“School Uniform Brother” Dances Melbourne Shuffle

School Uniform Brother dances the Melbourne Shuffle

On Youku:

This School Uniform Brother will be famous…

This video has received over 3 million views in a single day, and School Uniform Brother has already formally entered Baidu Baike [a Baidu service similar to Wikipedia]. Keyword: School Uniform Brother. Here comes School Uniform Brother!

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

The video now has over 4 million views (not including copies uploaded elsewhere) and 117 pages of comments.

Comments from Youku:


This is how young people danced 30 years ago. 无语


“Ghost step/walk dancing”??? [one Chinese name for this style of dance, which is also known as the Melbourne Shuffle (墨尔本拽步舞 or 墨尔本曳步)]


Stupid cunt kid.




Must’ve smeared oil/grease under his feet!! 赞


Even the post-90s generation is beginning to do “ghost step dancing”, sigh, can’t keep up with the times!


In a state of confusion…汗


One of those shoes that has a wheel in the back sole?? Hehe, indeed pretty impressive~~


There are more and more people dancing the “shuffle step”.


Reminds me of this video:


“Ghost walk dancing”, not bad, finally there is a pro amongst our own country’s people.


The above video was the very first time I saw “ghost step dancing”.


“Ghost walk dancing” is so handsome/cool/awesome~~~



本人没个性、 (responding to above commenter)

You’re not even garbage. 吐


The first one is pretty good, the second one not so much.


Life as a youth is truly great!


Domestic “ghost walking”, this must be ding‘ed! Much more awesome/impressive than the foreign devils~


Brother [referring to self] too wanted to learn street dancing [breakdancing, hip hop, etc.] back when I was in school, but unfortunately never had the means to. Now that I’ve entered [working] society, I don’t have that kind of time and energy to waste on it, sigh! 汗


As long as he isn’t second generation wealthy [a child of rich parents], he’ll be a new “Old Boy” main character in the future.


I’ve seen this video a long time ago.


One should have this kind of passion when they are young, much better than getting into fights.


Not bad~
[I wonder] how many pairs of shoes he wears out each month…


Was this sped up?


Moulbourne Shuffle? Cool or garbage?

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  • Nick

    Is the music track from a video game?

    • Xero

      How dare you mistake this trash for video game music.

      • brotherrivercrab

        isn’t DDR full of trash like this?

        • HansDampf

          it is loituma in slow omg… :D

  • Elmo

    He’s not bad for a shuffler…Not much can be sad about the music though its horrible.

  • aclcla

    i want to doooooooooooooooo it

  • Curren$y

    (quoting from Chinese netizen’s comments above)
    Not bad~
    [I wonder] how many pairs of shoes he wears out each month…

    – You noob! He doesn’t actually slide his foot on the ground but rather hover above it really closely.

  • Alikese

    Brother Fat Homeless Guy from the comments puts School Uniform Brother to shame. Shit, he makes Fred Astaire look bad.

  • goodtimesgoodtimes

    amazing how new york city black-american dance influence has gone all over the world. this is a mix of lots of recent decades of nyc dance. rollerblade, break dance, hip hip, feet sliding. all started in one city by blacks.

    • donscarletti

      That’s the Melbourne Shuffle mate. It was invented in the 1980s in Melbourne Australia not New York and was derived from Irish Celtic dance, you can tell that from the knee movements and the still and vertical body posture.

      I know you are just trying to stir up MORE of this racial bullshit, but if that didn’t prove you are an idiot, the fact that this story has “Melbourne Shuffle” in its title would certainly prove it.

  • Regina

    Does anyone know the song they’re dancing to?

    • Xiao

      Paul Jockey feat. Larry – Fly

  • s

    chinasmack ur getting behinddd~

  • Mik G

    at least in Taiwan, and I’m guessing similarly in China, these kids would be destined for the ketamine/Rave scene. K might be a peculiarity of Taiwan since its an island, but in a couple years you’ll probably see these kids hanging out the passenger window of a crappy VW with ground effects, gacked off is ass.

    • Lots of K on the mainland too, you’ll see it in all the Chinese clubs with kids standing around the dance floor swinging their heads around.

      • Alikese

        They used to call it “headshake” where I was for that reason.

        • anon

          I never really understood why K makes people shake their heads. The most it did for me was make me really disoriented but even then I wasn’t just shaking my head as much as I was grabbing the rails trying to stop the world from spinning. Of course, I’ve seen others do the head shake thing. Anyway, not my kind of poison.

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  • mimi

    thats just shuffling….and they dont have led lights…… -_-“

  • @@


    >the wiggles


    >steve irwin

    >this shit

    seriously straylia mate go fuck urselves mate stop exporting ur degenerate culture mate mate

  • kai chang

    damn i wish i can move like that :D

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