How to Put On Pants Without Using Hands Amuses Chinese Netizens

A young Asian man demonstrates how to put on a pair of pants without using his hands.

This silly animated gif is currently still the #1 most popular post of the past 24 hours on leading Chinese microblogging social network Sina Weibo (#2 is here). It has been since last night, and currently has over 110k reshares/forwards, 28k upvotes, and 28k comments…

From Sina Weibo:

Technique of putting on pants without using your hands; the imagery is a bit beautiful [a sarcastic expression usually meaning something is awkward to look at]…

A young Asian man demonstrates how to put on a pair of pants without using his hands.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


What’s the point of this…


Why are his knees so black/dark/dirty?


Watching this is really unbearable, I keep wanting to lend a hand to pull it up.


I hope someone will go forward and hit him.


Is this training done to become an outstanding handicapped person?


Requesting a technique for jacking off without using your hands.


Just what is the purpose of learning this technique/skill?


I feel like I’m almost 20 years old and still don’t know how to put on my pants. Also, fatties shouldn’t bother trying [this]… I need to go get my pants patched up.


Just tried this, and ruined three pairs of pants!


Very difficult to watch, I just want to lend a hand [to help pull the pants up].


Wouldn’t a handstand have done it?


This image was too beautiful, I couldn’t help watching it several times~


Watched it a few times, can’t resist, have to go find a pair of pants to put on now.

If you are curious, here is the original video, with music, from Taiwan on YouTube (copy on Youku for mainland China readers):

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What is your silly party trick?

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  • Boris

    “Requesting a technique for jacking off without using your hands.” – Haha, there’s always one.

    • 白色纯棉小裤裤

      1. Become a Yoga master
      2. Use your mouth

      • Edgar

        1. Become master Yoda
        2. Use the force

      • Boris

        Have you tried it?

    • Connor

      Let someone else do it for you.

      • David

        I was waiting for the common sense reply.

  • This is very disturbing…I feel dirty now

    • Boris

      I think it lacks bukakke.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    This is how I do it without using my hands, I tell the girl to do it for me.

    • Boris

      Is that before or after you ask her to make you a sandwich?

      • YourSupremeCommander

        After, because the pants can wait. And also if she wants to fondle me a bit more, its more convenient.

  • vonskippy

    Simple minds are easily amused.

    • Boris

      You should know.

  • KamikaziPilot

    Maybe if I was 20 I could do that but now I’d probably fall over and pull a muscle or something.

    • Boris

      To be young again!

  • JabroniZamboni

    They question is not how, but why? What a fruitful life this guy must have consecrating so much time to learn such a beneficial skill. Could have potty trained himself much quicker.

  • Anna Presman

    Looks like a new novelty dance. Just put it in a rap song and you have a hit.

  • Kai

    Meh, some people are just negative, while others might chuckle and move on (lots of forwards this one).

    That said, I didn’t get the impression they were so mean-spirited. They look pretty normal to me in terms of reactions. Plus, as far as mean-spirited comments go, we see a lot of them by cS commenters on other cS posts involving silly/fun stuff. Seems kinda universal.

    I liked the music in the video.

  • Don’t Believe the Hype

    Slow news day

  • Mighty曹

    I’ll be more impressed if his arms were amputated.

  • Freddi BuBu

    Looks like the young dude spends quite a bit of time on his knees – anyhow, this should also conveniently serve as a”coming out” video for his family……

    • Mighty曹

      The succeeding story is betteras a ‘coming out’ video.

  • elizabeth

    Haha, very good exercise in the privacy of your home although I won’t be surprised if competitions were organized to see who’s the fastest.

    Great idea for multitasking.

  • wingedgenius

    Wow! Is that the same person? I can’t help but laugh at all of this! XD

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