Sora Aoi Appears In Nanchang, Chinese Crowd Goes Wild

Sora Aoi waves to Chinese fans in Nanchang, China.

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Sora Aoi appears pretty and pure in Nanchang, fans scramble to take photos, scene gets out of control

Sora Aoi made a appearance wearing a short skirt at the Nanchang International Motor Festival to meet the audience. The fans present were extremely excited, one after another taking out their cameras to take photos, a scene of chaos, and after Sora Aoi experienced an awkward microphone malfunction, she hastily left just 3 minutes after she appeared.

Sora Aoi meets Chinese fans at the International Motor Festival in Nanchang, China.

Sora Aoi waving to Chinese fans in China.

Sora Aoi experiencing microphone difficulties in Nanchang, China.Sora Aoi's awkward experience with a microphone malfunction in Nanchang, China.

Crowds of Chinese fans take photos of Sora Aoi on stage in Nanchang, China.

Massive crowds of Chinese fans take photos of Sora Aoi on stage in Nanchang, China.

Here are some videos of Sora Aoi’s appearance at the Nanchang International Motor Festival:

Sora Aoi’s appearance was cut short out of concern for the overenthusiastic crowds’ safety. Sora Aoi’s appearance had already been delayed by crowds of fans and photographers who surrounded and blocked her earlier. Many fans were disappointed by her 3 minute appearance, having waited hours to see her.

Comments from Tiexue:


Countrymen, are your lives that boring and empty??? That a Japanese whore is worth you guys being like this???


I don’t know what China’s media is trying to say by showing this kind of thing. Is it that Jiangxi province has opened up to prostitutes and pornography? A certain place in Jiangxi is even currently seeking to be named a civilized city too, real civilized…


The intent of aggressors [imperialists] to hurt us won’t die. In the past it was opium, now it is AV [adult video, pornography]. The next war between Chinese people and the outside may be called the AV War.


A whore receiving this many people’s support, I really don’t know what kind of character our country’s people have, in the past people would’ve rushed to get away/avoid these things!


This is what our country’s people are like, their character is plain to see. All day calling out to oppose Japan, to be anti-Japan, and this is how you guys act? A bunch of ignorant lowly cowards.


The masses of perverts are very excited! Teacher Aoi is coming, she is our true sex teacher!


Faint, is it really necessary to become like this, all over a Japanese AV idol?


I’m really not used to seeing her with clothes on.


That a Japanese idol can raise this much news and people’s enthusiasm in China, isn’t this something we should really reflect upon…?


She hasn’t even taken off her clothes yet and these people are already so excited. If she took off her clothes, then wouldn’t things have really exploded out of control?


Why not wear a swimsuit? It isn’t as if the guys haven’t already seen it before~~

It’s even possible that they know Sister Aoi’s body better than their know their own wives’ bodies.


The audience is all male, I haven’t found a single female.

Have you ever met or gone to see a porn star in person?

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Sora Aoi onstage in Nanchang, China.

Malfunctioning microphones. Personals @ chinaSMACK.

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  • ABCkid

    i gotz sofa!!! :D

  • Mark

    what a sausage party

    • ##BlothaLonely##

      *small* sausage party

  • This article is stupid and useless.

    • kacha

      and i agree with ya kim

      • HansDampf

        my dear friend, NUDITY is never stupid nor useless!
        Let that be a lesson!

        • Nipo

          Here here! The comments capture a certain Chinese inability to enjoy nudity. The Japanese aren’t conspiring to debase Chinese society anymore than their own. Chinese netizens, you just have to grow up, masturbate, and do your home work!

  • Song of the Article

    In Your Wildest Dreams
    -Tina Turner


  • rollin wit 9’s

    this is the closest ive ever been to sofa and kedafu is on the last cushion (im on the arm; i like to make use of the 4 cushion + arm rule)

    anyway, i have my fav. J-pornstars ( i think we all do) and I’d take a J-Girl over chinese any day of the week. Chinese girls really have become a waste of my time. money grubbing b!tches.
    Further more, this should be a sign that the great fagwall of Chn isnt working 100% hehe

  • kacha

    Reminds me of that time at an anime convention when these nerdy dudes dressed in fagware went crazy by doing lame ass “kendo” and started singing some gay anime song.

