Chinese Girls Before and After Makeup

Chinese girls before and after makeup comparisons.

From Tianya:

Before and after makeup comparisons, even more shocking than plastic surgery

Chinese girls before and after makeup comparisons.

Chinese girls with and without makeup comparison pictures.

Chinese girls before and after makeup comparisons.

Chinese girls with and without makeup comparison pictures.

Chinese girls before and after makeup comparisons.

Chinese girls with and without makeup comparison pictures.

Chinese girls before and after makeup comparisons.

Chinese girls with and without makeup comparison pictures.

Chinese girls before and after makeup comparisons.

Chinese girls with and without makeup comparison pictures.

Chinese girls before and after makeup comparisons.

Chinese girls with and without makeup comparison pictures.

Chinese girls before and after makeup comparisons.

Chinese girls with and without makeup comparison pictures.

Chinese girls before and after makeup comparisons.

Chinese girls with and without makeup comparison pictures.

Chinese girls before and after makeup comparisons.

Chinese girls with and without makeup comparison pictures.

Chinese girls before and after makeup comparisons.

Chinese girls with and without makeup comparison pictures.

Chinese girls before and after makeup comparisons.

Chinese girls with and without makeup comparison pictures.

Chinese girls before and after makeup comparisons.

Chinese girls with and without makeup comparison pictures.

Chinese girls before and after makeup comparisons.

Chinese girls with and without makeup comparison pictures.

Chinese girls before and after makeup comparisons.

Note: Some of these images have appeared in other Chinese netizen posts, such as “Chinese Girls With & Without Their Makeup“.

Comments from Tianya:


Fuck, and to think I’ve YY‘d before to those pretty online MM before!


How pretty someone is after makeup is directly proportional to how frightening they are after removing makeup. Those with thick makeup I normally pass on, as I’m scared.


Motherfucking, I’m never going to talk to young women with heavy makeup ever again, this is too frightening.


Women these days are either too ghastly to look at,
or they’ll scare you to death when they take off their makeup. MM are fake these days, everything is fake. Sigh, all breasts are the same.


Ling Luan Ni Ni is too disgusting.
The others weren’t bad originally.

[Note: Ling Luan Ni Ni is the girl that appears in most of the above photos. Her Sina Weibo and Sina blog.]


Oh my god! This world is so magical!


These days, it is the Chinese who are the best at makeup .


Thanks to the LZ for digging these out! I finally know what “beauties” are. I will never trust the internet ever again. Such a deception!


Some guy got married and discovered that night his wife had changed persons!!!


Summary: This world doesn’t have ugly women, only lazy women~~~~ Hahaha~~~~ But I still like girls without makeup~~~ And what more, whether eye makeup is done well or not has a really big effect~~~ Ding this~~


The one that appears the most [in the photos] is such a deceiver!

There are no ugly women. Personals @ chinaSMACK.

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  • Dave in Macau

    Nothing new there, mediocre girls using their makeup skills to look hot(-)ter.
    Happens all over the world.

    • terroir

      Well, now we know how to compliment an ugly girl:
      “Wow! You’re really good at making yourself look prettier than you are!”

      If they’re also overweight and have daddy issues to boot, you might as well invite the rest of your car pool to have a turn riding the public scooter.

      • GJ

        That comment can also be followed by a slap/punch to the face… :D

  • BigBadBoy

    Sitting on a sofa watching pretty girls -bliss

    • BigBadBoy

      Damn you Dave from Macau…blocking my view!

    • name required

      when is this ‘sofa’ faggotry going to end?? everytime you finish reading a post here your eyes end up on the same recycled trash of a comment mentioning ‘sofa’. ok, we get it that posting the first comment amounts to a sort of victory in your life, but please don’t make it so boring for the rest of us…

      • GJ

        I think they call that a “meme”. ;)

      • Just John

        The Kooks – Sofa Song (Just for you name required)

        The city freeze before
        I just realised I don’t like you
        Me and my girl
        Are going out for some air
        And I will do my best
        Just to get under her dress
        And catch you out if I can
        On the other side of my sofa

        Won’t you come on over
        The other side of my sofa
        Oh won’t you come on over

        The city heated it up
        It got blurry cause I’d had enough
        And he tried to take your soul
        But didn’t realise you keep it in a different hole

        Won’t you come on over
        The other side of my sofa
        Oh won’t you come on over

        So here he comes, a man with
        A loaded gun, I don’t know if he
        Wants my soul or my
        Cash flow, I s’pose I don’t know

        So here he comes, a man with a
        A loaded gun I don’t know if he
        Wants my girl’s heart or her pearls
        I s’pose I don’t know
        I s’pose I don’t know
        I s’pose I don’t know
        I s’pose I don’t know
        I s’pose I don’t know

  • staylost

    So similar to last times. Has many of the same pictures.

    How do they get the eyes to look so big? That is the main change

    • slatkin


    • Dave in Macau

      The eyes look larger due to a combination of makeup and those contact lenses with irises painted on them that make your pupils appear bigger.
      All the skanks in Macau have those. The hotties do too.

    • JustABlackWoman

      No its not photoshop their called circle lenses(,(contact lenses popular in asia to make your eyes big and doll like)) you can by them on the internet for dirt cheap.
      Ive actually bought some before.

    • wikipedia

      eyelid tape, lash extensions, circular contact lenses and different eyelinear colourations can make the eyes appear bigger, watch michelle phan’s videos in youtube and you’ll understand

    • Interested

      Special contact lenses

    • 双眼皮胶水

      Don’t forget the eyelid glue/stickers! Or possibly eyelid surgery

  • Woman


    Meh… Chinese women seem to think they need to look like skin and bone dolls to be attractive.

    I do like the comment about a man married one woman but she changes into another every night!!!

    • terroir

      Hey you, Woman:

      Internet Law # 561: The use of the word “meh” can not be preceded by the use of caps lock or exclamation marks, let alone

      (ten) of them.

      And: Chinese women definitely think they need to look like “skin and bone dolls” otherwise Chinese men will not want them. Why be independent and strong when you can be submissive and simultaneously passive-aggressive?

  • dave

    thats why i chase women about

    years old. they are usually not this stupid haha

    • superhappycow

      And they’re about 2x as sexy.

      Go us.

  • mystery_man

    Quite a lot of these girls don’t even need make up.

    • GodsHammer

      So you are legally blind … or just betting that the ass is enough to compensate? haaa

      • mystery_man

        You idiot.


        and and a couple others are quite pretty naturally, features and all that. They only looked tired and a little messy, nothing couldn’t be fixed by changing lifestyle.

  • AnHonestObserver

    That one chick seems to change into entirely different people! She should be a spy. What’s with that ugly frog face some of the girls make that they think are cute? It looks like they swallowed something they wished they hadn’t.

    • Patrick

      Same thought crossed my mind. That and Coyote ugly.

  • terroir

    For practical purposes, the picture on the left should be reversed with the one on the right. That way this represents what you see at night, and then what you see the morning after.

  • Foreign Devil

    Luckily most girls in China .. . outside of HK and Shanghai are not plastered with makeup so what you see is what you get. I remember dating this girl who used to never wear makeup. .she was pretty but I would not say a 10. Then after we breakup she comes back from summer in China and I meet her wearing makeup and she was suddenly a perfect 10! I was kind of annoyed that she had not found her style BEFORE we broke up.

    Also never trust those posted profile fashion pics for Chinese girls when looking online for a date. Make sure you see their daily life photos, like when they are wearing their ugly school uniforms etc . .

    • Nicole

      what the fuck?

      • 双眼皮胶水

        My reaction exactly!
        @Foreign Devil: Make up is disgusting. You try having that shit smeared across your skin for an entire day. See how it feels the next day. Thanks for suggesting that women can only be a “10” if they cover their faces in carcinogenic substances.

    • Nicole

      what, are you an expert on Chinese girls? on a scale from


      how would you rate yourself a creep?

      • Foreign Devil

        Actually yes Nicole I am somewhat of an expert on Chinese girls. What I wrote is how all guys think. Of course you being a girl wouldn’t understand. How hot a girl looks is the 1st thing a guy judges . . .. deal with it!!

        • Nicole

          first thing i look for is whether or not this person is a total loser

          • Foreign Devil

            Just because you are “looks-challenged” yourself. . .no need to get bent out of shape! As long as you don’t require your husband to be own a house or car. . you can still get someone half decent. Just lower your standards a bit and you won’t be so lonely and spiteful. :) Remember boys outnumber girls in China. . your chances are better!

          • 山炮 ShanPao

            Lol. The only difference between men and woman the world over is that men are more likely to tell the truth when it comes to how we select who we date, fuck, marry. Nicole – I know your all Chinese and naive and that, but if you do meet a guy who says he looks for girls based on their personalities first, then congratulations, you just met someone who lied to you… deal with it.

        • Nicole

          what? i like my boyfriend because we share similar values, interests, and goals. there is such a thing called a fulfilling relationship.

        • Nicole

          also i live in brooklyn, not in china, and i don’t need a house or a car to impress me

        • Nicole

          i can’t believe you tried to even insult my physical appearance over the internet. 100% creep

          • kep

            Anyone with half a brain knows that all humans judge others by their appearance first. Anyone with the other half of a brain is aware of this subconscious bias and can override it and look beyond the surface. In conclusion, Nicole, don’t bother arguing with a person who only displays half a brain at best and presumes to speak for about 50% of the population. There’s no arguing with irrational people who are ruled by their basest impulses.

          • 山炮 ShanPao

            Hey kep – playing the “hey girls look at me I am a nice guy” card on the internet makes you look even more of a tool than when you do it in a bar. Truth is nice guys always finish last… and you wont be attracted to someone you find ugly.

          • TomTuttleFromTacoma

            Nicole, is this the first time on an Internet message board?

      • donscarletti

        I would rate Foreign Devil’s comment as “sagelike”, you’re welcome to make your own assessment of course.

    • dim mak

      The shit are you talkin about? Shanghai is the worst when it comes to this.

      And Nicole = supreme butthurt

      • 山炮 ShanPao

        he said Shanghai was the worst along with HK ;-)

        • dim mak

          Yeah.. I should probably read things first

          But HK isn’t that bad these days, we had our superficial phase in the 80s/90s

      • Nicole

        What butt hurt? I don’t register insults from a bunch of lame dudes who downloaded “The Game” onto their Kindles in hopes to improve their pathetic bar conversations. Especially if any of these guys have a receding hairline and are in China trying to pick up Chinese girls born in the 1990’s. My boyfriend and I were just in Beijing this past December, and we were “fascinated” by all the awkward white dudes in bars trying to hobble to the music and rub down any girl they could. If any of those guys came to Brooklyn, they would not stand a chance with chicks.

        • 山炮 ShanPao

          A lot of guys I have met in China would agree that they can score better chicks than they could back home… in terms of looks anyway. However, they would also agree that the girls they find in China are better with regards to attitude. I mean, how many expats in China look back to Europe, USA etc and say “fuck… I miss those complicated, overweight, pretentious, hipster, career minded, feminist, disloyal, sperm catching, english speaking ladies of emancipation.” Just because your a Chinese girl living in New York and its every Chinese persons foolish dream to follow in your footsteps doesn’t mean every white dude from the western world is as fickle as you. You’d have to pay me large amounts of cash to live in Brooklyn and even more to put up with one of the bitches that are spawn from it.

          • kep

            @ShanPao: You’re quite presumptuous to assume I’m a male, trolling the internet out of desperation like yourself. Please don’t project your own prejudices and misogynistic views onto me. There are plenty of people in this world whose lives are about more than mere materialistic pleasures. The sad thing is you will only attract the type of women who fit your stereotypes, so you’ll probably always have that lonely feeling inside no matter who you meet or wank off to.

          • 山炮 ShanPao

            Sorry for thinking you were a bloke… just came across that way… guess I have been around the submissive type of women for too long. I don’t think I projected anything on to you however. My life is about much more than materialistic pleasures. If you read what I wrote then you would see that’s what I am criticising Nicole for… her ‘pedestalling’ of brooklyn’s art and fashion world. If I were to speak in her manner, I would say I grew up on a farm in Kenya amongst lions and giraffes, educated in England and South Africa amongst dynamic but simple societies of educated yet humble people. I don’t wear the latest jeans or wander around art gallery’s with a glass of wine claiming to admire someone’s shit smeared on a mirror, neither do I lick the rim of a dog (which i kid you not…. the blog a certain some one who recently commented on ChinaSMACK would have you believe that its artistic.) Nahh… I’d rather be in the bush with my hat on… you see materialism just isn’t for me. I simply stated that humans… like all animals… are attracted to certain things. A peacock with a big and bright set of tail feathers will attract a better mate, that mate doest care about the peacocks personality much at first sight. Yeah my girlfriend is a 9, but she is also a cool chick and shares a lot of my interests… how else would we get along? All this said she is still a

            with a cracking rack.

