Capt. WED

        I’m responding to someone above for the 100th time calling out some bullshit chinese comment that’s par for the course as far as internet comments are concerned. the person said why do you people do this. I’m also yeah, why do you people do it?

      • Capt. WED

        If you can’t figure out WHY YOU DOING IT, why are you asking me to figure it out for you?

        • A gawd-dang Mongolian

          Color it as you want. Your prejudice is showing.

        • mr. wiener

          Wednesday’s child is full of woe.

    • notorious

      capt , people want to come here but racism is so pronounced and so thick in the air , I tell people to go to Norway. America used to be a nice place but its regressed into a racist shithole again. just go on any n ews article on a popular web site and you are bound to see a slur of some kind directed at someone.

    • lonetrey

      To be honest… When Capt. WED’s being all racist-y about my own ethnicity, it actually is a little refreshing when he does it to make a point and contrast against the internet norm, as opposed to being normally racist.

      I don’t know why, lol. Anyhow, carry on.

      • A GUY

        I think it’s unfair to say America is the most racist country on the planet.

        Does America have racism? Yes unfortunately. Is it a racist nation no.

        Other countries make a big deal out of America’s racism for a few reasons.
        1: Because America airs it’s dirty laundry to the world. America confronts racism everyday, we talk about it in the media, we expose it when we find it, and it is a overdone cliche in our tv and movies.

        2: Americans have the most contact between starkly different ethnic groups in close proximity. France has Immigration on a much smaller scale, and you tell me how not racist the rhetoric in France is. (to an American it’s flaberghasting how racist they are sometimes) Notorious sure Norwegians aren’t hung up on race, they have no history of contact with other races, but tell them some Muslims are building a mosque in their home town you see how quick the hate mongering sets in.

        3: Racism in America runs counter to our very Ideals so it is more obvious and indefensible than it is in other nations.

        Racism makes me sick. We all have to fight the urge to judge others by the color of their skin. No man is without prejudice. I have misgivings about black people sometimes, because I grew up in the projects and haven’t had too many good experiences with black people from my youth, (getting beat up and called cracker and the like). Black people have a shit ton of reasons to mistrust white people. (I remember my best friend as a kid getting shaken down by the cops on numerous occasions growing up when I got left alone. ) Asian’s in America are belittled in the media, that’s bound to breed animosity. Latino’s are demonized and told to go home, that’s gotta piss a guy off. Our minds naturally form these associations with readily definable traits like skin color. The real test of your worth is the fact that you know that that strain of thought is wrong and you control it’s hold on you. America fundamentally knows this, even my racist relatives in the deep south know racism is wrong, they just have to do mental gymnastics to excuse themselves. (they are coming around slower than we’d like, but they are)

        I would venture to say that because America has to deal with race relations and the history, and still doesn’t burn down is a testament to how not racist it is. Keep up the criticism though because we can’t be complacent and the the external pressure can only help cause more growth. American’s can take the heat.

        I love America and I think it’s diversity is it’s greatest strength. Well that and money.


        • anon

          Bravo, this comment and its sincerity is refreshing.

          • A GUY

            Thanks. I still suspect that I am missing the sarcasm, and I was actually hoping this was in response to my 7ft tranny comment.
            but truly thanks.

          • I think this is a very good comment too. Although many Chinese people also have reason to distrust America politically, most Chinese know there are reasons why America has been successful and powerful as a society and why there is still much hope in America.

          • anon

            No sarcasm, I find earnest well-meaning comments to be really refreshing on chinaSMACK. I thought the 7ft tranny comment was amusing too.

        • Capt. WED

          Nothing but lies to me. If they apply a different standard to me then it’s a lie to me. I could give a fuck about what the general trend is.

        • Capt. WED

          There is a hierarchy of race here. If you get on their shit list you are basically fucked because as a CHinese person in America, no one gives a fuck about you. Everyone will fuck with you. Everyone will work together. Different standards. Like they would do shit to do that they would never even think of doing to someone else and they double think it away with some fucking excuse. I’m not saying I’m perfect. But fuck you for applying different fuckign standards to every fucking thing then going around and acting like you are perfect WE’RE FUCKING DIVERSE but we hate on you CHINKS. No problem.

          FUCK YOU.

          • Capt. WED

            no what pisses me off is exactly what you just wrote. So I can’t even refute you saying no that’s not true, because it’s mostly true. But it’s not true for me because they apply a completely different standard to me. That’s why you are a bunch of contradictory racists. THE WORST KIND –in my mind. HYPOCRITES. AND MOST OF ALL…. CULTURAL FASCISTS!

          • Capt. WED

            You can’t merely observe my behaviors then judge me without affecting me. You just can’t pretend you are only observing. You become part of the problem, you are entangled.


          • Capt. WED

            It’s a contradictory racist and cultural fascism because there exists two systems side-by-side with completely different set of rules, and where one system is acknowledged and the other one completely hidden. The acknowledged and the hidden are connected and together from the completely set of rules that governs behavior in society. That’s why it’s a cultural fascist system.

            THAT’S WHY IT’S SO MUCH BULLSHIT! Your system sucks!!!

          • Capt. WED

            wait. you are not merely just observing and judging. If that were the case I would be fine with it. YOU ARE TROLLING ALSO.

          • SuperHappyCow

            Any examples? I’m not Chinese, and don’t know what your experiences are like. Where do you live?

          • A GUY

            @ Capt Wed.

            I don’t know what you read in my post about a hierarchy of race, but I think that your rage proves that you had to invent a “FASCIST” element to my post to make it not so cutting towards your own psyche. Read it again I have answered all your criticism before.


          • notorious

            Chinese people aren’t “fucked with” in america. There’s no systematic abuse of chinese people in the U.S. People do make stupid assumptions like black people for example, call Korean beauty supply stores “The chinese store”. People don’t get the difference between Korean and Chinese. Or white people assuming all chinese people are good at science and math. Most asians just find it extremely annoying. I used to say it’s better than people thinking you’re an idiot, violent, or a criminal. But I guess all stereotypes are annoying, no matter what they are.

        • notorious

          GUY, I do think America is racist. Of course there are millions of good people in America but I guarantee you most of them think about something related to race at least once or twice a day. America would be perfect if not for racism. And it’s not like people are going around hurting people because of race, it’s not like that. But it’s the assumptions people make about others. Black people are violent criminals, mexicans are all poor illegal field workers with too many kids, all muslims are evil and hate women, and all asians are chinese and know kung fu. No one is going to deny someone entry to a store because of the way they look or deny them some human right. Everyone has rights in America and if you choose to behave like a racist in a public institution or business that person can sue you using our american discrimination laws. But I swear if I hear one more ASSUMPTION or stereotype. Like, don’t assume I like rap music because I fucking hate it or because one black, woman’s hair is a certain way that mine is going to do the same thing. one stupid person asked me if my hair was a weave because her roommate in college wore hair weave. wtf does that have to do with my hair? (btw, hair weave is awesome)

          People are different but assumed to be the same. Everyone in America is stripped of their individuality.

          White people are absolutely the most ignorant people on the face of the earth when it comes to making assumptions ab out people based on how they look. i’ve always said, which is probably the meanest thing I could say about a white person, is that white people invented racism so racism is not going to go away in white society.

          Black people are just as bad, if not worse because black people not only hate white people but they also hate other black people. They are completely ignorant of other cultures — in fact they just don’t give a shit about them. A large number of black people will ask you why are listening to that “white shit” if you play music by white people. Or you get teased and called white if you do anything they don’t consider as “acting black”.

