“Pig Abuse Gate”: Chinese Youth Beat Pigs with Poles in Nanning

"Pig Abuse Gate" in Nanning, China, where photos allegedly of students abusing pigs surface on the Chinese internet.

Pigs allegedly being abused in Nanning, China.

From Mop:

Pig Abuse Gate in Nanning, what’s wrong with kids these days?

Chinese students around a pig allegedly being abused in Nanning, China.

A pig strung up by a rope while a Chinese student stands by with a metal pole.

A bloodied pig being stepped on and choked by a Chinese student.

Chinese youth seemingly abusing a pig in Nanning, China.

Comments from Mop:


The ugly dark side of humanity.


Fuck… better watch out for the mother pig using her ass to crush you to death!!!!


Children these days, truly are failures of education. Do they really have no humanity at all??


I eat pork so this is none of my business!! Whoever condemns this is condemned to have their wife be gang raped should they ever eat pork in the future! And there children will have no asshole!!


Human flesh search. Fucking motherfuckers. Ding!


We eat meat, we don’t have any right to condemn.


Yet another bunch of posing stupid cunts trying to become famous. Truly losing face for their parents.


Can the people commenting please take a moment to understand the truth: Those are police school students in a forensic class, it isn’t some “Pig Abuse Gate”. Since forensics is a technical course, there must be experiments, and the photos are showing an experiment using test pigs to show the features and characteristics of a body following various kinds of death. The characteristics of a dead human is very similar to those of a pig, and that’s why they’re using pigs for the experiment, to prepare for the various situations that would occur when entering the forensics field in the future. Just like those who study medicine, where human specimens or whatnot are necessary.
Everyone please take a moment to learn what’s really going on before commenting, some comments are too lopsided.


Too disgusting… How are they able to do such a thing… I feel, I can’t eat pork anymore… Pork prices should go up… These guys are truly TM disgusting.


I find it strange, are there this many people who don’t eat pork? [referring to the people making condemnations in the comments]

Gullible, only knowing how to blindly join the crowd. A single title and you all become fenqing. You all aren’t even clear on what’s going on.


Must be the descendents of Japanese, otherwise how could they be so cruel?


With pork being so expensive, this bunch of people must be showing off their wealth?


Fuck, TMD, these perverts, and they’re in police school too, TMD shameful.

From ifeng:

Nanning Pig Abuse Gate exposed on internet, response claims it was a forensics class experiment

“‘Pig Abuse Gate’ in Nanning, what’s wrong with kids these days?” Recently, netizens on VOC discussion forum, Baidu Tieba, and other online communities have been circulating a set of pig abuse photos, attracting the attention of many netizens. As these photos spread rapidly on various major discussion forums, the situation rapidly grew. At the time this went to press, the number of cached pages of relevant internet posts on Baidu had already reached over 16,200, with the number of hits on Mop alone already reaching nearly 100,000.

July 5th afternoon, the school involved in the incident claimed “Pig Abuse Gate” was just a forensics class experiment undertaken by criminal investigation and special police students at the police school.

In China, how do you decide when to believe Chinese netizens versus Chinese authorities?


Written by Fauna

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