        • dim mak

          Agreed with all that, but c’mon:

          >every foreigner is a white guy

          That’s asspained female lingo

      • Nicole

        I’ll let my insecurities get picked over by the ladies in the art & fashion world in NY, not over the internet. But this is an awesome website, and internet communities are interesting, nonetheless.

        • 山炮 ShanPao

          “art and fashion” – how cliche

        • superhappycow

          Nicole, there’s something wrong with you.

          Reevaluate yourself.

          • terroir

            No need; everyone is evaluating her already.

        • DRaY

          Baby sorry to break it to you but Brooklyn is no place to brag about…. yes it has gotten nicer, but it aint Park Ave sweetie. Brooklyn isn’t someplace to brag about, don’t let the hipsters fool you into thinking it is. If you were living in the “CITY” then I would be impressed. As for the original comment by “Foreign Devil”, he was being honest, you don’t have to like him. I had a similar experience years ago. I had a one night stand with some chick, when I woke up the next morning I had no recollection of what had happened. The girl in the bed was about a 5… I got dressed and then she went and put on her clothes… She was in the bathroom for

          minutes when she came out she looked like a 10!!!! Then I remembered exactly who she was….. Hey call me a dog or whatever, but we are just trying to illustrate the deceptive transformations that some Chinese girls go through to look HOT!!! I Don’t date any Chinese girls without seeing the real face anymore, with and without make is vastly different sometimes.

          • eattot

            you guys too harsh to a girl!
            i guess she is still quite young and naive.
            without looks no one would see your inside.

          • 双眼皮胶水

            First of all, her name’s Nicole, not baby. Nicole wasn’t bragging.. She was simply pointing out that she doesn’t live in China after someone made the assumption (based on her looks) that she lives in China. She’s also already pointed out that’s she’s not superficial and not trying to impress anyone.. You’ve completely missed the point of her comments. So basically, your comment was a failure of an insult. From the comments above I can only gather that many of the guys on here will complain if a girl wears make up and complain more if she doesn’t.

  • eattot

    that ugly girl is really skilled…most people with and without makeup no big difference, unless put on wig and fake eyelash…
    the ugliest things for me is half colored hair, dry dying hair, heavy black eye liner, too much lace layer by layer, too much pink, especially that direct pink…walking like dying in high heels…

    • aclcla

      haha yeah pisses me off when i see chicks teetering around in shoes they don’t know how to walk in.
      it’s extremely unattractive, but i think they dont think so. maybe its a kick-back to the time of bound feet.
      i even saw some boyfriend once helping his chick along, because her shoes were too idiotic to walk in at all.

    • dim mak

      Agreed. All hideous.

    • Capt. WED

      Eattot don’t need makeup, Eattot is Ninja Girl! (cthululululululululuzzzzzz)

    • Capt. WED

      I’m Dr. Zoidberg. We should mate. Our kids will be a gay fish.

    • Nicole

      We saw so many girls trying to hike mountains in heels in China! In the snow!

      • staylost

        So true!

        In high heels, in the snow and blinded by my pasty whiteness as I walk up Huangshan without my shirt on.

        (I can’t call it hiking if there is a stone walkway, carefully cut and hauled up the mountain by ox-men, underneath me.)

  • Matthew A. Sawtell

    Honestly do not see the appeal for the “Anime Eyes”… makes me think of the Sam Kinison skits about the perils of being too drunk and/or stoned on a Saturday.

    • Dat Ankle

      Its an Asian thing I guess. A lot of westerns dont like the look of the anime bug eye thing, but big eyes make them look more doll like and childish and thats what goes over there I guess. I agree in thinking they look freaky looking, I saw one once where the whites of a girls eyes were barely there. She looked like a changling or something.

  • whichone

    The ladies are beautiful, no doubt. However am I the only getting a little creeped out about their obsession to look like middle school children?

    • wolfman

      The ladies are beautiful, no doubt ??????????????

      Are you kidding ???????????????
      Have you been living on a deserted island for the last

      years ? On your own ?

      • whichone

        I meant with make up. :)

        If I was living on a deserted island, of course I’d be on my own. If it were full of people, can it still be called a “deserted” island?

        Don’t get so worked up, I think after two question marks, sentences just look silly.

        • wolfman

          mmmmmmmmmmmm : So Gilligan / the skipper / maryanne / etc were not on a deserted island, very interesting, I see nothing.

          • whichone


  • Krell

    That’s why i dont like girls who wears make up.

  • O.R. Gazm

    Can man transform as well?

    • Foreign Devil

      We can go to the gym in get in shape. . . but that’s about as far as we can transform. Oh and get shave and haircut too.

      • B

        I’ve seen some “very” transformed guys down in Thailand.


    All this proves is – makeup makes you look more sexually attractive. *shock horror*. Perhaps that is why women spend about $20 billion on the stuff every year? Nothing to see here. Move along

  • k

    Chinese girls do insane makeup, but at least they dont have.the insane surgical facial reconstruction surgery that Korean women do…. Any pretty Korean u see is a result of surgery.

    • Dat Ankle

      You dont think that Chinese women go do surgery to make their face thinner too?

      • moop

        k is deflecting. he has to save face for china and chinese women, so he makes these kinds of comments about koreans. another insecure chinese person posting bulshit on the internets

  • typingfromwork

    Makeup, and a fuck-tonne of photoshop.

  • Scott

    Is the woman in most of the photos
    a professional make-up artist? She
    could probably have a good career
    working in Hollywood or with fashion

    Also, I don’t think her before photos
    are ugly. She just seems to hide her
    inner beauty behind a frown in most
    of her before photos. I thought all the
    women looked nice without make-up.

    In my opinion, the only ugliness in
    this story is the shallow comments
    from guys.

    • mr. weiner

      Yes, you are right , I’m shocked and appalled. Why can’t we have before and after shots:with clothing/without clothing?
      If you are looking to find comments of any depth greater than a wading pool I’d suggest you are at the wrong site. In fact I don’t think you should be using a computer at all.

      • ACE

        Whiner,thought perhaps you should post your White Trash fat arse mother’s before , after and naked pics. for everyone’s entertainment. In fact your pics. might even win the ‘Picture of the Year award’.

        • donscarletti

          Zing, you sure roasted him. You put “trash” after “white” and then called his mother fat, BAM! Such a witty comeback at a mere 1.5 hours after he posted, keep it up ACE, you’re living up to your name!

          • terroir

            Maybe it’s one of those “it’s funny because it’s true” things.

            You just had to be there. Even though no one was drinking, everyone had milk running out of their noses. Like as if we were all androids from “Aliens” getting our hoses cut. One guy serious couldn’t stop laughing and had to go stand in a baby morgue in order to get his senses back.

        • mr. weiner

          Ace, I’m worried about the poverty of your language skills. Eskimos have

          words for “snow” , I want you to come up with

          words for “caucasian people of low character”.

          • ACE

            Whiner, are you forgetting that we’re giving you center stage? Just keep us entertain.’Nuff said.

          • mr. weiner

            Ace, it warms my heart that you are so excited about someone taking notice of you for the first time, but what about some quid pro quo here? If I’m going to entertain you you can at least try to make some intelligent or even understandable comments , rather than your usual chimp-fling-poo routine.

    • megan

      You’re so right, Scott. Some of the girls in the before photos are legit quite pretty and most are not bad at all–most of them have really clear, smooth skin to begin with. But they’re all frowning in their before photos which of course makes them uglier than they really are –it’s amazing how much a smile can brighten and transform a face.

      My first impression was, “Wow! These girls are really skilled at makeup.” But like you, I think some of it is unnecessary –the huge circle lenses freak me out and the Lolita look is creepy and infantilizing. I feel like I’m not looking at something human in the after-photos.

    • Misia

      “the only ugliness in this story is the shallow comments from guys”

      This. And #17 looks way better without make-up (she’s not even the only one, just the one who stands out most).

    • DRaY

      This is typical in CHina… I live in Shanghai and my TW friends love to go to those high end KTVs where you tip the girls 1k rmb. All of them are made up like dolls, big eyes. I don;t get it , but it works for them. I just like to look through the girl’s cell phones to try and catch a glimpse of the “real” them and from time to time I find a pic and they quickly snatch the phone from my hands. They look totally different without the makeup, I mean from a


      to a

      or 5. …. I even look at the wedding pictures of one of my Chinese Co-workers the other day, I didn’t even recognize her she looked like a model and she is pretty ugly in real life…. Chinese girls just over do it when it comes to makeup. NUFF SAID!!!

  • andywattbulb

    Nothing more unatractive than having souless anime eyes.
    Most of these girls in the before pictures arn’t even that ugly.

    I also see some photoshop here and there.

  • diverdude

    Let us leave the beautiful women to men with no imagination.  ~Marcel Proust, Albertine disparue,

    • Joe

      Yeah, that’s a terrible fucking quote. I proudly admit I do not have enough imagination to deal with a

      pound landwhale.

      • superhappycow

        This site cracks me up.

      • terroir

        You ought to start dating people from outside your family circle.

        pound landwhales are attracted to anything fried in lard, reality TV and losers, so maybe you ought to live it up in ImaginationLand.

  • dim mak

    Why is this ‘look’ so common? Am I the only Asian guy who thinks it’s stupid?

    Hair dye/skin whitening/circle lens = race traitor bullshit.

    Not even kidding. None look good on Asian girls. Circle lens make you look like an alien. Too skinny/childish expression = retarded. Take note, ladies.

    • Elijah

      Get out of Canada then if you feel so strongly about being a ‘race traitor’…

      Support your ‘race’ by going back there and contributing there…



      • dim mak

        I support my race by being a cultural, political, and ethnic force outside of the homeland while doing business and enriching China whenever possible.

        In conclusion: Eat a dick, faggot.

        • superhappycow

          Hahahahah, what’s wrong with you?

          • dim mak

            Nothing, what’s wrong with you?

          • Boris

            Try to have a modicum of compassion for Mr. Mak. It’s clear he’s frustrated. As of late, his cat’s been putting up somewhat more than a token resistance. It’s surprising what can lead to nationalism.

        • Alan

          while doing business and enriching China whenever possible

          Unfortunately, that happens to foreign companies inside China too. They get ripped off, as China is a member of the WTO, rules are there to be followed.

          Or do you think you are a unique snowflake and can make your own rules? I guess you do.

        • staylost

          Eating dicks is how you enrich China’s cultural, political, and ethnic force?

          This man is a true patriot!!!

          • terroir

            So, is the new way to call giving a blowjob “waving a flag”?

            …Standing at attention, raised at full mast, would the “fluttering in the wind” refer to “ball-playing”?

          • Boris

            That hasn’t been proven conclusively. In the meantime, we’ll have to suck it and see.
            Dr. Chew Man Chew certainly seems to have a fair amount of experience at this, what with being a cultural force. Personally, patriotism has always left a foul taste in my mouth.

    • DRaY

      @ DimMAK, so proud to be Chinese, but don’t live in China… hahahahahah!!!!!!! I will tell you like I tell my HK friends… If you love China so much trade in your European/Canadian/New Zealand/Australian Passports and get a Chinese Passport … You love China, but pledge allegiance to another country to line your pockets…. Way to go you are the definition a Patriot!!! Only proud to be Chinese when it suits you. You are the reason why China will Ultimately fail, no fucking identity,

      faced and full of shit. …. Go hide in the closet while your wife is being raped!

      • dim mak


        Of any country in the world, China has the most identity. I never pledged allegiance to anything and I’m ALWAYS proud to be Chinese. Your country is going down the shitter, and China is rising faster than ever.

        • DRaY

          Please elaborate on this identity ? Unless you are referring to horrible hygiene, whores everywhere, spiting in the street, rampant corruption in all levels of society, overt misogyny and cheap labor. … I’m not trying to be petty, but please explain to me these characteristics that give China more identity than any other country.
          I would go out on a limb and say you have China confused with America the country that has given more to the world than any other country ever and I’m just talking about bad movies and syndicated TV shows. Don’t get me started with ACTUAL contributions, monetary, technology, intellectual ideas, financial ideas, etc. The modern world as we know it was thought up by Americans…. Not not mention some of the most global recognizable locations …. oh wow…please enlighten me about this Chinese identity…lol

          • Rosemon Pilot

            ……”Go hide in the closet while your wife is being raped!!!” *Takes deep breath* DAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!!!! LMBAO!!!!
            …..Dray you went HARD on that one!!! LMAO!
            Dim Mak you just got MAK’d the fu!@ out!!!

