Police Shoots and Kills Villager During Forced Demolition

In Chinese, China is a homophonic word to demolish that.

In Chinese, China is a homophonic word to demolish that.

From Sina:

Conflict Arises When a Team of 100 Law Enforcement People Expropriate Land by Force in Liaoning Panjin, Police Open Fire Killing a Villager


[September] 21st, a villager in Liaoning Province Panjin City Xinglongtai District had a dispute with the local “law enforcement personnel” over compensation for land expropriation, and then had a conflict with the policemen at the scene. According to the report presented by the local investigation team, the policeman opened fire after it became a life-threatening situation, and the villager died at the scene.

Yesterday [22nd], Panjin City set up an investigation team and released a report claiming that the reason why the policeman opened fired was because the villager was violently obstructing the police from performing their duties. Through verification, the policeman who opened fire used his gun according to law.

The Revelation

Agreement unreached on compensation locked both sides in conflict

According to a local villager unwilling to reveal his name, on the 21st, the team leader of a certain local farm brought with him nearly 100 people, driving excavators, and arrived at Wang’ cropland, wanting to flatten the rice paddies in the field by force. Because the two sides hadn’t reached an agreement upon the compensation price, the Wangs went forward to stop them.

An intense conflict occurred between the two sides. Police from Bohai Police Station arrived at the scene, but the conflict didn’t stop.

This villager says after conflict broke out between the Wangs and the police, gunshots were heard, and then Wang Shujie was confirmed dead, his family members injured. This villager also said that the cropland the Wangs own under contract is about two mu, grows rice, “Never thought something like this would happen. “

According to this villager, the deceased Wang Shujie was 36 years old this year, 180cm tall, has two sons. After the incident happened, the wife of the deceased was nowhere to be found. And the other injured family members were sent to the hospital to receive emergency medical care.”

The Response

Policeman opened fire under threat

After the incident happened, an investigation team was formed by the Municipal Party Political and Law Committee and the municipal prosecutor’s office launched an investigation. The investigation team posted a response to this incident through Northeast News Net. The response says at about 8 o’clock September 21st, an incident of violent obstruction of police performing their duties occurred in Panjin City Xinglongtai District Xinglong Farm Er’shili Village.

Through investigation, at about 8 o’clock September 21st, 5 personnel from the municipal corporation were driving 2 excavators in Panjin City Xinglongtai District Er’shili Village were on their way to carry out construction on an approximately 5 kilometer long road at the low-income housing, redevelopment and relocation building construction site. Wang Shujie and his family demanded a high compensation price for a residence located 394 meters away from the red line of the road. Because their demand was not satisfied, Wang Shujie and his family of 4 obstructed the construction, the two side deadlocked.

After the police arrived at the scene, Wang Shujie’s family of 4 blocked the policemen from entering, refused to listen to their dissuasion, and then chased and attacked the construction crew and policeman Zhang Yan, pouring gasoline on Zhang Yan’s body, attacking the police with hatchet and sickle. His father Wang Zaiyuan attacked Zhang Yan with a sickle, and caused multiple severe wounds on Zhang Yan’s left palm and left wrist. Zhang Yan continued to fire warning shots, but Wang Zaiyuan not only didn’t back off, he even tired to grab the gun away and in the struggle, the gun went off and injured Wang Zaiyuan’s left leg. At that moment, Wang Shujie lit his own clothes on fire and threw himself at Zhang Yan. Because gasoline had been poured on his body, his life threatened, Zhang Yan opened fire to stop him. Wang Shujie was shot and fell to the ground, dying on the scene.

Through determination by the procuratorial organ, police officer Zhang Yan and the other policemen were performing their duties, and the use of firearms was consistent with the relevant regulations.

Comments from Sina:

新浪浙江杭州 ningfl:

If people weren’t pushed into a corner, would they risk their lives to fight you?

新浪山东济南 caokunno1:

Those who kill should pay with their own lives.

新浪广东深圳 hhw521:

[These people] have the ability to go protect the Diaoyu Islands [aka Senkaku Islands].

新浪河南濮阳 zxs25315:

Forcibly demolishing before there’s a compensation agreement, that’s obviously illegal behavior.

新浪上海 中秋快乐:

Please see clearly the truth within the problem here. First it was the ordinary common people’s property that has been threatened, and then it was self-defense.

新浪吉林长春 手机用户:

Pathetic, are hired thugs law enforcement? 100:4!!!

新浪山东烟台 无言

Being threatened in other people’s fields?

新浪四川成都 手机用户:

Those who have not gone to expropriate land before will never have the right to speak! Demanding astronomical compensation amounts, obstructing work, causing trouble, making trouble out of nothing, in short, finding all sorts of reasons to scam money. Throughout the expropriation of land in this country these days, it’s what a lot of people will do.

新浪河南三门峡 说说: (responding to above)

Strongly appeal that the demolition team go to your home, and better beat you to death as well!! What if the villager who died undeservedly waits to judge?

新浪黑龙江哈尔滨 稳健型投资:

Has it been adjudicated by the court? Who defines “legal”?

新浪广东广州 ch778899eng:

Killing people while taking their land.

新浪山东济南 13701757901:

The seeds of hatred have been sowed.

新浪辽宁 1290497090:

They [police] were accomplices [to the demolition].

新浪北京广陵 潮汐:

1. The investigation team shouldn’t be formed by the local authorities. 2. The investigation team shouldn’t just investigate whether the shooting is legal, but also investigate whether the demolition was in compliance with the law.

新浪山东济南 mfyxz:

What kind of society is this? All messed up!

新浪湖北武汉 手机用户:

Does “according to the law” also mean “he had it coming”? It’s so good to have a gun!

新浪辽宁盘锦 [email protected]:

Well said.

新浪四川成都 人民服务:

The ordinary common people have the right to decide whether to sell their own land or not!

新浪湖北神农架 黄连仙桃:

Expropriating by force and is legal?! Angry!

新浪湖北武汉 手机用户:

How can a report like this be trusted??? Do they take the common people as blind?!

新浪河北石家庄 [email protected]:

Oppose the the use of firearms while enforcing the law.

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Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • desmond


    • Tony

      I’m taking the sofa for development. We’ll talk about compensation later.

  • Stephen


    • Stephen


      • Winter B4 Spring

        LOL :P

  • moop

    “the villager was violently obstructing the police from performing their duties”
    as what? hired thugs? there was yet to be an agreement on compensation, shouldnt the police be stopping the bulldozers?

    • linette

      China government..you never failed to disgust me. Your whole system is built upon bribery, stealing, murder, lying, and oppression. Maybe America should really bomb beijing and bring down the whole China gov’t and let hongkong gov’t take over. It’s the only way to reform and give a chance to China people of a better life.

      • Winter B4 Spring

        “Power from the barrel of the gun,” says Mao Zedong.
        “To be rich is glorious,” says Deng Xiaopeng.
        “Ruin their reputation, bankrupt them financially, and destroy them physically,” says Jiang Zemin.
        This, unfortunately, is the true “socialist heaven on Earth.” I wouldn’t agree to a US bombing China (:P) but the “system” Linette mentioned, is “communism,” and i think it has to go. Democracy isn’t perfect, yet it has more transparency. It’s sad how the good Chinese people (Xinjiang, Tibet, Tiananmen mothers, persecuted lawyers, the Falun Gong people, underground Christians, and human rights activists) have to put up with, as Linette said, bribery, stealing, murder, lying, and oppression.
        Even the horror of organ harvestings can now happen to the good Falun Gong community. And this could only happen under the watch of the party, which corrupted China’s culture and history.
        Therefore, these oppressions, in fact, is imploding the nation. As the natural progress of history plays along, the chinese communist party, i believe, will destroy itself and others who played an active role “progressing” the party.
        Then, China will be free :).