          I remember grocery shopping a few months ago and there was an asian girl standing with her boyfriend. I reached for a piece of fruit and she jumped and literally started shaking because she thought i was going to punch her. And it’s weird because I have typically a very elegant look. I don’t know if she was scared of me or my 14 year old son but her asian boy friend tried to play the protector and jumped in front of her to stop her from shaking. My son was like wow. I continued shopping, like she wasn’t even there. Sometimes asian people will walk in an arc to avoid crossing a black male when they walk down the street. Mostly the immigrant asians do this until they have been in the U.S for a while and realize its mostly bullshit.

          I have had friends tell me that they are told when they arrive in America to stay away from certain races, and they are told this by the government. Why do people all the way in china know what american stereotypes are? Why do they think (like in comments above) that mexicans and blacks must be responsible? Obviously american racism has globalized. And mostly because white supremacists have been using the internet as a tool of war for years. You open any news article and there they are, making an off topic comic about other races. The whole point is to proliferate racism around the world, using the internet as a white sheet for their stupid head.

          This country could be great if not for the constant stereotyping of every single race every minute of the day. The only time it doesn’t happen is when whites are with other whites and blacks are with other blacks, and asians are with other asians, and latinos with other latinos. Sometimes i wonder if we are b etter off just avoiding each other and staying with our own kind.

          which would be unfortunate.

          • A GUY

            I see you’ve succumb to your more base instincts and made generalizations based on gut feelings Notorious.

            I have a question for you. Have you lived outside the US and where and for how long?

            The point of my post was not that America has no racism, or that it wasn’t a problem. The point was that Other countries have this issue to and will deal with it societally in a much less healthy way (france outlawing the Burka, Denmark banning minarets, and the onslaught of European politicians spewing hate speech Angela Merkel “multiculturalism has failed” etc…) while simultaneously blathering on about how America is the most racist nation. My point was that other countries like the ones in Europe you mention and somehow think are full of “mature” people are full of racists too. Every nation has racists, in fact many view it as a virtue just listen to the Chinese web posts and you’ll see that hate is everywhere. (and that wasn’t from some white conspiracy) it is true that Northern Europe has their shit together with regards to social programs, and this lessens the monetary struggles that exhaserbate racial tension. They also have a good education systems that helps people be more open minded (we should follow their lead here), but the main thing that makes race not as important to them is this:

            Percentage non-white
            36.3% USA (and the 63.7% honky isn’t as homogeneous as European countries)
            16.20% Canada
            2% Norway
            under 10% (no good statistics available) France

            I only do non white stats and not other minorities because the majority populations there are white and non-whites cannot change skin color like foreign whites can just assimilate.

            My point even in the end isn’t don’t stop complaining. My point was America can take it cause it’s a great place. America is full of great people who over the last 50 years have changed the landscape of race relations, and achieved more peace than the turmoil and oppression of the 1960’s would have ever let people think possible. I will not believe as Angela Merkel does that multiculturalism is dead, it may be hard sometimes but it has made so much beauty in America. Can’t you see!!!! Don’t run away from the place that made you because of this. Fight to keep us moving in the right direction.

            Sorry got a little worked up, that is probably full of spelling errors and stuff. If any of it doesn’t make sense sorry.

          • Carl

            Why is outlawing the Burka unhealthy? The French have put freedom of oppression for women above the freedom of the husbands to decide what their women wear…how unhealthy. Banning minarets is maybe not in the same vein, but wanting to keep your countries cultural identity is not evil either. America never had a single cultural identity, because it was a nation built by immigrants from the beginning. And saying multiculturalism has failed is not hate speech, hate speech is when you say foreigners should die or something similar.

            Also the average statistics don’t say much. I bet Vancouver has at least half non-white people. Rural Canada is indeed very much whiter than rural California, so that skews your average statistics in favor of the point you’re trying to make. But this doesn’t really count for the big cities.

          • coala banana

            a guy,

            cool story, nice post….but hey, have you ever lived in europe ?

            its great, great culture, not many poor suckers…….but you know what disturbs the great landscape ???? A good percentage of immigrants, mainly muslims, fucking Burkhas….multi culturalism has failed….ever dealt with gypsies ?, begging for money and if you don’t give them they spit on you and call you a nazi….or all the marrokans and tunesians and libanese selling drugs in front of schools ?

            europe is great, but its too liberal, and has let too many of this completely ignorant, selfish, lazy ass bastards inside the country, which have no intention whats or ever to work. they prefer to live from social security, make between 5-10 children and get paid for that…..most europeans are great people, but its this intolerant bastards which use the system, which make it miserable. We don’t have draconic sentences like in the US…a child rapist usually gets just between 5-8 years….minor crimes are not punished at all, and when a muslim commits a crime, they take his cultural background into account , and he receives a much lesser sentence then a local who committed the same crime….happens all the time…..

            Most things i read are just the usual liberal BS. When you guys will understand that its in some people genes, that they are how they are. You give someone a helping hand and give him all the rights of a local, without having him contribute anything to society, you let him even built his mosque where he can pray to his invisible god in the sky 5 times a day, and what you get in return ? he calls you a “kuffar”, a dirty german, all non muslims are whores and bitches, he considers you weak cause of your tolerance, and then he would like to live under fucking sharia law cause he refuse to accept your bill of rights, which hs made the country great in the first place.

            What i don’t get is why this bastards don’t see and accept the benefits such great countries has to offer. I mean they just have to compare it to the shithole they came from to see that this country where they are did something right. Even worse are their children, raised by their simple minded parents with their cavemen culture.

            From my experience, the ones which cry for tolerance are in fact the most miserable and intolerant of all…..i think that politicians have underestimated the situation. You can’t deal with this people from a common sense and rational point of view, cause they don’t give a shit. You give them a house, food, clothes and furniture and a monthly cheque for doing nothing, and they hate your guts in return !

            Guess that around 85% of all violent crimes are committed by people with an immigrant background…..

            blacks in the USA, this excuse doesn’t count anymore in my opinion. Work and educate yourself and try to be better then the rest….but no, most prefer to go the easy way, the lazy way, playing gangsters and hustlers and when they are caught they blame it on the society. And the liberals support them in doing so…..

            Why not simple, when you are an immigrant and commit more then 1 crime, you will be kicked out and returned back where you came from. Fuck em all….pack them in an airplane and throw them out in the jungle or desert with their whole fucking family, when they can make it out without dying of thirst, and no lion eat them and no snake bite them, good for them……

            labour camps are a good idea in my opinion. Let the criminal work his ass off, and all he earns should go to the victims…..i don’t believe in this resocializing BS….

          • A GUY

            CB. I didn’t read your post cause I don’t want to hear about your ugly little dong again.

          • Carl


            Your post reminds me of this guy:


            While I don’t support such an extreme position, he’s right in some points, a country should be able to accommodate immigrants without having to give up its own culture (as I wrote before) and everyone’s opinion in that country being discounted as racist. I don’t support genetic arguments, but cultural arguments do make sense (macho culture and violence go hand in hand).

            The big immigrant problem in Europe is though, that it’s usually the second or third generation of immigrants that creates the problems. The first generation of immigrants from Turkey that came to Germany years ago, came because of better economic opportunities than in their home country, they were thankful for it, but mass immigration led to large Turkish communities where the second and third generation grows up with more extremist religious views than in modern Turkey, also these communities often don’t see a need to learn German and as a result become jobless. The inability of social interaction and finding a job leads to the usual violence, theft and hatred.

            This is, I think, what Angela Merkel meant when she said multiculturalism has failed, because indeed it has failed. If immigrants come to a country they should adapt to the culture and learn the language, that’s not racist, it just ensures a functioning society in the future. The one large immigrant group in Germany which creates most problems is the Turkish one, which hasn’t adapted culturally and hasn’t learned the language (of course there are exceptions, but if you know German and go to Frankfurt or Berlin you will see what I mean).

