“Beef Extract” Additive Used To Change Pork Into “Beef”

In China, pork that has been treated with "beef extract" to become "beef".

In China, pork that has been treated with "beef extract" to become "beef".

From NetEase:

Noodle restaurant uses “beef extract” additive to turn pork into beef in 90 minutes

Summary: Recently, the Hefei department of industry and commerce discovered a “beef extract” additive circulating widely on the market, allowing for chicken meat to be come “beef”. A city resident revealed that this “beef extract” is not only used in the production of meat floss, it is also used a “public secret” in some small eateries, with government departments claiming that if this is true, they will investigate. Doctors say long-term use of additives can cause slow poisoning, deformity, and even cancer.

From Mop, NetEase, & Hainan News:

Business uses beef extract and glazing agent to turn pork into beef in 90 minutes

2011 April 12th, Hefei, this reporter verifies the 90 minute process of changing pork into beef.

Step 1: The highest grade beef extract that allows pork to become beef.
Step 1: The highest grade beef extract that allows pork to become beef.
Step 2: Glazing agent, to remove the pork flavor. This small bag is good for 50kg of pork.
Step 2: Glazing agent, to remove the pork flavor. This small bag is good for 50kg of pork.
Step 3: Marinating the pork in a saucer after it has had beef extract added.
Step 3: Marinating the pork in a saucer after it has had beef extract added.
Step 4: A comparison of pork that has had beef extract applied and one that has not.
Step 4: A comparison of pork that has had beef extract applied and one that has not.
Step 5: A comparison of real pork and the fake beef after 2 hours of cooking. The pork that had beef extract applied is very similar to real beef.
Step 5: A comparison of real pork and the fake beef after 2 hours of cooking. The pork that had beef extract applied is very similar to real beef.
Step 6: Beef extract, Zeng Xiang Ji, pork, and fake beef side by side.
Step 6: Beef extract, Zeng Xiang Ji, pork, and fake beef side by side.

From NetEase:

Process of turning pork into “beef” by adding beef extract exposed

Recently, Anhui, Jiangxi, Fujian, and other places have been exposed by the media who have discovered a kind of “beef extract” additive that allows pork to become “beef”.

First cut the pork into pieces.
First cut the pork into pieces.
Add beef extract to the pork pieces, mainly to allow the pork to gain a beef flavor. After half an hour, the pork becomes a brown color. Then add the pork to boiling water to cook it. The color of the pork will then also become darker.
Add beef extract to the pork pieces, mainly to allow the pork to gain a beef flavor. After half an hour, the pork becomes a brown color. Then add the pork to boiling water to cook it. The color of the pork will then also become darker.
Add the prepared "beef powder" to the pork, then add caramel.
Add the prepared "beef powder" to the pork, then add caramel.
After mixing, the pork immediately changes appearance, the color looking even more like soy sauce braised beef, mingled with an aroma.
After mixing, the pork immediately changes appearance, the color looking even more like soy sauce braised beef, mingled with an aroma.
The final product is very much like stewed beef.
The final product is very much like stewed beef.

See also: “More food fakes: Beef in Shanghai might be pork?” (Shanghaiist)

Comments from NetEase:


MLGB, is there anything that can still be eaten?


With pork and beef both having problems, is anyone asking how mutton is doing?
Let me tell you, there are different price levels for mutton sold on the market, with the cheap mutton being pork, fox meat (leftover from those selling fur), and other discarded/unused meat, soaked in sheep urine (to increase the mutton flavor/aroma) then cut into pieces, sold to the markets. This has all been exposed on television before, netizens.


Chinese are the world leaders in creating counterfeits/fakes!


Author, are you teaching us how to use beef extract?


Never say that China doesn’t have indigenous innovation, because in the field of food products, [China] can produce endless creations. In the future, there will be no need to guess every day how you will die, instead you can guess every day just what exactly you are eating, and if you can guess then you’re impressive.


