Sora Aoi Appears In Nanchang, Chinese Crowd Goes Wild

Sora Aoi waves to Chinese fans in Nanchang, China.

Sora Aoi waves to Chinese fans in Nanchang, China.

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Sora Aoi appears pretty and pure in Nanchang, fans scramble to take photos, scene gets out of control

Sora Aoi made a appearance wearing a short skirt at the Nanchang International Motor Festival to meet the audience. The fans present were extremely excited, one after another taking out their cameras to take photos, a scene of chaos, and after Sora Aoi experienced an awkward microphone malfunction, she hastily left just 3 minutes after she appeared.

Sora Aoi meets Chinese fans at the International Motor Festival in Nanchang, China.

Sora Aoi waving to Chinese fans in China.

Sora Aoi experiencing microphone difficulties in Nanchang, China.Sora Aoi's awkward experience with a microphone malfunction in Nanchang, China.

Crowds of Chinese fans take photos of Sora Aoi on stage in Nanchang, China.

Massive crowds of Chinese fans take photos of Sora Aoi on stage in Nanchang, China.

Here are some videos of Sora Aoi’s appearance at the Nanchang International Motor Festival:

Sora Aoi’s appearance was cut short out of concern for the overenthusiastic crowds’ safety. Sora Aoi’s appearance had already been delayed by crowds of fans and photographers who surrounded and blocked her earlier. Many fans were disappointed by her 3 minute appearance, having waited hours to see her.

Comments from Tiexue:


Countrymen, are your lives that boring and empty??? That a Japanese whore is worth you guys being like this???


I don’t know what China’s media is trying to say by showing this kind of thing. Is it that Jiangxi province has opened up to prostitutes and pornography? A certain place in Jiangxi is even currently seeking to be named a civilized city too, real civilized…


The intent of aggressors [imperialists] to hurt us won’t die. In the past it was opium, now it is AV [adult video, pornography]. The next war between Chinese people and the outside may be called the AV War.


A whore receiving this many people’s support, I really don’t know what kind of character our country’s people have, in the past people would’ve rushed to get away/avoid these things!


This is what our country’s people are like, their character is plain to see. All day calling out to oppose Japan, to be anti-Japan, and this is how you guys act? A bunch of ignorant lowly cowards.


The masses of perverts are very excited! Teacher Aoi is coming, she is our true sex teacher!


Faint, is it really necessary to become like this, all over a Japanese AV idol?


I’m really not used to seeing her with clothes on.


That a Japanese idol can raise this much news and people’s enthusiasm in China, isn’t this something we should really reflect upon…?


She hasn’t even taken off her clothes yet and these people are already so excited. If she took off her clothes, then wouldn’t things have really exploded out of control?


Why not wear a swimsuit? It isn’t as if the guys haven’t already seen it before~~

It’s even possible that they know Sister Aoi’s body better than their know their own wives’ bodies.


The audience is all male, I haven’t found a single female.

Have you ever met or gone to see a porn star in person?

Sora Aoi onstage in Nanchang, China.

Malfunctioning microphones. Personals @ chinaSMACK.

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