    • kacha

      and they were mostly acne-ridden white kids who happened to know very crappy japanese. and they coudn’t sing….

      • And you were there . . .

        • Anonanon

          I agree, why were you there in the first place?

          And don’t say you were only there to get directions on how to get out.

        • Supreme_leader

          OH MY GOD! HA HA HA HA HA HA – that’s the funniest post I’ve seen on Chinasmack ever! HA HA HA HA. Oh shit, I think I peed myself.

      • fenqing

        talking about urself?

  • KfU

    I didn’t realize she was so popular in China. . .

    How’s your sex now?

    Sora Aoi:
    I feel good, but I’ve never experienced an orgasm. So, I always act a little imagining this must be how woman express when they come…

    You were doing that for your boyfriend. Have you ever eaten his cum?

    Sora Aoi:
    Yes. I always think about him before myself.
    Why are you so submissive?

    Sora Aoi:
    I was like this since I was a girl. In elementary school, I loved a boy so much that I always tried to please him. I often say “I’m sorry” to my boyfriend even when I didn’t do anything wrong.

    Do you still think about how your partner is feeling more than yourself during sex?

    Sora Aoi:
    I don’t think about it too much if I’m feeling good, but if it’s not good, all I think about is how to make him happy.

    What if he comes before you start feeling any good?

    Sora Aoi:
    I’m happy about that.

    Mentally maybe you are happy, but your body isn’t satisfied, is it?

    Sora Aoi:
    That’s O.K.

    Ahh, that’s why. . .

    • ander

      That was a fun read!!!

    • Anonanon

      Wow. Sora is just so thoughtful.
      The Chinese netizens who are attacking her are just jealous of her goodwill.
      I mean, how much THEY donate for the Chinese earthquakes, because Teacher Aoi over there raised a few thousand.

      • Canadian_Skies

        Yep, she raised money from her own country to aid those of a culture where most despise her ethnicity, and her visit to historical Nanchang could be construed as a publicity stunt, but in light of the Chernobyl-like state of her own country, and facing the harsh panel of the Chinese public, one has to admire her heart and where she’s willing to go and do for her people.

        She may be a dirty skank, but she’s still someone worth admiration.

        • Alan

          Nanchang is a craphole, an armpit.

          She should have visited a nicer chinese city, not that industrial peasant filled rude hellhole.

    • kate

      such silliness, shes a pornstar but never came… micropenises aren’t doing her anygood. she needs a mandingo in her life

  • Janman

    At the rate that China is growing, it becomes more decay with corrupted mind and action. The whole world despises China for exporting full loads of all kinds of whores around and China indeed prove the point by idolising a whore.

  • Ronon

    Meh… Ozawa Maria looks way better than Aoi Sora.

    • B-real

      Bing Bing Bing best comment ever. But she’s not pure japense so she’s disqualified by an unfair advantage.

      • B-real

        Japanese, japanese, japanese, fucking fingers wanna type what ever they want.

    • kate

      she has awful skin though. dealbreaker for me. i followed her personal blog and there are some candids and her acne is sooooo prominent even under lbs of makeup

      • Ms Rouge

        Eh..Kate ..are you a gal or a tomboy?

    • Donny

      Nope sorry, Sora all the way. Tho Yuma Asami Is my absolute fav Av girl. Also the hostility here (in other posts) is disturbing. Porn exists, now chill out…as long as there are men there will be interest in sex.

  • McCurry

    She should had made some frogs sounds and popped out a nipple or something, it would resulted in mass noise bleed and probably a bukkake

  • Alex

    She came to join the party after she saw the breast-sucking on the news.

  • jaycee

    who the fuck is she???