This is one that is known, but what about those we don’t know about?
Sigh, the direction of society’s development is truly unimaginable.


A NetEase how-to post!!! I’ve learned something.


This kind of trick is already considered civilized [not that bad], there’s also using sodium borate to turn pork into beef, and 15 grams of sodium borate can kill you (for children, just a few grams). To think that I used to often order hao you niu rou [a well-known beef dish] when going to small restaurants, I’m filled with dread…


A crazy nation, does crazy things.


Anyway, this kind of thing isn’t something that has just come out recently, it’s been ten or eight years now, I’m just waiting for the rabble to become immune to all poisons.


China’s government officials are all blind, stupid, idiots! What fucking use their daily meetings are!


Morally bankrupt countrymen, for thousands of years China has not been like this [until now], disappointing.


The fifth great invention contributed to the world by Chinese.

Beef. Personals @ chinaSMACK.

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • chris

    this is really damn sick.

    • chris

      And by the way: S

      • VieHuynh

        you should use this to print out sofa actually.
        char []array = {‘S’, ‘O’, ‘F’, ‘A’};
        for (int i = 0;i < array.length -1 ;i++)

        • ander

          Why do that?! I prefer the original~

        • mlgb

          There’s a bug in your program. That will only print:

          should be:
          for ( int i = 0; i < array.length; i++ )

          no need to minus 1 from the array length, because arrays in Java are zero-based so it will print the array elements 0, 1, 2 and 3.

          • VieHuynh

            did that intentionally, so someone can keep commenting on that haha :P

          • hyunjungsoh

            In groovy:

            String word = “SOFA”
            for(int i in 0..word.length()-1){
            println word.getAt(i)

        • Ketho

          and now in Lua =)

          [quote]local t = {“S”, “O”, “F”, “A”}
          for i = 1, 4 do

    • Righteous American

      I’m back baby!!!
      This really isn’t so bad… I mean come on, it could be a lot worse.
      Remember the feces filled vat at the stinky tofu factory in Shenzhen?
      Man as long as its not marinated in swill oil I can eat it!

      • “Doctors say long-term use of additives can cause slow poisoning, deformity, and even cancer.’

        Your children will thank you for their third arm coming out there back!

        • Ryo

          a 3rd arm means he can work 1.3 times harder then everyone else! SCORE!

          • Chris

            Actually 1.5 times harder.

            What is it with these Einstein Epic Fails on this thread?

  • Rick in China

    This type of article is *precisely* why I’ve switched to much more frequently cooking at home, using whole cuts of meat from foreign supermarkets, and overall cutting down on the amount of meat in diet. Not fool-proof, but certainly limits risk.

    One thing that surprises me is the translated comments; in most places I would imagine this would make people furious if it was as widespread as this seems. People here seem mostly “Meh, invention..” “Meh..it’s expected..” “Yeh, just found this out now?” type, so docile to their own health.

    • Curren$y

      The indifference and numbness of the Chinese have been well documented by many mammalogists. There is a five-part series coming soon on Discovery Animal Planet that really goes deep into this phenomenon.

    • Anon

      Go for the WET markets which stock local harvested/slaughtered foods. Anything from a supermarket or imported is likely pre-irradiated as hell or preserved at least.

      That docile ‘meh’ is what the CCP had better address via educated consumers before China becomes like the irradiated, GMO pushing, colouring and preservative trash eating ‘West’ which results in the unintelligent, uncompetitive citizens plaguing Western policy making today.

      Radioactive energy, Intelligence and EQ killing fast food, pharma and vaccines hit the West 30 years ago, while the Chinese were still eating locally grown whole foods, naturopathic cures and letting natural selection buff up their immune systems and citizens.

      Now the playing field looks increasingly closer as China ‘modernises’ with the list of rubbish above. CCP, time for another ‘Cultural Revolution’, this time though focus on ‘Green’ and ‘Organic’. Any upgrades on ‘Spider Silk’ tech to take over from ‘Silkworm Silk’ yet?