            Sadly we can’t just kick out the perps, because they got the German passport at some point and Turkey wouldn’t want these asocial people back either. I’ve been to Turkey, too and it is a functioning modern society, not what you would expect when you see the Turks in Germany. When I was in Istanbul I heard the sentence “I hope you don’t judge us by the Turks in Germany.” a lot of times. The Turkish in Turkey know, too, that the Turkish in Germany are a problem and they don’t want to be associated with them either.

          • SuperHappyCow

            @ coala banana
            While I generally agree with your points you seem to be comparing blacks in the US with muslims, or minorities in other countries, particularly Europe, which is a mistake, considering how minorities have arrived to their respective locations.

            I must have made this post quite recently, and this may sound contrived and overplayed, the reason why black culture has so many problems is literally a residual, echoing effect of slavery and artificial poverty. Logically, one would think “hey wait, slavery in America ended over a hundred years ago.” It did, but when did Jim Crowe laws end? When did the Civil Rights movement achieve it’s goals, and have we completely reached the point of an egalitarian society, where we can judge people on merit, while learning from past mistakes?

            Since the 70’s, following the heels of the Civil Rights Movement’s initial successes, the income of the middle class has not grown but instead receded, while the poor’s income has dropped more significantly. This is due to corruption within the American government by private industry, regressive tax codes with loopholes, and mostly, the influence of money in politics that disenfranchises voters.

            Who were the poor? Whites, Mexicans, Europeans, or mostly those of African descent, who have been discriminated against in the past, and had only a few generations to accrue their wealth from 40 acres and a mule(if that).


            also: poop

          • SuperHappyCow

            @Notorious I love when Koreans or Chinese people in LA walk around parking meters to avoid me. It’s pretty hilarious, but also a bit sad. There was this one hand bag faced lady on the train that always falls asleep. We exit at the same stop, and sometimes we take alternating routes to a similar location. Whenever she crosses my path or seems me she starts running, and looking over her shoulder at me. It’s friggin hilarious. She’ll never know why I grin at her so much. : ]

            More importantly, I don’t think whites invented racism.

            Racism is simply a hyper anti-social view of people who are not similar to you physically. It’s existed throughout history, and is a facet of individual personalities. Whites helped spread stereotypes about blacks throughout the modern, contemporary world, but that’s just the modern, contemporary world.

            People change, families change, countries change, and so do their universal stereotypes.

            Personally, I can’t stand pop-rap that does not involve story telling or poetry, as well as basketball(i.e. blacks dominating sports). Those things make caricatures out of the entire group of Afircan Americans imho.

          • mr. wiener

            Super Happy Cow.
            Whitey didn’t invent racism. Just ask the Chinese, they’ll claim they invented it :)

        • Carl

          “White people are absolutely the most ignorant people on the face of the earth when it comes to making assumptions ab out people based on how they look.”

          Oh, wow, all white people must be fucking stupid even the non-American ones, tell me how you’re not racist.

          “Black people are just as bad, if not worse because black people not only hate white people but they also hate other black people. They are completely ignorant of other cultures — in fact they just don’t give a shit about them.”

          Again an assumption based on race only, and now black people seem to be as ignorant as the white people you described above. Especially funny if you write this afterwards:

          “This country could be great if not for the constant stereotyping of every single race every minute of the day. The only time it doesn’t happen is when whites are with other whites and blacks are with other blacks, and asians are with other asians, and latinos with other latinos. Sometimes i wonder if we are b etter off just avoiding each other and staying with our own kind.”

          I thought blacks are totally racist against other blacks, isn’t that what you said before? And conclusion, we would be better off with Apartheid, a nice finishing statement.

          So to sum it up, you’re an anti-racist & racist & pro-Apartheid person. Nice touch!

          • notorious

            I am aware of the irony of my post, hence it is my american mindset that causes me to generalize people based on their race even when i’m criticizing americans for doing so. Now, I don’t mean every person in america — I did qualify my statement when I said “there are millions of good people in america”. But overall we do have a problem with allowing people their space and individuality. We think we can look at a person in two seconds and know what they’re about.

            apartheid and segregation are two different things. I’m not a proponent of separate but equal jim crow laws of the pre-civil rights era, but there does not need to be apartheid for people to live among their own kind. And we are not talking about white people all over the world, we’re talking about ignorant americans. I dislike many american white people for the most part, but I tend to like [white] europeans because they are not as immature as americans and have a different mindset altogether. Who knows.

          • Carl

            Sorry for being so hard on you, your post just seemed very self-contradicting to me. I feel that the racial mix isn’t necessarily the reason why it’s not working in the US. Here in Canada we have a lot of races mixing and I would say it works alot better than in the US.

            I think one of the main problems in the US is that there are too many poor people, I’m not saying that poor people are evil, just that it creates friction between races more easily when people have to fight to survive. I think in Canada and Europe the better social equality helps people get along more easily. Of course if anyone would propose any kind of change in the US you have 50% of the country calling you a socialist/communist/Nazi or whatever.

          • notorious

            I agree and I never hear about these racial problems in Canada either. I know there is some because it happens everywhere but it is not as prevalent. In america it’s like stinky cheese, you can just smell it. I don’t think mixing in is the problem but as you stated, poverty is a big issue. And there is a shadow caste system in this country where certain people are paid more for jobs, some are paid less for doing the same thing (women and minorities) and some people won’t get jobs at all unless its minimum wage. Poor people aren’t evil but they commit more crime. there is a loss in dignity because americans equate value with wealth so people stoop to some terrible things to have the appearance of having value through material things and often they are just trying to meet their needs.

            All of these things are contributing factors.

          • cc

            I’m not racist, I hate everybody with the same amount of venom

          • @see see

            Yes. I sure that some of your best friends are people.

  • Capt. WED

    OH BTW… These fucks got jacked AND killed.

    STOP SHEDING your fake tears.


  • Capt. WED

    you guys are pussies.

    When it’s time to go it’s time to go you faggots.

    BTW I didn’t mean they GOT jacked by BLACKS or MEXCIANS. This could have been the work of Chinese gang or MAFIA or Asian Gangs. Can’t say. But most likely it’s gang related.

    • The Enlightened One

      LoL… I am not an American, so I am not getting all defensive.

      But your crazy rants and random hate spewing makes you sounds like one of those retarded Chinese or Americans that you hate.

      The best way to fix racism is to stop talking about it! And putting people into boxes. Racism won’t go away by saying “stop being racist… “

      • Capt. WED

        You can’t say nothing to me lol.

        YOu’ve been trolling me for years so not sure what the hell you’re talking about.

      • coala banana

        i agree with CaptWed….fake tears, thats what it is…..sometimes i ask myself, when exactly did it cross peoples mind that they feel so sorry for this and that….right between “my ass hurts in this chair” and “my balls feel itchy” ???

        I don’t buy that shit. People should keep their fake tears and condolences and prayers to themselves. Just want to feel good about themselves, the next minute its again business as usual, so why fake it in the first place….

