Spoiled Child Slaps & Chokes Mother In Public For Toy

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Time: International Women’s Day [2009 March 8], 11:00

Setting: Temple

Characters: Loving Mother VS Disobedient Son

Incident: Mother and son, after visiting the Buddhist Temple, are on their way home. Darling son is crying and making a fuss demanding to buy a toy from a roadside toy stall. The mother scolds the son for wanting everything he sees and since there is no reason to buy an unnecessary toy, she refuses to buy.

1. In the midst of the crowd, suddenly see a child pulling his mother’s hand crying and making a fuss…


2. Mother: “You buy so many useless things to do what? At home there is a large pile I never see you play…”

Son: “I just want it, buy it for me!”


3. Mother: “Only liking these meaningless things, I will not buy it!”

Son: “Wu…even if refuse to buy, you must buy…wu…”


4. The son slapped the mother and then asked again: “Are you going to buy it or not?”

The mother was speechless…


5. Angry, the mother wanted to leave, but the son quickly pulled her. His voice softened but he continued to harass her.

The people around could only smile nervously.


6. The son suddenly used all his strength to pull at his mother’s hair to force his mother to give in.

The mother was speechless, the crowd was speechless, I was speechless.

(“Darling son, hurry and let go! So many people, give me some face okay?”)


7. Son: “Wu…I want, you will not buy it for me, I like it this much yet you will not buy it for me…wu…”

Mother: “Hurry and let go, it hurts…”

(Just what kind of toy is so fun? Incomprehensible.)


8. Son: “Such a cheap thing yet you will not buy for me, my schoolmates all have it, I want it…”

Mother: “I already bought a small chicken [toy] for you, you simply…” (did not hear clearly)

(“I will also pull your hair, ai ya! Had I known earlier, I would not have brought you to get such a short haircut yesterday…”)


9. Some company’s promotional girl came to break up the fight saying: “Little friend, what do you want? I will go buy it for you, okay?”

Son: “I only want my mother to buy! You get lost!!!”

Her face full of embarrassment, the pretty girl walked away.

(“You get lost” was something everyone heard very clearly.)


10. The son went crazy, reached out and grabbed his mother’s throat.

In the middle of the tussle…


11. Ai you! My god…

The mother’s face is bright red from being suffocated…


12. The mother being strangled.


13. [The son] let go and continued pushing [the mother] toward buying the toy…



14. In the middle of the struggle…



16. Again he grabbed the hair.

The son went mad: “Will you buy or not??”

Mother: “Again, it hurts so much, hurry and let go, I will buy it! I will buy it, okay…”



After giving in to her son, the mother and son walked to the toy stall.





This child is simply spoiled, and the parent is mostly responsible.


Pampered/spoiled. If my son did this, I would have long ago kicked his ass.


If it were me, a few slaps would be necessary.


To a child who lacks the necessary discipline, blindly giving in, excessive spoiling and indulging is actually the greatest harm to the child.


Materialism is too severe. This little kid looks like he should be 8-9 years old, if you do not teach him now it will be too late.
Why does he dare to hit his mother???
This probably has happened more than once or twice…the problem is very serious!!!


No one to blame but herself, [disciplining the child is] the biggest responsibility of being a parent. From a certain level, that mother does not deserve sympathy.


What is wrong with children these days?
I remember when I was small and talked back to my parents, I would run around the streets trying to escape being beaten.


Raise this child well, and he has the potential to become a city manager [a low level government employee that most Chinese feel only bully weaker people].


My daughter used to be like this all the time, refusing to leave if something is not bought for her. In the end, I and my husband would simply ignore her and leave. Seeing this, she would get scared and now she does not dare. Every time she says she wants something, if I am willing, I will buy, but if I do not want to buy it, I will simply say this thing has no use if we buy it and she will not cry of make a fuss if I do not buy it. She will also agree and say buying this will be a waste of money.


That parent buying for him in the end is a very unwise decision.
The parent giving in like this in the end communicates to him: As long as I do this, I can get what I want.
In the future, similar things will definitely occur.


That mother in the end did not stay firm. As long as she remained firm, the next time the son would no longer be able to do this.


So Sad! Truly speechless. It seems in Chinese culture, there can be no shortage of sticks [punishment is necessary]!
Us 80s generation should not count on the next generation to take care of us, so just fulfill your duty to our children!
Continue having less but better children, and do not put a lot of hope on the next generation.


Just looking at the mother I can tell they are not well-off! Please note that pair of very old shoes. The son, however, is very “neat and beautiful” [newer clothes]. [You can see that he] is usually spoiled. Disobedient son, loving mother…


Some households that favor sons over daughters, upon giving birth to a boy treat it like an emperor, no one willing to punish/teach him a lesson, what a tragedy!


This kind of little child, during the Japanese invasion period, would definitely have been another traitor!


This bastard adult has cultivated yet another bastard for society!


If I were the one selling the toys, I would simply refuse to sell it to him.


Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.


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