        • linette

          I doubt china gov’t party will collapse anytime soon. They have this segregation system to keep 600 plus million rural china people as their slaves exploiting them serving the 400 millions urban folks. These poor rural folks don’t know what’s equal human rights or equal opportunity.
          The people of the whole china nation were all raised under the China patriotic education. So they think China is the best and can never be wrong. America is evil and hong kong are all british dogs.

          • Winter B4 Spring

            :P And i am a so-called “running dog” for speaking up against the “motherland,” so says the party. haha. so be it.
            The party also has the theory that “repeating lies a hundred times till it becomes the truth.”
            Yet many Chinese people, who once adored Mao, now hates him; once adored Deng, saw Tiananmen; once adored Jiang, saw him digging his nose, singing songs, reprimanding the media, and ogling waitresses, in public. Once believed in communism, now know it’s all a lie.
            Personally, i think Jiang is the number one buffoon among all the past communist leaders in China.
            Anyway, we’ll see what happens in the passage of history.

      • Rob

        Same shit happens in the US, it’s called eminent domain. If you don’t like the compensation, tough shit. Try to fight back? You’ll get shot there too.

    • El Puma R.

      lol China is funny

      Internally, if they’re not already doing enough harm to their bodies by just breathing the air here or being killed “legally”, they’re trying to kill themselves, check it out :


      Externally, they are losing biblical ammounts of face wherever they go, and support the very same Chinese gvt that drives them abroad when it comes to talk about the Japanese, who might be as crazy as Chinese but by far smarter and more civilized.

      Idiotas que idiotas que son! Dios mio!

      They shouldn’t have bought those japanese cars in the first place, idiotasssss, I’ve seen over here they paste a chinese flag sticker over the Honda (suzuki, mazda, etc) logo in the front and back of their cars. What a way to get themselves in trouble, and I say all this knowing I’m from south america haha. China you win, you really do.

  • Snicker

    Damned sofa!

  • Getrealson

    What a mess! Why were the bulldozers there when the negotiations had not ceased? Poor Chinese people are more like prisoners of the state.

  • White Guy in USA

    Capitalist Japanese Government does not expropriate Japanese Citizens land or kill its own people.

    Communist Chinese Government steals, I mean expropriates Chinese Peasants land and beats then, kills its own slaves, I mean peasants, I mean Citizens. Citizens of the glorious Nation of China, we will defeat the evil Japanese, we will crush the Japanese who oppress Chinese Citizens.

    • Duke

      America is bound by treaty to defend Japan. What would happen if China and the US fought a war? Whomever used a nuclear weapon first would have the whole world against them, so I don’t think either country is stupid enough to fire the first nuke and if it came down to conventional war, lets look at the numbers:

      Total tanks US-9,573 China 7,500

      Total Aircraft US 18,234 China 5,176

      Total helicopters US 6,417 China 632

      Navy US 2,384 China 972

      in EVER category the US outnumbers China. Even if it didn’t, one US airplane, warship or helicopter could take out 10-20 “made in China” vehicles without breaking a sweat. Not to mention the US military has been fighting almost non stop since WW2, while China’s military only has practice attacking it’s own citizens. Add the Japanese military to the equation and things look very bleak for China in a military conflict. hope every Chinese citizen looks up global fire power .com to see the FACT that any attempt by China to expand it’s already huge territory would lead to a defeat more complete and embarrassing than the one it suffered during WW2. Save “face” and shut the F#^% UP before you write a check your ass can’t cash…

      • MrT

        That,s funny, because America been loosing face in every war since WW2 and that up against nobody’s.( not even listed on global firepower, lmao) In fact they have to drag every other country into the mess they create and take longer then WW2 about it.

        • Getrealson

          Losing face? Without America you would probably be speaking German or Japanese right now. Thank fuck for America. They’ve started some shit in their time but take them out of WW2 and the world would be a fucked up place.

          • Duke

            Damn right Getrealson!!! Asia would be a Japanese colony and Europe would belong to Germany and Italy! Even Australia would be a Japanese colony if not for the battle of Gaudalcanal! How quickly people forget…

          • Misiooo

            Eh, c’mon. Life would be good! Imagine – no borders, hahahah! And Japanese Shanghai… Too good to be true…

          • 404namenotfound

            “speaking German or Japanese” SO???

          • Getrealson

            If you don’t get the ramifications of that then I’m not going to explain it to you. What are you like 12?

        • Duke

          The American government is a war machine. The military industrial complex that runs that country makes the most money when the country is at war. That’s why they are always sticking their nose in other peoples affairs. They don’t start fights to win them, they start wars to maintain them as long as possible(to make more money). Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan are all examples of this. Perhaps you don’t know about the rules put in place by the military especially during the Vietnam war that would ensure that the war would last as long as possible? Look it up. I will be the first to admit the American government are a bunch of power(money) hungry bastards, however there is no denying that any country on America’s “shit list” never comes out on top. Mainly because of the billion upon billions of dollars the spend making sure their weapons systems are light years ahead of everyone else. Take the f-22 for example. In combat tests 2 f-22’s took out 15 f-15’s before the f-15 pilots even knew they were under attack(yes the same f-15 that would take out any other plane in the world with ease). As much as I hate what the American government does with all its military power, you have to give credit where credit is due. I don’t think anyone would deny that if they actually want to destroy a target, said target has a dew drops chance in hell of survival.

        • MrT…..USA military has kicked the shit out of every enemy they have faced since World War 2. It is politicians that have been losing face.

          • cc

            Yesssss, but you haven’t exactly done it without some assistance from others

          • cc….no argument there.

          • AngryCanadien

            i wouldn’t really call vietnam, iraq or afghanistan as being an ass-whooping…

          • Jennster

            I agree with Mrt. a lot of people sees usa as losing all the wars it’s been in despite these countries being far weaker and smaller. in fact the general opinion in china is americans are scared of death, otherwise why would they think that? l feel sorry for them though. most empires/dynasties last 250 yrs but usa lasts only 70 yrs. strange.

          • mr. wiener

            How long do you think the “Chinese Century” will be, 1 decade perhaps?

          • Jennster and Angry Canadian…. look at the number of enemy soldiers killed compared to US killed in every war since Korea. USA(ok…UN forces) killed Chinese soldiers 20 to 1 …….while engaged in a retreat. Regrouped, beat them back to where it started, boxed them in and then decided to go home. How did that work out for North Korea by the way? 119th in the world GDP, just ahead of a few African banana republics, while South Korea started at 176th right after the war to number 15 GDP today. Won every battle in Vietnam then pressure from the homefront had the US again just stop and go home. Grenada? Hardly counts as a war. But go to Grenada and ask the locals how they feel about the USA helping them out. Gulf War? Check out pics of the Highway of Death sometime. Did the US surrender to Somalia? Does anybody really think USA couldn’t annihilate Afghanistan or Iraq if they really wanted to? Your irrational hatred and jealousy of “yanks” is so fucking pathetic. If the shit ever goes down make sure you sign up with the PLA to make sure you’re on the winning team.

          • Getrealson

            Little wolf is right! If America fought like it’s enemies, It would destroy anyone/thing in it’s way period! Except they don’t fire at the enemy from civilian positions, they don’t behead all the local tribal leaders, they don’t hold the entire population responsible for the governments they have conflict with.

            Basically they fight with one arm tied behind their back because they represent a civilized society. There is always Yank soldiers (Aussie, brit and Canadians too) That get sick of seeing the people they help turn around and murder their mates, that’s why the odd war crime happens but let’s get real here…..

            America and her allies with the gloves off (Politicians, public opinion and military law swept aside) are an unbeatable force.

            Like LW said join the PLA if you believe your bullshit and see how you fare!

          • Mongojian

            Ok, what you guys are saying is that the US is beating the shit out of every of its enemies. And you start body-counting?
            It must feel great to be the big brother, 200 lbs strong, beating up the little 4year-old 50 lbs strong brother…

            On a sidenote, how many wars that America got involved into after WW II were/are won? And even more important, how many of those wars were justified and/or actually improved the image of America?