        2 people got shot in the US, so what ? maybe its you tomorrow and me the day after ? wrong place , wrong time….it can be over. Pray to your fucking baby jesus, maybe he can help…..I saw many people coming and go in my early life. Fellow soldiers going into battle with huge crucifixes around their necks, go sundays to church, and during the week torturing prisoners, drilling in peoples knees or cutting their ears and fingers off…..racism ? its racist to think, its just between white vs black vs yellow…..the most horrible crimes are committed amongst people from the same “race”. There are many white racists, but the crime which could be committed by blacks and asians are on another level……

        Civilization can’t be reached by everyone, you have to sort the bad apples out, doesn’t matter which color skin they have. Most “white countries” did that very well, learned from the past, building civilized societies……

  • Peter Barefoot

    So many netizen comments… it doesn’t matter if the dead are Chinese officals’ kids, or from rich families, or just ordinary commoners. It doesn’t matter if they got killed in a BMW, or in a Volvo. Just think of it, they spent a lot of money (or studied really hard) to get to America, in hopes of getting a better education and living a better life, but only to get killed on the street. They traveled so far away, they paid so much money and effort, only to get killed on the street. Call it black humor, or bad luck, or fate, or whatever, it’s a shitty way to die. And no one wants to die like this.
    BTW, my cousin is studing in the US, he says he regrets to go there, and tells me never to go to America and study, because it’s flooded with Chinese people, to apply for a scholarship is mission impossible, there’s no way you can find a job. And his father sold a house to pay for all his tuitions and living costs.
    Every year Chinese people go abroad like a swarm of locusts. Whick makes me think: is it really a good thing? Going abroad? Is it really gonna make your life better? China is like a hell right now, but does this make other countries heaven? My family and my relatives always want me to go abroad and study, or even better, to immigrate. So I guess I’ll just keep feeding them incidents like this, so that they won’t be too disappointed if no foreign universities open their arms to me.

    • Taikongren

      “Whick makes me think: is it really a good thing? Going abroad? Is it really gonna make your life better? ”

      Really depends on who you are, what you want, and what happens in the future. American colleges are, generally speaking, much better than Chinese colleges. But you could learn just as much if not more in China…depends on how well you learn. Studying abroad can give you an opportunity to see a different part of the world and gain independence. But you may just hang out with other Chinese, too scared to gain new experiences. And you could gain new experiences in China.

      You’re not going to get scholarships unless you are a genius… America is a capitalist country. Its very difficult to get a job in America now, in part because the Capitalists have grabbed too big a chunk of the the pie. In part because a lot of jobs moved to China. But in the future, China will be in the same position. At least, in America, if you do get a job, you can enjoy the weekends in a place with cleaner air. And maybe a nice beach and/or mountains within driving distance. And you could be around people from many countries and many cultures. You could… or maybe not.

    • JSakamoto

      All these chinese thinking that going to a western country is so great have really been brainwashed by the media. Yes it can be great, but there are also so many downsides that most chinese will never find out about until they experience it. Things like the language barrier, racism, high living expenses, job opportunities, different culture. I can’t tell you the amount of chinese i’ve met that think the grass is so much greener here in the US. I also know many chinese struggling to even get by here and wishing they can move back to CHina.

      To me, going away to college is more about living on your own and finding out who you really are than the educational experience (although that’s a big thing too). Most of my education has been on the job rather than through formal education. College is just a key to get your first job, after that, it’s not very useful. Employers look more at relevant experience rather than formal education. And if you start your own business college is unnecessary, except if you get your MBA, which i heard does help you.

      • A gawd-dang Mongolian

        No it’s not just that. It’s peer pressure. Trust me, coming from an Asian family, everyone expects you to do the best and be the best. They always hint at how much better they are when they get into a big name college. Specifically a big name college in America.

        It’s not just being educated, it’s the ability to say you got educated at Stanford, or Berkley or Harvard. And I can tell from personal experience, many of my Asian friends will rub in that fact as many times as they possibly can.

        • JSakamoto

          In a way that’s being brainwashed to think that a piece of paper will bring you social status (which I know it does). Agree with your 2nd paragraph. I know some chinese who went to a US college than went back to china and just ran the family business. That degree is in reality useless, it’s just about social status.

    • notorious

      well it depends on where you go in america. if you flock to a big city like New York, Chicago or somewhere in California then you’re screwed because these are the biggest cities with the most challenging housing situations and have the most crime even though they are fashionable metropolitian places. If you move somewhere like my city then you are in a good place. Good University here, ranked best place to live by Money Magazine 3 times, but no one ever thinks of here because it’s off the map (even though its also the capital of our state).

      I would say that america has good and bad qualities, the worst of it being racism. like crabs in a barrel, americans drag each other down.

  • Carl

    To all the hating netizens, I know a well fitting Chinese saying, although my Chinese is poor:


  • JSakamoto

    This is a sad story any way you put it. I know many chinese despise government officials (for good reason) but at the same time many americans also despise government officials (also with good reason) but reading the chinese comments it doesn’t seem these students were living lavishly. I’ve been to the USC campus over a decade ago and indeed the surrounding neighborhood looked rather ominous, but I’ve heard it’s a lot better now.

    On a side note, I think any foreign exchange student from asia (or elsewhere) should familiarize themselves with the dangers of living in america as there are some dangers that are not present back home. The truth is many american criminals see asians as easy targets, that is fact. SO that is why education is needed when living in a foreign place you are not familiar with.

  • Taikongren

    I got to say… don’t jump to conclusions about why this happened. When criminals jack a car, they usually don’t start shooting up people…and the car…and then just leave the car. To me, this does not sound like a gang killing. This could have been a hate crime. It could have been something personal… the perp someone who the victims knew. Who knows.

  • ChineseFighter

    government official’s children deserve to die

  • Ben

    Two contributing factors.

    No1. California is lax on criminals. Most likely this isn’t the first time the person in question has done something illegal. Most likely the last time he was arrested, he was just given a slap on the arm and let go.

    No2. California doesn’t readily allow people to arm themselves for self defense. People would not do that type of stuff if they knew that there was any chance the people they was going to attack were going to fire back. In particular, these people were not armed when they needed to be.

    Self defense is not a privilege, it’s a responsibility, and a right. Any country that takes away a person’s ability to arm themselves, deprives that person of the right to defend themselves.

    Above the obvious, if the person that shot them was Asian, then it may have been a gang hit. The gang tells the family in china that if they don’t cooperate, then their children are going to get it…. Exec….

    • JSakamoto

      Agree with your first statement but at the time we have no idea of the history of the suspects so you can’t say this is necessarily true. It could be but maybe not.

      In my interactions with chinese people, especially overseas chinese, very few of them would arm themselves even if they could. To most ordinary chinese gun are dangerous period, it doens’t matter the situation. If they were allowed to carry a gun for self defense, I seriously doubt these college students would have done so. Also despite many studies there is no conclusive evidence that allowing people to carry affects crime rate.

      May have been a gang hit but remember this neighborhood is fairly dangerous, at least when i visited over 10 years ago. If i had to guess i would say it was just a carjacking gone wrong but I’ll wait for further details to come out.

      • Ben

        Everyone doesn’t have to carry to deter that type of crime. If the perp had a 50 percent chance, or even 1 in 10 chance of being shot every time he tried to car jack someone, my best bet is he would find a less hazardous occupation.

        People engage in that type of activity only when they are almost absolutely sure that they will be encountering a defenseless person.

        If they engage in that activity and are not sure that they won’t be shot at, then they are stupid, and their criminal carrier will probably be short.

        In Washington, there has been a rash of brazen break-ins. People trying to break into occupied houses. And there has also been a rash of those people getting shot by the home owner in question. As a sheriff said something along the lines of, “There seems to be a rash of stupid criminals lately”. Sooner or later, no mater how stupid they are, it will sink into their thick heads that breaking into an occupied home is not a bright thing to do. If it doesn’t sink in, then they will probably be dead pretty soon anyway.

        • JSakamoto

          That’s a big, endless debate of being able to carry and whether it deters crime. There’s no hard evidence either way. I personally would like to be able to carry concealed but I live in one of the most restrictive states regarding citizens rights to carry firearms. I still think being asian may have had something to do with them being killed. I just hate how it seems that asians are viewed as easy targets by criminals and just those looking to make trouble. Hope they catch the killers but if it really was a random carjacking probably not likely.

