NHK Morning News Ratings Up Thanks To ‘Big Breasted Beauty’

Sugiura Yuki, a news announcer for Japan's NHK tv station's morning news program.

Sugiura Yuki, a news announcer for Japan's NHK tv station's morning news program.

From NetEase:

Japan’s NHK ratings increase after using “Big Boobs Beauty” to broadcast news

Starting from April 1st, Japan’s NHK television channel has used “Big Bust Beauty” Sugiura Yuki as the morning news broadcaster. 28-year-old Sugiura Yuki was once Sophia University’s beauty pageant winner, and has worked at NHK after graduating in 2006. At present, “big breasted beauty appears on NHK television station” has already become a hot social topic, and NHK’s morning news show’s ratings have shot up as a result.

Sugiura Yuki, a news broadcaster for Japan's NHK tv station's morning news program.

Comments from NetEase:

岳阳八哥 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

Yamiedie yiku yiku.

zgbiwang [网易韩国网友]:

By my eye, not as big as Liu Yan.

楽涛涛 [网易浙江省杭州市网友]:

I don’t see how she’s big busted, and it seems a little saggy. I…I…I can’t handle bear it anymore…

憨憨憨憨 [网易北京市网友]:

CCTV needs to study this, and not let little Japan be better than it.

黄易资深临时工 [网易浙江省杭州市网友]:

How come I don’t see how her breasts are big?
Author, is it because there are too few pictures?

网易天津市网友 [山姆猫大叔]:

How are they big?

12232223 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

You have to put your hands on your screen and pry open her clothes in order to see…


Xinwen Lianbo should also do this, and its audience will come back.


Truly a TM strange country.

design509 [网易广东省广州市手机网友]:

Should broadcast naked, Japan’s characteristics should be clear and distinct, right?

网易广东省网友 [警告你艹你沒资格代表我]:

I have this “Sugiura Yuki’s” early work, as well as Teacher Sola Aoi‘s uncensored stuff. Those who want it quickly leave your email address.


Requesting source! May the good person who provides have a life of peace and security.

丘比特的左手 [网易广东省网友]:

Softly asks various masters, just how big is G-cup?


Japanese people sure are interesting, watching porn in the mornings.

ysming562666 [网易山东省威海市网友]:

Whether or not she has big boobs I can’t tell, but she’s definitely not a beauty… Compared to Teacher Sola Aoi, Teacher Yuma Asami, and Teacher Maria Ozawa, she’s at least 10 “little brothers” [penises] lower…


Even a Japanese television station changing its news anchor can be reported? Do NetEase’s editors think society doesn’t have more important news worth reporting? This is your reporting policy? Some media cannot absolve themselves from blame for the massive emptiness and frivolity in society!!!

党的政策好吗 [网易陕西省西安市网友]:

“Source: Xinhua”

Sugiura Yuki, a news anchor for Japan's NHK tv station's morning news program.

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • staylost

    It is nice to see that China’s economic prosperity is leading to a future bursting with potential!

    • terroir

      No matter how big a boom gets, a bust will follow shortly after.

      • pada

        “Boom n bust” thats how you “胎里儿“ was born n gone. I witnessed it son.

        • terroir

          You have my comment entirely confused. “Bust” in this case means “breast”, “胸部”, “tatas”, “sweater meat”, “handy candy”.

          So, in this case what I mean literally is “As great, harmonious, and prosperous as China gets, it logically follows that it will soon turn its attention to busts in order to maintain this status quo of harmony and prosperity.” Breasts are the things that we use to nurture babies, and so by entering an age of prosperity and harmony China must turn its attention to cultivation of spirit and culture.

          Thus, the bust. I am talking about the greatness of China, and here you are making snide, ad hominum remarks. Do you know how much you have hurt the feelings of China? I demand to speak to your manager!

          • grovesman

            lol…great retort!