            Last time I checked, Korean war resulted into a stalemate, Vietnam was lossed considering what the US goals were. First Gulf War was a trojan horse. Afghanistan until now is surely helping the US (and its Allies) image and Iraq is truely experiencing the advantages of US Democratic ideologies.

          • Yes. That is kind of the idea when you fight a war. You try to inflict as much damage as possible on your enemy while losing as few of your own as possible. When you’ve done that as decisively as the bloody yanks have…it is called “whooping ass”. Maybe you should go out and play paintball sometime to get a grasp of this concept.
            If you want to play pros and cons and justify this and that, read some books. I’m not going to walk you through all your complaints.

          • blah

            Definitely didn’t kick the shit out of anyone since WW2.

            Hands tied behind back stuff is bullshit. US bombing in Korea and Vietnam was damn near a war crime. In Iraq and Afghanistan the US did win ‘the war’ but lost the occupation. You cant say..if they had full right to do this blah blah blah…then it defeats the whole rationale for being there so no it doesn’t count.

            The fact is, Americans at heart don’t want to go to war…only fools really do, but we get dragged into clusterfuck after clusterfuck on some trumped up casus belli every fucking time.

            Remember the Maine? Spanish-American War…the Lusitiania? the Zimmerman note the brits cooked up?
            Gulf of Tonkin…bullshit Robert McNamara admitted it was bullshit, Iraq and Afghanistan..tenuous links to 9/11

            America can destroy a conventional enemy, but that is not the goal. The goal is to pick off “gap” countries and integrate them into the global banking cartel. Read the Pentagons New Map for an explanation….

            Libya is a prime example of a gap country being picked off

        • jeffli

          @ Mr. T
          you are naive,
          ***America been loosing face in every war since WW2 and that up against nobody’s.***

          nobody’s huh
          1. but “everybody’s” wants to immigrate there.
          2. the fruitloop countries want “US dollah”!
          3. WW2 America came in late, they were attacked remember????
          4. they have the luxury to print as many US dollars they want! nobody’s will gobble them up!! hahaha!
          How about you Mr. T you cherish your “Congo tantalum points” or Somali drachmas (probably only two in the whole friggin hole of a country) OR…………….. US DOLLAR!!!! YAY!!!!!! gimmeee gimmeee ..gimmeeeeeee!

          Figure it out T. Einstein……

          • Getrealson

            Point 3 is an important one and remains so today. Everyone always says America meddle in everyone’s affairs and for good reason, but America stayed out of WW2 (even after several countries lobbying them to fight) until those silly Japanese woke a sleeping giant and payed a terrible price. Japan occupied China no problem and the ancestors of the present administration in China hid in caves while their KMT enemies fended off the japs with the help of the west. Mao was a coward and ironically not a true idealist.

            China vs America? no-brainer but the whole world would feel it one way or the other. I hope to god it doesn’t happen.

          • Winter B4 Spring

            Its true that, the KMT was fighting the Japs. The commies were hiding and extorting in the villages and countryside. When the war is over, the commies came out and attacked the depleted KMT army. Mao acknowledged the Japanese for his winning over China. Then there were made up “histories” about the “glory” of the party, eg the so-called long march and some made up stories of the commies fighting the japs. There were allegations of corruptions by some KMT members. Yet the whole administration of the party in China today is corrupt, from top to bottom. sigh*

          • Beijinger

            We stayed out of WWI too. And what did we do with the land that was left destroyed? We gave it back, and helped them rebuild. Japan, Western Europe, and South Korea are some of the most developed places on earth. Sure, they have problems, but when compared to the other side (North Korea, Russia, Eastern Europe), they are light years apart. Tell me another country that would do the same thing.

            I remember seeing a video clip of several hundred Taliban attending one of their fallen comrade’s funeral. We could have very easily killed every single one of them, but we didn’t because it would damage an Islamic cemetery. While the US is far from perfect, it would be very, very difficult to find a better alternative.

        • mr. wiener

          Nobody gains face in an urban guerrilla conflict. Nobody.

          • Winter B4 Spring

            TRue. So much casualties, tortures, rapes. Eg Syria — Sad. :(

        • Midnight Owl

          I believe Getrealson has a point. You lose MrT.

          But I don’t believe Americans did as much as people think.

          In World War I, it wasn’t until German U-boats started to play duck hunt with their civilian ships that they entered the war.

          In World War II, they really didn’t do much until Pearl harbour got the shit bombed out of it.

          I guess they figured they need to make up for it in the next wars.

      • AngryCanadien

        I’m not saying that the US won’t win a war if one was fought against china. in fact, i’m pretty sure US would most likely win that war. but if war does break out, china will only fight w/i its backyard, which will give it some advantages, especially if the conflict takes place around east china sea. The main reason being that despite all the high tech weaponry the US possess, they are w/i the range of all the surface to surface and surface to air missiles on the mainland. So if the US brings their navy close to the shore, they may risk heavy casualties. And honestly neither the US and china want a conflict w/ one another. it’s just too costly both monetarily and humanly.

        • linette

          If China wins the war over America, the whole world is doomed. We will all live like china citizens. No justice or freedom.

          • White Guy in USA

            You mean Chinese Slaves. Chinese people have not reached Peasant status and are one hundred years from Citizen status.

        • Anon E Moose

          The U.S. doesn’t need to invade the PRC, it doesn’t have to get close to shore. All it has to do is a blockade.

          Right now the PRC has the ability to feed only 1 billion people. Total population of PRC ? 1.3 Billion, you have an excess of 300 million people who can’t be fed a blockade. The PRC is not self-reliant when it comes to food. Past dynasties have been brought down by starving masses; how about the current one w/ masses that number 300 MILLION strong ?

          Think of Germany during WWI & WWII that could not break the hold that the British Royal navy had. Towards the end of WWI the German people were starving.

          Also consider the effects of a naval blockade upon the PRC economy.
          It’s overly dependent on export trade to keep it’s hundreds of million workers employed. No export trade, no work. That $2 Trillion foreign reserve ? Divided by 1.3 billion and that’s only a $1,500 / 8,000 RMB per capita reserve. How long would that last in a long-term war ?

          In fact the PRC is all too aware of how vulnerable it’s trade routes are. Which is why the PRC is seeking deep sea ports and bases in Sri Lanka, Burma, Pakistan. These same bases are too far away to be defended properly and would be taken out one by one.

          And assisting the U.S. in the Indian ocean would be India.
          Thank you India!

          Thus encircled the PRC would eventually strangle and come to terms,
          which is what happened in WWI for Imperial Germany.

          As for striking out as a land power at Vietnam, Burma, S. Korea, well
          we know how ignominiously the PLA had to retreat from Vietnam in 1979. And aided by U.S. sea, air, and space power you can be sure that it would cost the PRC. In 1979, it was 40,000 dead in only 6 month. The U.S. during it’s entire 8-10 conflict in Vietnam had 54,000 killed. Thank You Vietnam!

          Oh yeah, the Japanese navy ? They have the same AEGIS-type cruisers as the U.S., w/ the same anti-missile defenses, as well as stealth aircraft (F-22 ? F-35 ?) and U.S.-style radar systems. It would be like attacking TWO not ONE U.S.-style fleets.
          Thank You Japan!

          If you look at past confrontations (e.g. USSR, N. Korea, Iran, Cuba ) the U.S. surrounded//contained it’s oppenent.

          And if in a future conflict, the PRC goes the route of N. Korea, which is willing to have 2 million starve to death (%8+ of 24 million), how many Chinese deaths is the CCP willing to accept in resisting a U.S. blockade ?