      SUGGESTED GOALS : Nano-cleaning booths for the potential nanotech dust nightmare, geodesic domes for all cities/farms to avoid the radioactive dust fallout, Telomerase given immortality where Cinnabar failed . . . the rest of the world can play Harkonnen with the ‘enlightened’ West.

      • Ray

        Why did you randomly link all these sarcasm to the west? Its not like they lie about what they are selling in the west, its just a matter of choice isn’t it? Its not like they are saying that their energy comes from wind farms when in reality they come from a nuclear reactor….

        • Strangerland

          Err, i read a news about how some percentage of the fish products sold in Britain supermarket are fake…i think it’s on dailymail.
          Thing is, immoral producers are eveywhere, they sell products they don’t allow their own children to eat, thinking that it’s safe that way. But who they’re fooling with? Do they think their children safe from the fake products sold by others? They kid themselves.
          Yes your family is safe from your junk of a product, but they’re not safe from others who think like you. Something has to be done to educate these stupids about how they simply join the ranks of idiots, and it’s not smart move in their part to do so. Geezee, some people.

    • Just John

      I have personally noted a lack of concern for long term health, so guess this doesn’t much surprise me.

  • Roger

    LOL I found this on Shanghaiist:
    “The Global Times said that they asked the Shanghai Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision for help with this matter, who told them to go to the Administration for Industry and Commerce. But when questioned, the administration argued that it should be the Food and Drug Administration’s area of expertise. The Food and Drug Administration then shrugged when they came a calling and told them to ask the Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. Heh.”
    Everyone of my friend in Shanghai thinks that they been poison long time ago, and just like the comments above thinks its common place/no big deal. Really? I guess I should stop going to restaurants as often here.

    • I mostly stopped after the “recycled” sewage oil thing, now I’m just going to stop all together… sick sick sick

  • Anonanon

    Look at the damn container. It’s like a container used for something in a freaking science lab.

    • B-real

      anti- freeze bottle for your car.

  • song of the article

    Shake Hands with Beef

    wrap it pack it ship it out!

  • Eastcost gal

    Does anyone/can anyone post what type of chemical is used in it?

  • Alikese

    Dog is always dog. I would suggest eating all gourou.

    • Andy


      Some of us already do!

    • Anon

      Lets hope the *safe* lab grown version of 狗肉 and 鯨肉 is available soon in China.

      By then, root for 狮子肉 instead! Kill-less dining, Chinese, most humane among all mankind.

  • In the picture comparing real and fake cooked pork – I would say that both look equally bad.

  • MAC

    If all the Chinese brainpower that went into various acts of fakery went into more productive pursuits, we’d be free of disease and pollution and I’d be sending this post from Mars with my fucking mind.

    • B-real

      That is the real truth.

      In the long run how was the cost difference to go this route. Why couldn’t just buy beef and cook beef? What kind of profit would this make if it all cost extra money and time to procure this shit?

      • MAC

        I don’t know, how much money would my crazy Chinese roommate have saved on electricity if I had agreed to stop using our inefficient space-saver dryer, hauled my wet clothes to the apartment complex’s $1.25 a spin pay dryers, and deducted that cost from my share of the electrical bill? Answer: Maybe some, so of course it’s worth doing! Who needs these modern conveniences that we shelled out higher rent for when we could save pennies by severely inconveniencing themselves? Christ, I understand and sympathize with the fact that many Chinese people have grown up in severe poverty and may therefore be extremely thrifty even after they’re financially stable; and we in the west could certainly stand to be less wasteful, and at least some of my wife’s efforts to avoid waste are good ideas from a financial and environmental standpoint and easily practiced. But the things some Chinese people do to save a little or make a little more money are like anti-Semitic jokes come to life. This story, to keep it relevant, is one of those things.