        • Elijah

          Actually as has been pointed out before, you did in fact pledge alliance to Canada upon receiving citizenship, unless it was your parents or grandparents before you who did the pledging.

          If anything, the possibility that you were born in Canada and didn’t grow up in china only makes your arguments so much more laughable. Beyond naive into the realm of true unintentional comedy.

          Also as a further rebuttal, china is in FACT NOT rising faster than ever due to the myriad of severe social and economic problems that are deeply rooted and can’t be band-aided over. Canada on the other hand has consistently been rated as a top-level economy with an extremely secure and stable financial sector.

          In conclusion, your whole attitude towards ridiculous nationalism for a country you don’t live in and don’t have to suffer under is truly one of the most retarded things I’ve ever seen in the comment section. Honestly, why don’t you sit down with your folks who came over here and explain to them that the blood, sweat and tears that they paid in order to come to Canada AWAY from china was all pointless and worthless because china is obviously the superior country and anyone who doesn’t recognize that is a weak fool.



          • Alan

            Canada on the other hand has consistently been rated as a top-level economy with an extremely secure and stable financial sector.

            I would agree with you there.

            Unfortunately, whether you agree with it or not, you live in China, albeit an S.A.R of China, just as Macau is.

          • Elijah

            Alan, are you the same stalker who keeps stealing wrappers and things from garbage cause they touched my lips?

            Cause I have to say I was a bit flattered at first, but the creep-factor is hitting critical levels.

            All aboard the one-track mind Choo-choo!

          • Alan

            but the creep-factor is hitting critical levels.

            Keep going boy,,,that’s the spirit!

        • TraderPaul

          Most of the wealthy Chinese elite (66%) have made plans to emigrate FROM China in the next few years. Where is the pride there? Nationalistic pride is instilled by those in power upon the poor, common folk so they feel content with themselves and it provides fodder for war if needed. Happens in all large countries, including China and the U.S. Pledging allegiance to another country has nothing to do with lining one’s pockets. I know many recent chinese immigrants in Vancouver (where I live) and they are here because they believe that society here is better, more advanced, and classier. They are not here to make money, because they all claim that making money is far easier. I’m Chinese.

  • dim mak

    And most of these girls are pretty enough IMO, except the one that keeps getting reposted (Ni Ni). She looks like a Korean with downs.

  • Meh

    It’s not just Chinese women who do this. Everyone does it. The circle lenses are mostly an asian thing. They scare me, eyes are like O_O

  • Ho hum

    Man, that big round eye look is so stoopid.

  • Ho hum

    Eyes shouldn’t look like eggs standing vertically.

    • LeBlanc

      It amuses me that Chinese girls try their hardest to look like White girls, and most White girls are so trashy they’d jump in bed w. the nearest negro they can find. Almost every chinese I know considers the negro lower than an ape. It’s because the jews who control Western media have such an atavistic hatred of everything White that they put the negro on a pedestal as their special pet monkey and 95% of White girls are so dumb and so trashy as to fall for it. The Chinese are are so blessed that the pestilence of the jew made its way west instead of east.

      • Joe

        Nah, I think you’re just mad your white girlfriend broke up with you. Everyone knows that Jews and Negros are the two excuses that whites routinely come up with to rationalize their own fuckups. In my city, the majority of crime is caused by whites. White people planting cameras in bathrooms, robbing banks, etc. The black population is over 10% and the crime rate is one of the lowest in America.

        • LeBlanc

          Yet isn’t it strange that when you look at nations with little/no jews or negroes (such as Iceland), there are no “White fuck ups?” Strange how that works, isn’t it? China for Chinese. Africa for Africans. White nations for….everybody? That’s how it works, right Joe?

          • B

            LeBlanc your right.
            Anti-White is the term.

          • staylost

            Iceland is a huge turd! Do you ever watch the news?

            They totally destroyed their own country by not being responsible with their cash.

          • Rosemon Pilot

            So your snow bunny left you for “ape” you bigot jerk off!? Ah don’t fret it…It’s not so hard too see why…. can’t expect them to suffer for your “shortcomings” now can we?….Plus it’s not just white girls….All women around the world craves the Black experience….leave your insecurities at the door

          • Joe

            There are no white fuckups because there’s no easy scapegoats to target, so white people keep quiet.

          • Joe

            I’ve dealt with white people long enough to know how they act. When things go wrong, pin the blame on others, and when that fails, deny deny deny.

        • donscarletti

          Well, if you’ve got a city with 10% black in the United States, unless you’ve got some pretty substantial Asian or indigenous minorities we can assume the population of whites is 85% at least. If the remaining 15% of people were committing over 50% of the crime then something would be pretty disproportionate.

          • donscarletti

            Seeing LeBlanc’s comments, I formally retract mine. LeBlank and Joe can just settle this silly racial debate while I try to work out which girls I think are cute with and without makeup, which I feel is more my calling.

          • Joe

            Actually the population of whites in said city is under 70%. Black population is over 10%.

        • dim mak

          >The black population is over 10% and the crime rate is one of the lowest in America.
          Completely false, it’s actually the other way around. The 12% blacks commit disproportionately more violent crimes than any other race. In China discussion of any other race besides yellow and white is uncommon except in the context of using them as a piece in Asian vs White debate and maybe some India bashing. Basically, nobody cares unless it’s a person from a rich country.

          Then again I don’t see why whites blame Jews for everything. They’re a tiny, tiny foreign minority. How did they manage to get so much power if whites didn’t suck ass in the first place? It’s the same story with Chinese in Philippines or Thailand. Why are the economies there controlled by Chinese immigrants? Because the locals suck. Doesn’t work in Korea and Japan because they’re just as xenophobic and ambitious, so the playing field is leveled. Can’t fault people for working hard and moving up.

          • superhappycow

            There’s something really wrong with you, dim mak.

          • Alan

            It’s the same story with Chinese in Philippines or Thailand. Why are the economies there controlled by Chinese immigrants? Because the locals suck.

            Your argument makes no sense. Thailands GDP is far higher than that of the PRC. That could well be down to the Chinese, but how many Thai’s are of ethnic chinese heritage?

          • dim mak

            Lol, no one gives a shit about your per capita faggotry
            There aren’t a lot of Chinese in Thailand, that’s what makes it so remarkable.

          • moop

            china’s gdp isnt remarkable. considering how many people there are in this plce its actually very unimpressive. japan is much more impressive than china with such high standards of living, large economy, and such a low population.

          • mr. weiner

            Actually there are a lot of chinese families in Thailand ,but they had to take Thai sounding names. I forget which king decreed this.

          • dim mak

            Yeah Japan used to do the same and make immigrants take Japanese names

            It’s actually a good assimilation policy, I don’t begrudge them that.

          • Alan

            There aren’t a lot of Chinese in Thailand, that’s what makes it so remarkable.

            By typing that you then agree with me. If the thai people have a higher gdp than your people, or you can post evidence that is different from mine, then do keep your trap shut!

          • LeBlanc

            When a tiny minority stick together within a larger, “out group ” and favor the members of their own tribe over others to the point where they are then directly controlling 96% of the media in a nation where they comprise 2% of the population the we have problem. Especially when that 2% uses “Holyco$t guilt” to bribe the US gvt for billions a yr, recycles that money to payoff American congressmen through AIPAC, and thereby are able to decide issues or war and peace for the American nation. both gulf Wars were fought for the interests of Israel, not America. Whites were doing just fine–in America and Europe–before Jews beta coming off the boats. Notice, also, chinese were imported to this nation in the 1800s to work on the railroads–basically as slaves. why do they now comprise 57% of UC Berkley? Why do chinese not need “affirmative action” to take jobs away from more qualified applicants? After all, they were basically slaves as well at one point. they worked their way up and did not cry for handouts.

      • Foreign Devil

        So when is the next Clan rally LeBlanc? Do you live in the Appalachians, drink mountain dew with every meal, have few teeth left, make money off selling your ill gotten Oxycontin and scavenging for coal on the side of the road and peat moss in the forest??

        • mr. weiner

          Q. How do you circumcise LeBlanc?
          A. Kick his sister under the chin.

          • LeBlanc

            eish, always the jews with their typical stereotypes regurgitated via the will of the big jew, their masters. Coming from an (obvious jew) by the name of “Weiner,” I find that funny. You got me. I live in a trailer park in the middle of NYC. Any White who tells the truth, the automatic response of the Jew is “Klan, white trash, etc..” All the stereotypes the Jew media masters pump in. Look at the thread on here where Fauna are discussing negroes. They are a LOT more truthful than I am. Are they in the Klan, too, hebrew?

          • mr. weiner

            No hebrew am I, “Weiner” is in relation to my trade which is sausage. If it makes you feel any better I’m of Anglo-german extraction. Does that make me a “race traitor”? I certainly hope so. I dislike racists of any nationality, particularly people who make no inteligent contribution of any type , then launch into some diatribe unrelated to the topic about how blacks/asians/whites/fuckenEskimos are of a lower order than themselves.
            Grow up and get a life loser.

        • LeBlanc

          Yes. Every one of those things. You are so very witty and original! Repeating the same unfunny stereotypes the jewish mainstream media has been pushing for over

          years. In the same time, I managed to score in the 96th percentile on the LSAT and go to a t-10 law school. Well, I have to go scavenge coal now. I am missing my wisdom teeth, too. Does that qualify?

          • Foreign Devil

            LeBlanc that is even more shameful and disturbing that you have high IQ and good education and still share the same xenophobic, un-enlightened primitive views and psychology of drop-out, pill popping Appalachian Klans men.

            I had a classmate like you who when he got drunk would spew all this hatred. . In fact he was so convinced of his propaganda that he would perceive all black people are giving him dirty looks. This obsession with ancestry, race, differences, purity, etc. .. . I suggest you seek psychiatric help and try and find out what event in your past lead you to blame all your hardships on other races. I assume your parents were also racist. Or perhaps some black or Jewish kids bullied you. Good luck!

        • Jean

          LeBlanc Knows what he is talking about. Check out the video, War by way of Deception. That will or should alter your view
          of what he is saying. I have to agree with him. Not all, but
          those in the upper echelons of Government, not just the US
          government, but many other western Governments. It is the criminal mob of tha ethnicity. It is nearly

          hr. long video. go
          to or org.

      • JustABlackWoman

        Uh oh… someones been butt hurt because their women left him, and with your gross attitude I would to.
        Must have not been the big man on campus you thought you were and had a rude wake up call I see.

        Cry pathetic child cry…

        • JustABlackWoman

          And in case theirs any confusion that last comment of mine was left for the oh-so-not-charming LeBlanc

          • LeBlanc

            If you think I would ever go near a girl who would consider touching a negro, you are VERY wrong. The closest I came was a girl I went out with at Yale (another haven for White task, huh Weiner?) who informed me she had dated Eric Holder’s son, the negro attorney general of the USA. I asked for the check within

            minutes and never took a call from her again. You can put a negro in charge of the Justice Dept., but they are still a Negro. People can see what has happened to South Africa, they are not stupid.

          • mr. weiner

            Was that the “closest I came was a girl I went out with at Yale”?
            This explains a lot. I apologise and fervently wish that you lose your cherry one day. [hint: don’t talk about race related issues on the first date;]

      • xiao jie

        oh leblanc leblanc. where did it all go wrong for you? always looking to blame other people for your problems.blacks have gone through so much in history and even are today and they still manage to remain sane. had it been white folks they would all have committed suicide!! i have no respect for conniving chinese or pretentious looting white people.they are lower than pigs.

        • LeBlanc

          Really? My French ancestors who conquered an enslaved by Romans. What have I gone through? How about nations such as Liberia, that were never colonized? In fact, she the freed American slaves were returned to liberia, do you know the first thing they did? Enslave the native negros! You can spout you Pc bullish-t all you want, but Chinese have not been brainwashed. they can see with their own eyes, hear with their own ears. They may not get that Jews use blacks as their method for destroying the West, but the more business interaction they have with Isra-hell, they will learn.

        • LeBlanc

          You have no concept of Western history. Let me guess– you are either american chinese or a very poorly educated native chinese? Just about every people have been enslaved over the course of their history. Does that account for the IQs below

          in sub-saharan africa, which is considered retarded by Western standards? All this data has been processed and explained in “The Bell Curve” and anyone who knows the truth–e.g., negroes are the only race to lack any Neanderthal admixture in DNA, differences in cranial capacity, impulse control, etc..–needn’t defend himself to anyone of any real intelligence.