    • CHNinUSA

      Good point, you may be either a woman or church dude :)
      She is most popular Japanese-porn star in China.

    • Matthew Chua

      She is a sex goddess and 20 million follower in china.

  • roger dodger

    what is she wearing? is that hair extensions. overhyped

  • Irvin

    Who the fuck is she indeed. Apparently she’s some jap porn star, don’t see what the big deal is. I never cared about regular stars much less porn star.

    If she was available for rent that’s a different story, but she’ll probably cost more than going to japan and fuck 10 regular hookers.

    And she look worst than some local dong guan hooker.

    • CHNinUSA

      In a country where pornography is illegal, people will be so excited to see the porn-star they furtively watched in the illegal porn video.

    • Donny

      Did somebody kill your cat or something. You seem very angry. Go out meet a girl… but treat her nice. You’ll do better with women that way :) So much hostility on this site.

  • k

    So a whore shows up and waves and this is news? She even looks like an OLD whore at that………I mean come on, she should at least show up naked with a dildo to make this more interesting, no loss of dignity on her part ether. This is not news, this is stupid.

    • CHNinUSA

      it’s weird, but you know, many Japanese porn stars are different from the western whores that they would show their dignity and high spiritual mind “I am a good girl, porn is just my job” after work, if you visit their blog and see them in person, you’ll never know what their jobs are. It has some cultural or historical reason, I don’t know.

      • k

        That just means western whores are more honest with who they are, Japanese whores just don’t want to admit that they get screwed by strange men on camera for money for their grandmothers to see and at the end of the day, the whore on the corner has more dignity then they do because at least the grandmother of the whore on the corner can’t see them getting screwed by some guy for 60 minutes or getting a bukkake.

        • holy sheet

          your grandma is watching way too much porn

          • Somethin Somethin

            I have to admit Sora is doing a lot of things other porn stars haven’t before. She’s trying to break into other parts of the entertainment industry while maintaining her career as an AV star. I was just reading the other day that she’s involved in a horror movie scheme down in Malaysia to feature Japanese porn stars as a sort of underground marketing thing. Obviously not her idea, but still interesting. I think she’s got a lot more class than most of our bleach blonde cock vacuums back home.

    • donscarletti

      She’s 27 according to wikipedia. She’s got a good decade before she starts looking like a crone. She’s kind of always looked like that, honestly I have never quite got why all the Chinese guys dig her so much but all my Chinese friends have a major thing for her.

    • Donny

      Sora is beautiful. If she’s not you type thats cool but I have to say you seem very hostile towards women. Like men never do anything bad to get sex or make money. Oh but thats OK because… why? It seems liker there are a lot of uptight people here.

    • Matthew Chua

      You blind fool. She is a perfect sex goddess and go home to see your big mama

  • Anon

    Absolutely correct.

    These syndicate supported/media overglorified sex workers in the guise of stars or what not are the worst thing to hit those wealthy and stupid enough to spend $ on hiring them.

    That dongguan hooker you mentioned does more good servicing migrant workers for minimum wage than this waste of time. You’d think only the wealthy are entitled to have sex at all.

    Blue collar workers don’t be fools! Any hooker charging more than a single shift’s wages (3 shifts a day) and you tell that hooker to join you on the production line instead. That sort of overcharge stuff is only viable for a single defloration or perhaps an overall taking from a live show.

    Also CDs should be free and included in the price of a ticket. Tickets again in turn should cost no more than 1 week’s wages and charged/apportioned by demographic (yes an artiste who collects astronomical amounts of cash shows there is something wrong with charges or at least inefficiency of the entertainment industry, which should be partly state sponsored so that the private sector does not have a monopoly) , reserved on a first come first serve basis, NOT ability to afford the cost.

    It’s about love of music and willingness to buy tickets early, not money. By all means pay, but never pay unreasonable sums. That is the why for not attending degree programmes that expect you to sell your home or be indebted for life just to havce the right to get a job. Starve the institutions instead of killing youself or losing your (parent’s) properties over the fees.