    • Jones

      Haha, that last part made me laugh. Thank you.

      I can’t wait until they start counterfeiting this fake beef. How to turn chicken into counterfeit beef made of pork and beef extract.

    • The Chinese do all the fake, creative, and clever shit as a means of survival. Imagine if it was worth more money to them to run a real business and not some shady backgroom deal where the guy form above doesn’t have his hand in the pocket.

      • MAC

        Pffft. That might be true of some people trying to scrape by as food cart vendors, but the Crazy Chinese Roommate referred to above, just as an example, committed fraud to save money on utility bills despite having enough money to spend $10,000 on a piece of land she’d hadn’t seen, researched (learn to use Google Earth, bitch- your land is a patch of desert) or devised a plan before beyond “land values always go up!” in an online tax forfeiture auction. (Why do I keep throwing these anecdotes in? Because once I start thinking about her I can’t calm down until I vent.) And just looking at the papers in China, it’s obvious she’s not the only one who didn’t suddenly find ethics once she’d made it.

        • Strangerland

          Wow mac….you sound so bitter, although I sort of get it with your first rant(mine was Japanese roommate though, a major headache from the start). Seriously, there’s nothing wrong in using the utilities you paid for, she has no right to stop you from using it. Have you talked with her? Don’t just talk actually, do some calculation to show her how much she lose by not using what’s already rented.
          As for the land buying…well it is her money. You can try advise her if she’s good friend, but in the end it’s not your money. Let her be, she is happy on her own. Just knowing that you can say ‘a fool and her money…’ in your heart is enough, right?
          Goodluck with your roommate.

      • I would say it’s not very clever to poison your customers…

  • Jones

    All you Jews and Muslims watch out.

  • That’s really sad (the scandal and the reactions). Chinese food is probably the most famous and most diverse food in the world and it’s a real shame that people mix all kinds of unhealthy stuff just to make few more bucks and in total disregard of people’s health and wellbeing. Sometimes I feel Chinese are their own biggest enemy.

    • Hylith

      I agree with you on that one. Chinese are their own worst enemy. Their inability to admit their mistakes and learn from them is the greatest reason why the mian zi (face) system doesn’t work at all.

      It will keep them down and continue to do so. China will never be known as a place of great quality products, etiquette and a preserver of human rights until their abolish this tradition. Unfortunately, it is so strongly a part of their society… it seems almost impossible. That’s my two cents worth.

  • tenshi35

    Yeah, The Government will launch an investigation now only because it’s been made public. Before that when they were all profiting from it, they turned a blind eye to it all.

  • diverdude

    I think if I were the guy in the photos I would have worn gloves…

    fellas who have spent real time in E / SE Asia know that hygiene is just a non-issue here. If u start thinking about it too much, u would starve~

    note: I’m talking about the life outside of rich part of Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei, HZ, SZ, HK, BKK, KL …

    • 2-cents

      Fucck yeah. Get out to the country sides and it gets really bad.
      People spitting in supermarkets out in the country. Disgusting

      • diverdude

        haha,,, yeah! what the F is up with that Gross noise they make before sharing their Mucous with the world ???

        ”” hhhaaaaccckkkk”’

      • Where i used to live had “NO SPITTING” signs in the local hospital… that shouldn’t be needed.

        • diverdude

          sign on bus-

          ‘spit out the window, not on floor. elevate your character.’

          sth like that anyway…

  • Hylith

    Notice in each of the pictures depicting the products they have the seal of approval of “SQ”. Which means the government already knew and approved it. You can’t trust your government at all folks. They are looking to line their pockets and they don’t care if a few innocents die in the process….

    Sanwu anyone?

    • Hylith

      Sorry, typo. I mean Sanlu. Also, have any of you tried those milk packets? Expires in like 45-60 days?! Doesn’t the milk back home in Canada and America expire in like 2-3 weeks? Whatever preservatives they are putting in there will certainly affect your health.

