Pretty Shanghai Girl Seeking Husband for Marriage

I have said before that KDS Forum is a popular BBS for mostly Shanghai guys. KDS means “kuan dai shan” (宽带山) or “broadband mountain” in English.  Since KDS is a “mountain,” people on KDS give the guys the nickname, “tu fei”  (土匪), meaning “bandits” because In Chinese history, there were a lot of “bandits” or robbers that attack people traveling through the mountains.

Last week, a guy with the online name “lonelypig” started a topic on KDS called “My female coworker also wants to get married. All “bandits” welcome to take a look (picture included):”

Picture of pretty Shanghai girl who is looking for a husband

She is Shanghainese.
Born 1982, height 165cm, weight 48kg, good appearance, lively, open, and bright disposition, not a LB girl*.
Earns 4000 RMB/month pre-tax, works in HR, only child.
Has had one boyfriend but because he liked to play around, they broke up last year…
Because her parents are pestering her, she wants to find a boyfriend, especially the kind that can get married next year.

Requirements are the following:

  1. He should be older than her, born between 1977-1982.
  2. Has house or no house is fine, she is willing to work together with him to buy house and car after marriage.
  3. He must be good to her and will not play around. She has been hurt before, so this is an important point.
  4. As long as he is not too ugly, he should be fine.
  5. He is taller than 170cm.
  6. He does not like to go out to nightclubs/bars. Guys who are healthy and like to exercise will be given consideration.
  7. He earns more than her.
  8. He should enjoy watching American television shows. She like Heroes, Lost, and Desperate Housewives
  9. He will be respectful to the parents…

That is all for now. If I think of more, I will add them later. Some of the requirements are mine. If I am helping her find a husband, i should be responsible, right? If not, she will blame me if I find someone bad for her.

Many people were interested and there were many pages of comments and replies…

Picture from the front! Picture from the front!

Is the age requirement flexible?


Topic-starter, I think I meet all the requirements, can you hook us up?

If virgin…PM.

Thank you! Please PM her contact information. We can meet, and I’m not that bad looking either.

All requirements met, except no money~

I’ve exceeded requirements 1-9
Too bad I also like to play around…wahahaha

She looks pretty good…
So why does she need help finding a husband?
Is the original poster just showing off that he has a beautiful colleague?

阿拉女同事也要征婚了 TF都进来看看...(有PP)by 拨卵反震
Here is an application.

I am 1976…no hope.

Not bad! Worthy of one PM!

I feel like the original poster’s requirements are too low…most Shanghai men meet these requirements…

So many people! I will post a message too!

1. He should be older than her, born between 1977-1982. OUT
5. He is taller than 170cm. OUT
7. He earns more than her. Out

I satisfy all the requirements! Only problem is I am already married!

I’m just here to do push-ups.

阿拉女同事也要征婚了 TF都进来看看...(有PP)by 拨卵反震

No need to think anymore, we can get married tomorrow!

PM PM PM! I have two for her to choose from!

I was born in 1980, right now working in a foreign company, earn more than her, have not yet bought house and car in Shanghai. I also watch American TV shows and like to exercise. Do I have a chance?

Must be born and raised in Shanghai, “wai di ren” immediately get OUT

Some were not…

Shanghai girl, not interested…, because I don’t want to become a slave…

Why does she look like a Hong Kong gangster’s girlfriend in the first picture?

I don’t like girls who use makeup.

PM for the second girl. The first one is so scary.

“She has been hurt before, so this is an important point.”
This, I understand…
…so how many abortions?

Look at the bags below her eyes, she has probably been “lived” a lot…

Exactly, one look and she looks like a party girl.

lonelypig posted a second picture…

The first picture was too charming or too monstrous.
Everyone, I present the second picture…

Another picture of pretty Shanghai girl who is looking for a husband

Not a virgin, she is really really dark down there.

I have been with these kind of girls before. In fact, 99.999% of those who have been “hurt” before have been “around” countless times.

*Faint* Earlier, one of my good guy friends sent me her picture and told me she was his steady sex partner. So he was not lying after all! Pretty girls are not suitable wives. Better to marry an average looking girl.

