Brilliance BS4 ADAC Crash Test Result: 0 Stars


Three days ago, the ADAC released the crash test results for the Chinese-made Brilliance BS4 car. Here are some Chinese reactions:

From KDS:

ADAC test results say it is at most the safety standards of 10 years ago. Collision experiments show:  After the crash there is a serious threat to life, especially at 64km/h side impact there is almost no possibility of survival.

So Germany’s ADAC gave Brilliance the lowest points of 0 stars out of 5 stars. Although the price is attractive, the test results cast a shadow upon domestic cars hoping to enter and compete in the European market. 







More information:


加个卤蛋 deencat:

Chinese professional trash. I cannot believe they came up with this name [Brilliance], what an insult to our countrymen.

流线小胖子 zhc1984:

It is not as if this is the first time, nor will it be the last time.

帝豪 mashish:

I am already very satisfied that it is not negative points.

火舞艳阳 coolfiresh:

If Brilliance was BMW, I bet it would be 5 stars.

无风无雨 babysun:

A plot by German devils.
They are afraid they cannot sell their [VW] Santanas.

川沙特派员 sonicwy:

LZ, don’t Japanese cars get very high points?
But go take a look at the Japanese cars driven on the roads within the country.
How many of them can survive a crash with a Brilliance?
I am referring to those around the 100,000 [RMB price] range.

Niihilwan Niihilwan:

You are very shanzhai…during a traffic accident, are the people more important or the car more important…foreign evaluation agencies all use the person’s safety as the foundation…including pedestrian’s protection…impact absorption and materials deformation is a concept from 30 years ago…

一天一点 odop:

Domestic cars can only survive a crash with bicycles.

Niihilwan Niihilwan:

It looks like Brilliance does not have much to make excuses…from the shape of the impact, it is too horrible to look at…flying parts, the entire safety design completely had no modular design consideration. If the side is weak, they can add a crossbeam in the door to reinforce it…

Hehe, private enterprises are still working hard for their basic survival, I will give them some time.

heihei shkuku:

Brilliance is state-owned.

I think Germans are a little black, the collision speed is faster than normal, but of course the car itself has defects. To have the Germans do this test proves they are taking us seriously, and that we have an impact on their products, which can also be considered progress. 

不经不觉 kimmyhu:

The money was not stuffed properly.

无想 csnqian:

ADAC at least is more trustworthy than CNCAP.

鲜肉油墩子 kimish03:

Wasn’t this lousy car claimed to be 4* [stars]~
I have always wondered how many * [stars] an A3 would get if it was taken to Germany to be tested.
Domestic testing results cannot be trusted.

紫电 kavalier:

I want to first state that I am not wu mao, but I work with car companies a lot for my job and this test by Germans is indeed rather dirty. A few years ago the Changfeng Liebao was selling very well in Europe, so they released a report saying the Liebao was trash. This has the German automakers’ manipulation behind it, anyone with a normal IQ understands.

大接咖米 qq121796722:

So German websites have a lot of pop up windows too!!

紫电 kavalier:

The last word in ADAC is “Club”, it is a non-profit organization. A few years ago the [JMC, Jiangling] Landwind that was tested did not come from the factory, and dealers would also not take their own stock to go crash-test. ADAC has been established for over 100 years and never had an interest in testing Chinese cars. It was only when Chinese cars using low prices entered and competed in the European market that they began testing, everyone knows. Our domestic cars’ quality is poor, but our improvements over the past few years is very evident. Everyone think of the Japanese cars after the second World War, they were also bad, without the Japanese people’s support, they would not be what they are today.

吟风弄月 elevenlala:

If the Germans had this little money, could they produce a car with higher points?
How come they do not dare to test the Santana? The Germans are afraid of being exposed?


Brilliance is continuously improving, this must be acknowledged! The same NCAP test, after Brilliance made some small improvements, in Spain had completely different results!





What more, from disastrous defeat to 3 stars, Brilliance only used 3 months! The 3 Series and C class also started from 2 stars! Getting to 5 stars took them almost 10 years! Why not give Brilliance some more time?




可 可 hotcoca:

The facts prove that we are indeed backwards, and being backwards deserves being attacked, and there is nothing to be done about it. If we do not use our energy to develop and raise our technical level, always YY our own products this or that, wanting to exceed this or that, please, look at the reputation they have for making cars??? What is our reputation for making cars???

JWU ntergang:

Ridiculous, saying ADAC takes money. ADAC’s standards are definitely the entire world’s best standards, and the Germans on this aspect are absolutely honest. Germany’s DIN standards are even more niubi than the world’s ISO standards.

川沙特派员 sonicwy:

LZ please finish reading the entire article before coming here to post a topic.
The Junjie’s points are already 3 stars.
However, because of the lack of active safety technology, especially ESP and seatbelt reminder system, it was completely negated, and its score became zero stars. 

More Chinese netizen comments on XCar (Chinese).


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