Beijing Subway Hostage-Taker Shot Dead, Netizen Reactions

A Chinese man holding a female security checkpoint worker hostage in the Beijing Subway at Hujialou station.

A Chinese man holding a female security checkpoint worker hostage in the Beijing Subway at Hujialou station.A Chinese man holding a female security checkpoint worker hostage in the Beijing Subway at Hujialou station.

With over 3.5m views and over 8600 comments currently, the following video of a hostage situation at the Hujialou Beijing Subway station is one of this week’s most popular videos on Chinese video sharing website Youku…

From Youku:

Scene of man in Beijing Subway who was shot dead after holding a female security check point worker hostage at knife-point

In Beijing on the 19th, a man at the B exit of the Hujialou subway station held a female security check point worker hostage at knife-point. After over 70 minutes of unsuccessful negotiations, and as the suspect was harming the hostage, a Blue Sword Commando Unit sniper of the Beijing City Public Security Bureau SWAT Team made decisively open fired, shot the suspect dead, and safely rescued the hostage. At present, the identity of the suspect is still being verified.

A Chinese man holding a female security checkpoint worker hostage in the Beijing Subway at Hujialou station.A Chinese man holding a female security checkpoint worker hostage in the Beijing Subway at Hujialou station.

The Beijing police negotiators' seemingly nonchalant behavior while handling the Beijing Subway hostage situation.

The female security check point worker being escorted out of the subway station after the hostage-taker was shot dead.

The hostage-taker's body being carried out of the Hujialou Beijing Subway station in a body bag.

Comments from Youku:


When the suspect was waving his knife around in his right hand, wouldn’t it have been enough to just shoot his arm directly and then immediately subdue him? I don’t get it.

混浊: (responding to above)

A waving arm versus a unmoving head, which one is easier to hit?


Why didn’t they shoot his right hand, arm, or shoulder? China’s administration of justice is treats human life too lightly.


There completely was no need to open fire and shoot him dead!


I don’t think there was anything wrong with this shooting, it was necessary… but there’s one thing that I’m still uncertain about… that last hostage situation in Guangdong, why did that so-called female police officer have to shoot that guy 4 times? Even now I haven’t figured it out.


I only want to say, with this kind of security personnel, just who can they protect? According to the video footage, this [female] security personnel had no less than 3 opportunities to break free from this hostage-taker. The hostage-taker had his knife pointing out in front of him for at least 7-8 seconds. During this time, the security personnel could have used both hands to grab the hostage-taker’s arm that was holding the knife, then flipped him over her back, and the other police could then go forward and subdue him… It can only be said that “security personnel” these days is just a word.


With our citizens, it is always shoot to kill. With foreigners, it is always a verbal warning.


Crime cannot be treated too leniently, otherwise it will be difficult to enforce the law in the future.


Why did this man take this girl hostage? Just what kind of situation was it that they had to shoot to kill? How come none of these things are mentioned?


The police did a good job! Threatening the lives of the innocent must not be tolerated. If the knife was pointed at your neck, would you still oppose the sniping?


Him holding someone hostage is indeed abominable, but was it really necessary for the police to treat his life so lightly when they had not gotten a clear understanding of what the situation was? What if the two of them were quarreling lovers? Or maybe even this girl had stolen 2 million from this man and left him no choice? Before the situation/circumstances is made clear, anything is possible!


I hope this seemingly educated person that was shot is the son or grandson of a high official.


The moment leading up to him being shot should be made public.


Invent a kind of non-lethal weapon for use during hostage situations and the problem will be solved.

风雨oo飘摇: (responding to above)

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A lot of people are like you, having this kind of really stupid and naive thinking.


The hostage-taker is not the least bit detestable, whereas that police officer with the cigarette hanging off his lips looks like he deserve a violent death.


Talk about making a big deal out of nothing, was shooting him dead necessary?

o﹎承諾愛伱@: (responding to above)

I think so too, he looked like a very honest/decent person.

cpbjfu: (responding to above)

The murder in the recent US shooting also looked very honest/decent but still killed people.

风雨oo飘摇: (responding to above)

The hostage-taker in the Philippines hostage incident used to be a police officer, was he not an honest/decent person?


Just what was the hostage-taker’s demands? Why did he take a security check worker hostage? From beginning to end, it is never mentioned. What did he want? In this kind of situation, the police opening fire is fine, then using whatever method is fine, all of its understandable. But fuck, that one person holding the water and that one person smoking sure looked incredibly nonchalant…


You can all be the good guys. In the future when its your family member that is held hostage, you can tell the police not to harm the innocent life of the hostage-taker and I imagine the police will handle things in accordance with your wishes.

惊愣: (responding to above)

They’re the NC Party, who always have to say something regardless of what it is to show off.

mitiate: (responding to above)

Their point is we have to protect the human rights of the criminals even as we punish the crime… just imagine if there was a child who was forced to robbery in order to get the money to buy medicine for his sick mother, and in doing so ended ultimately ended up taking hostages and facing off against the police. If at this time the police open fired and shot him dead, what kind of reaction would you guys have? Probably would all support not shooting him to death, right? May I ask if you guys have any standards?


Really, if this thing is going to be reported at all, you might as well let everyone know the entire situation, the content of the negotiations~ This is what everyone cares more about. If this person simply wanted to kill people, the hostage would’ve died long ago. If this person was short of money, then he wouldn’t go rob the subway either. Netizens these days are not so easy to dupe, and people these days also have the ability to tell right from wrong. What we want to know is the truth~ Requesting the truth~


He wanted to negotiate, saying “If you don’t think I’m worth it, and we can’t negotiate further, don’t blame me”. This means he wanted to discuss terms, right? Several times throughout he already lowered his knife. Given that the negotiator is there, just what terms did the hostage-taker have at the time? He looks like an ordinary office worker, and throughout the entire video, it didn’t look like it had gotten to the point where the had to shoot him dead. Also, the person smoking must be a police officer or negotiator, right? Brother, you’ve really [embarrassed yourself].


Judging by his clothes and his appearance, he looks like a white collar worker, probably in a moment of impulse. It wasn’t necessary to shoot him dead, just find someone to talk with him. He doesn’t look like some extremely evil people [who could not be reasoned with].


Throughout the whole world, shooting the hostage-takers in a hostage situation where negotiations have failed is a tacitly understood way of handling things. Only in our China are there people who in these kind of situations will sympathize more with the dead hostage-taker than the hostages. I just have to wonder, when the hostage is their parents, relatives, or even themselves, will they still have the same amount of sympathy for the perpetrators?


Having seen a lot of similar news, I’m beginning to question the ability of the police in resolving hostage situations. Other than shooting someone dead, do they have any other methods?


At first, I thought the same as some others, why didn’t they shoot his shoulder? His should and his head were both exposed. Shooting his shoulder could’ve also subdued the perpetrator. Later, I figured it out! The authorities had their reasons for handling it this way, which is to tell all of those people who have thoughts of taking people hostage that “we’re going to shoot to kill” and then see still dares to take hostages!


Why is that when a person threatens an innocent person’s life, when other people might die, that person’s safety must still be ensured? As a hostage-taker, he knows the risks associated with doing what he is doing, and he must bear the corresponding cost. The hostage’s life is important, and the opportunities for rescue are also limited.


Everyone has a lot of different views, with someone saying he deserved to be killed, while others saying for good or bad he was still a life. In that moment, only the people involved at the scene really understand how tense the situation was. We are just spectators, and of those who clicked on this video, just how many didn’t want to see how the bullet pierced through the man’s head? Also, those people who are saying the negotiator looked like he was useless, why don’t you go negotiate with the criminal? Negotiations is psychological. Him lighting a cigarette, drinking some waters, that’s all to create a relaxed atmosphere for the criminal. Although I don’t know negotiating, I know the prerequisite for life and death is the measure of one’s values.

The Beijing Subway Hujialou station where a hostage situation occurred ending with the hostage-taker being shot to death.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Andy

    Look at those casually smoking onlookers. Only in China.

    • Chris

      As opposed to what? Everyone should be dressed like masked vigilantes? o.O

      • Winter B4 Spring

        Woh…Imagine, in such a situation, this dressed-up-vigilante dude jumps out, wearing a red pair of undies like superman, a glittering swimsuit like wonder-woman, or a black cape like batman. i’d think it would shock the Chinese cops so bad, they’d just shoot at the vigilante and kill him/her. And while the hostage-taker is still shocked by that commotion, the cops then shoot and kill him too…sigh*… o.O …

        • Jin

          China used to be such a safe place to live but now with all the laowai’s and violent American news, movies and TV some Chinese have been influenced.

          • moop

            yes the falungong found it very safe. the tibetans have found it safe. the Uighur have found it safe, the thousands in black jails have found it safe, dissedents and journalists find it very safe, academics during the cultural revolution found it safe, students in 1989 found it safe.

          • Jin

            If you live your life within the China law then you have nothing to fear. Tibetans belongs to China but didn’t want to live by China law so they were punished its that simple.

            Cultural revolution was one man dictatorship which no longer applied to modern day China. Every country have had some form of dictatorship not just China.

          • But China belongs to Taiwan, so bend over and take your spanking.

          • Jin

            ROC = Republic of CHINA. That’s the OFFICIAL name of Taiwan was China and have being returned to mainland China just like Hong Kong and Macau.

            If you are going to throw history as an argument then maybe read it up.

          • Haha I knew that would piss you off.
            Nope, the PRC were the rebels and therefore historically belong to the Taiwanese government. Just like Hong Kong and the Tibetans and whatnot. Cry my hands full.

          • [email protected]

            …..some Chinese have been influenced……the rest (who haven’t) are just repressed and angst-ridden Chinese who don’t need an excuse to behave like assholes or like violent and cowardly miscreants who’ve no regard for life or public safety. It just seems to come naturally to them.

            Jin stop blaming. When Chinese behave badly it is the fault of either the individual, their family, Chinese society, its government and its people, or all of the above.

            I come from Australia. When Aussies do completely fucked up things (often) we don’t run off at the mouth and say “this is because of …” It detracts from facing the facts and accepting the truth.

            And the fact is that …… well, ….let’s leave that for Terroir to decide. He/She seems to be the “expert on everything under the sun.” I mean, at least in her/his own opinion.

            Take it from here, Guru Terroir, for without your constant nonsensical diatribe we would all be in the darkness.

          • Winter B4 Spring

            China is in dictatorship till today.

            If you live your life within China’s law, you wont be safe anyway, cos one day, the party will want to take your possession and property, and you will be compensated just enough to live under the bridge.

            And if that’s not enough, someday, when another government problem is made public, the party will find another group to persecute, or reinforce the persecution of a particular group of people, demonizing them as separatists or cults or anti-China forces, start a movement just to distract the majority of the citizens.

            Then, someone’s family members will have to be on the run, incarcerated, or tortured, maybe killed.

            In short, no one is safe in China. It just looks safe until your time comes.

