Young Man Attempts Rape, Stops After Seeing Girl’s Face

"Building 11 Underground Entrance"

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From NetEase:

Man Sees Back of Girl and Wants to Rape Her, Changes Mind After Seeing Her Face But Is Still Arrested

Beijing News report — Criminal suspect Wang X happened to meet girl Young Yin while underground, was attracted to her appearance from the back, and decided that he would rape her. But just as Wang X was about to rape her, he saw Young Yin’s face clearly for the first time, decided that it wasn’t the kind that he liked, and then stopped his rape.

[Note: There are a lot of underground rental housing in Beijing, often rented by the poor or migrant workers. See illustrative images above and below that are not related to this news story.]

This morning, according to information from the Beijing city Fengtai district Prosecutor’s Office, Wang X was arrested on suspicion of rape.


Abandoned plans of rape because he didn’t like her face

2014 early July, after suspect Wang X took his gaokao college entrance examinations, he came to Beijing to visit his mother, who works in Beijing, and lived underground. By chance, Wang X noticed a girl, Young Yin, who lived next door, and whom from the back looked like the type that he likes.

At night, Wang X tossed and turned thinking about Young Yin. Thinking that most of the people who live underground don’t lock their doors, he felt his way to Young Yin’s door and discovered that she indeed didn’t have her door locked.

Wang X grabbed a kitchen knife and a mop from his kitchen, and proceeded to Young Yin’s room. He hit Young Yin’s head with the mop handle with the intent of knocking her unconscious before raping her. However, not only did Wang X fail to knock her out, he instead woke her up, whereupon Wang X used the kitchen knife to threaten Young Yin to not scream, and grabbed her by the throat. Once the girl quieted down, Wang X released his hold on her.

But, when Wang X saw Young Yin’s face, he realized that she wasn’t the type that he likes, did not carry out the rape, and then begged Young Yin to not report it to the police. To placate Wang X’s state of mind, Young Yin could only pretend to promise that she wouldn’t. When Wang X left, Young Yin called the police, and soon afterward, police apprehended Wang X.


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Prosecutors: Criminal liability should be pursued for the major risk he poses

According to the Fengtai district Prosecutor’s Office, in this case, Wang X entering Young Yin’s room with the intent to commit rape, using the mop to beat Young Yin, and threatening her with a kitchen knife already constitutes a crime of rape. In the course of the crime, Wang X’s decision to stop despite being able to continue the crime is considered an “interrupted crime”.

However, Wang X’s behavior itself possesses a relatively large risk to society, with the situation of having used tools to beat the victim in the process, evidencing a serious tendency towards violence, causing major mental and physical harm to victim Young Yin, and should thus be prosecuted for criminal liability.


Comments from NetEase:

风毒翩翩 [榜上有名]:

The view from the back has snared many,
while the view from the front has scared away many more.

莫管老子 [网易上海市浦东新区网友]:

The girl was particularly disappointed with this guy not continuing!! And therefore called the police.

tomzgx [网易广东省汕头市网友]:

How is the girl supposed to live with this getting out? I’ve never seen such an insult to a person!

网易浙江省温州市手机网友 ip:124.160.*.*

Just how ugly must she have been…?

网易浙江省温州市手机网友 ip:183.131.*.*

Just how ugly is she…?

vinceyellow [网易浙江省衢州市手机网友]:

From this point on, the girl has changed her name to “view from the back killer” [a girl who looks deceptively attractive from behind].

yyb95888 [网易湖北省武汉市手机网友]:

Compared to the guy who didn’t commit rape because he was wearing a condom, he was fucking wronged.

这画面太丑你管我看不看 [网易四川省眉山市手机网友]:

This is a world that considers face after all.

网易江西省南昌市手机网友 ip:223.104.*.*

“View from the back killer”.

theshuraroad [网易吉林省手机网友]:

“View from the back killer”.

huangtu027 [网易宁夏银川市手机网友]:

He should be sentenced severely, because the girl was harmed a second time.