      • Anon

        Milk in Europe expires in 4-5 days. I don’t think I’d drink milk that was good for 2 weeks, never mind 2 months

        • ander

          You have to be aware there are differences in pasteurization methods. Much milk in China is UHT and has a longer shelf life.

          • DRaY

            Dude, what the fuck is milk?
            … I haven’t touched milk in years, one of the benefits of living in China! Now I’m adding beef to that list. I wonder what the next thing will be.

    • Anon

      They could start a Hotline to a database ready SQ checker so the public could check any goods at any time. It’s not too expensive and not impossible to track supply chains like that.

      China’s National Food Industry Association and Chinese Ministry of Health should get cracking on the organic and preservative free product criterias and infolines at once.

      The rest of the radioactive or GMO stuff, China can ship overseas that the uncaring FDA won’t bat an eyelid on or consumers won’t know the better to question about.

    • Paul

      The beef extract is actually used in making beef flavored instant noodles, that’s why the can has the SQ. The problem is not so much the beef extract, but the amount they have to use for the piece of pork. And of course the fact that it’s cheating.

  • dude

    Good for me i generally avoid beef and pork when possible. Seriously, WTF is wrong with people who come up with these ideas and market them? And, apart from restaurants, would anybody buy and use this stuff for personal consumption?

  • Just another reason why you should never eat beef in China.

  • jaycee

    As long they dont put plastic to kill people like they did to the babies right after the olympics.
    These extracts can contain cancer agents that can kill you if you eat to much of it.
    I wouldnt trust them at all..

  • Sunshine

    LOL at this rate the Chinese population will truly become immune to “hundred poisons”.

  • DRaY

    I never eat beef here in China, especially at restaurants…. It never tastes or smells quite right! This article is some really sick shit… Time to find a small island, a small harem of women and grow my own fruits and raise my own animals…. Who’s with me!

    • You are useless.

      I was with you until you mentioned the having a private ho stroll. Unnecessary!

  • canal boys

    I’m afraid unknown meat will be turned into beef. if it taste like beef but can come from somethings else, who knows what you’re eating.

  • roger dodger

    Ok thats it…. If this is what the future holds. Am officially a vegetarian.

  • Pong Lenis

    I feel strange about what they call pig anyway!


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  • se

    This article below is taken from here:

    There are some Chinese who are immaculately clean and who are very
    polite and honest. But they are few and far between. I have traveled
    and lived in seven countries and the Chinese are the dirtiest, most
    impolite and dumbest people I have ever seen. Dirty- litter, pit, a
    lack of hygiene with food; most impolite – pushing and queue jumping,
    and terrible driving; dumbest – inability to think, following dumb
    customs that make no sense nowadays, and just doing things that are
    stupid. As the saying goes: common sense is not so common, but
    generally, the Chinese have the exact opposite: stupid sense.

  • fathima

    I’m a Muslim and this is really disappointing..eventually i guess we might not be able to trust halal food…why are china people like this?

    Why don’t the government raise the concerns of other religions by restricting the rules and therefore introducing new laws to stop this kind of counterfeit?

    I really hope someone would consider my comment here…

    Thank you.