          • xiao jie

            u really r sick.

          • mr. weiner

            ……and using the science of mapping cranial bumps we can tell that the black races are only fit to be hewers of wood and carriers of water…..No hang on that was because Ham was the only son of Noah to not turn his head and instead contemplated his father’s drunken , naked shame.
            Don’t you know any other songs?

          • LeBlanc

            LMAO, oh that is rich! A “man” who admits to being in the “sausage” industry is trying to intellectually excoriate a Wall Street lawyer who finished 8th in his class at a t-10 law school! Yes, you must simply be beating the females off with a stick when they learn that you are in the meatpacking business! And you’ve the temerity to call me a “loser?” where did you get your post-grad degree in meatpacking? Did you make “Sausage Review” at your school? I always love when someone such as you–who runs a street corner hotdog stand– tries to bring his betters down a notch via the only forum where he can dare–the internet. In real life, you’d address me as “sir” and not even have the nerve to make eye-contact with me. Hilarious. Eish, the depths I must descend to in an effort to educate the unwashed masses and inspire others on my level who know the truth but fear to speak out because they think they are alone. A hotdog vendor! Oh thanks, you just made my day! :)

        • LeBlanc

          Lols, no, “Weiner,” that was the closest I came to the allegations of “losing” a girl to a negro. I’d be willing to bet a substantial amount that my record as far as women is quite superior to your’s in terms of both numbers and quality. You are so amazingly stupid–blinded by the cultural marxism that has been pumped into your head throughout your miserable life– that you know nothing else. You do realize that America & all NATO countries are a few months away from war with Iran, totally on behalf on Israel, right? Read the site Take a look at the tapes from last year’s AIPAC convention. Is Ron Paul a Klansmen too bc he doesn’t believe America should act as Israel’s bullyboy and answer “how high?” whenever they say “jump?” It’s quite strange that I’m a “racist” given I have no problem with Asians, because they are hardworking and industrious and don’t ask for handouts. You are SO lost and don’t even realize it. But reality has a way of finding people such as you whether you desire it or not.

          • LeBlanc

            p.s.- prove me wrong. Go to IQ statistics–even available on Wikipedia– and see if I lie that the avg IQ of the subsaharan Negro is

            and the avg IQ of the African Bushmen is 55. If I am lying, you come back and tell everyone I’ve lied and expose me as a liar. But for some reason, I don’t think you’ll be doing that bc the stats are 100% accurate. Southeast Asians have the highest IQs, trailed by Euros by


            points, and then there is a

            point drop off to Negroes. Also, an article in this month’s “National Geographic” has published results based on statistical studies of twins essentially proving that intelligence is 75% heredity. A bunch of cultural marxist, ANTIFA types (your kin) actually tried to get the professor who ran this study fired bc it contradicts the marxist doctrines of egalitarianism and “tabula rasa.” Is National Geographic now a racist publication, too? More and more people are waking up and red-diaper babies like you are heading where you belong– into the dustbin of history.

          • mr. weiner

            Nice to see I was the cause of such lawyerly mirth. Have read your replies with interest and will attempt to answer them insequence.

            #1. “You call me a loser you sausagemaking loser you.”
            Yes, I own my own company and I’m doing quite nicely thanks. I mainly ship frozen sausage to order to both individuals and hotels. I wonder what it must be like to be an anti-semitic lawyer and have to work with so many jewish folk on wall street, Jew York, Jew York hmm?
            I was calling you a loser because you have to live a secret resentful life and can only pour your bile out onto the internet. It doesn’t sound like much fun to me no matter what the material rewards.

            #2 “I’ve seen more pussy than a toilet seat and you are Israel’s bitch”.
            Well I can’t say much about the sex thing. Dick measuring competitions aren’t my thing. Sex is a lot like pizza, the worst sex I had was still pretty good. so I guess that makes you the winner if you like?
            I’m a little confused about the Israel thing. The way you describe Asians, sounds a lot like the jews. And America gives them handouts because they are the toughest MFers in the middle East and it’s cheap D+R to give them new toys to play with.No matter what anyone says about holocost guilt. Good book to read on it would be:From Beirut to Jerusalem. Do you tell all your clients about the “2 months from war with Iran ” thing? I doubt it, probably bad for business.

            #3.Black peolple are stupid, I’ve got proof”.
            I don’t doubt that you have the stats to back your arguments up. People like you always do, whether it’s eugenics or social Darwinism. [Incidently what IQ rating did jews get?] You can wave figures at me all day long. Even if they are true what do we do about that? Lock them all up? Send them to another country? Ban interacial marriege? I’d be interested to to know what you’d propose to do about it, and also how cuturally biased these IQ tests were. I’ve had this debate with Kiall before and it changes nothing, no matter what stats you have to back up your prejudices.
            Anyhoo I’m taking my red diapered[been listening to Rush Limbaugh have we?] bum off to gym now. That is the beauty of making your own hours. Look forward to chatting with you ,hopefully on different topics, in the future…..W

          • LeBlanc

            @ “Weiner”-I do love when a pretentious person presumes himself to be so very superior to someone else and then finds out he is not only wrong, but the situation is, in fact,

            degree the other way. You see, there are some “unreconstructed White boys” left, who passed through America’s elite universities with the “future Bill Clintons” of this nation, observed the milieu , and silently vowed to one day do everything in our power to see each of them tried for treason and hanged. I’m only 26, so give me time.
            As for the ad hominems and the pissing contest, that was all you my friend. I had simply read the Chinese comments on negroes in one of the stories, was shocked by their refreshing honesty, and added my observation of the phenomenon. I’m going to be part of a project in China where I’ll need to spend a few months there and found this site as a way to learn a bit about the culture beforehand.
            And, for the record, I have never listened to that fat, sweaty, neo-con pig Rush Limbaugh in my life. If you want an example of White trash and a oxycontin popper, there is one for you. Although he is worse than white trash because he affects sentiments of patriotism and conservatism, when he is in fact nothing but a hardworking attack dog for the neo-con, chicken hawk, AIPAC agenda and has no original thoughts of his own. Limbaugh serves to distract Americans from the real problems by getting them excited about cheerleading for the two-party shell game in America, when in fact both Republicans and Democrats should be on their way to the gallows.
            Just my opinion and a heads-up: the 1960s are over and cultural marxism is no longer hip and edgy; now that IS the establishment.

          • Josh

            I’m sorry to say that the Bell Curve studies only apply to American Society as large portions of the books base these findings on data collected in America. Also the findings are only applicable in the modern times as it is data gathered from that age.

            It is also recognise that IQ only reflects logical cognition and is a poor/bias indicator of overall intelligence as their are other forms of intelligence.
            Eg you don’t need to understand the laws of thermodynamic to learn to play a piece by Johann Strauss.
            Eg2 Einstein didn’t really start to speak at a late age (I think 6), so a lack of social and linguistic skills does not impair logical cognitive skills.

            Most of your arguments are base on fringe sciences that require further studies to be proven and peer reviewed to be accepted. So it is hard to accept your statistics even though they might have conducted properly. Such as Neanderthal copulations are theories that aren’t proven yet.

            There are also other factors that make your arguments moot as for the Bell Curve as an example

            out of

            scientist agreed with the view and to me that is not enough to consider the Bell Curve as an actual piece of science as all science are required to be extensively peer reviewed.

            Also the idea that intelligence is wholly contributed genetics is incorrect. Genetics play a vital role but other environmental factors that play their part in developing the human brain. Things like nutrients and stimulating brain functions are equally important. So it is unsurprising that bushmen have low IQs because of Poor diet and they lack the need to stimulate their brains for what they need to do.
            Eg You might have the genes for high metabolism, good skin and hair but the ultimate limiting factor of that is if you don’t consume enough iodine it will lead you to have a poor metabolism, hair loss and flaky skin.

            Also the idea go America defending Israel because they have to is totally incorrect. America is defending Israel so they can have a stronger economic ties with Israel and surrounding friendly countries. This is represented by the amount of military hardware that is exported to these countries. Also oil is another factor as it is in americas interest to protect their oil supply from foreign sources.

            There is also no need to fan the hatred of racial differences as in the end of the day society will progress and prosper more if there is less hatred. Its hard to believe someone of your intelligence lacks the restrain to hold back such inciting comments. If you’re wondering I am of Chinese descent and I don’t take lightly to racism.

          • LeBlanc

            @ Josh- I can tell you’ve been educated in the West, as you–very stereotypically– point to Einstein as if he were the “be all, end all” benchmark of intelligence. Einstein was a very competent theoretical physicist and made some genuine contributions to our understanding of the world. But–just like an American– you never point to Max Planck, James Clerk Maxwell, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky or any of the other men who truly made the key discoveries in terms of nuclear physics, astrophysics, and space travel. The truth is that Einstein has been given his almost mythological status because he is a Jew, and his kinsmen who control the media have carefully nurtured this image.
            You may not understand the role organized jewry has played in the decline of the West. How has such a small tribe been so very destructive? I could ask you the same question about Japan. Just as I lack a full understanding of the Chinese-Japanese situation: e.g., “How could such a small nation with such a dearth of natural resources have invaded and subjugated China while resisting Western colonialism until

            as the Chinese emperor ‘ruled’ with the White man’s boot on his neck and his nation was divided into ‘spheres of influence?’ I don’t have a full understanding and you’d probably tell me it’s too complex for you to explain in a few sentences. So it goes with Europe’s situation with International Jewry.
            You say you “abhor racism.” I’d agree with you. You come from a nation of 1.7 billion where 99.9% is Chinese and you have an overpopulation problem. I come from a race that has been reduced from 34% of the world’s population to around 8% in about

            years. The most popular name for newborn males in the great cities of Europe is now “Mohammed.” We aren’t even allowed to know the real statistics bc the governments have forbidden it. However, I invite you to look at the story on this site by a “tall ethnic Chinese girl,” where she describes the capital of the United Kingdom: “It seems like Londoners come from everywhere but England…”
            As I’ve said, Asia for Asians, Africa for Africans, Arabia for Arabians, India for Indians, Europe for…everybody? There IS no nation of 1.7 billion Whites anywhere in the world. Every Ehite land must now be “multicultural.” If one disagrees, one is labeled a racist ad ostracized. Don’t you imagine there are some Whites who want a land where EUROPEAN culture can predominate and flourish without third-world immigrants pouring in?
            China has made a number of contributions to civilization, but I think we can both agree that the modern world, as we know it, has evolved from Europe and Europeans. The European birth levels are now well below the replacement level–around 1.2-1.4. You may hate Europeans for having colonized your nation and look forward to our extinction, but can we agree that were it not for Europeans, we could not be communicating on this computer right now? The extinction of the native European races will ultimately set back- and possibly even permanently arrest– the progress of mankind in ways neither you nor I can imagine. It is happening right before our eyes, yet to even raise a concern about this is “Nazism.” All Whites are bombarded with nonstop guilt and self-hatred for what happened to the Jews

            years ago, while the Japanese build shrines to men who killed millions of your people and no one has a word to say about it. If Germany erected a shrine to Hitler tomorrow, would it not be on the front page of every Chinese paper? Yet the world knows nothing of Japanese war crimes, and does not care. Why? The Chinese do not control the world media. The Jews do.
            If you take exception with anything I say, I invite you to tell me where I’ve erred. I have no malice toward Asia or Asians. I have no malice toward any particular race. Have you ever toured Europe extensively? If you have, can we agree that the people who designed those cities while fighting off invasions from Mongols and Moors deserve to exist in peace as a majority in their own ancestral lands? Don’t you believe that China has that right?
            I believe Europe has that right as well. If that makes me a “racist” in the modern dialectic, then I wear that badge with honor.

          • mr. weiner

            I think you have established you not a poor unlettered hillbilly, If it was “pretentious” of me to think so from you first comments, well too bad.
            You lecture people on not knowing their history, but your own reading of it is remarkably…selective. Just to look at at the different races, who migrated from every which way to add to the gene pool in Europe is mindboggling. The Romans for example did not subjugate the French or the ancestors of the french, the Franks, they conquered the Gauls.
            I can forsee an explosion of indignation coming, so I’ll hasten to explain.
            Migration, exchanges of ideas and intermingling of the races has always been a part of the natural order. The only signposts of this are genetic signifiers and cultural inheritence such as language. I bought up france as you claim it as you genetic inheritence. Franks, burgundrians , Lombards and many other groups have all come and gone here, leading to it’s present state, but this is an ongoing process and the genetic makeup of this area will continue to change. I would argue that culture is stronger that genetics and it is the “soft power” that can erode the hardest rock. Look at how the Chinese leadership are scrambling at the moment to find homegrown alternatives to the ” contamination” of western culture and ideas.
            Hope to comunicate with you more in the future, BTW just out of curiosity has there ever been an IQ rating for Jews or other semitic people?