爷就是榜 [网易陕西省渭南市手机网友]:

The girl feels her ego [self-respect, self-esteem] has been severely hurt. 19 years now she has yearned for and longed for love, watching her peers have abortions, while all she could do is swallow her own saliva into her tummy. And today, her opportunity finally arrived. In fact, she had noticed the guy long ago, which is why she had left the door unlocked for him. The only thing she didn’t expect was the way the guy would approach her tonight. At first, the girl had resisted but upon realizing it was him, she immediately stopped resisting, and prepared to have a good time with the guy. She never imagined that this fucking guy would then stop. She had gotten excited for no reason, and after they parted, the girl lay in bed for a long time unable to sleep, thinking about the steamy love that she had so long thirsted for… She had even been hit today, but being hit wasn’t important. The main issue was what the guy ultimately did that hurt her ego too much. So in anger, the girl called the police, and that’s how trouble befell the man. So just what exactly did the guy do or say at the very last moment that caused the girl to want such retribution? I invite experts below to answer for us all.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Joe

    Forgot to bring the paper bag.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Or that there’s a light switch you can use.

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  • Sean Van Cura

    That last Chinese comment…. What the fuck?!

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Yeah, she rather be raped.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    good one!

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Even rapists have standards… DAMN, I learn something new everyday.

  • lacompacida

    Will this be ruled as “temporary crime” or will there be a new ground for rape charge: ” she’s not his type” ?

    • SongYii

      The girl misrepresented herself. Should be “even stevens” crime.

  • Amused

    Let this be a lesson fellas. The back of a chick’s head never turned anyone off.

    • SongYii

      Shoulda grabbed her hair and held her from behind…. avoid seeing the face, and beat the assault charge.

      *Not* serious.

    • Rick in China

      You sure about that? :D

      • Amused

        Two bags and a complimentary bottle of Selsun Blue. Your problem is solved, and you have a green light. Hell, knock yourself out and paste a picture of Megan Fox onto her bag.

  • Rick in China

    “having used tools to beat the victim” This is actually a SUPER important piece of information in Chinese criminal law – if any tools are used, including rocks, or literally anything other than the human body in an assault case, it goes up a degree automatically regardless of the injury level. There is also differentiation between an open and closed fist, which also directly alters the degree level assigned. Degree levels (of assault, of injury) are basically what determines the term of punishment. This guy is *definitely* going to prison, hope his parents are proud! I hope he gets beaten and raped, *A LOT*, in prison.

    As for the ‘amusing’ part of the story – what the fuck, he got SO turned on just from a glance at the back that it led to rape, and the face was THAT fug that it turned a rapist off? That’s a little far fetched, I’m not buying it. Has to be more to it.

    • SongYii

      The explanation flies in the face of wisdom that rape is about power/control. But hell, China is so overstocked with butterfaced girls… maybe, just maybe, its a little true.

      However, pretty much every Chinese news article written in narrative, such as this one and countless others published on Chinasmack, sound made up.

      • Rick in China

        Not a lawyer, but interest in law – also during my criminal case, while I had 2 lawyers from different firms, the rotation in Chinese Criminal Court asks me before my lawyers if I have any replies to assertions made by the prosecutor – to which I had, while taking notes on a pad of paper on my knee, every time. I ripped his shit apart so easily my 2 lawyers had almost nothing to add. During the lunch break (it took a full day, 8:30->5:30) the older of my lawyers looked at me with a stupid face, made 2 thumbs up, and said “GOOOOOOOD”. If anyone here should be a lawyer, it’s Kai – pedantics to the max is a lawerly trait. :D

        I agree a little about the power/control thing – I mean, forget how ugly a girl is, if a RAPIST has committed to the point of beating her in her sleep with a broom and pulling up a knife, I can’t imagine the rapist would stop for _anything_, she could have meth mouth and fish eyes ffs, he’s a hard up loser of a uni student with such a raging boner for any girl that he simply sees the back of her and has thrashing dreams?

