Super Girl Rola Chen Pictures Anger Chinese Netizens

Chen Yi Super Girl posing with Japanese flag.

Super Girl Chen Yi's controversial photo showing her in a swim suit lying down on both a Japanese and Chinese flag.

In 2001, mainland Chinese actress Zhao Wei wore a dress depicting the Japanese military flag for a fashion shoot for the Japanese magazine Bazaar. Once the photo was published, she immediately came under fire from the Chinese public where widespread condemnation eventually led to her apology regarding the matter. Fast forward to today, former “Super Girl” contestant Chen Yi (English name Rola Chen) recently became the focus of discussion in regard to her choice of posing scantily on top of the Chinese and Japanese Flag for a Japanese male-oriented magazine.

Video on YouTube and NetEase.

From NetEase:

Super Girl Chen Yi published in Japanese magazine, lying down on Chinese and Japanese flags cause arguments

Previously unsuccessful “Super Girl” Chinese girl Chen Yi’s photographs for a Japanese mature men’s magazine has caused strong opinions and even “go to Japan to be female idol” fake news. Recently, Chen Yi’s pictures have once again appeared on the internet, amongst them a picture of Chinese and Japanese national flags used as part of the set has stirred up arguments and opposition.

Shooting pictures with national flags as the background cause arguments

Unsuccessful “Super Girl” contestant Chen Yi previously went to Japan to become a female idol, and has taken indecent/tasteless photos. Afterward, Chen Yi repeatedly clarified that things were not as they were reported, and that she was only going to Japan to further advance her career. As for the suspected ‘racy photos’, they are merely artistic works from a famous Japanese magazine.

Recently, new sets of photos surfaced, including one picture of Chen wearing a green bikini lying smiling across a “stars and stripes” bed. Some netizens pointed out that lying on the American flag hints at her fawning at foreigners. Another picture shows Chen wearing a black swim suit lying on a sofa, with the flags of Japan and China spread on the sofa cushions. Netizens have raised objections to Chen Yi sitting on the Japanese national flag and the Chinese national flag.

Magazines publishing these pictures are in fact adult/mature periodicals

Chen Yi claims: the photos circulating on websites are pictures she took for the men’s publication “周刊プレイボーイ” (The name translated into Chinese is “Playboy Weekly”). She said, “after joining FITONE [a Japanese modeling agency], the company helped me find the opportunity to pose for a well-known publications.”

It is reported that “周刊プレイボーイ” [the Japanese magazine] is similar to the American Playboy magazine; but Chen argued: “I am not posing for pornographic pictures; they are all normal artistic photos! Besides, some domestic female actresses’ “Red Ribbon” photos contain full nudity that is even more open-minded than mine!” She also expressed that her bottom line for her own pictures is [to not show private parts], “after all there are family members at home who will see me, I would never do things that would let them down!”

There was also a poll on NetEase. Here are the results at around 12:30pm, November 24th:

What do you think about Super Girl Chen Yi using the national flag as a background for these kind of pictures? (16,881votes)

Opposed, it is disrespectful to the motherland and national flag.
13,251 votes (78.0%)
Not opposed, using the national flag as a background is also pretty good.
1,731 votes (10.0%)
Indifferent, none of my business.
1,899 votes (11.0%)

Rola Chen with American flag and Coors Light sign in background.Super Girl Chen Yi posing with Chinese flag.

Comments on NetEase:

You selling your body is no one’s business, that is your freedom. But can you not use the national flag please? Don’t you know the state law on flag use? Kao.

This kind of “Super Girl” only fit to be a “J” [J = 鸡 = chicken, a nickname for “whore” or “female prostitute”].
Those who want to watch her AV, vote support!

Hope she changes her nationality, she is not fit to be Chinese.

My favorite female idol.

I don’t want to say anything else, I only want to fuck her.

Yet another mental retard. Hunan TV‘s masterpieces, either a retard or a slut.

What “Super Girl”, this is a classic “prostitute”. Hunan TV is the place where trash is manufactured. Everything that comes from that place is trash.

Seeing all these netizens who curse people, in the future there will be even more people going abroad to develop [their careers or lives] or emigrating. Do not blame Gong Li, and do not go blame this girl named Chen Yi. Foreigners say Chinese netizens are too extreme. From the looks of it, it is completely true!

While you insult her, don’t forget to look at yourself.
This is normal stuff, yet so many people are scolding this little girl, without a shred of kindness and understanding.
She’s not doing anything wrong, I want to say to her: you are very pretty, I cheer for your life!

National disgrace, scum!!

We await your AV films. From this day on, we will search for your films everyday to watch. You can definitely become popular. I support your AV film. It must be without mosaic [mask, censorship] if you want it to explode [in popularity]! We support you!!!

So many “fenqing” [angry youth].

She’s not Chinese. She didn’t even say a single word of Chinese. It seems like she is not human. Chinese people would never do such a thing for Japanese devils, fuck, her grandpa must be Wang Jingwei [a Chinese traitor].

In the past there was Princess Zhao Wei, now there is Super Girl Chen Yi. Both are rotten, despicable scum amongst Chinese people.

What is the big deal about this, What is the big deal about this? My countrymen are so close-minded

This bastard, she did the wrong thing, putting the national flag under her butt, then letting the Japanese fuck her, then isn’t it equivalent to the Japanese fucking our flag?

Some supposed “countrymen’s” inner qualities are really low

The national flag is a symbol, no matter what it can’t be used as a tool for making money! That kind of behavior is simply disgraceful!

I really don’t know why you guys are so patriotic. You guys love your country, but does your country love you?? A bunch of SB fenqing.

Aiya~~~isn’t this just the flag, whats the big deal, it’s not stepped on, its not burned, it only shows Sino-Japanese goodwill.
If she can’t be popular domestically, going to Japan to develop is not a bad thing, on the contrary her notoriety in China is greater than in Japan.

What stupid “Super Girl”, shes virtually a “fuck girl.” [This is like a pun, “super” is “chao” while “fuck” is “cao” so they sound the same]

Pictures and Comments posted on ChinaRen:

Rola Chen wearing a sexy red devil costume.

Super Girl Chen Yi wearing a sexy police officer uniform lying in the back seat of a car with a whip.

Rola Chen lying in a bikini on a white sofa.

Super Girl Chen Yi (Rola Chen) in a green bikini at the beach.

Chinese people with money all want to become foreigners [emigrate].
This is the truth.
Other people live their lives according to their own wishes, what the fuck does it have to do with you?

I’ll talk about it later after I fuck her.

She took some pictures and you guys have gotten this mad, even wanting to XXX her. Also, everyday you all curse Koreans for being arrogant, showing clearly that most netizens are still stuck in a stage of ignorance. What does her taking photos have to do with you people? If you like to look, then look. If not, then leave it at that. Even calling her a traitor, does that make you guys good citizens? Besides her pictures didn’t insult Chinese people, it was only that the flag was not placed very well. Some people like to order others around, always like to use class struggle ideology [Red Guard tactics?] to attack others. When they see someone they do not like, they find some far-fetched excuses to make that person’s life miserable. Ah, Chinese people just love fighting with themselves, is it worth it?

So disgusting.
Does this kind of woman have any dignity?

Feel like she is very pretty, ding.

So fine, I want to mount her.

Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai


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