    • People in our government would have you believe that China is a socialist government. Which is not necessarily false but kinda is, I’ll explain why. People in this country fail to make an obvious distinction between an economic system and a governing system. While socialism is both a governing as well as an economic system, in China they practice a European-style implementation of socialism in that it operates side by side w/ a non-socialist economic system… ala “capitalist.” It is extremely extremely difficult based on my understanding of human nature for personal interests to coexist harmoniously with common good. Socialism as originally created by Africans would never have been implemented side by side w/ capitalism. Example: true socialism prohibits the private ownership of land hence no inter-generational accumulation of wealth. Just as importantly the tribal elders, Chief, etc. (e.i. Government) could not own the land either… the key distinction between a true implementation of socialism and a European/western implementation of socialism. No one could own the land no matter what your position is in society. Hence capitalism didn’t exist on the level of being considered a governing system as far as I am aware… not until the advent of European colonialist expansion. The land truly and quite literally belonged to the people for mutual benefit. We see this in Mesa-America, Pacific Islands, early Asia, East India, and initially in Africa where is originated. A co-worker less informed tried to tell me that China was a not a capitalist economy but a socialist government. That drove me to reconsider and validate my perspective even more which brought me to the current understanding. If you look at China’s business district which is expansive, you’d have to be blind to not see that China has a capitalist economy (private enterprise, private ownership, accumulation and inter-generational transfer of wealth). As in most capitalist environments corruption is rampant and publicly acknowledged. That’s because it only takes a matter of successive generations to de-evolve to where under capitalism, more animalistic or lesser human qualities become more pronounce within their ruling class(es), hence China has a terrible, terrible human rights violation track record most of which in my opinion is likely driven by capitalism. Those human rights violations did not likely exist nearly to the current extent, if at all when China was primarily an agrarian society, which is still is but to a lesser extent being that it is in transition. All this is to say that Chinese capitalist will sell you ANYTHING, (bad baby formula, toxic drywall, lead-tainted toys, bad tires, cheap and poorly constructed non-durables, etc.) to make a profit. Don’t get me wrong, I do recognize that certain products coming out of China are clearly superior than what’s produced by their western competitors, however, the knowledge base for the construction of those products came to exist when China was emerging as a competitor to the US. At that time they had to develop a superior product to distinguish themselves. Chine proved that even a dumb consumer will chose tangible, hand held quality over lesser quality while they may not even be able to afford it. And beside their cars were LESS expensive than American made. That’s a no brainer… better quality… less expensive. Now that China has distinguished itself as a key world manufacturer there is no longer the motivation or necessity to make quality goods cause the name of the game is profit (e.g. private enterprise, personal gain). Guess what! The same cycle happened here in the US with American-made goods. Now Chinese products are starting to be perceived as cheap, poorly made, and in some cases even dangerous (e.g drywall, baby formula, etc.)… because they are starting to be. As a consumer trend, even Chinese consumers are starting to reject Chinese-made products out of distrust and perceived inferiority. NPR ran a program just last week on how Chinese consumers are refusing to consume Chinese made baby formula in preference to the western-made formula. Government regulation in China is dismal.

      Overall though, they are wiping the pants right now off of Western capitalist because they are more “capitalist” than the western “capitalist” (e.g. poor to no labor rights, sweat shops, general worker’s exploitation comparable to chattel slavery, etc.) Leave it to Chinese society to take anything you do to re-engineer it better. We’ve all seen this. That’s hell of an attribute for a people to have. Problem is though, not all technology, profitable or otherwise, is good technology, worthy of duplication (e.g. nuclear energy, combustion engine, etc.) even if it can be made profitable. Now although my perspective is a strongly opinionated based on my finite but accurate understanding of social systems of government and economic systems of resources as well as my personal observations, I encourage someone to correct my understanding where it is errant. Let’s chop it up. ;-)

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  • thedragonb

    Don’t misrepresent the meat and profit on it. It’s wrong to sell a product to people that is an imitation and charge more. But my first concern – is what they are using poisonous/cancerous in some way? That is my most important concern. …and who the hell comes up with the idea of soaking meet in urine to get the mutton flavor? Who comes up with these ideas and just says… hey, let’s just soak the scrap meat in some sheep pee and see how it tastes. WHO DOES THIS SHIT?

  • Magnolia


  • Too much fake food.

    – K&J Fashion)

  • Elaine Riddick

    why would someone want to change pork to beef,some people can’t eat pork for different reasons.

  • Ally

    This is TERRIBLE!!!! And a DAMN SHAME!!!! Stop modifying the consumers FOOD and eat this CRAP yourself!!!