        MUST be more to it. MUST be, as you suggest, made up…or at least twisted beyond reality into this nonsensical “I wanted to fuck her til I saw her face” ish.

        • SongYii

          Well, I’ve had hundreds, perhaps thousands of “I wanted to fuck her until I saw her face” moments. But “I wanted to rape her until I saw her face,” only had that, maybe, twice. :-D

          • Rick in China

            Has to be more than that. It’s got to be a several times a day thing – at least in Chengdu.. lots of slim tight little bodies, but so many fuuuuuuuuck what the fuuuuuuuuuck faces to match.

          • mr.wiener

            Magnetic women….attractive from behind, repulsive from the front….
            I wonder if many women experience a similar thing with men?

          • Rick in China

            I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s equally magnetic, just either with reversed poles or something similar.. I mean, men initially goggle at asses and say “I NEED TO HIT THAT, NOW” but women, surely, goggle at other things and say “I NEED THAT INSIDE ME, NOW” – and I’m sure it’s some other ‘after-the-fact’ discovery that repulses them :D interesting topic to flesh out..

          • mr.wiener

            But alas, I suspect some women’s true north points to a fat bank account.

          • SongYii

            Not any woman worth bedding and calling later.

          • SongYii

            “flesh out…” nice pun.

          • SongYii

            my university students told me one time chinese only care about a pretty face. i thought ‘thats insane. a nice body to have sex with is very important.’ then i realized, oh shit, nice bodies are a dime a dozen here.

          • Amused

            Until you try to find a girl with an ass. Any ass. Dear god, why did you give these women such nice legs and no ass to tie it all together?

          • SongYii

            man, chinese (actually, east asian women) do have exceptionally beautiful legs. but i like their small asses, as long as they are round.

          • Rosemon Calvin Pilot

            LMAO man you’re just too much!

        • Apothis

          I would like to think maybe it was the look of terror on her face that touched him and caused him to stop….but that would mean this idiot actually has some compassion…probably not.

          • Rick in China

            I can’t see that as a possibility — compassionate people don’t stalk women they see once from behind, smash them while they sleep with a broom, and hold a knife on them with the intentions of raping them..that’s just insanity. One can hope his face is out there somewhere, and all his school mates know what happened.

    • SongYii

      Are you a lawyer? I’ve always guessed you are a lawyer, but its never been clear to me.

  • Rick in China

    What? There’s only a couple comments that could be considered as such. Get over your fuckin’ self. The story is presented in a somewhat amusing way, so you should expect snarky asshole comments to follow.

    • mr.wiener

      Amusing? only in a weird, f*cked up, misogynistic with no sense of irony kind of way..

      • Rick in China

        By amusing, I mean the *writing style* and the title itself plays more into the “Meh, he didn’t wanna rape her cuz she’s ugly!” more-so than “this guy is committing a fucking atrocious crime and needs to be put in prison immediately” narrative, the latter of which should have been used – as it is a story deserving of seriousness not click/read-bait.

        • lonetrey / Dan

          You bring up a good point. I had the feeling that it was not a really serious article, but I couldn’t put my finger on the problem until you mentioned it!

        • David

          True, the story was certainly written to be amusing or at least sensational (they picked a strange subject, he saw the kind of girl he likes and immediately he thinks “I should rape her”) and apparently it was to enough guys that all the asshole remarks got up-voted. But, as you pointed out, I think this is a subject that few would actually find funny (well, maybe in India).

          • Rick in China

            Well – I differentiate between funny and amusing.. it’s amusing in its sensationalism and ridiculousness (ie. leaves me with a “what the fuuckkkk”, not a “HAHAHAHAHA”), it’s intended to make the reader go “Holy shit, she must be ugly! Where’s her face!” instead of “Wow…what a fucking douchebag, I hope he rots.” It’s not the girl or the situation that is in the wrong, it’s the guy and the person who either made up or wrote this piece.