            Cultural Revolution does apply to China until today, as unfortunately, traditional values were distorted for Marxism/Leninism to breed. For example, today’s Confucius Institutes around the world, funded by China, promotes everything “Confucianism” that applies to the party, but not question the party’s crimes & legitimacy. Thus, Mao’s legacy had lived till today, reflected in Jin’s responses.

            Tibetan lived within all society’s laws. No other countries, but only China, have problems with the Tibetans, Uyghurs, Falun Gong, underground Christian churches, and lawyers. (That’s right! Even lawyers are persecuted in China.)

            You can be the Premier of China today, but a prisoner along with your family members tomorrow. Or, you can be poor, and still get whacked, killed or raped by the party anytime.

            In a nutshell, you’re screwed anyway, so welcome to the “People’s” Republic of China.

          • Winter B4 Spring

            I dont know of others applying for asylum status in China, but i know of Chinese who have applied for asylums in free-countries, and in South East Asia, it’s Chinese applies for UNCR refugee status. Tells us something isn’t right in China now.

          • Jin

            “I come from Australia. When Aussies do completely fucked up things (often) we don’t run off at the mouth and say “this is because of …” It detracts from facing the facts and accepting the truth”. HAHAHA!

            here some names for you
            Pauline Hanson
            Bruce Ruxton
            Cronulla riots – based on race

            Tell that to all the Asians in Australia who have been abused and bashed tell that to all the Indian taxi drivers who are racially harassed and spat on everyday. Tell that to all the Indigenous Australian stolen generation or explain your White Australia Policy?

            yes Australian “It detracts from facing the facts and accepting the truth.” never blame anyone else for all your problems.

          • Winter B4 Spring

            **UNHCR** (oops)

          • Winter B4 Spring

            well Jin if you read the media properly, the Liberals, Labors, Nationals and Greens made it public that they were repulsed by the incidents that you have mentioned. No one was proud of it but the perpetrators, unfortunately. Australia, as a nation, is tolerant. That’s why Chinese people migrate here. Aussies do NOT migrate to China.
            In China, it seems to be ok to persecute Tibetans, Uyghurs, Falun Gong, lawyers, democracy activists … oh thats right!! there is no other parties to speak out in all fairness, but the COMMUNIST PARTY — “power from the barrel of the gun”.
            Rings a bell?

          • Winter B4 Spring

            The Indigenous Stolen Generation was in fact a very unpleasant part of Australian history, and this current govt said “We are sorry!”
            During many official activities, representatives and politicians say, “We acknowledge the traditional people of this land,” and hold Indigenous cultural ceremonies. In Canberra, the capital city of Australia, we fly the Indigenous flag with pride.
            The Indigenous people of Australia are truly good ancient traditional people and Australia today treasures their art, regret our past, and look forward to move into the future as a nation.
            Lets look at China.
            1949 – Communist took power from the Nationalists, whose army was depleted from fighting the Japanese, while the communists hid in jungles and harassed villagers.
            1959 – Persecution of Tibetans.
            1966 – Cultural REvolution.
            1970s – More internal party conflicts.
            1989 – Tiananmen Massacre.
            1999 – Persecution of Falun Gong.
            2012 – STILL persecuting Tibetans, Uyghurs, Falun Gong, lawyers, democracy activists, petitioners, etc.

          • Jin


            With just 200 year history you have killed off over 70% of the Indigenous Australian. And in regards to your comment “hat’s why Chinese people migrate here. Aussies do NOT migrate to China.” How do you know that? so you saying there is NO Australian living in china?

            By the way i have lived in Australia so i have experienced the racism there personally. Australia is a beautiful country but its full of red necks trailer trash.

          • moop

            “By the way i have lived in Australia so i have experienced the racism there personally”

            no, you see, people treated you like shit in australia because you’re an asshole. the same reason people on here give you shit. because you’re an asshole. a nationalistic, racist, imbecilic asshole

          • terroir

            @ [email protected]:

            Your passive-aggressiveness is an internet orgasm for me that will last for all of eternity.

            To be made a derail topic by you in among these most heated if debates gives me the added fulcrum to steadily mount your personal misguided perspective of the world and ram my undeniable girth of will down your clenched stovepipe of ignorance and stain the turgid, virginal intimates of your closest held beliefs with the shame of that one person who was able to break you.

            One more thing: I don’t even remember what I said to you to make you so angry.

            You mad?

          • Winter B4 Spring

            So where’s your source that Aussies loose their citizenship for a Chinese passport? I know too many people of Chinese ancestry today who call Australia their home, and are “Australians” of Chinese decent. In Constitution, their allegiance is to the Queen and Australia. In politics, their allegiance is to freedom. By decent, they are of Chinese ancestry. And proud of it. But none wants their “5 star red” Chinese communist passport.
            Yes, China has Aussies, but temporary migrants who are there to work, that is if they are lucky enough not to be caught up in being accused of “jeopardizing state secrets”, whom a few Australians are incarcerated for. I have never met one Aussie who says, “Yes! i left Australia for a Chinese citizenship and am proud of it!” Show me your stats that Aussies migrate in droves to China to be Chinese citizens.

            I live in Australia too, and i am NOT of Anglo origin. I have experienced discriminations, and in all these years, maybe about 10 times. So what? I am proud to be Australian. Red necks are everywhere. The communist party is red too, and they are redder than red. The “5 star red” flag is stained with 69 years of blood from innocent Chinese.

            I therefore can’t explain how you have had such bad experiences in Australia, besides Moop’s explanation. When you act the way you do, even Australians of Asian ancestries will treat you badly.

            Re Indigenous Australians…i am not familiar with the percentage perished since Captain James Cook arrived. However, if you read Australian history carefully, and if you know what you are talking about, assuming that you are not high on anything, or paid 50 cents by the party, the majority of Indigenous Australians were NOT killed by weapons, but succumbed to diseases that their immune system weren’t familiar with. Again, which is truly unfortunate, in my opinion. As an Australian, although of non-Anglo decent, i regret that side of history and look forward to all Australians working well together for our posterity as a nation.

            Chinese communism will CEASE to exist soon, in my opinion, and i know the future and free Chinese nation, as a great country and a superpower, will work well alongside Tibetans, Uyghurs, Mongols, Falun Gong, Taiwan, etc.

            Good riddance, communism! =D

          • Winter B4 Spring

            gees =.= no thanks to all these Chinese communist apologists, we are all so far away from the original topic.

            now…back to the dude who took a female guard hostage & was swinging his arms frantically cos someone decided to do a pen-smoking-dance jiggle in front of him…

            (Fauna, i’m sure you’ll appreciate me doing this, and for the record, it’s Pada’s fault) =P

          • donnachadh

            Ever heard of the ‘Cultural Revolution’?

          • Enlightened Jin

            I take back what I say.

            China is a relatively safe place. The amount of laowai in China is inconsequential, so I was mistaken to correlate that with increasing violence. However, I do believe China is still safe in terms of population density.

            Although China has many great laws, the problem is the lack of enforcement, especially at the local level. Laws may keep us safe in theory, but in actuality, we still see a lot of violation of basic rights, for example the village chief who petitioned to keep the village lands but ended up dead. This is not to say that China hasn’t improved.

            It was also childish to use the argument that Republic of China means China. R.O.C. is commonly referred to in the media as Taiwan, and has it’s own legislation and government. President Hu would not do well to take a stroll around Taipei. And I need to brush up on my history because Taiwan was not given back to China the same way as Hong Kong and Macau. It is only merely claimed. However, China and Taiwan has a special relationship and an intertwined economy.

          • kodi

            Are you really as foolish and naive as your comment makes you sound? Perhaps you should venture outside your party controlled safe zone and into a international free zone, so you can see why everyone with money in China is clamoring to move abroad and give their children and families a real taste of life.

            Actually every place that pits humans in competition for money or resources is unsafe, therefore nowhere is safe. The reason you think China was so safe is because you did not have access to information. Still now if you knew all the shit that goes on in China you would be hiding in a corner. It has always happened its just that you never knew about it because you were always protected from the information that the party believes you can’t handle knowing.

        • mr. wiener

          The above comments have nothing to offer and are a deliberate effort to provoke an angry response , please ignore.

          • Winter B4 Spring

            i agree. Seems Pada, Jin and Starting shares a similar pattern of response. Must be cultural. I don’t think it is traditionally Chinese though. Must be some new age “modern China” thought, like those promoted by Mao & Deng. I wouldn’t mention Jiang, he is not worth mentioning for now, as he is the lowest of all forms of existence.

    • alex

      If I wasn’t familiar with the Chinese, i’d suggest the casual smoking was an negotiation instrument to reduce the tension of the situation – a calm negotiator reassures the hostage taker that the situation isn’t too out of control.

      However, I guess he was probably just feeling like a cig so he lit up…

    • Alexander

      Although he has quite a queer pose happening there, I think he is actually holding a pen, not a cigarette….

      • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

        Why would he be smoking a pen? You idiot.

        • Alexander

          Mao, don’t be a ding dong….. look at the photo carefully, notice object in his hand is too long to be a cigarette….. do you see any smoke coming out of it? It helps to open your eyes and look at the details……. DA!

          • Brett Hunan

            I believe he was taking the piss.

      • Rod

        Looks like one of those wooden cigarette filters.

        • Alexander

          That’s what I thought too at first, but it has no smoke coming out of it, and it would be very uncommon to see a person using that type of cigarette as opposed to the more common ZhongHua types, and finally it is strictly forbidden to smoke in the subways. Although most people do break rules, I have noticed, that at least in Shanghai people actually follow the no smoking thing in the metro.

          • Young Man

            In the three years I have lived in Beijing (and usually using the subway four times a week) I have seen someone light up twice in the subway, both times it was migrant workers complete with entire-life’s-belongings-type bundles on their backs. On one of those occasions I saw a subway worker tell them to stub it out. Maybe the same thing happened the other time but I didn’t hang around to see it.

          • Rod

            Perhaps there were special circumstances with the hostage situation and all.

            But then again, maybe he was taking notes.

      • Echo

        it is a pen, not a cig

    • Winter B4 Spring

      A – it was either a pen, as Alexander puts it, or a ciggie with one of those old-school filters (agreeing with Rod).
      B – it IS a ciggie, and that’s cos there’re more smokers in China then any other countries. We’ll have onlookers in other countries too, but only a minority smoke.
      C – What baffles me, is the way he stands. Again, agreeing with Alexander. Maybe that pen-smoking dude is doing a jiggle and a dance in front of the hostage-taker to grab his attention. And that was why the hostage-taker was waving his arms frantically, annoyed and trying to get the dancing-pen-smoking dude to bugger off — it was just getting on his nerves.
      D – Or, maybe that was how the problem started, cos someone was doing a dancing-pen-smoking jiggle to annoy him, so he held the security guard up.

      Far out —> I’m a genious =P Mystery solved. Lets all move on to a new article on Chinasmack.