          • Josh

            Firstly to clarify I use Albert Einstein as an example, I could have use Nikolai Tesla (who’s excellent works were suppress very well by the American government) or Charles Darwin to exhibit that intelligence is not exclusive to the realm of logic. Einstein and along with Max Planks are famous because their theory are in the forefront of theoretical physics and that’s the reason why they’re so venerated.

            I was here to argue your Scientific evidence. I do not argue your beliefs, I just find it hard to take it seriously when the scientific evidence you give is arguable at all points. I do not imply that you’re racists but someone of your intelligence would know what you said can be taken as racism and it’s probably not wise to fan the fire of racial hatred.

            Japan did not resists the Colonial powers of the west, that’s why the formation of the Meiji era happened which causes the decline of shogunates and samurais. During this phase, the industrial revolution of Japan and trading with the wests was ensure that the country economy prosper. The complacency of the late-Ming dynasty coupled war and with that of the incompetency and the refusal of modernising of the Qing dynasty ensure that China fall from grace in the late-Medieval era. In short, Japan modernise China didn’t. To say that people forgetting the japanese war crime is to trivialise those who had to suffer. In a lot of South East Asia countries people still remember. Some have not forgiven them at all and its understandable as the scars are still in some of these countries.

            I do not hate the idea that the wests has colonised my country. In fact I think the world might had to suffer those turbulent times but retrospectively countries has benefitted from the exchange goods, technologies and knowledge. The post-WW2 economy was build on the immigrants, so naturally I find it hypocritical if someone was to criticise that London is too multicultural.

            You can argue all you want that you have the right to have a “white” land, and thats understandable in someway. But there was NEVER a white (caucasian) race. Europeans draw their ancestry from more than one source so there was never an European race to begin with. As you might have known the Romans ruled majority of Europe but they were not white as they’re from Greece which has its roots in Middle Eastern empires. Throw in that with the Mongolian invasion of eastern europe we have a mix of genes and origin that is actually not caucasian. China is a hot-pot of sub ethnic groups found in that region of the world. India also has sub-ethnic groups all over the subcontinent. Arab itself has many other sub-ethinic groups drawing from tribesman over northern Africa and the Middle east region. The english themselves are part Roman, Germanic, Normandy and Viking descent. So as you can see there is no White race. Just because you have fair skin doesn’t mean you can trace every caucasian back in one nice straight line.

            No one in europe blames any european for the Holocausts, in-fact those that were responsible had already been dealt with long time ago.

            Multi-Culturalism is not a problem, it’s those who makes it an issue that turns it into a problem for everyone. You can argue it brings social issues like crime but I can argue that there’s bad eggs amount the clutch. The Earth belongs to everyone who lives in it. Then I shall ask you: What is wrong with Multi-culturalism?

            Great empires (Alexandre the Great, Romans, Mongolians) are build on Multi-Culturalism, to accept, respect and to assimilate foreign culture and race and not to claim that it is a god given right that this land is yours.

          • LeBlanc

            @ Weiner– none of the groups you mentioned are different “races.” They are different European ethnicities. There is a tremendous difference between the two. Europe has been home to different “ethnicities” for thousands of years. And please don’t start “races don’t exist.” We both know they do exist. For example, Jews get Tach-sachs disease and the Negro is more prone to sickle-cell anemia. This information is crucial for medical professionals because they it helps them to know who is at greatest risk for what disease. Whites, for example, have by far the greatest risk of skin cancer of any race. this is proven. Race is no more a “social construct” than sex is. Have you ever taken college level genetics? You need to learn to differentiate between ethnicity and race before we can really discuss this seriously (I’m not trying to be snide or condescending. If someone on this board or through any medium can present evidence to change my mind, I am always open to new information).

          • LeBlanc

            @ Josh- I am going to be in meetings for most of the day, so can only answer briefly at the moment. Briefly, let me tell you this; your information on the Israel-Palestin conflict and the impact it has on America’s finances and politics is 100% incorrect. I don’t blame you, because unless you really seek out the information, the mainstream press isn’t going to give it to you. Two sites I can recommend (neither of which I am affiliated with or has anything to do with “hate”) are “antiwar(dot)com and ) ifamericansonlyknew(dot)com. If you have a genuine interest in seriously continuing this discussion, I suggest going to the first site mentioned and searching for “Israel and AIPAC” and going to the second site and looking at the statistics and watching their videos.

            I know you said your only interest is in the scientific aspect of this, but unfortunately this is a case where science and politics CANNOT be separated because political pressure often keeps Western scientists in fear. An accusation of “racism–” no matter how spurious– will ruin a scientist’s career. As I mentioned, it destroyed the career of arguably the most important biologist of the 20th century, Dr. Watson, for simply mentioning that–as a whole– statistics indicate that the negro IQ is significantly lower than other races.
            again, if you are serious about this discussion, I implore you to spend

            minutes at those two sites to begin to understand how the Israeli Lobby in america (which is really an unregistered a get of a foreign power) damages America in ways the average person will simply not believe until he studies it for himself.

          • LeBlanc

            @ Weiner- I have only a minute and I have to run, but will briefly answer your question to the best of my ability. Interesting, in america Jews generally do not consider themselves a “race;” when you are applying to law school, there is no box to check for “Jewish” under ethnicity. However, they clearly are a race, but pose as a religious group because it would look far worse for americans to realize than a race composing 2.5% of the population has

            senators out of 100, and exorbitant number of congressmen, and consists of one-third of the US Supreme Court.
            As I recall, the Ashkenazi Jews scored below Asians but above Europeans in I! by one or two points. the differences are by far most pronounced in mathematical ability. This difference in IQ cannot be used to explain, for example, why Jews compose more than 22% of every Ivy league University in the United States. In fact, there have been articles in the Jewish press “complaining” that Jews “only” consist of 17% of the Princeton student body. Quite amazing when one considers that they are 2% of the populate, isn’t it? so let’s look at Harvard, for example which was my older brother’s alma mater. Right off the top, 25% of the students will be Jewish. This has proven true for the last 30+ years. Then factor in Asians (who have to earn their places the same way whites do. then factor in the minority population and afirmative action. Then factor in foreign students. THEN factor is “legacies.” Do you realize just how exceptional a White, Gentile student (especially a middle class Gentile who did not graduate from a “magnet,” $40,000 per year boarding school like Deerfiled or Exeter has to be? I can further look over your email and address the rest of it tonight if you wish. That is, if you wish to have a serious discussion. If you’d like to sit and call me “sick” and “a Nazi,” then I’d rather not bother.

          • LeBlanc

            @ Weiner- please excuse any errors in punctuation or or grammar, as I’m typing from an iPad and I’m really rushing….

          • mankouzanghua

            in the national longitudinal survey of youth (NLSY) jewish american kids scored 113, asian americans 106, and white americans 103. there were about

            kids in the study. that’s obviously only one study, but at least it’s an actual data point.

            LeBlanc, how well do you think intelligence is measured? pretty well? you can correct me if i’m wrong, but tests with high “g loadings” only account for a small amount of variance in relevant outcomes like job performance, income, and even test-related outcomes like grades, right? (like

            to 25% of variance). altogether, hard work, education/training, social skills and other personality factors, luck, who you know, etc. pay off more than one’s IQ.

            add in that the race IQ values you keep mentioning are means with overlapping distributions and what you have is an imperfect indicator of something already imperfectly related to the things we value.

            next, unlike what you are implying, even scientists in the heritability camp are only arguing for about 50% heritability in most populations. scientists agree that intelligence has — at least — a very large environmental component.

            with all this in mind, if you’re not racist, then why concentrate so much on the issue of race? why be repulsed by a woman who would “consider touching a negro”? it seems you would still feel this way if the particular “negro” was highly intelligent, as the son of an attorney general may be?

            last, what if anything are you suggesting be done? deport all blacks? ban immigration of blacks? should the president resign or is 1/2 white enough? i suppose not all beliefs entail action, so maybe this question is overdoing it a bit.

          • Josh

            Although my views on Israel-Middle east conflict might be incorrect, I am not of interest or knowledgable as the political side is none of my concern. I have no doubts that Israel actions questionable but so are a lot of countries.

            I fail to see what Zionists, Jews and Conflict in the middle east and what I perceived as Zionist domination over the west on your part have any relevance to IQ is wholly determine by genetics, multiculturalism, or the ancestry of caucasian people in europe that I posted in my last few posts. I only posted my comments to challenge your evidence that IQ is not racially dependant as people of different race are expose differing environmental factors. Perhaps it was my mistake to comment on Israel-America relationship. Interesting enough I was expecting a reply to the issues I’ve mention in my post but you manage to avoid commenting them, making me feel that you’re only interested in Zionist related subject.

            I skimp through the websites, although at first glance they seem to be alright they’re quite obvious bias in their report especially those of as they cherry pick their sources. But that is my opinion.

            To add to my arguments that there is no european race: During roman domination and fall of europe, there are many nomadic tribes that came from asia, middle east, russia and etc. One of the more well known ones are the Huns.

          • mr. weiner

            I’m a little confused. You criticized my earlier posting over the difference between “ethnicity” and “race”. when I was trying to use the barbarian conquests of france as an example of migration and ethnic and cultural mingling, but then you refer to the jews as a “race”. I’m presuming this puts you in the “scientific racism” camp that the jews are not part of the caucasian racial group and a result of racial “contamination” between different races. I think it’s facinating that you think that somehow there are whole racial areas that are off limits to any contributions from other groups. What do you think the huns did when they got to Europe, wore condoms?
            Attila:”O.K lads go rape and pillage , bit mind you don’t go raping without a johnny on, don’t know where some of those girls have been.”
            Since you bought up the Ashkenazi jews it is interesting to note that “racial contamination” flowed in quite the opposite direction with them due to the frequent pogroms in northern Europe. what with all the being raped by cossacks and such. Their genes are very different with their cultural brothers the Sephartic jews who the ottomans taxed ,but let unmolested.
            Many of these have heredic disorders due to inbreeding , such as high testoterone levels in women after menopause.
            The point of all this is, the more I read and study on this, the greater the complexity I see. There are no easy answers or even simplistic questions to the questions of race.

            I’ve also noted from a re-read of your earlier posts that you think you are some sort of “copperhead” revolutionary and will one day pull down and hang the Democratic and Republican party representatives and install….what? The dictatorate of the people? The new confederacy? No prizes for guessing what happens to Jews and Blacks then huh? You are wrong when you say my respect for you has gone

            degrees, it’s more like 360.
            I’ll take it as the bombast of a

            year old who is a little too full of himself. If not then it is the ordinary folk you look down on such as sausage makers who must put down their work, kiss their wives goodbye and take up arms to stop you. Happens every few generations.

          • Josh

            Sorry I’ve seem to have overlook one of your earlier post. So to add to my post:

            You obviously have no understanding in how science works. Fringe science are scientific theories that are at the forefront of science at that given time. It is a piece of science that is so recently discovered it is neither proven right or wrong, so it warrants further research until it is fully accepted or totally rejected. Therefore DNA is mainstream science, until a discovery that disproves it. But that doesn’t make your other theories not fringe science.

            Pardon my ignorance for missing the name Dr. Watson. He is already a very well establish famous scientists. He is mention in every book that has the words DNA associated to it. There is no doubt that Dr Watson is a very credible scientist, but what he said in the press regarding what you’ve bought up are predictions and opinions at best not cold hard facts. While you no doubt have countless of sources, have you consider reading on sources that provides the counter arguments?

            As I mention in my earlier posts there are also different way intelligence is exhibited which challenge the use of IQ as an indicator of intelligence as well. So there are many flaws in your arguments. Until then I cannot take your argument seriously as you’ve not develop a complete picture.

