2011 Japan Tohoku Earthquake, Chinese Netizen Reactions

A house burns amongst flood waters in Sendai, Japan following an 8.9 magnitude earthquake, the largest in Japanese history.

Smoke rises from a fire in Tokyo.

Note from Fauna: A magnitude 8.9 earthquake hit northern Japan this afternoon at 2:46 pm, the largest earthquake in Japanese history. A tsunami followed, causing major flooding in many areas of Japan, as well as many strong aftershocks. The death toll so far is in the hundreds. When news of this disaster reached China, many Chinese netizens expressed condolences and their support for Japan and the Japanese, remembering that Japan eagerly helped the Chinese during China’s 2008 Sichuan Earthquake. At the same time, many others celebrated Japan’s misfortune, citing their grievances from past history.

Below is a collection of photographs of Japan following the earthquake and tsunami and a selection of Chinese netizen comments on popular Chinese online video sharing website Tudou translated into English:

Tsunami swirls near Ibaraki.

Tsunami waves crashing through palm trees in Natori, Japan.

Tsunami flood waters along the coast of Japan following a 8.9 magnitude earthquake.

A video of a Chinese news report on Tudou:

Comments from Tudou:

Essien M:

Because its Japan
I’m so happy


The entire world will look at the reaction of Chinese people, can you please not make us lose face? Don’t forget that only yesterday Yunnan had an earthquake, do you want to completely lose face for Chinese people?


I don’t want to be like the mental retards on 2chan Futaba channel. The Japanese government has its faults, but the people are innocent. I hope they can recover quickly just like China.


I won’t say anything other than 2012 is almost upon us. Everyone quickly do some good deeds, so at the least after dying you will be able to enter heaven, instead of dying and going to hell, its not worth it.

Collapsed houses in Iwaki, Japan.


First, I hope there isn’t too much damage. Second, I really regret seeing some people taking pleasure from this disaster. Third, the Japanese are surprisingly calm and orderly when facing an earthquake. I saw photographs on Sina of people coming out of the subway station, and they were still lining up. Fourth, one must learn common earthquake knowledge, to be prepared. Fifth, treasure every minute every second of life.


Yeah, if there’s a quake so be it. I hope in the next few years earthquakes will have a new impact on scientific development. Bringing even more new discoveries!


Japanese people are so blessed!!!


Good!! Excellent…

Flooding in Iwaki, Japan.

deviljianxian: (responding to gf)

Our compatriots will get better, and have already gotten stronger. But history will never be forgotten! This is where we and the Japanese are different, we can separate who is right and who is wrong, we won’t lump them together. However, the more we post this kind of stuff the more we will remember Japanese fascists cruelly murdering thousands upon thousands of Chinese compatriots!


I wish the best to every single kind-hearted Japanese citizen, but I like to watch the ugly behaviour of Japanese politicians (may those beasts quickly die off).


The people of Sichuan send their congratulations!

╮(╯_╰)╭ Yo:

Hope the broadcasting of anime won’t stop [be interrupted by the earthquake].

Debris and vehicles swept away by tsunami waters in Kesennuma, Japan.

怪道々基德: (responding to 天空白云的彼端)

The era of resisting the Japanese has already passed. Stop gloating at others’ misfortunes. No matter what, the Japanese are also people!!

noname11: (responding to 天空白云的彼端)

What’s wrong with you?


One earthquake allows us to clearly see the problem:
First, we should wish the best for the Japanese people! Second, we should learn from the Japanese government, for being able to organize and train the Japanese people to be so cool-headed and well-trained. Third, reflect upon Chinese people’s foolish conceit and despicable narrow-mindedness.