          • linette

            300 millions starving Chinese is not a big problem for China gov’t, They will thank USA for helping them with population control. Look at sichuan earthquake. China gov’t don’t care about death of their citizens. The poor rural people will die first.

      • Rick in China

        DUke, War isn’t a “who has more” battle. By any means. For example, China outnumbers Japan in naval power. That doesn’t mean they’re superior – Chinese naval vessels in general are SHIT. Look at their *1* Aircraft Carrier. It’s an old shoddy piece of shit, in fact, it looks like the ramp Napolean Dynamite built to jump his friends “sweet” bike off of, failing miserably.

        Japan doesn’t need US help to defeat China in a naval battle, even though the “numbers” are on China’s side. http://www.globalfirepower.com has good stats on statistics (only) for militaries around the world also, since it seems something you’d be interested in :D

        • Duke

          Your right Rick, it’s not only a numbers game. Like you said, on paper China’s military looks strong, however when you actually look at the tech they use and the lack of proper training for their soldiers, pilots and sailors, it’s actually pretty weak. Like their aircraft carrier that can’t carry aircraft or the j-20 that doesn’t work yet. China is learning that when it comes to military technology, there is a huge difference between copying someones tech and actually being able to use it. It’s this complete lack of innovation that will always keep China’s military down. As long as China has to wait for another country to invent something before they can make it, they will always be playing catch up. BTW I got my stats from globalfirepower.com :)

          • mr. wiener

            Ah yes gentlemen. I agree with everything you’ve said, [and wish Hongjian were here so you could boot her arse] However I want you to think about this farmer Wang Shujie. 180cm and willing to set himself on fire and throw himself at you!?!
            That’s not a war I want to get involved in.

          • Cooljackal

            Mr. wiener’s got a point. It’s almost like america is the british right before american independence and china is like the american colonies. The last few wars we have been in, even though we have more and superior weapons, and being one of the largest and “best” of the time, we still get pulled into prolonged wars because the other side is unconventional. You can’t fight terrorists in caves who know the terrain better than us and our computers, using f-22’s. We won’t lose because our weapons and tactics are worse, we would lose because the other side is willing to lose everything to win.

          • asdf

            War is just a numbers game. The Nazis in WWII were far superior in innovation than all of the allies combined. They were still utterly defeated by numbers. In fact their costly impractical emphasis on quality over quantity was one of the many contributing factors to their downfall.

          • Cooljackal

            War “was” just a numbers game. Just like proper 1600’s rifle line formation “was” the norm in battle. The reason it’s not only a numbers game anymore is because of the reasons other people have already posted above. It is the same reason we have an all powerful fleet of f-22’s that just sit there because we don’t have a current “enemy” to use them against. You can’t throw numbers at places like afghanistan, iraq, etc because unless you plan on total takeover, control, and submission of a population, you will never win. We are stopping just short of the submission part and if we cross it, we go into saddam hussein territory.

      • Even if America used a nuke first, the whole world would still be against China.

        • mr. wiener

          You think?
          Give them a decade, but not yet.

        • Jennster

          not according to the global opinion poll. in 2011 the Chinese rose 4 pts per yr to the 5th most favourable country in the world, with massive increases in australia, canada, germany and great britain. the usa went down to rank 8.

          • Canadian_Skies

            Wonder what the global opinion poll right now is. Pretty sure China isn’t in the top 10.

          • Jennster

            i think that will come out in 2013.

            i’ve noticed something though. only north america and europe have -ve majorities against china. whereas only africa and phillipines have +ve majorities for usa.

          • Canadian_Skies

            Point being?

          • bert

            Global opinion polls just show how ignorant most people are of other countries. Let ’em live in China for a few years and then the US for a few years and watch how those polls change.

          • maja

            not everyone can or want to change country, even then most people still think of those that they left home, that’s why people consider how the powerful nations behave in the places where they actually live.

      • Jennster

        The Chinese are much smarter. They invest in missiles so the yank navy suffer huge losses in case of war and at the same time, will never get to enter chinese eez due to these defences. that’s also why their govt vault is far richer than the yank govt.

        • Cooljackal


          Money is spent for sure but comparing anything China has to america is like comparing a ferrari to an air-cooled volkswagen. The quality problems you see in China are not one-off, it’s a cultural issue that exhibits itself in all aspects of Chinese life. That’s the same reason they still need to get jet engines from Russia.

          As far as the money is concerned, yes China holds a lot of american debt so in the short term they can dictate some terms (as they have, some legislation gets put in their favor, other legislation that’s against them gets put off). But the long term doesn’t look pretty. A few people have already commented about this and basically what it means is that in the long term China has the potential to get screwed if america refuses to pay.

      • Poltergeist

        Duke, watching history channel quite a lot, huh?
        Watching National Geograpic channel quite a lot, huh?
        Mixed some Discovery channel into this, huh?

        Now you might not want to believe it, but I guess you are a victim of propaganda. Not that you would even recognize it as such.

        The US wouldn’t win a nuclear war. They would be the 2nd looser. The US wouldn’t win a conventional war against China, since China wouldn’t attack the US, but the US would have to move towards China. And then comes logistics into account.

        The Romans lost because of logistics problems
        Napoleon lost in Russia because of logistics problems
        Hitler lost in Russia because of logistics problems
        Vietnam was lost because of logistics problems
        Iraq and Afghanistan can’t be won because of logistics problems

        Funny to see is that whenever huge land forces come into play, they fail at approx. the same distance to their starting point, no matter if they use horses, tanks or ships.

        Interesting, huh?

      • maja

        about the whole “USA go to war” argument, Duke’s comment of 6:42 pm is probably really near to the point. why would the US go to war over the Diaoyu? why would the US send their military forces in a conflict that is totally impossible to contain, even with F-22 and Batman on their side?

    • Harland

      LOL. Yeah they do. Look up what they did to build Narita airport sometime. The farmers are still protesting years later. The government stole their land and paid them a pittance for it.

    • Alexander

      Wow, I’m glad we have so many Oxford and Harvard history professors here….

  • Snicker

    Society can’t wait forever for people to get the hell out of the way. Didn’t they take their green-blooded Vulcan vows? The needs of the many over the needs of the few…or…the one…ehcccchghghghg….?

    Anyway, there is this strange belief that people have the right to stall and stall and stall…Even in western countries, municipalities have the right to decide to buy your land at market value, and perhaps with some extra compensation, and by the time of the deadline you get the fuck off the property! It will really suck to have a production line or railway through your living room.

    I understand everybody needs to feel loved and valued. I believe it would be probably the worst experience in anybody’s life to get that notice pasted to the door that they’re home’s fate is sealed. However, when the time comes, the time comes. It’s society’s right to remove you from the property…too bad!

    So moral of the story is, don’t fuck with the police. When there’s a gun pointed at you, try to get OUT of the way. It’s not like you didn’t see this coming.

    • Rick in China

      Farmers in China don’t respond to ‘warning shots’. Afterall, they have sickles……….

      Bottom line is they think they have more rights and power than they do, and need to obey the law – even if it’s against them. If they’ve got grievances they can take it up afterwards, unfortunately that’s their only logical course of action, otherwise m’fers like this get shot and leave his children fatherless, and now, homeless.

      • mr. wiener

        Image what they could have done if they’d had hammers too!
        ….Oh the ironic symbolism of it.

        • Rick in China

          They *are* hammers. Hammers with hammers, a great sight.

  • CND Icehole

    After the police arrived at the scene, Wang Shujie’s family of 4 blocked the policemen from entering, refused to listen to their dissuasion, and then chased and attacked the construction crew and policeman Zhang Yan, pouring gasoline on Zhang Yan’s body, attacking the police with hatchet and sickle. His father Wang Zaiyuan attacked Zhang Yan with a sickle, and caused multiple severe wounds on Zhang Yan’s left palm and left wrist. Zhang Yan continued to fire warning shots, but Wang Zaiyuan not only didn’t back off, he even tired to grab the gun away and in the struggle, the gun went off and injured Wang Zaiyuan’s left leg. At that moment, Wang Shujie lit his own clothes on fire and threw himself at Zhang Yan. Because gasoline had been poured on his body, his life threatened, Zhang Yan opened fire to stop him. Wang Shujie was shot and fell to the ground, dying on the scene.