          • LeBlanc

            @ Weiner- LMAO, I never said you did a

            “on your opinion of me,” nor would I want you to; I long ago learned that any insult from the devil is a compliment of the highest order.
            Bear this is mind my meat-packing friend. PUbLISHED opinion in the West is not PUBLIC opinion. you think the “average people” stand with mulcultis like you. You are very wrong. They will follow “the god of the tube” (which has replaced the Bible) while they are comfortable. When the bottom drops out of the whole fucking economy, however–as is at most a year or two from happening– then they are going to leave their TVs and want to know why their kids are going to bed hungry and night, then it is to people like me they will come to for leadership.
            Do I want to tear down the US gvt, stop the flow of non-White immigrants into the US, and then HUNT DOWN AND HANG the people who arranged to bring them here? You bet the skin f your sausage. for every one of the 36,000 plus White women raped yearly by negroes in this nation, for the IMMENSELY disproportionate rate at which my people and slain in this nation by non-White animals who don’t even belong on the same PLANET with us. But most of all, for the talmudic destruction of Western culture and for them reaching in and pulling out the soul that once made europeans what they were.
            You are the epitome of what Brooks Adams would call economic man. I am the epitome of spiritual man. When civilizations are on the rise, my type flourish bc we have an inner moral compass to tell us what is right and what is in accord with nature. You lack this. You are a LEMMING. You know nothing but to follow the trends. You haven’t a thought in your head not placed there by your TV set, every channel of which is controlled by a handful of jews.

            So remember me. Because I’m hardly alone in my sentiments. But, why do I know then when the crash comes and the fight for survival begins, you (if you survive) will be one of the ones claiming to have been a patriot from the beginning? By patriot, I don’t mean the type who waves a flag and chants “diversity is our strength.” I mean that type that have an inner feeling for their kin, their people. and understanding of what their ancestors went through to get their descendants where they are and what our responsibility is to them.
            You are a stupid man. You see me and you laugh and snivel. But you don’t see the millions lined up right behind me and growing in number by the hour as Obama drives the nation off a cliff….

          • mr. weiner

            Hmmm…yes quite. I also know a fellow who swears that the zombie apocalypse is coming. Good luck with that.
            If in fact your hobbsian vision does come true you’ll find me in the corner with my racial kin: the jews, blacks, asians ,gays etc. I’m Australian and as a representative of the unwashed and unloved that were kicked out of every “decent” country in the world we only know that we stand by our mates…well maybe behind our gay friends [can’t be too careful;].
            On a related note if you do in fact prove to be more than bombast and launch some sort of putsch in the future than you’ll find out what it is like to make love to a black person, except it will probably be a dude in the showers.
            Good luck and remember to use plenty of soap.

          • DRaY

            Obama driving the nation off a cliff….. LOL….. you are funny….
            I though King George II drove America off the cliff

            years ago….LOL . Don’t blame Blacky Mc Blackman, America’s problem is the entire political system is fucked…. Republicans/Democrats are all about making themselves rich and they’ve forgotten about little cry babies like you … For good reason, the average American is too stupid to notice what is going on, and channel their anger towards the right people. Instead of holding your leaders accountable you blame everything else. I was told the shitty economy was not the president’s job back when Bush was in power, but now all of a sudden it’s Obama’s responsibility? I don’t get it and really I don’t give a shit anymore … Don’t pay US taxes anymore and won’t let any of those fuckers waste my money … on wars, the poor or whatever failed scheme they have planned next. . Grow some balls and stop crying online like a faggot… The black and jews haven’t done shit to you!!! 36,000 white women raped by black men, is bullshit… Let’s get down to what really bothers you…. YOUR FUTURE!! Let’s see some people locked up for royally screwing the people over and ruining America… Let’s see some Wealthy Bankers, Dirty Wall Street Execs, or Crooked Politician in prison getting raped by black men….. that’s a pretty serious deterrent if you ask me!!!… Stop looking for scapegoats and look at the real problems!!! Xenophobia is not the cure to what’s wrong with America,


          • Josh

            No offense intended but reading your recent reply to Mr. Wiener, your reply was very much similar to that of Hitler’s transcript to addressing the issue of multiculturalism in post WWI of Germany. You expect us to take your argument seriously but yet you ridicule any view that does not conform to yours. You can say that you “care” about your race, but I think most people just care for the human race. As far as your kin goes, they have done and cause more damage than anyone else in the world. So don’t be a hypocrite.

            You cherry-pick evidence and quote extremists views without any consideration of counter arguments. I begin to highly doubt what you say you are.

            You might not be racist but to incite racial hate is a lot worse. To me you lost your credibility and I’m beginning to doubt if everyone is just feeding one big fat troll. Call me a lemming if you want but you also derive your views from someone else so you are no better than a lemming.

          • mr. weiner

            LeBlanc you’ll be happy to know that I have checked out some of the references you so kindly supplied. e.g Economic man:
            “It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest.”[3]
            Well fuck you very much , but I take pride in my work. Maybe if you ever start your own business you’ll understand this. I find it hard to believe you are so piss-proud of being a lawyer, and a wall street one at that….you seem to be out of touch with the modern perception of this profession. Ah well it wouldn’t be the only thing that you are perceptually incorrect about.
            If it’s any consolation you have made me get off my self-satisfied liberal arse and read up a bit on some of the ideas you have scatalogically thrown about. You are the interlectual equivilent of fibre. Enough to keep me regular ,but too much of you could give me the shits.

          • LeBlanc

            “The Stranger within my gate,
            He may be true or kind,
            But he does not talk my talk—
            I cannot feel his mind.
            I see the face and the eyes and the mouth,
            But not the soul behind.

            The men of my own stock,
            They may do ill or well,
            But they tell the lies I am wonted to,
            They are used to the lies I tell;
            And we do not need interpreters
            When we go to buy or sell.

            The Stranger within my gates,
            He may be evil or good,
            But I cannot tell what powers control—
            What reasons sway his mood;
            Nor when the Gods of his far-off land
            Shall repossess his blood.

            The men of my own stock,
            Bitter bad they may be,
            But, at least, they hear the things I hear,
            And see the things I see;
            And whatever I think of them and their likes
            They think of the likes of me.

            This was my father’s belief
            And this is also mine:
            Let the corn be all one sheaf—
            And the grapes be all one vine,
            Ere our children’s teeth are set on edge
            By bitter bread and wine.”

          • mr. weiner

            They called my dad the only Rabbi in jackboots;
            They called my mum the wife of my dad;
            They circumcised me at the Nuremburg rally:
            That’s how I became a Semitic Nazi for life.

            My mum always told me not to annex Poland;
            My dad always told me not to invade Russia;
            That’s what you get for being a rebel –
            Stuck in a bunker, eating unleaven bread.

            I’m as popular as a Jew in Beirut;
            I’m responsible for millions of deaths;
            I’ve decimated more than half of Europe;
            Kinda makes you want to boogie.

            Sorry LeBlanc all I could find at short notice, but you think ‘m a stupid man anyway so why raise you your expectations? I’ll leave you the last word if you like as this thread is getting a bit old.
            All I will say is time will make of you what it will. When you are young all you want to do is raise hell. When you get older all you want to do is raise a family.
            God bless…..Mark.

        • 德里克`

          thank u xiao jie, gosh this le blanc dude is such a dick n its sickening. seriously he needs “professional” help!!!

          • DRaY

            @ Leblanc,
            This notion of, Asia for Asians, Africa for Africans, Arabia for Arabians, India for Indians. You see Asia, Africa, Arabs, and Indians, didn’t WIN the game of global domination!! Europe did!!
            Europe countries such as Britain, Spain, France, Netherlands, ended up with empires all over the globe….. I didn’t ask to be born in the Caribbean, but some white folks took my father’s ancestors fro Africa and brought them to there and then my mother’s German/ Irish father has some kids with a Indian lady whom I’m sure was descendent of some indentured worker. If I wanted to find my “roots” I would end up in 5-6 countries that don’t consider me to be one of “them”. This is world we live in … There will never be an ALL WHITE country anymore, this is the result of colonization. ……. I doubt there are barely a billion “pure” white people today.. Just get used to it. That’s life!!!! Stop crying and make the best of it.

          • LeBlanc

            Yes, “xia jie” intellectually destroyed me, friend. Calling another person “sick” and then refusing to explain exactly what is wrong with him is just such an effective arguing tactic. And as for you, calling someone “a dick who needs professional help” rather than attempting to deconstruct and refute his arguments…wow, your intelligence is staggering. You are laughable, just as your pal is.

      • Mariner

        “It amuses me that Chinese girls try their hardest to look like White girls, and most White girls are so trashy they’d jump in bed w. the nearest negro they can find”
        that’s true. Grass is always greener on the other side, isn’t it ?

  • Joe
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    Song of the Article

    Heaven and Hell
    -Black Sabbath


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  • superhappycow
    • Stimpy

      Yes, but what’s up with her neck? ;)

  • The Shadow Knows

    Ok, “Dude Looks Like a Lady” — Areosmith


  • srv

    I think they are transexual before and after makeup & photoshop

  • wolfman

    The first picture is the only one thats cute before and after.
    All the others both before and after aint worth talking about
    WOOF WOOF !!

  • Pong Lenis

    Make up is not very efficient, it will work only on one girl at a time.

    beer are more efficient, and faster!

    • wolfman

      That’s why alcohol was invented,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so ugly girls can get some too !!

      Woof !

  • hail

    blow up dolls.

    • Bunny99

      why? what did dolls do?

      Insult Mohammed?

  • Rod

    There’s one girl in there that has at least five or six looks. Is this possible? It’s like a completely different person.

    • terroir

      One for each boyfriend.

      On the weekends she visits her grandmother and does charity work to try to tip the karmic scales.

      • Rosemon Pilot

        LMAO!!! I don’t know why but when I read your post…”one for each boyfriend”….I just had a flashback to Doc Holiday on Towbstone….”I have two guns….one for each of yah”….Sorry for the randomness of that LoL

      • Rosemon Pilot

        I have two looks….one for each of yah!….Cookie to anyone who gets that refference LoL

  • sambo

    mole girl has definitely been photoshop! check the chin out

    • Rod

      Yeah, that’s the one I was talking about. Some of the photos she has a pointy china, but I wasn’t sure if it was the angle. Also, you can’t see the mole in all of them. I don’t know how much covering up you can do for a mole.

  • BeachSlap

    What is up with the eyes?

  • kentai

    The third one is already pretty enough even without make up.

  • E Puff

    hmmm… I think they look better WITHOUT make up, and creepy with it. They are also wearing contact lenses to make their pupils large, which gives them a “baby doll” look.

    • John

      Anytime I see a girl with those kind of eyes, I run. Because you know they’re exactly the girls in the above picture once the makeup comes off.

      • White Phosphorus

        I forgot to mention that those eye contacts also make a significant difference in the appearance of any woman. I personally don’t like them all too much, it’s a bit unnatural, but it’ll always be puzzling to me why Chinese women try so hard to emulate the Japanese girl look…However, studies have been shown that men find women with larger irises to be more attractive….

        • Josh

          What ever happened to the sexy secretary look? xD

  • owned

    this would explain why most asian women takes forever to get ready

  • ZlsetrdX

    I think girl #11 (black turtleneck) is not ugly.

  • Jeffli

    Holy Snapping Arseholes batman!
    If I was so unlucky to wake up in the morning with something like that sleeping on my arm I’d chew my arm clean off just to get away without waking up the ugly orc!

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    They could walk arond cemeteries at night and scare the dead back to life.

    the last time I saw faces like that they had fishing hooks in their mouths.
    Uglee? Theses ones put all the letters in the word.
    Mein Gott!

  • LeBlanc

    @xiao jie– you say I am “sick?” Please, do explain. I am sick because I chose to dwell in the realm of reality rather than within the cultural marxist, egalitarian fantasy world? I am not an Asian, but I know that IQ studies have shown that Southeast Asians tend to have an IQ 2-

    points higher than the average European IQ. If I were a “White Supremacist” of some sort, why would I be admitting that? Could it be bc I choose to dwell in the land of truth? Could there be a difference between “racism” and “realism?” The negro never invented the wheel or the written language. This is also a fact. Is it “racist” to point out a fact?
    Look at the decline Of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) since Mugabe took over. The breadbasket of Africa is now dependent on Western Food Aid after Whites in the nation were systematically ethnically cleansed. And the West did nothing. 95% of the people on here know I am correct– they just haven’t the moral fortitude to stand alone against a gang of bullies who try to drown out the facts with fantasies. But please, do explain my sickness so that I may seek out a cure and be as “well” as you apparently consider yourself.

    • Canadian_Skies

      If you believe that IQ correctly represents higher intelligence, than sir, I’m smarter than you!

      The rest of what you’ve said is good. To add to it, I was once asked if I found black girls attractive. I stated that in general, I didn’t find myself attracted to most black girls. His response was a flat out “Racist.”

      It’s sad when even ones tendencies or preferences are considered absolute. As if I understood the reasons why I felt that way. As if now, we have the thought police. I prefer to be judged based on my actions, or lack there of. Not based on what gives me a boner!