Why would such a pretty face need to search for a husband? Obviously she is a liar. Everyone wake up! Did you guys forget about the other guy helping his “schoolmate” find a husband? We later found out she was a whore!

After this comment, lonelypig replied…

Can you be a little more respectful, okay?
Are pretty girls not allowed to search for husbands?
Do only ugly girls have trouble finding husbands? Has your “brain been shot or crushed by a door?”You are an asshole, coming in, begging to be “flamed.”

If she really is a prostitute…

I’m a student, have ID…is there a student discount?

Start bidding? 300?

阿拉女同事也要征婚了 TF都进来看看...(有PP)by 拨卵反震
[Deng Xiao Ping: “This kind of topic should be bumped!]

Responding to some of the comments, lonelypig wrote…

She has been pursued by many men, I will not lie.
One Valentine’s Day, she received 10 bouquets…
If I said no one pursued her, no one would believe me…
I also do not know why she was not satisfied with any of them…

10 bouquets on one Valentines’ Day? …are flowers that cheap now?

Eventually, there were so many PMs…

lonelypig’s private message box is already full.
Clearly there’s a lot of demand.

Your PM box is full. Please empty it out.

Sigh, looks a little like a girl I used to like…so I floated in.
I was going to apply but the original poster’s PM box is full.  Poor me.

Some replies were very sincere…

Brother, I am also Shanghainese.
Born 1981, height 181cm, weight 70kg, appearance and physical all satisfactory, mature personality and humourous, KDS guy*
Run an advertising company. After tax yearly earnings around 400,000 RMB. have a house in downtown Shanghai, a car with Shanghai registration, only child. Although my qualifications are not that good, I can provide her a decent life.
When I was young and didn’t know better, I had six or seven girlfriends. I was with my last girlfriend for two and a half years and was planning to marry her at the end of the year. But we separated over some small things and it is too late to go back now. It is impossible for us to get back together, so she does not need to worry about that.
Her looks are pleasing and attractive to me, as long she’s a good girl, respects her parents. I am also very willing to take the next step in getting to know her. My parents also hope that I can get married next year, so they can hold their grandchildren by 2010. If we end up getting married, I will definitely thank our Cupid. Could you give me her MSN and contact information through PM. I’ll be very appreciative.
in addition, aside than occasionally drinking for business, I do not smoke or gamble. My few interests include watching American TV shows at home, playing Wii, playing ball with my friends on my days off, or going for a drive. I have been single for half a year now, and am sad that those around me are only suitable to play with but not suitable for marriage. This topic has given me new hope, like rain after a drought.
P.S. With regards to Lost, I’m very familiar with the story, hopefully we can wait for Lost Season 5 together.

Some were very serious…

She talks about feelings now, but in the end it is still about income, appearance, family background, etc. I think she is hoping to find a perfect man. If she marries someone who is not handsome, has no money, or does not have a good family background, she will always feel unsatisfied and regret.

Some were not…

So pretty, much prettier than her.
阿拉女同事也要征婚了 TF都进来看看...(有PP)by 拨卵反震

Age is 67 years older than her.
No house. She should buy the house and car on her own first. Then, I marry her.
Like to drink a little alcohol. After drinking, 80% possibility will hit wife, 20% possibility will use alcohol to rape her.
Height: With special shoes, I can reach 160cm.
If i am not at nightclubs/bars, I am at the mahjong parlors.
No income, I will depend on her.
I enjoy watching American porn, for example the Female Pirate series or Great War Africa series, etc.
My parents have already been kicked out by me. If your parents want to try, they can come live with and see how we feel.
Is there an honest girl like me that can give us a chance? Please PM me for details.

Too old, we want girls born after 1990.

* “LB girl” = Liba Net Forum. It is a BBS forum with a lot of girls and women members who spend a lot of time showing off gifts and money men give them, and complain about men. “KDS guy” probably means he is a humble, funny guy.

Many people in China consider Shanghai girls to be especially materialistic and spoiled. They also say Shanghai guys are weak and controlled by their women because many Shanghai men do everything, such as cook, clean, wash clothes, buy food, carry bags, take care of baby, etc. Of course, Shanghai girls just say Shanghai guys are not weak and they are just “good men.”


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