      • jin

        yes youre a GENIUS

        • Winter B4 Spring

          exactly!! thats my point =P thk u thk u *bow bow*

    • nitewings

      they r police disguised as onlookers…. the whole area was on lockdown.

  • pincu

    The negotiators spent more than one hour on talking with the criminal.However,It’s useless. Someone was bound to die.

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  • Freak on a Mountain

    Again, no context :(.

    But really, more than one hour? That’s a bit, er, inefficient in a hostage w/ knife situation. In the States something/someone would have gone down in about five minutes; we have short attention spans. After seventy minutes it would just be like, ‘Ok, somebody kill somebody, this is getting boring.’

    • Rutim

      Exactly, no context at all… That’s how Chinese media works ;) Unless the material isn’t made up by broadcasting companies. He took a hostage because he was probably… invisible in the society. He had his problems (and O bet that was with Chinese beaurocrats) to do this. He had a good reason to do this. I bet he planned it somehow to bring the light on his individual strugglings, not to kill a person. If he’d like to kill he’d made up a bomb or something like that. Now he’s shot. He’ll take his problems to grave and the one above him (probably a well situated ‘governmet warror’ will laugh at his face at the funeral… That’s how and why China’s still struggling.

      • bb

        thank you Mr. Holmes, Scotland Yard will take it from here.

        a dude holds a knife to my daughter’s throat…for an hour…. a goddamn “warrior” better put a bullet in him.

      • jin

        mr einstein, it was just a video uploaded by someone that doesnt know whats going on as well. how can he tell a story?

    • Dr SUN

      LOL, so true

    • tcmeric

      We do have some context. He was a man threatening another persons life. IMO this is context enough to shoot him after all other reasonable options had been tried, (ie, talking him down for more than an hour).

      It seems like they did everything they could have to stop him first, without putting the hostage at risk. If had had no hostage, then maybe there were other options such as rubber bullets, gas, etc.

      Whatever the hostage did or did not do to him, it does not justify him trying to/ or taking her life. Sure, the PRC is no “angel” government, but in this case, it appears to me that they made the right move. What if they had not shot the guy and he had stabbed the women fatally and she died. Then they would have “looked” even worse to the public.

      Plus, this sends a clear message IMO. Take someone hostage, then don’t expect to live. I know some people are desperate, but this hopefully will deter them for doing this, and encourage them to seek other means.

  • Alejandro

    hostage-taker? you mean: kidnapper?

    • alex

      uhm It seems he didn’t take the woman anywhere as she was a checkpoint worker and they’re stood at a checkpoint… the term ‘hostage taker’ is correct.

    • Xoff

      To kidnap means to take to another location. That was a hostage taker.

  • Dannie

    typo : blue sword, not blue word

  • whiskersthecat

    That’s Jared, the Subway guy. He’s even using that knife they use to cut the bread in half.

    Every Chinese hostage situation I’ve seen on video involves a police officer in plain clothes with an unopened bottle of water, waving it at the guy. I realize that maybe the guy is thirsty and asking for it, or maybe it’s an common trick around the world to get the guy to bend over and pick it up so they can run up and field goal kick him in the face, but still I just notice it all the time in Chinese hostage situation videos.

    • pada

      Yes agreed, cat.
      Chinese police should learn from Americans cops in Los Angeles suburb of Anaheim. I dont mean they should shoot at least five people in each of the past three years in this small Anaheim like American cops did. But during a crack-down of 1,000 strong mass rally your media hate to let people know, they sure knew how to cleverly and purposely lose control of a dog and let it attack and bite protesters and say sorry later. Shit yes job could’ve easily done by a dog’s bite on kidnapper’s ass, or simply by it’s barking, a know-how our famous Lynndie England knows better.

      • whiskersthecat

        Pada, what in the world are you talking about?

        • Nick in Beijing

          Doesn’t matter what pada is saying. Pada is just like an over flowing garbage truck.

        • Winter B4 Spring

          …over-flowing-garbage-troll…pada doesn’t make much sense. Pushes in, not even trying to be funny, and starts a new topic on anti-Americanism etc. And the words are often noticeably translated directly from Chinese (not that i am anti-China, i adore the Middle Kingdom, and mentioning this before i get accused as such).

      • mr. wiener

        Refresh me as to what Anaheim was. And who is Lynndie England?
        I know you are trying to be more coherent Pada, but we don’t all get your examples [after all not that many of us are, or live in America]

        • moop

          police shot and killed and unarmed man during a protest in anaheim california. pada’s trying to pretend there was a media blackout on the subject, perhaps trying to deflect from the beijing govt blacking out flood coverage. he is of course lying and the story he is referring to is on yahoo! news, one of the busiest sites on the web. not exactly a blackout. pada is deflecting again, but more importantly pada is trolling again and again

          • moop

            i mean the shooting of the unarmed man provoked protest and a dog bit some people in the crowd

          • whiskersthecat

            Pada is so sore that even a man waving bottled water reminds him of how upset and jealous he is of the West, to the point that he has to struggle trying to think of a way to return relevant criticism. Like, tears in his eyes, red-faced, arms flailing, screaming and slapping his palm (the lower part near the wrist because that hurts less but still makes a loud noise) against the table while the other palm supports his head while it drains tears and snot onto the table between heaving gasps of breath and wavering, muttered cries of “it’s not fair”. Still in English, of course, because he hates himself so much for being Chinese.

          • pada

            Moop even know “a dog bit some people in the crowd” in Anaheim!
            I begin to have some respect to you. Seems you are better read than many selective readers with selective memory here who even dont know a place called Anaheim and treat the dog biting news as “flowing garbage truck” or “Disneyland fairytale”.
            But knowing all about dog, why you still girlishly call me “lying” and “deflecting” while it was you who are “trying to deflect the news to so-called “beijing govt blacking out flood coverage” and, well, trolling?

          • moop

            yeah, you are trolling, you’ve never not trolled on this site. you have never posted a legitimate post on this site. all you do is try to make people angry or upset by posting anti-western comments. and the moderators let you do it for whatever reason, but then ban people like cb who are really no better than you.
            you are deflecting. you took a bad story in china and took that opportunity to deflect attention away onto america. and you are lying because you suggested that there is a media blackout on the anaheim story when in reality there is no such thing. you’re a troll and a liar. if you weren’t chinese and spouted anti-chinese crap then you would have been banned already. that seems to be how the moderators here work who only enforce their no trolling policy when it suits them rather than have any kind of actual principle

          • Winter B4 Spring

            @ whiskersthecat: i still reckon he gets paid 50 cents for every comment. but i admit, i have no such prove.

          • Winter B4 Spring

            …as in…i meant pada gets paid 50 cents

          • pada

            When you say Pada is “so sore…and jealous …of the West” you seems ignorant of one basis rule in economy—the man from a country with a 8% GDP will not feel jealous of another from debt-ridden country with almost minus GDP like US, a country reminds me of Greece, if not Albania. You sure will retort who give a damn to your toxic rotten commie country. But this is just the country you choose to live, willingly, which means its “toxic rotten commie” dont matter to you. As Napolean said— “Home is where you feel better off”.

            So I’ve rightfully reasoned out you are the very green-eyes monster whose hatred of China is based on jealousy of China, a country which just shattered your superemacy dream and which worked better than yours no matter how you and your dear kommissar Hillary blow up.

            Apart from proving you are jealous of China, I also feel pity of you being not born some 80 years ago when all best houses and cars and wealth belonged to so-called expats. Now looking around and only finding so many successful Chinese, you feel so much hurt since you have the lousiest cars and ugliest girls. So now its high time for you to find a broken mirror and shout sadly:”L-O-S-E-R”.

            As to your description of me, I cannot help laughing. It must be quite close to what your teacher painted you yesterday in front of all your giggling classmates, while you have no clue who I am, haha!

          • mr. wiener

            although I welcome you occasional forays into semi-lucidity your arguments always seem to consist of the following:
            #1. “China’s [perverts, cannibals, thieves, chicken molesters] are not so bad because the west has them too,and they’re worse, look I’ll show you”.
            #2. ” You owe us money”.
            This is all well and good, but this deflecting does show a certain prickly defensiveness. Also rather than talking about other people’s supposed inbreeding and love of Dubuya I’d be more than willing to hear more about you, your life and your experiences.
            It’s nice that you feel entertained and can hug yourself about your own wittiness, but I’d feel more of a connection and empathy for you if you put aside your nonsensical shield.

          • pada

            Winter B4 Spring,

            Seems you are just not that smart enough to notice the obvious–All your gang here with lynching mobster metality on the band-wagon have long ceased to use this “50-center” cliche like you, since it can only prove your emptiness and impotence in arguing, or simply remind people of another 50-center army run, democraticlly, by US which I’d love to enlighten you with following hurting link:


          • Guang Xiang

            Pada, how come it feels like you’re writing about yourself. I think you might be worried that despite having a growing economy, you still feel like Chinese society is still leaps and bounds behind most developed nations, socially and culturally. And this is not just western countries, but Japan and Korea as well.

          • Guang Xiang

            “since it can only prove your emptiness and impotence in arguing”

            Herein lies a problem. You come in here looking for arguments when it really should just be for discussion and comment. You are quick to boil, which also discredits a lot of your “rightful reasoning”

            And again, posting links does not serve the intended purpose of hurting people. Any people of sound background would know that in this world, shit happens. The only problem i see is you going into a rage when Whiskers made a joke on a guy holding a water bottle. Why so angry over a water bottle?

          • whiskersthecat

            Haha Pada, you’re such a jealous twat. Listen, you can move to the US and become American. I mean, you can’t become white, but still, it’s better than nothing. The best thing to do, though, is to stop crying. Take a deep breath. Stop punching that pillow with the bottom, less painful side of your fist. I know it makes a loud noise, but it’s not intimidating anyone. I can tell by your reply…that long dissertation…that what I said really hurt your feelings and probably increased your frustrated, angry sobbing. Please try to man up.

          • pada

            “you can’t become white”? i guess only an angry boy could so easily show his true colour of racist deep rooted in his bones.

            you know what? the reason you are so angry and hurt is you cannot make me angry since i live only for having fun and i live on truth. you are angry because you have to fake a rich when broke and have to lecture people that you bombed their homes for their sake and that democracy is a marvel while fucked up by it. you are angry because you tell everrybody you feel proud of a black prez while you hate negro with clenched teeth. you are angry because you have to talk about hairs while you are very bald-headed… for you guys, rednecks specie or not, is real hard.

            as to why i dont “move to us and become american”, been there and seen it. though qualified as one since i helped it export hell of stuffs to china in last 20 years, or helped obama to meet his goal to double export in his funny 5-year plan, i still dont move there, out of reason i could not stand sorta stench you must be familair with, in coal-mine like subway in nyc that always reminded me, well, of armpits. then i know, let me deflect again, why you guys invented perfume. ;)

            1700 hour shower for whiskersthecat now, the third time!