  • Anon

    Not exactly useless, but it does serve as a warning to the PRC and the thinking people society in general.

  • Marsvin

    To the haters, she’s brought joy to the world and she’s used her fame for charity. What have you done in your life other than post small minded, hateful comments?

    • k

      I’m a teacher, I’ve done a hell of a lot more for the children of this world then the hooker who throws her dirty money at them does. And I’m sure many of my brothers have been more productive, more charitable and more generous in their daily lives towards others than a whore who throws the money she gets for screwing old guys to get media attention and to make herself feel a little less shameful will ever have.

      • Anonanon

        Wow. For a teacher, you sure have an open-mind.
        FYI, the money that was raised by her were contributions from both Chinese and Japanese people which took shape in REAL MONEY to be donated to the Chinese Red Cross, not intangible goodwill like helping a woman cross a street, tutor a kid at 1/2 the normal price, cutting down smoking to save the trees, man.

        So teacher k, what have YOU done?

      • Marsvin

        All I can say is thank god my teachers were never as closed minded and arrogant :)

      • Just John

        The more I read of your posts, the more I wonder how many drugs you did when you were younger to be this brain dead.

        Guess what, sex is natural. Most people have it, and most people like to have it more. Maybe you need to try it sometime.

        If having sex makes you a bad person, guess you should tell all the mothers of your students how bad they are. Just because she does it on camera and gets paid for it does not mean she is some amoral human. She is like anyone else, someone working in an industry that fulfills a need.

        Next time you jerk it to porn, maybe you should think about that.

        • Alan

          Whole world of difference between sex for having a family, and in a loving relationship, than what this whore is doing. Still, all those chinese uni boys who got photos on their crappy fake phones will have something to tug the beast over….what a stain on her life:(

        • Matthew Chua

          Stereotyping of whore. In society every class has bad and good people. Cannot judge personality with profession. Too simplication

  • Anon

    Wish you’d said Oriental instead of Japanese. There are so many countries and peoples you leave out though she is Japanese.

    But then again, she’s just keeping the door to mainstream life open. The fun and commitment factor though, are quite badly impacted by this attitude.

    It’s a problem of inconsistency and lack of specialisation. She doesn’t exactly look VERY hot though, she probably has ‘skills’, she really should go for plastic ALL over – she should go meet Minka or Pebblez. Doesn’t leave any impression, those ‘fans’ must be so dull, brainwashed (or refined?!?) to notice her at all. Plenty of far more exceptional sex workers anywhere.

    Leaves much to be desired, though the target is probably those sensitive types who are bothered, an ‘organic’ AV worker, go figure.

    • Vakeesan

      She is a whore but she was kind enough to collect money and donate it to China at the time of Yushu, Qinghai earthquake, Whereas Zhan Zi Yi ( A well known Chinese whore) did nothing but stole the money she collected for Qinghai Earthquake and ran back to USA.

      • Meh

        She collected money and semen. Very nice woman.

  • Mechanized

    the article was worth it for the lead into chinsmack personals

    malfunctioning microphones are awkward for girls

    pure gold!

  • Foreign Devil

    Japanese porn stars somehow manage to look fresh and not slutty. American porn stars always look used up and drugged out. I think their trade is more respected in Japan so they still have pride and don’t self destruct like American porn stars do. Who knows they might even come from non-abusive families!

    • cb4242

      You can’t generalize. The girl just said, she never had an Orgasm, which many women in this industry, especially in Japan don’t get! Why? Because the focus is on how and what Japanese men like. Japanese men are shy and they often get these perverted ideas from their childhood as to what they like to see in a woman and how a woman should feel sexually. Some of the perverted over the top things they do to the women here in Japan would never be allowed in the states. You might even call a lot of that sexual abusive. Also, many come from fucked up homes too. How the woman feels, whether of not she has an orgasm is totally irrelevant. Not every AV in the states does drugs and if you think it doesn’t happen in Japan you are so sadly misguided. Not on the level as perhaps the US, but still it does happen. Japanese AV for me at least, whine too much, not realistic. They look great, but the moaning and the overall body actions from them are all the same. The focus. Also in the states, some AV have a long career, that is kinda cool, especially if you like the chick and her work is good, but in Japan, they change too frequently. So the Japanese AV is not by any means perfect. Now when it comes to pure freakiness, well then I would have to say the Japanese….possibly the Germans are up there.