      • LeBlanc

        You may well be smarter than I am, I’ve no idea. My LSAT score correlates to around

        or 140. That was not my point. I admit, as a whole, Asians generally have higher IQS than Whites. I’m not an Asian. Does that make me a White “Asian Supremacist?”

        @Josh- for the next 1,000 years, there will be a chapter in every biology textbook named after Watson and Crick. Dr. Watson essentially said that same things I am saying, and the UK Red Guard kicked him out of the institution he himself had founded for his honesty.
        Is Dr. Watson– the discoverer of the DNA double-helix structure– among “fringe scientists” in your opinion?
        You cultural marxists will grasp at every single straw to keep dwelling in your PC fantasy land until reality comes up to you and chops your head off with a panga– literally.
        I can point to countless other studies (yes, some are a bit dated bc the Red Guard no longer permits this research in the West) proving my point, but I won’t bother. As I’ve said previously, I’m not sure some of you will ever find reality, but I’m quite certain reality will find you.

  • Canadian_Skies


    She’s quite the dog.

  • bscalled

    The Girl with the mole above her eye is probably the best Makeup Artist – not only does she look 99% better, she also changed her eyelids to have the extra fold to make her eyes look larger. Guys date, have sex with girls like this all the time, and don’t even know it, but the one they would probably be most shocked having slept with would be the girl with the mole. The funny thing is, he would probably sleep with her again, as long as she puts her face on.

  • jonny bliek

    you mean before and after photoshop most of the girls are not real just a good engineer who know how to use the now a days photo enhancing programs

    • liz

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      think about
      what is important you want to be like western girls but you are long way from it most of all you need to talk,walk, dress, eat like lady which is missing here

    • Lorena
  • Caz

    What LeBlanc says makes a lot of sense

    This comes from a native american/white mixed guy.

    I realised that in my country unmixed people(who are pure native americans) tend to be really stupit and ignorant while mixed people tend to be smarter.

    the more interesting is that those mixed people with Spanish heritage tend to be less intelligent than those with German heritage.

    I myself am a mixed guy with German heritage.

    There is racism in the world and it is called anti white racism.

    they want to exterminate the white race and they are doing it very well.

    here in my country native americans or mixed people want to have kids with whites to “improve” the race.

    this comes from a mixed mouth I hope one day you open your eyes.

    • DRaY

      You my friend are as confused as LeBlanc…
      People are all equally intelligent regardless of race. I have meet some very highly intelligent people of all racial backgrounds.
      Could it be that the people you speak about, those mixed people with Spanish heritage are not less intelligent than those with German heritage, but instead have different “values” and tend to put emphasis on other things in their lives besides education? I’ve noticed that people from different pockets of society tend to have different values/habits/cultural beliefs etc which determine how they succeed or fail in life. My family for example focused a lot on academics therefore I am a Executive at my company, my brothers both received full academic scholarships to university to study engineering and architecture. We are considered black. How his this possible if as a Black person I should not be smart????? Yes I lived in America for

      years, I didn’t embrace Black American Culture or White American Culture, but took from them what I felt was necessary to fit in and made my own rules… No one culture/race is perfect. I have met Black people that are very intelligent and successful , I know Whites that are pathetic failures and dumb as all hell … And as I said before somewhere, everyone says that the Asians and Jews are so smart, but some of the most backwards people I have every met have come from Asia and I have meet quite a few ignorant Jews as well (they were really dumb).

      I think Leblanc’s rant has more to do with Culture and Values than actual race. He comes off as some cry baby white boy that wishes he was born

      generations earlier, when whitey had all the power. There’s no need to quote studies extensively when common sense can show you those studies are complete nonsense.

      • Caz

        Can you guarantee me that you are 100% black?

        that you got no white or asian people genes inside you?

        you should take yourself a DNA test, im pretty sure you got white or asian people genes inside you.

        if you do that,it confirms what Im talking about.

        If I try to raise a chimpanzee as a human why the chimpazee isnt as smart as a human?

        I mean you said culture is what makes you smart doesnt it?

        well then whats wrong?

        why chimpanzees cant be as smart as humans?

        something is wrong with your logic!

        • Josh

          I’m pretty sure what he is saying is exclusive dealt in the realm of Homo. Sapien. So I cannot see why chimpanzee have anything to do with this conversation.

          Anatomically speaking a chimpanzee has very subtle but defining difference neurologically. Even if we are genetically similar to Chimps, let us not forget that the White mouse is also 98% genetically similar. To clarify some common misconception, Chimps and modern human share the same common ancestors and chimps are not the ancestor of early humans.

          Without being too bias to Humans. Recent studies do show that Chimps are capable of intelligence and learning what we may consider as logical cognition, but perhaps not at a human level.

          I myself is of Asian descent, and trust me there are some really dense people in Asia too.

          • mr. weiner

            True that, I have Ace trolling me all the time…..’nuff said!

        • DRaY

          @CAZ… DUDE…..
          Find a bridge and go live under it!

          • Caz

            Since you didnt answer my questions I asume you admit you got white DNA inside you, that explains why you are smart.

            colors means nothing about intelligence when some1 is mixed

            you maybe didnt inherit the white color but you inherited the intelligence of white people.

            with out that white DNA you would be the person living under a bridge, if you were 100% and unmixed black.

          • DRaY

            I stated in my previous post that I am of mixed ancestry… Most blacks living outside of Africa are mixed some way or the other. Still having a white ancestor doesn’t make you smart. Your environment and people you are influenced by make you smart.
            Yes there is the rare GENIUS every once and a while, but it has more to do with environment and culture…. trying to explain why the world is the way it is today is not very easy. Using America as an example where you can see different “races” of people competing on all social and economic levels, you tend to see that when given an even playing field, no race is person is “smarter” than the next. They all can succeed and they all make mistakes. (Please don’t bother to comment on the bullshit crime statistics anyone, can we fight that fight another time?)

            Here’s some suggested reading, if you are interested.
            Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies by Jared Diamond.

          • LeBlanc

            HILARIOUS! “Guns, Germs, and Steel” by Jared Diamond– the same nice Jewish man who grasps at straws to explain how Cortez– with

            men and

            horse– conquered an entire empire! when don’t you do a search on that same nice jewish boy’s egalitarian beliefs when it comes to the Palestinians, their rights, there intelligence, etc.. and note the difference. Dr. Diamond recently published a paper essentially calling for the ethnic cleansing of Israel of the 20% Palestinian population and asserting the right of Israel to live among people of their own, specific DNA makeup. do I lie? Search and ye shall find.
            you claim you were on scholarship to a university and are an executive? It’s called Affirmative Action friend. You say you are a “executive?” It’s called “how to keep out of the DOJ’s cross hair’s for ‘racism’ and name a black executive and give him as least responsibility as possible.” A recent study on the University of Michigan Law School Admission found that–with equal grades, LSAT, and credentials– a negro is

            times more likely to be admitted to the U of M law school.
            however, you say you are “mixed?” Did you check “negro” on your application? You are the dean of admission’s wet dream. Presumably, bc you are mixed you have some sort of brain but they can still use you as “black” in their diversity statistics. You remind me of a girl I knew at Yale. She was blue eyed, as White as I am, to particularly bright so it always boggled my mind as to how she was admitted. She rowed crew as a coxswain but was hardly admitted on that basis. So, one day we are talking and she informs me that she is “Mexican.” I almost spit up my drink. One of her grandmothers had been a Spaniard born in mexico, technically making her “mexican;” which she obviously put on her application. Yale gets another pat on the head from big jew for more “diversity” and doesn’t have to worry about professors staying up at night trying to figure out how to get a mestizo to pass calculus.

          • Caz

            I heard comments that Russians that live in Germany, have the same education as Germans, but they still stupid and fail subjects.

            Even though Germans and Russians have the same education Russians keep failing.

          • DRaY

            I’m not American, I never filled “Black” in any box… never received any short cuts in life, that weren’t a product of hard work and good old politics and handshakes. My current job position is the result of just being much better at what I do than most of my contemporaries. I don’t even work for an American Company anymore. No Affirmative Action for me, actually my supervisor told me when I started my first professional job that there’s a glass ceiling for black employees and not to expect to go far in the company. Well I didn’t let that non-sense phase me and I became quit successful at that company to the point one of the partners and I started our own company. The point is if I had been Black American or African my cultural upbringing my have made me lose hope because of what I was told by my supervisor, but because of who my parents were and what they told me and the type of society I was raised in i was able to play the corporate game and make it … It’s all good man … To the victor go the spoils……. I don’t know how old your are, but find your direction in life and stop being so damn hateful. Please stop crying about how life is so unfair for White people in America… LOL

          • Caz

            Look, I used to be the kind of person who wanted to feel proud of my native american heritage over my white heritage,I researched a lot about the ancient culture and the empire they once ruled.

            they created awesome things, but then I realized something that changed my mind.

            the oldest mummies of my ancestors were blonde and red head, no native american is blonde nor red head, only whites are.

            somehow the culture of my ancestors were lead by white people, everything possible thanks to them.

            I got shocked,I realized that I should stop lying to myself, the pure natives arent intelligent and people from my country who achieve great things are mixed, theres not a pure native american who have achieved something great related to sciences or literature.

          • Josh


            Because the mummies were blonde does not mean that they’re not native americans. There are countless factors and anomalies that may and contribute to the hair colour. Most of these we know exist but perhaps cannot study it in detail as it takes thousands’ if not million of years to gather the data. So don’t discount it at once. Might it be that because they’re blonde and redhead they get preferred treatment in terms of mummification? One can speculate.

            I admit I know very little of the natives but I know that there is a solid theory about the Bering Strait land bridge which people from Asia migrated to America and beyond using said land bridge. In other words natives of America have their origin from Asia.

            If you’re interested this link has many reference to scientific literature:

          • LeBlanc

            @DRaY- I am not “hateful.” You say you aren’t an American, and so you fail to see the destructive results Jewish “diversity” has had on the Black community here as well. In the 1920s–when American society was still mostly segregated–Blacks had their own schools, Churches, and lived in their own communities. The number of negro families that were 2-parent households were above 95% (today that number is 10%). Why? A bunch of nice Jewish boys came along (the NAACP was founded by jews and the first

            presidents were Jewish– look this up, bc people generally don’t believe me). Jews used “equality” and the “civil rights movement” to destroy not only European America, but Black America. They took negroes away from their family values they had retained, gave them things like “gangsta rap,” began the school busing nonsense and have, in essence, destroyed black life in America and introduced the negro to a culture of entitlement and criminality. They created an environment where very few blacks are willing to take personal responsibility for anything now bc of how their ancestors were “mistreated” and bc of “racism.”
            Having said that, if you are a man of any intelligence you have to face facts. You need to look at Rhodesia and what happened after Mugabe ethnically cleansed the White population. You need to look at South Africa, where the income disparity between Black and Whites has INCREASED (!!!) since apartheid ended bc a gang of thieves called the ANC is robbing the nation blind. The Whites in SA are STILL prospering because even though they are not able to get into Medical or Law schools (or get promotions at big companies bc of BEE (“black economic empowerment”), the Whites are opening their own business. Whites make up 7% of SA but account for 96.8% of the tax revenue. But as the ANC continues to make life hell for whites, for and more are leaving for OZ and NZ where their are no racial quotas in hiring. And they are taking their taxes with them. Meanwhile. the South African black population is expanding rapidly and blacks sneak in from Zimbabwe (bc no there are no jobs there since Mugabe ethnically cleansed his Whites).
            You need to take an honest look at your own people. A black Pastor, Reverend James Manning, on YT did an amazing comparison between the black response to calamities like Hurricane Katrina and the Haiti earthquake and the Japanese response to their Earthquake and Tsunami. One group of people resorted to looting, lawlessness, rape and savagery. The other group banded together, helped one another, and are already starting to rebuild. I don’t need to tell you which group is doing what. I also don’t need to tell you which group received BILLIONS in foreign aid money, almost NONE of which has been put to any good use.
            To use an apt analogy, the plans of the (very heavily Jewish) global elites are to turn the entire world into a global plantation with a bunch of brown serfs and themselves as ” God’s chosen overseers.” In the past, I myself would have looked on such a theory as fantastical. But I invite you to explore. Read Louis Farrakhan’s book “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews.” Read the Jewish books. For example, the book of Isaiah in the bible which tells the jews that the goyim shalt “be their vine dressers and feed their flocks.” Read Jewish authors like Professor Israel Shahak. It is spelled out even more clearly in the Jewish holy book called the Talmud, which states: “The Best of the Gentiles should be killed.”
            And then look at Soviet history– find the book by Nobel Prize winning author and Gulag survivor Alexander Solzhenitsyn called “200 years Together” which none of the big publishing houses– the top seven of which are all jewish owned–would publish a translation of. Solzhenitsyn writes of how 70% of the Cheka and NKVD were Jewish in a land where Jews made up less than 1% of the population. He writes of the artificial famine in Ukraine, which killed

