Toxic Sodium Chloride in KFC & McDonald’s Fries, Chinese Reactions

French fries.

French fries.

Currently the third most popular post of the day on Chinese microblogging platform Sina Weibo…

From Sina Weibo:

@黑化_番長: KFC and McDonald’s French Fries Tested to be Poisonous/Toxic [衰] — Through laboratory testing by authorities, McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken’s french fries were both determined to contain sodium chloride (which is potentially toxic). Among them, KFC has 390mg/100g, while McDonald’s has 360mg/100g. The report says long term consumption of low amounts of sodium chloride will result in such symptoms as hydrophila, migraines, and breathing difficulties, as well as chest pains and increased heartbeats. #Is This The Cue to Say Goodbye to French Fries??!!#

Sodium chloride and trans-fat content of KFC and McDonald's french fries (medium size).
Sodium chloride and trans-fat content of KFC and McDonald’s french fries (medium size).

From Sina Weibo:


Sodium chloride is just salt, okay? What restaurant’s french fries doesn’t add salt? And about hydrophila and such symptoms, that’s just thirst, so just drink some more water… This news/information sure is drunk [bullshit]… According to relevant investigations, glass and rocks contain large amounts of silicon dioxide and excessive contact can result in situations of accidental injury, with a high probability of blood loss, skin wounds, scratches, and other symptoms. The public is advised to be cautious in their use… [拜拜]


In summary, fries are too salty.


Actually, the most toxic is still OH2, and I strongly urge the government and relevant departments to bring it under strict regulatory oversight!


My kitchen has a jar of sodium chloride all year long, with as much as 500 grams. Will I be criminally charged with possession of poison? [吃惊][吃惊][吃惊]


“A curved hook to catch fish, a straight hook to catch turtles.”


Hahahahahahahahahahaha stupid cunt, are you thirsty from salty foods?


Yup, a lot of restaurants in China all seem to use this kind of chemical additive to make food taste better. Sigh, Chinese people’s lives sure are worthless~


What do we do?!! Turns out KFC’s fries are this much saltier than McDonald’s!!!


So frightening! Sodium chloride. I’ve personally seen how snails will definitely die if they touch too much sodium chloride, and leeches too. Too scary! Especially some fishes, if they touch too much sodium chloride, they’ll become dried corpses! My god! Too horrifying. It’s definitely a preservative/antiseptic!


Your mom, sodium chloride exceeding [regulatory] limits? OH2 must’ve entered your brain.

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