          • jin

            moop argue with some brains.
            whiskersthecat talk crap and (hidden or not?) racist comments with his IQ of a cat

          • jin, gargle some balls.
            That is all.

          • jin

            stop talking while choking on your hairball, whisker

          • Stop talking while…spitting up? Don’t talk while your mom’s tit is in your mouth? Whatever babies do.

          • terroir

            Hey guys, sorry I’m late…

            I heard there was talk about a 双飞 in these comments, but all I see here is a gang-bang on PadA.

        • moop
        • donscarletti

          Anaheim is where Disneyland is, I think he is talking about the time a bunch of prostitutes turned up dead in Mickey Mouse’s hotel room and the cops just pinned it on some homeless guy.

          • mr. wiener

            I heard that was a frame up started by Donald Duck.
            The real “Mickeygate tapes” involved Mickey,a half kilo of coke , three underage Moroccan rent boys and Walt Disney’s cryrogenicaly frozen head.

        • pada

          Wiener, seems every time US is fucked up, you feel the pain thousands miles away, lol!

          Anyway here is why dog could connect Anaheim and Lynndie England for your enlightenment:

          • Guang Xiang

            Pada, when you discuss an issue, deflecting into another topic (often times to avoid a particular thing you can’t debate competitively about) is very amateur. Anybody could deflect whatever topic is in hand but that doesn’t make for a good discussion, no? If you can’t understand what i’m saying, I’ll reply to you in Chinese.

          • mr. wiener

            Thank you pada.
            The anaheim link is tenuous but there, but I think the Lynndie England sege was too much of a stretch.
            Sarcasm aside I think you are trying too hard to deflect from something about China, by talking about the US.
            I happen to agree that the police did the right thing shooting this man BTW.

          • whiskersthecat

            Yeah, I’m in agreement, too. I only mentioned seeing a trend of men waving their unopened water bottles in Chinese hostage videos. Pada, in his extreme sensitivity, took that the wrong way and, I guess, assumed it meant that I was against Chinese police. I would be against Chinese police if they tried to give him opened, half-empty water bottles.

          • Echo

            As a Chinese, we all love our country. .but it seems that you are looking for trouble, but communication. no offense. have a nice day.

        • Yeah, you’re obviously jealous and upset. Obviously you want very badly what you can’t have. You’re a self-hating Chinese, that’s why you keep trying to justify everything by constantly getting on here and throwing a fit. That’s why you cry yourself to sleep every night. That’s why you keep typing multiple paragraphs trying to convince me that you’re not, right now, grinding your teeth with your eyes welling up with tears. Stop being a baby, Pada. It’s time to grow up.

      • moop

        deflect much?

      • markx

        You have lost the plot pada.

        Shooting and unarmed man during a protest or a police dog biting someone has very little in common with this particular case.

    • Gentlemen, I’ve only one thing to say, in real life, you’d never carry on or put up with someone like Pada, so why indulge him here?

      I doubt this guy would have the nerve to say this to to anyone in real life, but if he does, don’t you think people just walk away from him? If I met him at a party, I’d definitely ignore the poor bastard.

      This guy is obviously a sad, narrow minded nationalist with a specific agenda. As someone else already concisely argued, he’s not interested in actual discussion, or a rational back and forth, he only is interested deflecting attention away from the topic at hand. And he’s successful isn’t he? The discussion always ends up being about how crazy he is, or how absurd his tactics are. Have anyone of us considered that he knows he’s fucking nuts but behaves this way because it works as a distraction?

      What normal well adjusted person goes a site intended for an English speaking audience and picks fights with people who criticize China? Does he take it personally? Why is he so sensitive? Why so insecure? I don’t know, but the point is, there’s no point reasoning with people like this.

      Just ignore him. He seems to be deriving some sense of “importance” by doing what he does. I’m sure it’s just about him making himself feel valuable as it is him “defending” his motherland.

      Because the truth is, if he really loved his country, he’d be outside or maybe even on the internet doing something to improve the quality of life for his countrymen. Something useful.

      Instead, he’s here embarrassing himself so a bunch of random people on the internet will stop badmouthing China for one second.

      If you just never respond to him, he will lose said “power” and eventually go away. I’m sure he’d ramp up the craziness of his replies before doing so, but he will eventually stop if we stop acknowledging him first.

      * * *

      Who is this Linette person? Y’all acting kind of crazy towards a person you can’t even be sure is female. I really don’t get it. It might just be just fun and games but it’s also kind of creepy.

      • Pedro: Been wanting to say that for along time but you said better than I ever could. Hope people will listen.

      • pada

        you doubt I “would have the nerve to say this to anyone in real life”?
        pedro boy, i can assure you one thing—- in real life, when i talked and everybody listen, except you “narrow minded nationalist” type who advocate burning chinese made olympic uniforms. in real life i am popular as you can never dare to dream in you entire miserable life, lol!.

        • mr. wiener

          Lol….I think black pete might have hit a nerve….lol. So how popular are you in real life?………

        • terroir

          So true. We are all thinking the same thing: 怕打 is surrounded by hookers and several rails of coke, to which he remarks suddenly, “Whoa! Something is amiss with the internet!” And then in his politest voice, “My services are required elsewhere. Bitches, leave.”

          • moop

            and then he hits alt+tab and exits the chat room, but he’s extra angry because now there’s baby oil all over his keyboard

          • pada

            Hey, 胎里儿 son!Still havent found the right oil for your forever well-lubed asshole? My advice: find a used Goodyear tyre from your back porch, which is always as good as your rotten sofa. Then you’ll have no problem to sit straight and watch the democratic parade of “Chinese made Olympic uniform” in London tonight, lol!

        • Yo Momma

          William Hong, is that you?

      • vince

        i doubt anyone actually takes him seriously El negro Pedro, most of posts are just nonsensical ramblings, while anything that is comprehensible is just copypasta.

  • Jay K.

    the lady who shot the guy 4 times during a hostage situation…i support

    this guy being taken out during a hostage situation…i support

    • Snarl

      A hostage situation is not the equal to murder. The hostage taker sets up a set of conditions, which if not kept, may threaten injury or death to the hostage. The hostage’s life is not threatened until those conditions are violated. So I would say it doesn’t justify the use of deadly force until a condition is broken.

      • markx

        That condition presumably being the death or severe injury of the hostage?

        Your ‘practicality’ and lack of connection to reality and any sense of humanity astounds me.

        Snarl, I’d guess you are a lawyer, or a nit-picking government bureaucrat, but one thing is sure, when I get taken hostage I’d like to exclude you from my negotiating team.

        • Snarl

          Markx, reread what I wrote and try again.

          • Chad

            I read what you wrote twice and still can’t believe someone is so naive and stupid. Please never apply to join any police force.

          • Snarl

            Chad, it is quite sad that so many native English speakers, like you, have such a weak grasp on the English language. You could probably read what I wrote a thousand times and still not get it.

      • Harland

        Huh? There are no rules. This is not Marquess of Queensbury here. The guy had already stabbed his hostage, there was blood everywhere. Typically snipers don’t get involved until there is a clear and present danger to the hostages. Otherwise, they just talk and try to bore the guy to death. He’ll have to take a piss or get sleepy eventually.

      • markx

        Snarl said: …

        1. A hostage situation is not the equal to murder.
        2. The hostage taker sets up a set of conditions, which if not kept, may threaten injury or death to the hostage.
        3. The hostage’s life is not threatened until those conditions are violated.
        4. So I would say it doesn’t justify the use of deadly force until a condition is broken.

        Yep, I read it again….. You MUST be a lawyer. Or at least an avid viewer of TV action and crime movies.

        Re points 1 and 2: Surely the very act of holding a knife to someone’s throat is an unspoken threat to murder or maim? Not much ambiguity there.

        RE point 2. So the negotiators are just to take the man’s word for it and trust he is in a stable state of mind and won’t act unpredictably.

        Re Points 2 and 3: And what do you do in the event he makes impossible demands in time frame which can’t be met? (Answer; probably negotiate with him for 70 minutes until you see you are getting nowhere).

        Re point 4: It would appear that after 70 minutes of negotiation police indeed realized they were unable to meet his ‘conditions’. Once you pass that point, the police either have to play a game of who blinks first, and hope the hostage taker does not harm his hostage and gives up, or settle the issue there and then.

        I read it all again, Snarl, and STILL don’t want you on a team negotiating my release.

        However, if I were suing Macdonalds for toenail clippings in my burger, you’d be the first person I’d call.

        • Snarl

          The point is, when a condition is impossible to meet, it follows that it is broken. At that point, even if the hostage taker hasn’t made any overt action to harm or kill the hostage, his intent to harm or kill the hostage is the current state of the situation–so the job of the negotiator at this point is to prevent him from learning that his conditions can’t be met, while a sniper tries to get a clear shot, or to try to get him to lower his demands to something that can be met. The latter can only be assumed possible if his preferences are quantifiable, and only the quantity needs to be reduced to a manageable level (ie. money). If everyone acted on their emotions to situations like this, they would turn into a tragic disaster almost every time, which is why people like me have no shortage of work.

          • markx

            Well, looks like you, me, and the guy negotiating in the particular case under discussion are all thinking the same way.

          • Snarl

            We probably are, for the most part. The point I was making is a subtle one, but it’s an all-important one for understanding the ethical principles that underwrite most laws on the subject. Often, the exact nature of the crime is overshadowed by the knee-jerk reaction to the situation. And I thought I would point that out.

  • Alexander

    Thank you Beijing police. Excellent work and a wonderful job on public protection. One shot, on kill.

  • Lee

    anyone got the full video the exact moment he gets shot?

    • 深土豆:

      With our citizens, it is always shoot to kill. With foreigners, it is always a verbal warning.
      idiots like this are the reason idiots like ai wei wei and 6 uygurs atacking passengers continue to run rampant all over china. does anyone think the USA police would have given the same man 1 hour to keep a hostage???? heck no look

      • Alexander

        That’s an ignorant comment. For one you polarize all Chinese people from other people in the world, that’s an ignorant argument in itself. Secondly, I seriously doubt you have any law enforcement or military experience so, you really don’t have the experience in the field to make such blanket statements like that. And for your information, it is also kill the criminals in other countries, some examples would be Nord Ost in Russia or the North Hollywood shootout in California…… PLEASE DO THE RESEARCH before you make dumb statements. Every situation in every place in the world is unique to its own, its not just one way every time, every event is unique in its own circumstances….

      • Winter B4 Spring

        Oh hey Starting, thank you for joining pada in deflecting the real issue discussed here and demonizing others for communist repression in China. Having said that…
        It was the commie cops and public security bureau who’s been repressing the Uyghurs so much that the Uyghurs ended up in protest for their freedom in religion and Xinjiang autonomy. Some did ask for an independent state called “East Turkestan”, yet anyone repressed under communist rule WILL ask for independance – just a matter of time. If they were treated well, why would they revolt?
        Ai Weiwei’s only crime is being an independant thinker, an artist not adhering to communist ideology. Ai Weiwei, one man, became a threat to communist rule in China when he’s decided not to confine his thoughts within Marxism/Leninism.