  • Hongjian

    statistics of the accumulated amounts of fucks given that day:

    morning: 0
    noon: 0
    evening: 0

    • White Thrash

      we don’t need to know about your sexual life, we all just assume about it. :)

  • mystery_man

    “Yamiedie yiku yiku.” = やめです いく いく

    • White Thrash




    • Chunghwa

      Fucking hiragana plebians, do you even study moonrunes?


      Aiming for JLPT level 2 next year, fuck rote-memorizing kanji readings is a pain in the ass.

      • Ray

        Lol funny thing is that those 2 ‘terms’ of speech are not written as kanji and almost always written in hiragana, you should really know what you are talking about before you make a comment. It is only written in kanji when you are using those words as serious speech, like actually telling people to stop or lets go somewhere. When it is used here as in a sexual context, hiragana is much more appropriate. That is also because kanji have a precise reading while hiragana can have extra characters added for “effect”.

      • chibirin

        It’s actually not written as 行く, it’s typically written using the kanji for ‘to die’, 「逝く」when not written in katakana, at least by Japanese netizens ;)

  • Don

    wtf is this? chinasmack lacks news I guess…

    • alex

      yeh, a totally lame non-story.

      • anon

        Well, let’s see, they’re probably not going to touch the BXL story because its politically sensitive and sites like Weibo are deleting comments that chinaSMACK would otherwise translate. That said, this and the last story did have a lot of comments on NetEase so its within their scope. Fauna probably decided that today would be Japan theme day, with one oh-so-serious story of Chinese people humbling acknowledging Japan’s successes and another oh-so-silly story of Chinese Japanese AV porntards giving what they’re told to be a popular Japanese news anchor the thumbs down.

        Par for the course on chinaSMACK.

  • xiaopengyou

    Morning is bustin’ out all over at NHK!

  • donscarletti

    Thanks for the Liu Yan link Fauna! That dress is amazing! Though I fear when Chinese women see it they will believe that a woman needs to be busty to wear such garments, whereas I’m stumped to think of any woman save my mother that should not wear it.

    Though the icing on the cake would have been a torrent link to those uncensored Sora Aoi videos he mentioned!

  • A GUY

    Isn’t this CHINA smack, not Japan smack.

    Does China really have this deep of a inferiority complex when it comes to Japan?!!

    • anon

      How is this particular article evidence of an inferiority complex? It’s on chinaSMACK because its CHINESE people talking about it. The point of this site is to see what Chinese people are talking about online, and they happen to be talking about some apparently busty Japanese news anchorwoman in this case. It gets a chuckle and life goes on.

    • donscarletti

      Not an inferiority complex. Sometimes Chinese just watch the guys in Japanese porn and think “hmm, I think I could do that better than he’s doing it”.

      • A GUY

        Isn’t that what everyone thinks when they watch porn?

        • A GUY

          Actually that makes me think of something. I think that Japanese porn likes to pick unimpressive men for some reason. The guys in the movies are mostly less attractive, and have smaller penises than other Japanese guys. Where as in America we take guys who look normal or like roid monkeys, but have larger penises to be in porn.

          I’ve never gotten why that is.
          I mean I’m not gay but it matters that the guy in the video isn’t a sickly looking acorn dick weirdo. Japan has lots of guys that are willing to do this. Why not grab some from host clubs? Japan is loosing face man. Please put your best dick forward!!

          • anon

            I’ve never thought of that but upon thinking back, you might be onto something there…

          • No.

            I find European and white American men in porn to be utterly ugly and repulsive compared to Japanese men. And at least Japanese men’s dicks don’t look like a bunch vagina-ripping-destroyer monsters attacking all the orifices. Now I can go hide in shame.

          • mr.wiener

            I try hard not to look at the guys in porn.

            I have include this for your viewing pleasure:


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  • andywattbulb

    Do chinese people really find big breast attractive? Always thought it was a western thing and that chinese people picked up on.

    • anon

      Some Chinese people do just like not all Westerners like big breasts. It’s just sexual dimorphism in action, people noticing and fetishing what makes a man manly and a woman womanly. What’s always amused me is the different bra cup sizing in Japan.