    LMAOSHMSFOAIDMT- picture that scene in your head, and lay the ending credits music from ‘The Benny Hill Show’ as the soundtrack.

    • Snicker

      LOL +1!!!!

    • bert

      Yakety Sax

  • Chris

    5000 years of history ……

    • Winter B4 Spring

      …and communism destroyed the culture and history in just 63 years.

      • Snicker

        Can you imagine guys walking around with long braids and shaved heads, long gowns and thick eyebrows today? With their harems locked up at home? I don’t know. If communism didn’t do it, maybe America would have done.

        • Winter B4 Spring

          Actually, under the KMT, the ponytails were already cut. :P
          Traditions and conscience were generally maintained though, and China was opening to new markets, technologies, and adapting to a very different world that China once knew. It was in a way, overwhelming. Adapting to changes for thousand of years was one of many reasons that kept the Chinese people going, i believe.
          Before the KMT, the later Qing dynasty closed the doors and China was not developing nor adapting. Invasions were thus made possible. The later Qing was thus corrupt and the Chinese people wanted change.
          After the KMT, Communism, however, destroyed traditions, which included ethical considerations for others, conscience, and the believe of “good is rewarded with good, evil provokes retribution.” Thus, many “movements” were utilised to “unify the masses” through tortures, starvations, lies and murders. As Mao once put it, it sounded like, “fight the heaven, fight the earth, fight the people, and in this endless struggles lies happiness.” Mao closed China’s doors and brought China backwards.

          • asdf

            Ironically these values were destroyed AFTER china opened up. AFTER Mao was out of power, AFTER the great leap forward. Get your facts right. Mao did plunge china into political turmoil and economic stagnancy, but he did not destroy “ethical/moral values”. In fact the whole communist movement was a failed attempt to correct the rotten ethical/moral values established by the KMT.

            It is entirely the KMT who so terribly destroyed traditions, which included ethical considerations for others, conscience, and the believe of “good is rewarded with good, evil provokes retribution.” Thus, it was strong public resentment towards the KMT which Mao harnessed as a tool to gain power and initiate his many “movements” to “unify the masses”. If these “moral/ethical traditions” were so well preserved under the KMT like you believe, then why were they so easily overthrown?

            The communist movement was a huge lie. It was promised as a quick fix it all solution to all of KMT’s problems. Similar to how democracy is now being promoted as a fix-it-all solution to the CCP’s problems.

            Do you think we should start another movement to replace the current CCP as well? To let our resentment overcome our reason and initiate another senseless political revolution? Or should we wait for China to mature economically this time before considering radical political changes?

          • Spoken like a true Party-indoctrinated pseudo-intellectual.

            Please tell me more about how the ‘Great Helmsman/Feuhrer’ wasn’t corrupt and didn’t inspire a culture of depravity and a total lack of ethics.

            It was totally the KMT who went into people’s home to burn books, destroy pottery older than a few years, ripped paintings from their grandparents, tore down temples and looted mausoleums…

            No one said that democracy is perfect or a cure-all, but you keep hammering away on that, maybe someone will fall for that strawman arguement and deny that it IS the best the current choices.

            That movement has already started, it can be seen 100,000 times a year in china when people get together and protest, resist and make demands. Except this movement isn’t being enforced from above for ulterior motives. This movement is from wholly sperate people and groups who want change.

            Lastly, the whole ‘developping country’ schtick is really REALLY old and even more faulty. Olympics, aircraft carrier, space program, hundreds of thousands of censors, bloated military, largest foreign currency reserve in the world, need I say more. The only reason that the countryside of china is so un-devolpped is purely because the Party purposefully keepz it that way through mismanagement of the country and systemic corruption.

            Go ahead and prove me wrong on any of these counts.

          • asdf

            stop ripping off hongjian’s rhetoric without any valid evidence.

            The only reason that the countryside of china is so un-devolpped is purely because the Party purposefully keepz it that way through mismanagement of the country and systemic corruption.

            spoken like Mao Ze Dong himself.

            Olympics, aircraft carrier, space program, bloated military, largest foreign currency reserve in the world

            these achievements only indicate a strong TOTAL gdp while development is measured by gdp/capita. Which means china will be considered “developed” when its TOTAL gdp compared to that of the US is proportional to the two country’s population differences.

            So far China’s is as “developed” as India. Stop comparing china to America or the EU. They’re nowhere near their position.

          • asdf

            No one said that the CCP is perfect or a cure-all, but you keep hammering away on that. maybe someone will fall for that strawman argument and deny that it IS the best of the current choices for China.

            Please tell me more about how the KMT wasn’t corrupt and didn’t inspire a culture of depravity and a total lack of ethics.

            When your statements are equally effective on both sides of the argument, it becomes utter bullshit.

            Democracy had its shot in China. It failed miserably. The end.

          • Winter B4 Spring

            Wow asdf totally took what i said, which were factual in historical accounts, and switched all the blame over to the KMTs, while justifying the propaganda of the communists. Nice one.

            FYI, Mao started the cultural revolution, and had children “criticising” their parents, wives “criticising” the husbands, in public. That was to rot the foundation of good family values. Bo Xilai, when he was young, hit his dad, under one of these “criticising” movements. Mao made what was once right for thousand of years to become “wrong”, and what was wrong, became “right”.

            There is no need to start a movement. Communism implodes the country. And we see protests at an average rate of…daily…small and large scale.

            Seaking against communism isn’t “resentment”, but honesty about what communism had done to rape the country and culture. Eg in a free country, people speak against others, not necessarily due to “resentment,” but an opinion. No need to accuse others of “resentment” to prove a point, asdf.

            “Waiting for China to mature economically” had always been the excuse for more than half a decade. When is this maturity ever coming? Possibly never, according to current historical progress then. Eg Nazis were given many economical and political advantages in the past so they would also “mature”, but they ended up starting World War II. Therefore, “waiting for China to mature economically before radical political changes had always been a convenient excuse.” There isn’t a need to wait. The Chinese people want changes already. And political changes does not have to go hand in hand with economical maturity. In fact, political changes would possibly open China up to more advantages in the international community.

          • Winter B4 Spring

            Democracy didn’t have a shot in China. It’s not a cure all, but it’s heaps better than communism. Communism is a political believe that kills and rapes the culture and traditions of the nation it possesses. The KMT weren’t practicing “democracy” then anyway, as it was war-time. The communists came out from hiding and took over China in 1949, since the KMT army were depleted from fighting the Japs. The communists answers to Karl Marx. Chinese traditions believes in the Yellow Emperor, and culturally, in general, believes in Confucianism. When we deny our legends and traditions, we deny our roots and ancestors.
            Ps: Confucius Institutes today is a lie. These “institutes” offers education based on communists propaganda, and no questions of “sensitive” topics may be asked. In traditional Chinese culture, and even the culture of the free world today, asking and debating, of various topics, breeds understandings and progress.
            In contemporary Chinese culture base on communism, self-censor is important for survival. Self censor ultimately retards the progress of the people.

          • Very good, you responded with vehemence, absurd illusions, baffling reversals and put words in my mouth to create new strawman arguements. ie: phase 2 of a pseudo-intellectual arguement.

            1. Hongjian’s rhetoric… Are you illiterate? Or are you trying to connect me with someone easily dismissed as nonsense? This is also standard operating procedure, glad to see you read your Party handbook.

            2. Spoken like Mao Ze Dong himself… In your first comment you defend him, now you use his reflection as an insult. That whole illiteracy theory is looking pretty strong right now.