        • mr. wiener

          At least he didn’t post one of his boring videos about Black guys boinking asian chicks.

          • the Chinese government wants to promote race mixing in CHINA. Isn’t that the main reason you are in CHina with a Chinese wife?

        • Winter B4 Spring

          Communism ≠ China
          Loving the party ≠ Loving the Country

          • China Smacked

            Good point, when people here criticise the government in China they are not necessarily criticising the people. So there is no need to take offence.
            The government, the country and the people are not the same.

          • Jin Bizarro (aka Silent Observer & Angry Black Man)

            You are right Winter. I will repent. I actually secretly love all black and white men. China is a dictatorship. My sins have been washed. Can you ever forgive me for being imbecile?

            [Note from chinaSMACK Moderator: Please do not use multiple names.]

        • I aint deflecting the TRUTH.
          1. Uyghurs want racism against Hans. talk about democracy freedom of religion is cheap liberal excuses.
          2.Ai Wei Wei and his parents are all communist party members before he got in trouble. the only independent thinking he did was to create feces on animals and humans are which got him censored.
          ironically if he had been creating politcally acceptable are like this

          he would not have fallen out of favor

          • Winter B4 Spring

            1 – It was the communist party who bred hatred between Hans and Uyghurs. The party successfully made people think that “Hans are commies”. Fact: Hans are NOT commies. Communism is a foreign entity born in Germany, invited from Russia. The party utilized nationalism and internal conflict to advance its goals, and distract the nation from the party’s failures and genocides. Loving China does not equal to loving communism.

            2 – Many people joined the party, thinking it was the nation’s saviour, but ended up as a curse. The party will always find excuses, creating a climate of terror, persecuting the culture & country it possesses. When persecuted, people then realize the party whacks, kills or rapes indiscriminately, and expect the victims to thank it sincerely, as it whacks, kills and rapes “for the good of the country”. The right thing to do for any logical peaceful freedom-loving people, is to officially quit the communist party & all its related organizations.

            3 – If Uyghurs and Tibetans belong to China, then as Hans, we should embrace our brothers and sisters, not whack em. If these areas belong to their own, then treat our neighbours kindly. Don’t whack em. A bigger man (aka freedom) will always lend a hand to help. Not to kick others down and keep kicking again (aka the Chinese Communist Party).

            4 – When the communist party loves you, it’ll say you:
            a. love the country
            b. love China
            c. patriotic
            d. great and glorious.
            e. treasure your political future.

            When the communist party hates you, it says you’re:
            a. anti-China.
            b. anti-Chinese
            c. a cult.
            d. Western imperialism.
            e. meddling in China’s internal affairs.
            f. traitor / hanjian
            g. brainwashed
            h. cheap liberal excuses.

      • Winter B4 Spring

        o.O oh Starting you pervert….

        • not as much as the Chikans in rest of Asia

  • Cleo

    Doesn’t he look like Kim Jong Il’s Tokyo Disneyland-going son? Heehee, oh yeah, he IS going to get shot dead-ed.

    Everybody has such a hard day especially in a developing country, why would anyone coddle him?



    You ARE DEAD.


    • mr. mike

      You want to see dead people?

      Join the Free Syrian Army.


    • mr. wiener

      Damned Ewoks!

  • Peye

    Young women deos her work at a public place (a subwaystation) in order to earn a few RMB required to make a living. Young women is getting assaulted and threadend with death by some male twice her size who is putting a knife to her throat. Someone needs to take charge and free this young women. The police is the authority to step in and do what is neccessary to accomplish this goal. They tried for 70 min the reasonable way. It did not work. The guy with the knife punched his ticket when he pulled the knife on the young lady anf did not reconsider his action. Game over.

    • Rutim

      I highly doubt he wanted to kill her… If someone wants to kill, he kills leaving no traces behind him. That was the only way his problems and struggling would go to entire China and motivate others to act probably. It was so serious that he had to be killed… by unknown ‘brother’ ready to get his ‘award’ from a certain bureaucrat I suppose…

      • markx

        Well, if he was having trouble with the bureaucracy he sure didn’t think this one through, did he?

        Resolve the problem by putting himself in about the only possible position where it would be easy to shoot him in public?

  • john papoutsis

    A very difficult situation. A hostage taker knows well what the consequences for such an act might lead to. On the other hand, there is not much said as to why he did what he did. I think that in all fairness to the hostage, if the negociater had done his best and was unable to convince the armed suspect to drop his weapon, there was not much choice left as to what to do. These type of crimes can take a violent turn at any point, wasting more time might have put the hostages life at risk. It is sad that as humans we must at times revert to such actions, but the criminal has no reason either in harming someone who has done nothing to him. A lesson to be learned on both ends I hope!

  • Getrealson

    Armchair critics!

    If this guy killed the woman at the 68th minute, you would all say they had 70 minutes to save her and did nothing. You have to be mentally unstable to house ‘Hostage taking’ on your inventory of coping mechanisms, so they weren’t dealing with you or I! and the carrying of a butchers knife on a subway (in a suite and not chef pants!) also raises more questions about this poor guys state of mind. There were 2 possible outcomes to this situation and either one would earn scorn. The boys in blue were there on the ground (unlike the liberal nothings commenting) and made the call. If that were my mother or sister I would feel they waited too long. A person on a bridge or 20th floor window ledge looking to jump deserves a 70 minute conversation. A loony with a knife to a womans neck does not!

    • mr. wiener

      Lots of Monday morning quarterback in the Chinese comments section. I’m all for sensitive policing [and some hostage negotiator with a Thurston Howell III cigarette holder trying to talk you down] but it had gotten beyond a joke [was that blood I saw on the end of the knife in photo 3?] She definitely had blood on her neck when she was being led out [though possibly spray from the police shooting him]. I think he had to go down.
      Tranquilizers? Don’t make me laugh.

      • markx

        Agree with Mr Weiner.

        Very good point – had he suddenly killed her there would have been an uproar about stupid cops not acting when it was obvious they could have taken him out at any moment.

        And once again we can see the watching too many movies means the average punter now has no grasp on reality … ‘wait and talk, he’ll put it down just like the movies!’?… ‘shoot his arm’!?….’grab his arm and flip him’!? …

        Difficult call, a decision made, and carried out well …

        • linette

          No cops are more stupid than those corrupted Philippines cops and SWAT team. 12 hours of negotiation and still all hostages died. They were doing everything to make sure the gun man must not survive. They didn’t care about the Hk hostages. After 12 hours of standoff all hostages died. The HK people believe it was a conspiracy. The gun man was a retired cop who won award for outstanding policeman. There was conflict over money or pension or something with the phil gov’t. Probably corruption money. The cops didn’t want the gunman to live. It was unfortunate that HK tourists got caught in the wrong place. The hk gov’t urged citizens not to visit philippine as protest. I will never go on those Hk southeast tour buses. Never.

          • linette

            German SWAT vs Philippine SWAT


            So crazy. Looking at video at 1:30 how the german swat storm the bus and look at 0:43 how the philippine swat didn’t really want to get into the bus. They took time to hammer the window little by little. facepalm……….FAILED.

      • terroir

        Just try to put yourself in the position of the police.

        Have you ever tried to reason with an irrational Chineseman who thinks he’s right in the face of all logic and tries to gain as much attention before his time is up?

        /thread closed

        • moop

          just saving face boo

  • Dat Ankle

    Police should use heavy tranquilizer to take out hostage situations. I do wonder what lead up to this point, its also hard to say whether Im happy they shot him or not since if they missed his arm he could have cut the lady up. In the end I guess its better that he died instead of anyone innocent.

    • Harland

      Tranquilizer darts don’t cause instant loss of consciousness. They take time to work. If your action was taken, the man would have stabbed the hostage to death before being knocked out.

      You need to stop talking about security matters now.

      • linette

        There is no tranquilizing agent that works immediately. The drug takes time to sedate the subject. If the police use them on the criminal, the criminal can still have enough time to hurt the hostage before completely tranquilized.

  • Rod

    2nd to last photo is very strange. Some guy is standing there in flip-flops and the cop seems to be pushing the girl into a very uncomfortable pose.

  • Nanny Hiccups

    he would have been dead a lot sooner in the US, especially when that weapon was aimed at her. I feel sorry for the dead hostage taker, but he was desperate, angry, and would have certainly killed her.

    FAUNA: Did you see that story in the papers about the Chinese man from Guandong who tried to throw himself off of a bridge in NEW YORK? A cop from China town successfully called him down after four hours. Do you think that will make news in China?–abc-news-topstories.html

    • Guang Xiang

      Yea, someone should get this article over to the Chinese sites.

      • Brett Hunan

        Why? A guy was talked out of committing suicide. Its not like it doesn’t happen in China as well.

        • whiskersthecat

          I thought the whole “they’re both from the same town” thing was kind of cool.

          • Brett Hunan

            I guess that coincidence is kind of cool. I would be willing to bet that a huge number of immigrants in Chinatown come from Taishan, Guangdong… maybe more from Taishan alone than the mainland.

            Fun fact: there are more Taishanese living overseas than currently live in the city of Taishan (1.3 million vs. 1 million).

            Check out Demographics

        • linette

          Brett, did you read what little wolf wrote about the threesome. Are you going to apply for the position?

          • Brett Hunan

            Haha, I did read it. Though, I agree that I don’t stand a chance against Little Wolf. He’s too sexy… That, and I have plans for December 20th. I will live vicariously through LW though and expect a blog to be created about the night. Enjoy!

          • moop

            december 20th is my b-day…. you throwing me a surprise party?

          • linette

            Hahaha….don’t be so modest. I am sure you have something to show. How can you let LW have all the fun. When was the last time you had a threesome. hahaha…..okay, if you apply we can negotiate to throw in FAuna.

          • Guang Xiang

            Linette, you must elaborate

          • mr. wiener

            I keep asking my wife about a menage a trios , she always asks “OK, you and what other guy” :P
            Never really fancied giving some other guy a high five.

          • linette

            Really? december 20th is your b-day. You are a Sagittarius. Are you applying also? You need to post your photo on gravatar. I want to see you. :)

          • linette

            OK, you and what other guy” :P……….

            lol… I like your wife. She sounds like some chick I would want to hang out with.

            How about you? I don’t see you applying.

          • linette

            Guang Xiang
            No,, it’s not up to me. Little wolf is the one writing the story.

          • Guang Xiang

            Sorry, i think What i meant to say was, where is this application lol

          • linette

            Guang Xiang

            You men need to post your shirtless photo on your gravatar and us girls pick the hottest looking dude to join us. lol…

          • Guang Xiang

            and mr. wiener, speaking from experience, having 2 guys was a disaster.

          • whiskersthecat

            Is there a door prize? Like a chair in the dark corner for watching? I don’t want to take the time to apply if there’s not at least SOME chance of winning.