@ PhoenixTV’s chief reporter Li Miao in Japan: During the Wenchuan Earthquake [Sichuan Earthquake], many Japanese ordinary common people organized donations on the streets, while restaurants, 24-hour convenience stories, and many other places all had donation boxes. Japanese rescue teams deployed at the earliest time possible (waiting for the “yes” from the Chinese side), waiting an entire night for orders at Narita Airport; Apart from the government, various political parties also did what they could, the Liberal Democratic Party chartered planes to deliver supplies to Chengdu, and as the only Chinese journalist in the same industry, I can confirm this.

Fires in Natori, Japan following the earthquake and tsunami.


Their buildings are so sturdy.

死氣之焱: (responding to zfw09)

Fuck..are you still a Chinese person? You must be from some other country, right? You’re not qualified to be a Chinese person… (#‵′) Fuck.


Only after going to Japan did I realize that it’s not that Japanese hate China, but rather that Chinese like to curse the Japanese, truly sad.

你的小牙: (responding to above)

You’re talking shit~! I beat you half to death. Of course I won’t hate you~! Do you know what national shame is? You don’t even know what shame is, and you’re still talking shit~!

Sendai Airport after the earthquake and tsunami.


I despise those people who pretend to be compassionate!!

多库洛: (responding to above)

I despise people like you who take pleasure in others’ misfortunes. Fuck off! Let’s see what you say the day an earthquake happens where you are!

谎言遮住你的眼: (responding to above)

I suspect you are the descendant of a little Japanese who was left behind! Why don’t you go and take a DNA test and make sure you are Chinese before you come and talk to me, because right now you are not qualified!


Please don’t bring nationalism into views on a disaster.

A truck resting over a crack in the road in Iwaki, Japan following the largest earthquake in Japanese history.


Okay, I admit it, I did it [caused the earthquake].


Serves them right, may Japan be destroyed by earthquakes.


Little Japan, good!


Good that they died, best if all of them died.


There are now two groups here, those that are celebrating the Japanese earthquake type 1, those that are praying for the Japanese type 2. Don’t spit [argue with] at each other. I’m a 111111111111111111111111111111111111

A bus stop in Sendai, Toky that was destroyed by the earthquake.


Why wasn’t it a 20 or more [on the Richter scale] earthquake? My heavens, the earthquake was too small, no fun.


I want to ask, those who are cursing [saying bad things against the Japanese], have you guys experienced a major earthquake before? If you have, I suggest you go to Japan right now and experience it before coming back and cursing them! No matter what Japan [did, these] are still ordinary common people! The ordinary common people are innocent, despise the Japanese warmongers.

19921119zx: (responding to above)

Innocent?? Are you sure you are saying this word? You say innocent, then how innocent were the hundreds and thousands of people that were killed by Japanese? And you don’t allow people to gloat at others’ misfortune, that’s so funny, truly so funny. I just know a life for a life, retribution paid in kind.


Sigh, those who were in war I think have all already all died off! War shouldn’t involve descendants!

Tokyo crowds after public transportation was stopped following the largest earthquake in Japan's history.


The character of our country’s people [can be seen here, is embarrassing], the way everyone is laughing at the Japanese now is how others will look at the Chinese [later].


I won’t say too much, but did the Japanese government donate money during the Wenchuan and Yushu earthquakes? How many Japanese people donated money? Apart from Teacher Sora Aoi who donated a little…weren’t the other Japanese also looking and laughing at Chinese people…?


Those Chinese students studying abroad in Japan and those overseas Chinese living there, I just don’t know what to say now, it seems a lot of people here wish you were all dead.


No matter where an earthquakes occurs it is always a scene of tragedy, and through these natural disasters we can see certain people’s shameful mentality. When a disaster strikes you or your family you will truly know the value of other people’s help.

Light planes, cars, and debris swept away by tsunami flood waters near Sendai Airport.

A smouldering house amongst debris swept away by tsunami flood waters in Sendai, Japan.

A house burns amongst flood waters in Sendai, Japan following an 8.9 magnitude earthquake, the largest in Japanese history.

Fires continue burning into the night in Sendai, following the largest earthquake (8.9 magnitude) in Japan's history.


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