            3. Total gdp compared to the US… Is that what you think it means to be developped? To try and compare with the US? Do you not understand the word ‘developped’? How about infrastructure, education, healthcare, law enforcement, etc.? Do you understand how those words could have a connection to a country being developped? As I VERY clearly stated, the countryside could be considered undevelopped purely due to mismanagement of national finances into showy ‘gaining face’ venues and keeping the populace under foot rather than where it could do some actual good. If you can’t under a concept as basic as this, there’s truly no way for me to communicate on a lower level, concordantly communication with you is futile.

            4. Interchanging the KMT and CCP… This is similar to a game called ‘Mad-Libs’ and equally factual. Just because you can say “I know you are, but what am I?” doesn’t render the original statement moot or untrue. It merely makes you look lazy and unable to respond effectively.

            5. Democracy had it’s shot… The Rebuplic established after the Qing dynasty was not a democacy, much like the Party was never really communist. Politics are rarely labelled properly. Furthermore, your attempted illusion just goes to point out how weak your position is. Germany was a democracy, then a dictatorship then a democracy again. Historically speaking, the more civilized a country becomes, the more freedoms, rights and democracy it grants its citizens. This does not reflect well on china.

            You have yet to disprove anything I’ve said. In fact, I’d say you also have to prove you’re not retarded, illiterate and/or a brainwashed simpleton.

          • asdf


            1. “In your first comment you defend him, now you use his reflection as an insult.”
            When did i ever defend Mao? Please pull out my quote

            2. “infrastructure, education, healthcare, law enforcement ” are also indicators of development i agree, but China ranks horribly in all those aspects as well. Your claim that China is no longer a “developing” nation <– disproved.

            3. "The Rebuplic established after the Qing dynasty was not a democacy"
            Exactly. The KMT did wish to establish a true democracy, but it wasn't possible until after they relinquished control of the mainland. Why do you think this is?

            @Winter B4 Spring

            Stop trying to overlap Mao's political ideology with that of the current CCP government. They're completely opposite. Modern China is more capitalist than it is communist. And yes Mao did attempt to eradicate traditional Chinese culture, but the current government is working hard to undo Mao's mistakes. Ancient artifacts and relics are no longer smashed upon sight, instead they're now preserved with the utmost care. The CCP you described would've completely destroyed the terracotta army the day it was discovered, but instead they built a huge protective hangar over it. Also if you visit China now, you'll notice that they are investing heavily in the research and reconstruction of Han, Tang, and Song dynasty architecture. Something which Taiwan has completely ignored. In fact WTF is Taiwan doing at all towards Chinese cultural preservation?

            "Communism implodes the country. And we see protests at an average rate of…daily…small and large scale."

            If China is really so horrible then explain why so many Filipinos give up their beloved "freedom and democracy" to immigrate illegally into demonic authoritarian communist China. Voluntary migration from "freedom" to "slavery" seems rather absurd don't you think?

          • asdf

            “Wow asdf totally took what i said, which were factual in historical accounts, and switched all the blame over to the KMTs, while justifying the propaganda of the communists. Nice one.”

            This is not even a valid argument. I can easily throw it back at you just by switching around the names.

            Wow Winter B4 Spring totally took what i said, which were factual in historical accounts, and switched all the blame over to the CCPs, while justifying the propaganda of the Nationalists. Nice one.

            pointless statement. . . . .

          • Winter B4 Spring

            @asdf: What are you talking about again? you sound confused. So why are there so many Chinese immigrants in 1st world countries if it’s so good and comfy and free under the Chinese communist party today? Not just refugees, but rich people migrate out of China. Where i live, it is a the second largest Chinatown in the same state, and it’s already known as “little China.” Why aren’t first world citizens migrating to China to be citizens? Why are you deflecting the argument over to the Filipinos?
            The party today restores things that the party had destroyed in the first place. Why should the people of the world thank them?
            The party first robs the people, then give them back a little. What is there to appreciate the party for?
            The party today isn’t what it was during Mao’s time, on the surface. Politically, it is the same, eg the Bo Xilai-Wang-Gu Kailai-Neil Heywood incident, which was completely vicious and corrupt. And that is only one incident out of many. Adding to all that dirt, the party has learnt to cover it up with more lies and only revealing a fraction of what is really happening between Bo Xilai-Wang-Gu Kailai-Neil Heywood.
            Re Taiwan, I am not even talking about taiwan, and you are using the usual communist propaganda style of deflecting the argument to some other countries. Btw, Hans in Taiwan has stayed loyal to their Chinese roots by not acknowledging Karl Marx, the founder of communism from Europe. Taiwanese acknowledges the Yellow Emperor, the founder of the Han people.
            Here, in my argument, i am criticising the communist party, not China or the Chinese people. The party is not China. The party is foreign and vicious. It possesses China, rape the culture, rob the people, and kill in the name of “stability”.
            When the communist party hits ya, rapes ya, robs ya, or even kills ya, you have to thank the party for its “generosity” and “guidance”.
            Truly a “socialist heaven on earth.”

          • asdf

            “So why are there so many Chinese immigrants in 1st world countries if it’s so good and comfy and free under the Chinese communist party today?”

            They immigrate only to [1ST WORLD] countries. The attractive factor isn’t their type of government, but rather their level of development. People migrate from less developed countries to more developed countries regardless of whether it’s communist or democratic. Who said that China must become democratic before it can fully improve socially and economically?
            My argument isn’t that the communist party is glorious, or that democracy is bad, but rather that democracy is not a prerequisite to economic development, living standards, or personal wealth. If China becomes democratic tomorrow, its social problems will not magically disappear. Living standards will still be horrible. Corruption would remain rampant. It wouldn’t become anything like the [1ST WORLD] democracies you envision. But merely another shitty DEVELOPING democratic country like Russia or India or the Philippines.(FYI corruption in those countries are currently even worse than that of China, living conditions and education are also shit.)

            In a democratic China. The rich will remain rich, the poor will remain poor and corruption would still be poorly regulated. The only difference would be that now the Chinese people wouldn’t have anyone left to blame but themselves.

          • sonny

            @asdf, elijah, & winter

            “It was totally the KMT who went into people’s home to burn books, destroy pottery older than a few years, ripped paintings from their grandparents, tore down temples and looted mausoleums…”

            actually, i’m pretty sure that was the least of what they did. chiang kai-shek was an asshole, you should look into it more.

            “It is entirely the KMT who so terribly destroyed traditions”

            do you really mean ‘entirely’? i think ‘exactly’ might be a better fit — kangxi and his immediate successors aside, i think a lot was lost under the qing as well. collective production under mao also had a huge impact on traditional craftsmanship.

            “Mao started the cultural revolution … to rot the foundation of good family values.”

            disagree. the idea was actually a noble one, to break down the confucian/legalist caste system that enslaved women and exploited almost everyone of humble birth.

            “In fact WTF is Taiwan doing at all towards Chinese cultural preservation?”

            there are actually a lot of great preservation projects based in/around the tainan area. temples, museums, the works.

            “If China becomes democratic tomorrow, its social problems will not magically disappear … like Russia or India or the Philippines.”

            strongly agree. market economies live or die based on their legal systems, infrastructure, and access to credit — not political jargon.

          • Blue

            @asdf: “People migrate from less developed countries to more developed countries regardless of whether it’s communist or democratic”

            Would you mind pointing out to me the developed (1st World) Communist countries that people emmigrate to? As far as I’m aware there aren’t any. So I do not understand the concept or validity of the argument. Surely if, as I suspect, there aren’t any, this is yet another argument for the need to reform the political structure?

        • Getrealson

          Yes I can! it is called “Islam!”

          • cc

            fuck off and have another bacon sandwich.

        • asdf

          The ponytails is itself a symbol of Chinese cultural destruction. There wasn’t anything worth saving from the Qing dynasty.