          • linette

            but whisker…you are a cat. How can you apply? We are looking for a man.

          • mr. wiener

            “just a cat..”
            I dunno, nice smooth pelt, purrs when he’s happy or excited, 10+ flexibility, barbed penis,…how could you go wrong?
            Just don’t let him scent spray on the furniture though.

          • mr. wiener

            ….and you said moop could apply. You must be a dog person.

          • whiskersthecat

            Have you never woken up in the middle of the night to a cat affectionately “making muffins”…massaging your face? Imagine if that were applied strategically. Also if you’ve never heard cats getting it on outside your home, you must know that the female screeches really loudly. A lot of people will say that it’s due to the barbed penis, but any cat will tell you that it’s because of extreme pleasure.

          • Guang Xiang

            I’m at work now, so I can’t provide the required pics yet ;)

          • linette

            Guang Xiang, you are cute. :)

          • linette

            and you said moop could apply. You must be a dog person…..

            OMG…..MR. WIENER….you are so bad. bad bad bad. I don’t want to know the meaning behind it. You are so naughty. I like you. lol…………….You and your wife both need to apply. lol….

          • moop

            i think my gravatar might have a second picture of me. its not pleasant

          • linette

            moop, how can you apply? You are a dog. You need to be a man.

          • Guang Xiang

            linette: Cute?!?! I was aiming for a “i want to romp you savagely” response. I suppose i’ll accept this kind rejection from you :(

            No matter, considering I’m in Taiwan, it would have been difficult to make it happen, unless … you know … we cyber on it.

          • linette

            i want to romp you savagely……….

   are funny. Guang Xiang, are you Taiwanese. Were you born in Taiwan?

          • mr. wiener

            “just a dog…”
            I dunno about that, very lovable and loyal personality. Really likes licking all sorts of places, cold wet nose, plus a dog’s dick actually has a bone in it , and they can stay “dog knotted” for hours!
            If he’s kinky he might even want to try it “people style”.
            Moop, saw the photo the other day….nothing more to say on that other than I thought it was Elijah at first.

          • Guang Xiang

            whoa whoa lets slow down a bit! Part of the fun is slowly getting to know more about each other in this wonderful world of ChinaSmack.

            fine, i’ll divulge one piece of info. i am asian, but might be mixed

          • linette

            mr. wiener

            lol…you are killing me.

            Guang Xiang, I am mix too.

          • moop

            “nothing more to say on that other than I thought it was Elijah at first.”

            you son of a bitch! our facial hair is totally different! i do not have a circle beard. i normally sport a full beard though when i dont travel for work.

          • mr. wiener

            “might be mixed..” You mean you don’t know? Time for a little candid chat with your mum methinks. [I resemble the postman, always been too afraid to ask]
            Then again if you go back far enough we are all mixed.

          • mr. wiener

            Sorry moop, sorry Guang xi…could resist having a dig. I’ll go to hell I know :)

          • moop

            no hard feelings brudda, i’m just kidding too.

          • Guang Xiang

            Mr. W: lol, don’t worry, i’m not Pada. I intended to spark a response with that little detail

            If you must know, my mom is adopted, so I always suspected she is part Russian.

          • mr. wiener

            I have the long haired with a white streak down the side and 5 day growth look of “Roberto the gay Italian pimp”, myself.
            I was trying to look like a French rugby player called Sebastian Chabal aka “the caveman”, but the big beard gets too itchy in summer.

          • Guang Xiang: You’re right about the 2 guy thing. Tried it once with a friend I known since high school. I lasted about 2 minutes before the creepiness forced me to give my bud a hi-five and told him to carry on without me. That night I realized…I’m kind of shy.

          • whiskersthecat

            “Beijing Subway Hostage Taker Shot Dead”

            Hey guys, let’s all bone each other.

          • vince

            what’s going in this thread? ask though i need to ask :P

          • What Hath God Wrought!

            Damn Whiskers….I just planted the seed. What Hath God Wrought?

            I was gonna suggest
            “Beijing Subway Hostage Taker Shot Dead”
            Let’s all go out for some lattes’

            But let’s all bone each other works.

          • Guang Xiang


            Wow, a complete reiteration of what happened, except even after helping myself to the door, my friend couldn’t carry on… the damage has been done.

            The trick might be to find a non-friend guy.

          • Guang Xiang

            Blame it on Linette for derailing the topic!

          • Oh, no, obviously there’s a lot of pent up “seed planting” urges around here. It was just waiting for the slightest provocation to explode into a sudden orgy planning session.

          • jin

            a bit late for the orgy but who cares.
            sharing a girl with friend? no way!
            i did some foursome with a friend though, but not 2 men in 1 girl……

          • mr. wiener

            Just trying to work out the math on that one. You mean I guy to 3 girls right?
            I’ve always wondered what you do with the 3rd girl :)

          • simon

            3rd girl makes the whole team sandwiches, you need nourishment to sustain a foursome.

          • mr. wiener

            An excellent and most civilized suggestion. A+

          • Shit wiener….you’re just saying that cause you want the sausage concession for sandwiches. WIENER’S SAUSAGES: The Official Sausage of the Linette, Eattot and some Lucky Fucker’s Gangbang! I got dibs on T-shirts.

          • mr. wiener

            *shrugs* Someone’s got to do the catering.
            Know any good screen printers? “The Chinasmack menage a trious.
            A whole lot of Fauna-cation going on”.

          • linette

            mR. wiener sees this as a sausage making opportunity. He wants to do the catering.

          • I’ll photograph the occasion.

        • Guang Xiang

          It’s not about whether it happens in China or not. It’s more because netizens do tend to juxtapose events that are either around the same time or related. For example, pedestrian who fell into scalding pit; taxi driver who rescued girl out of pit in sidewalk. Beijing man drowns in car; video of how to escape from sinking car.

        • Beijinger


          I think that what they meant was that many of the international stories that would make Chinese overseas look bad mysteriously never seem to get coverage here. For example, there was a Chinese tenant in the United States who raped his landlord, but I don’t recall that making it to any of the news outlets here. However, when there is an international story involving overseas Chinese that makes westerners look bad, it’s all over the news. One great example being the recent murders near UCLA. I am sure you know this already, though.

          • jin

            you must be new here.

          • Beijinger

            Ok. But even with this story…many Chinese people I know had no idea it even happened, but EVERYONE knew about the UCLA killings, and the Canadian killings, etc.

          • jin

            thats the same with americans knowing the shit happening in china, but doesnt know the shit happening in their own country, its the media’s fault for making other countries look bad, and making their own country look good.

    • linette

      nanny, I didn’t see that on the news on tV. Thank you for posting. Verrazano-Narrows Bridge is a very very beautiful bridge. Even more beautiful than brooklyn bridge.

    • vince

      checking checking checking

  • Misiooo

    Rod, you’ve nailed it. Something strange has happened there. As many mentioned, no talk about the reasons and background of the case. Here is my conspiracy – maybe copper was aiming at her, but killed him by mistake – you know – with Chinaman copper anything goes…

    • markx

      Mannnn … that is really a stretch of the imagination Misiooo ….

  • I would say “job well done” this guy could have killed her and maybe others. There is no room for this kind of person in society today. No room anywhere on this planet not just China…This happens in L.A. California regularly. Its called “Death by Cop” so please stop the China Govt. bashing. They restored harmony!

  • FYIADragoon

    Disappointed I didn’t get to see his head go boom in the video.

    • Guang Xiang

      yea, one thing about China that is great is their explicit footage. Unfortunately, this time, they didn’t deliver.

  • Gontraf

    I really really hope the Beijing Subway company will have to answer for its crimes someday.

    – The person who designed the transfer Line 4/Line 2 at Xuanwumen deserves to be shot.
    – The frequency of security announcements clearly puts these in the “psychological harassment” category.
    – Sound volume throughout the subway network is definitely harmful.
    – Their security adverts are pretty insulting to a 12 yo’s intelligence.

    And now risking the lives of the employees by not preparing them to face the rightful wrath of the passengers. That guy’s subway card probably died on him and he had to jump the gate to exit the station.

  • cc

    No negotiation take the muvva out as soon as you have a clear shot. Well done.

    • Victor

      ROTFL! Love that profile pic.

  • xiaohouzi

    The nerve of that guy! Smoking indoors has been banned!

  • Foreign Devil

    If this had happened in USA he would have been carrying a high powered assault rifle instead of a knife. USA government bends over to NRA.

    That said I think it is fair play to shoot him in the head as soon as you get a clear shot. When you take a weaker person hostage like that for your own means. .you are asking for a bullet int he head. Good shot!

    It would have been good to know what his demands were though.

  • Vonskippy

    Proving the point; Never bring a knife to a gun fight.

  • parking

    lol @ “shoot the knife out of the hand” comments. We see these comments from the public from various countries during these situations. What is sad is that it is the result of dramatized TV and movies influencing the public. Although it is certainly possible, the liability and risk to hostage is absolutely NOT worth it. Taking a shot like that is also difficult under time constraints such as these.

  • Daisy

    Why they killed him?There is no law in China.No negotiation,only one shot!Fucking!I hate the security of subways what is silly.

    • jin

      are you a dumb fuck or are you a stupid fuck???

      • Pay no attention to jin , Daisy. He’s a dickless and gutless fuck

        • jin

          look its little wolf!!! the defender of the trolls.

          • vince

            why don’t you comment without the attitude Jin.

          • jin

            what attitute….

          • vince

            if you don’t realize it yet, then you’re a lost cause. I’ll give you a hint it’s the french word for shower, that might shed some light.

          • jin

            oh wow, how am i a douche when daisy is posting some shit post (almost defending the hostage taker) and little wolf that insult me for insulting a dumbass.

          • Because you flew off the handle, dude. Maybe you don’t agree with what she said, but you offered no counter argument. You just asked her if she’s a “dumb fuck or a stupid fuck”. Don’t you understand?

          • jin

            whisker: can you argue against a stupid post that makes no sense at all???

            “Why they killed him?There is no law in China.No negotiation,only one shot!Fucking!I hate the security of subways what is silly.”

            why they killed him? cause the hostages life was at danger.
            there is no law in china? there is law in china.
            no negotiation? they negotiated for 70 minuts?
            only one shot!? ofcourse? why do they need a 2nd shot?
            fucking!? why did you suddenly say fucking?
            I hate the security of subways what is silly.? great, then lets remove the security in subways. what is silly? you are silly.

            there you go!!! my answer

          • vince

            See you made a post giving ur argument that addresses everything that Daisy questioned, wouldn’t that have saved you the trouble of being called a dickless and gutless fuck as well as put ur point across?

          • Oh, don’t get me wrong. I agree that they should have shot him and did a good job doing so without injuring the hostage. He chose to stand there with a knife to this poor girl’s neck. He dug his own grave by doing that. I’m just saying that my response to her would be just that.