  • Funny, how they always look down on Japanese porn industry, yet most of them (guys) watch the movies and…

  • Kong

    Seems a lot of people have a problem with what others do with their own body.

  • And here is the picture of Sora Aoi’s fans watching her in action (4th picture out of 5)

    • donscarletti

      Wow Crystal, you are able to recognize Sora Aoi with just a low-res shot of her buttocks and thighs in that picture. A true connoisseur.

    • Anonanon

      Looks like none of Sora’s fans turned up for her appearance at Nanchang — all the people are wearing shirts!

  • Sam

    Oh man I love this girl. Been a fan of her ‘work’ since I was about 15. Come to Beijing!

  • Anon

    We don’t need a whore to have a reason send money to a disaster zone. More like she was cashing in on the disaster? Not healthy this donation paradigm/trend. Ziyi was however, if what you said true), pure evil for pulling that off.


    That burnt/drugged out look is a genre all in itself that I’d hate to see disappear in any case. Too fresh and innocent is akso valid but hardly rooted in reality IMHO.l

  • dim mak

    Virgins, virgins everywhere

  • Koreansentry

    Hahaha, China is strange place. This must be only country in the world where foreign porn stars are treated like top celebrities. This report have made into Japanese 2ch and Yahoo Japan websites and Japanese netizens are laughing at Chinese fan boys.

  • Dan Danger

    Chinese guys are getting really lonely and desperate. At they don’t have to proof of owning an apartment to go see this hot Japanese chick.

  • Meh

    Sora who? Sorry I don’t watch J porn

  • Leeyue

    I’ve never watched her porn videos(personally I don’t like her looking very much), however I followed her twitter. And that’s where I get the news about the Japanese earthquake at first . She keeping send information like contact numbers for help, in different languages, etc. Also, her twitter used Chinese, English, Korean, and Japanese. She cares about the life of other people, and keep learning four languages, which made her a quite respectable woman for me.

    • Leeyue

      Sorry about the mistake, she don’t need to learn Japanese.

  • Cool Matt

    China’s population really is aging! All the Chinese comments sound like something my grandma would say….well most of them.

  • 蔡雅君

    A prostitute just

    • Donny

      Oh you are? That’s cool. Do what you got to do.

  • Andrew

    be careful, this is a new kind of mission to poison chinese youth mind with evil things.

    • Donny

      Yup, like video games and music. All tools of the DEVIL! (sarcasm!)

  • Nestor Diaz-Green

    WOW… it’s good to see that Eastern guys can act just as badly and horned up as Western dudes. But what’s more fascinating is the anger in the comments written here. “She’s a whore!” or “She’s no good” ,”Blah, blah, blah”. You know Av-Idol/ Adult actresses/ Porno Stars the world over only have a certain amount of time before they’re considered “too old” and their career in Porn expires (+ even though she supposedly walked away from the Life, any1 remember Akira Fubuki?). You all need to break down the situation here: Sora Aoi = #1 Japanese sex product for right now. Add in Testosterone + mostly male crowd @ Nanchang Motor Fest. and you get (=) an excited crowd of horny men. I am sure in 5 years it gonna be some other sexed-up Japanese 20 something. That’s it & that’s all ;-)

  • Jon

    I really like the comment “first it was opium, now it’s AV! we’re going to have an AV war!” haha

  • Exman

    Well, in response to the angry comments, I’ll just say I fucking love pornstars and porn.
    Oh and Sora Aoi is very nice to her fans and very respectful to China :D

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