      • terroir

        It’s different in China too. An “A” in the West is like an “B” here.

        But the worst thing to happen to China and bras is the prevalent use of underwire. For A cup bras. Please, China: save your iron for more important uses – that second aircraft carrier won’t build itself.

        • moop


        • mr. wiener

          There is a sucker born every minute. I never thought we’d get rid of that freekin’ cursed rust tub: the”Melbourne”. I thought the Chinese bought a Russian aircraft carrier too?.
          Anywho: Boobage=good, Japanese imperialism=bad. I think we can all agree on this.
          Has anyone noticed that CCN has gotten rid of all it’s ugly female reporters/presenters and replaced them with eye candy? They got rid of Chistiane Amanpour for a while because no-one wanted to imagine her naked [except maybe for Jeffli who has unusual tastes].
          If you ever flick between CNN and the BBC the difference is immediately apparrent.

          • donscarletti

            Japanese porn is great for this very reason. I think seeing a guy that that is less handsome than you, has a smaller penis than you do and holds himself with less dignity than you do having sex a very attractive young woman is inspiring.

            Japanese porn companies don’t care about the nation’s face, they just want to sell their product. Consumers don’t care about dicks, they just want to feel like a stud while they jack off. If you can look at some roided up dude with prison tattoos and substitute yourself, then more power to you.

          • donscarletti

            Um, I think I might have hit the wrong reply button there. I’ll let everyone else try to find a connection between what I said and aircraft carriers / news anchors while I slink off in shame.

          • A GUY

            I guess I don’t have that feeling. I don’t watch porn all the time. As corny as it is I think it is very hard for it to be made in a way that doesn’t dehumanize women in real life the actual actors and in the minds of the viewers.

            And one more thing, why does every porn now have anal sex in it? A vagina was made for that!!!!! Poop comes out of their!!!! ewwwwww!!!!

  • Rod

    Too bad they’re not that big. And she’s not a real beauty.

  • hanyucha

    That Lysol ad is starting to get really irritating!

    • hanyucha

      Fauna – I know you have to make money like everyone else, but that Lysol ad popped up three times, and I cannot even find the pop up box on the screen. That is just mean!

      • hanyucha

        Never mind, I’ll go look at rival sites instead:- (very good) (excellent)

      • anon

        Haha, that one got me too. It wasn’t in a pop up box though. I eventually found it in one of the regular ad spaces. To be fair though, there are more and more video ads online instead of just banner ads these days.

  • TheBigWhite

    Imagine…if this woman would be your mother and your father would be Rocco Siffredi, then let’s say the moment of your inception was caught on tape. How would you feel about that? Would you fap to your mami and daddy?

  • Dripping Third Leg

    That boobs surely can’t open a beer bottle or squash a watermelon, what’s the use of it ?

    • No.

      That’s why you have hands. lol

  • eattot

    most chinese hostsess are much better than this, still can not help the rate much.
    but japanese actress and av girls….sigh!
    difficult to find a real beauty…
    again, fan bing bing, asian beauty queen!

  • pada

    She’d look nicer if in Hillary’s dress.

  • coala banana

    i care less about how big her titties are, i go for appearance and face value, and she looks amazing, fresh look and sex appeal ! Not slutty at all, thats what i like about japanese women. Chinese often come across cheap, without any sort of style….

    • eattot

      typical snobish dog!
      pussy from rich countries even better, right?
      this kinda clothes and heavey hair cover eyes will never appear in chinese tv news.
      and to tell u the truth, chinese stunning news hostress normally marry extremly rich and powerful red family,never need to dress slopy and attract men with big boobs.

      • mr. wiener

        I know there are some sons of rich families that are tits , but I didn’t know there are any with big boobs :)
        Sorry Eattot. I couldn’t resist that one. English is a bastard of a language to get right.

        • Brett Hunan

          Insert “their” between men and big and she’s all good. I know you know what she meant

      • coala banana

        come one girl, what kind of shitty reply is that…..why you have to brag about other chinese being extremely rich. When no other argument is left, then you come up with the story of all of your news hostesses in china are married to rich and powerful males ? What kind of fucking achievement is that ? Well, it is indeed an achievement based on fucking, i give you that !

