Young Man Attempts Rape, Stops After Seeing Girl’s Face

"Building 11 Underground Entrance"

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From NetEase:

Man Sees Back of Girl and Wants to Rape Her, Changes Mind After Seeing Her Face But Is Still Arrested

Beijing News report — Criminal suspect Wang X happened to meet girl Young Yin while underground, was attracted to her appearance from the back, and decided that he would rape her. But just as Wang X was about to rape her, he saw Young Yin’s face clearly for the first time, decided that it wasn’t the kind that he liked, and then stopped his rape.

[Note: There are a lot of underground rental housing in Beijing, often rented by the poor or migrant workers. See illustrative images above and below that are not related to this news story.]

This morning, according to information from the Beijing city Fengtai district Prosecutor’s Office, Wang X was arrested on suspicion of rape.


Abandoned plans of rape because he didn’t like her face

2014 early July, after suspect Wang X took his gaokao college entrance examinations, he came to Beijing to visit his mother, who works in Beijing, and lived underground. By chance, Wang X noticed a girl, Young Yin, who lived next door, and whom from the back looked like the type that he likes.

At night, Wang X tossed and turned thinking about Young Yin. Thinking that most of the people who live underground don’t lock their doors, he felt his way to Young Yin’s door and discovered that she indeed didn’t have her door locked.

Wang X grabbed a kitchen knife and a mop from his kitchen, and proceeded to Young Yin’s room. He hit Young Yin’s head with the mop handle with the intent of knocking her unconscious before raping her. However, not only did Wang X fail to knock her out, he instead woke her up, whereupon Wang X used the kitchen knife to threaten Young Yin to not scream, and grabbed her by the throat. Once the girl quieted down, Wang X released his hold on her.

But, when Wang X saw Young Yin’s face, he realized that she wasn’t the type that he likes, did not carry out the rape, and then begged Young Yin to not report it to the police. To placate Wang X’s state of mind, Young Yin could only pretend to promise that she wouldn’t. When Wang X left, Young Yin called the police, and soon afterward, police apprehended Wang X.


Prosecutors: Criminal liability should be pursued for the major risk he poses

According to the Fengtai district Prosecutor’s Office, in this case, Wang X entering Young Yin’s room with the intent to commit rape, using the mop to beat Young Yin, and threatening her with a kitchen knife already constitutes a crime of rape. In the course of the crime, Wang X’s decision to stop despite being able to continue the crime is considered an “interrupted crime”.

However, Wang X’s behavior itself possesses a relatively large risk to society, with the situation of having used tools to beat the victim in the process, evidencing a serious tendency towards violence, causing major mental and physical harm to victim Young Yin, and should thus be prosecuted for criminal liability.


Comments from NetEase:

风毒翩翩 [榜上有名]:

The view from the back has snared many,
while the view from the front has scared away many more.

莫管老子 [网易上海市浦东新区网友]:

The girl was particularly disappointed with this guy not continuing!! And therefore called the police.

tomzgx [网易广东省汕头市网友]:

How is the girl supposed to live with this getting out? I’ve never seen such an insult to a person!

网易浙江省温州市手机网友 ip:124.160.*.*

Just how ugly must she have been…?

网易浙江省温州市手机网友 ip:183.131.*.*

Just how ugly is she…?

vinceyellow [网易浙江省衢州市手机网友]:

From this point on, the girl has changed her name to “view from the back killer” [a girl who looks deceptively attractive from behind].

yyb95888 [网易湖北省武汉市手机网友]:

Compared to the guy who didn’t commit rape because he was wearing a condom, he was fucking wronged.

这画面太丑你管我看不看 [网易四川省眉山市手机网友]:

This is a world that considers face after all.

网易江西省南昌市手机网友 ip:223.104.*.*

“View from the back killer”.

theshuraroad [网易吉林省手机网友]:

“View from the back killer”.

huangtu027 [网易宁夏银川市手机网友]:

He should be sentenced severely, because the girl was harmed a second time.

爷就是榜 [网易陕西省渭南市手机网友]:

The girl feels her ego [self-respect, self-esteem] has been severely hurt. 19 years now she has yearned for and longed for love, watching her peers have abortions, while all she could do is swallow her own saliva into her tummy. And today, her opportunity finally arrived. In fact, she had noticed the guy long ago, which is why she had left the door unlocked for him. The only thing she didn’t expect was the way the guy would approach her tonight. At first, the girl had resisted but upon realizing it was him, she immediately stopped resisting, and prepared to have a good time with the guy. She never imagined that this fucking guy would then stop. She had gotten excited for no reason, and after they parted, the girl lay in bed for a long time unable to sleep, thinking about the steamy love that she had so long thirsted for… She had even been hit today, but being hit wasn’t important. The main issue was what the guy ultimately did that hurt her ego too much. So in anger, the girl called the police, and that’s how trouble befell the man. So just what exactly did the guy do or say at the very last moment that caused the girl to want such retribution? I invite experts below to answer for us all.


Written by Fauna

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