          • Ben

            The reason there is no “official” hard evidence one way or the other is because pretty much all the studies were performed to support a pre existing conclusion. That conclusion is that lax gun laws increase gun crime. When the study can not find any data to back up that conclusion, and often are presented with the exact opposite conclusion then the people conducting the study just give up and say they can’t find any evidence one way or the other. They do not want to admit their pre conceived ideas are wrong.

            There has been plenty of studies dating back to president carter and before that came to the conclusion that harsh gun laws increase crime, but those results are always ignored by the “official institutions”. Like this study.


          • JSakamoto

            OK Ben at least you provided one source for your view. I just skimmed it but it looks like the evidence isn’t conclusive but just suggestive. I just remember reading that there are various studies on this matter. There just is not enough evidence that the rate of crime is tied to gun control laws. For ex. there were studies showing that crime actually went up after stricter gun control laws were enacted. This is an endless debate but I think gun control laws are not a major factor in crime rate, although maybe a minor factor. Just my personal opinion. If a criminal doesn’t have a gun, they’ll still a criminal and still commit crimes.

    • Interested

      I love gun and other lethal weapons. Shooting range is my favored place. Hunting with all kinds weapons also provides real tasty result. lol.

      When shit hits fan, all become handy.

    • Taikongren

      I have seen no evidence that California is more “lax” on criminals – especially violent criminals – than any other states. However, California has far less violent crime per-capita than all the Southern “Red” states, most of which have less restrictive gun-carry laws and far higher levels of gun ownership. To use my favorite quote: “没有调查就没有发言权“ (Translation: Chairman Mao says: “if you don’t know what you’re talking about, then shut the fuck up”)

      See http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/datablog/2011/jan/10/gun-crime-us-state.

      On the specifics of this… these are rich kids. At least middle-income kids. Gang activity in China is different than in the US and its complete (and unlikely) conjecture that this had something to do with gangs. Whoever shot them didn’t actually steal their car or money. Reports say that the killer went up to the car, shot them (girl in the chest, boy in the head), and then ran. That’s it. Nothing else at this time is known.

      • JSakamoto

        You mean California has less gun-related violent crime. Violent crime doesn’t have to involve a gun. California actually has one of the higher rates of violent crime in the US. I’ve seen statistics on this so that is how I got my information. There’s actually no evidence the rate of violent crime is related to the ease of which citizens can obtain firearms. One of the biggest factors is poverty. Criminals often get guns illegally anyway so these laws won’t stop them.

        • Taikongren

          You are right. California ranks 15ths highest violent crime rate in the nation. And the only “Blue” state with gun (supposedly) more gun restrictions higher than it is Delaware and Michigan. (and I don’t know if any of those States actually have more or less gun control laws…). It ranks 17th highest for murder.


          Point is, can’t say that because people are not carrying guns, there is more crime. It is mostly related to poverty. And there is a lot of poverty in California. I was responding to Ben, who put forth the conservative line that California is weak toward criminals (not true at all), restricts people from having guns (mostly not true either), and because everyone is not carrying, there is more crime than if people were carrying (also not true).

          • JSakamoto

            Agreed with everything you said Taikongren. Yes you can get guns in Cali but I believe it’s very hard to get a permit to legally carry. I looked at the stats and I see my state is on the lower end of the violent crime (which is what I’m most concerned about) scale. My state has probably one of the most restrictive laws regarding concealed carry in the country but the crime rate is still low.

  • Three Stones

    A used BMW can be readily purchased in the states for less than $2000 if someone doesn’t mind an old car. Not the indication of wealth that it might be elsewhere. My assumption was the same when I read the news article, giving note to the BMW. I must say though, that had I not lived in China, I probably wouldn’t have given a second thought to that addition.

    These two were graduate students in electrical engineering, if my reading is accurate. Graduate programs in the physical sciences and engineering need lots of graduate students to teach lab sections. Professors also have opportunities for them to serve as a research assistants. If the students get either of these positions (which is highly likely in an engineering program at a major university), then their tuition would have been waived and they would have received an income on top of it.

    • Carl

      It’s not that likely anymore, a lot of universities cut the TA programs so that only few graduate students, even in engineering and the sciences, get TA positions. Also tuition isn’t waived for a TA/RA anymore, you can probably earn back your tuition if you do 4 TAs at once and earn something on top if you RA, too. But that’s not realistic in terms of workload or the actual work universities give out.

      Most private universities in the US only serve the purpose of making huge profits to the owners/investors.

  • DRaY

    /I wonder… How does Hongjian feel about this ?????… I cant wait!!!!

    • Interested

      Hongjian is world famous expert on homo americuntus. lol.

  • notorious

    the article says “they didn’t describe the appearance” like, wtf does that matter? What they didn’t say was “we’re just waiting to confirm our due suspicious that the shooter (s) was black” lol. Also, why haven’t I seen anything in the american media about this? And yeah, California is bad. Lots of immigrants crossing the border from mexico, lots of crips and bloods. won’t let my sons move there for school or anything. and anyone who says usc sells diploma is full of shit and gravely misinformed.

    • anon

      It was in the American media, just do a Google search. It’s however really just a local news item, local crime, so its not that big of a news. It obviously resonates with Chinese communities and with Chinese in China because the American Dream is still alive and well in China. The describing the appearance part of the article is just standard. Police usually release suspect descriptions and they haven’t (yet?). All I know about USC is that it’s located in a bad neighborhood yet still has a decent reputation.

  • cheong

    The last time I posted here was during the Philippine’ Hostage Incident & many in fact, all Chinese were upset & angry about it, directly or indirectly.

    But now it is different, I wonder why??

    As an old Chinese Taoist/ Buddhist,
    It is “not right to take the life of any living being, be it an ant”
    even though if they are the children of LI Gang.

    You cannot be the judge, jury & the executioner.
    Many of you here do not even know the victims at all at all,
    so why the harsh judgement, just because they were in a BMW???

    Or is it that you are using your imagination that they are “children of LI Gang”
    Yes, we all hate & condemn the son of Li Gang but still he does not deserved to die but to be punished & punished he was.

    Or is it because you are jealous that they are able to study in US of A & drive a BMW??
    Like the fox that cannot eat the grapes up in the tree, then fox said, it must be sour grapes. And started to curse & swear at those who were able to eat the grapes.

    There is a Chinese saying, “Har Chen Lok Sek”
    Their family have suffer enough & probably still suffering & grieving over their dead, so please don’t make it worse.
    Or is it that you are happy to see others suffering???
    then if you are, then you are surely & really wicked & evil.

    The two victims have already died, so why so much hatred & bashing especially from you Chinese.
    Or are you really Chinese??????????
    I would understand if you are not Chinese but still it does not give you the right to throw your hatred & bashing at the victim & their next of kins.
    Even if the victims are Japanese, you have no right to do so, especially from the moral point of view.

    Everyone in this earth have the right to live & no one have the right take the life of another unless otherwise.

    As an old Taoist/Buddhist, in fact all of us who are Taoist/Buddhist value life as gift from god.
    Most of all, the two victims are innocent of any crimes even if their parents are criminal.
    So they don’t deserved to bashed by you because one of the reason is that you are not & cannot be the judge, jury & the executioner.

    Imagine if you are a criminal, & your children who have no part in your crimes & were killed by whatever or whoever, how would you feel???????????????
    Would you feel nice, if someone were to bash you & say that they deserved to died???
    “Food for thought” eh???

    So, please don’t wrongly judge others, for you will eventually be judged.