          • Winter B4 Spring

            Actually, thats not true. The ponytail was a cultural icon. And it changed in the process of history and that is alright. Nthing right or wrong with it. Not sure what your point is though.

          • asdf

            The ponytail was suppressed forcefully onto the Chinese public. Tens of thousands died rebelling against the queue order not only because of its hideous appearance, but more importantly because it was, at the time, a strict violation of Confucian values as well as a humiliating display of Han Chinese submission to the Manchu. We cannot dismiss this catastrophic event as simply a smooth linear progression of Chinese culture. It was a complete demolition and rebuild of Chinese culture even more destructive than the notorious cultural revolution.

          • asdf

            An atrocious event does not become more “alright” simply because it happened a long time ago. I bet if you were born 300 years from now, you would say: “The cultural revolution changed the process of history and that is alright. Nthing right or wrong with it”

          • Winter B4 Spring

            @ asdf: what are you talking about now??!! you sound confused.
            re ponytail: the Ming dynasty under the Han already had ponytails. the dynasties before the Ming also had ponytails. it is not a Manchu thing. do you not know your own history?

          • asdf

            “the Ming dynasty under the Han already had ponytails. the dynasties before the Ming also had ponytails. it is not a Manchu thing.”
            Are you joking? Are there any ponytails on the Terracotta statues? Can you find anyone with a ponytail in Ming dynasty paintings? Please stop spitting out nonsense and search up the facts before further embarrassing yourself.

          • asdf

            Sry for being overbearing. I really appreciate how you stuck to the content of our argument instead of resorting to profanity, name calling or personal attacks. Such civility is a rare sight on the internet.

          • Winter B4 Spring

            Apologies accepted sincerely :D.
            Thank you very much for your compliment.
            Having said that, i wont continue to debate over this issue, and the one above, as much as i disagree with you and Sonny. Gotta move on.

    • Canadian_Skies

      ….. where?

  • cc

    Seems strange that the police were on the side of the construction crew. Wonder who got the backhanders?

  • Slob

    What most likely really happened :

    Local farmer offered compensation by nearby rival farmers.
    Brings a huge team with him to intimidate the local farmer.
    Local farmer rejects the compensation, asks for more.
    Rival farmer starts using his 100 manpower to harass local farmer.
    Local farmer won’t budge.
    Fight breaks out between the 2 farm parties.
    Rival farmer calls his friend in local police station.
    Offers some money or some shit to help him out.
    Friend policeman turns up and tries to get local farmer to agree.
    Local farmer won’t budge.
    Rival farmer pays friendly policeman to ‘dispose’ of the nuisance.
    100 people can testify he did it in self-defence.
    No-one will publish the testimonies of the villagers who saw what really happened out of fear.
    Local farmer is gone and forgotten. Nothing has changed.

    • Snicker

      With all my authority, I grant you a “good point”.

    • B

      When I read this article, this is exactly what I was thinking

  • Jay K.

    I once asked my wife what if China had the 2nd amendment to bear arms. She said we’d have more politicians scared and the people would be the bosses instead of the other way around.

    • jeffli

      Now that is Marxist rule by the proletariat! JK!
      Problem is controlling the party cadres so they don’t develop too much power.

    • Cooljackal

      That would be the scariest thing ever to happen in China. Think about how quickly a chinese person gets heated up in an argument and how quickly they are willing to attack each other. Now add guns to that. Ran your ebike into my audi a6? Shoot you out of rage. Girl outside the club isn’t giving you her number because she is scared and you are piss drunk? Shoot her out of rage.

      We allow guns in the states and we still “barely” have the maturity to maintain that right. China still has a long way to go before that should even be considered

      • Rosemon Pilot

        Yeah…like giving a toddler a hand granade!

      • bert

        330,000,000 people, over 200,000,000 guns. The US has show that it is incredibly mature to have that right.
        Anyway, maturity has nothing to due with rights. If you make a statement like that then it makes the Chinese arguments against democracy seem valid.

  • jeffli

    As Mississipi Fred McDowell once sung:-
    [tuning my dobro slide guitar 1.2..3…4….]
    You got to move
    You got to move
    You got to move, child
    You got to move
    But when the Lord
    Gets ready
    You got to move


    You may be high
    You may be low
    You may be rich, child
    You may be po’
    But when the Lord gets ready
    You’ve got to move


    You see that woman
    That walk the street
    You see the policeman
    Out on his beat
    But when the Lord gets ready
    You got to move


    You got to move
    You got to move
    You’ve got to move, child
    You’ve got to
    But when the Lord gets ready
    You got to move.

    eh! :-( If China weren’t so screwed up with 5000 years of BS they certainly have some good inspiration for blues songs.

    • Snicker

      I’ve always wondered if China has coal miner and cattle herder pop stars? So much hard labour here…are there any arts that come out of that?

      Dark as a Dungeon – Willie Nelson
      Come all you young fellers, so young and so fine
      And seek not your fortunes way down in the mine
      It will form like a habit and seep in your soul
      ‘Til the stream of your blood flows as black as the coal

      It’s dark as a dungeon and damp as the dew
      Where the dangers are double and the pleasures are few
      Where the rain never falls and the sun never shines
      It’s dark as a dungeon way down in the mines

      There is many a man I have seen in my day
      Who lived just to labor his whole life away
      Like the fiend with his dope and the drunkard his wine
      A man will have lust for the lure of the mine

      It’s dark as a dungeon and damp as the dew
      Where the dangers are double and the pleasures are few
      Where the rain never falls and the sun never shines
      It’s dark as a dungeon way down in the mines

      I hope when I’m dead and the ages shall roll
      That my body will blacken and turn into coal
      I will look from the door of my heavenly home
      And pity the miner a’ diggin’ my bones

      It’s dark as a dungeon and damp as the dew
      Where the dangers are double and the pleasures are few
      Where the rain never falls and the sun never shines
      It’s dark as a dungeon way down in the mines
      It’s dark as a dungeon way down in the mine
      It’s dark as a dungeon way down in the mine

      • Snicker

        Or is it Johnny Cash? Shit, the gin is getting to me.

      • bert

        Great lyrics written by Merle Travis. Willie and Mr Cash both sang this song. I believe Mr Cash made it famous.

  • Gontraf

    3 guns between the thousands of cops I’ve seen in China. That guy, presumably for the first time in his life, “attacks” one single cop and turns out that one’s got a gun.

    Pretty fucking unlucky.

  • Rick in China

    RE: “The ordinary common people have the right to decide whether to sell their own land or not!”, no, they don’t… this dude lives in China, and he thinks he or anyone else here *OWNS* land? It’s rented, he didn’t read the article either, it also clearly states it.

    People here think they have rights. They’ll fight for the rights they think they have, rather than the rights they actually have. This is the result.

    I agree with one of the comments, the compensation for most properties seems to be higher than market value in my experience and from what I’ve been told by people who have had land bought from their families, the comment I’m referring to is the one which mentions the people who fight for much higher compensation than what is offered even if it’s fair – and will put up an enormous fuss if they don’t get what they want, like the uneducated children they are. That being said, I don’t agree with the land-ownership laws in China, I’m a supporter of owning land, but that’s just not the reality of Chinese law and ownership.

    • Boris

      ‘Compensation for most properties seems to be higher than market value in my experience’ -which is also what I’ve heard from lots of students whose parents have been resettled out in the styx where I live. But this is certainly not always the case. I was once cycling out in the countryside with a Chinese friend and we were literally mobbed by a group of young farmers who claimed they were being cheated on compensation. For some obscure reason they thought I, as a foreigner, could help them. My friend and I were surrounded by them, one man actually screaming at us out of frustration. It took us ages, both listening to the story and trying to explain that I didn’t know anything I could do to assist them. I don’t think people set light to themselves/stab/etc when ‘what is offered…is fair’; you get to that point when someone is bending you over a barrel and shafting you up the arse, and you have no recourse to any other action.

