Pakistan Terrorist Attack on Chinese Tourists, Reactions

Road sign for Nanga Parbat "Killer Mountain" in Pakistan.

Road sign for Nanga Parbat "Killer Mountain" in Pakistan.

From NetEase:

Tsinghua Graduate Used Martial Arts Against Taliban, Enraged Them and Was Shot Dead

Global Times Military Affairs report — Last year in June, 10 tourists were gunned down by Taliban members in Pakistan’s Nanga Parbat. Included among them were two Chinese and one Chinese-American. This incident shocked the world at the time. On June 29 [of this year], Agence France Presse [AFP] published a report claiming that the Chinese-American among the dead, Chen Honglu, was the target of the attackers, with the gunmen originally hoping to kidnap him as a bargaining chip in negotiations to obtain the release of an important Taliban leader imprisoned in Afghanistan.

The AFP says in 2013 June, the attackers began plotting the Nanga Parabat operation and recruiting participants, with Chen Honglu being designated the prime target. On the night of June 22, the attackers launched their attack on the Nanga Parabat base camp wearing police uniforms and face masks. However, things did not go as planned, when Chen Honglu burst out of his tent and clashed with one of the gunmen named Mujeeb using martial arts. Mujeeb panicked and opened fire, killing Chen, thereby ruining the entire plan as well as infuriating the commanders of this operation. “The attackers then tied up the remaining mountain climbers and shot them one by one.”

The report quotes a local who was a source of information on the attackers, saying it all happened because of Mujeeb. In a publicly released video recording, Mujeeb admit he killed Chen Honglu, but indicated that doing so was entirely in “self-defense”. After the incident, the attackers walked five hours to a remote village where they buried their clothes and then parted ways. AFP analyzes that apart from Chen Honglu’s American nationality, it is currently still unclear why the attackers chose him as their target. Chen had previously studied at Tsinghua University and then afterward worked in California of the United States and Shanghai.

This tragedy has been called the worst attack on foreign tourists in the Gilgit region in the past 10 years, and has also caused heavy losses to the local tourism industry. AFP claims that the Pakastani Taliban claims responsibility for the attack. Pakistan has successively arrested 18 criminal suspect, with 5 still being detained. However, the report quotes a negotiator in the case saying that only one of the arrested suspects was actually involved in the attack, that most of the perpetrators in the case including Mujeeb are still at large.

(Original Title: American National Ethnic Chinese [Chinese-American] Killed After Using Martial Arts Against and Enraging Armed Attacker?)

From NetEase:

网易广东省珠海市手机网友 ip:27.42.*.*:

“This incident shocked the world at the time.” Why then am I only hearing about it now?

网易河南省手机网友(117.136.*.*): (responding to above)

The world, we are just a small rural village.

网易上海市手机网友 ip:140.207.*.*: (responding to above)

We have not been a part of the world since long ago, we are all treated as idiots/fools.

大哥重出江湖 [德国球迷]:

Too scary! The latest scam! If you encounter a beautiful woman with a great body who hits on you, you must be cautious! She’ll say her father is some high official or businessman, and when you fall for it, the woman will transfer a villa and a luxury car under your name, and give you a large amount of money, and then ask to sleep with you. You’ll gradually sink into this scam, ultimately marrying the woman, and you’ll have to live with her! Then, you’ll get whatever you want without having to work, all day playing and losing your ambition, eventually become a useless person in society.

大哥重出江湖 [德国球迷]:

No matter how good your martial arts is, it isn’t better than a kitchen knife.

wjmeultima [网易湖北省宜昌市网友]:

Fear not a god-like opponent; fear a pig-like [useless] teammate.

网易黑龙江省大庆市网友 [泌尿科主任日理万鸡]:

Well aren’t you [referring to Chen Honglu] stupid now, SB?

无梦即咸鱼 [德国球迷]: (responding to above)

Although what the victim did wasn’t advisable, what you above said reveals your education and attitude [character].

塞可邦勒 [网易北京市网友]:

The ends justify the means. Had he saved one or two people or achieved something similar, he’d be a hero. Even if he were killed, he’d still get all manner of praise. But just because he was taken down with a gun, he is flamed as a stupid cunt by certain people.
What he did indeed looks inadvisable, but first, who can guarantee that the terrorists wouldn’t kill their hostages instead of humanely returning you after achieving their goal? If you’re going to die either way, why not fight? Second, at least he had the courage to fight.
PS: Looks like this has been deemed a negative incident of being rash by the media, so the Global Times headline emphasizes “American National”, while NetEase emphasizes “Tsinghua” University. Talk about amusing.

免运费 [网易江西省新余市手机网友]:

[Using] martial arts… killed by a gun… This sequence of events is so familiar.

网易广东省东莞市网友 ip:14.218.*.*:

Why is Tsinghua specifically emphasized in the headline? Who can give me an answer?

sjdd990 [网易浙江省金华市网友]:

The author/editor went out of his way to dig this up to make fun of Chinese people and make fun of Chinese martial arts.

网易澳大利亚手机网友 ip:202.76.*.*:

“My left [hand/foot] is the Azure Dragon! My right is the White Tiger!” … “blam blam”…

网易广东省深圳市手机网友 ip:112.97.*.*

This story tells us that Tsinghua isn’t the best martial arts school in the country; Peking University is.

虎头猫 [网易江西省新余市网友]:

Now does everyone know what a “bandit” is? It’s: When you use your mouth, they use their fists; when you use your fists, they use guns; when you use guns, they use the “truth”.

网易湖北省襄阳市手机网友 ip:111.177.*.*:

Why is it that Tsinghua and Peking University students all become Americans after they graduate? Are we spending our taxpayers’ money fostering Americans? Is it they who have a problem or is it it this country that has a problem?

爱国爱家别爱党 [网易山东省东营市网友]:

Although this Chinese-American’s actions should not be promoted, the spirit of fighting back [resisting] should not be negated.
The editor/author’s title seems to be saying this person who resisted is the main reason why the other people were killed.

我在找寻0 [网易广东省广州市手机网友]:

You [NetEase] just had to add “Ethnic Chinese”, “Tsinghua”, “Martial Arts” and such words to get eyeballs.


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