          • David

            Yes, I understood what you meant and I agree 100%.

    • ptptp

      Regardless of the writing style, the woman was assaulted for God’s sake. That’s no laughing matter and that she doesn’t meet some sociopaths standards should not subject her ridicule.

      • David

        I think most of us are making fun of the writing style and the comments, because it IS a serious matter being reported in a not-so-serious manner.

        • anon101

          “IS a serious matter” what?? Islamic State was involved?? god help us all..

  • Hank

    Fucking rookie….just turn her around

  • SongYii

    He’s only talking about the way it was written, not the subject matter. And he’s kind of right… the article is not written very seriously.

  • I’ve always heard that rape is not a sexual thing – but a power thing. So this suggests then that for some it is not about power but about sex then?

    • guest

      While it may be partially a power thing, of course sex is the main issue at play, don’t know why people can’t figure that out. Instead of raping, why not kill a person? Doesn’t that make you more powerful? Or why don’t the majority of male rapists rape other men, instead of women, if it’s just about power?

  • don mario

    the rapist is one of the biggest fuck ups know to man. he was planning to knock her out first, so thats fucked up in itself- he wanted to fuck her unconscious unwilling body. then the dude tried to knock her out with a MOP? after all that dude decides he is picky! he doesnt rape fat chicks or what? oh yea, chinese guys are very picky about the girls face.. probably he was hoping she looked like fan bing bing. just kill this guy already, don’t let him pass on his genes and waste others air any longer. the girl is actually pretty lucky, she got the satisfaction of calling the cops on his dumb ass.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    nicely put!

  • x1sfg

    The guy should be castrated.

    As for the comments, I’m not surprised. It’s not just a China thing, although China takes it to another level. It’s an internet thing. Other forums around the world would have troll comments like that, it’s just stupid people being even stupider online.

    • David

      I think it helps that the woman was not actually raped, thank God. She was assaulted and seriously scared (and the man certainly had the intention of raping her, so should go to jail for that) but she is a lot less hurt than she could have been so people concentrate on the crappy and incendiary writing style of the dumb article.

  • linette lee

    That is too sad. LOL.

  • Rick in China

    Unless it’s a George Carlin scenario, nothing is amusing about *rape*, you need some help in your reading comprehension…perhaps.

    I wouldn’t interpret it any differently if the girl was Chinese and the guy is Japanese, are you ignorantly implying that I’m some anti-Japanese Chinese mainlander? I, unlike you, have my photo in my profile – no, I’m not Chinese, and no, I don’t give a shit about what races or whatever anyone in the story is.

    The story is so ridiculous it almost borders fabrication. The story is written in a way that the WRITER deserves criticism for being a fucking failure as a person – whether it’s in the laughable ridiculous way the story is presented, or in the fabrication itself (if it’s actually based in reality). It’s absolutely written in an amusing in the sense of ridiculous and sensational way. The subject itself, and the poor girl who we assume this happened to, is an entirely different story – one which I mention in another post, a serious article that should be written to describe the situation….not this farcical one.

  • IsurvivedChina

    Good from far but far from good!

  • Vernon Alarcon Jr.

    I’m sad for the girl. She can only find a lover in the black coonmunity now!

  • Fgsggshhs

    For all we know she could be fairly attractive, it’s just the killer who has an abnormal sense of beauty (he’s demented in the head after all). She def didn’t lose face in my book

  • Heroinsoup

    Wow, the comments are pretty sordid.
    Also, props to the guy who translated “The view from the back has snared many,while the view from the front has scared away many more.”
    That’s pretty clever, I don’t think the wordplay was in the original.

  • CCgirl

    If she lives next door, he must had seen her more than her back for him to think about her all the time. Perhaps she looks different with her bed head n when she’s half asleep??