    “Karma will haunt you & most of all Karma could befall on your loved one”

    Namo Orr Lii Tau Futt

    May our goddess of Mercy, Kwan Yin & Lord Buddha bless their souls,
    and may they have a “safe journey to wherever”
    Like our goddess of Mercy, Kwan Yin & Lord Buddha who are full of compassion & so be compassionate.
    “A good deed will have a good return”
    Last but not least my deepest sympathy & condolences to their family.

    It is really sad that there are so many Chinese have reduced themselves to such a state of ………………………..
    Another thing is, we cannot dwell on the possibilities it was their Karma because it is not up to us mortal to say so, it is up to “THEM” up there to decide.

    Namo Orr Lii Tau Futt

    • Carl

      “Like the fox that cannot eat the grapes up in the tree, then fox said, it must be sour grapes.”

      Hey, I posted that first :-D

      • cheong

        I am sorry you got offended but frankly speaking, I did not read your post at all at all.

        In fact I did not read most of the postings simply because there are so many hatreds & bashings & most of all your posting.
        Once again, my apology.

        ps: FYI, the fox & sour grapes story was told to us when we were in kindergarten school during the 50′
        Last but not least,
        May our goddess of Mercy, Kwan Yin & Lord Buddha bless you.

        • Carl

          I didn’t get offended, that’s why I put the smiley there ;-). I really liked your post. My ex-girlfriend told me this story of the fox, I was actually happy to see that someone else knows that one. I’m not Chinese so I’m not too familiar with these sayings.

          Peace brother :-).

          • Anon

            Dude, the fox and the sour grapes isn’t even Chinese, it’s Aesop.

          • Carl

            Thanks, learned something new today :-).

        • cheong

          Even though I am an old Chinese Taoist/Buddhist, I am illiterate in Chinese.
          I am only literate in English.

          Have a nice day.

          • Carl

            I’m mostly illiterate in Chinese, too. I can only recognize roughly 400 Hanzi. It’s a really tough language to learn. Have a nice day, too!

          • donscarletti



          • Carl


            I’m familiar with Google translator, which is what I used, together with my basic understanding, to decipher your Chinese there. I’m not quite sure what you want to tell me, but it seems to me that you ‘don’t want to stop criticizing my English grammar’.

            I guess what you mean is that English grammar is complicated, because I complained that Chinese is hard to learn. I was writing from my perspective when I said Chinese is hard to learn. I grew up with three European languages (German, English and French), therefore naturally I find it easier to learn other European languages. I picked up some Spanish in university and even after a few months I was able to communicate quite well. After taking 1 year of a formal Chinese course, having been in China a bit and having many Chinese colleagues at my school for almost 2 years now, I would say that even though I tried improving my Chinese, my level of Chinese is worse than my Spanish after 3 months.

            The pronunciation for me has never been the big problem, as many Chinese have told me I have a very good pronunciation in Mandarin. My problem is rather that I fail to understand the sentence structures (the grammar is in a way very simple, because there is no conjugation of verbs, but this “simple” structure often makes it very hard for me to get even the general meaning of a sentence, it doesn’t seem to be very robust to even small changes), as well as learning the Hanzi, which is just more symbols than one needs to learn any other modern language.


          • donscarletti

            My question was addressed to cheong, but a simple “yes” would suffice either way.

          • Carl

            Yes :-)

          • cheong

            A question for me???

            FYI, if it was in English, then I would understand but in Chinese, I am afraid not.

            Google translate??, never accurate, only use it if it was a simple single word.

            Even though I am illiterate in Chinese,
            but I do speak pun tung hua, min nan hua, bai hua, putian hua, & English.
            At the same time I do understand many other Chinese dialects.

            FYI, my ancestor home is still in Putian, Fujian Province, China.
            Ever been to Putian ???
            It is a nice town & if you ever goes there, look for my grandfather road, name after my grandfather.

            So, if anyone want to post a question to me, I will be most appreciative if it is in English, after-all, this is a an English language’ forum, am I right or am I right??

            And don’t anyone dare to teach me how to “English”.

            The day I first enrolled to kindergarten was in English until I finished my studies, in London, UK doing my engineering, Chelsea College.

            As an old Taoist/Buddhist, I would remind the younger generation that there is an old English saying:

            “Don’t teach your grandmother how to suck eggs”

            “Namo Orr Lii Tau Futt”

            I, cheong, is a “loong tik cheung yan”

            Let this be a reminder to all Chinese in this forum unless you are not of the Han race.
            One change anything about one’ self but one cannot change the “colour of your skin”
            Born ed as a Chinese, die as a Chinese, one cannot deny one’ ancestry.
            Death is sure to come as sure as the day you are born.
            So be nice & be compassionate while you are still in this earth.

            Like our goddess of Mercy, Kwan Yin & Lord Buddha who are full of compassion & so be compassionate.
            “A good deed will have a good return
            Do the morally right “thing”

            An old Chinese saying:
            When one drinks the water, remember the source: “Yum sui Chi yin”

            Namo Orr Lii Tau Futt

          • Carl

            饮水思源 – If anyone else is interested

            (yin3 shui3 si1 yuan2)

  • Anon

    American police do not care about foreign student safety at all, the police do not attach importance to it whatsoever!
    What a stupid comment. Does this person think the murder is not being investigated? Or that foreign students should be getting personal police escorts? What does he want?

    • Interested

      Please read this book “Arrest-Proof Yourself: An Ex-Cop Reveals How Easy It Is for Anyone to Get Arrested, How Even a Single Arrest Could Ruin Your Life, and What to Do If the Police Get in Your Face”

      American police is about making score on reporting card for the chief. Their promotions are based on arresting record. Protecting and serve are just bull shit. They are only interested in arresting and ticketing. Like author said, american police are the alpha gansters of the town.

  • 1. USC is located in a bad part of town. Very bad!
    2. I do understand the reasons and logic behind so many of the BMW comments, but I still think it’s indicative of the absurdity of what drives so much modern Chinese thought nowadays. They died in a fucking BMW so what? It could be a 10 year old $5000 car. Fuckin A!
    3. Chinese are somehow deluded to believe nothing bad ever happens in America.

    • anon

      2. They’re just ignorant about cars and used car markets in America. One person still had the right idea, that there ARE cheaper options. There’s still some vanity in purchasing a used recent-model BMW. I wouldn’t say its sufficient to say they’re spoiled princelings but it does reveal just how strong the discrimination is against them amongst a lot of mainland Chinese.

      3. I find this hard to agree with since I can’t help but think of all the Chinese people who mistakenly think crime and shootings are rampant in America. The thing is, people in China alternate between really exaggerated negative misconceptions about America they see from news and media (tv, movies, etc.) and really idealistic notions of the American Dream.

  • Johnny Basic

    ‘Only when China becomes strong and powerful will our countrymen have respect abroad. If one day China were to develop to how it was during the late-Qing Dynasty, Chinese people will be discriminated against no matter what country they’re in.’

    I love this kind of fenqing comment. Does the guy think that if only China had a couple more aircraft carriers, the ‘discrimination’ would end immediately, or something?

    • Anon

      Yes, they actually do. I have seen this comment a million times and the people who make it seem to think that Americans are particularly safe abroad because petty criminals are afraid of our Special Forces or something.

      • notorious

        people think america is this great place. we have good stuff, bad stuff but it is dangerous and the people have psychological problems. kids can’t even walk alone because they might get raped or picked up by some pervert. or girls can’t jog somewhere because someone might jump out and rape them. with the racism, i don’t trust my sons being out there. don’t trust the police and i damn sure don’t trust certain types of “americans’ who because of their prejudices, might hurt them and then blame the kids race for being scared. all minorities are relegated to some type of stupid stereotype, to mexicans all being “wet backs” asians all being quiet slanty-eyed nice math and science nerds who can’t drive, to black people being dumb criminals (yet everyone wants to be like black people and have their style!) and then whites having all the good stereotypes or everyone assuming every white person is a racist. its a burden trying to figure people out — who are they? what do they think of me? Good or bad? I just don’t talk to people anymore, fuck ’em.