          • Did Daisy do something to you, jin? Did she walk in on you and take a snapshot while you were gargling Whisker’s balls? Why do you pick on a girl that is obviously learning English and just speaking her opinion? You don’t have a shred of respect from anyone on this site. This is why.

          • mr. wiener

            Maybe they mistook you for the large case “Jin”. I happen to disagree with Daisy also, but I’d tread a little softer in doing so.

          • Jin

            The whites on this site are the BIGGEST trolls..they make degrading and racist jabs at Asians and yet if any Asians dare to comment back they are trolls.

          • Jin #2, how big of a troll are they? Use the Metric System or US Customary Units, please.

          • mr. wiener

            I would ask that all serious chinersmackers only respond to comments that have actual content.

          • Jin

            mr. wiener
            Thursday, July 26, 2012 at 12:27 pm

            At least he didn’t post one of his boring videos about Black guys boinking asian chicks.

            Mr Lardass you always post such serious and meaningful comments on here. Lets all bow down to the white man because he say so. You are one of the biggest two face troll on this site cunt.

          • mr. wiener

            “At least he didn’t post one of his boring videos about Black guys boinking asian chicks.”
            Yes I posted that. Starting\Themig often puts up youtube postings that are out of content……so?

  • Turner

    Agree that wiskercat seems a low IQ but is trying hard to look not stupid.
    Anyhow I love to see pada smacking his dumbass, as always.

    • Hey Pada, cool new name.

      • mr. wiener

        Want to wager it is him?

        • Winter B4 Spring

          muahahaha you people got him figured out there =D

        • I can’t remember if it was him or jin (or Jin? I forget which is which) that always called me “wiskerscat”. So it’s one of the two.

          • mr. wiener

            That would be the lesser of two weevils.

          • Haha, I was just watching Master and Commander on TV a few days ago. It was on one of these terrible Taiwanese channels.

          • mr. wiener

            I would suggest also the 1951 film “Capt. Horatio Hornblower” starring Gregory Peck. A rattling good movie.

    • vince

      jeez you could use some English classes.

    • moop

      you forgot to “lol”

      i remember some dude coming on here before (might have been turner) saying he loved how pada turned “chinasmack into westernsmack”. lol!

      • Nanny Hiccups

        I enjoy when pada takes the piss out of you guys too. even when he’s a nonsensical. I plan to use that “night pot thing for eyes” insult as a future diss.

        • moop

          of course you do. he blames all the worlds problems on whites as well.

          “I am glad Obama might’ve picked up his flag too, as quickly as he pick up cotton.” i guess you missed it when he sad this?

          • Nanny Hiccups

            yes, i missed it, but still don’t care. it’s part of his anti-western persona. teasing the president comes with the territory.

            that other thing is far more offensive than pada ever will be. pada is just trolling and means nothing serious. he’s just taking the piss out of everyone and defending his country from some of the comments here is all.

          • Pada has admitted that he’s not trolling, so these views are his actual views.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            look gangster recognizes gangster. i’m an habitual troller so i recognize his G’ know what I’m saying?

  • ForbiddenKitty

    Okay, this is my first time ever posting on here despite being a regular reader. I find it fascinating that so many people (original Chinese posters) jump to the defence of this guy, even with such ridiculous comments as “he looks like a reasonable person” etc (yes, especially with the waving knife and the arm around the lady’s neck).

    Now to me this is totally obvious, and I should preface this by saying that I’m solidly liberal, former Amnesty International member, anti-death penalty, think the pro-gun lobby in America is just bizarre, etc. But as soon as you threaten an innocent person with deadly force you forfeit all of your rights and the absolute priority has to be the safe delivery of the hostage regardless of the cost to the hostage-taker. In other words, if there’s a clear shot, you pull the trigger.

    I’m not saying that this is a “western” perspective (I remember having a heated discussion with a colleague in London about this very issue where he took the opposite view), and I also know that the internet in any country is not the place to find the best-reasoned argument. However I do think there’s something particular going on here where people are just so suspicious / contemptuous of authority that they’re willing to contort themselves into such strained positions to side with the guy who’s just been taken down by “the system”.

    • Harland

      You’re anti-death penalty, but you support the death penalty without any trial? Uhh…cognitive dissonance anyone? Your principles don’t match up, and you have much more in common with pro-gun people than you imagine.

      • ForbiddenKitty

        No, there’s a huge difference between believing it’s valid to take a life in an emergency situation to protect innocent life from an immediate threat and supporting the death penatly. The death penalty does not save the life of that offender’s victim. You have much more in common with dumb fucks than you imagine.

    • jin

      youre anti-death penalty? yet “But as soon as you threaten an innocent person with deadly force you forfeit all of your rights and the absolute priority has to be the safe delivery of the hostage regardless of the cost to the hostage-taker. In other words, if there’s a clear shot, you pull the trigger.”

      how about those mass murderers? serial killers? they DESERVE death penalty.

      • moop

        your hair stylist deserves the death penalty for making the top of your head look like a dead animal

    • jin

      stop contradicting yourself……

    • elizabeth

      Harland has a point about the principle of the death penalty. It is difficult to imagine that it is alright to spare the one who has killed/harmed and not spare the one who hasn’t…yet.

      Like some have pointed out, they should have shot the hostage taker elsewhere to disarm instead of killing him. Granted, he might have made the first move to hurt the hostage (which is not shown). Only then is it justified to kill him.

  • Rob427

    should have taken a taller hostage. Human shield and all, you know..
    Now quit whining that you’re dead!

    • Tengu

      200 pound guy hiding behind a 97 pound woman a foot shorter than he is…he’s asking to get zotzed in the face. Darwin Award!

  • Jin

    He deserved what he got

  • Christina

    Oh my…..

    I wonder what exactly set him off.

    • Guang Xiang

      facebook being blocked

    • Jin

      Western influence most likely..Chinese now have become impatient imperialist and if they don’t get the new LCD 54″ TV it would set them off on a range.

      • hess

        thank god LCD’s are so cheap these days now

    • Enlightened Jin

      Pardon the outburst,

      I mean western influence as in with the rise of capitalistic ideals. Chinese people have been more and more focused on getting the latest iphone, or having uncensored internet. Chinese are just more impatient now, and easily tempered. Nothing to do with imperialism. That is old stuff that was force-fed to us in elementary school so it’s hard to forget.

      • Nanny Hiccups

        who are all these chinese people with no internet access? Do you know how many chinese spammers spam my web sites daily? hundreds. It’s so annoying.

        Does the government allow them to get over the firewall for that purpose?

      • Gontraf

        Surely you cannot mean that freedom of information and expression are the products of capitalism ?
        If state socialism and capitalism have one thing in common, it really is that their proponents would rather do without such silly cumbersome freedoms. They mostly get in the way.

  • Capt. WED

    conspiracy! How come we don’t see this person’s bloody death scene??? Obviously staged because the Chinese commies wwantto troll motherfuckers regarding the batman shooting. Like look gun ban gun ban see with knifes crazy shit won’t happen!!!

    NOw random diss chinasmacker:

    LittleWolf. I thought you were some tough motherfucker who’s over 6 feet and 200 pounds built as fuck cos that’s what you said you were, you “worked out everyday” and can kicked motherfuckers asses “during your younger days”, did smack, etc. Instead the other day you showed up on one of the Chinasmack stories you are just a skinny little fuck! LOL. What the fuck. LOL.

    But hey apparence can be be deceiving right?

    LOL. I’m never shitting my pants over some tough Chinasmacker again.

    • mr. wiener

      Any chance of you showing us you manly features in a gravitar? At the moment I have a mental image of a skinny face mainly dominated by a large set of glasses with coke-bottle bottom style lenses.

      • Capt. WED

        LOL. When did I say I’m some tough motherfuck that can kick people’s asses. Your bud LittleWolf said that about himself.

        As for me I don’t care what you think about me, maybe I am, so? DOn’t make this shit about me. This is about how LittleWolf said he’s some built motherfucker kicking ur ass.

      • Capt. Cock is an emo kid. You can tell by the way he seemingly has no control over his emotions and the way he always has to say “I don’t care what you think about me” as if trying to convince himself of the same thing.

      • Nanny Hiccups

        why are you guys holding LW’s penis? He can defend himself.

        • Nanny…I know you’re trying to stick up for me and I do appreciate it. But I have to say…the word “penis” disturbs me. “Wiener” would be acceptable but I don’t want to get confused with the actual wiener. “Schlong” has a nice ring to it. How about we go with that one? :)

          • Nanny Hiccups

            what’s wrong with penis? Would penile work? How about dicky boy? Or ding-a-ling? I always liked that one… :o)

          • Anything but “penis” works. Thank you for your cooperation :)

          • Nanny Hiccups

            Sigh. Well i suppose… if youinsist.

          • VF84Tcat

            Has anyone considered if the security checker was a MALE this whole incident most likely would never have happened?

          • skeeball

            Well it sure beats ‘little brother’

            err no pun intended.

    • Nanny Hiccups

      Now why you gotta go and insult the man’s looks? That’s not right. I dare all of you handsome devils to put your pictures up.

      • Capt. WED

        I never did that. I didn’t say LittleWolf is funny looking nerd. THe point is he said “works out everyday” and “kick little fuckers asses” giving off the impression of …someone that works out everyday and knows how to fight. Never did I diss his looks alone. Get your facts straight.

        • Guang Xiang

          I guess his descriptions threatened you? you’re exhibiting some insecurities.

          and i just checked his photo again to see what you’re talking about: nope, still tough-looking

      • linette, I dare all you dare devil place your photo on gravatar. I am tired of talking with no face.

        • Nanny Hiccups

          i know, right linette? Notice how all the females have pictures? Mine were subject to ridicule before, but I’m such a tough cookie not even that could shake or rattle my confidence. and yet the guys are scared. i’m not above leering at pictures. it’s what i do online. I look at cute guys. Check my cookies :o)Buuuuuut if any of them are a hot mess then urrrrr no comment :X hehe it’s always funny when some shit talking dude is turns out to be hideous.

          • This is why I don’t talk shit about people’s looks here. Also, I can’t be “whiskersthecat” without a cat avatar that not only has whiskers, but also an apparent mustache (more whiskers). I have to be consistent.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            Yes, it’s daunting for sure, Whiskers but do realize that beauty is subjective. anyone of us can be ugly ducklings to any number of people but completely attractive to others. I have liked some dudes others have considered ugly and vice versa.

            There’s no such thing as teasing the way someone looks because beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

      • linette too, I dare all you dare devil place your photo on gravatar. I am tired of talking with no face.

        • Capt. WED

          why would I post my face on here so everyone can know me as a super asshole dick troll???

          LOL. Hell no.

          Linette take off you gravatar my weewee swears he’s been touched by priests and won’t come out now…

          • Capt. WED

            I also prefer other people to be dick ass troll to me without my pix thanks.

    • Guang Xiang

      You sure you weren’t talking about me? I’m skinny.

      LW in the other hand, is beastly, for his age.