        Like i said before, I don’t care about the size of boobs, as long as the boobs have some nipples on them to suck on, I am fine with whatever size…..

      • Dripping Third Leg

        Eattot, Do you not feel shamed not having big boobs ?

        • notorious

          why should she be ashamed? having big breasts is not all that it’s cracked up to be.

          • Appalled@everything

            unless her nipples are cracked… yikes!

        • No.

          I love my small titties. You trying to say I should feel ashamed of not having them big? Let me ask you a thing, buddy. Are you not ashamed of having a small dick?

      • notorious

        we called them “moobs” as in man-boobs hehe.

      • staylost

        Poor Chinese TV hostesses!

        They have to marry into powerful red families? No independence? No love? Just be a toy for the rest of their lives? Even if the man is a good red, then he will still ignore her, pouring his life into the well-being of society.

        Imagine how horrible it would be if you married someone like that and you couldn’t even sing in public anymore!

      • jeffli

        Hey eattot ,
        don’t listen to the silly boys here, I’m sure If you wanted to, you could show these guys a thing or two.
        Chinese ladies or Japanese ladies are both “very not bad”

        I don’t care where a woman comes from, If she wants she can be srtipped, washed and sent to my tent!

        We’re all “pink” on the inside! …… Even Gay AZN boi! lol

  • Appalled@everything

    Hard to believe based off of those pics. Not hard to believe at all based off of this photo of her:

  • Vincent

    wait a minute i don’t get it..
    Am i the only one who find this girl really plain? and what about the big chest thing? her chest isn’t big , it just look normal sized, i was scrolling down trying to check who was “Big breasted beauty” subjected in this topic.

  • Meh

    This is what they consider big breasted in China?

    • Meh

      She looks wonderfull don’t get me wrong but her chest size isn’t worth waking up earlier than normal for, it’s not very impressive.

      • No.

        You don’t get laid much, do you?

  • Moonlight Girl

    Either men are stupid, or they’ve seen too many girls with small boobs wearing push up bras. The comment about her boobs being “saggy?” Wtf. That’s proof that those are her actual boobs, real size. In other words, she’s not wearing a push up bra…maybe she’s not even wearing a bra, I don’t know. She’s also not wearing a crap load of makeup. The makeup she is wearing looks natural. She’s wearing a thick jacket, and you can’t see how small her waist is from these pictures. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is a D cup, even by American standards.

  • Jerome

    She’s cute but not a beauty at all, and those breasts aren’t that big, you could find thousand of geishas with more meat, and they didn’t rely on plastic surgery for it.

  • jiayi

    Isn’t one of Japan’s best loved porn concepts where a bunch of dudes bukkake over a news presenter as she calmly reads out the local news? Jolly good stuff.

    • jeffli

      sick …I don’t want to look at someone else’s goo, I wanna see my goo all over a pretty woman :-)
      Any way jiayi you’d be better off with lanolin! :-p

  • Boobs lover

    China smack editor please report some useful stuff in your web site. Don’t report rubbish please…even you see your head lines…it’s like a porn heading. How u know her boobs are big? And you compare it with your wifes or girl friends one?

    • anon

      What’s “useful”? I thought this article was “useful” for entertaining me, and I would prefer to chinaSMACK continues to report whatever is being talked about instead of deciding what is rubbish and what isn’t. They don’t know if her boobs are big, they’re just translating a Chinese news article that says they are.

      As for porn headlines…I think this one is far more like porn than “NHK Morning News Ratings Up…”

  • sai

    WTF creepy.why chinese watch japanese porn??
    japanese women hate/dislike chinese men…lol

  • typingfromwork

    Those are apparently considered big.


  • MAX



  • Jennster

    Beauty? Ok…

    Just googled the liuyan woman. Never heard of her before. But rare combination to have that kind of body and face at the same time.

  • 2300548590.qq

    she is pretty .