    • anon

      I think he’s not just referring to military might (aircraft carriers). He’s basically saying people respect the rich and powerful and we all know that’s true but to an extent, because its easy to go from admiration to envy to resentment, just like Chinese people do generally admire America, Japan, Europe, etc. but many also cross into resenting those countries.

  • theelemur

    “On the specifics of this… these are rich kids. At least middle-income kids. Gang activity in China is different than in the US and its complete (and unlikely) conjecture that this had something to do with gangs. Whoever shot them didn’t actually steal their car or money. Reports say that the killer went up to the car, shot them (girl in the chest, boy in the head), and then ran. That’s it. Nothing else at this time is known.”

    That sounds like a hit/an assassination. I wonder if there were problems “back home”.

    • terroir

      More like problems in which the dice doesn’t roll to the amount that you’d like to to, or you don’t get the card that you were supposed to have gotten.

      • Boris

        Be honest, who here hasn’t wanted to spray a Chinese kid driving a German motor? He probably forgot he was no longer in the motherland and ran a red light.

        • terroir

          “Be honest”? You mean I haven’t done this “commenting” thing correctly?

          Sorry to be so naive, but I was being honest the first time around. At least that what I’m always sure to say on the first date.

    • staylost

      Still could be gang initiation at random. Hard to guess, but it certainly doesn’t sound like a robbery, you’re right.

  • quill

    the comments from the chinese site really shows that many chinese have poor man syndrome today

    • Carl

      Although it’s horrible to read through these comments, I think it’s just what happens to a country with a worsening income disparity between the rich and poor. The only reasons that America is not on fire is because the poor still believe when the rich tell them they could be millionaires tomorrow.

  • Rick in China

    Haha.. “America’s black people love robbing Asians the most.”

    Yep. That’s absolutely accurate. They LOVE it. In fact many Black Americans masterbate to asian robbery videos. WTF.

    • anon

      I think he’s referring to that one incident in San Francisco or somewhere where some black kids specifically targeted Asians.

      • SuperHappyCow

        i think they were targeting grandmas.

        if i lived in sf, or koreatown(which i do) and i wanted to rob people, id rob old ladies.

        turns out, that when i see old ladies they’re korean 95 percent of the time (about)

        but you know, maybe that’s not the case in that sitution

    • terroir

      It’s a well known fact that after a BBQ where roast chicken is eaten and other gang activity is proliferated that Black peope will regale their black children with the bedtime stories in which they are prince and princesses who only rob the best robbery victims of all, those rotund easy marks called Asians.

      “Goodnight, sweet prince; may there be fleets of black BMW’s driven by Asians in your dreams to carjack until morning.”

      I’m positive there’s a wikipedia entry for it.

  • roflstomp

    Guanxi and money do nothing to a gun in your face. Hello China!

    • Carl

      Yes, they do, but only in China.

      • cheong

        In China & all over the world, even if it is in a democratic country, with a gun in your face???,

        Who are you going to call?? the Ghost buster???
        (nice movie, though, starring Dan Aykroyd)
        unless it is a ghost holding the gun, maybe.
        even it is not in the world, gun in your face??, well, well????
        Have you ever had a gun in your face???

        Bringing in Guangxi & money in this case, is what I would say:
        “Hitting below the belt.”

        ps: I personally think this was some sort of gang’ initiation “thingy”

        I hope, by the grace of god, you people here will stop making uncalled for’ remarks, unless otherwise or rather until the police have complete their investigation.

        Thank you for listening, that is, if you are listening.

  • jeffli

    This murder is a shame!
    Its just wrong.

  • Widdly Scuds

    whole lotta tl;dr in this thread

  • Looks like Chinese lean more toward class warfare than racial distinctions.

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  • mankouzanghua

    I know the kids of two government officials, one of whom is now in grad school in the US. The other I helped apply to grad schools, and he’ll be starting in the Fall. Both are highly intelligent, motivated, earnest students. The one I helped is going to be an extremely successful scientist, I have little doubt.

  • SuperHappyCow

    why the fuck are these idiots hung up over the car? srs?

    • commoner

      SAD!!! this hapened to Chinese, or anyone.
      The problem here: The robbers think Chinese are rich!!!! Especially given this situation. Some Rich2G do act stupidly and draw attention, and deserve to be robbed but don’t deserve death,

      Now, to protect yourself, if you are Chinese or Asian for that matter, ASSUME “they” (you know who) all hate you!!!!! and will harm you (I think it may be wrong think this way, but it surely would lessen the chance of being shot. Let’s be realistic: Chinese or Asians are still NOT considered mainstream AMERICANS in the US YET!!!!

      • SuperHappyCow

        Well, how common is it that rich Chinese people are murdered by foreigners?

        • mr. wiener

          In the Phillipines? Every day. In America, not so common.

  • Foreign Devil

    All Chinese from China who study overseas in USA are from very wealthy families compared to the average Chinese person. There is no debate about that point. Working class Chinese people cannor afford, the visa, cost of living, flight and international tuitions.

    But their being rich or not is besides the point. I would not be surprised if their execution style slaying was done by another person of Chinese descent.

    • SuperHappyCow

      Good point. Lots of speculation about whether or not the murderers are latino or black, yet no one points out that he might be Chinese, considering how many people up there don’t mind the fact that he’s dead.

    • ybin

      “ALL”? Please refer to my comment about the generally unhappy level of intelligence of people on the net. If you say “Most Chinese from China…”, that ‘might’ be an acceptable proposition. As it stands, your statement is based on ignorance. I am a case in point. I just completed my PhD from a prestigious US university and I did not pay a penny! I was given full financial support in the form of fellowships and assistantships, as is the case for *most* PhD students in the US.

      Next time learn to be humble and realize that your knowledge is limited and learn to QUALIFY your statements. Get it?

  • Trayvon

    Obviously this was a black crime, as negroes often senselessly kill even when their victim gives up his money. Also, the statistics show negro criminals are targeting asians.

    • mistertibbs4u

      Yeah, whatever.

      Give up the green, or get the nine in between.

      If I can take what you give, another day you may live.

      Simple. Anything else is too much television.

      Negro criminals target whites, Trayvon…

      If that’s even your real name… (if I didn’t state I was being sarcastic… you would probably be DUMB enough to think I wasn’t)

      What does that say about you… foo?

  • SuperHappyCow

    I feel like this is a case of projection. I never really hear cases of rich foreigners, especially Chinese being killed for being rich in the USA, yet I’m sure we all read the absolutely base things Chinese say about government officials, and rich kids, warranted or not.

    The juxtaposition of a lot of the posts up there make me feel like many Chinese who wouldn’t want any Chinese to be murdered abroad for whatever reason, know or read comments from many Chinese who wouldn’t care about whether rich kids were harmed, then superimpose that awful opinion on Americans, or other minorities.

    That’s my take.

  • The Kid

    ——->>>>>> THIS IS LA !!!

    If you want live in the hood driving a BMW at 1am, expect the expected !!!

    This shouldn’t have even made news.
    I’m sorry but in the 90’s this was a regular thing, because they’re chinese it’s a big deal ?!?!

    How about reporting on the random beatings of foreigners by groups/gangs of Chinese gangsters in the South.