      • Snicker

        Well that’s exactly true. You have no recourse. So you choose to live, or to die and leave your children fatherless and homeless. Chairman Mao did know what he was talking about when he said that power comes from the barrel of a gun. But ultimately, after all the writing and screaming and begging and negotiating is done, that’s it.

      • Rick in China

        It’s subjective. Market value is market value. They want to get more, always, than is offered – even if the land isn’t valued higher…. so it’s hard to really say. Don’t underestimate the greedy plight of peasants in a materialistic society.

        That’s not to say they’re always given more compensation than should be required, that’s a ridiculous presumption, so I’ll cut that off before someone makes some ridiculous straw-man out of my statement. My point is that unless people make the numbers clear then “fairness” can’t really be judged, and of the people I know in my personal experiences/life the actual numbers *are* fair.

        A peasant who claims I broke his nose (not visibly, “inside” bone) after he hit me with his car and drove away expects 40k compensation. He pushed it to criminal court to try to put pressure on me to settle. 40k for a “claimed” punch in the nose after causing a hit and run, if that’s not an example of peasant extortion I don’t know what is..if I was asked to bet on whether this peasant was offered more than his land was worth through the expropriation I’d bet *yes* they were and *yes* they greedily wanted more without knowing any of the facts on either side, just out of experiences and information on similar situations.

  • Cleo

    stun guns

    • Cleo

      otherwise aren’t we just driving Chinese “future” voters into the embrace of the Japanese expats in their midst who have so lovingly conferred housing (temporarily and no longer) to the foster parents of abandoned Japanese children?
      /Why Liaoning, Shenyang, Dalian???

      I’m telling you every conversation from a Toisanese is going to be the same if they were in that position – SO WHAT.

      Why should Toisan in the extreme South be so different from these Northern Han?

      • mr. wiener

        Japanese expats will take over China?
        Can you give me your dealer’s number?

      • Getrealson

        Perfect example of Chinese education.

  • Bill Stack

    law of the gun.

    • Winter B4 Spring

      …and “power from the barrel of the gun.”

      • Snicker

        Whoever said “posession is 9/10ths of the law” was soooo wrong…

  • RuffledFeathers

    The issue is not that he was unfairly going to lose his home without adequate compensation; of that there is no doubt. The issue I think everyone is failing to see is that he lashed out in violence and tried to kill a police officer.

    “attacking the police with hatchet and sickle. His father Wang Zaiyuan attacked Zhang Yan with a sickle, and caused multiple severe wounds on Zhang Yan’s left palm and left wrist. Zhang Yan continued to fire warning shots, but Wang Zaiyuan not only didn’t back off, he even tired to grab the gun away and in the struggle, the gun went off and injured Wang Zaiyuan’s left leg. At that moment, Wang Shujie lit his own clothes on fire and threw himself at Zhang Yan. Because gasoline had been poured on his body, his life threatened, Zhang Yan opened fire to stop him”.

    Surely the only option was to put him down. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Boris

      And the CCP still has the gall to represent itself with the hammer and sickle? Audi’s four circles logo, a dollar sign and a smiley face would be more appropriate.
      ps. try to take my home without adequate compensation and you’ll need to put me down with a bullet. I hope the next farmer they try to screw over is more successful in offing the c**ts.

  • Cleo

    It’s not an unbelievable coincidence that this should happen IN Liaoning just as China announces its first aircraft carrier christened “The Liaoning”?

    WTH did Japan do to Liaoning when it invaded?? Is it like REMEMBER THE ALAMO or Three Years Eight Months??

    • Cleo
      • RuffledFeathers

        “WTH did Japan do to Liaoning when it invaded?? Is it like REMEMBER THE ALAMO or Three Years Eight Months??”

        Liaoning is in north east China. This territory was conquered by Japan in 1931 and made into a puppet state called Manchukuo. Also lots of human experimentation and crimes against humanity were committed in the region during their occupation.

        Now, I’m just explaining the significance. Clearly the Chinese are stuck in the past when it comes to their opinions of Japan. I hope this answers your question.

        Also I think this incident and the naming of the carrier are really just a coincidence.

        • mr. wiener

          They could have called it the Yao Ming.

  • Terrible what happens without the rule of law. Sad.

  • The Enlightened One

    Poor guy and family. Ruined because someone wanted his land and didn’t want to pay what they were asking… so then they pretty much tried to force him out and who knows if they even would had given him anything, anyway…

    I don’t know about you guys, but if someone comes along and tells me to get off my land and has some cops present… and doesn’t pay what I am asking then I would get a little physical too.

    Since the government owns all the land, the people basically have nothing. It’s like the greatest con ever… SURE you can build malls and houses and then bribe us to build them and whenever we FEEL like it… we can take it all back.

    Why are Chinese still investing so much into real-estate here in China? it’s not safe.

  • jeffli

    Watch an Australian movie called “the castle” – a funny movie but with a deeper serious message

  • Oh Dear!

    you know why this story is bullshit? How can someone with gasoline all over them fire a gun without going up in flames?

    • cc

      Unless he’s going to shoot himself the muzzle flash will be pointed away from him?

      • Winter B4 Spring

        LOL :P Nanny!! Those stuffs only happens in Hollywood action pack movies :P

  • david

    how come I keep reading about how badly the Chinese treat each other?
    come on man, the guy was NO threat to the police.

    its like me fighting someone on the subway. its about 5000 to 1. uh nobody likes those odds.

    forced out of his home? did they pay him? Probably not

  • Jennster

    Chinese are not comparing. Chinese are deterring the USA from containing it yet maintaining its steps towards its vision aka gain all and lose nothing. Chinese are not as stupid as Soviet Union. Money is very important (economy might).

    • Jennster

      in reply to cooljackal

  • Alexander

    TASER also works well and won’t kill the person like a bullet will…..

    • Winter B4 Spring

      mhm. tazers do stop some people’s heart though :(

      • Xianlives

        …I guess they can also start their hearts too.

  • DR SUN

    Shooting, torturing, raping, stealing everything from ” common people” is perfectly acceptable behavior for the party, why do you think people what to join the party ?

    Simple answer to protect their family.

  • Xianlives

    This country is going to hell, and every citizen is too cowardly or scared to stand up to the GOV. They would rather fight each other. As a foreigner, I feel sorry for you lot. My country is so much more developed. You guys are still in the old dynasties. Reading stories on this website makes me laugh and cry. I’ve been in this country for a long time and I still think you guys are a pack of zoo animals. And you wonder why the rest of the world doesn’t take you or your crazy country seriously. If you want respect, stand up for yourselves and fight the GOV. Fight for your rights. Fight for your children and your wives or gf’s. Just stop fighting each other, arguing and bickering, what does that do? Stop thinking you are weak, you’re not. Be proud! Be courageous. Be daring. Just be…. and the hole world will get behind you. Silly people! Will you ever learn? Will you ever change? I’m not your enemy. The enemy is amongst you. You are your own worst enemy, so accept it and start making the change that needs to happen. Sacrifice in the face of fear will give you rewards in this life or the next. Care about each other. One person can make a difference.

  • According to the cop who fired the gun, the victim’s brother poured gasoline all over the cop. The victim’s parents then attacked him with sickles. The victim, on fire, then ran at the cop (who was drenched in gasoline). That’s when he shot the guy. Before that he had fired 3 warning shots, and 1 misfire during the struggle with sickles. The cop’s hand was cut up pretty bad, and the story seems stranger than fiction.
    Original Chinese interview here: http://news.qq.com/a/20120926/001071.htm
    Story from the cop translated here: http://goo.gl/XH2tO

  • Captain Obvious

    The police are always right in China, right?

  • al in china

    Give the people guns!