Police Shoots and Kills Villager During Forced Demolition

In Chinese, China is a homophonic word to demolish that.

In Chinese, China is a homophonic word to demolish that.

From Sina:

Conflict Arises When a Team of 100 Law Enforcement People Expropriate Land by Force in Liaoning Panjin, Police Open Fire Killing a Villager


[September] 21st, a villager in Liaoning Province Panjin City Xinglongtai District had a dispute with the local “law enforcement personnel” over compensation for land expropriation, and then had a conflict with the policemen at the scene. According to the report presented by the local investigation team, the policeman opened fire after it became a life-threatening situation, and the villager died at the scene.

Yesterday [22nd], Panjin City set up an investigation team and released a report claiming that the reason why the policeman opened fired was because the villager was violently obstructing the police from performing their duties. Through verification, the policeman who opened fire used his gun according to law.

The Revelation

Agreement unreached on compensation locked both sides in conflict

According to a local villager unwilling to reveal his name, on the 21st, the team leader of a certain local farm brought with him nearly 100 people, driving excavators, and arrived at Wang’ cropland, wanting to flatten the rice paddies in the field by force. Because the two sides hadn’t reached an agreement upon the compensation price, the Wangs went forward to stop them.

An intense conflict occurred between the two sides. Police from Bohai Police Station arrived at the scene, but the conflict didn’t stop.

This villager says after conflict broke out between the Wangs and the police, gunshots were heard, and then Wang Shujie was confirmed dead, his family members injured. This villager also said that the cropland the Wangs own under contract is about two mu, grows rice, “Never thought something like this would happen. “

According to this villager, the deceased Wang Shujie was 36 years old this year, 180cm tall, has two sons. After the incident happened, the wife of the deceased was nowhere to be found. And the other injured family members were sent to the hospital to receive emergency medical care.”

The Response

Policeman opened fire under threat

After the incident happened, an investigation team was formed by the Municipal Party Political and Law Committee and the municipal prosecutor’s office launched an investigation. The investigation team posted a response to this incident through Northeast News Net. The response says at about 8 o’clock September 21st, an incident of violent obstruction of police performing their duties occurred in Panjin City Xinglongtai District Xinglong Farm Er’shili Village.

Through investigation, at about 8 o’clock September 21st, 5 personnel from the municipal corporation were driving 2 excavators in Panjin City Xinglongtai District Er’shili Village were on their way to carry out construction on an approximately 5 kilometer long road at the low-income housing, redevelopment and relocation building construction site. Wang Shujie and his family demanded a high compensation price for a residence located 394 meters away from the red line of the road. Because their demand was not satisfied, Wang Shujie and his family of 4 obstructed the construction, the two side deadlocked.

After the police arrived at the scene, Wang Shujie’s family of 4 blocked the policemen from entering, refused to listen to their dissuasion, and then chased and attacked the construction crew and policeman Zhang Yan, pouring gasoline on Zhang Yan’s body, attacking the police with hatchet and sickle. His father Wang Zaiyuan attacked Zhang Yan with a sickle, and caused multiple severe wounds on Zhang Yan’s left palm and left wrist. Zhang Yan continued to fire warning shots, but Wang Zaiyuan not only didn’t back off, he even tired to grab the gun away and in the struggle, the gun went off and injured Wang Zaiyuan’s left leg. At that moment, Wang Shujie lit his own clothes on fire and threw himself at Zhang Yan. Because gasoline had been poured on his body, his life threatened, Zhang Yan opened fire to stop him. Wang Shujie was shot and fell to the ground, dying on the scene.

Through determination by the procuratorial organ, police officer Zhang Yan and the other policemen were performing their duties, and the use of firearms was consistent with the relevant regulations.

Comments from Sina:

新浪浙江杭州 ningfl:

If people weren’t pushed into a corner, would they risk their lives to fight you?

新浪山东济南 caokunno1:

Those who kill should pay with their own lives.

新浪广东深圳 hhw521:

[These people] have the ability to go protect the Diaoyu Islands [aka Senkaku Islands].

新浪河南濮阳 zxs25315:

Forcibly demolishing before there’s a compensation agreement, that’s obviously illegal behavior.

新浪上海 中秋快乐:

Please see clearly the truth within the problem here. First it was the ordinary common people’s property that has been threatened, and then it was self-defense.

新浪吉林长春 手机用户:

Pathetic, are hired thugs law enforcement? 100:4!!!

新浪山东烟台 无言

Being threatened in other people’s fields?

新浪四川成都 手机用户:

Those who have not gone to expropriate land before will never have the right to speak! Demanding astronomical compensation amounts, obstructing work, causing trouble, making trouble out of nothing, in short, finding all sorts of reasons to scam money. Throughout the expropriation of land in this country these days, it’s what a lot of people will do.

新浪河南三门峡 说说: (responding to above)

Strongly appeal that the demolition team go to your home, and better beat you to death as well!! What if the villager who died undeservedly waits to judge?

新浪黑龙江哈尔滨 稳健型投资:

Has it been adjudicated by the court? Who defines “legal”?

新浪广东广州 ch778899eng:

Killing people while taking their land.

新浪山东济南 13701757901:

The seeds of hatred have been sowed.

新浪辽宁 1290497090:

They [police] were accomplices [to the demolition].

新浪北京广陵 潮汐:

1. The investigation team shouldn’t be formed by the local authorities. 2. The investigation team shouldn’t just investigate whether the shooting is legal, but also investigate whether the demolition was in compliance with the law.

新浪山东济南 mfyxz:

What kind of society is this? All messed up!

新浪湖北武汉 手机用户:

Does “according to the law” also mean “he had it coming”? It’s so good to have a gun!

新浪辽宁盘锦 138*****[email protected]:

Well said.

新浪四川成都 人民服务:

The ordinary common people have the right to decide whether to sell their own land or not!

新浪湖北神农架 黄连仙桃:

Expropriating by force and is legal?! Angry!

新浪湖北武汉 手机用户:

How can a report like this be trusted??? Do they take the common people as blind?!

新浪河北石家庄 151*****[email protected]:

Oppose the the use of firearms while enforcing the law.


Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.


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