    FAUNA ————–>>>>>> You should really focus less on what ‘netizen reactions’ are for over seas drama, and MORE ON ALL THE SHADY DRAMA WITHIN THIS COUNTRY = progress.

  • The Kid

    Welcome to the American Colleges !!
    Make sure to pack some knuckle dusters


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  • ybin

    Most Chinese netizens are ignorant, small-minded, bitter, and jealous. They have a parochial mentality. I have long given up trying to engage in any conversation with them. Anglo-Saxon netizens *may* be slightly better. But in general, the intelligence level of people on the net is not too impressive.

    • cheong

      I do totally agree with you.

      As an old Chinese Taoist/Buddhist, it sadden me to see so many Gen Y Chinese all over the world have forgotten their roots.
      When you drink the water, remember the source – “Yum Sui Chi Yin”

      We, Chinese have suffered so much for the last few hundreds years at the hands of so many foreigners, yet many choose to not to remember.

      Together, united, we stand but divided we fall.

      Zhong Guo wan sui wan sui wan wan sui.

      • SuperHappyCow

        ni hao mien bao wo yao dan gao

      • mistertibbs4u

        No, united you are left in the dust…

        It should be “United only during Spring Festival, fragmented we soar”

  • Orthodox

    This was in California, not America. Many Chinese think they are getting the American Dream, but they are California dreaming.

  • john

    A 2003 BMW is like 8000 USD. Not expensive at all. Chinese again are dumb. Their hatred against their own country men will bring them to being a slave of the white man.

    • cheong

      My dear John,

      “Chinese again are dumb. Their hatred against their own country men will bring them to being a slave of the white man.”

      You literally took the words out of my mouth.
      I couldn’t have said it better.

      May our goddess of Mercy, Kwan Yin & Lord Buddha bless you.
      Namo Orr Lii Tau Futt

      Thank you.

      ps: a chinese saying: fingers bend inward not outward

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  • 梦想家 Dreamer

    USC is in an area of Los Angeles which can be dangerous to anybody. It doesn’t matter what race or age or gender. I avoid the area as much as I can and only go there if I absolutely have to. I don’t like to drive around there and would NEVER live there. There are bad areas like that in every city in America (and China too). There are so many wonderful places to get educated in the US. Why anybody would go to USC is a mystery to me. Do the research before travelling including talking to people who know the areas.

    • SuperHappyCow

      Then you’re missing out on Pizza Rustica, you dummy dum fuck.

    • mistertibbs4u

      No truer words have ever been spoken.

      I mean I’m American… not gone catch MY ass out at 12 at night… with a woman… in a BMW…

      in Los Angeles…

      That game was over before they went to school that morning.

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  • BlueCrush

    What is all this about blaming blacks and mexicans? Does that even make sense to you?

    This was obviously a murder. Probably somebody they know or Asian on Asian hate crime of sorts. Or whites on Asian hate. This happened on campus or on campus housing. The car was shot up in front of the girl’s place of living. Someone who wants to steal a car would not shoot it up. It would only draw suspicion from the community and law enforement. (Asian people are the smartest…my ass).

    Why is the Asian community so quick to be racist towards blacks… and now mexicans?

    What is wrong with YOU to think that it ‘must of been blacks or mexicans.’ That would be in insane and YOU are insane to think that. Thugs only mess with who messes with them, regardless of race.

    This is why most of Americans don’t care if an Asian person if harmed or killed. Because the majority of Asians are racists to some degree and they have a hard time hiding it. And the Asian community in America hardly contributes to the betterment of American society rather it just consumes without giving anything back. I think people are so over Asian selfishness. The truth is a bitter pill to swallow.

    Either shape up or shape out. I just stumbled upon this article today. Have not heard a damn thing about this case. Don’t YOU ask yourself why most Americans don’t care, even though they should?

    You can say what you want but this is warning to Asian society in America in general. Everyone is over the Asian communty’s self serving ways. You can’t think that you can set up china town, korea town, etc, profit off American education and economy and give nothing back. This idea of setting up your economy in America and eating our vegitation without bearing fruit is not sitting well with Americans. A back lash is coming and I hope some of you good ones can whether the storm.

    And this arguement over merit based education is bullcrap. if you were not born in America you have no more entitlement that even the dumbest American here. IT IS NOT YOUR BIRTHRIGHT. These shady politicians in America and Asian politicians have made their under handed deals to sell American education to foreigners.(It is no coincidence why there is so many student from China coming into America, as well as other asian nations).

    I don’t blame YOU all who are taking advantage of what was given to you. But I will be damned if I advocate for a foreigner of any sort to get first pick of American education over an American. I am not alone in my sentiments. Many see it for what it is. American jackels have made their deals selling out America, that is BS. I will not stand for it and will fight against it.

    Asian community better change it’s self serving ways or American society will eventually push them all out like they did with the Chinese 1880s.

    I liked Asians when I was younger and naive and then realized how racist and self serving their community was. That is not the American way…well the self serving part anyway. I am…like others are over it.

    And I think it is absolutely funny how Asians are racist towards blacks and look down on them when if not for blacks fighting for civil rights, ASIANS would not even have the ability to come here and get education. Affirmative action that got most of you into American schools in the begining(not that you have gotten rid of) if not for that, you would not even be able to get an educaiton on America soil.

    At least of you are in America know the history and get this idea of merit based education out of your heads. Plus I know how Asians kids cheat all the time to get grades and pretend they understand english very well so the teachers will give them higher grades. YOU aint fooling me.

    • 404namenotfound


    • Shay


    • Truthspeaker

      This is why we hate niggers. Really, they should go back and save the “American education” for entitled niggers eating out of their hands for welfare payments, only to screech at them over the internet. Because apparently you don’t know that Asia isn’t a country or a people or a culture, dumbfuck.

      How do I know you’re a fucking nigger? Because your rambling bullshit comes with all of the typical nigger mythology like how “Asians” supposedly leech off of you when its YOU who suck this country dry with your subhuman incompetence.

      Look, I’m sorry you masturbated to anime porn only to find out that you’re not in fact entitled to sleep with any “Asian” woman you want, and they did actually report you when you tried to rape them.

      • mr.wiener

        I think you’re both morons.

        • Germandude

          Besides that the shit he’s writing hurts my eyes, I am wondering if the self-claimed “Truthspeaker” even understood that he is replying to a post that is one year old. My bets are on him being too dumb to have noticed. You in?

          • mr.wiener

            I’ll take some of that.

          • ewf

            and you answered to just feel superior

            unfortunately, i keep thinking you are a spectacular dumbass

          • mr.wiener

            So saying “Nigger” is superior. Answering is being a dumb-ass…..?
            Hang on you just answered him…does this make you a double dumb-ass?
            …My god, I just answered you…I’m a triple dumb-ass!

          • Truthspeaker

            To the gentleman posting from Auschwitz, yes I did notice. Did you notice that there’s a scrollbar at the side of this shit site that reveals everyone’s posts regardless of the age of the one they’re responding to?

            Has nigger crime against Chinese, and all other “Asians” for the matter, declined over this past year? NO. Has nigger hypocrisy declined? NO. So this PSA stands in effect. It’s fucking disgusting enough that these kinky haired crack savages think they have a right to murder people because they’re told by the TV that they’re parasites.

            If they were all shipped to a death camp/plantation hybrid I think the sheer irony would be lost on them.

          • mr.wiener

            Hello, we have a guest from Chimpout here.
            Can you and they other hillbillies play in your own yard?

            And don’t talk about Auschwitz, my grandfather died in Auschwitz.
            He fell out of one of the guard towers.

            Please note: Auschwitz is in Poland genius.

  • Shay

    Why do Asians think Blacks and Mexicans commit all crimes in America? There are Asian gangs too you know…