Two Chinese Men Break Cold Endurance Guiness World Record

Jin Songhao from Heilongjiang province breaks a world record by staying 120 minutes inside a glass case filled with ice.

January 2nd, during the "frozen alive" competition at Tianmenshan in Zhangjiajie City of Hunan province, contestant Jin Songhao completed a 120 minute record during the cold endurance competition, even performing calligraphy while he was at it.

From NetEase:

January 3rd, a “cold endurance war” occurred at Tianmenshan in Zhangjiajie City of Hunan province, where Chen Kecai and Jin Songhao of Heilongjiang province stood naked in glass compartments filled with ice in a cold endurance competition and ultimately breaking the record for ice cold endurance. Contestant Jin Songhao even performed calligraphy.

Chen Kecai and Jin Songhao, both from China's cold Heilongjiang province, face off in a cold endurance competition.

January 3rd, Chen Kecai (left) and Jin Songhao engage in a "cold endurance war".

A doctor checks one of the contestant's bodies.

January 3rd, a doctor checks Chen Kecai's body during the competition.

Event staff dump ice into Chen Kecai's ice booth.

January 3rd, event workers pours ice into the Chen Kecai's glass compartment.

Event staff fill Jin Songhao's glass booth with ice.

January 3rd, event workers pours ice into the Jin Songhao's glass booth.

Event personnel carry Chen Kecai out after completing 118 minutes, breaking the previous 115 minute world record.

January 2nd, during the "frozen alive" competition at Tianmenshan in Zhangjiajie City of Hunan province, after completing a 118 minute record, contestant Chen Kecai could continue no longer and was carried out.

Comments from NetEase:


Look at that sign…disgusting!


Upon seeing that paper sign, you immediately know that this brother is one big stupid cunt!!!!!!!!


People who have nothing better to do doing pointless things.


Actually, that sign was meant to be the coldest joke.


No matter what, their bodies are still extremely good~~


A running dog [of the Party]. If you did it, you did it, but why write such disgusting words!!!


After going home, the two wives ask to divorce.


This guy is a Taiwanese spy, using complex characters!


Classic deception/ruse, the temperature of ice water mixture is zero degrees, but try standing in -10 degrees open air and see.


The champion/winner is North Korean. Ever since he was young, he was known as “fire baby”, playing outside in -20 degree temperatures wearing only shorts and slippers. He’s from my county, and has been in the newspaper before…

Some more pictures:

An "iceman" competition in Hunan, China breaks a Guiness World Record twice.

Chen Kecai and Jin Songhao submerged in ice in Hunan to challenge the Guiness World Record.

A pretty model stands besides stacked blocks of ice.

An "iceman" competition in Hunan, China breaks a Guiness World Record twice.

Event personnel help Chen Kecai out after enduring 118 minutes.

Jin Songhao raises his arms in triumph, breaking the previous Guiness World Record.

Jin Songhua raises a victory sign in triumph.

Jin Songhao is triumphant, breaking the previous Guiness World Record by staying in the ice for 120 minutes.

The previous world record was held by Dutch “Iceman” Wim Hof.

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  • Alikese

    Pffft. I could do that if you gave me enough baijiu to fight the cold with.

    • Hongjian

      you do know that alcohol of every sort will bring you serious frost-bites, are you?

      the baijiu might ‘warm you’ as in giving you a feeling of warmth, but in reality it is just directing your precious body heat outsides, leaving you with nothing to resist the cold.

      you will die a horrible and painful death, made of amputations, shit and vomit.

      but that’s alright~

      • meiguo fenqing

        Your English is so good! Spoken like a very famous English writer! Waiguo tong!

        • Fenqing Mike

          lol wtf haha another fenqing on this website? good shit

      • Alikese

        Well, if I was going to be stuck out in the cold I’d rather have a bottle of booze than not. Toss in a pack of smokes too, so I look cool as I freeze to death. I’ll be the James Dean of ice statues.

  • The Grudge

    Sub-Zero Cameltoe…

    • Chris

      The ultimate in tastylicious.

      • Joe

        eskimo pussy is mighty cold

    • la ma sing

      the good old ice camel toe…

    • Joe Gway

      And just when I thought I wasn’t gonna get to see any good camel toe till next spring…. China Smack to the rescue!

    • Chef Rocco

      If all you dudes are on the scene with the girl, people would see a lot of frozen moose knuckles…

    • donscarletti

      I look forward to reading more about 骆驼趾姐 in the future.

  • mankouzanghua

    heh, many netizens objected to the sign: zhongguo gongchandang wansui — long live the CCP. interesting element of this post.

  • xmcx

    “there was significant shrinkage” comes to mind

  • Teacher in China

    I love the random picture of the cute girl there. Nothing like a bit of camel toe with the morning tea…

  • MadeInChina

    After the pic of the camel contestant gettin his blow on and looking very exhausted after.

  • John Gault

    “where Chen Kecai and Jin Songhao of Heilongjiang province stood naked in glass compartments ”

    not exactly naked. I see shorts. Maybe naked has a different meaning in Chinese.

  • what does his sign say?

    • MAC

      “Long live the Chinese Communist Party.” I fucking wish I were joking, but I’m not.

      • mankouzanghua

        why do you wish you were joking?

        to me it just seems unusual and a bit corny for him to have written that. at least with the netizens the sign seems to have had a net negative effect, annoying people…

  • T

    “Oh my gosh, he’s a spy for writing in complex characters! He must be a traitor!”

    What idiots. They completely forgot their entire history and culture.

    • mankouzanghua

      as far as I can tell that was a joke, poking fun at the official line on using simplified characters in the PRC.

    • donscarletti

      He wrote 中國共產党万岁 (long live the Communist Party of China) which is in a mixture of simplified and traditional characters, which is probably due to him learning to write in the time when simplified Chinese was still spreading around the country. Simplified would be 中国共产党万岁, traditional would be 中國共產黨萬歲.

      It is obviously a joke, since he was being very supportive of the Chinese government.

      • pengyou

        It is supposed to be calligraphy, even in mainland China calligraphy is usually written with traditional characters.
        He simply didn’t know how to write the rest of his sentence so he used simple characters.

        The comment saying he must be a spy is simply a joke.

  • Jay K.

    i see camel toe on that girl! ya! camel toe!

    • kissmyass

      hahaha….you made my day man!!!!hahaha

  • song of the article

    Ice Ice Baby
    -Vanilla Ice


  • kissmyass

    see what is the real Iceman:
    In sub zero temperatures 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle, Dutch Daredevil Wim Hof attempts to run a full 26-mile marathon clad only in shorts and a pair of sandals.

  • mistyken

    so are they supposed to warm themselves with that girl after they got out of the ice casket?

  • Ho Hum

    That girl’s definitely a butterface*.

    Nice body, *but her face…

    • Pvt. Joker

      Who’s looking at her face when there is cameltoe to be gawking….

      • Ho Hum

        Yeah, guess you could just turn the lights of and still have a helluva time. You’d definitely want to turn the lights off, though. I still take umbrage with the description above – “pretty model”. That’s a minger with a hot body.

  • dude

    cameltoe…hmm i saw it..long enough? stupid news btw

  • Those guys are really COOL!

  • Meh

    Pointless achievement is oh so very pointless.

  • Meh

    They could probably cut through that glass with their nipples at the end of this.

  • 水溶C100

    Needs more cow bell… I mean camel toe.

  • Wow this is iron men of Winter :D

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