            million Ukrainians and was orchestrated by the jew Lazar Kagonavich (known as “The Butch of Ukraine). Read the

            article by Winston Churchill from the London Illustrated sunday Herald called “Zionism vs. Bolshevism; a struggle for the soul of the Jewish people.” If you were exposed to many history classes at university, you will be ShOCKED to see how much information you were never taught for reasons of maintaining the jewish role as the “persecuted tribe.” Read about just how vastly the jews were over-represented in the transport and sale of black slaves to the new world (Jews have dominated the white Slave Trade since Roman times; even today, there is no law in Israel against slavery and tens of thousands of young Eastern European girls are kidnapped or lured to Israel under false pretenses and then locked in a brothel and forced to prostitute themselves for jewish men (documented most throughly in the book “The Natashas” by Canadian investigative journalist Victor Malaerk but I can also give you links to articles on this from both the NYT and Jerusalem Post).
            See if what I say is true. If not, come back and tell everyone that I lie and expose me. And, by the way, if you are a black entrepreneur in one of your own nations and are successful, everyone wishes you the best. I encourage all forms of nationalism; Black nationalism no exception. And if you are asuccessful at what you do, more power to you. As far as a “glass ceiling for black executives,” don’t make me laugh. I don’t know how “black” you are or what nation this was, but in South Africa, they are practically pulling blacks out of trees and putting them in board rooms bc they HAVE to fulfill their “BEE” requirements.
            I invite you to research what I have said. I’ve read “Guns, Germs, and Steel” and–given what I know of Dr. Diamond’s larger body of work where he basically calls for the ethnic cleansing of Israel of Arabs– find it a very amusing book and a perfect example of Jewish “do as I say, not what I do.” I believe it was Malcolm X who said: “the Jewish man is always telling the Black man how to solve his problems; but he never tells him to solve them in the way that he himself would solve his own.” If you have any other reading recommendations, I am always open for suggestions. You asked my age, I am soon to turn 27. If there is any great body of information that you are aware of that I am not, I always appreciate reading suggestions.
            Let me close with this; you said: “this sounds like another White boy whining about how badly Whites are treated….” What I am actually “Whining” about is how the White birthrate is down to between 1.2 and 1.4 . The replacement level is 2.1 The negro birthrate worldwide is about 7.0. Estimates are that 98% of the world’s population growth in the next

            years will come from “Africa’s Mega-Slums.” As we saw in Rhodesia– where after Mugabe expelled the White Farmers, it went from the great breadbasket of Africa to a famine and the inflation rate was over

            billion (!!) percent and blacks were eating tree bark, all because Mugabe tried to “indiginize” Rhodesia’s farms; i.e., take away farms that Rhodesian Whites had paid for, were running productively, employing blacks, and paying taxes on. Now the unemployment rate in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) is well over 60%. AND, South African ANCYL leader Julius Malema wants to do the same thing to White Farms in South Africa (incidentally, since 1994, 2% of all South Africa’s farming population have been murdered–often tortured to death beforehand– making it literally the most dangerous profession in the world).
            Just who do you think is going to be around to feed the world population, which will increase by over

            billion in the next

            years, 99.9% of that increase being non-Whites? If you care for your people, its worth considering.

    • Josh

      The British government recently did a study that if you come from a poor to poverty background you will tend to do worse academically and have further implications on career choices as well. The statistics speaks for itself, those coming from a more economical developed countries are more intelligent than those of developing countries and many studies correlate and agree to this findings.

      I myself can claim this first hand seeing that Ive live in my homeland and England for quite a fair bit. Ive seen some smart students who fall side ways due to outside influence and I’ve seen not so bright students with the right attitudes getting all the grades that will make myself feel ashamed. Yes, genetics does play a role but it isn’t the limiting factor, most of the time who you are with, what you do and etc contributes more to intelligence.

      As an asian myself and Ive seen this countless of times that we are FORCE to perform academically smart. We get caned if we fail, we get piano lessons that we don’t want, we go for extra study sessions and we get “presents for excelling in our studies not just from our parents but usually this kind of pressure is exert by the whole family. Don’t get me wrong, retrospectively speaking I feel that my intelligence was partly due to the extra incentives that my family provides. In school usually there are teachers that are so close to the students it almost develop into a mentor-student relationship and that really help us in our studies and such.

      • LeBlanc

        I invite you to see this month’s National Geographic which discusses the latest (and most in-depth) intelligence and heredity studies. The new figure from the twin studies now suggests that intelligence is 75% heredity, not less than 50% as you’d claimed. I readily admit I only took

        college level genetic courses, so I am not going to get into the minutia of that with you just as you would not get into the intricacies of SEC Compliance and Securities law with me. I notice–as usual– the gang of lemmings is lining up to spew what their brainwashings…

        • mr. weiner

          Will read it with interest.

          • Josh


        • Josh

          Admittedly 50% was a rough intelligent guess.

          Even if you have to admit, if there was no teachers to teach you or guide you or parents to motivate you, you won’t be where you are today.

      • LeBlanc

        OK Josh, now having just read your above post on the mummies and telling the poster “not to speculate,” I can officially inform you that you are full of s–t. The evidence that the first inhabitants of North America were phenotypically aryan (the Clovis) is mounting, which is why indian groups are now going to court to try to prevent genetic testing on new discoveries, claiming the remains “sacred to them,” but in actuality they are terrified that the Clovis theory will be definitively proven and their Casino gravy train and their other perks will end.
        It takes “thousands and even millions (!!!) of years to gather the data…” Really? Humans have been “gathering data” for MILLIONS of years? And YOU were telling ME that I “know nothing” about some areas of science? LMAO! Funny, I didn’t know humanity had a written language with which to keep data “millions” of years ago. So, I guess we really know nothing about the sciences or archaeology or…really anything because we haven’t had millions of years to gather data on anything. Are we sure the heliocentric model of the solar system is correct? After all, we haven had millions of years to gather the data.
        “Redheads and blondes would have been given preferential treatment in mummification processes??” You know that last straw you were grasping at? It just officially eluded your grasp.

        I also love: “The British government recently did a study that if you come from a poor to poverty background you will tend to do worse academically.” Really? So that couldn’t be because, say, the children of “poor” parents tend to be of about the same intelligence as their parents, which is how they ended up “poor” in the first place? Also, was this one of the “government” studies trying to justify why it’s OK to burn down London when you feel like looting one sumer day after the cops shoot an armed drug traffiker? Or was it one of those turds something like the “RunnyMeade Trust” will pop out once in a while in their desperate race to prevent the Brits from waking up and hanging their politicians before they find themselves a minority in their own nation? Do you know that 57% of students in London secondary schools are not ethnically British? How would you feel in 57% of the students in Beijing were not ethically Chinese?
        And I know your answer will be “I do not discuss politics (translation– even I don’t have the nerve to argue that this is a good thing), but now you’ve proven that you are just another liberal leftist trying to find excuses why Whites should be complicit in their own mass suicide. But Chinese culture should survive and thrive, of course, no?

        p.s.- do you recall a few months back, china pulled “chinese” mummies from an exhibit that was scheduled to go around the USA? Know why? These mummies ALSO had blond hair and clearly White features, and since they were discovered in an area the government has claimed to have always been historically “Chinese,” the mummies were pulled at the last moment. If you don’t know about this or claim it is not true, as soon as I get the time I’ll locate the story and prove myself once again.

        • Josh

          Funny that you criticise my scientific understanding by taking one statement out of context. In a biological sense it is easy to form a general feature of a concept but it is near impossible to form detail pictures.
          For example, we know dinosaurs exists and we know they’re carnivores from what we know but we don’t know how they behave, what colour they’re or what’s their biochemistry is like. Biology and geology requires million of years of data and unlike the solar system we don’t have billions of Earth to compare and contrasts in detail. Once again you have proven that you lack scientific understanding as the data on human migration are very little to come by and genetic data screening lacks 100% reliability hence I say not to speculate on current theories yet. On the contrary in geological reliable datas are stored everywhere (Cliff face, seabed, Rainforest) we see and most of it are millions of years old hence we can form reliable theories and ideas from these datas. As you can see data is not confine to just human language data can be collected from a range of sources as I mention above. To put it bluntly that attempt to ridicule me and trying to be sarcastic is confusing to say the least

          It is absolutely hilarious that you totally miss the sarcasm in “Redheads and blondes would have been given preferential treatment in mummification processes”. Hence the “One can speculate”. Perhaps my subtlety was missed by your superior intelligence. I’m beginning to think you’re just a stereotypical cherry-picker or worse, just a troll.

          To be more specific it was a pressure group that released the report and was checked by the government. We can argue all we want but I think we both said our fair share on that subject.

          I’m not sure what report you’ve been reading but the government made no excuse about the London riots and no studies I’ve heard or seen have justify the riots. I think its fair to say that no one involve (except the rioters) shunned away from the criticism. Brits don’t resort to capital punishment anymore as it was abolish so no politician will be hang in the process but many will be kick out of politics if they fail in their work.

          Im not sure where you pull that number out but the last time I checked the England & Wales Census more than 80% and in London, more than 70% are are white so unless there’s some ridiculous disparity in ethnic split in 6-16 years old category, I doubt that 56% is true. In fact, where I come from most school have around ethnically 1/3 to 1/4 split (unless you go to a specialise school). So by using your argument, roughly 66% to 75% of students where I come are not chinese, so I don’t really have a problem with it. I would even go as far as I celebrate the holidays of my classmates back in the olden days that were not ethnically chinese. Again, I fail to see what arguing about this have any relevance.

          “And I know your answer will be “I do not discuss politics (translation– even I don’t have the nerve to argue that this is a good thing)”. My respond to that is why I should argue about something I know nothing about? Is it fair if someone tell you form and opinion and argue about Brazilian Pop Culture or the Painting of Raphael vs Da Vinci, when you know absolutely nothing about it? If to NOT argue about something I don’t have a full understanding of makes me a leftists then you can call me a leftists as much as you want.

          Also you will find that chinese culture is not only surviving and thriving, it is constantly assimilating others’ cultures and making new traditions as we speak. Although I fail to see what chinese culture have to do with me at all.

          Clearly white features? What’s that? Two eyes? Higher cheekbones? Bigger brain? If you follow it back to my post that you’ve read there are still countless of possibilities and hypothesise that are yet considered. For all we know hairs involve in mummification undergoes dyeing. One can speculate again. Also the chinese have been pulling out a bunch of crap relating to ancestry. First they claim all chinese were of extra terrestrial origin and then of neanderthal ancestry. I won’t exactly trust them in that department. I don’t know of that particular mummy you speak of but I won’t deny it for denying sake. Like I say no point speculating till we see more evidence.

          P.S. Its quite hard to read your post when it’s lacking any structure. Maybe that could just be me. May I add your last post to me wasn’t very polite and contain half-witted insults. I guess you’re not very civil when someone have a different opinions to that of yours.

        • Josh the Leftists

          P.S.S. Did you read the chimp post that I replied to Caz too? I’m more confident about arguing that one if you have the nerve.

    • Ana

      I live in Germany and most of the Germans I know are damn stupid. So, I don’t know what you’re talking about when you keep praising Germans. They really aren’t what they make up to be, on a REAL note. There are exceptions, like everywhere, but they are in no way or means smater than other nations.

  • White Phosphorus

    Many of the above photos appear to be photoshopped. However, having seen many youtube makeup application tutorials, and being a woman who regularly uses cosmetic products, there really is big difference between a nude face, and a made-up face. The tools that make the most difference are: fake eyelashes+good mascara, eyeliner+good application of eyeshadow, eyelid tape, blush, and other powders for contouring. Personally, I just line my upper lashline or waterline with a black smudge liner, volume mascara, some blush, tinted moisturizer, concealer, an orangey-coral coloured lipstick+gloss and that’s already enough of a routine for me on early mornings. I think it’s OK for women to experiment with makeup, and even if it makes you look completely different than the natural YOU, as long as it makes you comfortable, then its ok. Being a woman, I understand the insecurities that women feel, and some days you just want to hide them, or to improve on them.

  • vbl

    holy crap! the girl that comes out in a lot of pictures “ling yuan nini ?” is the -master of disguise-!! looks like a different person in every picture

  • vbl

    looking at these pictures i keep singing the theme song to myself “transformers! robots in disguise!”

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