    • Now now Capt. I didn’t pick out those photos and they’re not the most flattering snapshots but if you like I suppose I can make a special page with my posing routine from the 2 China National Bodybuilding Competitions I was in this year if you really want to see a tough guy. (Plus, a really great shot of my ass) The only foreigner btw so I knew I was going to get razzed. But nobody gives a shit anyway, except you, I guess. What have you done this year? Shuffleboard tournament? What’s your deadlift? Benchpress? sorry, I’m not how I appeared in your fantasies but you know how it is….meeting your heroes is always a letdown. I’m 5’9 (5’11” in my cowboy boots), 180 pounds so I never said I was tall…but I ain’t Johnny Bravo either. I hurl myself out of planes at 15,000 feet, scuba dive in cold, dark shark-infested waters with zero visibility, and I don’t take my board off the rack unless it’s at least double-overhead. These are all things that are completely normal and natural to me. If this upsets you, I apologise, but it’s not my fault your idea of taking a risk is leaving your house to pick up a 6-pack and leaving your mobile phone with GPS tracker at home. My friends and family and people that know me offline can assure you my forum persona and real life character are the same but ultimately, who gives a fuck anyway? I don’t how this all got out of control and why there are so many stalkers trying to take me down. I just been having fun. I will tell you this though, there is nothing you have done or ever will do that I haven’t done 10 times more extreme and hardcore. That’s not bragging, that’s just the way it is.
      And wiener is right. Until you’re willing to put your face up here knowing that there’s going to be a ton of shit-heads looking for the slightest reason to rip you apart, then keep your fucking mouth shut.

      • Nanny Hiccups

        oh frick this masculine alpha male bullshit.

        • Now Nanny, I know you believe the mind is the ultimate erogenous zone… but surely you’d like a decent body to go along with it. Anyway, I’m not shooting for the alpha male title. I consider myself a lone wolf and in a category by myself but basically I just strive to be an excellent man and the man my father raised me to be. Forgive me if it comes off as “macho posing”.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            i don’t know, if i have a choice between an excellent mind, a good heart, someone who makes me laugh, then i will take his body (as long as he is not over 300 lbs) over a guy with a hot bod. looks aren’t everything to me… but anyways, i understand what you mean. you do the right thing by taking care of yourself.

        • Nick in Beijing

          Same could be said for any feminist solidarity bullshit too, Nanny.

          Nothing inherently wrong with either of it beyond being a minor annoyance.

      • Capt. WED

        I will keep it zipped after you jism all over me…

        • mr. wiener

          ….um…want a tissue?

        • Nanny Hiccups

          umm captn? you want LW’s “jism” all over you? I think that’s an image none of us wants to see. In fact, I wish i could un-read it. lol

      • I worked commercial fishing in Alaska one summer, if that counts as bad ass. Also I got 7th place out of 500 in the Texas state marksmanship competition. That’s a gun competition in Texas. I’m 6’1″ and about 140lbs. Some call me thin, I call it “efficient”.

        • Jin

          u would call you a wanker

        • Whiskers: I’d call Alaskan summer fishing “Nice Little Nest-egg” and risky enough to be badass. 7th place in Texas for a shooting competition is also worth bragging rights.
          I’m sure there are alot of guys here that are strong and buff and possess a wide array of impressive skills. I certainly hope nobody thinks I’m trying to over-shadow there own accomplishments and I have confidence in the few things that I can do well but I can also admit there are plenty of things I don’t know anything about. I’m a horrible shot, for example. My left eye is my strong eye but I can’t close it. I’m better with an eye-patch but it was a real hinderance at the police academy. I can do a pretty mean Elvis impersonation, though.

          Nick: It’s ok…but thanks for speaking up for me. Logging will make you real fucking strong, that’s for sure. I’m not really serious body-builder, I mostly lift weights because I love the feeling. I just entered the competitions because the owner of my gym asked me to and I thought it would be fun. I knew I would never win…they would never allow a white foreigner to walk away with the $60,000 prize. Not a chance in Hell. And I realized I’m not narcissistic enough to be a real contender. Interesting experience, though

          • Gontraf

            I’m a decent juggler.

          • Really? Chainsaws?

          • Haha nah I was just messing. Alaskan fishing was miserably tough work, but it paid well. Plus, hey, free trip to a remote part of Alaska.

          • Yeah, I had a friend from highschool got on a Alaskan fishing boat and the captain told him “Son, I can’t pay you but we’ll give you a share of the catch”. Came back to california with $75,000 US clamolas. This was in the 80s so it was alot of money.
            So, Whiskers, you got any talents? Can you whistle? I can light a cigarette using only sparks from a lighter. Great for breaking the ice at parties.

          • Just photography and marksmanship. Oh I fenced in college, too, but I’m not that great. I can call up a turkey pretty well, though.

          • Nick in Beijing

            Sounds like an interesting experience LW. Good story to tell if nothing else.

        • Nanny Hiccups

          wow. you are about the size of my 14 year old son approximately. he is 6’1 and 140lbs. And my son is pretty waifish, always in those skinny jeans.

          Pray tell what is your age if you don’t mind :o)

      • Nick in Beijing

        Little Wolf — I think Capt. Wed. is confusing you with me. I DID say that I am over 6 feet tall, and that I am a big guy. His mistake though was interpreting that as meaning I am claiming to be some sort of body builder.

        I didn’t get big by going to the gym and lifting weights though. I got big by growing up with a professional logger as a step-father and doing my fair share of the work hefting a splitting maul for several hours each day during the cold months before and after school, and harvesting the trees during the summer months by his side and prepping them for winter use.

  • Nick in Beijing

    I think the very same thing.

    I work in Xuan Wu Men and have to make the transfer to line 2 at Jian Guo Men or to line 4 at Xidan. Jian Guo Men is not terrible, but the rest are stupid as hell.

    I think they design it that way so it takes a really long time to walk from one line to the next so the platforms don’t get swamped immediately every time two trains stop at the same time.

    Security in the subways is positively meaningless. The workers and farmers carry their bladed implements through security all the time, often times not even being required to scan their bags. I myself carry a leatherman mutli-tool knife daily and have never been so much as questioned on it. X-ray monitor watchers fall asleep on their consoles, send texts and chat with their coworkers while the nearby attendants don’t stop people from going under the security lines. It’s no surprise to me at all that this dude can waltz into the subway with that long bladed knife and take a hostage.

    I am of the opinion that the dude had a grievance that couldn’t be aired through normal channels and frustration got the better of him.

    I think police ought to use non-lethal force simply so they can get to the root of what causes these problems to happen on a case by case basis. The offender should still of course be taken into custody and sentenced for the crimes he has committed but it is disturbing how much people disregard the need for further understanding of the situation out of hand.

    Oh, and Pada is still an overflowing garbage truck. Please stop responding to him people, that argument up above is just shameful. And Jin… and jin (with a lower case j).

  • Me

    They took one hour to shoot that fool? What a waste of time. Policy should be once you take a hostage your life is forfeit.

  • wolfman

    nice shot !

  • Dannie

    thanks for deleting my comment….and your welcome

  • Charles

    Whenever someone uses lethal force to put someone’s life in danger like this, they forfeit their own right to live. A bullet between the eyes is what the bastard deserves, and quick.

  • nn

    I have many times want to kill the stupid and rude security check workers. They are just annoying, especially the female check. I don’t give a pity to that female check. But I feel sorry for the guy. He looks just like the people working around me. I can even give a guess he may not perform well on his job, may stressful with the stocks trades, get pissed by his boss. This news just let me know, unless you are somebody in this city, you have at least a voice say “I am angry.”

  • Shimu

    Oops, can’t confirm so I try again.
    Just something I want to say:
    As a Chinese, I feel sorry for my country because people in our nation keep losing their nation pride.
    If something happen, many people will first doubt their nation and then fantasize about other countries. They really complain a lot even when there’s nothing wrong with copping something in a certain way and when there’re things wrong, few can (/dare) to raise feasible methods that can really change this country. They (or rather WE) are so disappoint about our own nation that they can’t see any way to make it better. There’s no hope, in their eyes. So if they have chance they immigrant to other countries, not because they don’t cherish this country, but because they want to seek a sense of security.
    Frankly speaking, living in China as a normal civilian is really safe because there’re surveillance cameras everywhere. It’s easier for cops to catch fugitives. Guns and other weapons are hard to find so they even become legend. However, if you become a criminal (or if the officers say so), you will be caught very soon. That means one can live happily and more safe than other places in the world if he/she never get involved into trouble (i.e. anything illegal, including things that have possibilities to be illegal). BUT, when we get connected to the world, we find bitterness.
    The whole nation is in a kind of desperation because China as a country that have so large scale of territory, so strong economic power, have few friends in the world. Westerners and Easterners treat this nation as a land filled with opportunities yet distrust it from the beginning to end. WE normal civilians didn’t do anything wrong while every time we travel we may meet with some people accusing our country. They ask about Tibet, about persecution. But how CAN WE SAY? We gain information from Media and YOU, TOO, gain information from media. You think you know everything but is there any possibility that you are manipulated by your media too? So some of us get angry, they feel really furious if some foreigners just come over and judge their country. ‘Ha, you really think you know more about our country than us, the natives?’ They will feel outraged and amused in the same time. Mind you, it’s only natural. WE do know our nation have serious problems, and that’s why a lot of people become cynical and pathetic.
    We admire those who can live in a different land, who feel like he/she has a country back up for them. We feel weak because we are used to doubt our own government, partly thank to western media. But do you, who check Chinese news every day, want us to rally and do some revolution? Are you disappointed because we are still not going to do anything and in general feel happy about living in our nation? You will still be disappointed because most of us just want peaceful lives. We can be easily satisfied, like we did years and years ago. The majority will obey the authority to keep their balanced, peaceful life till they have no way to live. That’s the key “virtue” of Chinese.

    • Balefulness

      Frankly speaking, living in China as a normal civilian is really safe because there’re surveillance cameras everywhere

      And the UK is the most cctv’ed nation in the world. I don’t see the correlation. Those who trade security for liberty, oh well

  • kodi

    That guy must of had a death wish. Taking of hostages and police standoffs never end well.

  • Dafaq

    NICE less motherfucker to deal with

  • AG

    there is no need to negociate,
    negociate will push other people to do the same, knowing that nothing will happen to them. treat the case firmly will make people think twice before trying this kind of actions. I think people watch too many movies and they think life is as easier as it is in the movie.

  • broseidon

    Watching the video was disapointing because I wanted to see his head explode.

    People who are willing to take a hostage and hurt/kill others deserve to die, I really wish they’d show his head explode, deserved it.

    • Balefulness

      But why not explore the desperation that drives someone to….ah well, I’ll leave it there for now.

  • Richard Aguas

    same thing happened to my grandfather he had to use knife on a man asking for money and blowing up…

  • meow meow meow

    Blame Japan…. It’s all Japan’s fault!